Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Drive By Truckers
One Sweet World
Hunger For The Great Light
What Would You Say?
Time of The Season
Say Goodbye
You Might Die Trying
Louisiana Bayou
Dream Girl
Dancing Nancies
Lover Lay Down
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Out of My Hands
Stand Up
Two Step
Old Dirt Hill
What You Are

Flew in from Houston for the 2 shows in North Carolina, and, I must say, it was not a disappointing trip. After seeing a fairly predictable performance in New Orleans at Jazz Fest (although good), the band was full of energy, really engaging the crowd, and played a set that pulled from classic old songs that are great to hear live with the expected new songs. It is always great to hear OSW, and, as an opener, set the perfect tone. Hunger was awesome live-the bass-beat drive of the song after the initial opening lines makes it a great concert song to hear. A nice version of Crush was followed by the cover Time of the Season, which was done very well (a little trouble with a few of the high notes, but that's ok). Then a song that I had not heard in years, SG. Great version, with the nice Carter intro. Then came a few of the new ones, YMDT (another great song live), LB (better than in New Orleans) and Dream Girl (sounded very good). Then came the highligh-Nancies! Very big surprise there-always welcome and sounded great-all the guys were into it, big time. Staying with UTTAD, they played another of my favorites, LLD, which was done beautifully and a perfect come-down from Nancies. A rocking Rapunzel got the beat going again, followed by Out of My Hands, which, again, altered the music again perfectly. They concluded the set with Stand Up (great jam) and the always-great-to-hear TS, with a nice jam from Butch, the "fifth Beatle"! The encore opened with ODH, which got the crowd into the harmony session, and finished with WYA, one of the better ones from Everyday. The highlights for me were the energy, especially Boyd and Carter, Dave seeming to really enjoy the crowd response during the new songs and his arm-pumping emphasis during the drive notes on YMDT-he looked like a conductor in front of his orchestra-great stuff! And, the fact that it didn't rain-as a matter of fact, the sun broke through the clouds just before the band came out-a sign, no doubt, that the gods were smiling on us tonight.
Sto M.
The energy of this show was its most notable attribute. "Time Of The Season" was perhaps the biggest surprise, and it was awesome. If this show has a low point, it is the Encore. The two songs played in the encore are not classics, and simply did not send the crowd out on as happy a note as it brought them in on. What You Are should be banned to pre-encore set placement only... at best.
This was a great show! The band seems to have a new energy and a renewed enthusiasm for each other. They opened with One Sweet World which was no real surprise and was pretty standard. Next was Hunger For The Great Light, which is just so much better live than it is on the album. Being my first show this year, i was surprised not to see the guys pick up the instruments they played on the album, but thats okay too. I thought Stefan would have played guitar for this one, but he didn't. Next came WWYS which drove the crowd insane. Crush followed and the place went nuts. It was such a great unexpected song. Time Of The Season followed that and I was blown away. I think they did a great job. This is when I noticed that Leroi seemed to not be feeling well. He spent a lot of time off stage and standing very still. He was NOT wearing sunglasses for a change and he just looked miserable. We were seated pretty close and he looked almost in pain as he played. WHen he pulled out the flute I knew Say Goodbye was next. Carter's solo freaked the place out and I thought the roof was going to cave in. You Might Die Trying came next and has solidly cemented itself at the top of my favorites list. Louisiana Bayou folled that and just blew the studio version to another orbit. The outro was so awesome and they just seemed to absolutely love playing it. Dave stood up and raised his arms and bellowed out the opening to Dream Girl. The rest of the band backed him up of course and they just knocked it out of the park. Dancing Nancies was pretty standard and as awesome as always. Lover Lay Down was the perfect song for the moment. Toward the middle and totally unexpected. PNP/Rapunzel was awesome and I finally saw this old man who was there with his granson (i think) start groovin'. Dave tried to quiet things down and brought everyone out of the rafters with Out Of My Hands. It was awesome and mellow and everyone seemed to get a bit lost in the moment...Then came Stand Up and the place exploded again...Boyd turned his violin sideways under his arm and I knew it was either American Baby or Two Step....TWO STEP!!!! As usual , it rocked! I did notice that Leroi disappeared for a majority and returned for the end of the jam, and looked in agony as he finished the song with the baratone-sax. The came back from the encore with Old Dirt Hill which sounds so good live. They've done a superb job transitioning the songs.... They ended with What You Are which was a bit disappointing ONLY because it is a pretty commonly played tune. They Rocked it thought. I was hoping for the Last Stop, but i knew that was wishful thinking. All in all, the night kicked a$$ and it ended way too soon. DMB did it again...
This show was awesome! My 5th show and one of the best. The new songs they chose to play were great. I have a better appreciation of Louisiana Bayou and Stand Up. The opener with OSW was perfect to set the mood for the crowd and end with Two Step, one of my all time favorites, had everybody rocking. I was so happy to hear Crush. I've never heard it live and I just love that song, they did not dissapoint. As always thanks for a great show and can't wait til next year!!
This was my second show, I also went to Virginia Beach. I was one of the few fans who thought va. beach was awesome, so it is easy to understand that I thought that the charlotte show was just incredible. It seemed like a decently long setlist. My first time hearing say goodbye, two step, and time of the season. The whole show was amazing and the band just puts their all into it every night. The whole band really seems to love what they do, they just seem to be having so much fun on stage. And, they all just love the fans which is truly what makes the Dave Matthews Band so great! Good show, and I'm looking forward to Raleigh tonight!!!
I came into this concert expecting about half of the songs to be from Stand Up and other half to be old classics. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the vast majority of the concert were older classic DMB songs, and even the Stand Up songs were MUCH better live than the studio recorded versions. In fact, Hunger for the Great Light, which they played second, was one of the most energetic and driving songs of the night. One Sweet World was no surprise as the opener, but they moved onto What Would You Say and Crush which caught everyone off guard and were awesome. Time of the Season was the best DMB cover I have ever heard, no contest - its such a cool song and the band really got into it and Dave looked so happy as he was singing. Carter's solo into Say Goodbye was perfect, not too long, and I love this song, it was cool hearing Leroi play the flute, although he seemed kind of out of it. Dancing Nancies and Rapunzel were both very energetic, Dave was dancing a lot, everyone was moving around (except for Leroi), and I remember Boyd going NUTS during Dancing Nancies. Lover Lay Down and Out of my Hands provided some quiet breaks before a thunderous 20 minute Two Step finished off the concert. I was walking around during Old Dirt Hill, the first encore song, but I managed to get up really close for the last song, What You Are, which was really loud and rocking. Being close to the stage made such a difference. One thing that sucked about this concert were our seats, which were way out farther than expected. The other thing was that Leroi must have been sick or something because he spent a lot of time off stage, and when he was on he barely moved and looked really sick and unhappy, But I appreciated him playing when he was sick. All in all it was amazing to see how much fun the band had, how relaxed they were, how much they just got into it and enjoyed themselves. Carter, of course, was almost un-human. This was a great concert - I did not want it to end, and it was worth the money and drive.
People keep saying that Stand Up is a weak effort, and blah, blah, blah. I was afraid of that entering the show, and what did I see??? The resurrection of Dave Matthews Band. New energy, new passion, the camarederie between the band members amazing. ALL the new songs were INCREDIBLE (okay,maybe not old dirt hill) but SU, Dreamgirl, Hunger, OOMH, and Louisiana Bayou rocked. Bayou was the highlight of the night, with such a a jam.Old school was off the hook, especially Crush and Nancies. It was my 4th show and the first time they played Two Step. I was floored...

And by the way, Boyd was insane...Leroi a bit sick but still rocking those solos...stefan jumping like a schoolgirl on crack, Dave being amazing, and Carter acting like God as usual.

Greatest show I've been to. Period.
Jamie M.
BREATHTAKING!!!! This out of all my years of attending these shows was by far the best one yet! Dave and company absolutely rocked the house and then some. I was really expecting a new track to kick off the evening and was really stoked to hear "One Sweet World." "Hunger For The Great Light" was incredible live, by far going to be a crowd favorite from here on out. "What Would You Say" never disappoints and sounded awesome tonight. "Crush" absolutely beautiful! "Time Of The Season" was insane. Butch Vig should be and official member of the band after that performance. "Say Goodbye" was one of the biggest surprises of the night and was close to the best. "You might Die Trying" yet another new song which sounded awesome as all get go. "Louisiana Bayou" had a very awesome groove to it and was so much better live than listening to the cd. "Dream Girl" got a huge crowd response and sounded great. "DANCING NANCIES" absolutely made my year. By far my favorite song of the night and the first time they have played this in Charlotte since 1997 I believe. I literally about jumped from the 15th row to the stage during this one. “Lover Lay Down" was a very good idea to calm everyone down (especially myself) after Nancies, and sounded great. "Rapunzel" was next and kicked booty. Dave and Boyd went nuts on this one. "Out of My Hands" and "Stand Up" like the other new songs, sound like they have been playing these songs for years as invincible as they sound live. “Two Step" seemed like Dave shorted out the vocals a bit but still packed an insane jam out. "Old Dirt Hill" was one of the best songs of the night and most definitely one of my favorite of the new songs on the cd. It did not disappoint live whatsoever. "What You Are" gave the best light show of the night and sounded amazing. I really dig the lit up firedancer. This was show number one for me this summer and the best show I have ever seen DMB perform. Thanks for yet another great show DMB! See you all in Atlanta in July!!!!