Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, KS
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: G. Love And Special Sauce
What Would You Say?
When The World Ends *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *
Grace is Gone
Raven *
Tripping Billies *
Where Are You Going?
So Much To Say * -->
Too Much *
Smooth Rider *
American Baby Intro *
Louisiana Bayou *
Sister +
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *

* Rashawn Ross on Trumpet
+ Dave Solo

WOW, great show the lighting and background were great no complaints I love "Sister" great song, hoping for some watchtower but hey I'm not complaining my 2 and 1/2 hour drive was worth every minute the only bad part of the show was when it was over. Thanks Dave and gang
Last night's show was AMAZING!!! The evening started off pouring down rain...and right as the show started with G. Love, the rain stopped and the sun came out. The ground was still soaked, and Dave made the comment later of, "I hope everyone's asses dry off. There's nothing worse than having a wet ass!!" They started off with JTR, which was great. This was my 9th show, and I don't think I've ever heard it live before! The show itself was was close to 3 hours. Every time we thought it would be the last song, he'd strap on a different guitar, and keep on playing! The encore was spectacular! Sister was a beautiful song in remembrance of his own. Pantala into Rapunzel was awesome! They jammed out forever it seemed! Rashawn Ross was great on the trumpet! All in all, it was an amazing show!! Can't wait to see them again!
J.P. (.
Dave and the boys did a awesome job. I thought the set list could of been a little better. Dancing Nancies and Warehouse were simply amazing. Leroi, Boyd and Carter tore it up the solos and the addition of Rashawn Ross fits perfect with the group. I think the trumpet adds something different to the group. Smooth Rider was simply amazing and Dave's sunglasses were pimp. Coudn't of asked for better weather and thanks to the K.C. crowd for actually showing up for once. The energy last night is something I will remember and the audio that we got last night came up very well. DMB is in their prime and this is the year to check them out.
Jazzfest left me dying to kick off the actual tour with my first stop in KC, and lemme tell you guys, this is a tour for the true fan. Dave is dusting off the rarities and once forgottens and spicing up the setlist with songs we haven't heard in a while. JTR was a fantastic and suprising could really weed out the pseudo-fans pretty easily but who was singing along. Things moved along nicely with a spirited WWYS, and a suprisingly tolerable When The World Ends. When is the last time they haven't played Hunger for the Great Light? It seriously is in every setlist...Anyways, things started to pick up for me with Dancing Nancies ("Lost somewhere in Kansas City...") into Warehouse, which was one of the highlights. Rashawn Ross let his presence be known in a new jam at the end of Warehouse with choppy drum beats and exhilirating trumpet solos intertwined with Dave's percussive rhythm. Watch out for Warehouse this summer, it feels like '94 all over again. A powerful Grace is Gone, followed by RAVEN, which was amazing. As always, Boyd stole the show for Tripping Billies, and Dave kept the heavily Busted Stuff influenced setlist with a WAYG sing-a-long. The usual SMTS-->TM medley was good, buta was beaten by a screaming Smooth Rider with Dave wearing white sunglasses a female fan threw onstage. American Baby intro is a keeper, you can really tell they love jamming it and Dave power is so intense with the "SHE SAAAAAAAAID" screams. Incredible. LB closer, good but predictable call. Encore time, NEW SONG: Sister. Amazing lyrics, precise fingerpicking, can't wait to watch it evolve. The girls went nuts for Crash and we all got to enjoy a long PNP-->Rapunzel jam to cap off the evening. Back in Austin today where I'm left to wait for the Texas shows in August...See you at the Woodlands!
Tripping Billies has a new curfew! Tripping Billies' uncharacteristically appeared before 10:30 p.m., showing up in the Nine Slot. It was awesome. For the second year in a row, I thought some of the band's most energetic performances came straight from the Stand Up album. (Older fans can complain about Stand Up or Mark Batson all they want, but Smooth Rider and American Baby Intro are electrifying.) During Smooth Rider, Dave slipped on a pair of oversized white sunglasses (ala Elton John) that were thrown on stage. This photo would be priceless! And I'm convinced that Dave reached another unreachable note on the last refrain of American Baby Intro. Who would have thought that two simple words ("she said") could stir so many people into such a frenzy. Technically, the show's lighting was great as always. The stage's backdrop contains three large screen television monitors (but I definitely missed last year's firedancer). Rashawn Ross really complements Leroi Moore and the rest of DMB, even on old favorites like Dancing Nancies and Warehouse. I was pleasantly surprised to find Crash inserted into the Encore. (Crash was played there a bunch in 1998 and 1999, but I don't think it's been played there more than twice since 1999.) All in all, another great concert!!!
The show tonight was fantastic. Having seen the phenomenal setlists from KS and MO, I was apprehensive about the Deer Creek #1, figuring that there would be little chance of a good setlist (and knowing I couldn't make night 2 because I have a work trip). Was pleasantly surprised to hear the new song, as well as JTR. Also nice to hear Raven as well. The highlight of the show was....of course....the #40 tease. I'm annoyed that it sounds like they're going to play it on night 2. I can only hope that if they play it tomorrow, it might make it back to the rotation for the rest of the summer. Anyhow, great show. While the venue was not as good as Alpine from a structural standpoint, the people were unbelievably nice. The staff was great. Had a great time.