Darien Lake, Darien Center, NY
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Matisyahu
One Sweet World *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Lively Up Yourself (tease)
Raven *
Lie in Our Graves *
Joy Ride *
Can't Stop (tease)
Crush *
Warehouse *
Break Free *
Everyday *+
Ants Marching *
Sister ~
Kill The King *
Two Step *

Show Notes:
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Matisyahu on vocals
~ Dave solo
The "Can't Stop" and "Lively Up Yourself" teases are as identified on the setlist on the band's website. Neither song has been played before.

The concert was amazing. One sweet world was a good opener, Rashawn Ross is another great blend with the trumpet. My favorite part of the show was when Matis Yahu was brought back out on stage during everyday and did a freestyle. Just when the energy was at a high after everyday, they busted out with ants marching. Great show and looking forward to Cuyahoga Falls on the 2nd.
Great show overall. Matisyahu was a good opening act. One Sweet World was a great opener; very chill. I thought that Break Free was a nice song, but I couldn't hear all of the words, so I'll have to wait until the new album comes out to decide whether I really like it. Ants was good, as always. Wish I had heard The Thought of You, as it sounded great at other concerts that I was able to download. The encore was incredible. Sister was good. It didn't sound much different from what I remember on the other concerts I heard. Kill the King was a great song. Really looking forward to that in the future. And Two Step was definitely better this time than when I heard it last year at Darien.

The songs I wanted to hear, but didn't were #41 (apparently I heard this back in '97, but didn't know much of their material back then, so I couldn't appreciate it, and haven't heard it at any of the concerts I have been to since. oh, the irony) and Bartender.

Highlight of the night for me is definitely Everyday, with Matisyahu as a guest. I'm a big fan of Matisyahu, and I had really hoped they would do something together. It sounded incredible. Probably one of my favorite Dave concert moments ever.

Butch Taylor was solid on the keys, although I didn't hear any absolutely mind-blowing solos from him. Rashawn Ross made a nice addition to the sound of the band, but I thought he got drowned out a bit by the other instruments. Boyd sounded great for much of the night and his solos were awesome. The crowd seemed to be majorly in to it, and he seemed to respond in kind. LeRoi was good, but maybe a little understated. Carter did a good job, as usual. Stefan was solid, but I don't really remember any of his solo parts, with the exception of the intro to Crush, can't recall if that was what is listed as the tease for Can't Stop, but it flowed in to Crush so well. And Dave was Dave. Can't wait to hear the concert again on flac.
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great show the boys were rly on tonight. The setlist was amazing. The concert started out with a beatiful OSW. JTR was the second song of the night which was awesome to here because i had never herd it live in person. 3, 4, and 5 songs of the night were the very energetic an amazing songs PNP Rapunzel and HFTGL. But this setlist is just getting started they played a beautiful Crash and Raven. There were also some teases like lively Up Yourself and Cant Stop. And they played more and more incredible songs such as LIOG,Crush,Warehouse,Everyday, and Ants Marching. Joy Ride which has not been played for a few years was played for us which was a real treat just like all the other songs were a treat. And Everyday was played with the awesome Matisyahu(who by the way did an excellent job opening the show). There were also some new songs played tonight Break Free Kill The King and Sister which were all amazing and show us just what DMB has in store for us. And the final song they played was a real shock Two Step!!! It was amazing amazing amazing. All in all an INCREDIBLE show.
Joe M.
Wow---my fourth DMB show and definitely the best one yet. Let's start from the top...

One Sweet World was amazing...a great way to open the show...But they used the same song to open at Blue Cross Arena on last years fall tour so I was kind of dissapointed.

JTR was good.

Rapunzel...I feel as though this song is overplayed...but it sounded awesome. Easily the best Rapunzel I have ever got to hear.

Hunger was amazing...I can't believe they only played one song from Stand Up...I'm not a big fan of Stand Up, but if they were going to pick one song to play from it, they definitely picked the right one.

Crash...best version I have ever heard....but again, wayyy over played...I've heard this the last three concerts I have been to.

Raven...ok? Not great. A treat to hear rare songs from Busted Stuff though.

Then....WOW - this concert got great. The band played Lie in Our Graves...easily the highlight of the concert. Boyd was amazing and the song sounded incredible. After LIOG came Joy Ride...an awesome surprise for me, as I have been craving this song for a while. Dave sounded awesome on it, even though he broke a string on his guitar. Then came Crush, and Boyd again stole the show away, followed by Warehouse. Warehouse started a little bit too slow for my liking, but it sure picked up towards the end and turned out to be an awesome version.

Next the band played Break Free..which sounded pretty good. Everyday was UNBELIEVABLE with guest Matisyahu rapping in the middle. The crowd was really into it, singing #36 the whole way through. The direct intro into Ants Marching was awesome and a great way to close the set...

The encore was the best I had ever heard. Sister, followed by Kill the King (which was incredible - LeRoi and Rashawn were really on in this) - followed by a Two Step which totally made up for the version we got last year. You could tell Dave was pumped towards the end at how tight Two Step had been...

All in all a great show...way better than last year. The set list could have used maybe one or two more songs....But Dave put on a great show and finally jammed out a concert at Darien Lake. I can't wait for next year!
Starks M.
Awesome ... just awesome ... my first DMB concert, and I was extremely impressed. They had the crowd going right from the get-go ... One Sweet World, JTR were solid starters, then things really kicked in with PNP, Rapunzel, & Crash. Fave song(s) of the night was the Everyday-Ants Marching combo at the end; when they transitioned from Everyday to Ants Marching, it was a totally awesome move and the crowd went crazy! The new stuff sounds very strong, and if it's a sign of the album to come, I expect a strong return to form. All in all, a tremendously balanced setlist, with enough classics combined with enough deep cuts and new songs to make everyone happy.

Dave's voice sounded stellar; Boyd and Carter were both on their game as well. I would have liked to have heard a little more solo-wise from LeRoi and Stefan, but the guestwork by Rashawn Ross was excellent -- and Matisyahu killed it on his cameo during Everyday! Having never seen these guys live before, I was amazed that the interwoven chemistry of the albums is so much stronger when they play live -- they're a perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, and their parts are pretty darn awesome to begin with! Kudos!