Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Howie Day
On Stage: 8:40
One Sweet World
Don't Drink the Water
Dancing Nancies
Hunger for the Great Light
You Might Die Trying
Best of What's Around
Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd
Jimi Thing
Stand Up
Louisiana Bayou
Too Much

American Baby
Two Step

it was my 10th dmb show and it was an awesome show. i've been to montage, and i hate it, but there was something special going on there. dreamgilr is on of my fav. new tunes, so i was soo happy to hear it open the show. osw is always nice, as is ddtw. since nancies made it's full on return a few years back at spac ( i was there!) i've heard it every dmb show, but no complaints. standard crash hunger was cool. everyday is such a fun song to hear live. bowa was my highlight. i heard it at my first dmb concert, and haven't heard it since, so i was over joyed. i love warehouse, and that jam was just fuckin sick. butch went off baby! best i've ever seen. too much was a great choice to close the set. the more i hear american baby the more i love it. two step what to say. well i've seen two step quite a few times, and be lieve me i've seen some killers 2 steps, this one was really jammin, and 18 minutes of dmb going nuts on step maked hearing two step over and over well worth the price of the ticket alone. i was really suprised how weel the venue handled everything. i love the mnew album, and really am getting into thanx to hearing new stuff at this show. it was my only dmb show for the summer, so i'm so glad the boys made it count!
Clifton H.
Wow. Still buzzin' from this show. Let's just say that the new material sounds awesome live! The boys mixed in some old "classics" as well (four from UTTAD). The venue was a little strange, as their were no rest rooms, just port-a-johns. Plus it took about 8 hours to leave the parking lot. But the show was so solid, that it didn't really matter. If you haven't seen these live, NOW IS THE TIME. They seem to be peaking on this tour.

The energy is incredible. DMB is in sync (not to be confused with "N Sync) like never before. This is what a live concert is all about.
this was my first every full dave concert and i was pumpedddd, and it was also Dave's first time at this venue. We got to ford pavilion at around 6:30 pm and the premier parking pass was very clutch. Howie Day was a fine opener. Dave came out later than usual at atround 840 and the place went nuts. The security guard in front of me said that 1) the place has never been soldout and 2) she has never ever seen a lawn like the one during the concert. I was sitting third row and the only not good part about the show was that they opened with Dreamgirl. The crowd was expecting a little BOWA or OSW. But thats not to say that they did not play it to perfection. One Sweet World came next they played it perfectly. But the crowd got going at DDTW. The place went nuts and then they went right into Nancies with an amazing Boyd Solo at the end. Crash was a perfect change from old stuff to new stuff. Hunger was alright a little short, but Die Trying was fantastic, and included Carter having a little mini solo. The Crowd in Everyday was sooo loud singing Honey Honey it wasnt normal. The energy continued into BOWA and then when they pulled out Warehouse the place went absolutely crazy. Everyone was into it and butch had a nice solo in the end. Stolen Away was a nice relaxer for those who have been screaming the whole concert, but i would preferred a mroe exciting loud song. Then Came Jimi Thing, the one song i was waiting for. Leroi had an amazing solo and then they went into Stop baby whats that sound.... Stand Up was ridiculous. I liked the song but in concert its soo much more lively. Everyone was jumping up and down. The energy carried into Bayou and TOo Much. When Dave came back on stage, they played American baby which is one of my favorites from the new album. The crowd loved it. Nooooobody was expecting Two Step for the close, i was thining more like tripping billies or ants marching, but I have nothing against Two Step! It was amazing!!!!!!!! Butch's Solo, to Carters Solo to the 4 minute ending, they played it for a solid 20 minutes. When it ended the place went crazy. I wouldnt be surprised if dave came back here nxt year to this venue, beucase the crowd and the energy was amazing.
wonderful show, UNFRIGGINBELIEVABLE energy, killer set list, excpet the opener, good tune (dream girl), however I think it shoulda started out with a slammer, just to keep with the rest of the theme, last night. I've been seeing him for years and years, this show is top 3, Dave is captain insano, what amazing grooves he writes, old stuff wrecked it, new stuff sounded fantastic. encore was outta control (nasty 2 step ddt). They sound SO good this tour.

Louisiana Bayou is THE most bad ass song ever written by any band at any point in time.
Mark D.
This was DMB's first performance in Scranton and they attracted record-breaking crowds. Parking was a mess and the lawn was absolutely packed. These were just small drawbacks, though--all in all, the show was GREAT. I've only been to a handful of DMB shows in the last five years, but this was by far the most energetic one. The Band gave a remarkable performance. Dave was singing with gusto, Stefan was punching the air, and (of course) Carter was smiling. Boyd was probably the most active, running all around and dueling with each of the band members during the jams. One jam (I forget which) turned into a crazy salsa beat, with the lights spinning all around perfectly in sync with the music. The setlist was a good mix of old and new. There was only one BTCS song, though... luckily it was DDTW, one of my favorites. My section of the lawn was chanting for Two Step, and (whether or not the chants had any effect) we got just that for the second encore. The Stand Up songs translated very well to the live show; the Band seemed to enjoy them, and the crowd ate them right up. The only song that slowed the momentum was Stolen Away, which Dave actually sat through. The audience was great, enthusiastic without being obnoxious. The girl in front of me kept throwing up, but she was being polite about it. Everyone was dancing and cheering... a real nice way to spend the day. Aside from the (unavoidable) overcrowding, it was definitely an A+ show.
My friends and I have hoped for the last eight years that DMB would come and play in our hometown, and Wednesday's performance was definately worth the wait. It was a great mix of new and old. Opening up with Dreamgirl left the audience amazed with what came next, four huge crowd pleasers: OSW, DDTW, Dancing and Crash. Dancing really got the crowd going. the middle part of the show brought newer songs like Hunger, Die Trying and Everyday. Although Everyday is not a personal favorite, it's tons of fun live. BOWA and Warhouse left me speechless and just when I thought the show couldn't get any better, Jimi Thing brought me back to Central Park, complete with Dave's amazing scatting ability and breaking into "Stop, baby what's that sound..." but seeing it in my hometown made it that much better. At that point the band could have walked off stage and I would still consider it as one of the best shows I've been to, DMB or otherwise. Lucky for us they kept rockin'. Stand Up was awesome and Louisiana Bayou is one of my favorite songs on the album and hearing it live made me love it even more. Closing the set with Too Much was just too much to handle. It seemed like the longest break before the encore and although we all knew American Baby was going to be one encore, we weren't sure what the last one would be. Maybe Ants or Tripping, but by no means did I expect Two Step, I almost fell over! It was simply amazing! Overall, I had the best time on Wednesday that I've had at any DMB show: amazing setlist, tight sound and great company, all in the comforts of home. Thanks for making your first (but hopefully not last) trip to NEPA worth the wait!!
My 19th show overall, 3rd and best of the summer so far. Dave came on a little late, but came on with a lot of swagger that i have not seen befor. I was not sure if the fans or dave were more happy the dmb was at montage mountain. The place was loud and the band responded to the appreciation the crowd was showing them. The dream girl opener was not surprising, but not my pick. He played it bueatifully with an equeally great osw in which he threw a little scat in. DDTW was next which really got the crowd dancing like that hole album has grown acustomed to doing. A classic next with nancies which he almost scatted into, the way he opened it. The lawn should have been most exctied about this looking to the sky at a full moon. Crash a little slow as always but a good transition into a few new tunes. Sthfan's ode and die trying. He then played a great every day, bowa, into the fan favorite of warehouse which made a great night get better.

He really slowed it down when he sat on a chair for stolen, but befor i was able to complain the band dropped into an alltime favorite of mine jimi thing in which they played the doors off including another scat by dave, a few decent jams, and a stop now what's that sound. Dave really let boyd back him down and just passed him on to stefan throughout the night but never the less a great song that will never get old.

This was followed by a good stand up and a real good bayou. Seeing him perform bayou with robert randolph i thought was great at pitt. But the band really took it to the next level with this one last night. They played it so well i thought for sure that would be the break, but as they have never dissapointed they came back with an as always jammy too much. This ended that portion of the show and dave strutted back off the stage in the same manner in which he struted on. Dave came on with an expected American Baby which was played to perfection but the high light of the song was when it ended and boyd never took his instrument off of his hip; that meens only one thing when its the encore. The band busted out an amazing two step that really capped one of the top 5 shows i've been to.

Overall the band is bringing the energy with new and old songs so get out and see them. I'll see you all in hersey and then i'm back home to colorado where i can't wait until September.
first off, premier parking didnt work, kinda pissed about it. had to take a shuttle. but, man, my ears are still ringing. outfuckingstanding show, nice venue. when dmb first came out, the place went nutzzzzzzzzzzzz. it was sorta weird for me cuz i love dream girl, but it did take a bit out of the crowd energy. same for OSW. but, as you have read before me DDTW kicked out the jams and nancies was awesome. the slowed down crash was nice. the band really did seem to pick things up whenever a new song was played. after the nancies jam, i could see the early signs of arthritis on dave & step as they clenched and unclenched their hands & fingers. i now blast to too step which was, by far, the best version i have ever heard. everyone, and i mean everyone was moving on the floor. we were fourth row and it was truly awesome. lot of puking and really hammered young persons. other than that, a wicked show.
last night was the first dave matthews band show in northeastern pennsylvania ever! dave and tim have come around a couple times but never the full band and they didnt let us down! this being somewhere in the ballpark of my 45th show i can honestly rank it top 10...the energy from the crowd made brought the best out of the band...after walking in after the howie day opener like i planned i noticed some older faces and younger faces which is something i like to see...the opener was a little weak but they intertwined old and new songs pretty damn well...osw, bowa, ddtw, nancies, warehouse, jimi and a good 2 step encore after american baby had the crowd grooving, but the peak of the show was the everyday...haha...believe it or not, everyday...the have never heard a crowd sing #36 so loudly with everyday...the band seemed almost blown away and gave a performance of everyday as if it were there last...great show and thanks for finally coming to scranton!!!
Bout damn time they got to Scranton. Been looking forward to this day ever since my first Dave show @ the Vet (the last ever DMB how at the Vet). Got there early in hopes of having a enjoyful afternoon, but the security had a different idea pretty much confiscating everyones beverages in our parkign area. But when it came to the show, totally amazing. The new songs with the old. I just loved it.

Kinda of a slow start compared to most of the other shows I have been too, but it actually hit the spot. Dreamgirl & OSW were nice, but the show really got kickin with DDTW; third song of the night and Dave was already scattin. Next was Nancies which included one heck of a jam and then an alltime fav Crash which never disappoints. Hunger was good & Die Trying was awesome, a little harder like Halloween, prob my fav song off the new album, but it draws tough competiton from Louisiana Bayou. After a really driving Die Trying came an Everyday like I have never heard before. the crowd just ate it up. BOWA was as expected, and Warehouse gave us another great jam. Stolen slowed it up as Dave even took a seat for this one. Just as I thought he was going to slow it down a for a while he hits us with Jimi Thing. Amazing jam even better scat. And just when you thought it couldn't get better they roll out Stand Up. Wasn't sure what to expect from it, but they didn't disappoint. Louisiana Bayou is a catchy and fun song and they played it like it was one of the songs from years past. Kinda thought it was gonna be the last one before the break, but then out comes Too Much. WOW!!! That's all I can say. WOW!!! For the encore we got as expected American Baby, but then an unexpected, to me anyway, Two Step. I can't say enough about it. What a way to end the show, possibly the best Two Step I have ever heard. Everyone got involved in the jamming. Perfect ending to a great setlist.

Only drawback to the show was the couple of drunks that kept falling into my friends and I. Plus I was surprised we didn't get anything off Busted Stuff, personally was hoping for Bartender. Hershey saturday, perhaps we'll get it then. :}~
Michael D.
After 10 years and 73 shows they finally play my home town. I'm just writing to give a shout out to my fellow Scrantonians for what was by far the most amazing energy at any show I've ever been too. BY FAR!! Anyone blessed with the gift of eyesight saw that the band heard and felt the raw emotion put out on the mountain last night. Now that I have a real job and can't follow them around anymore, I say thank you, for I will never have to travel 4hrs round trip again.
Aaron S.
For the first time ever dmb has come to scranton pa they rocked the mountain at montage in front of a sold out crowd of 20,000 people it was an awesome show by far i have been to camden new jersy 3 times to see them and once at the veterans stadium in philly in 2001 but this concert the other night was by far the greatest the light show that was put on was also the best thing i have ever see at any concert i have ever been too....It started off with dreamgirl and went on with songs like ddtw and jimi thing and stand up..But best of all was when he played american baby and two step which were the last 2 songs of the night i am a huge 2 step fan and i am sure that i am not the only one out there that wanted to here him sing that i among the other 1,000 or so people screaming that song were excited when he did it....F.Y.I for everyone out there reading this montage mountain was constructed i believe in 2000 and this is the very first time i think it has ever sold out a show ...In closing if you have never been to a dmb concert i suggest you get off the couch and buy some tickets get yourself some beer and enjoy one of the greatest bands to ever grace the stage of any venue out there believe me when i say it probably will be the best live show you will ever attend......
James D.
Holy Freekin Crap! My First time at Montage Mountain (What an awesome venue) great tailgating fun before the show, enjoyed the moutainous landscape. When dmb hit the stage i have never heard a venue so loud, so pumped and so energetic. The band fed off of the audience by pulling off the most loud, energetic performance i have seen from them in 37 shows. Simply awesome, Dont Drink, Nancies, Best of, Jimi, Two Step, Warehouse. And the songs from stand up just keep getting better and better. See you all at Randalls Island NYC.. Have Fun in Hershey and Camden Everyone wish i could make it this year....
awe inspiring. what else can i say. after seeing him 20-some odd times across tha east coast, dave comes to my hometown and laid down o of the best performances i've seen yet. i was proud of my fellow scrantonians for letting him know how greatful we were to have him come here. and even more greatful to the band for feeding off that and letting us have it. i wasnt too crazy about knowing that he was going to play new songs, but my god, i dont know how they do it. every new song they did made me fall in love with it more. i only hope they release a concert like this. dreamgirl, standup, bayou, great light absolutely rocked. i was hoping to hear stone or pig, but they quickly shut me up with their choice of old songs. i think everyone singing #36 put dave over the top and then he knew scranton was the real deal. warehouse also blew me away. i traveled from florida to my home to see dave. something i thought i would never see. and i'll tell ya. i would have walked if that were the case. once again, thank you scranton for making us proud. and a huge thank you to dave and the guys for not writing our little town off and having just as much fun as we had. i would do it all over again in a second, i only hope they join us. AWESOME!!
Neil T.

I kept saying that to myself and everyone around me throughout the show and the feeling seemed to be pretty mutual. It was a simply awesome day of tailgating (although some of the security was a tad pushy, overall they were pretty fair) followed by one of the most amazing DMB shows I could ever imagine. From Dreamgirl, One Sweet World, Nancies, and Crash at the top through Hunger, Die Trying, and BOWA in the middle, the band kept us guessing and on our feet. Awesome jams during DDTW, Warehouse, and Jimi Thing, plus the crowd rabid into helping Dave out with the #36 portions of Everyday, helped carry along the middle. Then in the end, we were blown away by the slow beauty of Stolen Away, the pure energy of Stand Up and Louisiana Bayou, and then the sheer "out of the clear starry sky" amazing closer of Too Much blew us all away! The encore of American Baby and Two Step was icing on a sweet sweet cake.

Bravo, DMB. Hopefully they make it back to this part of the country, for plenty of hungry DMB fans craving another awesome setlist from the greatest band going today. Unbelievable.
First of all this has been my 28th concert and it was unbelievable!!! The atmosphere was nothing to compare to the Pittsburgh show on July 3rd 2000 with the help of the band jamming out to Two Step along with a steady rain and then some fireworks to seal the show. Never the less the temperature and the energy of the crows was AMAZING! Nothing like hearing Nancies, Warehouse, and Jimi Thing!!! I hope DMB makes his way back to Montage and sells out another show. I KNOW THEY WILL BE BACK TO NEPA AND I WILL BE THERE. Peace, Love, and DMB!! :)
James D.
This show was absolutely unbelievable. I saw DMB's June 4th show in Pitt, and this concert was 10 times better! The setlist was phenominal and the energy exertd by the band (especially Mr. Tinsley) was surreal. After hearing don't drink the water and dancing nancies I felt I could go home then and get my money's worth. After that, I expected that I'd hear nothing but Stand Up songs from there on out, but that was far from reality! Dave continued to awe us with a slammer of a setlist, and I couldn't be more greatful. Thanks DMB!
My first show at Montage. Sucked getting up the mountain road, but the venue was my favorite Dave venue ever. Smallish, intimate setting compared with many others. Beautiful, warm summer night. Howie Day played a nice opening set. After a long break, the boys played the finest, highest energy show of the ten I've seen. The crowd was wild, loud, very appreciative and the most knowledgable of any I've heard.

The band blew me away. The energy they brought was so far beyond the many high-energy shows I've already seen. Maybe it was the full moon or the three day break leading-in, but Dave was in strong, strong voice with awesome scatting and yodelling. Every player was at the top of their game. LeRoy looked a little tired, but played with incredible gusto. Carter and Stefan were better than rock solid, Boyd was unbelievable and Butch was the most visible I've ever seen him.

Hadn't totally bonded with Stand Up on disc, but after just a few shows the songs already played like standards. Warehouse and Jimi thang were so effing good. I can't remember which song had the salsa break in it, but I pray that it makes it onto disc or even better DVD. I have to hear and see that again.

This is the only show I'll see this summer, but it was one for the ages. So unbelievably good.

The new light show kicked ass on the old and the camera work on the video screens added details that I've never seen before. Showing Carter's feet stomping on the base drums, tight close ups of Dave's fingering and strumming and Boyd's hands. My fiance and I left so energized that the 5 hour drive back to our vacation at the Delaware beaches went by in a blur of sweet DMB sound.
Robbie A.
This was my first show at Montage and I had my doubts while sitting on the mountain waiting to get in. It was a beautiful night and oh, what a spectacular venue! The tent covering the reserved seating made the crowd noise sound insane and this only added to the Band's most amazing and enthusiastic performance i've ever seen! This was the second of my five shows this summer. I attended the 6/18 show in CT the Sat. before and that one did't even compare! The uniquely designed set and the brand new lights set the atmosphere. Dream Girl is a great opener and One Sweet World seems to always put the crowd in a good mood, especially when Dave scatts towards the end. Don't Drink the Water and Crash are old favorites and Nancies was played with more energy then i've ever seen. Theres something heart-touching when you see the band all have a great time together. The new songs were all welcomed, especially when Dave brought out his chair to play 55th & 3rd on. It was the 5 classics that really stole the show though. Everyday, always a crowd thriller, Too Much with the new(ish) addition, Warehouse and its extended jam accompanied by the lights, and Jimi Thing and Two Step which always blow the audience away. Best of What's Around was a pleasent surprise aswell. I've been to over 10 shows since the winter of '02/'03 and this was, without a question, the best I've seen! Way to go.