Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Don't Drink the Water
Hunger For the Great Light
Say Goodbye
Too Much
Out of my Hands
Grey Street
Steady As We Go
Hello Again
You Might Die Trying
Where Are You Going?
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
Stand Up *
Down by the Bayou *
American Baby
Watchtower *

* With Robert Randolph

What a great performance by the best live band ever!!! It was hard not hearing some of the great songs that i've come to love over the years but I was very pleased in the end. I knew that the live versions of the Stand Up album would be great. LB with RR was an instant live classic. SG is one of my most loved songs and they didn't disappoint. Carter Beauford is the most amazing musician i've ever seen.

It's hard to accept but the band has to grow and change. Lucky for us they get better every year whether the old fans want to admit it or not. I only hope that next year they play LIOG for me.
OK where to begin? This was my 2nd Dave concert at the Nissan Pavilion and which kudos to the entire Nissan Pavilion-GREAT seats everywhere,GREAT listening everywhere-just a great atmosphere everywhere you sit at!!! The first song Dreamgirl, why this song for the beginning of the night? The first song is supposed to get you pumped and ready to stand for another 2 hours!!! Last year`s Don`t Drink the Water was a great beginner song! But Dreamgirl is one of my favs on the new album but not the best first song...anyways...One Sweet World, I personally love the beat to this song I`m so0o glad they played this at the concert! Then Dave started getting into it for the 1st time of the night when they played Don`t Drink the Water then Hunger for the Great Light...WOW...very powerful, that`s why I`m a DMB fan! Then Say Goodbye great classic and then Too Much another great Live song...I love the live version of too much it just gets the crowd going...So ok then Out of My Hands?????WHY DAVE????? Probably my most hated song of Dave! Toooo slow to follow up after Too Much...But ok, Grey Street great song to get us all pumped back up for more, so then Die Trying one of my favs off the new album then where are you going? Not my fav but a good song to sit down and chill to...Warehouse!!! Powerful is all i can say...And when Robert Randolph came out I knew that the encore was gonna be amazing but they played Stand up and LA Bayou to finish of the first set of songs and WOW I love those songs now becuz of the power of them LIVE!!! And I personally loved the encore of American Baby and Watchtower...I was praying that they would play the both of these songs at the concert and I was fortunate enough to have them play them as the encore. B/c Watchtower is def the best song live in their arsenal of songs!!!So overall the concert was a little more powerful than last year but I only wish he played more classics because DAVE we all already have the CD so play the good stuff we all love you for!!!
First off let me say that I really don't like the new album, however going into the show I knew they would play a good amount of new songs and I was willing to give them a chance.

DreamGirl - Nice song, but too mellow of an opener for me. One Sweet World - Played beautifully, should've been the opener. Don't Drink the Water - Great as always. Hunger for the Great Light - Upbeat, kept the energy going. Say Goodbye - Pleasant suprise, great song and Carter's intro really got the crowd going. Too Much - Pretty standard except for a cool little jam at the end. Out of my Hands - Sucked all life from the crowd, I like this song but should be played as a first song of an encore if at all. Grey Street - Prett standard, love this song though. I wish the would play the longer version. Steady as We Go - Good song, nothing special. Hello Again - Awesome You might die trying - Nice little jam at the end. Where are you going - Standard, boring. Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd - Nice song, was good to hear. Stand Up - Energetic, was played great however I doubt it will be half as good without Robert Randolph. Down by the Bayou - See Stand Up American Baby - Standard, sounds good live though Watchtower - Awesome, wish they could've jammed longer.

Overall it was a good show and the new songs were played nicely. I wouldn't mind seeing them again unlike the songs from Everyday. Those who think he played too many new songs must not realize that they just released a new album. The Venue itself was nice compared to SPAC, which is the venue that is closest to me. Much better sound and a better ability to see the band. However the driving in and out from the venue was horrendous and I will most likely never go back due to it. It was a good show and a great time hanging out with my "neighbors" on the lawn!
Dreamgirl is a good song, but not a great opener. I thought I sensed DDTW at first, a little tease, but then they went into dreamgirl and I wasn't shocked, I guess. Decent. OSW, always a great song to hear live and they played it well. DDTW-- really got the crowd going after two mellowish songs. very powerful and I just know they were teasing it as the opener. Hunger for the Great Light-- sounds pretty much like it does on the album to me. Its good, if not a completely different sound altogether, they just have not done anything to dress it up live yet. Say Goodbye-- I just about died when Carter's drum opener ended by going into this rarely played classic. This being my 9th show and I had never heard it and didnt expect it. The surprise of the night, easily. Thanks guys. Too Much-- No surprise here, but a true fan fav and tons of energy. Out of My Hands-- this is the only low point of the show. Not that its bad, its just too quiet. Really, I think they should have ditched this song on the album and given us Joy Ride or Sugar Will. I miss those. Grey St.-- Great song, Dave is always on target with the "Yeah----" at the end. I miss the 3rd verse, its a good verse Dave. Steady as We Go-- This is a great new love song. Nice to hear it since they didnt play it at Hershey. But no guitar. Weird. Hello Again-- the best new song live, if not the best new song. Carter is the man on this. They really play it out and it just gets the intensity up. I love it. You Might Die Trying-- Good jam at the end perks up this live version, making it easier to listen to off the studio cut. WAYG-- I dont know why everyone seems to hate this song. Its not my fav either but its nice, and I would much rather have it than I Did It. Come on. Warehouse-- Another classic, good jam, worth the price of addmission alone. This was yours, Mr. Moore. Stolen Away-- Good version, if not a little too clean cut for DMB, but pleasurable. Stand Up-- I had trouble swallowing this one when I first got the CD, but Robert Randolph really helps the boys make it a smokin live song. Impressed. Bayou-- I liked it on the CD, and the guys seem to love playing it. A great set closer, I didnt think they wanted to stop. Everyone on stage was groovin. American Baby-- This song is going to grow on everyone, and it has on me. That is unless you are a strict conservative and love pres Bush and what he is doing. Then this song is not for you. A very political, sad, and hopeful message in the lyrics. Watchtower-- I still think I saw the best version of this at Central Park, but this was still a great encore. I dont think it needs to go on the back burner, just play it a little less so its more of a surprise, eh? Great show, great fusion of new and old material, and great energy and stamina from the whole band. Slowing down, they are not. And kudos to all the fans who agree.
This show was my second after 7-14-04 at Merriweather. the fact that we did not seat lawn but we actually got seats in the 300 section was amazing. we were talking on what song he'd open with and we called it, he opened with "Dreamgirl" overall great show. SPecially when Robert Randolph came out and blew everyone away. I've been to many shows of other bands and no doubt DMB put on the best shows out there.
After missing DMB in 2004 due to a Warehouse ticket shortage, i saw DMB at Nissan Pavilion. The show was excellent. Getting to Nissan Pavilion is terrible (why that road is one lane is beyond me). Dreamgirl, Hunger and Stolen Away were my favorite new songs live. The classics were amazing. Especially Say Goodbye, I havent heard that song live in many years. Carter's intro solo was spectacular and the big plasma screens on either side of the stage makes seeing just how incredible he is very easy. Robert Randolph coming out was good. Ive never been a huge Randolph fan, but he is crazy good on that peddle steel and Watchtower at the end was a climactic end to a super-strong outing for the boys.
All I have to say is great show. The energy in the place was great. The band fed off of the crowd and vise versa. I was impressed by the new songs live. LB was amazing, what a way to end the first set. When I heard Carter doing a drum intro, I turned to the people around me and said "Say Goodbye". They all said no way. What an excellent surprise. Randoplh was AWESOME! He added so much the songs he sat in on. I have to say this was in my all around top 5 shows. That is based on set, crowd and band energy. My throat will be sore for the next couple of days. As for the bad, the drunks in the crowd were too much. I had two pass out in front of me. The fight next to us was nuts too. What ever happened to going to enjoy the music! Of course the traffic was awful. But what do you expect from Nissan. We just chilled in the lot afterwards. As we left the tour buses flew through us! That was a cool site.

All in all an EXCELLENT time was had last night. Thanks again DMB for rockin us!!
This was my first Dave show after being a fan for ten years and I was blown away. It lived up to all my expectations and more! The energy in the crowd was great and the band's passion for what they do was very apparent. The traffic was horrid, but it gave us a good chance to talk with other people waiting in line to get in and really get excited for the show. Grey Street was my personal favorite, but the crowd really dug Where Are You Going? too. Steady As We Go was my favorite new song.
First, I have to say that Nissan Pavilion absolutely SUCKS! I live less than an hour from the venue, so my wife and I left for the show around 5:30. We did not get in to the venue until almost 9:00, missing the first FOUR SONGS! I was furious! A 1 lane road leading in? Ridiculous! Once we did get to our seats and calm down, the show was great. I love the new songs live. It adds a whole new dimention to the music. Finally got to hear "Say Goodbye" and was hoping for a "Two Step" finish, but not tonight. It was very cool to see Robert Randolph make a surprise appearance. The crowd energy was great, but there were a lot of idiots. I thought I was at an R. Kelly or Usher concert with the two couple grinding each other next to us. He had his shirt off and hers was pulled up and they were making out and his hands were all over her tits. It was so disgusting! Myself and the others around were very glad when they walked out halfway through the set. Got stepped on by a few drunks jumping over rows in the pavilion which took away from the fun. The music was awesome, but the night was somewhat tainted. So after a great set, we rushed to our vehicle only to sit in the same spot for more than 2 1/2 hours! Shame on you Nissan Pavilion. There must be a better way. I will never again go to any show at Nissan. I have had enough! Next year I'll go to Hershey or VA Beach, but this sealed it for me for this venue. Maybe if enough Dave fans complain, they won't play there next year, which would be a relief to the thousands who had the same experience I did last night.
Jim Z.
This was by far the worst DMB show I've seen (I've been to at least four of their concerts). What happened to playing a good portion of good hits, keeping the majority of the songs upbeat to keep the crowd into it?

The "Warehouse" member spots we had on the lawn were great, until they were opened up to the random GA crowd, the random large groups of people trying to fit themselves into any unused small spot of grass was rediculous. I'm glad I left early to beat the crowd out of Nissan, otherwise I'd be even more unhappy I went to the show.

The sound quality was great, the song performance was great and the light show was great, too. Just an absolutely horrible set list...poor song choices. And why is DC getting a Sunday night show...why not Friday or Saturday? Where were the songs from the first two albums? Besides Say Goodbye and Too Much, which were played back to back. 18 songs played and only about 4-5 good ones?????

I'm highly disappointed in the show overall.
Having been a DMB fan since the beginning, I was ecstatic to be able to attend my first ever concert in 2002. It was a Christmas present that will probably go down as the best gift I could have ever been given. The set list was awesome... the crowd was energetic but still polite (saw DMB at the MCI Center originally) and the band played all the classics I've loved for years and then some.

Last nights concert at Nissan (only my second DMB concert ever) was something I was really looking forward to. I became a Warehouse member to get lawn seats before they sold out and looked forward to the advantage of preferred lawn seating area. The entire concert was a complete and utter disappointment.

The opening act was horrid, did not get us in the mood for the main event at all and DMB played very few 'hits'... the set list was completely disappointing. The drunks were uncontrollable, rude and childish, we were actually trampled once they pulled down the fence for the VIP lawn section... and were pushed and stepped on and encroached on more times than we could manage. I actually left the event I'd been looking forward to for MONTHS... EARLY, because I couldn't stand it anymore.

I never thought I'd say this but that DMB concert was a complete waste of my money. It would have been safer, more pleasant and more enjoyable listening to my CD's at home having a drink or two. I will probably try and attend DMB concerts in the future. But never again will I go to see them at Nissan or any other live venue. The attendees were just rude and self centered and obnoxiously drunk. Really left a bad taste in our mouths for the fan base.

One of the only positives about leaving early was that we beat the traffic mess that happens every event close. We got home at a reasonable hour and without irrate drunks yelling and honking at one another.

However I'm sad in saying that the rest of the concert just plain sucked. Too bad.
this is my 19th dave matthews band show it was a great show compared to a few others i have been to.Nissan pavilion is a nice place to see a show say goodbye was a sweet song i have not seen it live for a while. Grey street is one of my favorite songs of all time so i love to hear it live warehouse also was just great the energy the crowd was giving on this song back to dave and the guys and he gave it right back to us too.The new songs stolen away on 55th and 3rd what a song.and finally when robert randolph came out we all went crazy and to play with dave my favorite new song down by the bayou that was cool and the jam session they had on this great song was also really cool.In all a nice summer night to see dave and the boys can't wait til winter or next year.
This show was really good. The guys played a strong set with lots of energy. Dreamgirl, good start, goes nice being the first song on the new album and all. OSW always a great live song, especially on a beautiful night...DDTW got the crowd going...Hunger for the Great light, this is one of my favorite songs off new album...very very short, I wish they could rock this one out..Say goodbye was a good time for me to take a piss, great song and all, but I have heard it plenty I missed watching Too Much, but could hear it while in line for beer I love that song, I can't get enough of it...

Very happy to hear Out of my hands, nice song live...Grey Street, always a good live song, Steady As We Go is an awesome song, I like it even more after hearing it live, good song to dance with the wifey to. One of the Highlights for me was definately Hello Again....I have been waiting to hear this live again since last year, this song just rocks live!!! YMDT...good, not one of my favs, but again good live, WHERE ARE YOU GOING, good to hear but I wish he threw in LIOG or something like that..or nancies leading into this great live version of Warehouse....that was a great song tonight Stolen away.....sounded great live good chance to dance with the wife again...

Then Robert Randolph came out...what a pleasant surprise....MAN OH MAN STAND UP IS AWESOME LIVE!!!! What a great jam and then my favorite off the new album, BAYOU!!!! BAYOU!!! BAYOU!!!! Good good times!!!! Loved it.....I could have left after that and not have been dissapointed....encore was good, American Baby, was nice to hear but not as an encore, Watchtower was off the hook.....great strong ending...I would have been happier with a TWO STEP but oh well Watchtower rocked...until next time....
Last night's show was awesome. The crowd was crazy..(too bad there were so many drunks) and the atmosphere was magic. The first song, Dreamgirl was wonderful....I was also very surprised to hear Say Goodbye, what a beautiful song. I was disappointed with the lack of old stuff- I was waiting to hear Granny or Two Step. But overall it was a great set. Too Much was awesome as well, however it's always good to hear a jam session at the end of any DMB song. Robert Randolph was a big surprise and he added so much to Stand Up and Down By The Bayou. Great Show....
Ok, first off, after reading previous reviews, do not sit in the lawn unless you are incredibly young, stupid, and drunk. That is the lawn, it will never change.

Getting to this venue does suck, bad. About the worst I have seen from CA to VA.

OK, I hate, I mean hate Watchtower so incredibly much. This show rocked so hard that I could not leave, I stayed through the encore which I knew was going to be Watchtower; I danced and enjoyed myself. It has been years since I have stayed during that song.

Say Goodbye, we were told, was in the sound check so I was excited from the start. To add to my excitement was my section, they were great, we were all rocking. Thanks SEC 303 ROW Hish seats around 28, you all kicked ass!

I decided to end my summer shows there in VA. It was my first VA show and I will alwyas go back. I had been at Hershey the night before and the shows were like Jekyl and Hyde, two totally different bands. Hershey was poodie and last night was great.
This was my 6th show and I'd put it at 2nd best, very close behind first- last year's Nissan show. It was also 2 days before my birthday (I'm poor and couldn't get down to Charlotte for the show on my actual birthday). Overall it was a decent mix of old and new, the emphasis obviously being on the newer songs, and the set flowed nicely between mellow and upbeat songs. Now...the traffic and parking gods smiled on me for some reason, we got in and out without stopping once. We got in my car at the end of the show and we were out of the parking lot in literally 2 minutes. Something is very wrong with that picture...very wrong, but very very good.

Dreamgirl- Loved the intro, this is a liked-it-before-love-it-now song.

OSW was nothing spectacular, but I enjoy the song and the sky looked beautiful, so I had a little philosophical-naturey moment.

DDTW-Philosophical-naturey moment officially over. It was funny to hear this after being thoroughly made fun of by my friends in the car because I was trying to educate them about colonialism (I'm a history major, I can't help it.)

HFTGL- very good, transferred from cd to stage very well.

Say Goodbye- an early highlight of the night for me, one a few I'd never heard before, Carter's intro was great.

Too Much-heard it several times, but the energy was good and the new jam was nice.

Out of My Hands- one of my favorites from the album, nice and mellow, but with that underlying intensity, very good.

Grey Street- always good.

SAWG- very good, also transferred well from cd to stage.

Hello Again- absolutely awesome, Carter's solo was CRAZY. YMDT- excellent, the jam was great.

WAYG- Not a favorite of mine, it was a little overplayed when it came out, but still enjoyable, a nice song to sorta mellow out after YMDT.

Warehouse- Awesome. One of my favorite songs and the jam was incredible and so energetic, the audience went crazy at "every man and woman get alive," second highlight of the night.

Stolen Away- surprised me, I liked it on the album but wasn't blown away, it was very sweet though and like WAYG it was a nice slowdown after Warehouse.

Enter Robert Randolph. Everything went pretty much nuts after this. Stand Up and Lousiana Bayou were amazing. Between the stage presence of the guys in the band and Randolph's stage presence...it was indescribable. LB was proabably one of the most incredible things I've ever seen, they all just went off. The Encore- American Baby was great with the big thank you to the military in the audience, the crowd seemed into it. Watchtower with Randolph was of course excellent. He was standing up and dancing with Dave while playing the steel guitar, then he started licking it...doesn't get much better. I was in the mood for Two Step for some reason, or for those 2 that constantly elude me (Dancing Nancies and Seek Up) but alas, I didn't get my wishes. Oh well, maybe next year.

Overall a great show, especially with the addition of Randolph. It was also fun to watch one of my best friends at her first DMB show...she'll never be the same again...
Let's get this out of the way right at the top: Dave Matthews Band has a new album out, called Stand Up. They're on tour this summer, promoting the album. That means they're going to play lots of songs from that album. If you're coming to see them play 10 classics, it ain't happening. Just go there with that in mind and you'll have a great time.

I went with my wife, her best friend and my brother in-law, a DMB virgin. It was our fifth or sixth show and I have to say it ranks right up there at the top.

Nine new songs is a lot, but watching the guys while they play gives them new meaning. You can really tell how much they enjoy makng music and playing it live.

Dreamgirl was a great start. One Sweet World was, as always, a nice live tune. Don't Drink the Water got everybody on their feet.

I'll bet Hunger turns out to be the best live tune this summer. Carter's intro to Say Goodbye was great, and it's one of my wife's favorites so she started grooving. From there we went Too Much, Out of My Hands and Grey Street, a nice set of three that spanned DMB's career.

Steady as We Go doesn't do much for me but Butch and Dave soothed us. Hello Again brought the energy back. You Might Die Trying into Where Are You Going was nice, and despite what some fans say WAYG is a cool tune.

Warehouse was one of the highlights. Everybody got a little time to jam, and the entire pavilion was electric. Dave brought the chair out and sat down for Stolen Away, then he brought Robert Randolph out for Stand Up.

Stand Up, Bayou, American Baby and Watchtower to close it out, and I'd say the last 45 minutes of the concert were the best I've been to. Robert wailed on the steel guitar, Dave's feet were out of control and the rest of the boys did their part.

We walked out with a new respect for the latest album. My wife didn't like it when it came out but she admitted the live tracks are solid. My brother in-law, a keyboardist himself, enjoyed the show and is ready to go again.

Thanks, guys for another impressive performance.
Tony C.
This was my sixth show at NISSAN and after not going last year because Dave was flat in 04, I really enjoyed the concert. I thought the song selection was pretty good but like most fans, really like some of Dave's older music. I guess he was pushing his new album which is cool. The guest appearance with Robert Randolph really brought the house down!

Unfortunately, this will be my last show at Nissan until substantial improvements are made in getting fans out of the parking lot. Waiting two and a half hours to get out of the parking lot, really took all the fun out of the show. I started to feel like Dave has no problem taking our $ only to leave you in a field for over two hours to get out.

I'm 56 and love's Dave's music but I won't go to Nissan until this problem is corrected. This is the 21 st century and Nissan empties out the biggest crowd ever onto two lanes. I'm sure Nissan or whoever runs this venue is making enough $ to widen some roads!

It's no wonder, younger fans start getting into trouble because they anticipate the long wait and bring enough booze to wait it out!

Come on Dave, put some pressure on the people who manage this for you and get them to improve this situation.
This was my fifth show, and my fourth at Nissan...AMAZING! The set list was great, although I would have liked to have heard a few more old songs. Hearing Say Goodbye for the first time live was awesome being probably my favorite of the band's.

The new songs live were great, nothing short of amazing. Robert Rudolph is insane on the slide guitar and added so much to the band's intensity. You could see the whole band just feeling it. The energy was booming, and the chemistry between the band and the crowd was undeniable. The jams on the songs toward the end of the show were like nothing I have ever seen.
This show was awesome. Great mix of songs except the concert seemed a bit slow in the middle. Dave definetly knows how to rock out. You could tell he had a lot more energy tonight than he did at Hershey. Maybe b/c he was playing in his home state. Say Goodbye was GREAT...as soon as I heard Carter on the drums and saw the flute in Leroi's hand I knew they were going to play it. Robert Randolph was great and I loved the chemistry between him and the rest of the band. The new songs were a joy to hear as well.

Loved the show but hate Nissan. Parking sucks, Traffic sucks, area sucks.
The only thing I care about at DMB concerts is the music and in that regard this show was a catastrophic disappointment. The band totally lacked energy or enthusiasm, and the set list seemed designed to punish those of us who paid good money to be in attendance. Their guest musician was electrifying but can anyone possibly disagree that he was the only person who showed any spark on stage the whole night? The contrast was astounding. This was not at all what one would expect from DMB. Where were the driving rhythms, the extended improvised jam sessions that make this band such a pleasure to hear in concert? Completely absent. If I wanted to hear lethargic, whiny music I would've saved my money for the Tori Amos concert. Dave, you even sat down on stage at one point to play a song. Hey, this band's free to go in whatever musical direction it likes but seriously, I want my money back for last night, Dave.
Say goodbye was almost enough for me because i hadn't heard that song since 97. I could not believed they played that. Robert randolph was awesome ( him and the family band are awesome in concert as well ). As for the new songs: loved hunger for the great light and of course bayou. Thought stand up was a little weak and american baby. Could of done w/out out of my hands but hey it was an awesome show, the boys never disappoint and screw the people who say other wise.
Personally, I thought the show was fantastic. The setlist was a good mix of new and old, including the debut of Say Goodbye in the 2005 sumemr tour I thought last year was the Summer of Stephan and after the Roselawn Ballroom show said that this was going to Carter's Cruise and Rock Show. He did not disappoint. On the intro to Say Goodbye he was wicked, the outros on Too Much and Hello Again were incredible. The whole band is feeding off his energy and enjoyment of rocking out. The capstone was certainly Robert Randolph's appearance on Down on the Bayou. Not only was Carter on fire, but the performance of Dave and RR playing off one another, while Boyd and Stephan rocked out together was almost too explosive for even the band. You could tell throughout the whole show that this is a group of guys who love what they're doing and are really in their element right now. As I was walking in, Mark Batson walked right in front of me on his way to his seats, I stopped him and said "Hey Mark, great job with the band. You know all the true fans were worried after Everyday and the Glen Ballard experience and you've exorcised that deamon." His reply "I didn't do anything, I just let these musicians do their job as they know how." Too humble, in my opinon, but so true because even the old songs -- Warehouse, Too Much, Grey Street (for this show) -- they are playing with renewed vitality. Excellent job, the best DC show since RFK in 2000 in the rain with Ben Harper.

The Warehouse and DMB should provide a notice to people to plan for at least 3 hours to get there (which is ridiculous but said since the county does nothing to improve the traffic), or some sort of remote parking and shuttle bus system. DMB, For future tours, PLEASE, for the love of Carter, use Merriweather Post Pavilion instead of Nissan.
I'll try to keep this brief, this was a lousy show. Very conservative set, delivered with pallid workman-like effort and not even a little bit of joie de vivre (*with apologies to Robert Randolph, who was a true delight and a pleasure, so props to the band for delivering someone who was delivering the goods -- but ahh, fellas, I paid to see YOU). I may be a cranky old man, but I remember the old UVA pre-BMG days when this band used to work a circuit between C-ville's much missed Trax, the now long defunct Bayou in Washington and Richmond. Waaaay back then, before the Glen Ballard experiments and aborted Lillywhite sessions and the formulaic "Stand Up" stadium pop rock fare, $5 dollar shows were the norm -- the chance for everyone to get together and hang out while a bunch of gifted musicians grooved bluegrass music into a new sort of stew. Well if last night was any indication, that band got old, got tired, got rich and got bored. I was hopeful Dave and crew might have brought a little something for the locals given the VA venue, but the show he delivered was largely a disappointment. Im consoling myself with the not-very-convincing idea that this show's value was in hearing the new material live, lord knows Ive warmed to the tepid Everyday sessions over the course of hearing them live, but "Stand Up" is a weak album, not especially inventive or interesting and the evening's performance bore that out. Add the already whipped-to-death-in-these-postings unpleasantness of Nissans pre-show shenanigans and post show traffic snarl, and I think it will be a while before I visit with the band in DC again.
the show was amazing. one of the best i've been too. the energy was just alive in the entire venue. despite the faults of the venue, ie. parking,huge lines at the portopotties, and the drunks, the show made you forget everything that was wrong. myself not an overly huge fan of the new album was expecting the show to be a little lack luster for me, but dave and the boys worked their magic and performed one of the best shows i've ever witnessed. they molded the new songs into something completely alive, and as every dave fan knows, despite the record, the songs kick ass ten times more live. i had heard some of the songs such as too much, warehouse, where are you goin, before but what was awesome about it was how they made it new for me and it was like hearing it for the first time. it was my friend's first dave concert and at first he was reluctant to move, but by the end he was jamming with everyone else. before i go i gotta give a huge shout out to my brother and thank him for turning me into a dave junkie. if it wasn't for him, i would have never have experienced the power and the enourmous smile on my face that stem from dave's music. can't wait until my next show.
Does Dave need to be on Prozac or something? Seriously, the guy looked like his dog just died. How about a little enthusiasm for your VA fans? It may not have been Charlottesville, but it wasn't all that far away either. Having been a fan from the beginning, I of course prefer their old stuff, but even the new stuff sounded like crap. Or was that just a result of his low seratonin level?? Robert Randolph kicked ass, and was the absolute highlight of my night. As for Nissan Pavilion, or should I write 'House of Horrors', I wouldn't go there if God himself was appearing. I wrote a lengthy email to Nissan Pavilion today, although I'm sure they are aware of the horrible conditions at that joint. My suggestion to everyone...boycott Nissan Pavilion, not that Dave was too hot, but the atmosphere ruined my night. Going to see them in Jersey next week, I pray it will be better!
Of the 7 DMB shows I have seen over the past years, this was by far the WORST! The band just seemed tired and the seclection of songs equally boring. Although I am not as much of a fan of this album as I have been of past albums, I was looking forward to seeing the band rock like they had in the "good ol days" - to this, they did stay true. I would have much prefered to see a show full of songs that made you move, they do have an album to promote, and good or bad, that is what they did. Nissan is a horrible venue, but it is close. I wish a MD venue was available though. For once though, having a truck or SUV gave fans the advantage. We were filed into a line of parking directly on the street and were able to hope the curb to get out.

As for the drunks, they were everywhere. I had to laugh though because at one time, I was one of those drunks, so I guess it was my turn to be on the other end. Very annoying, but what do you expect at a venue that serves alcohol? It could be worse, it could be a dry venue. The day that kids can consume in moderation is the day they are no longer kids. Personally, I wish I still was one, so I am not one to suggest a non-alcoholic event.

All in all, DMB is still great, but their new album definately shows a change in the bands focus. They had to promote it and as much as we want to go back to the days of our youth, those days are gone. Long live our memories of great shows and here's to whatever comes next for DMB.
Ben R.
The jams in Louisiana Bayou, Too Much, Watchtower...they were insane. I've seen Dave 5 times now, and I don't even remember such an intense jam session as they had in Louisiana Bayou..(Randolph didnt hurt, that guy was going CRAZY). It's probably the 2nd worst set list I've heard. I didn't like Louisiana Bayou or Stand Up before the concert, now I've been listening to them all day. I also wasn't too excited when he played the opening riff of Too Much, but by the end of the song, I was breathless and so glad he played it. As for the venue....I don't know why people have been writing to Nissan with complaints. I had NO complaints. Easy parking, no hassles getting in, easy to get around, we had nice seats, and it took us all of 10 minutes to get onto 495 back towards DC.

Sure, I've been to better Dave Matthews Band shows, but I was still delighted as always after this one. On the jam songs, I couldn't take anymore or I'd be deaf.
Terrance P.
I'm sure there will be some conflicting opinions about what was just witnessed tonight. This was my fifteenth show, but the tenth consecutive summer seeing this band on stage. The show was absolutely phenomenal!! Carter's night at the pavilion. The Stand Up tunes that were played tonight, in most part, took on a brand new meaning. The energy transmitted by their music was simply magical. The setlist created a mood of excitement. There was a nice transition between older and new songs(it didn't feel like 3/4 of the end of the show was laiden with Stand Up songs). Robert Randolph was the icing. For the true fans that are out there, this show solidifies why we come to see them every year. Dave's expression of complete and utter exhaustion at the very end of the show, let's us know that they all left everything on that stage and gave us all that they had. We know Nissan sucks(parking, two-laned roads, aging rapidly while waiting to leave the venue, etc...) but the sound there is incredible. The fans(where I was located) had lots of energy, all from which the band fed.

Here are a few highlights: Warehouse, which was an unexpected suprise, was played brilliantly. The extended calypso-type groove was a spectacle of great musicians having the thrill of a lifetime. GS-so, we're never going to get that third verse back, but a great crowd pleaser. SG- I love this song!!!! The second tine I've seen this live and the best version I've ever heard. When Robert Randolph appeared on stage, the show, which was already on fire, quickly spread into a blaze of glory! Louisiana Bayou(which until tonight was my least liked of the new tunes) was incredible. RR's antics joined by the dancing, dueling, and frenzy crowd, just about blew us all away. I almost thought we were going to get the recently-typical, sub par Nissan encore when AB was played. It tends to be a great cd track, but translates relatively flat(just like YMDT)live. Then it happened- The best version of AATW I've seen or heard(Had I been in SF-GGP, I might've thought otherwise). RR kicked that song into orbit. Great show by the guys. Great setlist and pacing. Carter is simply the best. It's amazing how the night before the band was flat with simply one of the worst setlists for one of the quietest crowds. They saved themselves for Nissan. Thank you for yet another memorable summer. One more stop-that three night stand- remains to complete the year of witnessing one of the greatest bands in the world-ever.
Wow...what can I say?? This was my 18th DMB show (my first in 1995) and this has to be sadly, one of the worst I've seen. Talking with my friends later we came to the conclusion that we ARE getting older, and that means Dave is getting older. Unfortunately, the lat couple of shows I've been to have lacked energy, excitement, and strong DMB jam outs. Sure, he appeased some of the old-timers with Say Goodbye and Warehouse, but they were so cookie cutter. I love Dave to death, but Dave, "we love your music, we love how you perform, you don't need to promote your new album to us...you've sold us long ago.
Kat S.
Just got back to NY after a trip down to DMB country. Sunday's show at Nissan Pavillion got me pumped for the other shows I have tickets to for the rest of the summer! This was my 42nd DMB concert and 3rd at the Pavillion. I was told by one of my friends who went to the Meadows last weekend that the band left much to be desired - and was apprehensive about seeing a show loaded with new material from an album that is not one of my favorites. However - I left the show in awe. The new songs are so much better live! Not a big fan of Dream Girl as an opener - but good to hear it live none the less. Highlights included Warehouse Saygoodbye Grey Street and of course every song with Robert Randolph especially Bayou! Dave was dancing like crazy as was Stephan! Carter was just sick! Nothing compares to shows in VA! As for the venue itsself - after reading other people's reviews - I guess the key is to avoid taking 66 to the venue and to get there late. We stayed in Manassas and took Balls Ford Road in - no traffic - prime parking near the exit - and easy out! Headed to C'Ville the next day! Figured it was my 3rd time in VA - I should probably make the trip! Pretty cool to see where it all began! On to SPAC! :)
Very nice show at Nissan. As they do, they highlighted their new album with 10 songs. A very nice version of You Might Die Trying was exceptional with an extended jam with Stefan leading the way on bass. THE highlight was the first live version of Say Goodbye since 2003.

The show had several of Dave's slower hits like the lead song Dream Girl, Out of My hands, Where are you Going, Steady as we go and Stolen Away. One Sweet World, a personal favorite, followed Dream Girl. The pavillion was pumped with versions of Too Much and Dont Drink the Water. Carter was highlighted several times in the first half of the show and left no doubt again as to who the absolute most talented drummer in this world is!!!!!!!!

A incredible version of Warehouse set the tone for the last third of the show. Robert Randolph joined the band for Stand Up, and then they absolutely blew the roof off with Louisiana Bayou which found Boyd, Dave on the electric, and Randolph circled together and ripping it up on stage for an incredible jam to finish the set.

American Baby did not disappoint live as the first song of the encore, and then Randolph joined in to wrap a fabulous night with Watchtower.
Anthony X.
This is my 15th show since 1998 and I rank it as the best ever. We came out from LA to see the Hershey and Bristow shows. The Hershey show I thought was soft, but this show was what I believe to be the best and most current DMB ever. They are still the kings.

I can't believe my eyes when I see some people slagging this show. Maybe they had bad seats or disrespectful people around them?

Do whatever you have to do to get a download of this show and listen for yourself. The set sounded absolutely fantastic. The band was feeding off a very lively house. There was deafening crowd noise in between every song and the band responded with a cohesiveness, fervor, and sense of importance to their jams. Tons of show highlights. Carter is God. Thank you Dave for the Say Goodbye, that was a real treat, and the jam on it was way more moving than I was expecting. I was expecting a WAYG type vibe but it rocked more like a OSW and was real special. Warehouse, Grey and DDTW are 3 powerhouses. Those 3 songs alone are worth the trip.

The new songs live have converted me and I can now listen to the album in a new way. LA Bayou is the best new live jam. RR adds a great element to that song. Dave is swithching between electric and acoustic guitar on that track, let's see where he ends up.
First of all, a venue is a venue - if you came to be impressed with the seat or patch of grass you're standing on, you must've totally missed one of the most electric DMB shows I've been to besides last year's at Nissan. I totally have given up on going to Hershey even though it's twice as close to me and usually on a Saturday night because the sound/viewing quality in VA is so good. Besides all that pointless stuff, DMB totally rocked out this year - I am probably in the minority liking the Stand Up album from the beginning, because who doesn't like some new tunes from one of the best bands in the business right now - but I can't even get Hunger for the Great Light out of my head yet because of Sunday's show. Not only that but I think the band did a great job of trying to appease new and old fans with their set list when their new album came out like what, 3 months ago? Obviously we are going to hear a ton of the new stuff. I personally thought the show was a fantastic breath of fresh air, hearing such an eclectic mix of old, middle and new jams, from Warehouse & Say Goodbye to Grey Street (which was insane) and Where are you Going, then all the stuff on Stand Up. Even haters have to admit they feel warmer to Stand Up now that the live flavor is in their blood ... great show, great job DMB, and loved the guest musician - you never fail to absolutely make my summer with your summer tour - THANKS.
This is my 3rd DMB concert, I think I was really lucky that my first DMB show Veterans stadium in 2000. This was a mixed blessing. This happened to be one of the best shows DMB has ever put on (started with ants marching). But I think that show set the standard to high for me. This was a really good show none the less. I was bracing myself for hearing lots of new songs from the album. But my wish came true that all the songs they played sounded waaaaaaay better live than on the album! The songs from the new album take on a whole new dimension when you let Carter unleash his fury on the tracks. I have a whole new respect for Louisiana Bayou. That was my least favorite song on the album until this show! That jam session brought the house down! Seeing Robert Randolph for the first time was treat too. He mixes really well with band you would never know he was a guest appearance. I may be the only person to say this but I did not like seeing butch on the keyboards. I dont think he adds anything to the band that they didnt already have. Robert Rudolph fit better with the band than he did. Hearing the new songs mixed in with the old, I was finally able to understand that the new stuff does fit in with the old and the change in the bands sound isnt that dramatic. All in all it was good show and a good night. It was not their best show and far from their worst but still a good night. But traffic was indeed terrible!
Going to the show I was a little worried about the amount of new songs he had been playing at his shows as I've only listed to Stand Up a few times and wasn't that impressed by it. But Dave proved that he is a great musician and was able to blend the new songs and the old songs together flawlessly. I now have a new appreciation for some of the new songs, especially Stand Up and Bayou. Watching the show it didn't seem like it really started until he hit us with Don't Drink the Water. At that point it was obvious it was going to be a great show as the band had so much energy and was really feeding off the crowd.

The chance to see Say Goodbye was awesome and it shows that Dave really did go all out on his homecoming. The jam on Too Much right after that was incredible as Dave showed that he could play old songs and put together some new jams. There were good jams during most of the songs and a few great ones. The version of Warehouse rivals any others that I have heard and Dave was moving across the stage with an obvious passion for what he was doing. The highlight of the show for me was the surprise appearance of Robert Randolph. The band definitely jammed much harder with him out there and the crowd was really into it. He brings a new element to Bayou and was a pleasure to watch during Watchtower as he was playing from underneath his steel guitar and jamming with Boyd and Dave. The light show during the concert was also very good with the Stand Up Dancer glowing in the background. This was one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen and if you weren't there you should definitely try and find a copy of it somewhere.
It took me a few days to come to grips with this show. On one hand, 10 of the 14 stand up tracks were played. 10 of the 18 songs were stand up tracks, so those who say it was a good mix havent looked. That said i was happy i got that many stand up tracks. Ive seen them all now and wont need to agian i hope. If dreaming tree wont be played without Greg Howard so should LB never be played w/o Robert Randolph, it was made for him. The new songs make for a much much more mellow DMB show. Im all for that, but not at a place the size of Nissan or its equal. If thats they way their going, do smaller shows. The only thing that really disapointed was the glaring lack of any real extended jams. Die Trying tried to do it and came close. Say Goodbye was of course a treat. Warehouse was nice, they have improved on it from last year and made the end jam much tighter. I think that once I get a copy of the show it will be nice to listen to on rainy days or late at night. Overall i give this show a 7.5 out of 10.