Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Hunger For The Great Light
Hello Again
American Baby
When The World Ends
Louisiana Bayou
Lover Lay Down
Smooth Rider
Stand Up
Dancing Nancies
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
Tripping Billies
You Might Die Trying
What You Are

Leo I.
Great show! Hot and sticky! Sweaty("Lab. breathing over me"comment was true). Despite that the show started great with Hunger(maybe they will open Live8 with it). Dream Girl is becoming one of my favs.,Hello and Granny were nice surprises as well as the Nancies later on in the set. 18 min. Bartender will always be expected at Hershey, since I first heard it in 2000, though a Big-Eyed Fish before would have iced the cake for me.All the new songs sound great and I am slowly loving them as well. WTWE Woke my friends and I and goyt us moving again despite the heat. 8 min Bayou kept us going til Lover and Smooth as we rested on the blanket. Stand got us up and a surprise Nancies as he teased it early on with a one cord pluck. Not shure if Baboon was in the beginning scating or not,sounded great. Straight to the Encore. Die Trying(another pos. opener for Live 8; Maybe Seek),got me ready for What you are though I thought he was teasing it at first until YEA! He"s playing it! LOved the show. I don't think I have or ever will attend and bad DMB show! Thanks to all the people around me at the shows,It just couldn't be and better
This was my second DMB concert and i thought that it was great...they played a lot of the songs off of the new record which obviously sounded a lot better live...I was a little nervous that they opened up with 4 straight songs from it, not that they were bad songs or anything i just wanted to hear a lot more of his old stuff...It was pretty warm, but it wasn't really a problem to me, it probably was a lot worse in the big pit of people where nobody is more than 2 inches from each other...Last year they came to Hershey (7-10-04), they didn't look excited to be there or enthusiastic, and the only guy that looked happy and into it was Boyd...this time around though, they all seemed a little more pumped up...the set list didn't look the greatest at first glance but the music was incredible live...the only song that really dulled down the show however was Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd where dave sat down on a stool to play, that part was just a little too slow and boring, but for all the other songs, it was great..."you might die trying", another song on their new album didn't stand out to me at first, but hearing it live was so much better. Stand Up was also a much better song live. Dancing Nancies, Granny, What You Are, Bartender, Lousiana Bayou, and Trippin Billies were all amazing...the crowd seemed into it for all of those songs...can't wait to see them again!
This was my 6th Dave Matthews Band show and again this band does not dissapoint...there were some obvious low points such as smooth rider, hunger(NOT a good opener), but for the most part the band was on fire...the best part of the night..well there was a number of em...granny was hot...but freakin omg bartender was just incredible..something about this song live gets to me...dancing nancies was outta control and louisiana bayou is by far the best new song live...the energy is just soo awesome and the crouwd really gets into it...trippin billies was amazing!!!! everyone in the crowd was gettin so into it and i was dancing around like a madman...this song definately was awesome..as an encore freakin what you are was amazing..dave did the little thing he did at central park where he screams like a mad man and just like i dunno..he just rocks out..as a closer this song is soooo good...def my fave off everday...overall it wasnt the best show ive seen...but it was still an amazing night..the new stuff is killer live and the usuall amazing hits thrown in add up to a blast...
6 SONGS THAT WERE NOT OFF STAND UP. this sums up the most below average show i have been to. personally i would have been satisfied with listening to the band from a cd player, because the band and the crowd lacked so much energy. only good songs were nancies and granny. it was cool to see how they played around with the new songs, but none were exceptionally jammin. bartender had the most drawn out jam ever. lover lay down was really cool to hear, but it followed the rest of the show and had close to no energy. billies was the redemption of the show, because i had never heard it live. DT and WYA is possibly the WORST ENCORE EVER. i wanted to cry. after waiting in line to get front row of GA, and withstanding all of the pushing and shoving, i wanted to leave. i ahve never walked out of a dave show so dissappointed, and this setlist is poorly put together compared to other shows. 9 NEW SONGS. i could do with like 6 or 7 (like the other shows), but 9 made it more of a Dave STAND UP Matthews Band show, which, i did not intend to buy tickets for. i was under the intention that i got tickets for the greatest live band on earth, and i wanted my mind to be blown away. but it wasnt. maybe next year.
Ryan M.
Alright, first show of the 05' tour. Now I knew they were gonna be a good share of Stand Up songs and I was ready for that. I really like Stand Up for the most part, but I could have done a lot better with maybe 6 or 7 songs from it and not 9 (+ having to hear WTWE, ew). But this is not a negative review. I really did enjoy the show a lot and it was good to see the boys doing what they do best again. Now to the setlist. Hunger and Dreamgirl followed one another to start the show. Not what I had in mind, but I was just happy to see the band on stage again for the first time in a year. They performed Hunger and Dreamgirl very well, I just don't particularly enjoy them very much, be it live or on the album. They lack a lot of energy and are not a very good choice to open a show, especially in succession. But, ah, Hello Again. This is when it started to get good. I really, really like this song in concert, a ton of energy and Carter loves this song cuz he gets to tear shit up with his solos. A very good time. Granny was a real nice suprise, didn't think I'd hear that, and not this early in the set. I will never be opposed to hearing that song. Crash was next, which was cool. I hadn't seen it since the 03' tour and it was good to hear again; love that dixie chicken. Bartender is another one I will always love to hear because it is such a display for the overall musical talent of the group; a beautiful version of this one. However Leroi did a solo at the end (pennywhistle , I believe), which was cool at first, but seemed to go on forever, and the rest of the band had literally stopped playing. It went on for entirely too long and I almost forgot which song I was listening to. American Baby was next. I had been looking forward to hearing it live, and it did not disappoint. Despite what other people say, I really like this song and think it is a very good addition to a live show. Nice jamming at the end, just like on the cd, but extended for the concert. Dave teased Dancing Nancies at the beginning of this song, but then went right into American Baby (more on that later). When the World Ends. Uh, I DO NOT enjoy this song. At any time, anywhere. I'll not go any further on that one. Wait yes I will, it also seems as if I'm not alone on this because really no one around me seemed to enjoy it either. It killed the energy. I can't figure out why they play it, except for that they just like it, I guess. Guys, please stop playing this song. Shelve it, and bring out something like Raven or maybe even JTR (oh please, oh please). Anyways, enough ranting. Lousiana Bayou was next, which I didn't know how I'd like because sometimes I get annoyed with it on the album because of Dave sticking "yoo" at the end of so many lines. But I was DEAD wrong. I love this song live. It sounds great, and there is some serious jamming at the end of this song that rivals nearly any song in their catalogue. Boyd is the man on this song, and he and Dave and Stefan get together and jam for a good long while. Very exciting, very awesome! Lover Lay Down, sweet! Had never heard it in concert before. A beautiful, mellow song. Smooth Rider, eh, I actually think I like this song better on the album, it lacked something in concert and was played a bit slower than on the album. Dave seemed into it though, and tried to get the crowd into it by singing more passionately as the song went on. It didn't really work though. Stand Up followed, and while its not exactly the greatest or most deep, meaningful song they've ever done, its catchy and energetic and I like it. Dancing Nancies!!! Oh yes! I later read on the DMB's road website that Nancies was not originally on the setlist for the evening, but when he teased it before American Baby, the crowd gave such a reaction that he decided to throw it in there later. I like to think I was a part of that decision on Dave's part. Thanks Dave! I was really excited to hear this one, because although I had been to a concert where it was played, I was unfortunately too high to remember much of it. Woops. Not this time though. It was awesome. And once again, Boyd was on Fire! He was literally as good as I have ever seen or heard him on Nancies (yes, even Red Rocks). An amazing version of this song. Nancies was followed up by Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd, and although I like this one okay on the album, the only thing noteworthy I can say about it in concert is that Dave plays this one sitting in a chair. Woohoo (kidding) But, the dullness was immediately redeemed by my personal highlight of the show. Tripping Billies! Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! I had never seen it before, and I love the song. It was another amazing version. I don't think I've ever seen the boys play this song and not kick total and complete ass. This song also verifies my thoughts that Boyd is on point this tour. There have been many shots and criticisms at Boyd over the past year or two about being out of tune on tour. But in this show he was seemingly perfect, note for note, fulfilling every expectation I had of his playing and more. He was like a wild-man on Billies, lighting the crowd on fire with his energy and excellent playing. The encore was pretty decent in my book. My friends that I was with didn't really seem to think as much, and I can see their point, being that YMDT and WYA are maybe not the two songs I would want to see in an encore, but I thought they were very well done and enjoyable. I liked being able to see YMDT for the first time, because its one of my favorites from Stand Up, and I definitely enjoyed the duel between Boyd and Leroi at the end of the song. What You Are is a very good live song. Period. No matter what people might say or how much they can't get over the stigma of hating Everyday. Unfortunately for me I had already seen it once in an encore in 2003 and was looking for something different. But I still liked it quite a bit, and it was pulled off really well by the band, and I love Dave's chanting or whatever you would like to call it at the beginning of the song, and he holds a lot of passion throughout the song. Overall, not my favorite show I have seen, but I did enjoy it very much. A good, good time indeed. Dave did tease #34 at the start of the show and not too many knew it, but I caught it, and became very excited. It's just too bad he waited til a few weeks later actually play the whole song again. I would've liked to have seen that. It was also the first time I had been to Hershey, and I must say I didn't really like the setup of their venue at all. No lawn, and completely flat. Very weird. But oh well, I had a great time overall!
Bob B.
5th year in a row I've seen DMB at Hershey. Overall, good solid show, 9 new songs played which seemed a bit much, especially You Might Die Trying as an encore? Don't understand that one. You could tell Dave's voice was a bit strained - his voice didn't seem to have it's usual power, and the lyrics got lost in the mix on more than one occasion. I was very happy with Granny - my favorite DMB song - and Crash. The new songs sounds much better live than off the album, but 9 is a bit much, don't you think? The guys seem to enjoy playing them, so that's the important thing I guess. What was up with the piped in backup vocals on the first 2 songs? Couldn't see where the background vocals were coming from - must be piped in, which I think is unfair, even if all the artists use this technique nowadays.

Boyd really got off on nancies, and a few others. And Dave did a couple of jigs on the side of the stage like he used to - he seemed to really be enjoying himself.

We had great seats - 35 rows back, front section. Audio mix sounded excellent. Major beef with Hersheypark Stadium for cutting off the beer at 8:30 - what's up with that? You have got to be kidding me.

Probably my third favorite show of the 5 I've seen them.
I went into tonightís show a little worried after reading the reviews of Thursday nightís show. And then when Dave started with Hunger For The Great Light, then went on to Dream Girl and Hello Again my worries weren't really lifted. But then out came Granny, no words can describe how I felt at this part of the night...*I believe its love*... gotta love hearing a song that you love and havenít heard in over 2 years. Next came Crash and I just lost it. I lost my voice yelling "DIXIE CHICKEN" as loud as I could to Dave and he listened. He ended with the beloved Dixie Chicken Outro!!!!!

There was a pause in the play shortly after Bartender and then I called it: American Baby, with a semi-jam ending. Not too bad. Would have loved an extended ending of When The World Ends. Smooth Rider while sitting down, all cozy was a really nice touch.; but if he wanted to get me back up after that he could have done better then Stand Up. Although I will admit that I was up with everyone else when Dave started to danceÖ *God I love those feet* Dancing Nancies and Tripping Billies were GREAT!

Then came the encore which left me going home a little like I came, worried about the show. Starting the encore with You Might Die Trying left the whole crowd with a bummed out vibe. But to give credit where credit is deserved, they did a good job with What You Are. So over all Iíll tally this one up with all the rest as another great Dave shows. 22 and counting...
Rob S.
This was my 6th DMB show I've attended since roughly 1998, and it was by far the least enjoyable. The crowd around me also didn't seem to be into the show at all. The setlist lacked energy and continuity.. it seemed many people were unfamiliar with the newer material - which is to be expected. However, Dave and the band chose to less than inspired versions of older, more familiar songs.

There was no Grey Street, or Warehouse, Watchtower, Two Step, Rhyme and Reason, Seek Up type song to grab a hold of the crowd and send them into a frenzy. Instead they played Lover Lay Down, Granny, a below average version of Dancing Nancies. Only Tripping Billies and What You Are seemed to grab everyones attention, and these weren't played until 2 hours into the show. Too little too late.

Bartender started out promising but the e x t e n d e d outro featuring Leroy on his pied piper flute totally lost everyone. That and the long breaks in between songs where Dave would walk laps around stage, say something unintelligible, followed by the only thing you could actually understand "thank you very much".

Unfortunately, too, I had the distinct displeasure of an end aisle seat. This meant that during every song I would have groups of people exiting in front of me. Which after a few songs, gets rather annoying.

I've been to many other concerts (other dmb shows, u2, rolling stones, aerosmith, eagles etc) and have never seen so many people so disinterested in a concert that they would leave midsong to do god knows what. It's only a 2-2.5 hour show people.. If you're more interested in a beer, pot and munchies then there's something wrong with the concert-goer or the music act. And in this case i think DMB has to shoulder a bit of the blame.

I've LOVED every other Dave show I've attended, but this one definitely left a sour taste in my mouth.
This was my 5th summer in a row attending a DMB concert with my wife. I really enjoyed the show at Hersheypark last night. It was very different from all of the other shows I attended. I've never been to a show with such a high percentage of "new stuff" getting played. For those that expected to hear the classics with just 1 or 2 Stand Up tunes this show would have been a major disappointment.

The crowd only really got into the show during a few songs...I'd say the highlights were Crash, Nancies, What you are and suprisingly American Baby. My favorite venue I've seen DMB in is Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. The setting at Hershey Park is almost too wide open. This is nice for those of us that are trying to avoid getting a contact buzz from the other patrons smoking habits, but winds up making the concert atmosphere a bit more subdued.

Overall, I'd give this show an 8 out of 10.....My advice to those going to upcoming shows is to do your "homework" and listen to the new album if you want to "sing along" at the concert! ;)
Great Show. This was only my 2nd Dave Show. It was just amazing. He opened with Hunger for The Great Light which was amazing. After that he ripped the place apart with some more new stuff. It was so nice to hear Crash again. The audience had trouble getting into this show for some reason. When Dave sat down on his chair and said "we are going to slow things down" I thought he was going to play Gravedigger but he didnt but it was ok cuase my favorite sogn of the New Album was played Smooth Rider the live version is amazing becuase it is longer and incudes the catchy chorus more. What a surpirse when he played Danceing Nancies. He teased us earlier in the show with them tuneing to the opening chord of Danceing Nancies. You may Die Trying was amazing to end with as well as What You Are. I was surpirsed to hear that. The lighting was absoulty amazing i was so impressed i have been to about 15 other concerts and this show beat the pants off of those with lighting. I was also impressed by the sound improvment this year. Dave's vocal could have been a bit louder though. I likes the ideas of the speakers in the center of the stadium in the fork lifts alothough it did leave a certain echo but much imporved. Between Blue Merle and Dave there was a rather long brake I think becuase the wind blowing the haze right off the stage. O well all in All and Amazing show in a great Historic Venue. I pray he comes around hear again next summer.
This was my 13th show and I enjoyed it! I was glad that he did almost as many old songs as he did new.

I thought Carter did an amazing job, I love that he is getting more and more of the spotlight and that they let him jam so much, he totally deserves the attention. He smiles the whole show and you can see how much he LOVES his job!

Couldn't tell that there were any technical difficulties, but we were pretty far away. The section we were in was pretty upbeat and happy, a very diverse crowd which is interesting to see! Most of us were familiar with the new songs, we were jamming! *Who cares if others aren't into it... as long as you are, right?!?! That's what I think! :)

Crash was amazing as well as Granny! Would have loved to have seen Watchtower, but I guess I can't complain, he's done it the past 2 years. Seek Up would have been nice but it was great not to hear Where Are You Going or Grey Street for once (good songs, a bit overdone!)

For the "getting out" of Hershey... what a mess!! Let's let a million people out ONE exit, and only send trams to stop 1 & 2 and then park you in a field with thistles and hay. Aurgh... lots of "Boos" and "I hate Hershey" yelling on the tram... ha! When will they ever figure it out?
Chet K.
Well I spent the whole day in Hershey...Hersheypark 10am-4pm had a great time and rode plenty of coaster. Left at 4 to listen to the soundcheck. It took a while for them to play but around 4:40 butch started playing around with Time of the Season and dave the same with #34. After this, the band played half of Too Much (stopped after the new slow part). Once the opening band came out and started soundchecking we figured DMB was done and we headed back to the park to get wet and grab our stuff. Turns out the band came back out and soundchecked When The World Ends and an improv jam.

After a quick change of clothes we headed off to the stadium and got there around 7:15. Blue Merle was playing, never heard of them before...pretty good musically. By the time 8:38 rolled around I was jumping out of my seat and DMB took the stage. This was my first show this year and it was great (unlike the opinions of a few stand up haters).

FIRST OFF, my section was great except for a couple of kids who didnt know the band and spent most of the time sitting (a waste of 22nd row center seats). Anyway... they opened with a tease of #34!!!! ah it was great! Then from that dave played the begining of Hunger for the Great Light and the show was on its way. Hunger had a great energy and got the crowd into the show. Dreamgirl has quickly turned into a crowd favorite it seems as it got a good ovation. It was played well with a great solo from Roi. Dave said to the crowd "Hello...again...always nice to see you all here" or something to that effect and that lead into a powerful Hello Again. Just as good as last years version and Carter had a tight solo. Granny made me tingle haha. Enough said, gotta love that tune. Next, an unexpected Crash Into Me for the 3rd show in a row (this is where people get pissed but Ive only been to one of the 3 shows so I could really care less if it was played 3 shows in a row) Quality.

Bartender I'd say was the highlight of the show as Dave let it loose like always. After Bartender, Dave teased the first notes of Nancies and the crowd loved it. Next was American Baby and it was as good as I've heard it live. Dave wailed a "fighting fire with fire" outro that raised the intensity of this song to a new level. When The World Ends was a suprise for me because I still didnt know that they had soundchecked it earlier. Finally DMB brought back the most played song in 2004. Short and sweet. When Dave brought out the electric I was a little confused as to what was coming next but when they started Louisiana Bayou I remembered that Dave used the electric guitar for Bayou the other night in VA Beach. It sounded good and they jammed it out.

I called 6 songs tonight right before they were played and this was one that I was especially happy to hear (the others were Dreamgirl, Bartender, American Baby, You Might Die Trying, and What You Are) Lover Lay Down was beautiful. Dave did mess up the beginning and took a walk back to Carter and started over. Smooth Rider and Stand Up were solid and both live favorites of mine. Nancies was a suprise to me since they just played it in Scranton and it hasnt been played too much this year. Dave did a scat/could I have been intro and they played the song to its usual outstanding level. Turns out (rare for DMB) that Nancies wasnt on the original setlist and the band stuck it in there because of the crowd. The "quiet song" as Dave said a couple times, Stolen Away, was good and YES, he DID sit down haha.

The band caught me by suprise with the loud begining of Tripping Billies. I thought that we might see that in the encore but it was our set closer. Couldnt have picked a better closer (well...within reason...halloween, last stop).

After a 7 minute encore break the band came back and predictably played You Might Die Trying because it was played in every show so far. The word is though that the set had Old Dirt Hill as the original E1. We'll see when the setlist comes out. With little time left, Dave quickly exited the stage to grab a different guitar and at that point I knew we were getting What You Are. Only debuted on the 23rd, they played it for the 2nd straight show and it was electric. Long intro with chords strumming and Dave chanting. Pray on your knees motherfvcker was a very nice way to say goodnight in Hershey.
Nicholas B.
This show in Hershey was sorrowfully the worst of the 19 I have attended. I really thought the band was trying to assassinate us with boredom. The first three songs were sooooo slooooowwwww. I have nothing against the new album whatsoever. I love most of the songs on the album. But the tempo never really got going during this show until dancing nancies....and by then I was pretty lost. I'm not one to complain either. I love a mix of slow and fast songs, up and down tempo...but this was much more of the slow than I am prepared to handle. I just saw the band at Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA and that show was absolutely amazing compared to this.

I have to agree with other reviewers that the venue in Hershey leaves much to be desired. The accustics stink and the fans are very disjointed. I have been a warehouse member for five years and these were the worst seats I've ever received. I was close, but near the far left side and could barely see the stage. It was very disappointing for me to be sitting there...but I let the bad sentiments go until the awefulness of the setlists unfolded.

I have alway felt that the band plays a little bit down at this venue (in comparison to Camden, Giants Stadium, etc.) and this show was very consistent with that theory. I've never sat so much at a show. At one point I didn't even feel mad, just releived that I wouldn't have to make the trek to Hershey again. This was the last straw for me in ole' Hershey - NEVER AGAIN.

oh yeah some side notes:
  • What You Are' is not a closer.
  • 'Lover lay Down' should be played once per decade - no more.
  • 'When the World Ends' is awful.
  • Parking and cops at Hershey are some of the historic worst in concert history.
Ok so this was my 26th DMB show, and was possibly the worst I've seen of the greatest band in the world. The setlist was not only sub-par, but the band looked bored playing it. The highlights of the evening were Dancing Nancies and Tripping Billies. Unfortunately Dave fumbled the words during both, but the songs remained really really good. If you just became a fan of the Dave Matthews Band when Everyday came out, then last night would have been the show for you, but otherwise the classics were definitely missing. The Louisiana Bayou wasn't even close to the quality that was displayed earlier this summer with Robert Randolph and the electric guitar has Dave struggling to get the riff to come off. A song like WTWE I thought for sure was retired after last summer's every-night rendition, but it made it's crowd-pleasing debut last night as well..... adding to an already overly new-material ridden set. Looking at half of the show from Nissan, makes me sick to my stomach that the crowd in such a great stadium as Hersheypark had to witness such a downgraded show in comparison to everything so far this summer except for possibly the first night of Columbus.
Though it was only my 6th DMB show ever, it ranks as by far the worst of them all. In the beginning, the screens were off timing and it was very confusing to watch and listen because it was so far off. then 2 or 3 songs into the set the crew attempted to fix it but all they did was make one screen go backwards. finally about 4 songs into the evening the screens were fixed. as for sound, it was just not loud enough. the encore was significantly louder than the actual set. Dave kept yelling at his crew to do something about the lights and it was just not working out whatsoever. Too many Stand Up tunes, though i must say they were strong live. Nothing from BTCS and an encore of You Might Die Trying and WYA. NOT WHAT PEOPLE WERE HOPING FOR. It was depressing to see all of the fans leaving and trashing the band even though it wasnt their fault for the most part. Hershey is a piece of crap all around, and the band turned it into a better show than any other artist could. The one TRUE highlight of the evening: BARTENDER. I dont care how quiet the PA was, this one was the best ive ever seen or heard. A little 34 tease in the beginning that no one picked up on, and nancies was a great touch (but no drunk man intro, soooo that was a bummer). It wasn't the bands fault, but i hope things turn out better in Camden. Later ya'll.
my first DMB show and i wasn't let down. only problem i had was the encore, but that could have been because i didn't know the song. the people who did seemed to be fine with it, but i read in a previous review of another show that many people were unhappy with the choice of "What you are" as a song played in the encore. i listened to it anyway, and it didnt seem like a great choice. i thought it was a great balance between stand up and classics, i only like a couple songs on the stand up album, and they played each one. great setlist
This is the only show I get to see from this summer's tour and if the rest of the shows are half as good as hershey's then dmb fans are in for a treat. The band was excellent, and the new songs, especially stolen away, dream girl and hello again are great to hear live. Dave and the boys certianly came to rock last night. This was the perfect blend of new to old material and the first time I've heard the band play Lover Lay Down which was amazing. I was hoping for Old Dirt Hill in the encore but you can't have everything. Carter, Boyd and Butch were in rare form and in the past 30+ shows I do't think I've ever heard them sound so good.
This show rocked...This was my 30th show and first one of 2 of 2005...The other being at randall's island...I went with my girlfriend to the park for the day then went over to the arena around 7...saw a little bit of the opening band...had great seats...THANKS WAREHOUSE! had section A1 row 8...we were to the right of the stage...i saw dave backstage it was way cool...The boys came on at 835 and opened up with a good version of HFTGL...I thought they would have opened with Warehouse or OSW but I was happy nonetheles...Next came dreamgirl which was awesome to hear live...My girlfriend wanted to hear hello again...Dave said hello again to the crowd and what do ya know...Hello again was next...probably one of the best versions I've heard...Next was a good version of Granny...Crash was next...Girlfriend never heard this live so she was happy...Bartender was next...great version...dave was sceaming his lungs out at the end...awesome...American Baby was next...great to finally hear this live...Then for the 1st time all tour WTWE...standard version...Louisiana Bayou was next...great tune...this will be catchy in the years to come...LLD was next...great version of this...hadn't heard it in awhile...Smooth Rider was next...good version..Stand Up followed...good song...catchy...Then Nancies followed...awesome tune...hadn't heard this in awhile and wasn't expecting it...I thought they would go into warehouse but instead Stolen Away followed...dave was sitting down playing it...good song...Then Dave said thanks for the evening and I thought they were gonna play rapunzel or ants or too much but instead they played a song I didn't hear last year...TRIPPING! I was going nuts...singing and jamming the whole time...then they came back on and did Die Trying which was good then ended with what you are..awesome version...I recommend getting this show to keep...I know I will soon...take care...
The Stand Up tunes are great and they were amazing tonight. The highlights of the new ones were definitely Bayou and Die trying..Dave's dancing during this one was just amazing. The 34 tease was great but no one knew what it was! What you are was a big surprise no doubt, and I could of figured they were going to begin featuring that song more because at the Va Beach show they used it as the closer before their encore..I really didnt have a problem with it because it was full of energy and Dave's screams were great! These new tunes are great now, and this time next year we're gonna be seeing some be the actual closing songs..
Just going to hit on a few points. 34 tease to start the night had me thinking I was finally going to get it hear it live, but instead we got Hunger, good tune nonetheless. Secondly, I thought this show was weak except for a few of the songs, Bayou, Bar10der, & Billies. On the rest of them the they just didn't seem like they had it going on. Thirdly, just like in Scranton he didn't play a song off of one of his albums, tonight nothing from Before These Crowded Streets, probably my favorite album of all. The highlight of the show for night was when Dave came out and introduced the opening band and went on one of his famous see how many people can I confuse instances. It was funny just to hear everyone around me that was there say "what did he say?" all at the same time; that along with, wow never seen the main act introduce the opening act before, even though Dave does it every show he puts on.

On a side note, my displeasure in the show may be because of the show the other night in Scranton, very high energy and driving show. I was in the mindset that it may be another just like that.
Show last night was insane! It was my first show at the Hershey Venue and I must say I liked it a lot. Warehouse hooked me up with great seats. I was expecting a OSW opener but we eneded up getting HFTGL... cant complain. Song sounded really good live... followed by another new song dream girl which I also liked. Then Dave and the guys really got into with an amazing version of Hello again. I was now really getting pumped for the show ahead. NExt came an always great version of granny followed by Crash which was nice to hear. THen I was really surprised to hear the band play Bartender. It was a great version and everyone was getting into it. By the end of the song Dave was screaming at the top of his lungs. Then the guys played AB which was standard. Then came one of the 2 BIG songs of the night. THe guys played there 1st WTWE of this tour. IT was a standard version but great none the less. AFter that came one of my favorite songs from the new album Louisiana Bayou. Great song with a lot of energy... def gonna be a crowd pleaser on this tour. After that the guys settled down with a nice version of LLD. They came right back though with 2 other great songs from the new album Smooth Rider and Stand up. THen came the 2nd BIG SONG OF THE NIGHT. Earlier in the night Dave gave a little NANCIES tease. He ended up playing it after Stand up and it was amazing. Best version I have ever seen them play. THe energy through it all was outstanding. Boyd and Carter had a sick jam towards the end. After that Dave sat down and played stolen away which was pretty good. The guys then closed it out with Billies whcih was a great way to end it. Encore was pretty good. YMDT was a good song live. THe guys also played a great version Of WYA. I would have rather heard a 2step or WATCHTOWER. But WYA was fine by me and played well. Overall was an outstanding night and I look foward to seeing the boys again in Camden this July!
this show was pretty damn sweet. some people didnt like it so much but i think it depends on which songs you like. i was hoping for "hunger" at this concert all month and i got it as an opener...excellent. this concert had several songs that you should sing to your girlfriend: "dream girl," "granny," "crash," "bartender", "lover lay down"...those are always good to have. of course this show had to have the instant live classic "hello again" which came with an awesome carter solo as a matched set. after that there was a good block of oldies. ive always loved "bartender" live so this show was at least "good" because of that. pretty much all the songs from "stand up" have held up quite well in concert. the jams work very well and "american baby" is no exception. "when the world ends" was not one i was hoping for...but ill take it. its really not a bad song. its just not what people wanted at that moment...they needed to get blown away at that point...they needed a "watchtower" caliber song. "lousisiana bayou" is a great song but many fans were left wanting something more having heard versions from earlier in the tour with robert randolph. the band got the attention of the more grassroots fans with "lover lay down" but didnt keep the fire going with "smooth rider". this song is also not a bad song itself. however it really isnt that great live. i can say i was relieved when i heard it though because a crazy fan in the row behind me had been calling for it all night. note to new and old fans alike: do NOT simply yell song names...it doesnt work like that...your only hope is to get a chant going and if you try and fail...do NOT try again. that being said on with the review. "stand up" picked it up again and also hold its integrity in concert. the fans of classic dave got their fix next with "dancing nancies" but were again let down when dave brought a chair out for "stolen away" which consequently isnt that great of a song to have near the end of the set unless you plan to play a song of GREAT contrast next such as "halloween". "tripping billies" is never a bad choice...except at the end of an unenergetic set closing. during intermission i could hear murmurs about "two step" as always. fans always want it but dont always get it. face it...if he played two step every time youd complain about it. "you might die trying" is a very strong song and a good choice for a first encore. "what you are" is another good encore choice but for the end of a concert like this you need something more. its unfortunate that the band has to restrict itself to the 11pm hershey curfew. more could have been done with only 15 minutes more to make the show a total success. all in all it was still a good show even with its mellow songs and technical difficulties. if you didnt like it then either you came into the show with a less than happy attitude or you were just looking for something to complain about.
J B.
This was my 20th show and I must say that I have been feeling a little let down these last few years. I have had some good shows but for the most part now what I am interested in. I think this is in large part to the fact that I don't care for much off of the last 3 albums. This show was another sub par show. Too many "Stand Up" tunes for my liking but Bayou and Die Trying are very good and I am starting to like Hello Again a lot. The Hilight for me was Lover Lay Down. This was the first time I ever heard this song live. I would have liked some older songs with some jamming but that is just personal preference. I had awesome seats (thanks Warehous) and wanted to video the show. Unfortunately, I some how managed to get spotted before I even attempted to tape. I love this band and apperciate being able to see them live and overall I will always have a good time at a show. Fortunately my faith in the band will be restored the following night at Nissan. Thanks to all the tapers who allow us to relive all of the great times we have had at these shows.
went up to hershey for a weekend of camping and dave, was not disappointed at all. HFTGL and Dreamgirl were good to hear live, they sounded very solid and better than the CD. Hello Again was awesome as usual, Carter owns that song and Stefan was groovin pretty hard, wish Dave would've done the intro he did last year, but its ok. Granny was a surprise for me...Crash sounded good...Bartender was fricking amazing, I like the extended jam with Butch and Roi. American Baby sounded awesome, nice jam at the end. WTWE was appropriate considering what I was doing at the time. Louisiana Bayou was MONEY! I don't care if Robert Randolph wasn't there (as other have been complaining about). Boyd tore it up and they all grooved hardcore. Lover Lay Down was beautiful. I liked Smooth Rider and Stand Up, both sounded great live. Then, NANCIES, oh man did Boyd tear that one up. Stolen Away, pretty decent, Billies was a good way to end the set, lots of energy. Die Trying was decent. I was thrown a little bit on the intro to WYA (I couldn't see that dave had the baritone), thought stefan might be doing a crazy watchtower intro, but turned out to be a very intense and well done version of WYA. Overall good show. On paper, maybe not the greatest, but its always better when you're there.

And to all those who are complaining about too many new songs, blah blah...as a musician and member of a band, you're always going to want to play your new stuff. Its so fresh to you and you just want to share it with everybody, especially if you have been working on it for a while. New songs are really breath of fresh air in the setlists for band members. I really think many fans get selfish when demanding classics all the time. Let the band try these songs out, cut them some slack and try to enjoy yourself.
This is my 6th DMB show and not only the worst Dave show I have ever seen, but the worst concert in general (and I have seen over 50 concerts). Looking at past set lists, it looks like the Herhsey show was the worst by far. Out of 17 songs, only about 6 weren't off the new album. In past shows he played alot from Under the Table and Dreaming. Unfortunately, this was not the case. If you are the type of fan that only bought the latest album then this was a great show for you. The fans in front of us only knew the new album and the songs on the radio and that's it. So when he played Dancing Nancies (one of his best songs in my opinion) they sat down. This was horrible to see. Only go see Dave if you are a true Dave fan. Not only was the set-list horrible, but the sound was horrible as well. All in all, a HORRIBLE show. I don't know if I will ever pay to see DMB again!!!
We've been to about 25 shows, and this was the 2nd of 6 for us this year, 7,8, or 9 if we get Red Rocks tix. The setlist and performances were solid, with the highlights being Bartender and the performances by Boyd and Stefan (nice slide on the bass). The sound was really poor in Hershey. Our first time at this venue and we weren't too impressed. There were some techinical difficulties and the crowd was really lame. I think the show's energy was sapped a bit by the low sound and flacid fans. Dave definitely tried to brind the energy back with some dancing and some solid wailing. We brought two first timers with us, and they liked the show, but it didn't make them DMB converts like our first show; which is a shame. We look forward to Camden with G. Love to bring back the energy.
Let it be known that Stand Up is my least favorite album, I've been a fan since 1995.

That being said I still expected to hear mostly Stand Up songs. Hearing them perfomed live has given me a greater appreciation of the album as a whole.

The real keys to this show were

1: It was F'n HOT out. Mid 90's easy at showtime with a breeze that got calmer as the night went on.

2: Despite the oppressive heat the band played with ALOT of energy, unlike what many have said. Boyd was all over the stage and playing with great intensity. Just seeing the determined look on Carter's face when he is not in bubble blowing chill mode (which we all love too) , lets you know what he is all about. The sound speaks for itself...Amazing. Dave even busted out his happy feet a few times, once way off on the side of the stage as it looked like he was playing with a few members of the crowd over there. Besides that you could see and hear the energy he brought as well. Considering that you could have been sweating bullets if you stood still the whole show...I think the energy was great.

3: The band sounded great. They seemed very together. Everyone was feeding off each other. It seems like they have the arrangements down pat, and the jams had direction and relevance to the songs themselves. They didn't wander off and get lost as they sometimes do. (20 minutes of Bartender was a bit much, and apparently Dave really likes Smooth Rider, because he essentially played it twice by extending it.) Dave's voice was very strong and he used every bit of it in songs like Bartender and What you Are. It's been a while since I seen them live and Dave sounded that good. I heard some people complain that the sound quality wasn't good. I was in a few rows back in section E and thought that the overall sound quality was better than average, and the view was nothing to complain about either (thanks to being 6'3")

4: The Setlist... Bottom line, if you are going to complain about hearing too many Stand Up songs, you should sell your tickets, and wait till next year when they should balance things out more. It is what it is this year. Deal with it and stop crying. I'd like to hear Two Step Warehouse, or Best of What's around as much as all you. But to think that you are not going to be doused in new tunes, especially this early in the tour, is silly. Hello Again rocked, Say Goodbye was sweet. Standard Crash-->Dixie Chicken, Nancies was cool Dave F'd with the crowd in the beginning keeping us from belting out every word in sync with him. (that is a good thing) I was hoping for a better encore. in 12 shows I've had What You Are 5 times as an encore. Although, it was played very well and Dave put his all into the vocals.

Overall, I would give it a 7 out of 10. With 10's being shows that I've been to like 6/7/98 or 5/26/99. Parking sucked, it was too hot, and the show could have been longer...but it was still and enjoyable experience, and I still look forward to Randall?fs Island.
This was the seventh show in a row I've seen at Hershey...It wasn't the worst show I've seen but there have defintily been better. Opening with Hunger...not bad, decent song from the new album. Next was Dreamgirl, good version...big fan of this song. Hello Again got the crowd into it...this song is fantastic live, it will be good in years to come. They slowed it down with Granny, always a good choice, followed by Crash which I hadn't heard in years. Pretty good version, although you couldn't hear

Dave yelling at the end. Then Bartender...TOTALLY UNEXPECTED...you knew it had to be that or grey street with the 12-string. This song was definitly one of the highlights of the show, Dave yelling gave me the chills. American Baby was next, pretty good live then When The World Ends. Good version, big fan of this song. Lousiana Bayou was next, probably one of my least favorite songs from the new album. The boys went way back with Lover Lay Down, unexpected but I'll take it. Smooth Rider was next, good song live, then Stand Up which got the crowd back into it. An unbelievable version of Dancing Nancies, great solo by Boyd, another highlight of the show. I had my fingers crossed for Warehouse but didn't get it...not even close. Just when they had the crowd going, they brought on a chair for Stolen Away which isn't a bad song but certianly not what the crowd wanted. They followed with a great version of Tripping Billies to close the set, Carter was superb. Encore was You Might Die Trying, solid selection for the encore followed by What You Are...a good song but again, not what the crowded wanted. I was hoping for Ants, Watchtower, or Two Step. The electric just doesn't seem right to close with. All in all, a medicore show. 9 songs from the new album was a bit much and nothing from Before These Crowded Streets. Poor order for the setlist. Tough to live up to last year's show which was so strong. And damn Hershey for its curfew. Overall good energy from the crowd though.
This was my 8th show, and I can never be let down with the guys. THe problem at the show was not the band being bored, or not being so much into it. It was 100% the ladck of true DMB fans. During STAND UP, half of my section was SITTING DOWN, no one was that into it, and I feel like they realized this. I still had a great time though, b/c it's impossible to have a band experience. I got to hear Nancies, and alot of the new songs which are amazing live. This was only 1 of 4 this tour I'll be attending, and I know they won't let me down/
You go to a tour after a new release, you get the new songs. All Stand Up songs were awesome with great energy. They could havee played all the new songs and i would be happy. Granny was a highlight for me (1st time heard it live) played with great energy as well as nancies,bartender, billies. What You Are was one heck of a closer. It was played with such energy at the end of a very Hot day. Dave and the boys kept it going for 2.5 hours in the heat. Great show, great set list. I liked the variety and the surprises. DMB is the greatest.
My 3rd live, fan since 1998. My favorite songs like Watchtower, Two Step, #40 etc were not played. But Stand up songs sounded so much better live than CD, especically Bayou and Greatest light. Loved Granny the best. Many little jams everywhere. Wonderful work by Carter. So playful! Thanks to Warehouse, like Jason above, we sat in Section A1 row 8 and we all rocked! Surrounded by great fans singing every song standing up throughout the show in the heat.
I just came from the Hershey show and I was very pleased with amount of new songs from Stand Up compared to Old Fave's. Crash was my highlight as I could just zone to the music. Hello Again is climbing up in my book and Dreamgirl was an instant favorite. I, being a long time DMB fan was a little apprehensive about the new album, but hearing it live made all the difference.

All I can say is the energy and livelihood of this band are what makes every show fabulous(I have lost count of how many I have actually seen now). For those of you who didn't like this shows setlist, don't buy tickets next year, that will mean better seats for those of us who enjoy hearing the band no matter what they play. Off to the next show!! Great Show Guys!!!!!!
#34 tease and Lover Lay Down were my personal favs. Bartender was smooth. Billies and Nancies were great as usual. Glad that Nancies was added to the setlist 'casue that was a nasty tease they gave us early in the show. New song highlights -- Smooth Rider, Bayou, and Hello Again. Lowlights -- too many Stand Up songs. They're good in concert, but nine is simply too many. I am not a fan of When the World Ends -- figures they would bring it out during the only show I'll see this year. I had decent seats. Overall 6 out of 10 in rating and 2nd worst show out of nine I've seen. I still had a good time, just a little Stand Up overkill, which was expected.
Terrance P.
HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!! Describes the heat of the day, not the show! I've loved this band for years, so I'm not going to fault them for a less than stellar show. The venue, being a crappy stadium, has no sound retention. The audio/video problems that plagued the show, were annoying, but probably due to the intense heat. The setlist had its moments, but the pacing made the show feel like it stuggled to get going. There weren't many smooth transitions. The crowd(I was on the field, midway back) was seated and very talkative. However, Boyd Tinsely came to mystify us all with his incredible musicianship. It almost seemed that the camera(that he taunted all evening) gave more back than the fans and bandmates did. If I hadn't gone to Nissan the next night, I would've thought that the new songs weren't good live-because this night didn't do them diligence. DN-my second fav tune was a saving grace for this show. LLD was a nice suprise, and a great tune, but, was boring. Crash was just standard. WTWE-signified that the second half wasn't going to be any better than the first half. LB- was played very well and had the crowd captivated for an instant(nothing like the insane intensity that was to follow the next night). Tripping Billies was fun and a great closer to a weird show. The encore blew ass. YMDT-just doesn't pack the punch that you would think when played live. And, the dreaded 'Nissan Killer' WYA! Why? Everyday songs(though most don't seem to fit anyway) don't work as encore closers. We got two of those pesky songs tonight! This band works their asses off. I can easily forgive them for an indifferent show. Next year has no choice but to be better!
first off...hot as hell out there. obviously, this wasnt 7-10-04, but it was a good, solid show. the nancies tease was tough on us all, until he played it three songs later. boyd went off on it. period. bartender was a surprise, and a great one at that. 20 minutes wow! woulda liked to hear a few songs that didnt get played, but what are you gonna do. billies was sick. finally got to hear it. i felt wya was a great way to close out the show. wasnt it better than ants? great show, live 8 will be even better.
Bobbie J.
First I must say that this show was incredible!!! The set list was out of this world.....however i found that not many people around me knew of DMB's new LP...well at least the lyrics to sing along...that didn't stop my friends and i from singing at the top of our lungs and shaking our bones through out the night. I love when Dave and Boyd duel on stage. i absolutly loved what DMB did with Smooth Rider.... if i could have picked one song from the LP to do...this would be it.
Gpo5e .
Wow, worst dmb show i've ever seen. i think i've been to about 20 and have never been more disappointed. I, like literally hundreds of others, simply walked out when WYA encore was played, having just had enough. The lowlights for me included 9 stand-up songs (which actually sound halfway decent--would like a butch solo during smooth rider though) and dave's totally lethargic performance (with the exception of a couple of times he danced). The only positive aspect of the show was boyd who kicked ass during a few solos.
I must say...going to a DMB concert is such a crapshoot. I've been to 7 DMB shows (but literally hundreds of concerts), and this was not only the worst DMB show I've seen, it just might be the worst concert I've EVER seen. I have been a DMB fan for a long time now, and never have I seen such a poor display of showmanship, energy, and setlist decisions. I fully understand that many songs from Stand Up will be played this year, and while I am definitely not a fan of the album, the live performances of the songs off the new CD enhanced my original opinions of them. Nine songs is a bit overwhelming, though. As for the other tunes selected...BORING! When The World Ends, Lover Lay Down, Crash Into Me.....the songs are good, but to have so many slow songs at a live show is just ridiculous. And I would have rather heard ANY song off of Crash besides friggin Tripping Billies, which has definitely overstayed its welcome in my book.

The musicianship is undeniable. Boyd and Carter, though, were the only members who injected ANY life into this show. And I'll probably annoy a lot of people by saying this, but LeRoi Moore has no place in a band of musicians whose skills so supremely outdo his own. He is a marginal sax player at best, and NEVER adds any energy to their live shows. Dave, on the other hand, is someone I have always seen as an extremely talented musician and vocalist, as well as a crowd pleaser. At this show, he may as well have been sitting down the entire time.

Finally, I also have to say that Some Devil is a MILLION times better than this new album they've put out. While it is a solo Dave album, it would still be nice to see some full band versions of Dodo or Save Me. Please, Dave, SAVE ME from another experience like this one!
After attending the Montage Mountain show on 6/22, this show at Hershey was horrible (for several reasons). First, most of the songs were off the new album, and a lot of fans weren't familiar with them and didn't really get into the music. The set was disappointing--his new stuff is good but the oldies are the goodies. Second, the sound quality wasn't that great. At Montage, the atmosphere was so isolated and serene, and Dave's vocals sounded awesome. But at Hershey, it's just open--not to mention the highway right by the stadium--and it just didn't sound right. Third, it was about 90 degrees out and everyone was so stuffy and hot! A lot of people just walked out during the encore and didn't seem to care.

I'm not complaining...it was a good show...just a little disappointing. Hopefully Camden will be better!
Well to say the least it was frickin hot...mixed reviews of the total effort put forth at this show. This was my 40th show and i believe the 5th i have seen at Hershey...probably ranked 4 out of 5 that i have seen there. Slow set all together, no real test of energy put forth. I Like the new album for several reasons but the energy that most of the songs have are no existent even Live. Bayou is quickly becoming a Live favorite and Hello Again has always been tight since late 2 years ago, but everyone needs a the energy that the older songs provide. I think he could have played anything at all other than Crash, but what are you gonna do. Would really like to see him break out some old goodies like Pig and Big Eyed Fish and with Camden coming next week and that being show number 41 for me...wouldn't that be superb. Overall show needed more energy and bigger influx of old and new.
Joe D.
It was hot! It seemed like the heat kept the band down. The entire show just seemed slow. Nothing too exciting and nothing that was a surprise. I cant say it was horrible but I've been to more than a few shows and this was not the best nor was it the worst (Vets stadium 5-21-99 by far the worst again mainly based on the venue!). Oh well.... My biggest beef was Hershey park Stadium..What a mess! 1.)Couldnt buy a drink on the floor, had to walk all the way up to the main entrance to get served and it was crowded.. 2.)sound was band (good idea to have a concert near a highway), 3.)their system to get on the floor was bad (two gates (not enough)---it took 15 min to get off the floor (see #1)

Dear DMB, Its time to drop Hershey off the tour: go to Scranton instead! Bring back the lovely ladies and bring back an encore where Dave does a solo (maybe from his solo album!)
This is my 4th time seeing the band at hershey and it wasnt the greatest to say the least. To start, it was incredibly hot outside, I just wasn't getting a good vibe out of everyone around me. The show dragged and seemed slow, mainly because the band played 9 songs off of stand up, so no one has really listened to them as much as they have to all of their classics. Nancies was good as well as billies but a lot of the set was really mellow compared to what i'm used to hearing the band play live. Dave even sat down in a chair to play stolen away,,,, which was good song ... but the whole song, along with a lot of the set just lacked all energy. As far as how they played that evening. Carter was on the money as usual, and he rocked out during standup and hello again; and boyd had a good bit of energy too. Dave, leroi and stefan were great but just lacked enthusiasm which had a lot to do with the whole crowd not showing much energy. I like hershey as a venue and i want the band to come back again next year, but this year just dragged. Hopefully next year, the drinks, the crowd and the temperature will be a lot better, as well as the band playing a setlist with a heck of a lot more energy in it. If that all happens, I think next year will rock!