DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI
Graph of songs performed, by album
Satellite *
Pig *
Where Are You Going?
Hunger for the Great Light *
Everyday *
Bartender *
Grey Street *
Grace Is Gone
Kill the King *
Raven *
Tripping Billies *
The Idea Of You *
Louisiana Bayou *
Sister +
Dreaming Tree *
Ants Marching *
Debut of "Kill the King."

Well I must say DMB could have played all covers and then played Dreaming Tree and I would have been completely happy. This was my 20th show and it was pretty amazing. I have never seen them at my hometown venue Pine Knob before, so it was just nice to see them play here rather than Comerica Park (the place sucks) or The Palace. I've never written a review on here, so here it goes.

JTR- Very nice to hear. This song just jams at the end.

Pig- Great song. Boyd was amazing as he would be all night.

WAYG- It was over quick.

Hunger- I was really excited for the opening riff and then I think he messed up and started too early. They got it together and I really think this song's sweet live. It reminds me of a Watchtower vibe. Cool song

Bartender- Suprised to hear this one. Very nice to hear. Dave put a lot of emotion into it as always.

Grey Street- "Using colors bold and bright"

Grace is Gone- Boyd was awesome and was basically standing at the front of the stage more than Dave last night, which was fine because he just tore it up all night.

Kill The King- Souds decent

Raven- I was listening to this earlier in the day and I love the lyrics.

Tripping- Everyone was just dancing like crazy. I loved it.

Idea of You- Sounds decent

Crash- I brought my girlfriend with me, so that made this song better, but it was nice to hear. Great Dixie Chicken outro. Bayou- This ended the set. Nice jam. I really wanted one more song for the end and I was hoping for some Watchtower or Two Step, but I didn't get my wish and that's fine because apparently they were saving their tricks for the encore.

Encore: Sister- This song sounds like a nice sweet song. I have a younger sister, so I'm sure I'll get into this song.

Dreaming Tree- Wow. I still can't believe they played this. This could have been the best song I've ever heard at a show. I never expected this and I hope others get to hear this song this summer. Ants- Perfect song to end a perfect night.
Fred S.
The jam sessions could have contained a few less loops. A few less here and there and the list could have been deeper. If you closed your eyes you might have sworn that Jerry Garcia and the brothers were up there. I, like many, go with my wish/set list and this show had 3 (bayou,crash,satelite) in it. Bayou was high on my hopes list and the others were more towards the middle. Anyway, I have to say that through the "mellower than hoped for" set they did an excellent job. Kill the King was awesome if for no other reason than I was there to hear it first. The highlight of the evening for me was hearing Dave say how much they still loved getting together and writing the music so we all have a good reason to come together. Can we somehow vote in Jimi, Nancy, Warehouse and Typical Situation as a mandatory 2 or 3 of 4!! Much respect and love! See you in East Troy!!
Checked out the schedule and couldn't wait to see what the boys would come out with after 2 days off. It was unbelievable. Picked up our beers and got to our seats right before the lights went down. Satellite as an opener?!... are you kidding! Was so happy to hear Pig again for I love that song. Told my friend what Hunger for the Great Light is about and he couldn't wait to hear it. His wish was granted. Waiting to hear #36 after Everyday the crowd was all about it, but it didn't happen.

Kill the King was great- I am glad they are only doing a couple new songs and still rocking out the old ones. Loved Loved Loved what Dave said about the new sister song. How his and Jane's hearts were switched...

Dreaming tree- after 10+ shows I have NEVER heard it live! Wonderful surprise with Ants Marching at the end. All in all a great show- was in the pavillion and couldn't see too much, but it was still great to hear them!

Looking forward to Tinley Park.......
I've got to say this was an amazing show, yeah the set list looks less exciting than others but woah!!! They dropped 3 brand new songs one of which has never been heard (at least by us of course). Dave and the gang rocked out each song, I can't believe he dropped JTR right off the bat! With Grey Street, Tripping Billies and Bartender there were some awesome classics at this show. Ohh and the Ants Marching closer made for some awesome walking music (although I hung out for some time after the show). I only wish I had sprung for the front row. Dave, hats off to you and the band.
Phenomal show!!! WAYG aside, this was a deep set. JTR was awesome, HFTGL rocked, and Pig, Billies and Bayou were off the charts ridiculous. Boyd was on all night and did some kind of bluegrass outro that rocked Grace is gone. Loved the brand new songs, much more than the ones that debuted in the summer 2004 tour. The encore of Sister, Dreaming Tree, and Ants was one for the ages!!! Props to whoever gave Dave that little Dreaming Tree figurine early in the concert. The only thing that couldíve made this show better would have been Halloween in the encore (throw us a bone, itís 06.06.06!!!) or #41 somewhere in the set. Still canít complain overall, this show was freakiní AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
I have never written a review for a DMB show before, but I got to say that this one SUCKED. Maybe I just have too of expectations now, but it seemed that the whole set was focused around death,drinking, and just plain sad. Dave even dedicated Bartender to a friend , Preston I think , that just passed away. Not until the end did they seem to find a groove. I usually have a great time at his shows, but this one did not deliver. Dreaming Tree was absolutly sweet though.
I have to agree that this show was kind of a let down. I know there are a lot of Dave fans out there that would be too scared to say a show wasn't the greatest thing ever. This was my 6th show and by far the least exciting. Though Dreaming Tree was a treat, the show lacked the excitement and intensity that makes the Dave Matthews Band exciting. Ants marching and Trpping Billies were upbeat and exciting but the rest of the show kind of put me to sleep. Also, with regards to the new songs he played that everyone is so excited about. I (and probably many others) go to concerts to hear the songs I know and love, this concert was like listening to a new cd for the first time... and thatís not necessarily a good thing.
Ted M.
I discovered DMB about 2 years ago, and ever since they've been my favorite band. This was my 2nd concert, and I don't know about some people, but from my 1st concert and the live CD's I've heard, this concert is up there on my rocked hard list. At least half of the songs are my favorite DMB songs. I liked the new songs as well, however they need some polishing, but i think Dave and crew will deliver. I especially liked "Sister." I'm glad they kept the "Stand Up" tunes to a minimum, and I'm happy they did lots of "Busted Stuff." Everyday, Bartender, and Grey Street were all marvelous. The jam at in Grace in Gone was amazing. Basically anything featuring Boyd was amazing. I would've like to see more of Leroi, Rashawn, and Butch (still waiting to see "Linus & Lucy"). I never thought I would hear "Crash" live, but there it was, and they did a great job on it too. I hate "Louisiana Bayou" on "Stand Up", but they just rock it out live. The encores were good, even though I don't like "Dreaming Tree" all that much, the jam was nice, and that statue was cool. I crossed my fingers for "Ants Marching" and DMB delivered it right on!
Anna L.
I must say, for my first time at a Dave Matthews concert, I enjoyed it.

Downs: I didn't hear Smooth Rider or Recently. very dissapointing.

Ups: Opening with Satellite brought tears to my eyes and the first encore song, Sister was amazing. those two quickly made up for the songs they were lacking. Grey's Street was incredible!

I plan on going back and hopefully making it to 20 shows like so many other people have.
A L.
This was my first DMB concert (finally) and it was one of the best live performances I've ever seen...esp. loved watching him (boyd?)tear it up on the violin!!! He was amazing!! Now, maybe it's something I'm not famiiar with, but what is with the 3 min starts and 5 min conclusions to these songs?? :) I did hear murmurings in the audience at different times (in different ways) for them to get to the next song already. Maybe that's just their thing, but all things considered-- I LOVED my first concert and can't wait for the next.

Most of the songs seemed pretty down, not as much of the upbeat energy that I expected.