Dave Matthews Band
Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray
Fool To Think
Dreams of Our Fathers
Mother Father

Little Thing (Tease)
What Would You Say
Warehouse (Stop Time Intro)
When the World Ends *
Fish Monkey Man --->
I Did It +
Everyday (#36) *+
What You Are *
Lie In Our Graves *
Fool To Think +
Angel *+
True Reflections *+
JTR *+
If I Had It All *+
Tripping Billies (Nature Intro)
Digging a Ditch
All Along the Watchtower
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda

Samuel J.
From a quick look at the setlist you can see that the show was solid. It began with WWYS, and Warehouse, which set the tempo perfectly. Dave didn't talk much but he often paused to thank the crowds. I didn't think I would enjoy the Everday songs live, but the ones he played (I Did It, WTWE, WYA, FTT, Angel, and If I Had It All) seemed to fit in nicely. (On a side note, they are much better live than the studio versions, as earlier reviewers have previously stated). The LWS were solid as well with the highlight being the pennywhistle transition from Fish Monkey Man to Bartender. JTR was also a welcome surprise. Diggin A Ditch and Watchtower worked great for the encore and I think this was, top to bottom, the best DMB show I have seen.
Matt M.
Well, my fifth Dave show is over and I must say it was definately one of the best so far. The boys started out flying and kept a good amount of energy flowing during a relatively mellow (song-wise) show. First of all I was suprised to see them dressed rather conservatively (and I am more than happy that Dave is beardless), except for Stefan who looked like he chose his clothes with his eyes shut......I LOVED IT!! Dave picked up the trusty Taylor and wailed out a pretty standard WWYS. Next up was Warehouse which was also pretty standard, however I was diggin' the "Woos!" Dave began to slow things down with Satellite which many people beg not to hear, but I love the song myself. He changed up how he sang the last verse and really wailed away, quite amazing indeed! Next was the first song off Everyday, WTWE. Before the show I could have cared less if he ever played the new songs again, but after tonight, I have new respect for them. WTWE was pretty much the same as the album version, but the cut ending is great. The next song was one of the two biggest higlights of the night. Fish Monkey Man was simply incredible, although my girlfriend and I were about the only ones who recoginzed it before the chorus (Oh well, it will catch on). During the verse about the monkey did I hear "A monkey should know stay up his fucking tree?" I think I did. Anyhow, the transition with Roi's pennywhistle into Bartender was awesome.....Boyd held the first note forever before the rest of the band joined in. I Did It was standard album version, but sounds a hell of a lot better than it used to. Everyday/#36 is probably my favorite Everyday song live. It just makes a person feel good! What You Are was its darkly exciting self with Dave wailing out the opening, well moans I guess you could call them. Next up was the biggest suprise I could have expected. On the way to the show I was saying how I would love to hear "Till we dance away" at the end of LIOG, and sure enough after Boyd and Butch tore some serious shit up, Dave finished off the song with the long lost lyrics (well at least not used so much anymore lyrics.) Fool To Think followed and many people went to the bathroom or hit up the concessions. Angel sounded awesome as well and could very well be the next Crush (speaking of which, does this song still exist? Why isn't he playing it?) True Reflections was standard issue, but Boyd was playing up the crowd as usual and made it even better. If I Had It All kinda lost the crowd again except for the "I'd fuck it up" part, which drew cheers. JTR was amazing as usual with Dave changing up the lyrics as he does so well (and right on cue it began to lightly "Rain down on me"). Tripping Billies finished the set with amazing lights and awesome energy from the boys and left the crowd in a frenzy. This lasted until Dave came out for the encore and after saying it was "Time for quiet time" he busted out Diggin' A Ditch. This was standard but beautiful as usual. Finally Watchtower rocked the house. Highlight of this was Dave messing up the lyrics big time and when the camera zoomed in on him he had a look on his face like "Oops". He covered nicely and sent the crowd home very pleased. Overall I would say this show ranks second out of the five I have seen, and I can only hope tomorrow's show is even better (with a little Crush or Song That Jane Likes, it will be!). Until then though, keep rockin'! Cheers.
Casey M.
Fool to Think- Sounded good, I could hear Butch and the ladies. Dreams of Our Fathers- sounded real nice, I am hoping they'll break it out tomorrow night, I thought I heard the ladies, but I am not sure. Mother, Father- sounded cool, Butch and Boyd took the place of Santana, possible ladies on this also. Angel: Definite Ladies, not bad. Now for the set: What Would You Say: Good stuff, Dave extended his guitar jam a little, always a fun song, got the crowd going immeadiately. Warehouse: Stop time intro, still daylight out so the lights didn't have the full effect. I called it. Always a treat, lots of wooing. Satellite: called this one too. ummm, it seemed longer than usual, and had a nice intro. When The World Ends: after the three song Utttad beginning, I knew an Everyday song was coming. Dave did this thing where he was at the mike and I don't know what he was saying bacause it is impossible to ever tell, but Carter was giving him a back beat. It was like DAve was reeling of some poetry or was rapping almost. Good song, the potential to jam is huge, I wish they wouldn't cut it off. Fish Monkey Man- wow, I really wanted to hear this. Dave started with the fish verse first and then did the man breathing verse next and he did say man, not baby. Then he said "a monkey should know stay the fuck up in your tree." very cool, Leroi did the penny whistle outro right into->Bartender: Another amazing song. Dave is so emotional. Boyd had a solo at the end I didn't remember. Leroi used the penny whistle again at the end of this song. Combining those two songs makes them so epic, definitely one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Truly awe inspiring. I did it: Very energetic. I liked it, it really was good, and it got me moving. 36everyday- Wow again. Awesome song. The ladies actually sound good and add to this song. A long version and Boyd rules with the wah-wah. I definitely am in love with this song. Lie in our Graves- I wasn't expecting it, second time all tour. Boyd tore it up in his solo, and Butch rocked the house. We got "dance away" Very excellent work by Butch and Boyd, pretty long also. Fool to Think- second time ever. VEry good I thought. It is upbeat and soars. The ladies don't do too much. Leroi sounds good. What You Are- felt like an extended intro. Dave was real emotional. I liked this a lot and thought it was a highlight of the show. Dave did like a little scat thing in the beginning. Angel- Pretty good, the ladies are not so great, but it went longer than I expected. Leroi sounds good again. If I had It All- I liked this. The acoustic sounds nice and the ladies aren't too noticeable. It is a solid song. JTR- Great version. The outro is killer, Boyd and Dave broke strings. Everyone was soo into this song. I just love this song live, it is really energy filled. Ladies once again. True Reflections: OK 7th song with the ladies. I was a little sick of them and was praying not to get Stay. Got lucky with that. Gotta love Boyd doing vocals. This was way better than in the past. This was actually a highlight. Boyd's solo was killer and Butch had a great solo also. This was really energetic and the whole crowd seemed to get a boost. Tripping Billies- Very extended Nature intro, longest I have ever heard. Stefan was looking at Carter during the intro with a huge grin. Boyd and Carter were great, Ilove to watch Carter in this song he isreaching all over the place. Boyd tore it up. Very solid version, seemed longer than usual. encore: Diggin a Ditch: I was surprised to hear, but htat was because I hadn't thought of it. I figured a slow song then Watchtower for the encore. Good version, a little guitar intro. SOme people around me had no idea what song it was. Lots of people decided to take the time to get to know their neighbor during this song. I enjoyed it, I like this song. All Along the Watchtower- A damn good version. Best i have seen out of 3 Watchtowers. The lights are crazy. I brought a friend and it was his first show and this was the song he wanted to see, so that was good. Great version, boyd solo first then Leroi. Very electrifying and a good way to close. I am looking forward to tomorrow night, I feel we might get a couple of rarities out. Just a couple. I will say the everyday songs surprised me. I felt they were very good and damn they are upbeat. I enjoyed them all and they have gotten longer I think. I am hoping for a couple less songs witht the ladies being involved tomorrow night. It was a great show and definitely rates fairly highly for me. The setlist, doesn't look great, but believe me you can't make up for the energy the band put out tonight. They were on fire and full of energy, and I don't care what they play when they nail songs like they did tonight with that much energy it makes for a great show. Well that's my review enjoy, If you have any questions about the show just post them and I will get to them tonight or tomorrow. Peace Casey
Nick W.
Set list was pretty good. Considering you know they are going to play at least 5 or 6 everyday songs. great opener in WWYS, and Warehouse is always awesome. The one song i wanted to hear was fish monkey man, so that was a highlight for me. Everyday (36) was the best off the Everyday cd. The people around me who didn't realize he's done that before were surprised. they jammed out LIOG, where dave gave a shout out to butch, carter, and boyd before kicking back into the ending. the last four songs were a good mix. JTR is one of my favorite lilywhite songs. Trippin Billies was probably the highlight up to that point. i can't get sick of that song. The encore of diggin a ditch and watchtower was predicable, but fantastic none the less
Michael H.
Before we even get to the review of tonights show lets just say the rained held off and we had a good night for a show. I made it down for the sound check and I know I heard Dreams of our Fathers and I thought mother father the rest I cannot remember. Now onto the show...When DMB came out Dave was strumming the opening chords of Little Things, I could not believe it I really thought it they were going to play Little Things but then it went into WWYS not a bad intro you could tell it was going to be a good show because the boys had a lot of energy from the get go...Warehouse(stop time) I was sitting in section C row 14 and all of the guys around us got the "woo" going during the stop time, it was a good song I am glad they played it...Satellite nothing great about it...When The World Ends you can tell this is there favorite song off of Everyday, I really like this song and wish they could jam it out more but I still enjoy the cutoff at the end...Fish Monkey Man, I was going nuts I so wanted to hear this song, Dave was making up some new lines and Leroi pulled out the penny whistle, it was sweet how they just went straight into...Bartender, not the best one I have heard but it was still a treat to hear...I Did It, I really did not like this song when it came out on the radio but it wasn't bad live...Everyday(#36) awesome I love how they combine the two songs...What You Are this song a sweet live and I really could see them combining Minarets with this song...Lie In Our Graves oh my god Boyd went nuts he just totally owned this song...Fool To Think kinda slow but it calmed down everyone after Graves...Angel great new songs and I did not mind the lovely ladies on this song...True Reflections really enjoyed the jam at the end it added more energy to the song...If I Had It All my favorite Everyday song, I really love the lyrics so powerful...JTR it would have been cool if it was really raining during this song, good song nothing new or great about it...Tripping Billies what way to end the set this song just totally rocked, Dave broke a string but just changed the chord and keep going, also Boyd went nuts sweet solo by him ...Encore...Digging A Ditch I really did expect to hear this song but it was a treat to hear it again...Watchtower, OH MY GOD!!! This song was nuts, I thought they were going to play it on the second night because of Stefan birthday but I wasn't mad that we had it tonight, Stefan had a great bass solo in the begining and the whole band just went nuts during there solos. All in all this was the best DMB show I have ever seen in Detroit. The boys really looked liked they enjoyed themselves. CoPo is a great place to see a concert and the crowd was not bad at all. Lets hope for a sweet show again tomorrow for Stefan birthday and my 11th show and I will be sitting 2nd Row Section C!!!! Cannot wait...See you all tomorrow night.
Alison S.
The show was definately good, but not one of my favorites. Dave didn't seem to get into the show until the end, and the new "everyday" songs seemed too short. Also, there was something wrong with the sound system. At times his voice sounded muffled and hard to hear. Despite all of these things, Tripping Billies and All Along the Watchtower made up for it. They were awesome!
Glenn S.
Overall, the performance and the setlist was excellent. It had a great mix of the old stuff with the new stuff from Everyday. The highlights were WTWE(a definite crowd favorite), Everyday-#36, Big Eyed Fish, Bartender, What You Are, Billies(The best live version I've ever heard), and Watchtower. The lowlights were Fool To Think, which is not that good on the album and worse live, and Diggin' A Ditch as an encore. Diggin' A Ditch is a great song, but not good enough to be an encore. I also didn't care for the version of JTR that they played. It wasn't bad, but it was really different from any of the studio versions that I have heard. I'm looking foward to another great show tomorrow.
Cecilia S.
Wow!! Amazing is the best way to describe this show. This was my 13th and it ranks very high near the top. Props to all those who were down with my BEF sign. I held it up at the begining of the show and got a nice smirk from Dave. Damn near passed out when they played it. Highlights: Four lillywhites and Diggin a ditch as an encore!!!!!! For me it couldn't get any better. The new stuff also sounded good. Everyday with #36 and the lovely ladies was by far the best. I was jazzed to hear If I Had It All, the best track on the cd as far as I am concerned. All in all, a 9 out of a ten. If you do not have tickets for this tour, go out and get some. From what I have read from the reviews, this is there best tour in awhile. Judging from last night's show they are right. For all you haters, who say they have sold out all I have to say is they are making beautiful music. Lowlights, only a couple....drunk girls, who only want to see "Dave", people who fight, people who rush the stage, and people who talk throughout the show. More props go out to those who let the handicap gentleman see next to me, Guys who had cell phones held up for friends who couldn't be there, folks who knew the lillywhites, and the crowd's respectful behavior during Diggin A Ditch. See you all tonight. I am hoping for another smirk!!
Matt L.
Great show last night. Dave was going crazy. You know when he does giberish that he's in a good mood, and it was giberish all night long. They were driven up to the stage in a van and everyone went nuts. He came up on stage and .... LITTE THING TEASE, he strummed the beginning of little thing and went up to the mic like he was gonna sing and said..."how y'all doing this evening!" Then just started laughing, it was cruel. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY,
Matt L.
I am sitting in the U of Michigan graduate library writing this so I'll keep it short. Great show last night. Dave was going crazy. You know when he does giberish that he's in a good mood, and it was giberish all night long. They were driven up to the stage in a van and everyone went nuts. He came up on stage and .... LITTE THING TEASE, he strummed the beginning of little thing and went up to the mic like he was gonna sing and said..."how y'all doing this evening!" Then just started laughing, it was cruel. WWYS, Killer roi solo, deicent opener, no Say-Bye like last year. WAREHOUSE awesome, I didn't expect to here this one for some reason. SATELLITE, he did the guitar intro which was cool, and a killer ending. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS...sweet intro, this is where the girberish started. Dave did some sort of rap thing while Carter and Stephan played some beat to fit in. Dave got all messed up in this one and just sang "and I'm all tounge tied." FISH MONKEY MAN. Amazing...me and the guy next to me (Mike) were the only ones in the area who knew it and could sing along. The one song I really wanted to hear and it was unreal! --> PENNYWHISTLE, too cool, he brought out again at the end of...BARTENDER, this was my first time getting to hear this and it was just so powerful! I DID IT...either last night or tonight so....EVERYDAY-->36, the wah peddel is sweet, honey honey(hani hani) is awesome too. Went on forever. LIE IN OUR GRAVES! all I can say is...BOYD BOYD BOYD....then BUTCH BUTCH BUTCH...boyd went on and on...then Butch went on even longer. It was the longest Butch solo I've heard, longer then any of last years shows. FOOL TO THINK, Dave pulled out a new red electric for this. Awesome guitar, this song is awesome too, one of my faves off of ED, and it was nice to hear. WHAT YOU ARE, this could be the most powerful song off of the new album and really got the crowd up. ANGEL, ok now the ED songs were starting to get old. This one was a sing along though amazingly enough so....IF I HAD IT ALL, probably most like old DMB off the new album, but I would have enjoyed it more, somewhere else in the setlist. JTR, ok that 12-string is just awesome, this song is just awesome. The outro was killer. TRUE REFLECTIONS, well second show in a row at COPA with this tune...the one song I didn't want to hear, but I got it so I enjoyed it, fun tune though. Boyd's solo really got the crowd into it. TRIPPING BILLIES. They were fixing something with Carter's drums and the Nature intro went on for at least two mins. Then he broke a string and just changed the chords he was playing...so awesome, such a sweet closer, probably the most energy out of the whole night! ------- DIGGIN A DITCH, first time I had heard it live, gorgous song, doesn't get enough credit. WATCHTOWER, Dave got tonge tied again a just made up some lyrics, it was real cool. Boyd and Roi's solos kicked ass, and Dave was having tons of fun with this one. Stephan's solo at the begging was also just outragous! All in all, it was a good concert, a lot of ED stuff, but it was still sweet. The entire row of people over 30 behind us was awesome(literally a whole row, on the floor none the less.) Dave was havin a ton of fun so that made for a great evening...see you all tonight.
Marissa H.
After traveling 3 hours w/ my friend Megan to Detroit, i was hoping for a great show and got everything i wanted and more. the boys opened up w/ 3 older songs-WWYS,Warehouse and Satellite,i was hoping for a Seek Up, but oh well.WTWE is great live and definitely a crowd fave.Then the best part of the show(in my opinion)Fish Monkey Man into Bartender. holy shit was this amazing. i wanted so bad to hear this combination, and it lived up to my expectations.Both are so intense and are played w so much energy. I Did It followed, nothing special. 36-Everyday-36 was great to hear live too. this is one of the few songs where i actually like the 'lovely ladies.' What You Are is another good one off the new album, much better live. Then a 16 min version of LIOG. FANTASTIC.love this song and it never gets old. FTT was great to hear. i think it was only the 2nd time the boys have played it this tour. Angel and True Reflections were pretty standard. JTR, love this song, glad i got to hear it. If I Had It All was alright, but closing the set w/ Billies was so strong, it was a really high energy version.Great solo by Boyd. Digging A Ditch was a great lead into an intense Watchtower. I really wanted Two Step as a closer,and nothing was played from BTCS but ya can't win em all. Overall it was one of the best sets i've seen in my 8 DMB shows. if anyone has it please email me for a trade. thanks! see ya'll in Buffalo :) ps-it was a great time shortstack
Boyd Steals Comerica-My 6/3/01 Thorough Review Well I got there around 4, in plenty of time to buy some t-shirts and settle in for the show. Seats in section C, 6 rows back, were unbelievable, thanks so much to Fairyee and the Warehouse for making it all possible. My first show in almost 3 years, I had been going through withdrawl. Opening act Anquen djl did have a nice sound to herself. I guess that my only issue is that when in America we speak. that's right English, and I guess that I would have enjoyed her set a lot more if I could have understood even a single word in what she sang. Onto Macy Gray, very similar in my opinion to the opening act, yet with that English element I thoroughly enjoyed. She could have played her one popular song and gotten off, that would have been fine with me, but as far as opening acts go, she was all-right. Certainly played well to the crowd, not sure how many times she told us to "Get up off your asses and dance." To the big boys. holy $hit Boyd Tinsley ruled the night. He started jamming on WWYS and didn't stop from there on out. The dreads were a flopping right along with his head, and he was loving every minute of it. BUT the whole band, everyone included, was smiling and laughing and chit chatting like I've never seen them before. They looked to be enjoying themselves, the crowd and the music, like a band very proud with where they are. TONS of energy, from the band to the crowd, really a special show to see. But the first night of Comerica belonged to Boyd, as will be seen when I go though a song by song review now. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY-a great opener. really got the crowd into the show, upbeat and jammed out, by Boyd especially; I'll admit that I was hoping for a #41 opener, but after hearing this I couldn't have been happier; WAREHOUSE (Stop-time intro)-"WOOOOO". oh this song was spectacular, as soon as you heard the first strum you knew what was coming, and the crowd loved it just about as much as Dave and the boys. when the "Woo" started at the beginning, he had a grin on his face and a hop in his step that made it quite clear this show was going to be something special; SATELLITE-I actually predicted that this was coming next, I just sort of felt it. once I heard it I knew we would hear no Crash, which was sort of good based on the behavior of the 2 girls down the row from me (more on that soon). pretty standard version, but a great tune anytime hearing it live; WHEN THE WORLD ENDS-our first new tune of the night, I really do like this one, the band seems to really have it rocking and fine tuned, Butch Taylor on the keys really added a lot to this one, too; BIG EYED FISH-my personal highlight of the night. once I heard it started I was thrilled, it was the song I most wanted to hear, and they did not disappoint at all. I don't know what else to say other than awesome; BARTENDER-you knew it was coming when you heard LeRoi playing at the end of BEF, again a fairly standard version. yet when you are 6 rows from the stage, I guess nothing is really too standard!!!; I DID IT-really played this one well, I was sort of hoping to not hear it since I've heard it so much, but it was placed in the show well. Dave had a huge grin through the whole song, too; EVERYDAY (#36)-"Hani hani. come and dance with me. Pick me up love". this song is really something special, and the lovely ladies added a lot to it; another chance for some jamming with Boyd, a great version; WHAT YOU ARE-another new song, and another one of my favorites from off the new album. in my opinion this is the most polished song from off of the Everyday CD; LIE IN OUR GRAVES-holy Boyd Tinsley. to be honest, this is a song that I have a tendency to skip right over when listening to my live CD shows, but WOW, I wanted the jamming to go on and on and never stop. Boyd led the way, it was beyond awesome, I've never seen someone move around quite like the way he did from start to finish on this song. we'll call it my surprise favorite of the night; FOOL TO THINK-if I had to pick let downs from the set, this would have been one of the 2. granted, it is only the second time that this has been played ever live, but they could have found a better one in it's place. still though, from row 6, I wasn't complaining; ANGEL-I was hoping to hear this since I knew Crash wasn't coming, what a wonderful, beautiful song. again, the ladies add so much to this, just help to bring it out that much more, I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't just love hearing this song; TRUE REFLECTIONS-it's BOYD time again ladies and gentlemen. he sang with a massive grin on his face, while the rest of the band watched and danced and had a wonderful time with him. and to top off Boyd's singing, he threw in a wicked jam at the end, and with the help of the lovely ladies made another one of my not-favorite songs a highlight for the night; JTR-not a whole lot to say about this one, another pretty good song that had everyone dancing around. just as Dave started with the "Rain. rain. rain down on me." we all started to enjoy a little sprinkle, pretty cool; IF I HAD IT ALL-another highlight from the show, this was another one I really wanted to hear, there is no song from the new album that is played or sung with the emotion of this one, Dave really lets it all out and set us up for the high that we would all experience with the closer of the set; TRIPPING BILLIES-I did not want to hear this song. not at all; somehow, however, I was blown away. wow, with the lights on the stage at their peak, the band exploded in this one, yet another BOYD TINSLEY jam closed out an amazing set. I was hoping to hear Ants with this one, but I couldn't have been happier as I prepared for the encore; DIGGIN A DITCH-with the lovely ladies, I was sure we'd hear something like a Long Black VeilStay encore, but I was glad we didn't. Diggin a Ditch was sort of slow, and not my personal favorite, but they played it out well, and any part of me that didn't like this song forgot all about it when I heard Stefan starts strumming the guitar. for I knew what we were about to experience; ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER-yes, finally I heard it live. to anyone who has never been to a DMB show, you have no idea what this song entails. when you are sitting in the trenches with the sound loud and the people dancing all around, this song beats them all. what emotion, I didn't know what to say as I was leaving the stadium. as far as I'm concerned, they could have played this as the only song all night, and I would have left a very happy man. Well I guess that's about it. thanks to anyone who managed to get all the way through this. special thanks and love to my girlfriend for her awesome navigational skills to Detroit and around Comerica Park (what a beautiful venue); I didn't get all the songs I wanted, but especially with a 2 night set that's impossible, and I am so thrilled with the setlist I got. To those who sat NOT on the floor. you really missed out. I walked up during one song, and it just wasn't the same, its so quiet, so different of an experience (which tells me why I didn't enjoy my last DMB show all that much), to be down low on the floor is something else, and if you ever get the chance to experience it, DO IT. And to the 2 girls in section C, row 6, who were nearly having sex with one another, get yourselves a damn room next time. The hugging and kissing were fine, but please not while I'm trying to watch the show.
Danny D.
I have to say that I was pretty disappointed with last night's show. The sound was horrible, the crowd was even worse, and the set was mediocre at best. It was my first concert at Comerica Park and only my second time being there. I can't say that I'm impressed with it after seeing the show. The crowd was really bad too...the only time they really got loud was during Tripping Billies. No energy whatsoever. There were however, some highlights on the night. The band played Big Eyed Fish. (If anybody saw the people with the baby blue "Play Big Eyed Fish" teeshirts - that was me and my friends) We had been praying for that one. Warehouse was beautiful, as was a lot of the new stuff. The highlight for me was that 19 minute 30 second Lie In Our Graves jam. It was awesome when everyone had their lighters up during the mellow jam. The lack of BTCS material disappointed me, as did the fact that 11 songs of 17 were from Everyday or the Lillywhites. Hardly any older stuff. I don't know though. Even though I was disappointed, I was there, watching my favorite band do their thing.
Jordan B.
Wow! I never thought a crowd could be so dank at the start of a show and so hyped near the end. I mean, it's not like Dave opened with three tunes off Under the Table - oh wait - that was WWYS, Warehouse, and Satellite, wasn't it? Anyone home? Nonetheless, Comerica Park is a great venue, and you could tell that Dave and the boys were very much into playing tonight. For those of you who had doubts like I had about the viability of the new songs on tour, you may put those to rest. They all sound much better live, without all that synthesized crap. What you are is awesome live, and the fact that #36 got worked into Everyday was amazing. Another highlight for me was the ridiculous (in a very good way) length of LIOG. Definitely over 20 minutes with two amazing solos from Butch and Boyd. The fact that we heard 4 tunes from the Lillywhite era was fantastic - Fish Monkey Man is a great assimilated riff. Boyd sounded particularly good in TR and his solo in Billies was so good. Leroi was his usual great self, and sounded phenomenal on the lute during the intro to Bartender. Stefan's solo intro to Watchtower was sick as always, as he hit harmonics which are impossible (according to Stacy). Watchtower, being the best closer of all time, stood true to its title, and I've never seen Dave sing it so passionately. Gentleman, we'll see you in Buffalo. Canada loves you DMB!
Tony W.
one word can sum up this concert: UNFORGETTABLE. This, being my first DMB show, was one i shall never forget. Since i'm a HUGE fan of the older stuff, this was AWESOME!!!! i truly wasn't expecting Big Eyed FIsh, my all-time fave! and i thought the combo of #36 into Everyday was sweet! overall, i thought it was the best concert i've ever been to. Far and away!
Dan C.
I have been a fan of the band for a while now and this was my first show i have been too. The opening act of Macy Gray wasn't all that great but i had to live with it. Then the band came out and did three classics to start-WWYS,Warehouse, and satellite. The Everyday-36 combo was done very well. Bartender with a great intro with Fish Monkey Man. Then I Did It actually was very good and got everyone going. All this was great but the highlight was Lie in Our Graves, this was one of the best jams i have ever heard. It must have gone at least 20 minutes. Fool To Think and Angel were good, True Reflections had a great jam. JTR was great. Then Tripping Billies was phneominal, the lights were just awesome. The encore was good with an awesome version of diggin a ditch, and of course a great Watchtower. Thats it an overall great show.
Jen P.
We got pretty lucky for this one. We just barely missed the rain and were given an excellent show! WWYS started off the night just fine. Personally, although I'm a fan of nearly every song, I could have done without Wherehouse and Satelite, just because they're played so often... but it was still great. Bartender was a wonderful surprise, I didn't expect to hear it. I guess in general I didn't know what to expect from the show, but I was very pleased with the set list. For me the show really picked up at LIOG. I love that song and hearing FTT right after it made my night... almost as much as if they would have played I'll Back You Up... almost. If I Had It All, JTR, and Tripping Billies made the end of the show absolutely alive. I feel the encore with Watchtower was somewhat of a let down after that ending. I really like Digging a Ditch and I heard it last summer and have in on a tape, but I wish the sound had been a little better or something so that I could understand it more. Dave looked incredible and intense during Digging a Ditch and it was simply a powerful piece last night. Wish I could go tonight too!!!
Ben G.
Well, this last show just summed up my argument for no more stadium shows, just ampitheaters. After an awesome bartender, I was kicked out for smoking. This is not usually a problem in ampitheaters. When my sister and I stood outside the entrance, we could here the band fine and heard a tight LIOG. However, crowds of people were walking out. What? The show lacked major energy as well. Those tickets could have gone to deserving fans who would love to stay for the whole show. Ampitheater shows bring more energy, more devoted fans, and less restrictions. Not to mention cheaper ticket prices. I would be going to the show tonight, but at $50 a ticket, DMB is no longer worth it to me.
Charlie O.
Concert number 11 for me since 1997. Out of those 11 this was one of the more disappointing and frustrating shows I've been too. I did have front row tickets which was great, but all the annoying high school kids that kept trying to scam their way in front of me was starting to get on my nerves. The show started out with a bang. The Little Thing tease, if you want to call it that, was cool. He just strummed the first two chords a couple of times. I was at the Riverbend show last year when he did that, and actually played the song. WWYS was a good opener and Warehouse was great as well. I wish I would have left after Fish Monkey Man->Bartender however. Bartender was beautiful and almost brought a tear to my eye. The new songs were PAR at best. WTWE was good, as well as Everyday, but the others just don't have a live feeling to them. I could have sat down and wrote out this setlist before the show and would have guessed 90 percent correct. DMB is starting to become way too predictable and somewhat boring on stage. I'm going to both Soldier Field shows and if those are similar to what I witnessed last night, I will be taking a break from attending DMB concerts until they return to their roots of solid setlists and improvisations of old.
Roger R.
Okay, this show kicked ass.. Bottome line. Macy Grey sucked, but who cares. Then a little tease of little thing, into WWYS.. excellent. I thought the set list was really good, i was hoping for some Ants or Two-Step.. but i didn't matter.. the show was great.. one of the best i've ever seen. Oh yea, and who ever that one drunk idiot was that had to stand on his chair on main floor, thanx alot.. that made every single person stand on their chairs all night long.. but it was definetely worth it, even when it started raining during Watchtower.. my two cents..
Kenneth O.
I thought as a whole this was a very good concert, but could have been MUCH better. Macy Gray was pathetic, as well as Comerica Park's whole "you need a bracelet to buy beer" scheme. Here I am looking EVERYWHERE for somebody or a sign where bracelets are sold to no avail. Finally, I get to my seats (which were "center stage" but set waaay back behind home plate) and I see that there is a huge tent (used to cover the audio/video equipmen) blocking half of the stage's view. No matter, I was so far away that you HAD to use the four huge monitors. The band was in excellent energy throughout the concert, but I thought the setlist could have been a little better. They Opened with WWYS and Satellite among the first 3 songs, but they then proceed to play 6 or 7 Everyday songs. (with a few notable exceptions like Bartender which was excellent!) Now promoting your new album is one thing...but to let it dominate your concerts and THEN not even play the biggest hit FROM that CD (The Space Between) is idiotic. I could feel the entire crowd waiting for it and waiting for it, but then never getting it. At least we had Tripping Billies to release our pent-up energy at the end. All in all, a great band playing a great concert, but with such a large crowd, IMHO, it wouldnt have hurt to have a few more singalongs.
Jeff K.
Well the drive in from cleveland and no sleep until after an 8 hour work day was worth it. If you saw the set list you might think that it was just all his new stuff. Yea it was and the four lilly white songs took me by suprise. You have to expect that he would play his new stuff considering that is what he is trying to promote. But the old stuff was so worth hearing....The first three songs were the hits you know the stuff everyone knows. I was just so damn happy to hear warehouse....Its so awesome live and i havent seen it in a few years. Fish monkey man was great to hear cuz thats one you dont hear often. Then some bartender.....This was great I have just seen it at the last 3 shows...my note (grey street) I thought it was over for the LW stuff when Dave went back for the electric....Some I DID It, then Everyday with T,C, and B. People dont like them, I think they are great and add to the show. First time I have seen them in 5 shows. Then we had the best song of the night, which i have to say is the best live song Dave plays... LIOG!!!!!!!!!! Boyd this was your show man, I wanted to hear that solo so bad cuz the last 3 shows i have been to you guys haven't played that...How but some So Right to follow that one up boys...that would have made this show a 10 but you went into Fool to Think...a little disapointment.....but hey IF I Had It All, (which was yet to come) Some TR was great too...Boyd if you want to get laid(not that you have a problem) i'll hook you up with the girls in front of me... every solo you did tonight they went nuts. Then JTR was a suprise another LW song...Billies to close the show made my night! Then some more LW stuff (DAD)to encore the show...I was thinking Space Between into some Watchtower but only got one of the two....Dave you pissed off the hot chicks in front of me with that move....but it was all good.... All in all the show was an 8....i just love the old stuff so much i need to here some #40, #41, OSW, Crush, Lover Lay Down and Ants for it to be a 10... Work those in next time Dave...(HEY JUST PLAY FOR LIKE 5 HOURS.) I'll cya in Chicago!!!!!
Varun S.
Amazing show. Absolutely phenomenal. Everyone said that Comerica was a bad venue last year, but they must have fixed all the problems because it was unreal on Sunday night. Opening with some classics was a good idea, but the end of the show just blew everyone away. Tripping Billies was unreal with Carter beating up the drums and Boyd doing his thing. More energy than i have ever seen in my life from a band and from an audience. And of course, watchtower was typical but the energy was there. and they gave stefan a little solo at the beginning. bartender was another highlight with a nice little jamn session. the new stuff was good because dave was pouring it all into his singing, so its not so bad that they dont jam. and one eyed fish got played, so that helped the lillywhite cause..only complaint? no two step...guess i'll have to go to more shows
Matthew G.
FIRST THE HIGHS: A van pulled onto the field, drove to the stage, band jumped out(everybody screams). A few minutes later, they're playing. They waste no time in getting it going. Gotta love it. My section--Poor neighbors can hurt one's experience(See Alpine Valley, Summer '00). However, we had young, old, first timers, veterans, all energetic, and no one was sitting. There were a couple of hard core drinkers, but nothing that was a distraction. Also a large bonus was the lack of time between songs. Kept momentum up and the crowd stayed in it. Ah yes, the songs! WAREHOUSE--A favorite of mine, and always a crowd pleaser, Boyd was having too much fun. So were we. SATELLITE--I have heard this song live many times, and it can sometimes just be filler. However I was quite impressed by the way Dave belted this one out. Very hard, had a good edge to it. WHAT YOU ARE--Good song, Great lighting, newfound respect for this tune. LIE IN OUR GRAVES--I have been reading rave reviews about this song this summer. I was glad I got to see it for myself. Best song of the concert. Very well executed, the lighters were out and this is the song that will define this show for me. I don't know the time on this one(I was too busy taking it in), but they jammed forever and left it all on the stage when they were done. Carter for President. FISH MONKEY MAN-->BARTENDER--Leroi and Boyd. 'Nuff said. IF I HAD IT ALL--Crowd was into it, band was on the money, an insightful tune. Butch Taylor--Best jamming I have seen on the keyboards to date. I noticed he now has four new boards and he's really blending well with the band. A helluva lot of talent in that man's fingers. The Lovely Ladies--Usually I'm not a fan of them as they tend to be repititious, but tonight they added a little something extra that complimented the mood well. AND THE INEVITABLE LOWS: The obviously drugged girl in section 118 who appeared to be 15 years old giving a half hour grinding lap dance to a man that was old enough to be her grandfather. Get a room. No one wants to see that. That image still haunts me. THE VOLUME--It was too low, friends in the upper deck had a hard time hearing, lower deck was also muted, and we were staring directly at a speaker tower. WARNING-RUMOR FOLLOWS! According to some of the roadies who stayed at our hotel and helped us drink our beer, the Detroit Police put a lid on the sound level. Didn't want to upset the neighbors, I guess. Got a backstage pass out of it after the show, but it's a nice souvenir. I DID IT--Hit the bathroom, bought some overpriced refreshments. The loud audio glitch that also briefly killed the video screens and stopped Don't Drink the Water while still in the intro. Bummer. Macy Gray, et al.--15 people on stage, not an ounce of talent among them, no stage presence, crowd in turn was fickle and disinterested. Will be forced to see that again in Chicago. THE VERDICT: Put 1300 miles on my car for it, and well worth every one of them. #4 of my 12. Can't wait for Soldier Field.
Amanda J.
This was my 16th show and I have to rate it dead last. Bad crowd, bad crowd control, no energy from the band early on, average setlist. I'm getting tired of the drunk high school girls running around asking if they can stand behind me or if I've seen their shoes or something. I had 6th row right in the center and all I got was girls on shoulders and pushing and fighting and little time to enjoy what I came for. The shows are turning into opportunities to show off cell-phones and see how much beer can be consumed in the two and a half hours Dave and the boys are on stage. As far as the music itself went, the first few songs lacked energy, and even Bartender seemed a little lackluster. It wasn't until What You Are that I started feeling it again and I thought Fool to Think was a nice surprise soon after. Not too big on Everyday like everyone else, but it was nice to see those songs played. Digging a Ditch was a nice start to an encore ended with a predictable Watchtower. Fish Monkey Man wasn't what I had hoped for. Dave seemed really fucked up all night and never seemed to recover. I hope it's not me and it was just an off night for the band. Tomorrow night should rock after this disappointing show! 4/10?
Will K.
Great show and good setlist. Wierd to see them open with WWYS but still good. The show had a good mix of new and old stuff. I still find it wierd to see Dave with an electic in his hand, but he played it well. The lovely ladies were with them and they were ok. I would like to see another tour with out them but oh well. It was awesome to hear Big Eyed Fish(from Lillywhite sessions). Biggest thrill of the evening was hearing Watchtower as the closer. I had heard it once previously, but this time it was from the 10th row and I could see the emotion in Dave face and that made the jam much better. Overall it was a good show and I can't wait for the next Michigan show.
Mitch P.
BOOOOOYYYDDDD! That's all i can say about this convcert. WWYS- I came in expecting to hear the 36/Everyday song for the 1st song. Execellent choice though, Warehouse- Always a favorite, stop time intro, Satellite- wasn't dark enough, lighters were ineffective, WTWE- hated studio version, live version brought me to a new liking, FMM- My new favorite Lillywhite song, very excited to hear it, Bartender- Great Jam at the end, I Did It- can't say that i have ever liked this song, Everyday- now this song is what i'm talkin bout! i loved the #36 jam at the end!, What You Are- Ballard song, wasn't too impressed with the live version, LIOG- 2 words....Boyd Tinsley, Fool to Think- unlike WYA, i like this Ballard song live, Angel- Lovely Ladies really brough out this song!, True Reflections- Once again BOYD! Trippin Billies- MORE BOYD! Watchtower - Classic Finish.... All around solid show! Great job boys!!!!
Jacob B.
What a concert. Dave came out with a couple of classics in What Would You Say and Warehouse which really got the crowd going. Bartender was awesome, the second best of the night. I wasn't expecting the stuff off his new CD to be all that great, but I was way wrong. What You Are and When the World Ends were great and Everyday really got the crowd going. But without a doubt, the encore was the best. While Diggin a Ditch wasn't all that special, All Along the Watchtower was unbelievable. Dave was fucking crazy. Great concert.
This was a really good show. WWYS-odd to have as an opener, but i liked it. WAREHOUSE-stop time intro is cool, especially w/ the "woos" in between. FMM(BEF)-one of my favorite of the lillywhites, it rocked!! I DID IT-sounded like cd. EVERYDAY/36-neat blend w/ lovely ladies. LIOG-one of the best times of the nights, Boyd and Butch rocked on this. JTR-my fav of the lillywhites, sounded sweet live! TB-one word, CRAZY!! DAD-nice mellow song to open encore. BASS INTRO -> AATW-my favorite part, Stefan's solo was ridiculous, it was sweet! This was my first time hearing Watchtower, so I was sent home on a good note. Openers stunk, especially Macy Gray, I can't stand her. Also, the pot smokers stunk too, even with it being outdoors, it smelled bad from it near me. but i had great seats so in all, it was a great time
Elizabeth K.
Although all of the other reviews for this concert were positive, I have to say that Dave thouroughly disapointed me on Sunday night. I have been to 9 Dave shows, and this one was definetly at the bottom. The setlist was short and filled with Everyday songs. It seemed like Dave never really got into it until he played "Watchtower" at the end. He slightly redeemed himself with "Billies" and "JTR," but as a whole the concert was not worth $60. I am especially disapointed that the set was considerably better and longer for Monday night's show... which I find odd since most of the Warehouse people were at Sunday's show...
[Name R.
Alright, well, I was at the 6.3 show but I didn't get a chance to go to 6.4... 6.3 was my first DMB show and I totally loved it. Everyone is saying how great the 6.4 show was and yes, the setlist does look great for that show but I am happy that i went to the first night. On Sunday we got Big Eyed Fish-->Bartender, Everyday (#36), and Lie In Our Graves. I wouldn't trade those four songs for anything realistic (not counting Pig or any other total rarity). But we also got a very solid show in my opinion. If you just look at the setlist you would probably think that a lot of the songs were just routine but like I said it was my first show so I was really happy to see songs such as WWYS, Warehouse, and dare I say, Satellite. Tripping Billies was totally amazing, there was just so much energy. The same goes for Watchtower. And Boyd was just on fire the whole night. The energy that he alone gave off to the crowd was a real site to see. We even got a Little Thing tease! In my opinion, it was a great great show. Probably a show you would have to attend to realize how great it was but it was awesome.
[Name R.
Hey y'all how you doin ? DMB took the stage after a horrible Macy Gray preformence, Angelique Kidjo was pretty cool though. Well The boys took the stage, I was expecting a little jam before they rolled into a song, but all we got was like 2 chords of "little thing," nobody really picked up on it except me and my buddy mike, thtat was cool. WWYS was a solid opener, Dave was on from the minute he walked on stage. WAREHOUSE is always great to hear live, it is one of my favorite songs, but I wish Dave would put more emphasis on the part where he says "that's my blood down there," like a little delay like in Don't Drink The Water, that would be pretty tight. Although I did not really want to hear it the band played SATELLITE next it's always good the hear, I guess WHEN THE WORLD ENDS !!!, "we'll all be burnin' one!" everyone lit up and the stadium smelled like a gonja factory, I most enjoyed it, BIG EYED FISH(FISH BIRD MONKEY MAN), it was great to hear some lillywhite material, the BARTENDER totally blew me away, I DID IT was solid, it has come a long way since they preformed it on Letterman, TRL, and SNL. #36-EVERYDAY-#36 was really great, I wished they would straight up play #36, but what can I say. WHAT YOU ARE- flat out amazing, I love that middle eastern arabian sound the they brought into it. LIE IN OUR GRAVES- they played it for like 30 minutes, Boyd, and Butch had some phat solo's, by far this is my favorite song to hear live, FOOL TO THINK-I was a fool to think this song was not very good before I heard it live, ANGEL was tight, TRUE REFLECTIONS- great to hear, most enjoyable, JTR "rain, rain" blew me away, IF I HAD IT ALL - I was hoping they would play it and "if I had it all i'd fu*k it up," everyone of us down in the outfield went wild. TRIPPING BILLIES WAS NEXT, it was great, but I went for some food during it cause I really had the munchies, as I was walking up to they concession stand I realized that the nature intro had sorrt of a cartoonish vibe to it. Now let's move on the they greatest part of he show, Dave came out and gently said, "it's quiet time," everyone who didn't know what they were playing thought it was "the Maker," but it DIGGING A DITCH, this song is absolutly amazing. After that I knew they were gonna bust out with something real loud to blow us all away before we left, I was expecting Don't Drink the Water, or Ants, but it was not to be, DMB busted out with a phatty phat version of ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER, Oh my God, after an amazing stefan solo, I was getting all gitty, I have heard watchtower 5 times live, and this was by far the best version that I have ever heard. . . .All in all it was a great show, I'll be down there tomorrow for the next show, I'll see ya all again, Peas In The Valley.