UMB Band Pavillion, Maryland Heights, MO
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jurassic 5
Best of What's Around
The Stone
Dream Girl
Hello Again
American Baby
Too Much
Louisiana Bayou
What Would You Say?
Time of The Season
You Might Die Trying
Stand Up
Where Are You Going?
Hunger For The Great Light
Two Step
Steady As We Go
All Along The Watchtower

Tom B.
WOW!!! 18th DMB show, and it is very close to the top. The new songs were great, and the band did an awesome job of jamming out. I have never seen energy like I did last night from the entire band, especially Dave. Dave did a lot of scat and improve through the jams, and it was great! Highlights of the night for me were opening with Best of What's Around, Hello Again, The Stone (my favorite) and Carter's drum solo on Two Step. The man put on a clinic for about 15 minutes. Very, Very impressed with the new songs live. The lights and the stage are very impressive. I think everyone is in for a real treat during this tour. Thanks for a great show, see in Atlanta.
This was just of those shows you had to attend to truly understand the magnitude of the performance. Tight as role of quarters. From the very beginning of the show you just knew it was going to be great. BOWA and Stone to open. Then a three song in a row STAND UP block followed by a bone chilling Too Much and the Louisiana Bayou. Time of The Season by the Zombies, are you kidding? When the beet started I was standing with a buddy and I looked over to him and said,” you know what that sounds like? It's the time of the season for loooovvvvinggggg” I couldn't believe my ears when the guitar rhythm started; felt like a dream. The show continued as expected, one rockin' song after another leading me to the conclusion that if you didn't like Stand Up, the album, you're going to fall in love with the live version. Nice piano, drum, bass combo for Steady and AATW to close truly put the topping on the cake of what I'd like to say only came 2nd in my all time live shows to Dave and Friends in Chicago. The only reason it came second to that would have to be because they played for 3+hours and how can you miss with Trey and Tim, I mean come on T and T. Again great show and can't wait to see what DMB has in store when I see them again in July. Cheers!
Kevin R.
Simply amazing.....it was almost like seeing a new band. Almost every song had something I had never seen before. One may look at this set list and not think much of it due to the overwhelming presence of new songs, but let me tell you something, this was my sixth time to see DMB and I've never seen them so into the music. This new music has really brought the band to its best at live shows and every new song was amazing to hear live. Everytime you looked at any of them they had smiles on their faces, and almost every song Dave was singing and holding notes and the top of his lungs or doing those crazy voices he loves to do. Also, the light show was something I've never seen before, including a Dancing Nancie, which actually danced!!! Anyways, the opener was awesome: "Best Of What's Around" followed by "The Stone", both are favorites to hear live. The intro to "Dream Girl" was amazing and "Hello Again" has already become one of my favorites to hear live. The rest of the show consisted of playing some new and then some old, a surprise of the night was a zombie cover "Time Of The Season" which put the crowd in awe, and then to close the show the first time they ended with a brand new version of "Two Step". Carter really stole the show away with his drum solos almost every other song. The high light of the night was definantly the last song "ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER" and the whole crowd was singing it with him. This was definantly one of my most memorable DMB shows and as I left the venue I could tell by everyone's face they felt the same way.
Ross S.
UNBELIEVABLE this was only my 3rd DMB concert but by far the best, not even because the setlists was amazing, but because i have never seen energy like that from dave and the guys i mean the entire show from start to end dave was goin crazy dancing and spinin off some crazy lyrics. this was my second dmb concert in st. louis and i have to admit that UMB is not a great venue usually the crowds aren't really in to the concert the whole night but that was not the case at this one. the whole time everyone around me was dancing and singing. I loved all the new songs he performed live better like louisiana Bayou and hunger for the great light but i think my fav was either all along the watchtower or time of the season they were amazing i cant even begin to describe how awesome the whole night was and i definitly wait to see them again on their final date on sept. 7 in Bonner Spirngs
Joe Z.
What a great way to kick of a tour! Much better than last year's opener. The new stuff from 'Stand Up' definitely is better LIVE! Great way to open the show with "Best of What's Around" and "The Stone". Very nice surprise cover of the Zombies "Time of the Season" - Butch really made that song with his keys. Lots and lots and lots of energy tonight. So sad this is my only show of the tour. Of the new stuff "You Might Die Trying", "Lousiana Bayou" were the best. Even "Stand Up" sounded like it had much more edge to it, GREAT horn stuff from Leroi at the end as well. Boyd was also SLAMMIN tonight! Just a GREAT tour kickoff show!!!!!!
Awesome show for a lot of reasons. I got engaged the day before as we flew in just for the concert. Dave did an awesome job - truly - it's even more fun when you are there with the woman you love. Sappy I know. Just a note to say Dave concerts are very special and even more so now. Rock on.