Germain Ampitheater, Columbus, OH
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Onstage: 8:29pm
So Much To Say
#41 (Everyday Outro)
Grey Street
American Baby
One Sweet World
Hello Again
Seek Up
You Might Die Trying
#40 (tease)
What Would You Say?
Hunger For The Great Light
Lover Lay Down
Stand Up *
Louisiana Bayou *
Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd

* With Robert Randolph

I went to both shows in columbus this year and the second night was 20 thousand times better than the first night. Pulling out some of his best oldies like #41, seek up, and even a #40 tease. The show was very up beat and the band really kept the crowd going all night. Out of the 11 shows i have been to this is one of my favorites for sure. I haven't checked for recordings yet, bet if you get a chance to get this show, def. take it.
Bryan F.
AMAZING show!!! I'm so happy we heard #41!!! What an amazing setlist. Dreamgirl sounded great. Nice to hear Grey Street. Seek Up---definitley the surprise of the night....and what a great one!! The band played this one for at least 15 minutes!! The best 1 minute of the show was the little #40 Dave gave. He gave it some great lyrics!! Both Crush and Lover Lay Down were unexpected, but awesome. And Finally for the encore my favorite song off the new album Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd. First time all tour they played it! And what can I say about Warehouse......just a unbelievable way to end the show.
Michael L.
Just like last year this show started with rain of course. Robert Randolph played one hell of an opening set. He can certainly play that pedal steel. The set opened with a slowed down version of SMTS which sounded very good. Next came 41 and the crowd lost it. Dreamgirl followed 41 and sounded excellent, then out of no where came a much anticipated Grey Street. Boyd's violin started playing that little pretty opening riff that lead the band up to a sensational American Baby. From this point on things got really intense. From American Baby they took a musical shift and played One Sweet World. It sounded like they wanted to jam it out more, but oh well. Next came the haunting sound that was Hello Again. Carter was having a blast with this one, doing drum rolls like there was no tomorrow. It looked like he was taking his angst out on his drums, it was a sight to behold. The highlight of the show came next, at least for me. Dave started playing the notes to Seek Up and I nearly collapsed. What we ended up with was a 25 minute Seek Up. Carter was having the time of his life on this one. The jam for this one can take you to a higher place! Just when you thought it would end it just kept going! I think he even adlibed some lyrics towards the end. After this one I was pretty much spent, I just thought it could not get any better. It did though, Robby came back out and jammed with the band for Stand Up and then Loiu. Bay. They all danced at the end jam on the Bayou, they were really enjoying themselves. Hell they may consider asking Randolph to join the band. Other highlights included a 40 tease, Crush, Stolen Away, and Warehouse to end the show. My only gripe on warehouse is at the beginning with the stop time intro, I dislike it when the fans do that WOO thang. They should just keep it simple like on Red Rocks.