Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, VA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Blue Merle
American Baby
One Sweet World
The Stone
Hello Again
Dream Girl
Seek Up
Rhyme & Reason
Hunger For The Great Light
Steady As We Go
Stand Up
You Might Die Trying
Louisiana Bayou
What You Are
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
Too Much

Well i thought the drive from a small town in West Virginia was well worth the trip. The show was awesome, i thought the guys were dissapointed with the crowd. They were'nt really getting into it. I felt bad for the band. But i loved it, Hearing Crash, then #41. I couldnt have asked for anything more. I thought it was an excellent show. I took my bro, it was his 1st concert and i think it was a dandy one for his 1st. Well i heard Crash so i was happy, its only my wedding song. well every peace out.
This was my 23rd show (I hate to be one of those people) and I have very mixed feelings. The first half of the show was amazing, but I spent the second half wondering why I sat in all the traffic. The guys are great performers, but I'm consistently amazed when they don't have good showmanship. Playing 5 straight new songs...I know you're supporting an album, that's fine, but bump some things around. They played amazing versions of Hello Again, Seek Up, R&R, and #41...even a solid CIM, but they really lost the crowd at the end. LA Bayou was the only saving grace of the new ones; the version of YMDT was cool, but both songs are lyrically so repetitive. But Hunger and Stand Up are POOR excuses for songs, both on the cd and live. So throwing all of those right together ruined what started out as a great show. The encore was the worst I've seen on the tour. Stolen away while nice, would have traded for anything else. Finally, I'm just unlucky and have heard Too Much 14 times now, and have gotten all I need out of What You Are (yes he says on your knees mother f*#$er, its not new!). I was really looking for a Billies, Ants, AATW to bring back a lost crowd at the closer or encore...very disappointed there. Almost every other show has featured a guest...so that was disappointing not to get one. By the way, American Baby was a train wreck. It was the most disjointed song I've heard them play, probably ever. On a positive note, the Seek Up was unbelievable. (Worth getting a listen to for downloaders) Traffic was miserable as usual, but I got out really quickly thanks to embankment on the street. So I hope they mix their setlists better the rest of the tour. Cool to hear some new songs live, but would have really done without Stand Up, Hunger and Stolen Away...the album's weak kids, let's face it. Keep the new song count to 7. 9 was way too many. Showmanship.

The guys did seem to be having an amazing and fun time on stage, lots of smiles and communication. It's always good to see they still love jamming together. Carter was off the hook good adding solos and cool riffs to a lot of new places. He and Stefan were certainly enjoying laying down the groove. Butch adds so much, he's really an incredible musician top to bottom.
This concert had all the makings of an amazing one. Of course, the traffic in the tunnel on 64 getting to Virginia Beach was ridiculous (backed up 7 miles) and it took me 5 hours to get there from Charlottesville. The weather was incredible and it wasn't humid like is almost always is there. The venue has gotten better over the years as well, I was VERY happy to note that the giant monitors are now all in High Def (camera work took advantage of that very very well). The guys also seemed very happy to be up there, with lots of great solos all over the place, which is quite different from last summer's VB concert (I think dave was seriously messed up at that concert). However, I was fairly disappointed in the concert. I know its always great when a new cd comes out, but I didn't want to hear almost the entire thing live. That said, I was very surprised at how good Dream Girl was, it fit the whole beachy/beautiful weather mood amazing and just made me want to go sit in the sun and have a beer. Seek Up was incredible, I think this might be the first time I've ever heard it, even though its my 14th show. OSW, The Stone, and R&R were all great to hear again, the last 2 surprised me because (I could be wrong) but I don't think I'd seen them on any of the setlists yet this summer. #41 was by far the best part of the evening for me, I absolutely love that song, and the Everyday ending for it is very good. Crash was a nice surprise, I don't think I've heard it in a long time. The second half of the concert, however, was not to my liking. I wanted to sit down half the time, and I jokingly said to my friend that he should just break out into a wild version of I Did It. What You Are was ok, but something more classic would have been preferred. And as much as I like Too Much, again, something more classic please. Ants, Last Stop, something.

All in all, the choice of old tunes was very very good, the overplaying of the new album sucked. I'm not entirely impressed by the album anyway. Oh, and the jets screaming over the amphitheater every 15 minutes pissed me off to no end. I'm all for supporting the armed forces, but not when I'm trying to enjoy a Dave concert.
Keith B.
Thank You DMB for doing what you do. Everytime I see these guys they just simply amaze me. Tonights concert, blew me out of the water. I love the new CD and they play it well live, I know a lot of the songs arent Jammed out like the Crash/UTTAD/BTCS album, but nonetheless, its very original, the highlight ofcourse was Dreamgirl/Seekup/R&R/Crash/#41. First time out of 16 shows I have heard #41 and Seek up, Thank you!!! Was good to hear What you are, There is so much Soul and energy in that song, Its a great set closer, The encore was sweet Stolen Away has a lot of potential, With Practice you know these guys will master everyone of these new songs. and also Too Much was really just "too much." Great show!!! I was standing all the way at the top of the lawn, and seeing The Greatest band in the world as our great military flew by on occasion gave me a real sense of safety, and Loyalty. The orange moon was cool too...
This was my first DMB show since September of 2003. It was worth the wait. I have been seeing shows since way back in 1993. My passion for the band has waned a bit, but a show once a year or so is a good fix. Hearing the new material was nice. I was not a big fan of the new album at first, but it has grown on me. I didn't even mind that they broke out five new tunes in a row, as each of them were pretty good. "Louisiana Bayou," "Stolen Away . . . ," "Steady as We Go," and "Hello Again" were all great. I liked "Stand Up" a lot more than I thought I would live. And I really liked "Dreamgirl." The highlight of the evening for me was the monster 24 minute "Seek Up." Being an older fan, I am partial to the older tunes, and this one was outstanding. It was nice to see Butch take the spotlight for a while - I wish he was turned loose more often. The lowlight of the evening was "Crash Into Me" - the only time I sat down all night. All in all, a solid show. See ya'll next summer!!!
Don J.
The Show was soooo amazing.......#41 is my favorite song and this is the first time out of six to hear him play the song....dave continues to blow me away ever show.......everyone in the band are masters at their insturments and know how to put on a good show.....oh well awesome concert i will attend another and another....
The setting was perfect. Great weather, good beer, a little tailgating and playing guitar. So we were set, I get the token tour shirt that I always get. Everything was perfect. They open the night with American Baby...which is cool. I think that's a good opening song. Then the next 8 songs took my breath away. Seek up!!! My first time seeing that one live, it was awesome. Then top it off with 41!!! I was jamming. Then we went back into the new songs with Hunger. Which I like that song, I think it's cool and fun to play. Louisiana Bayou is cool. I was happy to hear What you Are, I've only heard that once. Now we are waiting for an amazing encore because the show has been really solid. Many many great songs, so you figure a great encore right? Boy, what a let down. Stolen Away was nice, but to end with what???? TOO MUCH!!! I thought last years at VA Beach was bad with Everyday ending the night, but there are worse alternatives. So that kind of was a let down there. So to cheer ourselves up, my buddy and I started giving hi-fives to everyone...and I mean EVERYONE!!! It was great! We were running all over the parking lot giving everyone hi-fives!!! If you were there, you probably saw us and got a hi-five from us. Then we lost the vehicle...so continued with the hi-fives until we finally found it. Overall, it was a great night, just with the encore would have been stronger!!! Cheers!
This was my first time seeing DMB. I was completely blown away just because i knew he was going to be awesome live, but it really surprised me how awesome it was. A lot of the people I was with didn't enjoy the show because there was a lot of emphasis on the new album. Some of the old stuff I had hoped to hear didn't happen...like warehouse, ants marching, two step, tripping billies... but I enjoyed the show and the lit up firedancer on the set rocked.
Fantastic show. As the setlist shows, be ready for some heavy coverage of the latest album. One odd sight was a primo front and center lawn section dedicated to "Warehouse" preferred seating. Not sure what it takes to earn those seats. As the show neared and hardly anybody was using this large area except the 5 security ushers, the cage came down and the crowd surged in to fill the void. Others have said it, but I must repeat: Have never heard the band play "Seek Up" live and was treated to an incredible jammed out version. Made the night for me. In closing, if this 49 yo old fart can stand for the entire two and a half hour show after golfing all day you youngsters should be able to dance nonstop to the greatest live act going ...
This was my 5th show and it turned out to be the worst yet. I went crazy when they started seek up and #41, but once they started with all the new songs, I just lost the mood. They did "what you are", which got me to think that the encore was going to be great, then Dave comes out with a chair and makes me want to sleep again. I left at that point and I am glad I did. Too much is just not a good closer for me. Sorry to sound so mean, but I felt really let down with this set list. With the exception of "hello again", the new songs just dont do it for me. Hopefully they will have it together for next year.
Bob B.
Well it is the day after the DMB concert and again the guys were as tight as ever. I just love Stand Up and I would not have cared if they had played the whole CD tonight. It was great too hear Seek Up live for the first time and great 20 minute jam. Great solo's by just about everyone in the band. I wish they would have done the intro to American Baby but it was still great. They all looked like they loved playing together tonight as always. I only wish they wouold have come out on stage at 8:00 instead of 8:35 we would have gotten 35 more minutes of tunes! I have said it before if there is a better group on the planet I have yet too hear them. GREAT JOB GUYS! Keep jamming!
First off i saw this band for the first time on 12-31-1995 and i have seen some of the best shows you can ever get a copy of from UVA to MSG with James Brown to Dave and Friends there as well... all you people who complane about this was your 5th are 15th if your a true fan your love them no matter... about the show it was a Fantastic show. As the setlist shows, be ready for lots of new stuff from the latest album. I think it was a great mix of old and new but i have not missed a show in Va from 1995 so maybe im not picky but there the best live band out there and if your lucky to see them you always get a treat can't wait to a Fall tour i hope and maybe MSG again
Great show! Dave and the guys did a great job mixing in classic DMB with their new stuff. I have to admit that before the concert I hated "Hunger for the Great Light", but this was awesome live. Every song rocked, ESPECIALLY #41 and Seek Up (10+ minutes!). All of the solos were perfect and there was so much positive energy coming from the band. And before the concert Dave gave us a lesson about hemroids. Anyway, great show and expext a lot more of the same.
This was a BI POLAR SHOW (sorry to offend anyone with the actual disorder).

First half...AMAZING (if you overlook the American Baby opener). Guys, BRING BACK THE OLD INTRO TO ONE SWEET WORLD! Still an amazing song live. It fit the weather and the mood well.

It was my 9th show, and my first time hearing SEEK UP live. I was pumped. Sadly, many people in the lawn were lost. It's sad when people don't appreciate the talent it takes to compile a mamoth song like that. 41! WOW! That topped it all off. I should have left then, though...

They may as well have pulled in a giant banner saying "BUY STAND UP AT YOUR LOCAL BEST BUY FOR $14.99!" 5 songs in a row...

Stand Up the song will be a good one live once Carter really matures that drum solo mid-way through it. Everything else was kind of blah...

Why are they closing with What You Are? Is this a really good song or something? Don't get me wrong. It's a solid song, but leaving the crowd with "Get on your knees motherfucker" is just not in true Dave fashion. Get with it.

He encores with...that's right...another new song...disappointing. This one sounded just like it did on the album. And I skip it b/c I don't want to fall asleep. I understand the song has its place, but that place is in your CD player. Can't they play "Dreams of Our Fathers" instead? They've never played that 1 live. Sub that for Stolen Away.

Clsoing with Too Much...eh. It was powerful, but it's only like 5 min long. It was over before I knew it. If they were so close to home, shouldn't that make them want to "Stay?" Or maybe "Eat, drink, and be Merry"? I guess not. I guess it's "Too Much" for them to deal with.

Overall, not so sure how I feel about the show. It makes up for last year's VB set. Thanks for Seek Up...that's all I have to say to close. I'm headed to Nissan tomorrow, so I hope to feel GREAT about that! Cheers.
John E.
Like everyone else I sat in traffic, I thought leaving Northern VA at 1:30 would give me plenty of time to get down there for the concert but the traffic was terrible, took over 5 hours to get to the Ampitheater! Now to the show, I unlike others was glad to hear some of the new songs. I think the strongest was Stolen Away but unfortunately they left that for the encore and it just doesn't belong there yet. I'm not a fan of the song Stand Up, but Carter's drumming saves the song live. That was probably one of the best versions of #41 I've heard in awhile and allt he band members had smiles on their faces the whole show, you could tell they were having fun playing. This being my 10th show while it defintely wasn't the best show I've seen it wasn't the worst either. First time I got to hear What You Are live as well which was cool. I think the Set list being so heavy on new songs ruined the mood for alot of people as alot of people were sitting during the second half of the show which I think is a shame. All this being said, can't wait for the next show!
this show was my 2nd dmb show.. i saw the winter tour in 2002 at the mci center which was in my opinion a better show because it followed a better album release (busted stuff) although i do like "stand up" it is definitely not my favorite album. but this show definitely drove the new album and its alot better live. OSW was awesome live as well as #41 but never did i expect to hear seek up live. this version of seek up was the best of the show. i loved stolen away live because its my fave on the new album. r&r was good as well as the stone. But the 2nd encore song is not my fave at all..too much is not a good ending song for a awesome show and venue. but all in all a very good show dave!
Aly M.
As usual Dave and the boys fail to disappoint. This was my 6th show and it was a great. I missed hearing Ants Marching as it is always a show favorite of mie but, Crash as always was AMAZING. It was the first show for some of the people we went with and they were understandably blown away. I loved it and everytime Dave comes to town its something special! Kudos to them!!