Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Dream Girl
One Sweet World
American Baby
What Would You Say?
Hello Again
Hunger For The Great Light
Two Step
Steady As We Go
Grey Street
Dancing Nancies
You Might Die Trying
Stand Up *
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
Louisiana Bayou *

Special Guests:
* Robert Randolph

I thought this was an incredible show. Despite the rain I thought the energy level from the crowd was good, and the band seemed to mean serious business from the moment they came out. The highlights of the evening for me were a rockin' Hunger for the Great Light and the encore, especially Louisiana Bayou with an awesome jam session at the end with Robert Randolfe. I don't care about the neysayers, I left the show satisfied!
Okay, I have to say that I have been to 12 Dave shows in the last six years. I can't stand Everyday, and don't like Stand Up much more. That being said, this was an absolutely awesome show. Don't believe the hype, the songs from Stand Up actually came out amazingly well live. This tour has so much more energy than the Everyday/Busted Stuff tour.

Dream Girl (6/10) - Seems like everytime they play at Blossom it takes the first song to get the levels decent. Pretty standard read through, and not too bad of a song live when Dave puts some emotion behind it.

One Sweet World (9/10) - Ah, my first OSW live. Incredible. So relaxing, so nice to sit back on the lawn and hear this for the first time. It was amusing to see all the younger people around me looking at each other confused, like "is this a new song?"

American Baby (4/10) - Worst song of the night. Really, there is just so little emotion behind this and the riff just sucks.

What Would You Say? (8/10) - Wow, my first WWYS with the band (got it once with Timmy). Pretty decent, and a really good jam at the end.

Hello Again (6/10) - Carter was good on this. Past that, just not that impressed

Crash (7/10) - A really good reading of Crash. I've noticed the past two shows I saw this that the band wasn't as tight on it as their other songs, it seemed like Dave would get out of rhythm with the rest of the band during the transitions between verses. They had it down this time, and the sing-along was intense. I really don't mind it when people sing along with the really popular radio songs, you can tell it makes the masses happy.

Bartender (10/10) - Just wow. Talk about intense. Incredible. Every second of this song vibrated in the air.

Hunger For The Great Light (5/10) - Just okay.

Two Step (8/10) - Always good to hear Two Step live. Pretty tight, with a good jam. A really good feeling version of it.

Steady As We Go (7/10) - Surprisingly, quite good. Dave was a bit hard to hear in this for some reason, but past that the music was pretty tight.

Grey Street (9/10) - Originally, I was not a huge "Grey Street" fan. I caught it live once before on a tour, but this year this song has just grown huge. So much emotion, and for a song that really didn't seem that popular before, you can just tell everyone in the crowd was loving it.

Dancing Nancies (7/10) - Okay, I have to admit something. I've never been a huge Nancies fan. Give me a good Seek Up, LIOG, Pig, Say Goodbye, PFWYG, Typical, or LLD. Still a tight jam and sounding good though.

You Might Die Trying (8/10) - Real good actually.

Crush (9/10) - Great song live. I didn't dig this song that much live before, it had a lot of energy tonight and it was such a beautiful night out. It was cool, no rain (had been storming all day), and the stars were out. Really fit the mood.

Stand Up (8/10) - Very good.

Encore: Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd (7/10) - I still don't agree with playing slow songs in the encore, Warehouse would have been nice here, but still sounded great and the crowd actually quieted down so we could all hear.

Louisiana Bayou * (10/10) - Best song of the night. 100% incredibly rocking, best jam of the night. Randolph is incredible, the call and response with Boyd was great, and this just rocked out. I didn't want it to end. When I listened to Stand Up I really didn't pick this out as a choice cut, but live it is an absolute MONSTER. I feel bad for anyone that doesn't hear LB on this tour.
Adam R.
Another great show by DMB. I have to admit that I really enjoyed the new stuff. "Dream Girl," "American Baby," "Hello Again," "You Might Die Trying, were great and "Stand Up" was absolutely amazing. It was nice to see the DMB stretch their legs on some of these new songs. Without a doubt most of them will become fan favorites by the time this summer tour ends. There was a great mix of new and old, and in most cases a new song was followed by a old. Every single older song was awesome, especially "Dancing Nancies" and "Crush." The Dixie Chicken ending to "Crash" always brings in a scream from the crowd. I did also notice that Dave was not as intense on his wailing long notes in songs like "Bartender" and "Two Step." I just felt that he was not up to 100% strength in his voice. Still it was an amazing show with an amazing encore. Great night especially since the rain held out for the most part.
Well after probably the worst pre-concert experience (long story) of my life i was ready for a kick ass show.

Dream Girl - Didn't really get to listen to it becuase i was sill finding my seat the whole throughout the song. But i wasn't too impressed by what i heard which makes this show 0/1

OSW - What the hell happened to the insturmental intro?!?! That made this song. Not one of the stronger versions of this one. so far 0/2

American Baby - Saw this one coming, didn't mind it. They really put a lot of energy into the jam and looked like they were having fun. One of the few songs off the new album i don't mind listening to. 1/3

What Would You Say - Well so far this show is looking pretty radio friendly, 2 singles, what will probably turn into 3 with dreamgirl. Standard WWYS. 1/4

Hello Again - Very impressed with Carter on this song. Sounds the same as last summer with an awesome jam for carter in the middle where the whole band stops playing and just watches him. First song of the night i really enjoyed. 2/5

Crash - Ugh. i despise hearing this song live. It is just impossible for the drunk girls not to sing this song. so annoying. 2/6 after this one.

Bartender - Glad this one came out. Good long jam with an interpolation by roi, but i can no longer remember what he played haha. 3/7

Hunger - I was looking forward to hearing this song, and was very dissapointed. I thought it would bring a lot of energy to the shows, but i was totally let down. This one makes it 3/8

Two Step - Never get tired of hearing this one. The new jam sounded great and i was very surprised by this. They obviously worked on this song a lot during rehersals. Jam was very Carter heavy, and at this point he was owning the show 4/9

Steady as we go - what a lame song. NO energy, very boring. thats all there is to say about this one. 4/10

Grey Street - Good song. Great to hear them extending the jam out so its not a 3 min song anymore. I think it was somewhere around 5 min and Roi had an amazing solo. and of course more carter. 5/11

Dancing Nancies - First time Boyd made his presence felt during the show and he did a hell of a job on this song. Best song of the night IMO. 6/12

You Might Die Trying - Don't really remember how this one sounded. So it obviously didn't make that good of an impression. 6/13

Crush - Always a good song. Good jam and Boyd seemed to be taking over and was in tune the entire show. 7/14

Stand Up - I was very excited to see Robert Randolph come out for the closer especially becuase i missed his set while he opened the show and i heard it was a hell of a set too. Very disapointed with this song, especially as a closer. Rbt Randolph helped it a lot, but i couldnt even hear him til he had his solo. Very weak song IMO. 7/15 __________

Stolen Away - Kind of liked the song on the album. it did nothing for me live 7/16

Lousiana Bayou - What the hell was dave thinking when he decided to sing like that. Horrible. Even though i feel the song is a pile of shit, the jam was very nice, and i hope it wasn't just because robert was out there with them. Most energy the boys showed all night was on this one with a Boyd Randolph Dave face off, and a Stefan and Carter face off. Ill give this song a half point since the jam was rockin.

So that leaves us with 8/17. This is the first time i have left a DMB show disappointed. The new songs lack energy for the most part and 9 were played at this show.

The band has just become way to predictable which allows them to play the same songs the same way every night.
TERRIBLE show! My 53rd DMB show and the worst I've seen. It seems as though the day has arrived where the band has given into the music industry and decided to become a radio friendly studio puppet. You could see this coming ever since the EVERYDAY album. As far as the actual show goes...BORING! First time ever I left before the encore. The one good thing about the night (which has been pretty consistent the last 2 years or so) was the opening act, Robert Randolph. DMB better be careful because the openers are putting together a much better show than they are as of late. I think the guys have now definately turned the corner and become a teenie-bop pop band. On a positive final note, DMB was one of the best live shows in the world from about 1993-2000. Maybe they'll return to form when selling records isn't the #1 priority.
The show was great. It was my 3rd or 4th DMB show (first since 1999 anyway), and even some pre-headliner rain (20 minutes) couldn't dampen the spirited atmosphere.

First of all, I noticed the improved stage lighting and atmosphere over the years. It looked like DMB took a few pages from Pink Floyd's "Pulse" tour stage lighting. Anyway, I liked it. A good upgrade over the past 6 years.

Secondly, STAND UP is not my favorite DMB album. It's a good album with some great songs, sprinkled with more mediocre songs. But after the show, I liked the album a lot more. It's only been released for a month, and it's still not my favorite, but I have new respect for the whole project.

Also, being that I'm a Republican, I was a little worried that Dave might wax liberal between songs, or in some of his songs, but the band kept it 100% professional and never alienated anyone in the audience (song lyrics don't really bother me, ha). Thank you, DMB, for that.

Dreamgirl was a nice opener. The first several songs kind of crescendoed into "Hello Again." This was one of the 2-3 most memorable songs of the night. The jam was intense and everyone got into it, but it never wavered from the beat. I definitely expect this song to be on the next DMB Live CD.

When Crash began, I left to get another beer. Just as I approached the "bar" -- the opening (and prolonged) note of "Bartender" was played. I was the happiest person at the concert at that second because this was the song I most wanted to hear. The close of the song wasn't as emotional or loud as the Folsom Field or Farm Aid cuts, but it was still AMAZING to hear them play this song. I love this song! And I loved seeing and hearing it live! THANK YOU, DMB!!

Two Step was the best rendition I'd ever heard (and I'd seen/heard it 2-3 times already). It truly was nonstop energy, not real lulls. "Steady As We Go" was a great song to follow, to kind of slow the pace before tossing everyone back into it with "Grey Street" (one of the 3-4 songs I most wanted to hear). I love this song, too. LOVED this cut.

"Dancing Nancies" was great, but Boyd went OFF at the end. Jumping around stage and leaning on Dave and Stephan while playing his head off. This song was Boyd's brightest moment.

Crush was a crowd favorite and the band did not disappoint. Boyd again went nuts, though not as much as he did in DN. This song was a nice change of pace, a nice throwback, and the only song from BEFORE THESE CROWDED STREETS (BTCS). I wanted to hear "Don't Drink The Water" and "Stay" again, but alas, it was not to be. However, BTCS still got more love than EVERYDAY, from which the band played 0 (yes, zero) songs.

Robert Randolph (RR) and the Family Band was a terrific opening act, by far the best opener for a DMB show that I've ever seen. And to top it all off, RR himself donned a Bernie Kosar jersey! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! But RR joined the band for "Stand Up" (the song I predicted would close the main set). "Stand Up" was one of the other most memorable songs of the evening.

When the encore began, Dave sat on a bar stool, which the guy standing in front of me said was extremely rare. The opener was "Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd." This was a good song to schmooze the lovebirds in the crowd, but I was slightly disappointed that something stronger and more anticipated wasn't played.

That is, until I realized that DMB suckered the crowd! Brilliant move to play a slow, lovey-dovey song to open the encore so that when the true closer was played, it ROCKED THE HOUSE! And it did just that.

"Louisiana Bayou!" Easily the best song on STAND UP, this was the third and final song I most wanted to hear. So DMB played all three that I most wanted to hear! THANK YOU! I LOVE THIS SONG! This song will definitely be on the band's next Live album. They have soooooo much fun playing this tune. Robert Randolph rejoined the band and the closing jam was the most energetic and vibrant as I'd ever seen in DMB. This song was the best possible finale/closer available, and they pulled it off flawlessly. Easily one of the three most memorable tunes of the night.

Thank you, DMB, for putting on a great show for a longtime fan and for being professional (and for playing for 2.5 hours!). I can't wait to see my next DMB show, which definitely won't take another six years.

God bless you! You're the best!