Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN
Graph of songs performed, by album
Don't Drink the Water
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Crash Into Me
Hello Again
Hunger for the Great Light
Loving Wings
Where Are You Going?
Seek Up -->
You Might Die Trying
What Would You Say?
Louisiana Bayou
Steady As We Go
Stand Up

Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd
Tripping Billies

hearing this show is a gift, just like the gift i received of tickets for Yonder openin for dmb!

let me just say the kinfolk vibe was definately there....and yonder played my f'n favorite song (mother's only son)you can't beat it....maybe you got robert randolph the second night, but you can't beat bluegrass.

anyway...on to dmb.....the concert was very stand up friendly, but better than any post-everyday show i'd seen.....seriously 21 min+ seek-up!?? every song (for the most part, knock 1 or two) got the shit jammed out of it....reminding me of why I cam to like dmb in the first place......it rained on us so bad i ruined my favorite sweatshirt, but when i look at those stains I'll always remember where it came from....

stolen on 55th an 3rd as an encore.......thats the story of my girlfriend and I....+plus no ants......al i have to say is.....this was my favorite dmb show to date
First time at this venue and let me just say it was FREAKING AMAZING. It is obvious the boys really love playing here. Let me just start off by saying that Carter is a bad ass. He was wearing this due rag and he looked so cool. I have to say that this is probably one of the coolest and most intimate venues I have ever been too. Everyone here is cool. This venue is a must for DMB fans. It's really a great show.

Dream Girl- The boys have been opening up with this and I really liked it. Boyd played a really cool violin part during the chorus and it really makes the song sound cool. Also, I really like how Dave and Carter sing "yeah" in the beginning like 4 times it really sonds cool.

DDTW- This song is totally underrated. They really jam this out and it really lets dave do his thing. He can really express his vocals in this song. It really got the crowd jumping up and down.

PNP-Rapunzel- This was packed with a lot of intensity. It had Boyd all over the stage and at the end the music got so loud that I don't know how the boys brought it all together at the end and ended at the same time. I guess that's what makes them DMB though. One of my favorites of the night.

Crash- This was unexpected. It was a pretty standard version with Dave going nuts at the end with the "Dixie Chicken" ending.

Hello Again- This song is awesome. I love how Dave changed his voice to almost a country singer. It's hard to explain, but you can hear what he is doing. Carter had a sick drum solo in the middle of this one. Damn he's amazing.

Everyday- My favorite song of the summer. The crowd really gets into this one. It's cool of Dave sings with the crowd and does #36. That's cool.

Hinger for The Great Light- Awesome live. I love when he signs "oh great light of love" because the venue honestly gets 10 times brighter with the light show. It is so cool.

Loving Wings- Totally unexpected. It was my favorite of the night. I thought it would be a tease and it turned out to be a full version and it was amazing. Carter really got to jam and Dave was doing is happy jam as well.

Where Are You Going- Obviously this song follows after loving wings. It was a pretty standard version. Got the crowd hang on the ladies.

Seek Up- I was spoiled with a 20 min verion that had Boyd soloing then Butch and then Boyd again. It was amazing and it was my highlight of the night.

Die Trying- Boyd stole the show with this one like he always does. Really cool solo by Boyd.

What Would You Say- Really cool version. Dave started dancing all over stage and Leroi his sax souning awesome. I really have grown to love this one in concert.

Louisanna Bayou- Pretty standard version with an extended jam at the end with Carter on the double pedal which really sounded cool. This song end on a bang which I really like.

Steady As We Go- This song is really mellow and it is pretty musical at the same time. Very quiet which was kind of nice before the closer and the encore.

Stand Up- Very cool closer. I like when they leave the stage with this one. It ends on a bang and it really cool. This is turning into a real crowd plaser.

Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd- This was a treat. I like how Dave played this one in a chair. It was really kind of cool. It was very different. I love this song. It reaminds me of Crush with that old school sax. Leroi really makes this song.

tripping Billies- God this song is great. They really rip the stage apart with this one. Boyd goes to town in this song. This is absolutely my favorite song live.

Thanks for an amazing show at an amazing venue. Can't wait unitl tomorrow. Thanks DMB!
DMB put on a great show tonight! Yes, the set list was a little mellow in spots, but from where I was sitting in the pavillion, the energy level was high throughout the entire show. Every song was played very well, with some of the standouts being Seek Up going right into Die Trying, a really tight Rapunzel, a rare Loving Wings, and a very energetic Tripping Billies to close. All of the Stand Up songs translate to the stage very nicely in my opinion, especially tracks like Dreamgirl and Bayou. That's a good thing since the main set ended with three songs in a row from the new record. It's hard to imagine what it was like being out in the lawn since the rain and wind refused to let up. The stage and lights are so good this year! Everybody involved with the band is doing a wonderful job. It hurt seeing Typical on the set list and not getting it, but that's okay, there's always next time! DMB are #1!
THIS SHOW WAS TERRIBLE. I never thought I would see the day when I would have to come home to see what the final two songs and the encore were at a DMB show. That's right, we left during What Would You Say. I have never seen anything even close to as bad as tonite's show. As a matter of fact, take out Seek Up, Rapunzel and the Billies that I didn't see (have seen it many, many times before i'm sure it was no different), and you almost have my nightmare setlist. The band seemed like they were playing in slow motion tonite. Zero energy. Don't Drink has slowed down BIG TIME since 2004. Rapunzel was even slower than it usually is. All of the songs just dragged. I was finally able to get excited when I heard Dave start Seek Up, but I was even praying for SEEK UP to end (my favorite song). All of the songs were very sluggish tonite in my opinion. The band nearly killed Rapunzel at one point, and Dave messed up the lyrics on more than one occasion in Don't Drink and Seek Up.

As far as the new songs go, the only one that I found the least bit interesting was the first half of Bayou that I could hear from the parking lot. I'm sorry, but Dave dancing around during the Die Trying jam doesn't interest me. The new songs are NOT that great live. Carter's solo in Hello Again was really good, I will say that.

You all saw the rest of the setlist. Crash, Everyday, Loving Wings (not bad, but knew it would go into WAYG so I couldn't really appreciate it), Where Are You Going. Seek Up is the only non-Stand Up song that I haven't heard on the radio at some point. This show was terrible. The song selection and the energy from the band were horrendous. I have 4th row dead center tomorrow nite. I am actually relieved knowing that it CANNOT get any worse. Hopefully they will come back tomorrow and tear the place down and redeem themselves in my eyes for this trainwreck of a show. I can only hope, or else I am afraid I am going to be taking a lengthy break from DMB. I am fairly certain that they got all of their garbage out of the way tonite, so hopefully tomorrow will be as good as tonite was bad.

Believe me, I DID NOT LIKE LEAVING EARLY. I honestly would have rather got out and home early (like I did) than sit through anymore and be depressed. Come on DMB, I know you are much, MUCH better than what you showed tonite, floor me tomorrow like you usually do and I will be back next summer.
I've been going to about 2-3 DMB shows a year since 1997. From experience, if the band plays more than one night in the same town, there tends to be very different moods on the different nights that they play. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed by the setlist. It was a very mellow night and I, like many other fans out there, really like to see the band rock. There were definitely some high points, I thought Stand Up and Hunger For the Great Light had a lot of energy, but there was a big lack of excitement all around. I think that it was reflected from or to the audience. I would have loved to see a few more classics played, but the band was obviously promoting a new album and I thought that the new songs sounded great live. Hello Again and Louisianna Bayou were awesome. The crowd really got into them, and so did the band. Did anyone mention that it POURED RAIN for about 4 hours? Basically until a little after DMB hit the stage, we were in the midst of a flood. It dampened the mood. Literally. But hey, it was still a good show. I've seen better, but it was still Dave and that makes it still probably one of the best shows that I will see this year.