Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Too Much
You Might Die Trying
#40 (Tease)
Time of The Season
Hello Again
Crash (Dixie Chicken)
Smooth Rider
Rhyme & Reason
Jimi Thing *
Hunger For The Great Light
Two Step
Louisiana Bayou +
All Along The Watchtower +
Steady As We Go
Tripping Billies

* Warren Haynes
+ Robert Randolph

The best DMB show i have ever seen! My friend Kate and I got down to the What Stage for the end of Union Station which was great, got close for an awesome Allman Brothers and really close for DMB. OSW was the opener i had predicted and it turned out to be perfect. The new funky Too Much is excellent and is a good example of the new direction of the band such as YMDT. I love this new song, and live it is an absolute JAM. Roi had a great solo during the outro. The #40 tease gave me chills and Butch Taylor had one of his best Jams on TOTS. If there were any doubts about whether DMB would be accepted at Bonnaroo all were erased as they received a true welcoming with the Glow War during the spiritual Bartender. What a moment! Warren Haynes special appearance was somewhat predictable with him lighting it up with the Allman Bros right before DMB and he took Jimi Thing to another level. I remember Warren and Carter just going at it as hard and fast as they could, classic. After an epic Two Step i remember thinking ďare they going to do Bayou?" Oh boy did they ever. The sacred steel got brought out and out of nowhere comes Robert Randolph; it was complete surprise for me at least. He gave Dave his ballers hat and they lit Bayou up a new one. Boyd and RR were just going off with Boyd putting his leg up and leaning on the sacred steel. Watchtower was the best i have ever heard. When DMB has a legend lead guitarist it just takes them to another level, i wish they would consider adding one on possibly full-time. Great encore with Dave playing his guitar intro into Tripping Billies. I had hoped for an appearance by Trey Anastasio but you can't have it all. Overall i think DMB has come full circle. They started out as an improv jam band and with this album, tour and venue of Bonnaroo they got back to jamming with the new additions of jazz/ funk from Stand Up. I hope they follow this path and continue to go back to their roots of jamming and improv. I hope they get this one out to buy really soon!!!
This was my first 'Roo and my first DMB show, so I was pretty damn excited for both. OSW as an opener...perfect considering the audience and the festival in general. The #40 tease was probably one of the highlights of the show for me. That's one of my favorite songs, and I was hoping that Dave would not stop singing after only 3 lines of it. Time of the Season was pretty intense though; I heard the song on the radio as I was driving back from TN, and it made me smile. DMB did a really good cover of it, and I'd love to hear that one again. Crash....this was the first DMB song that I fell in love with (like so many others) and the Dixie Chicken was very appropriate for the setting. Jimi Thing was great with Warren Haynes, and the Robert Randolph appearance was also pretty intense. Watchtower.....incredibly good. It took them awhile to get back onstage for the encore, and most of the people I was with headed out back to the campsite or to catch another show, but I was not going anywhere. A lot of people didn't recognize Steady as we Go, but it's one of my favorites from the new album and I was happy to hear it live. Tripping Billies was a damn good closer. For a first DMB show, this did not disappoint. Can't wait for Mansfield.
Marco E.
Excellent Show. Seventh DMB show and first Bonnaroo. I was third row bud was being pushed around too much. went further back, had a great time. OSW, good opener, overall good setlist, but not that much different from anything else this year. Waren haynes and Robert Randolph were excellent. It was truly refreshing to hear positive feedback from Bonnaroo patrons about DMB's set. DMB definately ranked in the top three shows of the weekend. Others being Umphreys McGee and John Butler Trio.
Seeing DMB at Bonnaroo was definitely an experience to remember. Itís such a different atmosphere than what one experiences at a regular DMB show (which can be both a good a bad thing). My friends and I waited at the gate to get in to ďWhat Stage?Ē from 11:30 am until they opened the gates at 1:00 pm. From there it was a mad dash to the stage. We wound up being about 50 ft. away from the stage right in front of Stefan. Allison Krauss and Union Station were definitely a treat as was the Allman Bros. Band. I probably never would have seen ABB had it not been for Bonnaroo, but Iím glad I got to check them out because they blew my mind. As for DMB: One Sweet World was a fantastic opener that was very appropriate for the setting ďlet us sleep outside tonightĒ. Next came Too Much which immediately gave a boost of energy to the already energetic crowd. The energy didnít stop there because Die Trying (which is turning into a really nice jam) and PNP -> Rapunzel came next. Dave teased #40 which excited the die-hard DMB fans, but unfortunately his tease was just that, a tease. It seemed like it only lasted 10 seconds, if that! Time of Season, this is song is great and DMB makes it seem like their own. The entire crowd was singing to this one, it was something DMB fan and non-fan could enjoy together. Hello Again and Crash were both great, as was Bartender. Of course, I would have enjoyed Bartender a lot more had I not been hit in the face 3 times by stupid people throwing glowsticks. Smooth Rider was enjoyable as was Rhyme and Reason, no surprise there. Warren joined on Jimi Thing which was great and the crowd erupted into For What Itís Worth, following Daveís scat. I thought that the show might be over after Hunger and Two Step, which would have been a great way to end the show. However, Dave introduced Robert Randolph and had there been a roof it would have come off the joint! Louisiana Bayou has developed into a beast of a song and watching Dave (wearing RR hat), Boyd, and RR all jamming together was something to behold. I was thrilled to hear Watchtower since Iíd never been able to witness it live and it didnít disappoint. The night came to a close with a beautiful Steady As We Go and the always fun Billies. Seeing DMB so close with such a great amount of energy was something Iíll never forget or probably ever be able to witness again. But then again they are the greatest live band in the world so who knows what will happen the next time I see them.
Sara S.
This show completely blew me away. The band seemed energized throughout the whole show, really connecting with the crowd. The performance at Bonnaroo 2004 was a complete let down, with the band coming out drastically late (1 hour and 30 mins)and putting on a sub-par show. They rebounded perfectly in my mind, and with all the new additions to the light rigs, fans can look forward to a great tour this summer!
Jim G.
New studio album, new songs, the Band at the biggest hippie fest in the country, there was a lot of anticipation to say the least. There was the hardcore hippies feeling that DMB's mainstream presence will ruin Bonnaroo for good then there is the fans who know that DMB is still one of the top 5 preformers to see live, DMB stands for live for christ sakes. Anyway OSW was a great opener and its always nice to hear Rapunzel. For me things got really wild after the #40 tease with the Zombies "Time of the Season". Especially at Bonnaroo where there is a tense feeling about DMB they had the balls to play crash but backed it up with Dixie Chicken..."ill be your dixie chicken, if youll be my tennessee lamb, and we can walk together down in dixie land." With the band, the lights, the crowd going crazy if there were any haters there, they were all dancing the mud off their feet. Bartender thru Rhyme and Reason was great then my dream occurred. Once Warren Haynes came out on stage I was hoping for Cortez but really wanted to hear that sick ass Jimi Thing and they delivered. Two Step is always great to hear and Louisana Bayou was really good. The climax of the set was definitly the jam with Robert Randolph on Watchtower (Thank you Dave and co. this is why I love you) After watchtower i was hoping for a warehouse,seek up,pig? (yea right) encore but actually tripping billies fit the bill perfectly especially for bonnaroo. Oh yeah, the new songs; well i didnt buy the new album yet but from what i heard they seem alrite, a hell of a lot better transistion than everday. Overall I thought Dave was one of the best times i had all weekend and the crowd was on such a high energy level after the set for the rest of their weekend too. Im sure hippies would hate it, but I would love to see Dave headline two nites of Roo instead of WSP.
Jay R.
My sixth time seeing Dave & Co. was an absolute mind blowing experience. This was my second 'Roo and I must say this Dave show was ten times better, which is weird for me to say because I am a huge Trey fan. But nothing is better than clost to four hours of some of the best music I have ever heard in my life from DMB. The guest spots were great, especially Warren for the extended Jimi. By the way, if you have not seen Robert Randolph in person, I suggest you do, because the man is the Jimi Hendrix of the dobro. Anyway, highlights of the show were as followed (not in any particular order): Repunzel and Too Much in the opening few songs of the night, the guest spots, and the glowstick war during Bartender-what a moment. My favorite part of the whole DMB @ Bonnaroo experience had to be hearing all of the Dave bashers saying how unbelievable the Band is in person. Even die hard hippies were praising them for putting their absolute all into every song. Again, thanks for the awesome experience, and I hope to see the Band back at Bonnaroo 2006!
This show was amazing to say the least. I have been to two dmb shows at Charlotte and the 2004 Dave Matthews & Friends performance at Bonnaroo and this is by far the best show I have seen by them. Highlights included seeing one of my favorite guitarists, Warren Hayes, come out for Jimi Thing, Lousiana Bayou w/ Robert Randolf, and the Tripping Billies encore. The most amazing song in the setlist though was the incredible version of All Along the Watchtower w/ Robert Randolf going wild on his slide guitar. I even took two of my friends who are anti-Dave Matthews b/c of his pop success that said the DMB show was the biggest surprise show of the festival that they extremely enjoyed & both have already bought tickets for this years Charlotte show. I hope this show is availble for download soon
This show was amazing...DMB + Robert Randolph + 90,000 dancing hippies in a farm in the middle of tennessee makes for a pretty amped performance. Their new songs sounded great and just as exciting as old Dave jams. Plus, their cover of The Mama's & the Papa's 'Time of the Season' fell right in line with the tradition of clever and perfectly mood-fitting cover songs (as did last years Solsbury Hill cover.) Although Dave, Tim Reynolds, and Trey is a hard trio to beat, it was refreshing to see the whole band together for this 3 1/2 hour explosion. Good times. As we can always count on with Dave.
Mike Z.
It was 10 months since i last saw Dave and his Matthews band by the time Bonnaroo came around, and the 10 month wait was well worth it. This was the best DMB show that i have ever seen, and this was the 14th. There is nothing like sitting around a campsite, and walking to see Dave. Cant Wait till next year!! Anyhow, opening with One Sweet World had to be the best idea they could have come up with, when he sang "let us sleep outside tonight".......it gave me chills. The came the glowsticks, i have never seen that before at any concert ever, and it was an amazing site. The energy and passion the whole band was amazing. Something i havent felt in a couple summers. I think it had a lot to do with their new music. You really get the feeling that they are really into this new music, and it shows because these new songs were as fun to listen and dance to as the songs ive know for years. The most memorable song of the night for me was All Along The Watchtower. I love how he builds it up, and just crashes it down on you all at once.