Post Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
American Baby
Rhyme & Reason (Everyday Intro)
Out of My Hands
You Might Die Trying
Lie In Our Graves
Louisiana Bayou
Stand Up
Where Are You Going?
Hunger For The Great Light
Steady As We Go

I love DMB...This concert was off da hook...I am blown away by how great Dave Matthews Band Concerts are and they are always different they are never the same...This was my 3rd DMB Concert and I enjoyed it just as much as my first DMB concert if not more because once you have gone to a DMB Concert you are hooked had must go again..I will definatly want to go again for a 4th concert...I love DMB!!!
This show was absolutly fantastic!! I took my dad to see this concert for his birthday because we are both enormous fans. I have to say this was the best present i could have ever given him. The set was fantastic and DMB played all the songs that we wanted to here which was super fantastic for us. I really loved this concert and it made a first of many great DMB concerts for me.
Well, this was my first DMB show, and I was blown away. Thanks to a good friend (and fortunately for me, a looong-time Warehouse member) I was able to sit 4th row orchestra pit. AWESOME. Not quite center stage, slightly left, but I was only 15 feet away, so who cares? The sound was incredible. The lighting setup, featuring the firedancer was beautiful. I was totally enthralled from beginning to end. Just to be in the presence of that magnitude of musicial ability was phenomenal.

The shows for that weekend were my birthday present to myself (my birthday was the day before, 6/03), and it was the best birthday in a quarter-century. My favorite song (if I were to choose only one) is #41, and lo-and-behold, they led off with it. Then to follow it with Granny was tremendous. Watchtower was mind-blowing, and Warehouse was a perfect cap to the night. It even converted my girlfriend, who wasn't much of a fan, but now can't get enough of them (which is good, because I don't know how much longer I'd have coped with Jessica Simpson as the soundtrack to our time together without driving railroad spikes into my ears).
I was anxious to see this show because of the mixed reviews about the new album “stand up”. I must say they still got it! I enjoyed the new songs and thought they were performed as well as usual. They are so talented as a band that they can make any song their “own”. All songs were blended well together for a fantastic show! My sister and I were upgraded to PIT seats (3rd row) thanks to a nice couple who was taping the show who needed to sit a little further back. Thank you so much! As soon as the band came on stage it was eventful to be able to join in on singing happy birthday to Stephan along with other members in the PIT. My sister and I agree that by far this was our favorite show! It was a rare treat to hear #41 as the opener! I have been waiting to hear that song live in Pittsburgh for quite some time now. The lighting on stage is unbelievable! It added something special to the show ..although it wasnt needed ;)Other highlights were very the lovable “Granny”; the jamming “Lie in our graves”; the fun “Louisiana Bayou”; the sexy/ suggestive “Hunger for the Great Light”; the rockin “Watchtower” and closing with the electrifying “Warehouse”. I must state that the Dave Matthew’s Band are STILL “ SO RIGHT”.
Deirdre K.
I have been going to DMB shows for about 7 years now. I have to admit that I LOVED the June 4th show in Pittsburgh. I am totally in love with the new CD Stand Up...and I was anticipating a Stand Up heavy set...and they delivered. I loved every song from beginning to end (I could have done without Where Are You Going)-I think he plays it every year! But I must say...Hunger For The Great Light-was the most amazing song of the night...DMB was ROCKIN' OUT! It was one of my all time favorite performances EVER! Also another stand out was Steady As We Go...I would take that over Satellite any day! It is a MOVING song-brought me to tears! Next year I will go to BOTH shows! Can't believe I missed Jimi Thing on Sunday!
Irv G.
This show was great,coming from iraq on my mid-tour leave to see the show was worth every moment. I loved the performance of the new songs. I really liked dream girl,and stand up,down by the bayou,and finally steady as we go! I really enjoy that song! The classics were great, I really enjoyed Lie in Our Graves, All Along the Watchtower always a crowd pleaser. And Warehouse was a good encore! All and all a great show I thought it was a pretty mellow show, pretty slow,the crowd was good! Just glad to be their can't wait till tomorrow! It should be a classic!
James D.
My first of 4 shows this year and my first time seeing the band in the pittsburgh vacinity. Im glad i shelled out the extra $$ for the premier parking lot. a lot of great people out there and a lot of fun was had. I had a lot of anticipation going into the show hearing the new songs for the first time, WOW they were absolutely amazing live!! The highlight of the night was without a doubt 'lie in our graves'. It was absolutely the most insane version ive ever seen, boyd went completely ape shit on stage, it was unreal. #41 and Granny set the tone for the entire evening. The new light set up with the lighted firedancer in the background is cool as hell. It was a really fun night filled with new favorites that will be here to stay, and old classics that keep getting better everytime. The band came on a little later than usual, it seemed like the show was a little shorter than most i have seen recently. This night was the perfect warmup for night #2...
Brian N.
I must say that this show absolutely blew me away.. After, hearing the new CD, I was anxious to see how the songs would be performed live. They take that new sound and add their famous jams to make a true blend for the crowd.. I really enjoy how they played 41 off to the crowd.. I first saw them do that in Selma and was blown away.. Dream Girl is also an incredible song to hear live.. It has such a take off in the end that just keeps going.. LIOG.. Incredible! That has always been one of my favorite songs, because you never know what Boyd and Butch are going to put together.. They rocked out on this one! Amazing show.. See you in the Home Depot Center.. DAAS!
This was my second show I have ever seen. The set list was just amazing. Never expected a #41 opening backed up by Granny. I had mixed feelings about the new cd..i know..shame on me..long time DMB fan. This show however changed my entire perspective on it with their amazing versions of the songs. But the biggest suprise to me was when they did an encore with Warehouse. My all time fav song. All along the watchtower was great also. Of course can't forget to mention Lie in our graves. I didn't have enough money to go to both concerts this year...next year tho i will be at both.