Dave Matthews Band
Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Glory & Consequence
The Woman In You
Burn One Down
Ground On Down
Manic Depression
Steal My Kisses
onstage 8:52 PM
What Would You Say *
The Song That Jane Likes *
Rhyme & Reason *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Too Much *
Grey Street *
Say Goodbye *
#41 *
#36 +*
Long Black Veil +*
All Along the Watchtower *
Satellite *
Drive In, Drive Out *
Busted Stuff +*
Stay +*
offstage 11:06 PM
onstage 11:09 PM
Grace Is Gone *
Two Step *
offstage 11:28 PM

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals

L.B. R.
Well the DMB withdrawl didn't have much time to set in thank God :). It was great to see the band again. I just got in from the show. Tonight's show was decent, not as good as some of the earlier ones on tour but decent. I think it being at Three Rivers had something to do with it, I HATE that venue. Well, onto the show. . WWYS nice opener, first time I have heard it live as an opener. Song That Jane Likes, AMAZING as always. Rhyme and Reason, standard version, but I love the song. Crash Into Me should be renamed to "Please Bury Me." I wish it would disappear from the set for a while. Too Much, standard also, but I love how Dave is using "Fuck it up" a lot more. I always go nuts when I hear Dave to his little "I got a little sister named Jane..." intro. Grey Street, man I love that song, gets better and better everytime I hear it. Say Goodbye was good, Dave changed the lyrics to deal with rain, like at 6-24-00 Deer Creek. #41, I can NEVER get enough of this song and to make it better, the two Dave hit his famous "Yeah" yell, it would rain. #36, I can remember when this song was rare, now it is becoming a normal occurance, but it is still a good one, just take Tawatha, Brenda, and Cynthia off it. Long Black Veil, as I said in my 6-27-00 review, I am glad to see it back. Watchtower, played near the end, very cool intro my Stefan, man he is tearing it up this tour, I am so amazed by him. Very energetic, great lighting. Satellite, I like the song, but why must it be played w/ Crash Into Me, so far every show on tour has had them in the same set. Next came a new song, I thought it was "She My Bitch," I saw that as a tentative title on the website, but when I got home I checked the DMB page and saw it was called "Busted Stuff." I really like the song a lot, kind of a mellow groove, very nice sounding. I have been fortunate enough to hear all the new songs the night of their debuts. Stay, some sound trouble at the beginning, but seemed to work out fine. Grace is Gone, man I love that song, saw it the first night it was played (6-27-00) and would love to hear it at every other show I go to, a lot of people were staring at me as I sang the words lol. Two Step, as always great finale, complete w/ fireworks. It was a decent show, but in a shitty venue. The band is still continuing to impress me as each show happens. Well that is it for now. See everyone at Veterans Stadium on July 15 and 16. Peace and keep well.
Alright first the bad parts of the show Three Rivers is a terrible venue. It took us and hour to get onto the field and to our seats. They only had three entrances to the field, they were each wide enough for one person at a time. They only played 3 new songs On to the good. It rained during parts of the show, but that was cool Dave sang about rain frequently. Set list isn't all that different from the other shows. DIDO was pretty cool he changed it up a lot. But the highlights of the night were Grey Street, Grace is gone, and most of all She My Bitch. The offical site says its Busted Stuff, but dave introduced it as She my Bitch. Its kinda mellow, and about heartbreak, not once in the song does he say she's my bitch. I wonder what title they are going to use? It seems they play Stay, LBV, and 36 every night the lovely ladies are there. Oh yeah Butch was there, but he really didn't make much of an impact. Lighting and stage was cool as hell. Two Step closed with fireworks at the end, it was pretty cool. At first I thought the fireworks were tests for the 4th, but when the lights were sincronized with the fireworks I figured it out, plus they kept on flashing the fireworks on the two huge screens. A good show, not the best I've seen, but not bad either.
Allan L.
First off, let me just say that any meathead who cuts in line to get on the field should be shot. There are only 3 lines to the field at Three Rivers, and the lines were insane. The last thing we needed was drunk assholes who felt they didn't need to wait in line like the rest of us. Anyway, onto the show. Missed Ozomatli. Oh well. Heard the entire Ben Harper show from the line to the field. Good show. And now, on to the DMB. From start to finish, pretty much a great show. A few dull moments(I could do without the "Lovely Ladies" at times) but otherwise solid. The debut of "She My Bitch" which the offical site calls "Busted Stuff," but trust me, Dave introduced it as "She My Bitch." Also, fireworks at the end during an amazing "Two Step." Carter went fucking nuts. Great show, much more than I ever expected from a stadium show.
Andy W.
Wow!!!!! Fantastic, I thank God for holding out on most of the rain. Ben Harper was really good. I loved Ozomatli, they covered a bunch of styles of music. Dave didn't come on until 9:00, but played till 11:30, great show. The best I've been to yet. This one definately tops 6/19 at Polaris. There was a ton of energy tonight. The lights were awesome too. Definately add this show to your collection. The only problem was that I only saw 4 mics. So, not too many copies will be flying around. Here we go: What Would You Say - Fantastic opener. I must say that this was a standard version but was played with more intensity. Loved it. Song That Jane Likes - I was dying to hear this one, and they played it. Very solid. Rhyme & Reason - Wasn't expected this one at all. Loved it though. It didn't seem like too many people around me knew it (strange). Crash - Awesome. I don't how many times they play it. The crowds gets so into it and the Dixie Chicken just tops it off. Too Much - I called this one. Pretty standard. Very high energy left from Crash. Grey Street - I thought they played it a lot better than at Polaris 6/19, still love it. Say Goodbye _ I don't think I need to say much. Carter and LeRoi jammed for like 5-6 minutes for the intro. Dave's voice soared as usual. #41 - Awesome. Started the move to the high point in the show. #36 - I always wanted to hear this one too. I thought that the LL did a damn god job. I don't care how bad half of you think they are. Long Black Veil - The LL sailed on this one. My gf was waiting to hear this one. Very good version. Watchtower - Holy fucking shit, excuse my french. They couldn't have picked a better time to play this one. The crowd was AWESOME, the lights were AWESOME, the boys were AWESOME. A fantastic version. Satellite - SOS. Crowd pleaser though. Drive In Drive Out - Beautiful, great to finally hear it live. Dave screwed up at the beginning a little bit, but the rest of the song was sweet. Busted Stuff - Fantastic. This will certaintly be radio favorite. I loved this song. THe LL did very well. They added a lot to the song. You'll just have to hear this one. Stay - A great end. The LL were fine, i could less whether the LL were there or not. Standard version but with a ton of energy. __________________ Grace Is Gone - I loved it. It has a country feel and is mostly dave and Boyd. It should be another popular song from the album. Two Step - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW.......simply amazing. Not only was it the best version of the song I've seen or heard, but there were fireworks outside the stadium the last 5 minutes. The whole band was staring at the fireworks and keeping up the jam. Dave had the biggest smile on his face.
Michael M.
Well, All I can say is that I guess Dave is a god! It rained the whole time until the second Dave came on stage until the finale (Two Step) where in the intro he mentioned "RAIN" and it started to POUR!!!! But all in all it was worth IT. The setlist was very unpredictable most of the night, you really didn't know what they were going to play next. It mostly remined me of Listener Supported, but with a couple great changes. WWYS was a good opener because it got every fired up.. AND as soon as Dave came and said "I've got a sister named Jane!" Everyone knew it was the STJL..Dave did not get through the song perfectly he messed up a cord about three times in the last verse(but it was great hearing that song live for the first time.. The higlights of the show was definitly the intro to Say Goodbye because Carter gave the fans a great solo that lasted approx. 5 min. The best part of the show was with no Doubt the encore, Grace is Gone is a GREAT song, it has everything from lyrics to a strong yet mellow beat. And Two Step with a little help from the FIREWORKS.. (Might be the first time EVER a dave concert had fireworks) Sure could tell when MR. ROY MOORE took a look at the fireworks himself comeing to the end of the stage and take time out to see the sky Lite up while the rest of the band was lighting up the stage. SEE YA'LL at BLOSSOM>>
Jerry H.
Two words for this show.....absolutely incredible!! For all those "stadium slammers" out there that decided to skip out of going because you wanted a small venue; BIG MISTAKE. From opener to an amazing fireworks display both in the air and on the stage the boys rocked. Being my seventh show it blew all the others out of the water. The band had more energy then i have ever seen, and unlike Poloras on the 19th, Dave, the crowd, and even the security gards actually looked like he was enjoying himself. I also have to give props out to the stage crew who delivered outstanding visual effects. WHAT AN AWSOME NIGHT!
Marty S.
A very good show. Instead of trying to rush to the front and be as close as possible, I stayed back a little bit on the infield and peacefully enjoyed the band. They opened with WWYS, worked fine as a opener but was hoping for warehouse or #41. Song Jane Likes was next. I always enjoy hearing this song, it's a quick, fun song that I haven't got sick of yet. R&R, heard before, pretty standard version, but a good live song. Dave said to the audience, let's just get a few things (songs) out of the way and then get on to some other stuff. Next was Crash. Of course the place went crazy. I'd enjoy hearing this song everytime I went to a dmb show just because of the feeling inside the venue when it's played. Next was a regular version of Too Much, followed by Grey Street. I hadn't yet heard any of the band's new stuff. It was hard to make out the words but the tempo of the song was great, a great chorus, and a great extended chorus at the end of the song. I'm sure this will be a favorite eventually. Say Goodbye's drum intro was next. That crowds always go crazy when the song actually starts after that drum intro - that's a cool thing to be a part of. Lyrics to SG were very different from what I think he usually touches on, but the song was great. 41 was next, this was the song i really wanted to hear, probably one of my 3 favs and I hadn't ever heard it live until last night. 36 was okay, it's real slow and kind of long, a lot like the version on LS. LBV was okay too, just like the live album. Watchtower got everyone pumped up of course after some slow songs, a pretty long intro before the song - i actually thought it was gonna be a different song because the intro seemed so long. Satellite was cool. I like how Dave goes all out on the final "television"chorus. DI,DO was cool. I like the lyrics to this song a lot and it's an okay song to hear live. I could have enjoyed something more but it was cool. Dave said in the one line: sometimes emptiness sounds so good, until the voices scare the shit out of you - that was pretty funny. She My Bitch I think was the next song. I heard they were working on a song by this title and I'm almost positive in introduced it as "she my bithc". Nice title. This song was great as well. It's gonna be a great new album. Doesn't seem like there's any kind of let down at all. Again, words were hard to grasp but the melody was quite nice. They ended by bringing the ladies back out on stage and playing stay. Standard version. Gets people pretty excited and all for the finale, but again i could have chosen something else. I'd really like to hear seek up, proudest monkey, and spoon on this tour. Doesn't seem likely I will. The encore was nice. I was so glad we got 2 songs instead of 1. Grace is Gone is real slow and sweet. About a guy taking some drinks to forget about his heartache after his Grace leaves. I think this might have been the best new song of the night although it's really hard to say cause they all were real good. Grey Street was a great song too. Two Step ended. I was hoping for Ants but TS is great too. Got everyone excited and it started raining again. It almost seemed like the rain was on cue at certain times cause during a big moment of a big, loud song it would just start pouring and everyone would love it. The song would end and so would the rain. Overall a great show. I enjoyed it a lot. A lot of songs from LS, but it's okay, they played them great and I enjoyed all of them. The 3 new songs definitely made me feel like there is nothing to worry about the new albume, it's gonna be pretty dope. I'll be at RFK and Hershey later this summer.
Jay H.
enjoyed the show too much to sum it up in a paragraph. The highlight of the show was the Two Step jam with the fireworks in the background. Even with the rain, the crowd was really into the show. Dave jammed the whole time, my favorite was Say Goodbye, just because it was unexpected. thank you
Nick H.
There are a couple of key words which can express another altogether phenomenal show by the DMB: Energy, Raindrops, and Fireworks... I've been to many shows over the past three years, but this show definitely ranks near the top. The thing about this show is, you "had to be there" to really appreciate it. Most would agree that the setlist was somewhat "predictable" with no major surprises (save the debut of "She's My Bitch"), but something about the intensity at this show really puts it above the rest. First of all, I'm sorry I missed a lot of the opening acts. From what I heard, Ozomatli and Ben Harper really put on a good show. But anyways, on to the DMB. Dave really got the crowd going with WWYS-- a standard version, but high energy... the first theme of the night. Can't forget the return of STJL... Dave said "We've gotta take care of some business first...." (or something like that), and right there I knew what was up next.. "I've got a little sister......" Too bad those who didn't know the song sat down... Come on guys! Other highlights include a mellowed out version of Crash (with Dixie Chicken)... and some cool video clips on the twin TV's on either side of the stage. Grey Street is truly a lyrical masterpiece, I enjoy this song more and more each time I hear it. And then, it was the Carter Beauford show...... Carter pulled out an awesome 5-6 minute drum intro to Say Goodbye that had the crowd in awe.. followed by everyone's favorite #41... great jams as usual. Then came the "lovely" (aargh) ladies for #36. As pessimistic as I may sound as first, once they came out on stage and the song got going, it turned into an awesome sight. Tons more energy than Listener Supported.. had to be there to appreciate it. Even Butch pulled out a little keyboard jam session! Had to see it! Another highlight was the high-energy and high intensity Watchtower done toward the end of the set... The crowd was on its feet and jumping around by now. On DIDO, Dave pulled out a cool lyrical change to his Davespeak-- something to the effect of "the voices in my head scaring the SHI* out of me..." real cool. Then came "She My Bitch" (or "Busted Stuff").. good new song, nice mellow sound and good expressiveness on the part of Boyd. Even the ladies didn't seem to screw this up too much. And since they were on stage, you knew Stay was due up next.... even though their "makes me wanna" lines seemed to drag for eternity, it never got old and the energy of the crowd at this point was phenomenal. Then for an encore, Dave mellowed us all out with Grace is Gone.. I'm appreciating this song more as I hear it... it's got a country/ballad feel to it... but nonetheless, a good one. Can't wait to see it develop as the tour continues. But nothing could prepare us for the finale...... TWO STEP!!!!!!!!! Those who were there would agree-- this has to be one of the best Two Steps performed of late..... The Boys really tore it up here... each had their shining moment.. but we were all surprised and amazed at the Fireworks at the very end coordinated to the final Jam in Two Step.. a sight you had to see. This really capped off what was a superior performance of even a "bland" setlist. The energy was unparalled... from the crowd (and myself) dancing in the aisles (woohoo!), to the boys up on stage... the intensity was undeniable. And Dave seemed to control the raindrops.... at just the right point during certain songs (I remember them on Two Step, #41, and a couple others).. the rain picked up in intensity just as the band did... An awesome sight against the lighting backdrops of the stage and Three Rivers... This show was really one for the books.... had to see it to believe it. And yes, even the lovely ladies didn't manage to screw things up too much.. the energy of the band and the crowd really made up for this! Thanks to the band and the enthusiastic crowd for an awesome experience... (Especially those who joined me jamming in the aisle in front of Section 127!!!)
Cameron L.
For me the show was awesome. But then again front row dead center probably helped just a little. Ok... here are some highlight STJL - Didn't ever expect to hear this one but when dave said i have a little sister I just knew this was coming up... really nice to hear... Too Much - It was nice to hear (esp. with Butch) the crowd was really pumped up and it was a lot of fun dancing the entire time. Gray St. - Ok... this was the greatest DMB moment for me ever! I had held up a sign with "Gray Street" written on it a little earlier. Dave saw it, looked me right in the eye and said something like "Man I havn't even written that one yet"... a couple songs later he played it and I was soooooo psyched... nobody around me knew the words except me and I was freaking out and singing the entire time. Say Goodbye - Awesome carter & leroi jam.... really long but it kicked ass... best i've heard (out of about 7 shows personally and 45 tapes) 41 - I called it... I saw Dave's fingers start to finger the chords before they started...i leaned over to the guy next to me... told him.... the first chord sounded and everyone looked at me and freaked out... really nice jams... boyd and leroi were really on Long Black Veil - Ok... as much as I am not a fan of the ladies i really liked what they did with the ending of this... they were really pumped and had a great time Watchtower - YES!!!! I was hoping for this song so i could hear the Stefan jam w/Dave and then the awesome new Boyd solo compared to the plucking he did before... it was awesome.... Boyd took a really extended solo compared to LS... Butch had a nice jam and Leroi's solo blew me away... She's My Bitch - I really liked this song.... the ladies did a nice job.... was this the first time on the tour? can't wait to he! ar the mp3 Drive In Drive Out - Really good version... dave did this awesome lyric change and just went "when the voices inside your heard just start to scare the SH*T out of you!"... crowd went nuts Stay - pretty standard.. dave broke a string and switched right in the middle... the ending was good and the ladies were really into it and belting out the words... it went on forever... but that was a good thing... Encore: Grace Is Gone - Nice! i love how this song starts with just dave and boyd... they started with just the two of them on stage and then the rest joined in.... really cool song.. Two Step - This was the song of the night! This is my favorite DMB song and we had been screaming it all night... boyd started the intro and everyone went nuts... it was pretty standard until the end.... FIREWORKS LIT UP THE SKY!! right at the end... dave gave the crowd this awesome look and leroi was leaning off the stage to look for himself.... the carter unloaded an awesome solo onto the drums and finished with his wicked cymbal-cymbal-snare-snare move that you see at the end of the LS video.... the crowd loved it.... i was so happy they played this... the entire crowd was dancing... great show... Few Random notes: -Dave was playing his Chet all night -The stage setup was really cool and some of the lights were awesome-It rained off and on but at the best times... it rained during "41... let the tears splash all over you"... stay "and it began to rain.." the crowd loved it.... and then during two step "celebrate we will" the crowd was unbelievable.... nobody cared and everyone was just dancing their feet off.... great show... i loved it....
Coleman D.
I got into the stadium a little later than I would have liked, and missed part of Ben Harper's set. But what I did see was amazing. If you are going to any of the remaining stadium dates, get out of the parking lot and go in and check this guy out. This was my first big stadium show, so it was intersting to see how the stage was set up. The span of the stage was a good bit larger than the ones I had seen at amps, they had two large oval sized video screens to either side of the band. There seemed to be a bit of a delay for Dave and the band to get on stage, they didn't take the stage until close to 9. I don't know if the weather played a part in that or not, it rained throughout the day here. They opened with WWYS, which was a nice opener. And I got to hear my first STJL live. I was suprised how much 'radio' stuff they were hitting in the early portion of the show, playing Crash fourth, followed by Too Much. Grey Street was NICE!!! I heard it in Columbus, and have been listening to the MP3's and was all pumped to sing along. Then Dave went and changed around a ton of the lyrics. They are definitely going to use the road to fine tune the new material until they get it how they want it. Always nice to hear Say Bye at a show, and it came with that awesome Carter drum intro. But once the 'lovely ladies' came on during #36, they kind of lost me. They really drug this one out, longer than they did on LS. And same goes for LBV. They exited the stage, and we got Watchtower stuck in the middle of the set, and it's always a powerful version that got the crowd involved. Now as for this other new song, Carter started playing a low beat on the drums and Dave just kind of strummed along on the guitar. Butch filled in on the keyboards, and Dave comes up to the mic and says, "This is a song called 'She's My Bitch'". I literally busted out laughing. I knew that this song was in the works for the new ablum, but I didn't expect it last night in a million years. It's more of a ballad, and I can't really equate it to any past DMB stuff. But the content of the song is generally about being broken hearted by a girl, rather than a degradation of women and calling them 'bitches'. Rest assured DMB fans, Dave didn't turn into Dr Dre and sing about 'bitches and hoes'. As for the encore, I saw Dave and Boyd come out and thought it was Angel from Montgomery, but they sang Grace is Gone. The remaining members filled up the stage as the song started. Lillywhite was right, it is more of a Daniel Lanois song than it is a country song. And Two Step as the next song was absolutely mind blowing. They crowd was going nuts during the whole thing, and then at the very end they started firing off fireworks outside the stadium. They stretched out the end for a good long while to play along with the fireworks and couldn't have had their timing any better. As for the show as a whole, I think since they only had one night here in Pittsburgh they wanted to get all of the popular tunes out, and they couldn't spread them over two nights. But all in all an okay show. Strong start, strong finish, but a little lacking in the middle.
Dave K.
Wow, what a quality show! Sure the weather sucked, the sections were crowded, but Dave delivered one of his best that I have seen. The Pittsburgh shows are always very good, but this one may have to be the strongest yet! WWYS was a great opener, and the crowd ate it up. #41 may have been one of the best versions I have ever heard. And Watchtower.....woh...so great. This is when it began to rain hard, and it seemed perfect timing with the energy of the music... The rain made this show memorable. He played a bunch of his old tunes and a few new ones. She My Bitch is awesome, so glad he played it. The encore was phenominal, Grace is Gone is tight, and Two Step with a fireworks display during the last 5 minutes was incredible. The rain picked up at this point too, and made this show one I will not soon forget!
Kevin L.
The show was UNBELIEVABLE! This was by far the best concert I have ever been to. The rain stopped as soon as Dave hit the stage and he started right off with ''What would you say,'' which was great. I have been reading the setlist's from the past few shows on this site, and this was by far the best one. I was very satisfied with the songs he played, but I was just a little dissappointed that he didn't play ''Trippin Billies'' or ''Ants Marching.'' Crash was great and so was watchtower, but I thought ''Stay'' was the best. I figured we would hear Ants in the encore but he played ''Two Step,'' which was excellent. Towards the end of two step, the rain started to pour but that actually helped it make that song the best part of the show. Also at the end of two step, fireworks were launched over the stadium which just made the show. My first Dave concert was an experience I will never forget and I can't wait til August 22nd when I can check em out in Cleveland. Later
Matthew A.
Despite the persistent rain throughout the day and evening Dave was consistently entertaining again. Two Step's intro was three or four minutes and then its end coincided with a firework display that sent the crowd to a volume I've never heard at a concert. Hearing "Busted Stuff" and "Grace is Gone" was a soothing introduction into possible songs off the new album. Even though "What Would You Say" and "Satellite" are probably the band's most overplayed songs, it was still wonderful to hear them. Other highlights include one of the better "Watchtower" renditions and "Say Goodbye" - and this is from a fan, who just saw his 10th show.
Yanni S.
oh.. what can i say? this show rocked the house... i loved it! first of all.. what would you say-- great song, my definite fave song of all time.. that and satellite and crash. song that jane likes.. i never heard this tune before... it must be a new one.. it was okay. rhyme and reason-- i dont like this one.. it is angry.. i like happy songs.. like crash.. i loved it... too much-- pretty good.. i like this song alot, except the "f it up part.. i think he should stick with suck it up because i dont like that behavior. grey street was okay, i guess... say goodbye is cool, but the lyrics just arent dmb-like. 41 is cool.. a little slow, 36 is neato.. especially with the lovely ladies, ya gotta love them. LBV was standard.. watchtower was cool, but it was so loud it hurt my ears. satellite.. one of my all time faves. DIDO was nice.. gets old though.. busted stuff was interesting.. STAY was sweeeeeeeeeeeet! Grace is gone was slow and gay. 2 step was okay.. and the fireworks were good. there was some guy playing the piano the whole time and he was pretty good
Mark S.
When did Dave Matthews decide to do this type of lame show? - all "hits" plus 2 lame, over-played covers, 2 new songs, and 40,000 drunk Abercrombie poster children. Each of the 10 shows that I have gone 2 inthe last 5 years has gotten worse. Thank God Napster has the new stuff.
Sean N.
WOW. Great opener with wwys, just a good way to start off the show. All weekend I kept telling my friends if dave says "I've got a sister named jane.." I would probably lose my voice, and I did, second song TSTJL. Carter had an awsome intro as usual to Say goodbye, Watchtower had a new intro from dave, change is good, also the lights on this song were unreal, and the whole band had unlimited energy for this song. #41, Crash (dixie chicken), LBV, #36, Busted Stuff,Grace is Gone, Grey Street, Satellite,Too Much, DIDO, R&R, TWO STEP. Lets talk about 2 Step, one word can sum up this song this particular night. FIREWORKS, not only was it a 15 min version of 2 Step the city had a 5 min firworks display outside of the stadium but still seen by all. At one point LeRoi, stefan, and boyd stopped playing to view the spectical. AMAZING, thank You Pittsburgh. Two more notes, One, giving credit to the guy in section 106 from chicago who said during #41 " how did the technician make it rain a just the right time." I mean this is how the whole night was. And last dave needs some props. He busted out a guitar for Stay, and while playing the guitar went dead, Not missing a beat he took it off, set it down kept singing while his tech, switched guitars, still singing, he was able to wire him up to the new guitar and finish the song with a tremendous band jam and his standard dance. You all know what dance I'm talking about. See you all at Philly.
Prem S.
Best Show i've ever seen. Amazing set, every song wasplayed. it rained the whole show, but the boys played for at least 2 1/2 hours. show ended at 1110. During Two Step, fireworks went off and leroi stop playing the sax and watched them. Grey Street is the best new song!!!!Great lighting during Two Step and Busted Stuff. i need this show!~~
Rich A.
This evening's show was definitely one to remember. Ozomatli and Ben Harper performed with amazing energy, and set the stage for a great Dave Matthews concert. Dave opened with What Would You Say, which surprised the crowd, and was solid from beginning to end. This was followed by The Song That Jane Likes and Rhyme & Reason, on which Dave's vocals were impeccable. Crash was then played in sequence with an unbelievable display on the two fifty foot digital jumbo-trons, which involved scenes from the video and crowd. Too Much flowed nearly flawless, except Boyd was slightly out of tune near the end. Then came Grey Street, a song that will appear on the new album, and just blew the crowd away. Carter began Say Goodbye with an interesting improvisational solo, and led to another great version of this song. This next part confused me; they followed Say Goodbye with #41. I understand that they are trying to add spontaneity, but I really liked the fluidity that was on crash, with the connection between #41 and Say Goodbye. The "Lovely Ladies" joined Dave for breathtaking versions of #36 and Long Black Veil, but left for Watchtower, a song that blew me away. I would, however, like to see Watchtower directly prior to the encore, or as the closer, but for this night, its position in the set list was appropriate. Satellite was one of the highlights of the evening, with an outstanding blend between the lights, music video, and crowd interaction. I was in complete awe of Drive In Drive Out. The band played this song so well, 100 percent. Drive In Drive Out was followed by a song that was new to me, Busted Stuff. Dave used the accompaniment of the "Lovely Ladies and traditional finger style for the entire song. The song had a mellow structure, and reminded me of a less melodic Digging a Ditch. Then, in good fashion, Dave thanked the crowd, and closed with Stay, which was better than I have ever seen it. After a ten minute roar from the crowd, and numerous chants, the band returned for the encore with a new song, Grace is Gone, which is similar to Long Black Veil in style, but is definitely worth hearing. Now, I am not sure how to explain the night closer, Two Step. I would have to say it was one of the most awe-inspiring events I have ever seen. The crowd was jumping in unison and the band was dancing and smiling with ear-to- ear grins. At the point in the song where Dave sings "grown tired of water all the time; you quench my heart and you quench my mind", it poured the rain harder than it had all night, which raised the enthusiasm ten fold. And as if it could not get any better, the closing ten minutes of the song was played simultaneously with a well-choreographed fireworks display. The stadium was full of excitement; this place was more nuts than Planters. I will never be able to leave a concert the same way again, and I hope some day, those who went there, get to experience what I did. And you haven't seen Dave until you've seen him like I did, FRONT ROW CENTER.
Scotty C.
"and then the clouds rolled over our heads, and it began to rain..." A rainy day at 3 rivers. the place was set up horribly... or the field, at least. ozomatli came out and played a high energy set. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals - perhaps the reason i was there :) - followed with a great, but too short, set. ben was into the show and had some incredible moments. DMB came out - boyd's hair is shorter, circa '94 style, stefan sporting a cool black crocodile dan hat, and dave in all black. butch was there. for crash and satellite (the favorites, right? riiiiiight), portions of the music videos were shown on the jumbotrons... which look like huge trampolines. say goodbye had a nice intro, and afterwards, dave went into some english-style banter about "i burn my candle at both ends... my friend, my friend, it leaves a lovely light." butch had a great solo in #36, which was somewhat reworked. Watchtower was odd in the middle of the set and carried a new, very cool intro with stefan soloing over dave's riffs. the solos in watchtower were all very high energy: boyd to butch to leroi. dave introduced 'busted stuff' as 'she my bitch' - i swear he did, after a little scat and instrumental jam. there was no 12 string tonight, but the new stuff was incredible. Grey Street is out of this world. its structured somewhat like rapunzel, but it is very unique and much more powerful. Busted Stuff is plucky and lovely dovey (sweet sugar lips/ push from the hips/ that woman looks just like love) and Grace is Gone is a beautiful ballad - very solid lyrically. at the end of two step, in the climax of the jam, fireworks went off above the stadium. you couldn't have asked for better timing. it was great... and the rain on top of everything made it a huge party. there was a lot more jam and time for improv than i remember from last summer. also, dave fills in vocal stuff a lot more. leroi was impressive tonight, especially compared to the relatively quiet boyd. the whole band was very tight and deep sounding. a nice performance... see you in detroit.
Reese O.
Magical...........thats the word that best summed up the entire evening. waiting in line for an hour and a half to get on the field was some major bullshit and paying $10 to park was even more bullshit, but we can thank the city of Pittsburgh for that. finally when the show started it was worth everything and then some. right from the get go with WWYS the entire band seemed to be flowing with energy. STJL was great, esp the ever so popular, "i got a little sister............." it seemed like someone backstage was pushing buttons to make it rain. every high note, mention of the rain, or when the lights flashed on the crowd, the heavens seemed to let loose. i dont think there was really any highlights of the show, cuz it seemed every song got better thant he last. say goodbye and 41 were perfect with the rain coming down. very pumped to hear watchtower w/ stefan's bad ass intro. DIDO was really great too. i dont know if dave was switching the lyrics like most people are syaing, or if he just forgot them which it seemed to me. either way it made for a more interesting song. carters solo was great as always. she my bitch or busted stuff whatever the hell its being called is an awesome song. very mellow. it seemed everyone in the crowd was starting to mellow out during this song and sit down as opposed to dancing on those piece of shit chairs. then when he switched guitars, most people knew stay was next. the energy just picked right back up after the mellow tune and people were dancincg again. after the boys and the "lovely ladies" left the stage the 1st time, the scene was like from a movie. the crowd screaming for more, with lighters lit giving the dark stadium some life. didnt really get into grace is gone but still a great song nonetheless. i cant really describe two step. they mustve jammed on it for 15 minutes, and the crowd was loving every second. then with the last few minutes coinciding with fireworks made it an absolutely spectacular site to see. one of the greatest nites of my life. i cant see how anyone could be upset that it rained. the rain added a whole nother dimension to the atmosphere. it wouldnt have been the same without it.
Overall, a great show. Honestly, are there any BAD DMB shows?? WWYS is a great opener. R&R was nice to hear, so was Crash, even though I know everyone's sick of it. I still think it's a beautiful song. Although when I heard Too Much right after Crash I was beginning to wonder if maybe Dave got his setlist confused with the Crash album tracklist. Oh well. Grey Street, Say Goodbye, etc., all nice mellow songs, and then Watchtower kicked our asses. The fireworks of course were amazing. This, the rain that seemed to know just when to start and stop during the show, and the set as a whole made it a great show. I love Two Step as a closer and this time it was amazing. I'm glad we got to hear She my Bitch/Busted Stuff. I would have liked to have heard Warehouse, SU&D, The Last Stop... But you know what? Dave can play whatever he wants. I'm sick of everyone complaining about the sets. Thanks for comin to the 'Burgh boys, even though the Stadium sucks. Can't wait for the new album!
Elizabeth W.
DMB is at their best this summer. Once Dave along with the rest of the band enters the stage they fill your soul and spirit with a feeling of magic. The band played a few new songs that are from the up-coming album, which totaly rock! If you haven't seen them in concert yet, it's the best show on earth!
This may have beent the best concert ever! Dave rocked all night. he couldn't have started any better than he did. what would you say pumped everyone up for a great show. there weren't any low points in the concert. they started out with plenty of upbeat songs and kept the crowd going. towards the middle, it slowed up but all great songs. i love the new songs: Grey street, and Busted stuff. All along the watchtower got everyone back into the show after the slow stuff. Dave ended with Stay with the lovely ladies. it was great. the highlight of the show had to be the encore with two step. they all started jamming at the end and fireworks were being shot from the parking lot above the stadium. this was a complete surprise to everyone. the rain that night just added to the experience. everyone went crazy when it rained harder and it just happened to rain the hardest during the fireworks. what a way to end an awsome show.
Its scary to think I attended this concert over 4 years ago. Whats scariest is I can remember ever second of the concert. Now that I have been to over 20 DMB Concerts and had seats from lawn to front row dead center there is one thing I know. Even though stadium shows are not as personal this was by far the most memorable concert I have ever been to in my life. Oh yea and also walking into your hotel and noticing your staying on the same floor as the band, that wasn't so bad either. I had seen Dave Jam to fireworks before. Back in 97 or 98 in Philly they were doing a display at Penns Landing for 15 minutes and the band got tired of everyone watching the fireworks so they just jammed until the fireworks were over. However until I had seen them synchronize the fireworks like they did on two step I was living in a fools paridise. Simply amazing. Oh yea and I got to hear my favorite song for the first time live (say goodbye), every time when I am up in front I yell it to him, and he just smiles back. Once time I got a "I'm not gonna play that one for ya tonight". Overall the best show I have ever been to.