Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and the Family Band
One Sweet World
Grey Street
Smooth Rider
Too Much
Louisiana Bayou *
Lover Lay Down
Hello Again
Jimi Thing
You Might Die Trying
So Much To Say
Stand Up
Two Step
Old Dirt Hill
Ants Marching

* with Robert Randolph

No suprise here: The show was great. I hate to be the guy that has something slightly neg. to say but I became a little sleepy when Butch Taylor took over the Two Step jam. I have both shows bootlegged and I've listen to them over and over. The more I do, the more I wanna skip over Butch 's solo. Sorry Butch Taylor fans, but, I'm a fan of Boyd's violent violin, Carter's dramatic drumming, Stephan's gut-busting bass lines, Leroi's sweet melodies and Dave's strummin' and scattin'.----A little Butch Taylor is good but, right in middle of Two Step? C'mon Butch! You're not that cool. Robert Randolph on the other hand!! Sweet Sweet action, Robert!!
Matt K.
this show was off the hook. my third time seeing the boys in the burgh. all the new songs of the album are great. non stop action through out the whole show. the opening band was great. took my boy ronnie for his first show and he was blown away. the best song of the night was too much, did not stop singing through the whole song. great to hear ants, two step, and all the new songs, amazing drum solo during hello again, thanks dmb for an awesome show again in the burgh.
the set list doesn't do this show justice. Lousiana Bayou was amazing, along with stand up and ants...it was cool when the crowd began chanting for two step and then hearing Boyd begin to play. Overall good show...even the new songs
Irv G.
Wow, this show was fantastic, it was my ninth show and the whole night was priceless, i loved entire set list, finally lover lay down was amazing loved every second of that one, rapunzel, two-step,and of course jimi-thing! Every time i hear jimi-thing live it gets better and better. And ants marching was a good encore i thought they were going to play tripping billies! Now to the new songs all were performed great dream girl great, hello again was awesome with carters drum solo in the middle! Robert randolph appearence on down by the bayou was amazing, i would love to have that on tape! So, if anyone got that please e-mail me! Smooth rider was everything i expected nice to hear a longer version! Just this whole night was great, the crowd was involved all night the band was pumped up. And we got treated to a hell of a night. I'm glad to have been their! Your welcome jua,hello aimee,and see all you at bonaroo!
James D.
Night 2..Starlake...WOW! thats all i gotta say. Night 1 was the warmup, but tonight was certainly the fire!! after 35 shows i finally got the privilage of sitting in the front row! This show was Non stop energy from start to finish. the band was having the best time on stage. Robert Randolph guested on my favorite new song "louisiana bayou" and ripped it to pieces. that song was an amazing highlight of the evening. Not to mention the BEst Two STep i have ever heard, with a new jam. it was simply an amazing show! one of my top favorites, i'll never forget it! thanks pittsburgh for a great weekend...see you all at scranton.......
Great setlist! Although I could do without One Sweet World- I was actually surprised that they opened with that. They all ready opened with that song not long ago. Its usually always something different. It was still a great great show! I was at the show on Saturday and it was great hearing the same new songs over again. My highlight was definitely everyone chanting two step and they actually played it! Two step just rocks! Ants Marching was a great song to end it all! I look forward to Hershey!