Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC
Graph of songs performed, by album
Don't Drink the Water *
Proudest Monkey * -->
Satellite *
When The World Ends *
Say Goodbye
Everyday *
Joy Ride *
Grey Street *
Pay for What You Get
Louisiana Bayou *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Crash Into Me
Hunger For The Great Light *
Smooth Rider *
Ants Marching *
Shotgun *
The Idea of You *
Tripping Billies *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet

Heather P.
The show was overall great.It seemed that Dave's hand was giving him a fit,though it did not seem to cause mistakes.It was very ,very hot.So,Dave took a bit too much time between songs.Kinda blew the vibe at times.They really rocked out on all the fast songs.The new songs will be good once I know them better.Wish they were not in the encore.Boyd was on fire,his new look is great and he seems more in shape,if that is possible.Carter was in an especially good mood.He passed out drum sticks after the show,and even put a kid on stage and chatted with him for a while.Everyday,Ants Marching,and Hunger were some my favs from the show.Carter wore a Carolina hockey jersey.The place went crazy.Proudest Monkey could have ended a few minutes sooner.It was the never ending song.The band gets better every year. random thoughts from a tired fan,but I got to meet Carter and Butch.They are sooooooooooooo nice.I didn't think I could become a bigger fan!
Holy Crap!! I got tickets for this show as a surprise and THANK GOD I DID! If had seen this setlist on nancies and NOT been to the show, i'd have been so disappointed! -Don't Drink the Water was a pretty predictable opener, though Dave stopped yelling at the end like the Central Park version and the band just drove home those last notes...it really kicked a$$. -Proudest Monkey was a huge surprise, though it is my least favorite DMB song of all time, the boys get points for rarity. It was fun. -Satellite was awesome and DAve let the words flow toward the end. It was awesome and the crowd went nuts! - When The World Ends was also awesome... the backdrop changed from the diferent colored drapes to the big screens and all the lights and the place freaked out...definately the best backdrop they've ever had. -Say Goodbye was pretty standard, though They emphasised Carters Hurricanes Team jersey that he was wearing in honor of NC's Stanley Cup Champs. That was really cool. -Everyday was just like its been lately, with the #36 melted into it at the beginning and the end. As usual, Boyd took it over and left everyone else in the dust. -At this point, I was looking around, daydreaming a little bit and I started thinking about the one song that would make my entire night. Oh how I wished they would play "Joyride"...BAM!!!!!!!! OUT COMES JOYRIDE!!! I flipped out. This was awesome and the words were pretty close to the Some Devil Bonus Disc. It was awesome to hear the crowd between the music and everyone was grovvin' along! Highlight of the night until a little later.... -Grey Street was expected cuz I saw the 12 string come out. It was unbelievable. The sound was so clear and the guys were just so friggin tight! Damn! -PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET was the shocker of the night...I have died and gone to heaven...I heard it live a lot in the 90's, but its been so long, I'd almost forgotten it. This song slowed everyone down and i think the younger crowd didn't recognize it because the crowds thinned, presumably toward the restrooms. -Louisiana Bayou was expected by me, but was probably a shock to a lot of folks...they thought the band was going to slow the night down atfer last song. Bayou was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. They light up that friggin' stage and kick everyones a$$ up until the last note...Rayshawn Ross took that song to another galaxy..nuff said! -PNP-->Rapunzel was cool, pretty standard, nothing surprising. -Crash Into Me came next and the crowd finally seemed to become one and united in the love. I think up to this point there were obvious sections that loved particular songs, but when they busted out Crash, EVERYONE came together. It started with a little Butch Taylor solo and I thought it was the beginning of Steady As You Go, but nope...Crash was another great song. -Hunger was next and it was very cool...nothing very different, but Dave's little scat toward the end is getting better everytime I hear it. -Smooth rider was cool to hear, though Bitch's little additions on the piano were way to quiet and no on e could really hear him. Come to thing of it, as the cameramen were roaming the stage and the video was up on the monitors, they really never even showed Butch all night, though Dave did mention him once. -At this point, I was in total heaven and I was thinking about what a great ending they had on Bayou...then I started thinking about songs with awesome endings and JTR popped into my head. I lookied up to see Dave with the 12-String again, and I about urinated my pants (I know, too much info)... JTR kicked it and made the whole night even better. I could have left, thinking it couldn't get better at that point. -Then Carter started his Ants intro, hten changed it up and I thought for a second it was an Ants tease, but they came out with it...It was awesome...its nice to see Dave letting the crowd sing the verses again...he stopped for a while. -Shotgun was a new one that I hadn't heard before. I was very pleased with the music, but couldn't really hear the lyrics because of this seriously durnk hippie chick screaming at all the wrong times during the song....lay off the weed there sister! -The Idea Of You was awesome! If these are two examples of the up coming album...its gonna blow Stand Up away!


-Tripping Billies! Need I say more? What an awesome ender to a great show. It had the energy and tempo to make you stay in your seat hoping for more, anything more, but nope...they were done.

Then Carter, walking off stage and throuwing some drum sticks into the crowd goes up to the edge and lifts this little kid onstage, maybe 11 or 12 yeads old and starts playing the "air drums " with him...it was really cool!

DMB, thanks again for another great show!
Josh L.
First of all I just have to say that was the best show Ive been to in the last like 3 years. I drove all the way from Cincinnati to see it and was not dissappointed at all. First was DDTW which was a nice way to start of the show Dave seemed really into it. Then was Proudest Monkey its my 2nd time ever seeing that song and it didnt let me know, because right after that he went right into Satellite which was the best one Ive ever seen, Dave was right on the notes. When The World Ends could of been better however Im not much of a fan of that song anyways. Say Goodbye was really moving the crowd got into it seemed and Dave himself was pretty into it to which was really nice to see. Next up was Everyday that was a real crowd pleaser, Boyd was just amazing on it. Then Joy Ride which I havent heard since like 2002 was insane it seemed Dave either didnt know the words or changed them because he wasnt singing the words I was used to so that was awesome seeing him improv like that. Next up we had Grey Street again I think they could of done a little better on that, however every concert Ive been to Ive seen it done so it gets a little old. Next was Pay For What You Get, which was just I cant even put it into words my life was complete after he played it, just huge. Next up we had Louisiana Bayou Boyd went nuts all I have to say amazing Bayou best Ive ever seen. Next we had PNP -> Rapunzel the jam was really sweet Dave got into real crazy. Next was Crash which was really sweet the crowd again got real hyped up for it Dave was sounding real good with some of the high notes as well. Next up was Hunger that was real awesome Dave really got into that to at the end clinching his fist and going yeah was really sweet! Next up was Smooth Rider which was alright but would of rather of seen something like Grace Is Gone or something. Then was my long awaited favorite JTR all I have to say was AMAZING!!! Then right into Ants Marching with a pretty sweet different jam in the beginning with Carters drums it was real tight. Then the Encore was some of the new songs, starting with Shotgun that was a really good song actually I could really start to like it a lot. Then The Idea of You was just amazing I already love it really good song. Then was Tripping Billies really energetic at the end they really brought it. All in all a very good show cant wait to see them at Riverbend August 1st until then keep it up Dave.
Brandon V.
This actually was my first Dave concert and what a one to go to. just because I have not been to a concert doesnt mean im not a big fan though. Dave opened with a huge Don't Drink the Water, it was basically the same as any other one he plays. Proudest Monkey was just crazy it was a nice slow song that went straight into Satellite. The crowd went nuts on this one. When the World Ends was surprisingly pretty good for me considering im not really a big fan of the song. What made it better was the banners behind the band were dropped and behind it was the tightest backdrop i have ever seen, with clear screens and crazy lights. Everyday was great i love any song that Boyd jams in. He brought his A game that night, he was running all the way across the stage and back while playing. Then they bust out with a great Joy Ride and Dave was hitting all the right notes in that song. Grey Street was great live. Pay for What You Get was very rare and not expected at all, great song. Then came my highlight of the night, Bayou. I have seen tons of Dave dvds with bayou on it and this BY FAR was the best one i have ever seen, even better than the one on weekend on the rocks. Boyd was just going crazy getting in the camera making faces and the song seemed to go on forever which was great. PNP--> Rapunzel was a great song as well. Crash Into Me was another one of my favs on the night. I loved the yelling at the end of the song, the whole crowd was singing that song along with him. Then he went into Hunger which is slowly becoming more and more liked by me. He ended that song with a crazy fist pump that put an exclamation point on that song. Smooth Rider was so so. Then me and my friends loved JTR, i dont even know what to say about it except amazing. Then Carter came in after that song with the ants marching beat then went into something else. I thought it was about to be a new song then he went back into the ants marching song which was a great ending with Boyd yet again going nuts on stage. The encore was nice with two new slower songs that we all really liked. Then the best ending to a great night was Tripping Billies, the whole place erupted and didnt stop cheering the whole time until ten minutes after the show was over. What a great first show, cant wait for river bend Aug. 1.
Shannon W.
This was the 1st DMB concert my husband and I had ever been to and I mean the 1st of many to come! Even though it was sweltering HOT the guys gave us their all.We thought Don't drink the Water was especially good but it's my husband's favorite so we were just excited to hear it.I was ecstatic they ended with Trippin' Billies and the crowd was so into it. When Dave sang "you and me and all our friends" we felt he was singing to the whole mass of us. We drove 2 and a half hours to get there and we both had to work the next day but it was worth every minute! What a way to spend MidSummers Eve!
Jill K.
After reading 2 reviews from 1st timers, I thought I'd give another veteran opinion (been seeing DMB for 11 years and stopped counting the # of shows...) Like the earlier person, this is the best one I've seen in a while. It actually made me remember why I used to drive/fly to see him 3 times in a week. Set list was a great mix of old and new, but the guys must have been in a loving mood with Satellite, SG, CIM, WTWE, ED, SR, RP, HFTGL…put it this way, I knew Halloween was nowhere in sight. PFWYG was especially great to have back and loved JTR re-appearing. Everyone was completely on for this show. The 2 day break paid off. Dave's voice was perfect—as usual—and I loved how the words to SG were completely different from what CD-only fans know. Boyd was INSANE on ED & LB. Carter is always great…blowing bubbles while jamming. I could’ve used more Stefan, but he’s hot no matter what. Leroi is even better with Rashawn next to him. Butch and Rashawn have definitely proved to be great additions to the band without overpowering the others. The new songs were great, but I was disappointed not to hear Sister after reading all the other reviews. I liked having the new songs in the Encore because no matter what kind of song it is (jamming or not), if the crowd doesn’t know it, it calms everyone down, but we knew that they would make up for it and end with a crazy closer for us. TB was just what I expected and left everyone on a great note.
Chelsea C.
I cannot even form words for this show - it was amazing. The set list was PERFECT...I could not have asked for a better set of Dave songs. I loved how he played some really old stuff, and gave a sample of stuff to come. It also gave me a new view of Stand Up (since I didn't attend last summer's concert). That cd is amazing live...I was really impressed. DMB are true artists and they put on one amazing show. By the way...Dave is looking REALLY hot.
Great show!!! This was my second time. I had to miss the last two years because of nursing school. I bought these tickets as a graduation present to myself. All I can say that it was the best time I had in a while. Dave and the band played their hearts out!! It was very HOT! I noticed that after Say Goodbye Dave was shaking out his hand. He kept on never missing a lick, he is a true showman! The crowd was awsome and it was very cool to be a part of the "chorus."
Josh D.
The show over all was a hit. Although it was very humid and muggy that didnt matter at all. During Pay for What you Get, a massive shooting star flew by in the dark, clear Carolina sky. It was Perfect. JTR was a hit as well. When DMB were playing Ants Marching, another shooting star went right above the ampitheater. The addition of Rashawn Ross is wonderful. He needs to be a new member of the band. I've been to 4 Dave shows in a row and still havent heard #41. When I do, it will be like winning a championship.
This was the second show that i have been to I went to one in knoxville TN and that one was great this one was off the freaking charts!!! The only thing i didnt like is that you cant use cameras. what is up with that I mean you pay for your tix why not get a few pics? for a band that started off by letting fans record to not getting a freakin pic!!! I did notice that dave was having some trouble with his hand but he didnt miss a note his voice held up the entire show and boyd was freaking going nutz that was great leroi did a killer job!!! and what can u say about carter chewing gum and not missing a beat!! I think that it was awesome that he pulled that kid on stage and talked to him, that is one lucky kid I would love to meet the band!!! I would have loved to heard ALL along the watchtower to hear that great bass solo!!!
After fallowing DMB around for the past 3 years, I was planning on taking it easy this year, and just hit up the Atlanta show. That changed after I saw the first set of the summer, and KNEW I just coulden't wait till Auguest!! I buy last minute lawn tickets, and my buddy and I make the 4 hour Haul up to Charlotte. The Hurricanes had won the Stanley cup the night before, so I was expecting a little show of that from Carter...sure enough! You da man Carter!

Wow...My 15th show, and I am STILL thirsty for more! DMB is the greatest band around! Though I only heard TWO songs I have never heard at this show. It was still KILLER!!!! Proudest Monkey??!! OMG, I went nuts! Then a little Segue into Satalite, Red Rocks 95 Style, AWESOME!! Pay for what you get was also a new one for me! Simply AMAZING!!

DMB seems to love Charlotte I was there in 03 also, and they didnt disapoint either!! I love the new tunes, and KNOW I will love them more as they become more familiar to me!
Alex D.
This was my third DMB show - the first two being in Charlotte in '99 and '03. I think this was definitely the best of those shows. The biggest hit for me was DDTW as an opener - in '03 the band didn't play a single song off of BTCS so it was nice to hear that. Grey Street was alive with energy, as were JTR and Tripping Billies. A very good show, despite the stifling humidity.
Definitely a very diverse but great show last night - my 4th (3 Minneapolis, 1st Charlotte), but hadn't seen them since '04. Carter came out giving props to the Stanley Cup Champs Hurricanes in a home jersey which was awesome. I think I only got 5 songs right (2 in correct spots even). Starting with Don't Drink the Water so I thought it was gonna be a very upbeat show. Proudest Monkey (which I thought went out with the Clinton administration) was good to hear live. Satellite is for radioheads so I wasn't as enthused. Then When the World Ends, Say Goodbye and Joy Ride. At this point I was really shaking my head at the diversity but very interested in what was coming next. Everyday/#36 was sweet, the crowd fed off it big time. PFWYG was a huge let down, I can't believe they play that song in concert since its simply a CD filler. But it wasn't until Bayou they started to really jam. After Hunger Dave gave out a nice 'Tiger Woods' fist pump and you could tell he was totally into. Bayou was a ripped up helluva jam, Boyd went nuts and Dave finally got his legs going. Finished the main set with a long jammin' Smooth Rider, JTR (lovin' it!) and a 110% rockin' Ants Marching. That one even took all ounces of energy left outta me. Didn't play Sister in the encore, but Shotgun, Idea of You and ended with Tripping Billies (at least I got the last one absolutely right!) The new songs are not much of what you'd expect for encore songs but they'll prolly be pretty good on the new album. All in all, it was a great show if you're a Dave rube like me cuz you got a little bit of everything, but I could tell the casual fans were bored during the new / deep tracks. I wish I could go to the Raleigh show 6/21, it would probably be even better.