Meadows Music Centre, Hartford, CT
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Howie Day
Hunger for the Great Light
Dancing Nancies
Where Are You Going?
Hello Again
One Sweet World
American Baby
Crash Into Me
You Might Die Trying
Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd
Don't Drink The Water
Louisiana Bayou *
Steady as We Go
Too Much

Smooth Rider
What Would You Say?

* Rawshawn Ross on trumpet

This was my first DMB concert ever. Though I can't really complain about the concert itself(seeing them at all is amazing), but the setlist was sub par at best. to play all those stand up songs and then the next night play a kickass setlist. dont get me wrong...I LOVED the show....it was too copasedic for words...but they should have layed off the stand up. i wanted to hear my favorites likes #41 and one sweet world, but i had to wait until randall's island for that. even though i dont mind stand up....a setlist with half stand up songs jsut doesnt work.
Jay T.
Not a bad opening night of two in Hartford this weekend. It was definately a suprise when they opened up with Hunger for the Great Light and I think some people didnt know how to respond. However the show really kicked off when they broke out Dreamgirl next. This is one of the songs off of Stand Up that the crowd really seems to be responding to. Next was Nancies which was INCREDIBLE. This was the first time I've seen it played by the whole band and they did not dissapoint. WAYG was next: Pretty standard, kinda hoped they would have started it with Loving Wings, but still good to hear something from Busted Stuff. Hello Again came next which kicked the concert up a notch and Carter's solo blew the lid off the joint. Next was One Sweet World which sounded as good as ever followed by American Baby which I think sounds a lot better live then on the CD. It seems like the guys get a lot more into it and it's not all mellow like it is on Stand Up. Next came Crash Into Me which my friend and I had been calling for all night. It seemed like they were going to play it earlier when they played dreamgirl, but it definately sounded wicked awesome here. After that they broke out Warehouse which I thought they were going to go right into after Nancies, but I guess maybe theyre trying to change things up a bit. Still Warehouse was amazing and kept the crowd's energy up. During Die Trying and Stolen Away however a lot of the crowd in my section atleast lost interest and sat down. Oh well, people can waste their money if they want to, but I along with many others were still up dancing. Next came a little improv jam for a few minutes which was actually the opening for DDTW. The guy behind me kept screaming "Bartender" but I turned to him and said that they wouldnt wait this long to go into it so it had to be DDTW. Sure enough it was and everyone in the crowd was back on their feet going insane. DDTW was by far the best of the night. Then came Louisiana Bayou which is a sick song live and I see it as being a crowd favorite years to come. After that the mood slowed down again with Steady as We Go but then for the closer Too Much rocked the place. For the encore they busted out Smooth Rider which sounds really good live and jammed out because on the CD idk if the song even cracks 3 minutes. Then came What Would You Say which got everyone going nuts and was a great closer to a great show. Hopefully tonite will be as good and hopefully they dont mix as many slow songs in their because it kills the energy at some points. Oh well, DMB is still king.
Patrick P.
The Dave Matthews Band came of age last night playing their 21st gig at the ctnow.com Meadows Music Theatre at Hartford, Connecticut. The band masterfully introduced new songs from their latest album “Stand Up” while entertaining fans with classics from their repertoire of material. The band opened with “Hunger for the Great Light”, the first time played as an opener this tour. He followed up with “Dreamgirl” both songs demonstrated the passion of the band’s songs both on stage and in the studio. The songs sounded just as good live as they did on the album. The band then dug into their other material, pulling out crowd pleasers such as “Dancing Nancies” , “Where Are You Going?”, “Hello Again”, and “One Sweet World”. They were all great choices that really wowed the crowd and got them up and dancing. I was left expecting “Warehouse” after “Dancing Nancies”- a classic combo that I enjoy hearing, I was satisfied when “Warehouse” did come up later in the set, the song truly has evolved into a song enjoyed by the fans as they joined with the stop time intro. “Too Much” served as a good choice to close the set, an energetic frenzy of instruments that left the air electrified as they walked off the stage. The band started with a mellower pace with the encore with “Smooth Rider”, but ended with a bang following up with “What Would You Say”. Dave Matthews and the band continue to hone their craft on stage with their new album material at the Meadows. We can only expect bigger and better things as they continue their stay in CT tomorrow night.
Matt R.
This show left me disappointed.. wish i went to the 2nd show instead of the first.. it was a last minute decision to go the 1st night, but they could have at least split the new songs between two nights, not 9 stand up songs and a few alright songs. The encore.. what the hell was that, if your gonna have a show that bad end it with a two step or watchtower.. common guys!
James D.
Well i live in Delaware, and my fiance had her bacholerette party tonight, so my long time friend and I decided to drive up to hartford to the infamous meadows music theater. the drive was a breeze and a lot of fun except when we got caught up around the NYC area around rush hour. Regardless, we arrived in Hartford around 6:45 and set upon the HOARDS of belligerent people in the lots. it was surely a sight to see. luckily i had a premier parking lot pass. (which helped us get out of the lot in 5 minutes after ths show) We drank a few beers, headed inside, and regardless of the negative reviews about this show, i had such a great time and i thought the band did an outstanding job. Sure, the show could have gone without WAYG, but nothing could take away the fact that my favorite live dmb song was played DANCING NANCIES!! damn boyd ripped this song to shreds. this being my 36th dave show, i was happy to see a lot of new things being brought to the table. Dave sitting down during stolen away certainly adds an intimate flavor to the song. Opening the show with 2 stand up songs is a gutsy move and i respect the band for playing 9 songs from their new album (theyre good songs anyway) Rashawn Ross guesting on bayou was an unexpected treat as well. It was a really fun evening, i had a great time. see you all in Scranton.......