Tweeter Center, Chicago, IL
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jurassic 5
One Sweet World
Grey Street
Louisiana Bayou
Too Much
Dream Girl
Hello Again
Time Of The Season
You Might Die Trying
Lover Lay Down
American Baby
Smooth Rider
Hunger For The Great Light
Stand Up
All Along The Watchtower
Old Dirt Hill
Tripping Billies

I have to admit I was worried about what kind of show the boys would put on tonight. For some reason they don't like Tweeter that much. However, in the back of my head I felt that it had potential to be great becuase of the whole dumping incident. Let me just say when these boys came out tonight it was strictly business. They ripped the Tweeter Center apart. I have been to three shows here and this was the best by far.

One Sweet World- I am so glad they played this song as the opener. This one always gets the crowd going. for those of you who haven't heard OSW this summer they changed the beginning. It was the perfect opener. Carter of course had that sick roll going on.

Grey Street- This song is always great to hear live. No surprises in this song...just a good old version with a lot of intensity. Man Carter was trying so hard in this song. He almost fell out of his seat during the roll at the end of the song.

Lousianna Bayou- This is a great song live. It's a lot of fun to sing along with. This was the first time I heard this song all tour and it was a lot of fun.

Too Much- As it always is...It was packed with intensity. This song really got the crowd pumped. If you haven't heard this song all tour...they changed the middle of the song it sounds fucking sweet.

Dream Girl- This is one of my favorites of the new CD. I love how Carter sings back up in this one. Very good live.

Hello Again- This song rally got the crowd pumped. Carter had a sick solo in the middle of the song. I have never heard him go so fast in my life. the band was all smiles after this one.

Time of The Season- This was a treat. The band busted out an old Zombies cover. Again Carter had some sweet singing in this one. Dave was really funny in this song. Butch had a bad ass solo as well.

Die Trying- This song is all about Boyd. He has a sick solo in this song which practically has him all over the stage. It was a lot of fun.

Lover Lay Down- This was totally unexpected. Leroi had an amazing solo in this one. Carter really got to express himself on the drums in this one too. Pretty standard version with Butch going into a solo.

American Baby- Thank god they played this one. When I first heard this on CD I figured it would be like I did It but it wasn't. It was one of the better songs of the night believe it or not.

Smooth Rider- This is what I call a "Filler" song. It's a chance for the band to take a break and relax a little. I really don't care for this song that much. it doesn't express their musicianship that much.

Warehouse- This song is always great to hear in concert. Carter and Stephan really got into this one. Leroi always steals the show in this one though.

Hunger for The Great Light- This song is fucking awesome live. The band really rocks out during this one. They all really get into this one. It is one of the better new songs live.

Crash- This was totally unexpected. A standard version that was played pretty well.

Stand Up- This song is pretty phat. Carter really gets to express himself in this song. This is a gerat song for the crowd because anyone can sing alot to it and everyone does. Really gets the crowd up.

Watchtower- This song was awesome. Very explosive. I erally liked Boyd's solo on the wah wah pedal. it sounded fucking tight.

Old Dirt Hill- This song was a lot of fun. The crowd really sings along with this one. It ended with Dave and Carter signing "bring that beat back to me" atleast 15 times. It was a real treat.

Tripping Billies- I was so happy hearing this song. It was my first time hearing this one. Boyd and Carter stole the show in this one. Boyd's solo was sick. Carter played amazing in this one with his intense and fucking sick drumming.
This was above all the DMB concerts I have been to the best. Maybe it was because it was outside but it was great. Well worth the traffic and standing out in the rain. It's one of those concerts that makes your start planning for years to come to go again and a again and again.It's wonderful to be at a great concert with great happy people all there to hear the best band in the world. The song time of the season was a great suprise.
Mike B.
This was my first concert, ever (i am glad it was Dave)! I thought Jurrasic 5 would bring energy and life to the crowd, but with the rain, the really didn't. One Sweet World was a good song to start out with and the crowd got into it. A couple good songs follwed with Grey Street and new song Lousiana Bayou sound good, also with Too Much. Then the next two songs sucked the energy and life out of the crowd. Instead of people just listening to the music, people were just talking. Time of the Season got the crowd back into it, but the next two songs (You Might Die Trying, Lover Lay Low) put the axious crowd back in place AGGGHHH!!!! Then WAREHOUSE was a saver for this concert with the crowd very into it. Also Crash, and especially All along the Watchtower sounded great. For the Encore, Old Dirt Hill should neve be played as on Encore again or any concert. Tripping Billies had a the people leaving on a good note. I know Dave Matthews is promoting their new album, but when only 3 songs from the album are good, you shouldn't play 6 bad ones. These songs brought the crowd right out of it. Even though it was my 1st concert ever, I expected more energy from the band, because the crowd had it! If Dave maybe played 5-6 sogs of the album and some GREAT old songs his would have been a Excellent concert to go to. Overall rating B-
I would venture to say that this will be the last year I see Dave Matthews Band in concert. The highlights of the show included Lover Lay Down, Too Much, Hello Again, Tripping Billies, and OSW The lowlights included almost all of Stand Up, which really seems a whole new world away from a dmb purist's vision. Songs such as Stand Up and American Baby are full of bass and beats and back beats, yet this isn't the essence of DMB. When highlights of shows continue to be Too Much and Jimi Thing, I think its time to move on. I'd take a Typical Situation or Last Stop from 2003 over this garbage any day of the week. That being said, as a fan I have to ask myself...Is a tight Warehouse and Billies enough to salvage a show. The build-up and release which I seek in DMB has been replaced by an attempt at a bass-fueled live act.
Jim R.
Great show, my sixth ever, and first of three this summer. The guys definitely are having a lot of fun with the new songs and everything is coming together. I've never been to a show this early in the tour before, so I guess I was a little surprised the band wasn't too adventurous. Nonetheless, the set was tight as a drum. Carter was putting on a clinic during HELLO AGAIN. The new cover (is it just me or does that sound weird) TIME OF THE SEASON was great. When I first heard that they covered it last night it seemed like it was out of left field, but it really worked out there, they make the song their own. WAREHOUSE was unbelievable, the little salsa jam was really on. WATCHTOWER was a big surprise, seeing as how they played it last night. The encore was definitely awesome, Old Dirt Hill was very chill, with the extended outro. And BILLIES was off the hook as usual. Carter was just goign nuts at the end. On the whole a great show and can't wait for the rest of the tour and the shows in Philly!
Erik W.
Well tonight was my eighth show, and third at the Tweeter Center (which is not my favorite venue but anything will do when it comes to DMB). The set started strong with great versions of One Sweet World, which had a beginning I’ve never heard, and Grey Street. Louisiana Bayou followed with bold footsteps, it was my first time hearing any of the new songs live and I must say that I was impressed. It wasn’t till tonight that I truly appreciate the cuts from the new album. The boys did a great job of bringing the new songs on tonight’s set list to life, all nine of them. Through the middle of the performance things got a little mellow, but the songs were still tight and enjoyable. The band eventually injected some energy back into the crowd with a great version of Warehouse, and from that point on it was pure rock and roll (well, with the exception of Crash which I could have done with out). As usual Boyd had a great face melting solo in Watchtower. I dug Old Dirt Hill as a first encore song, and then there was good old Tripping Billies. I really needed that song. Even though its old and played out it still is one of my favorites. Overall it was a great night, I enjoyed the new songs and the old songs took me back to the good days. And, I must say the new stage lighting is amazing. Tonight really made me think, we as music lovers are truly blessed to have a band like DMB to listen to. For y’all who are planning to attend shows this summer, make sure you enjoy every second of them. Cause every second is worth it.
Great show. New songs sounded great live. Saw Mark Batson walking around and got to shake his hand and congratulate him on a great CD after the concert. The old songs were great too. Time of the Season sounded great too.
I have been to a few Dave concerts, somewhere around five, and this one was just not good. I had tickets to Alpine later this year, but they are being sold. I know that Dave wants to promote his new album, but when the crowd as a whole loses all of it energy during a song, they should be tipped off not to play NINE of their new songs. Bayou, American Baby, Dreamgirl, and Hello Again are alright to hear in concert, I would rather hear other stuff, but they are alright. NO other song on that album is listenable in concert. Otherwise, the old stuff sounded as good as ever. I am excited for the next tour, when they are not promoting an album, or at least not this one.
Dan K.
This was my 19th DMB show, and being only 18 and seeing him 19 times I have seen a pretty big varity of shows. I would rank this one right in the middle. It was a solid show, the guys def. had a good time out there and were feeling the music, even more so during their new tunes. But the night was all Carters he was jammin and solo'n like never before. And to all those people who went to the show and were "mad" that they played a lot of new stuff, your a tool. Your the people that are mad every time a new album comes out, than a year later your yelling to hear those same songs you never wanted to hear. On that note, Grey Street was tight, Hello Again, one of my favs, got to love the Warehouse, Watchtower, theres just "no reason to get excited" Stand Up was a winner, American Baby, nothin better than lisiten to the best band in the best country. All in all it was good night.. 4 more shows this summer... peace, cheers,
This was an awesome show. My friend and I attended (over the twentieth show for each of us) and it was awesome! Just before leaving for the concert my sister asked me why I still go to shows. This is why. 9 songs off the new album was great. I had heard a couple of them last year but nothing like that. He covered every new song that translated well to live shows (Louisiana Boyou and Smooth Rider were real treats). Time of the Season was incredible. Butch really got to let loose and the rest of the band nailed it, with Dave doing a great job with the vocals. There were also the old standbys Watchtower and Warehouse. A lot of times these songs finish out shows but not last night. It was a great show for sure. I'm sure many "purists" didn't really appreciate the show last night looking for old standards and radio-friendly diddys. The new stuff is different but trying new things is what great bands do, spread their wings a bit.
Wow, what a solid show from the boys tonight. Musically, the band has never sounded tighter. Overall, a very energetic crowd helped the band stay focused through a very decent setlist.

OSW - Great opener, pretty standard version.

Grey Street - Again, a great song...Dave really got into it during Leroi's solo.

Bayou - One of the best sounding line songs off Stand Up. Very groovy, Butch has a kill keyboard effect in this one.

Too Much - Such a funky song. Outro was very similar to the Roseland show.

Dream Girl - One of my least favorite Stand Up songs. The band still makes it work, but I could have done without it.

Hello Again - Carter, Carter, Carter. Great solo from him...had Butch rocking out big time...then Dave was wailing like crazy at the end.

TOTS - Oh...My...God. This was one of the coolest/funky things I've ever heard DMB do. Hands down the most rockin' song of the night...Butch was absolutely out of control.

Die Trying - Another Stand Up song I just don't care for...not sure what else to say...it was performed well, just not my fav.

LLD - Very nice surprise! Great oldschool song, and Leroi was very tasty on the soprano towards the end.

American Baby - I haven't quiet decided if this song is that great or not. Pretty close to the cd version until the last minute or so...pretty cool outro.

Smooth Rider - Now this is a GREAT song off Stand up. Very bluesy...had Dave going pretty good by the end of the tune. This will be a popular live song for a long time.

Warehouse - Personally the best version of this song I've ever heard. Crowd "Whoo'd" during the intro, and the samba jam was very crazy. Butch took the first solo and was out of his mind, then Leroi really kicked it up a notch.

HFTGL - I really like this Stand Up tune as well. It's one of the more rockin short and sweet tunes the band has. Dave might have gotten a little mixed up on the lyrics tonight though...still workin' on it, I guess.

Crash - Since this song was so overplayed a few years back, and they left it alone for a while, it is again a real treat to hear. Stefan has the coolest bass licks throughout, and Dave seems to really enjoy playing this one.

Stand Up - I really like this song on the cd, but it kind of fell flat tonight. It could have been the crowd, or the placement in the setlist, but I didn't think it rocked as hard as it could have. This could turn into a great song though.

Watchtower - Kind of surprised to hear this prior to the encore, but I'm not going to complain. Great solos from everyone, and Dave lost himself at the end...screaming like crazy.

Old Dirt Hill - Probably the biggest surprise off of Stand Up for me. Very very groovy...had the whole crowd bouncin' from side to side. The extended outro with the 3 part harmony was very phat...you could tell the guys liked where this song is going.

Tripping Billies - I was thinking "Ants" the whole way, so this song totally caught me by surprise. Boyd was out of control, and Carter was once again going crazy...

Overall a very energetic show...especially for this early in the life of the new songs. Highlights included Time of the Season, Warehouse, Bayou, LLD, Old Dirt Hill, and Billies. Lowlights include Dream Girl, Die Tryin, and Stand Up. It should be interesting to see how things have evolved by Alpine...