Dave Matthews Band
Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

1, 2, 3, 4
Cumbia De Los Muertos
Super Bowl Sundae
Como Vez
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Ground On Down
Burn to Shine
Excuse Me Mister
Burn One Down
Manic Depression
Steal My Kisses
Seek Up (Dave solo)
instrumental jam -->
True Reflections +
Stay +
Busted Stuff +
onstage 8:53 PM
Say Goodbye *
Grey Street *
Warehouse (stop time intro) *
One Sweet World (instrumental intro) *
Drive In, Drive Out *
Lie In Our Graves *
Busted Stuff +*
True Reflections +*
Satellite *
Sweet Up & Down *
Lover Lay Down *
Don't Drink the Water *
JTR +*
Stay +*
The Maker *
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) * -->
Too Much *
offstage 11:22 PM

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals

Adam B.
Coming off the Deer Creek shows, I wasn't expecting them to be topped, let alone given competition, but they were DEFININITELY challenged. SAY GOODBYE as an opener???? Oh well, who cares, it was aweeeeesome, Carter had the standard (if you can call it that) intro, and though it was a traditional version, it was a fantastic opener. GREY STREET, by far my favorite new song, I was not expecting to hear it this early, but oh well. My seats were 6th row dead center, and to begin I could only really hear Dave playing and singing, probably because his amp was directly in front of me. WAREHOUSE, complete with the Stop-Time, excellent version as always. ONE SWEET WORLD, sadly, this song was ruined by idiots plowing their way up the aisle. Now, I don't mind people dancing with each other, but I do mind people dancing with each other ON me. Sooooooo annoying, but security finally arrived. From what I could pay attention to, OSW was beautiful. DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT, not a favorite of mine, but it always gets me going! LIE IN OUR GRAVES, I'll say the same two words everyone else always does...BOYD TINSLEY. Hooooooooooooooly smokes, every time I hear this song he seems to make it better, this may have been the highlight. BUSTED STUFF. All right!, I'm thinking, new song, very very sweet by the way, then, from the darkness, emerges the Lovely Ladies. Oh god no. I guess Dave couldn't hear my screams of "Nooooo!," and "Take them away!," but oh well. In my opinion, they ruin a perfectly good song (and I am not a Lovely Ladies basher). TRUE REFLECTIONS, now I think that the ladies belong on this song, and it was all around solid tonight. SATELLITE, the one song I do not want to hear. My screams of "Noooo!" attracted many a stare this time, but at least they know my cause, unfortunately, no one knows what After Her is, and I think that includes the band. SWEET UP & DOWN, if nothing else, it shut up the girl behind me, it wasn't so much the song request, it was her voice, igggh. This was a good version, I haven't been into this song through MP3's, but this changed my mind--"I believe in love....", I love that line! LOVER LAY DOWN, they've only played this one other time on tour to my knowledge, and I was there, fortunately, it wouldn't be the only song of that varitey (see encore!), and this was a solid version, so sweet. DON'T DRINK THE WATER, I'm pleased it's not overplayed anymore, and I've always liked this song, the emotion on Dave's face was unreal, and the big screens featured video clips. JTR, Lovely Ladies again, but they're not the problem the problem is, WHERE IS THE REFRAIN? Geez this song needs it back. On the upside, this outro is INSANE. STAY, I knew it was wishful thinking that this wouldn't be the closer, since it has now become, THE closer. I don't have any problem with this song until the end. Seriously, they need to limit it to about 15 stays max. As for the encore.......THE MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! talk about a way to make a night. At this point the Crash girls had broken through security and I had one behind me on my chair, one behind me, two next to me who bumped into me perpetually, and one the front of me holding the bag into which I could throw up. Thank god I looked passed them and I enjoyed this song to its fullest. I never would have thought they would have played it, but THEY DID!!! SO MUCH TO SAY----->ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE----->TOO MUCH, I really like this combo, as I closer, I dunno, but I really like it. Great intensity, and everyone has got to love "F$ck it up..." Overall, I think that this was an excellent show. I was very surprised with the setlist, I mean, we didn't get a radio song until 9 songs in, and keep in mind, this is a one night stand at a stadium. I really like the way things are shaping up this tour, say what you will about the Lovely Ladies, I wasn't looking forward to them as much as anyone, but you really don't notice them, and the only song you can really argue they ruined was Busted Stuff. Comerica is a good venue, I was pleased to be a part of the first concert there. If there was one downside, it would definitely be the crowd. As I said, I'm all for dancing and cuddling, just make sure I'm not in between. It's been a great tour for me, but we're what, 11 or so shows in and I'm done! Oh well, y'all have A LOT to look forward to, Dave Matthews Band is not disappointing this year. Peace.
Mike H.
So far I have been to Columbus and Cincinnati shows and they were far better than the Detroit show. The Detroit show was still a good show. Highlights for me: Opening with Say Goodbye where did that come from but a great song, Grey Street I am loving this new song, Warehouse is one of the best songs played live, Lie In Our Graves all i can say is Boyd went nuts it was awesome, True Reflections i think the first time played this tour who knows but tonight was for sure Boyds night, Sweet Up&Down and JTR loving those two songs also, Stay the lighting was awesome, encore The Maker that was a nice surprise and So Much To Say and Too Much were full with energy. All in all a good show. The lighting and camera shots were sweet and Comerica Park is such a nice stadium. Can not wait for the new album.
This was my first DMB concert; it was incredible. Ben Harper was awesome beforehand and he got everyone pumped up for Dave. Say Goodbye was first, which I didn't expect he'd play, so I was happy. All I have to say about the rest of the show is BOYD. He was unbelievable during Lie In Our Graves and True Reflection. They jammed forever during LIOG and the man is unreal. Everyone was pumped up after that. I was a little disappointed not to hear Two Step, #41 and The Stone, but we did get Drive In, Drive Out and Lover Lay Down. They closed the first set with Stay and at this point everyone in the stadium was going nuts. I was in the first tier; everyone was dancing in the aisles. He closed the encore with So Much To Say and Too Much; we were sitting close to the dugout and people jumped up there to dance, so we did too. It was incredible; there were people dancing all over this small little dugout. Security had to get us off, but it was worth it. Everyone was just having an awesome time. It was, by far, the most fun I've ever had at a concert.
Ian S.
My third show of this tour and eighth overall. Kind of an unusual setlist; it amazes me that Dave now has a big enough repertoire of songs that there can be so many that he doesn't play and it can still be an awesome show! The night was perfect--great weather, great venue, the sound was awesome, the video screens were actually very well done, and I thought the crowd was great, too--excited and screaming when appropriate, but also very well-behaved and respectful of the band. Ben Harper was incredible--if you haven't listened to this guy, you need to start!! SAY GOODBYE--Never heard it as an opener before so totally wasn't expecting it, but it's one of my favorites and it was awesome. GREY STREET--A great new song; I like this one a lot. WAREHOUSE--Always great, especially with the stop-time intro. Good to see the crowd catching on to yelling "Woo!" during each stop! ONE SWEET WORLD--I love the long instrumental intro to this, and it had more energy than other versions of this song that I've heard. Awesome. DIDO--Not one of my personal favorites, but it sounded good, and the end sequence is always very cool. LIOG--The absolute single highlight of the show for me; probably the single best version of ANY song I've EVER seen Dave and the boyz play! Boyd's solo was beyond words, almost a religious experience!! BUSTED STUFF--Hadn't heard this one at all before. Nothing special, but it was good. TRUE REFLECTIONS--I was hoping for this one when I saw the 'lovely ladies' staying out there, but I totally wasn't expecting it. "That would be a real special treat," I thought to myself, and boy was it ever! I'd actually never seen it live before, so it was very cool. SATELLITE--This works MUCH better when they don't play it as an opener. At this point in the show, it was already dark, and right before they started playing, the band pointed out a gorgeus crescent moon that had risen behind the stadium, and they put it up on the video screens, too. Very cool. SUAD--Second time I've heard this one, and I like it a lot! LLD--I never think to include this song among my favorites, but it's VERY underrated. It sounds cheezy to say, but it really sounded beautiful tonight; Leroi had a great solo and Butch added a lot to this song. DDTW--This song took a LONG time to grow on me, but I found myself really bummed they didn't play it at either show in Cincinnati, and I was excited to hear it tonight. It always a great, more-intense energy when they play it live. JTR--I've heard this every show I've seen this tour--another great new song, and there was an awesome jam in the middle of it tonight that I don't remember hearing before. STAY--An easy call for the 'going off' song when we saw the 'lovely ladies' stay out on stage. Of all the songs I've seen the ladies perform live with Dave, I don't think I've ever heard them sound as good or add as much to a song as they did on this one. The best version of this song I've heard; it had incredible energy, and Dave and crowd really got into it at the end. MAKER--Hadn't heard this one at all before, either, but I really liked it. It seems like this new CD is going to be amazing! SMTS-->ASTB--->TOO MUCH--Interesting choice for a closer. I think both of these songs are a bit overplayed, but they are fun, the ASTB jam is very cool and it does add a lot, and the crowd got really into this one, too. All in all, a great show; sucks to be me that I probably won't see any more of this tour!!
Scotty A.
Nice show - the abundance of new stuff made any repeats from pittsburgh just part of a great performance. ozo played another nice set and again ben harper came out and amazed the masses (he IS our daddy, you know). Grey Street again blew our minds. Dave was dancin' much more than last night and was in all white... including some phatty linen drawstring pants, and very much into the better crowd and better weather. the venue was absolutely beautiful and a breeze would kick in at just the right time for refreshing or for effects. LIOG was absolutely mindblowing - boyd got crazy tonight. more like he was crazy tonight! (haha, road humor). he dipped out for lover lay down... anyway, the crescent moon and nice place only added to the ambiance. during the stop time intro to warehouse, there was some yelling that dave was digging... you'll see... no crash, we were VERY bummed about that one. good thing satellite and smts>astb>too much made up for it :) the maker was a beautiful surprise and all in all, it was a better set than 3 rivers. the band was more into it and the crowd was much more receptive. still no 12 string used (not here or 2 nights ago). Sweet up and Down is somewhat dark sounding, not as light as i imagined. JTR is VERY transitional and the outro is pretty intense... it has a climbing feeling. The ladies... i wanted tawatha... my mouth out with soap if you know what i mean.
Matt I.
It was obvious from the opening song, Say Goodbye, that Dave and the boys were right in a groove last night. This concert actually surprised me a bit with a very interesting setlist - very groovy, not so much pop-y. The songs off the new album were a treat, and of course Lie in our Graves was HUGE with the Boyd show in full effect. Other highlights for me were Warehouse, True Reflections and Don't Drink the Water. My critiques of the show were the sound quality - we were sitting just beyond 1st base, and we got a lot of reverb - many of the lyrics were very hard to hear. I also thought that the band was going to kick it up a notch towards the end of the show, and when I heard Stay (I love the extended ending!) I was convinced that the encore would have even more energy. However, the Maker brought the level back down to the groove of earlier, but then they picked it up yet again with the So Much to Say - Too Much combo - worked very nicely (actually a few people around me thought that they were leading into Ants to finish, but Too Much was not a bad play). Basically, the encore wasn't what I expected, given the feel of the rest of the concert, but none the less, it was still great. The lights, stage, and big screens were fantastic, especially for everyone in the stadium seats. This was my second Dave Matthews Band concert, and I will definitely say this - these guys can jam! I continue to turn into a bigger fan each time I see them live. I'm looking forward to the new album (with much anticipation) and also for my next live show.
Michael S.
Going into this night, i was a bit nervous. I always love seeing Dave in concert, but I'd never seen a stadium show. I was afraid it would turn out sounding like the Silverdome (if you've never seen a show there, thank your lucky stars.) Anyway, all those fears were taken away...this was the most amazing ive ever been to. Dave did a great setlist, opening with Say Goodbye?...I don't think anyone was expecting it, but i was great none the less. One of the facets of DMB that impresses me so much is their new material...at most concerts, the fans leave the stadium when the new stuff is played. But at Dave shows, the new stuff is welcomed...the three new songs they played (Grey Street, Busted Stuff, Sweet Up and Down) have wet my appetite for this new album coming out. One of my favorite parts of the show was getting to hear the intro to One Sweet World. I've only listened to it on a bootleg, so i really couldn't appreciate it. But last nite, it sounded to beautiful...i was ticked at the people, though, because everyone got up and left when he started the intro. Such disrespect...Lie In Our Graves was another highlight, with Boyd Tinsley stealing the show. His solo this year beat his one i heard from last year, and I thought that would be impossible. Classics like Satellite and Don't Drink The Water were great to hear, even if they are radio songs. Traditionally I don't like Stay...even though this is the one song the Lovely Ladies sound good on. Anyway, they played it with so much energy tonite that it was a perfect ending...Dave was dancing like a madman, and Carter was just insane on the drums. Then the encore just completed the night for me...The Maker???!!!! I thought i'd missed out on that when i didn't get to see Dave and Tim. I guess it was my lucky night. Finally, the So Much to Say-Too Much jam with the transition was a perfect closer. All in all, a wonderful shows. Thanks guys...
My first show of the summer and it was incredible! First off Ozomatli and Ben Harper were great, lots of energy. The band came out about 8:50 or so, late as usual. Roi pick up the flute and my fisrt thought was SAY GOODBYE...I was right and it was unreal. Carter with a great solo and roi with a nice flute solo made a great opener. Lot's of lyrical changes..."kinda warm outside..." Best I've ever heard. GREY STREET was a suprise so early. I was really anticipating this one and it lived up to expectations...gonna be a popular song. WAREHOUSE with the stop time intro is great as always. On the stop time the crowd added a Whoo! on the breaks, Dave got a nice kick out that. ONE SWEET WORLD with a gorgous intro, glad to see this one in the setlist. DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT had some nice lyrical changes and it was starting to get dark so the lighting became very effective. LIE IN OUR GRAVES was amazing Boyd went on forever! The crowd really got into this one. Butch had a great solo too. Dave stood off the stage and played for about five minuets so the spotlight would be directly on Boyd and Butch. After the solos dave walk up to the mic, with a big grin on his face, introduced Boyd and Butch and then finished the song. The crowd loved it. BUSTED STUFF one word...amazing. Love this one the lovely ladies apeared at the end which was dissapointing, but the beginning made me fall in love...can't wait to hear this one again. TRUE REFLECTIONS nice song to hear...some of the crowd was singin' with this one. Nice to see. SATELLITE, before they started the camera man got the cresant moon that was above the stadium up on the TV screens and the band walk over to see it...great set up for the start of this one. Some people don't like to hear this one anymore, but you got it so enjoy it! It's a great song. Cool lights too! SWEET UP & DOWN, great great song. Really enjoy the chorus on this one, fun one to sing along too. LOVER LAY DOWN nice tune to hear...it really should be more popular than it is. Dave is all similes during this one. The two gay guys sitting next to my friend Chris sat down during this one, I guess they didn't want their emotions to get away from themselves. DON'T DRINK THE WATER...It's not a personal favorite because it's been played so much but last night changed my mind about that. A lot of new energy added to this one. Cool footage added onto the screens with this one. JTR...a nice song with an amazingly intense jam, could do without the ladies though. It really does need the John The Revalator part back however. STAY, fun song, cool lights, but how many nights in a row now? Nice closer though, lots of energy. The encore: THE MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!! Never in my wildest dreams! After the first chord I shout "the Maker" and no one around my knew it. Bueatiful, Bueatiful song. Can't get enough. I was one of the few that could sing along. The chords sounded thicker than I ever heard before. SO MUCH TO SAY fun song, crowd pleaser...towards the end I was dying for one more and was shouting "Anyone seen the bridge" and amazingly enough we got it. Great Dave Solo and Stefan Bass work. --> TOO MUCH fun song, nice closer, got the F*uck it up line. Overall a great show! Best I've ever seen. Highlights were definately BUSTED STUFF, THE MAKER, 13th row Warehouse Seats (thank you), and a Three song Encore.
AGbFREE@aol.com .
This was one hell of a show. My 12th in all, 3rd of the 2000 tour. I guess I had to come home to Michigan to see my favorite show so far this tour. The first band to ever play at our brand spankin' new ballpark. Well no band deserved it more. Right of the top, they say hello with Say Goodbye, very nice. I won't bore everyone and list each song and my opinion but I will say this BUSTED STUFF! Love it, so jazzy, great song to dance to. I would also like to say that Grey Street is one of the most awe-inspiring pieces of music I have heard in recent memory. This was 3rd time hearing it live and it just keeps getting better. Being somewhere in the middle of a "newbie" and an "old schooler" I would like to give a closing thought, when I go to DMB shows and read show reviews like the ones posted here, I can't get over the fact that someone who calls him or herself a "fan" of the Dave Matthews Band would utter the word "suck" in association with a live appearance. Listen kids, The band not playing your very personal favorite song when they have nothing but phenomenal songs to offer you does not in any way shape or form make this band suck. If you feel this way your are missing the point entirely. If you want a guaranteed set-list of all your radio favorites you might want to try checking out the Back Street Boys or N'SYNC next time they come to your town. Well, until August 22 in Cuyahoga (quite a long stretch) eat, drink and be merry.
Casey M.
great show! Comerica Park was a great place to have a concert. the boys were on tonight. Say Goodbye was a strange opener, but wherever they put it in the setlist it is awesome. Grey Street was good, not one of my favorite new ones, but it gets everyone going. Warehouse was great as usual, I love the stop-time and everyone was wooing, even Dave it was sweet to see dave doing it up on stage. One Sweet World, Oh yeah I had never heard this one. It was great and the instrumental intro was beautiful, and the end to the song was very up tempo getting everyone dancing. Drive In, Drive Out was excellent, Dave even threw in the "perhaps I'll invent a new god and throw a little tea party on my own." line and I love the lights chasing each other on this one. LIOG was phenomenal, I saw it the first night in Chicago and while this version wasn't quite as good, Boyd's solo ripped the place up, the only difference was Butch didn't get to add as much this time, but everyone broke out the lighters in the middle jam section again and dave mentioned boyd and butch before going into the ending. Busted Stuff was cool and I didn't mind the ladies that much, Dave sang about a broken heart, it was very sad. True Reflections! Oh my god, Boyd is the man, great song everyone was getting into it. Satellite was a nice change of pace, Dave pointed to the video screen when it had the moon on it. SUAD was great I love Dave's scat in this song, I think it'll be there first single, and I love the way the song just takes off from the beginning. LLD was a nice touch, second time I've heard it and Leroi Jammed out nicely in the middle, it was weird not seeing Boyd on the stage. DDTW best version I have seen yet Dave really loves to get into this ong and wail, the video screen showed clips of Boyd from the video. JTR rocked hard, the ladies are barely noticeable, and it is a little strange without the John the Revelator part not getting sung, but the outro is unreal and very upbeat, it is loud. Stay, I knew it was coming. I don't mind it that much everyone gets dancing real hard, just the ending needs to be cut a little shorter. the encore I didn't know what to expect and the we got the Maker. At first I thought Long Black Veil, but then it hit right before Dave started singing. I started yelling and going nuts everyone around me thought I was crazy. Noboby new what it was and this guy next to me that had been to 10 shows asked me what it was. I was the only one in my section that new all the words. It was amazing, I can now die happy. SMTS-ASTB-Too Much was a good way to close. Too much with F*ck it up was cool and everyone enjoyed. All in all great show, no Watchtower, Ants, Billies, Nancies, Two Step, and still I enjoyed every bit of it. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to see them and thanx to the warehouse for 15th row dead center.
Geoff R.
Well after many DMB shows, this was by far the largest crowd I've been a part of. 40,000+ packed in the beautiful Comerica Park for an evening with the band. Luckily I had "Warehouse" seats that put me in the 7th row on the field...the closest I've ever been at a show. Anyway, the pre-show atmosphere was pretty standard. I caught Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals and they packed a good short set. The crowd was pretty annoying, but aren't all crowds annoying?(Especially with 16 year-old girls screaming on their cell-phones.) Now...to the show... Say Goodbye: The band came out and Dave literally leaned against one of the speakers next to Boyd for about 2 minutes. He just stared at the crowd and didn't do anything, like he was some sort of bad-ass. Anyway, Carter and Leroi started it off and we knew where it was headed. Good idea for an opener...lays down a mood for the rest of the show. Grey Street: I heard it a couple of days before and I liked it, but it doesn't do wonders for me. I'm sure it will grow on me after awhile, but it's not groundbreaking stuff from them. Warehouse: Very nice to continue the vibe with a hard version of "Warehouse." One Sweet World: Instrumental Intro is always appreciated, and Leroi really shines on this one. Nice old one early in set... Drive In Drive Out: Hadn't heard this one live since '96 and it was a keeper. Carter was nuts on the drums, and everyone really seemed to enjoy it. By the way, I forgot to mention that Butch Taylor was sitting in with the band. Oh wait...nevermind...I didn't forget...I didn't say anything about him because he doesn't even factor in to 90 percent of the songs! I don't know if the guy is just going through the motions on stage, but he really doesn't add much to the show and for the most part is a distraction. Lie In Our Graves: Best part of the show, as the song usually is. Boyd's solo was the same as last tours, but definitely a winner. Busted Stuff: Not bad. Very good lyrics, but forgettable music. Dave's new lyrics really show how he is growing in his writing, but the music just isn't quite up to speed with the words. The outro is very good though...haunting with the backup singers going "you're the one" or something to that effect. True Reflections: Ultimate crowd pleaser, and why not? Boyd has a knack for stealing the show, and he did it again last night. Bravo! Satellite: This is where the show took a turn for the worse. First radio song of the night, and it would just be a sign of what the show was inevitably going to close with- more radio crap. Sweet Up and Down: Again, not bad, but not great either. Dave uses the beginning riff from "Lover Lay Down" and speeds it up a little bit so no one knows. Really just repeating chords from another song. Lover Lay Down: Speaking of that song, is it a coincidence that they then played it? Don't Drink the Water: When they began I thought it was going to be "Bartender." Silly me, I forgot that the two were basically the same song anyway. JTR: Good outro....good "Rain down on me" singing....really has substance. Liked it... Stay: Hated it!!! Second time I saw them close with this, and it sucked again. I fear that the backup singers will appear on the new album(but I pray every day that they won't be.) It's great to have backup singers....on one song! When you have them doing 4 songs a night it just gets old.(Much like a horn section.) The Maker: Wow, this was good. One of my fav covers really got the star treatment... So Much To Say: No Comment Too Much: No Comment.... What an awful way to end what started out as a lovely evening. I had a good time, and it's always good to see the band, but it just ended way too predictably. Used to be that there were surprises...not anymore....
Asaad S.
First Dave show and no matter how anyone told me it would be it was unbeleivable. While friends and I guessed openers such as Warehouse and Dont Drink the Water we see someone bring out a flute, and we all kinda start to say, Say Goodbye? Never would I expected an opener like that. Carter started playin and then the song just flowed that began a great set of songs. They then began to play Grey Street which is my favorite song as of yet. I got the MP3 of it but hearing them play it was uncanny. Warehouse especially with the lighting effects was great. OSW was surprising to hear. As was drive in drive out. But LIE IN OUR GRAVES WAS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST SONG OF THE NIGHT. Boyd and Butch were sooooo good. Busted stuff was a good new 1 as well as boyd singing True Reflec. Satellite was good but I was soooo waitingfor him to bust out in After Her which in my opinion is much better than satellite Sweet U&D was amazing. Lover Lay Down was good. Also the intensity in Dont drink the water was such a pick up for the shows vibe. JTR then Stay for the close was just too good. They encore with 3 songs The MAKER which is very very good then so much to say which was also a surprise then into too much baby jam, into too much too end a great night. I loved the show and cant wait for the new album. Also Boyd was by far the star of the show........
Luke D.
Cool show. I thought the venue was a great place for a concert. The park officials could probably work on some things but since it was the first ever concert at Comerica I can give them a break. Ozzomatli and Ben Harper were also very good. Highlights of Dave's set: Opening with "Say Goodbye" was cool. I liked the new song "Grey Street". "Warehouse" is always a great live song. The crowd was really into "DIDO" and so was I. "Lie in our Graves" was probably the best song of the show. Boyd went crazy forever and ever like that. I was awesome. I didn't really want to hear "Satellite" but it was ok. The crowd was really into the end of "Stay" and everyone loved it. Surprised to hear "The Maker". It's a really old song and I don't think has been played for years. You don't hear SMTS much live either but it was great and goin right into "Too Much" was very cool too. Overall the crowd was into it and that made the show cool. That and having 5th row seats!! I still don't know why everyone sits down and talks when Dave plays a song they don't know. Oh well. See you in St. Louis!!
Kevin K.
This was a pretty awesome expirence, getting to see DMB in amongst 50,000 other screaming fans. Tonight was special, cause the band came ready to play, some nights they will take breaks in between songs, tonight, they were all over it. Say Goodbye- a solid opener got everyone going. Grey Street- a straight new song, makes the wait for the new disc much harder. Warehouse- the lights were awesome. One Sweet World- I love the intro to this song. DIDO- high point when Dave changed lyrics up to "sometimes loneliness and emptiness feel alright,but then the voice inside my head says,boy you better fuckin find someone." LIOG- is always awesome live. great song. Busted Stuff- High point of the entire evening for me, awesoms song. True Reflections- alright surprise. Satellite- was awesome, video shot of the moon, before was cool as hell. Sweet Up& Down- straight out jam. LLD- great song, amazing lyrics. DDTW-rocked out JTR-cool, i miss the John the Revelator part though Stay- cool closer The maker- really cool, but left all the radio ans, wondering what was going on, and where was Crash. SMTS- cool, with tight bridge. Too much- Dave only said fuck it, fuck it up. overall, awesome experience
What can I say??? Such a great and memorable evening it was...just dancing your heart out underneath the slivered moon and the pin-holed starlit city sky to the sweet sounds of DMB...it doesn't get much better than that. This was by far the best show that I personally have seen out of the ones that I have been lucky enough to go to and experience. The words I would use to describe it would be: Pure Energy. Say Goodbye is such an uplifting song and a pleasant opener to set the mood of the evening. It was also a thrill to be able to hear Busted Stuff and The Maker since one is so new and the other is older, but great just the same. Stay had the most electricity that I have ever seen, got us all on our feet and jumpin'. Closing with So Much To Say, which then blended into Too Much with a "Little Baby" jam at the end was awesome...to be able to see the band and appreciate the music is the biggest inspiration to me...the way you can just tell how much those talented musicians love what they are doing and appreciate the people who admired them every day...its so great. The night couldn't have been better. Peace, love, and Dave :-)