Dave Matthews Band
Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

Dos Cosas Ciertes
Que Bien
Como Ves
Justin Jam
Cumbia De Los Muertos
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Ground On Down
Gold to Me -->
Fight for Your Mind
Burn One Down
The Woman In You
Steal My Kisses
instrumental jam
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Busted Stuff
onstage 8:34 PM
Warehouse (stop time intro)*
So Much To Say *
Satellite *
Drive In, Drive Out *
Recently (Pretty Girl, Take Me to the River) *
Don't Drink the Water *
Busted Stuff +*
True Reflections +*
Tripping Billies *
All Along the Watchtower *
Sweet Up & Down *
Say Goodbye *
Lie In Our Graves *
Stay +*
Long Black Veil +*
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
offstage 11:05 PM
onstage 11:08 PM
Grey Street *
Two Step *
offstage 11:35 PM

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals

Corey W.
THE BEST!!!!UNBELIEVABLE!!!!I've been to 17 shows and this was #1, finally. The energy by Dave and Boyd and Carter was unparalled, never I'm sure. The rain poured all day until DMB took the stage, then calmed to a moistness, and the show took off. If you included PNP as a song, then 19 SONGS! EXACTLY 3 HOURS! Yes, 8:40-11:41. Not much else, just look at the setlist. Tripping and Watchtower mid-set. LIOG and Stay together and then not even as a closer. Rapunzel returns. Grey Street on an encore w/ a killer 2 Step. I am in aw.
Joshua E.
First few songs were perdictible but played well,(even Satelite) Drive, Recently and Lie in our Graves were the best played. Tripping and watchtower back to back were electrifying and I particulary enjoyed the Gray street in the encore. The show was over 3 hours long with the only real lull at True Reflections which was much better last night.
OH MY GOSH! "Wicked cool" is the only phrase that comes to mind. First of all, DAVE MATTHEWS MADE EYE CONTACT AND TALKED TO ME! Every person around me was a die-hard DMB fan, so it made the experience SO much better, everyone was "wicked cool." The variety of songs was great... a little of everything, old, classic DMB, and new stuff. Opening with Seek Up was a good start to the show, but more surprises were to come. Not a soul in the stadium could have fathomed that he'd follow with Song that Jane Likes... two songs from Remember Two Things in a row! The rest of the show was just as surprising, and eclectic. As a HUGE UTTAD fan, I was happy to hear What Would You Say, Rhyme and Reason, Jimi Thing, and Ants just blew me away, I hadn't seen it since 1998. There were few songs from Crash (Crash, Too Much, 41), which all added a nice touch. Only Stay represented Before These Crowded Streets, which is a great song to hear live, but I'm 5 for 5, so it wasn't a huge surprise. The rest of the concert would be where the little girls who came to hear crash and crash alone were bored to tears... True Reflections, 40, and new songs made the night special. Tears came to my eyes during Grace is Gone, looking up into the sky at the stars, not a cloud in sight, and gazing into the eyes of old and new friends, and of course Dave. His outfit last night was as surprising as the setlist (which lasted a solid 3 hours), wearing checkered pants, and a vest suit... The band was really on top of the night, and sitting in 8th row, center stage, I could feel the power from their instruments flow throughout my body. It was a great night, with memories which will never be forgotten. *A shout out to everyone I met last night, you're all awesome, especially one person in particular, you know who you are* Kandy
Timothy Z.
Despite the weather, it was another splendid night spent at Foxboro. Again the band was in good spirits, joking and talking amongst each other often between songs and generally just smiling and enjoying themselves throughout the evening. The opener was predictable (Warehouse) but solid nonetheless. SMTS and Satellite were average but well received. Next in the set was Drive In, Drive Out.. with Dave acknowledging the rain soaked crowd: "God it seems Has left me behind Oh, why should I worry? I'll just make up a new one and have soaken wet party". Recently followed, sounding much like the Recently of the early 90's, and as the first real jam of the evening it really got things going. DDTW was standard, and then came one of only several new songs played. Half way through Busted Stuff, the lovely ladies emerged to sing back up, and although at first listen this isn't the most appealing new tune.. it should get better the more it's played. Boyd then took the spotlight for True Reflections, and Butch got a little jam for himself, unlike last night's version. Then came Tripping Billies, an amazing song live as always. The lighting was fantastic, rapid and bright with the Boyd solo, and Boyd really worked the crowd, standing towards the front of the stage with a huge grin as he jammed. Stefan played that funky bass rift and most knew Watchtower was imminent. As Dave began, a crew member came out to replace a cymbal on Carter's drum set, and Carter had further problems later on. But Watchtower was incredible, every band member got a significant role in the jam, and some people thought this was the end of the set. However, the band stayed on stage for a remarkable six more songs. Sweet Up & Down in it's Foxboro debut was solid, something I look forward to hearing more. Then Carter started into Say Goodbye, but his microphone went dead, and had to just start over.. but eventually all was straightened out and it was a beautiful version. Next was LIOG, and by the time that was over Boyd and Butch actually hugged each other (each solo was THAT exciting, and they knew it). Dave and LeRoi kind of just left the stage during the song, leaving the violin and keyboards to entertain the crowd. As part of Foxboro tradition, Stay popped up, and it was standard but good. Dave stuck around the mic to sing the refrain at the end with the lovely ladies, which was a little different. By the time Long Black Veil ended, I had no idea how they'd end the set.. what else they could come up with.. and much to my surprise came Rapunzel, a rarity thus far in the tour. Half through Dave broke a string, had to wait until before the last set of lyrics to switch guitars, but it was a minimal hindrance. Back out for the encore, Grey Street was splendid, and they closed the Foxboro stop with just about the only song they've been playing regularly on the tour that hadn't presented itself at Foxboro- Two Step. Dave mostly mumbled his four or five lines of lyrics he does during the intro, but I did catch something about a dream of him being the king of millions. Again everyone on stage made a significant contribution to the jam, and the song went for about fifteen minutes. Carter was the last to leave the stage, throwing several drum sticks into the audience before exiting. Overall, DMB must sincerely enjoy playing Foxboro, because the setlists and high energy were strong evidence that they had a great time. On to Giants Tuesday, and hopefully this beautiful vibe will follow.
DMBtrader35@excite.com .
Highlights of the concert-Dave giving me the thumbs up, getting my picture taken by some dmband.com website guy, Ben telling 30,000 people I am lazy, and high fiving Ozomatli. Also, my friend, Brad, was pissed on. And he got Carter Beauford's drum stick. This was my fourth DMB concert, and by far the best. The band had so much energy and it was amazing. After a sweet yet mellow show the night before, Dave and the boys rocked the stadium of about 65,000 people. My friend and I made signs that said "Dave-how's your nose?" "Granny" "Dancing Nancies" and "Say Goodbye." A guy from the dmband.com website who took pics of Dave took a picture of me holding the nose sign. I wore a red poncho, look for me at the site! He also took a pic of us holding 'Granny' and 'Nancies." I held up the "Dave-how's your nose?" and he gave me the thumbs up. It was blatantly towards me. That made my night. At the end of the show Carter tossed out about 4 drum sticks. My friend Brad caught one! My seats were A2 row 1, seats 29 and 30. I was about two chairs to the right of DEAD CENTER stage. From my view I could see Dave, Boyd, Steffan, and Leroi fine, but I only could see half of Carter and little of Butch. But hell, front row, I can't complain! We entered the stadium when Ozomatli took the stage. My friend caught a t-shirt that was thrown from a band member. I exchanged thumbs up with a few of the band members. At the beginning of their last song they got down on the floor, right in front of me and started playing their instruments. I got high fives from 4 of the 8 guys. Ben Harper took the stage, after Dave introduced them. His band is so good. Ben has to sit down because he plays the slide guitar. He explained how he really isn't lazy, but others will argue otherwise. Being close to Ben I yelled out "Ben, I'm LAZY TOO!" He laughed, looked at me and said into the mic "The kid in the red jacket is lazy too." I stood up on my chair and everyone cheered!! Pretty cool. His entire setlist was great from "Ground One Down," to "Gold to Me" and even "Steal My Kisses" with a tease of DMX's "Party Up." ON TO DAVE-- -Warehouse-I called it after he played the first three notes to just tune it or something. I cannot believe they did Seek Up last night and Warehouse this night, the same two openers they used last year for Foxboro! The stop time intro was amazing. The lights kick on this song. I believe it was raining during this song. They took the stage about 8:35-8:40. This was a three hour show. -So Much To Say-Gotta love this song. Standard version. By now the rains stopped. It sprinkled here and there once or twice the rest of the show. -Satellite-Dave was teasing Proudest Monkey. This was a fun song to hear. -Drive In Drive Out-Gotta love this song. Dave said "Why don't we have a little soaking wet party of our own," or something to the effect of the rain. Crowd loved it. The outro on this song is amazing. The lights and the outro rocked. -Recently-I love this song. It was great to hear. Dave sang for outro lyrics "Pretty Pretty Girl," and "Take Me to the River." Boyd and Leroi and Dave were on fire during this song. They all had their share of solos! -Don't Drink the Water-As much as I hate this song, it was still fun to hear. -Busted Stuff-"This a new song, it's called 'Busted Stuff.'" This was my first time hearing it live. The ladies came out half way through the song. -True Reflections-Fourth concert, fourth time hearing it! 'Nuff said. -Tripping Billies-I called it when Dave put his fingering for the "Nature" intro. However he walked over to Carter, and they started the normal way without the Nature intro, heard on Luther College. -Watchtower-Spencer boy called it. Awesome song. The lights were amazing. Dave hit all the vocal notes, like on Listener Supported. Just great emotion. Boyd and Leroi were on fire! -Sweet Up and Down-Hearing it live is alot better than an MP3!! They jamed alittle bit more on the outro. This should be their big hit. -Say Goodbye-July 8th, I heard during the soundcheck Carter did a 30 second Say Goodbye drum intro. When Dave and Boyd stepped aside, the song turned to Carter. He was amazing. He went for 5 minutes plus, and kept on going, after the normal time Dave comes in. He got a chuckle out of it, so did Dave. He really didn't mix the lyrics up all that much. -Lie In Our Graves-Boyd and Butch were amazing. Boyd came right infront of us, I got a nice picture of him! He is stacked. Butch kept going and going. After they were done, Butch and Dave laughed and gave the look like "What the hell!?" Dave waited a good 10 seconds to start up again. -Stay-It was now 10:45, I thought they would close with this song and save Rapunzel for the encore. Standard version, and I don't think the ladies said "Stay" as much as they usually do. -Long Black Veil-Ladies shortened up their singing which was good. Too bad they didn't replace this with Granny -PNP-->Rapunzel-I could see Dave's fingering and I knew they were going to close with this song. First time played since Sept 11, 1999, the Listener Supported show!! This was great to hear as a tour debut, and as a show closer. __________________ -Grey Street-This is a good song. This will be another great new song off their new cd. Not as good as Sweet Up and Down. -Two Step-I knew they were going to close with this because everyone was chanting for it. Also Two Step has been used as a closer this tour. Butch and Boyd were great this song. They left at about 11:40 Dave Speak-He said something along the lines of his ass being itchy from the rain.
Carl T.
After making the trek to our third tier seats in the rain I thought this may be a tough night to enjoy DMB, however Dave didn't let me or anyone else down. After opening up on a "very moist evening" with Warehouse the energy was electric and the rain was no more. Personal favorite was Recently which I haven't heard DMB play live lately, that went out to my girlfriend, although we both cherish that song. DDTW the great, the lovely ladies sung in harmony very well and I did not feel as if they were a guest this time but more a part of the band's machine. Watchtower seems to keep coming earlier and earlier, but I'll take it. It was nice to see Stefan take the spotlight and get the usual primo bass intro. Sweet Up and Down I guess is a new song, and its pretty good, kind of a DIDO for the yet to be titled CHRISTMAS!!! release. Say Goodbye was tight and Carter's drum solo intro was the balls as usual. The night was made for me and the thousands of others because of the unbelievable version of LIOG, nearly 20 minutes long, this song was so perfectly played. Tempo perfect! The interlude was long, very, very, very long. Boyd's violin took me to another level, I wept. After sitting down in a puddle of water on my seat, I sobbed silently as the beautiful music took me away. I wish I could get my hands on a copy of this concert the violin solo was like nothing I've EVER EVER heard. To come back to reality I needed something very spiritual, maybe Stay with the ladies and then a cover...LBV, played very well, the ladies make this one. Pantala Naga Pampa led into Rapunzel and that was a good end to a great show. In the encore DMB thanked us again for coming to this "wet party", he rewarded our patience and loyalty with Grey Street which should be the Crush Crash and Recently of the new untitled release. Two words. Two Step. No better way to wrap it up. The BEST show I've seen. Despite the weather, DMB came through with a tight, spiritual show that was higlighted by Dave's jovial attitdue, some good chemistry between Dave and Boyd, a kick ass violin solo, great beats from Carter and a intro from Stefan, Leroi pumped out the flute in Say Goodbye, and the ladies and Butch Taylor rounded things out with great earthy backup and classical piano poundings to make this a very spiritual and uplifting show.
Peter E.
Overall, an incredible show...The crowd was much more into it, largely due to the showers that fell after the opening acts. Warehouse was great to open, and the energy climaxed with an amazing Drive In, Drive Out. Recently was unbelievable, with a great outro. Watchtower was placed oddly, but great none-the-less. Rapunzel was great for the first time on the tour. Grey Street sounded fantastic, and perfectly segued into Two Step, which made the crowd go crazy. Nothing to bring down the set, except possible the rain, which I think made it even better. Much better than last night!
Josh M.
The show was incredible. They were extremely hot. They were in the mood to jam and they did. Carter was incredible in the Say Goodbye intro. The whole crowd was soaked from the rain. No one cared. They were too good. Boyd went crazy in Lie in Our Graves and just kept jamming. Dave and Stefan starting jamming before Watchtower and everyone knew it was coming. They didn't miss a beat. The whole band was all smiles and just in the mood to jam. Even Butch Taylor and Boyd got so excited after Lie in Our Graves that they gave each other a hug. All and all it was one of the best shows I had ever been to. I can't wait to see what they do at the Meadows in Hartford.
Chris B.
This was the greatest concert I have ever seen in my entire life. It was absolutely amazing. There are no words to describe it, but I will try. The rain started to come down as we were all waiting for the boys to take stage. I jave never felt so much harnessed energy ever. The guys came on and everyone went nuts. Warehouse- Wow! I called it. My favorite song, the best possible opener. Everyone went wild. (By the way did it strike anyone as funny how the two Foxboro openers this year were the same as last year?) So Much to Say- This certainly got everyone singing. I was hoping for ASTB->Too Much, but it still rocked. Proudest Monkey Tease->Satellite: I honestly thought that we were going to hear Monkey but he stopped and went right into Satellite. Pretty standard. Calmed everyone down. Drive In, Drive Out: I am not a big fan of this song but this was definitely one of the highlights of the evening. It was like an explosion, just waht we needed after Satellite. Dave slipped in a line about a "Big, Wet Party", everyone loved it. Recently: Just unbelievable. My highlight of the evening. The jam was awesome. Dave was dancin like a fool. They put in Pretty Girl at the end which was cool. Don't Drink the Water: I have been bitter at Dave for playing this to finish the 8.8.99 Meadows show, but it has been a rarity this summer so I didn't mind. Busted Stuff: I liked this one pretty well.I didn't mind the ladies. True Reflections: I was disappointed as they had played this the night before, but it was still a great chance to see Boyd and Dave go toe to toe. Tripping Billies: Perhaps the best I've heard. So, so powerful. This one really got the crowd pumped. Dave starting singing some gibberish in it. Watchtower: This was another powerful one. Like the quiet intro. A treat to hear mid-set. Sweet Up and Down: I love the vocal jam at the beginning. Played with a lot of energy. Great song. Say Goodbye: I heard about 20 seconds of the drum intro and knew what it was. Great, great song. A good chance for Carter to show his stuff. Lie In Our Gaves: Wow! I called it before the song started. The jam was great. About 15 minutes long! Stay: BUtch adds so much to the band. Please take the ladies away. By the 45th "Stay" at the end, I was a little bored. Long Black Veil: They shouldn't play this so much. Two nights in a row is way too much. PNP->Rapunzel: My good Lord! The first time played all summer. Dave broke a string, but no one really noticed. Played with a lot of energy. I heard rumors that someone was holding a Rapunzel sigh up last night and Dave pointed at it and said "Tomorrow". He kept his promise, and I'm glad he did. We all were pretty spoiled, between htis and Seek Up making their debut at Foxboro this summer. Grey Street: Better than last night's. I like this one a lot. Two Step: To top it all off. Dave was excited to play this one. They really ended well with it. It was about 15 minutes long I think. What a great way to end a great night.
Colin S.
This show equaled or bettered Saturday's. A few notes before the show: It was raining before the show, but stopped just as DMB took the stage. It did rain on and off during the show. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals were great, they played a sweet set that got the crowd pumped. The CD between Ben and DMB was Pearl Jam's Vs., and I've never seen the crowd so into a warm-up tape. The highlight was a stadium sing-along to Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town in the pouring rain. Anyways, onto the show: Warehouse- A standard version. Tried to get the crowd to do the HEY chant during stop-time, but to no avail. So Much To Say- Kept up the energy of Warehouse. Satellite- Okay version, starting to hope this isn't gonna be a radio show.. Drive In Drive Out- Great version, but it's hard to dance to with its weird beat. Dave sang a line- "Why should we worry? I'll make up a new line and we'll have a soaking wet party!" Recently- Oh my God, what a song. Totally jammed out with an awesome PPG outro that the crowd caught onto real quickly. This is where the show got its steam. DDTW- New intro by Dave and Carter featuring some cymbal hits and inaudible lyrics. Not as intense as other DDTWs I've heard, but still rocking. Busted Stuff- The ladies don't ruin this song, because it's not that good anyways. Dave introduced it as Busted Stuff, not She My Bitch. True Reflections- Better than last night, more people knew it and sang along. Butch had a solo where Leroi had one the night before. Tripping Billies- Dave's changed the words to the 2nd verse. Boyd ripped it up so much that Butch called him over after the song and shook his hand. Watchtower- Dave and Stefan jammed into this one, a great version featuring solos by Butch, Boyd AND Leroi. They had been playing quite a while up to here so I figured this would be the closer. But no! EIGHT more songs! Sweet Up and Down- Definitely the best new song. The crowd didn't know what it was but seemed to like it. Not a lot of dancing though. Wait til next tour, when everyone knows it, and the crowd will explode for this one. Say Goodbye- Carter is an amazing drummer. The intro to this was sick, and the song featured great on the spot lyrics by Dave. LIOG- Not as intense a solo by Boyd as last year's Foxboro show, but still a great, long classical solo and duet with Butch. They were so into it they hugged at the end. Not a very long pause before the "I can't believe" part. Stay- Even more dragged out than the night before, but still energetic. (27 "Stay"s tonite to 25 on Saturday). We knew there was still more because Dave said the ladies would play a few more. LBV- Also more dragged out at the end, the ladies soloed for way too long at the end. Rapunzel- Tour debut! Great jam at the end with Butch and the boys. Dave broke a string but the techie ran in with a new one in a matter of seconds. I like how Butch fills in for Timmy's part on the album, without him the song sounds empty. Grey Street- I was hoping for Crazy, since they soundchecked it, but this was just as good. Not as jammed out as the night before, though. Two Step- We all knew it was coming, and it was a nice closer. Much better and more energetic than Listener Supported. I still miss the old end jam a la Red Rocks, though. Maybe they should try Peter's salsa jam at the end with Butch. Overall, a great end to two great nights. See ya on the winter tour!
Peter P.
Great Warehouse - obviously real pumped! SMTS - also real rockin' DIDO - surprisingly real good with a great outro jam Thank God they put Watchtower in the middle of the show! Made it so much better. Awesome Carter intro to Say Goodbye. LIOG - best part of the show (not including encore) Boyd jammed harder than I have ever heard before and for so long, too! Then Butch took over and the two of them played to each other and it was so damn good, they hugged each other after the song was over! Real long and real good. Encore- Grey Street is easily the most amazing song I have heard in a while and totally rocks. Then the most amazing Two Step - about 12-15 minutes long! Unreal - unreal. The boys were sure as hell fired up. 17th show I have seen and by far the most excited and jammin' the band has been.
Chris N.
Great show!!.... But I will get to that in a minute. First off I live in NJ and got tickets to this show, so I was all amped for a road trip with one of my boys. We get there check into the hotel, and go to the store to buy a 12 pack. Little did we know that.... THERE IS NO ALCOHOL SOLD IN MASSACHUSETS ON SUNDAY!!!! What kind of stupid law is this. That definately but a damper on our tailgate party, and after concert hotel party. But anyway enough about my problems. This was really a solid show. Grey Street is such an awesome song, and I love Busted Stuff (of course if it weren't for the ladies, it would be better). But I'm sure yall already heard enough about the setlist. THE RAIN.... I think the guys decided to come out there and bring the house down. They wanted to give something to all the fans that stuck it out and didn't give a shit if it was raining or not. Personally, once the band got on stage I didn't even realize if it was raining or not. But I did notice the annoying girls behind me, screaming for #36 and Say Goodbye. Don't get me wrong, both great songs. But first off Dave can't hear you, and even if he could he isn't gonna change the setlist for you. But I have to admit I did yell out "spotlight" when the band got on stage for the encore. And when Boyd was playing his beautiful solo in LIOG, the whole stadium was quiet, and was just in awe, But these girls were screaming the whole time. Definately a great show, but a poor road trip. See yall at all 3 giants shows....
Brian M.
A great show , had a lot of energy because of the rain. Highlites were Warehouse, Recently, Billies, Watchtower, Say Goodbye, LIOG, and Two Step.
Jen S.
This show fulfilled my expectations seeing that the band played nearly every song I wanted to hear the night before. I was hoping SMTS would be followed by Too Much (in my opinion, the live version is the only one that gives this song justice). That was my only real letdown of the night. I was also pretty pleased that we got more off BTCS than just Stay. Only four repeats over the two nights, not too bad in my opinion. Boyd is the man, he tore it up on LIOG, I was glad Butch got some attention on the video screens too. True Reflections is quickly becoming another one of my favorites, Boyd just looks like he is having so much fun up there during that song. Say Goodbye was a pleasant surprise, although everyone around me was complaining that Carters drum intro was way too long. I thought the crowd was worse tonight than Saturday night, lots of people were sitting down, even during Stay, which surprised me seeing that Stay nearly always gets the crowd going. Lots of people left early too. Overall, I thought the first night was slightly better, the crowd (around me anyway) seemed more into it, and of course i was not soaking wet, but tonights show had a slightly better setlist in my opinion. Also, to anyone in section 312 on Saturday night: my apologies for the very drunken behavior of my friends, they were quite out of control.
Jeremy S.
Okay, first off, let me say that this show was all about the band getting energy from the drenched, but content audience. This was evident in outrageous instrumental solos in tripping billings and lie in our graves. Other amazing highlights were recently, sweet up and down, rapunzel, and grey street. these three were the songs i wanted to hear most, as well as drive in drive out, two step, and watchtower. i guess i was really lucky to hear all of them. before the show, i went over the the musictoday.com tour bus and heard 2 minute clips from the new studio album of sweet up and down, busted stuff, and diggin a ditch. that was really cool. i think the most pleasant surprise of the show was how good the quality of the sound was at the stadium. foxboro, being a large, completely open stadium, gave me the impression that it would not have great sound quality, but this was not the case; the sound was EXCELLENT. the lighting was awesome. also, the fact that the crowd was soaked from hours of rain made the band's energetic and spirited perfrormance that much more appreciated. i'm looking forward to the three shows in hartford at the end of august. peace out, jeremy.
Lori C.
Well a great second show at Foxboro! The guys played a another night of amazing music and didn't let us down at all as we stood in the pouring rain. Warehouse, as always, was a great opener and not a single person cared about the rain that was coming down. Next was So Much To Say which we figured we'd see after last night's ASTB->Too Much. Satellite and Drive in Drive out were pretty standard but very good. Recently was cool to hear with the "pretty girl" ending. Although DDTW is not one of my favorites, its been 10 months since I've seen it so I could handle it! Then came Busted Stuff. I really like this new one. I didn't think that's what it was going to be because the ladies weren't out to sing, but they appeared at the end and then they stayed out for True Reflections. Even though I heard this song so many times last summer, it is such a great song. Boyd is awesome, and he always has such energy during his solos. Alittle disappointed that Leroi didn't have his solo at the end, but Butch played a nice one on the keys. Tripping Billies was next and then a mid-set Watchtower. I like how he's been throwing that in mid-set. Then Sweet up and Down which was awesome because he didn't play it the night before. Carter then started his drum intro and a couple times i was tricked into thinking it could be #36 and the ladies would be back out, but as soon as Leroi stepped up with his flute, it was obvious it was Say Goodbye. Lie In our Graves was amazing. Boyd had such a good solo and their jam was really good. Stay was standard with the ladies, but was tolerable.. it seemed to go by fast. I really hope we don't hear it every Giants show though. Long Black Veil was a surprise b/c they played it last night. They drag it out way too long at the end. Rapunzel was great.. first time of the tour and very cool to hear to end the set. Then Grey Street for the 1st of the encore. I just love that song. He has changed some of the words from the first shows he played and i like it a lot! And Two Step to close was amazing. It was like 15 minutes long. Everyone sounded so awesome..it was great to end the night! Can't wait for the next 3 at Giants!!!
Jed M.
Well despite getting wet, tonight's show was good! I thought b/c of the number of new songs 7.8 was better but they were close! Highlights were Recently, with pretty girl...thats just great to see back!! Busted Stuff is a great new song, I'm very impressed. For the first time I have seen a mid-set watchtower and it was very good. I'm happy to see the band changing things up. Sweet Up and down is another impressive new song, it was excellent tonight! It seems to be much improved from the recording i have from the first time they played it. Say Goodbye is just Carter Carter Carter, its been said so many times but he is truly amazing! LIOG was awesome, Boyd tore it up and then Butch let it go too!! It was a great version. Rapunzel was great for three reasons...one they played it faster than the listener supported version, more like BTCS. Two they played it as a closer which was awesome...it was something different. Three they eliminated that more than 5 minute intro that just gets boring at times. Excellent set!! The encore was amazing...Grey Street is one of the best songs that has been written. It is so intense but just beautiful at the same time. It seems to be the bands new DDTW but it is 100 times better. Two Step could not have been better either, especially as a closer...Butch does a great job as well as the rest of the band in this song. It was a great way to end a three hour show!! Low points were, True Reflections, Stay and LBV. No need to play them 2 nights in a row. True Reflections is a great song with an excellent message but its a rare song that has turned into a regular when the ladies are there. As much fun as the band seems to have with the ladies on stage it does bring the show down a little. It makes it to predictable when they walk on stage...the good thing is that they have been eliminated from the encore, that is a good start! One last thing, i was told that during soundcheck dave played captain/crazy!! I'm hoping for it at Giants!! All in all Foxboro was excellent this year, more like 98 than 99. Lets hope Giants is even better!! See Ya there!
Jamie L.
After last nights show i wasn't expecting anything could be better, but i kindof wanted to be wrong. So we got up there around 4 and there were a lot more people from my town there tonight than last night. But we were psyched b/c we had 2nd row seats and last night we had 10th. So it started to rain which kindof sucked b/c it was cold, but then the lights went off and the rain stopped and...(8:43-8:51) Warehouse- Great opener which had a lot of energy too it, boyd's plucking on this song is incredible and Leroi's solo at the end was cool. (8:52-8:57) So Much To Say-Don't care too much for this one (8:58-9:03) Satellite-another one that i am not too found about, carter does go nuts on this song even though its a slower one, would have liked to have a grace is gone, lover lay down, or pay for what u get there. Ohh well. (9:04-9:10) Drive In Drive Out- I have heard this a lot in concert but not in a while, and since i haven't heard this one in soo long it actually was pretty cool. It was much need b/c the first couple of songs were slower. Dave talked about a soaking wet party (9:12-9:22) Recently- Before this dave came out and talked about his wet ass. And then he went into recently. This was one of the best songs of the night and an awesome recently, with the pretty pretty girl outro. This song was just awesome!!!! (9:23-9:31) Don't Drink The Water-This one had a weird intro into it, not one of my favorites but it is a good song, just wish they wouldn't play it like every concert or people would enjoy it more. It had lots of power in it. (9:32-9:38) Busted Stuff- WOW!! I really like this song a lot, after only listening to it a couple of times on MP3, in concert it was just soo awesome. The ladies came out for this one near the end. I can't wait for the new cd. (9:40-9:47) True Reflections- First repeat of the night. This song should be "Boyd's song" because he takes over the whole stage. It's incredible, does it w/ the violin and the voice, hell ya. (9:49-9:55) Tripping Billies- I sort of despise this song, but tonight it was awesome!! They put sooo much energy into this song and the crowd went nuts, no nature intro, but boyd was awesome on this song, he really shined tonight. (9:56-10:05) Watchtower- Dave had a little intro then stefan did before actually going into this song. It was soo slow at the beginning then just ereupted w/ power. Solo's went boyd, butch, and leroi. Good work. (10:08-10:13) Sweet Up & Down- another good new tune, very bouncy and jammy, boyd and leroi were battling well. (10:16-10:27) Say Goodbye- Carter had like a 3 minute drum solo and Leroi had a 3 minute flute solo before they even went into the song. It was an awesome say goodbye, glad to hear it, great solo's by leroi and carter. (10:28-10:43) Lie In Our Graves- OHHH helll yaaa!!! This was probably the highlight of the night. Boyd just went ape shit on this one and i loved every second of it. It sounded as if Boyd's violin was weeping to us, incredible. Butch had a great solo after boyd passed it on to him. At the end of the song they gave each other a big hug. (10:44-10:51) Stay-Since BTCS has come out i have been to 9 shows, 9 times i have heard stay. WHAT THE FUCK (10:52-11:02) Long Black Veil- Dave's vocals on this one was better than last night, but last night they played it sooo slow it was awesome. I love this song, and the ladies stayed on from stay. 3rd repeat of the night. Ladies leave (11:03-11:04) Pantala Naga Pampa (11:04-11:10) Rapunzel- First time all tour for this one. Dave broke his guitar in this one and had to change it. This song i have heard a lot but is a good concert tune, they didn't take it to its full potential i didn't think. (11:14-11:22) Grey Street- Final repeat of the 2 nights but i wasn't complaining, i love this song soo much, one of my favorites on the new cd. (11:23-11:39) Two Step- All week i knew they were going to close the 2nd night w/ a two step and they did. Not one of the best two steps i have heard but i have heard some incredible 2 steps as well. Overall a great 2 nights in foxboro, i get one day of rest as i head out for the next 3 shows on the tour, the 3 at giants stadium. Thanks for all for reading, thanks to dave for being dave and everyone have fun at their concerts. I am glad everything went well for mine.
Jess J.
despite the rain, dmb saved the night: they bust right into Warehouse, which is nothing but an awesome song and very tight tonight. the energy remains with SMTS - a great singalong for everyone and the night begins to take a distinctively happy mood. other hightlights: DIDO is great ("why worry? i'll just have a soaking-wet party of my own..."), and the energy from this song flows right into Recently. here was definitely the first truly great moment of the night, with all of them jamming and dancing around (dave and boyd) at the end of the song for several minutes. then some great davespeak and ass-ithcing (from the rain). then, out come the Lovely Ladies to help dave with a rather lovely new song Busted Stuff. later, Tripping Billies is screaming out at us and these few minutes seem like the happiest of the night to me (with the 'carpe diem' theme alive and well). we eventually get another new song with Sweet Up & Down, which i really dig the more i hear it. we're all wondering what's next? when Carter starts doing his thing for a while - we recognize the unmistakeable intro to Say Goodbye. Carter teases us for a while with this, jamming so smoothly on this drums that we're all practically melting but then cheering with anticipation... what a great song. for the encore, they come back out with Grey Street, a really cool new one with a great beat. then, they go into Two Step and it has SO much energy that dave breaks a string. a couple more new songs would've been nice to hear, but i can wait until next time. after their short rest in cville, the boys are back to keep exceeding everyone's expectations.
Megan J.
This show was unbelieveable. The band didnt come on till close to 9 due to the extremem amounts of rain. Once the band started all the rain was forgotten, however. Warehouse was a great opener it got some energy into the very moist crowd. I could already tell the crowd was very mellow and into it. They were ready for some kick ass music and they got it. SO much to say and Satellite were crowd pleasers and everyone was into it. Drive in drive out was pretty good carter was awesome. Recently was EXCELLENT i love the pretty girl outro very very well done. I do lkike DOnt drink the water i think its a powerful song and great live. Busted stuff is my favorite new song and it was great. The LL didnt even bother me all that much. True Reflections was played for the second time in a row! I was pretty shocked but it was alright. Boyd put a good performance in. Tripping Billies really woke everyone up and got them dancin i LOVE this song live. Watchtower was in the middle of the set i was so happy it was unbelievable extremely good version. Sweet up and Down was beautiful "i belieeevee in love!" sort of different lyrics then the one i downloaded to. I like them better. SAy Goodbye made the girls go crazy as usual pretty standard version very pretty. The highlight of my evening was Lie in oUr Graves. MAde me cry it was so pretty. BOyd was heavenly. His jam was incredibvle and Butch was so great on the keys. I think he adds so much to the songs. I really like him on the tour. LBV was ok im sort of sick of it and i hate the LL at the end but it was alright. RAPUNZEL!!!! yippeeeeee awesome awesome. LOVE IT. Te show was so ling and it made it so great and i coldnt belive he still hadnt done the encore. I was SO SO happy that he did grey street i really wanted to hear that live. It was incredible im so excited for the new album. Two Step was a great closer Carter had a great solo at the end. ALL in all it was an awesome evening and! i cant wait till next tour!!!!!
Ryan D.
Tonight I think easily passed by Saturday night show as my favorite DMB Show. The rain didn't hurt the DMB experience as the boys opened great performances to Warehouse and So Much to Say. Satellite was obvious just the way Dave was tuning up his guitar. Dave was also complaining how much is ASS itched. I haven't heard Drive In, Drive Out in a while and I loved this version as Dave made up his own words throughout the song. Recently was awesome with Dave saying Pretty Girl about 50 times before breaking in a jamming performance of Don't Drink the Water. The new song Busted Stuff was awesome, I love it and like I said in my Saturday review Boyd needs a new tune as True Reflections was played yet again tonight as did Stay. Tripping Billies, I always love that song and Watchtower in the middle of the set was a surprise but awesome. Sweet Up, Sweet Down made me even more exciting for the new album which I can't wait to get the second it comes out cause the song was just great. Carter intro to Say Goodbye rocked and Boyd's Lie in Our Graves violin solo I admit were the highlights of the night. I'm sick of Long Black Vail and closing the set with Rapunzel was awesome as I love that song as well. The encore opened with Grey Street, which already his my favorite song on the new album, I was singing the words and everyone was looking at me wondering why I knew the lyrics and closing with Two Step was awesome but the 10 minute jam at the end got a little boring but despite the rain Dave and the boys made the evening and weekend for me one I'll never forget. Can't wait til the fall when the boys go on the road again.
Brianne D.
The anticipation for this show was incredible. If it were to be anywhere close to a repeat of last year then I would probably have pooped my pants. First of all, the second show last year had so much more energy and the band seemed to be enjoying themselves much more than the first night. Well, it was just that and more. I had amazed the small crowd around my seats with my DMB trivia until the band came on. Now I'm not saying that I'm an expert but I did call WAREHOUSE as an opener. It may have been predictable but it was still great. Dave, Boyd, Carter, Stefan, and Roi came out on stage with huge smiles on their faces and I knew it was gonna rock! SMTS and SATELLITE were next and boy were they crowd pleasers. Everyone was up and dancing it was wicked cool. Next came DIDO. I had never heard this song live before so I was psyched. I loved that fact that Dave acknowledge that we had all stayed out there despite the rain. I could barely make out what he said but the crowd was loving it. And what could I say to describe RECENTLY. It's on of my all time favorites and with the 'PRETTY, PRETTY GIRL' addition it sounded incredible. Then came DDTW and once I again I amazed the people sitting near me. Then again they were an older crowd, which was nice because they weren't obnoxious and they kepy quite except for the occasional question or two, which I was more than happy to answer. Then BUSTED STUFF, great song and I can't wait until the album comes out! TRUE REFLECTIONS. TRUE REFLECTIONS. Boyd did a great job last night and it was hard to beat but still great to see live. He is amazing! He puts his heart and soul into that song. Then Boyd ripped it up during TRIPPING BILLIES and he had the best grin on his face throughout the entire song. WATCHTOWER was next and the WATCHTOWER AND BILLIES combo was electrifying. Everyone gave it their all during WATCHTOWER and that was great. SWEET UP & DOWN was phat. I had heard good things about this song and I was hoping to hear it last night and I was a little disappointed but I was definately glad he played it. One more reason to start the countdown until the new album. SAY GOODBYE was next and then came LIOG. I dragged me boyfriend to the concert...he's not a big DMB fan, imagine that... I was estactic to see him singing this song. He even told me that it was his favorite. I was in shock and that totally made my night. Boyd and Butch were insane. Simply amazing would be another way of putting it. Then came STAY, it may be a Foxboro tradition, but I was too excited after LIOG to not enjoy it. LONG BLACK VEIL is a great song but I think it's a little too overplayed. Then came the surprise...PNP --> Rapunzel. I so wasn't expecting it and it rocked! Dave broke a string on his guitar during the song but he kept on truckin. I could barely notice. Then literally three long minutes later the boys came back out for the encore. At this point I was screaming for everyone to stay promising that it was gonna be worth it. And it was! GREY STREET. What more could I say about this song. It pretty much speaks for itself. I was so looking forward to hearing it again after an awesome job by the boys the night before. And finally, last and certainly not least came TWO STEP and it was a killer! As my fourth show I have to say that it was definately the best. Ciao ya'll! See ya in August at the Meadowlands!
Carly N.
This show was amazing. The songs were electrifying and everyone in the stadium was jamming along with Dave. They had so much energy this show, you could feel the music. The songs were played well and Dave chose a great selection of music. Warehouse was an amazing opening, after pouring for about 20 minutes the stadium lights went off and the stage lit up. And as soon as Dave struck his guitar for the first notes of Warehouse, the rain stopped. Amazing. Continued the energy with So Much To Say...basic version, nothin special but very energetic. Then he settled things down with Satellite which everyone loved (like always). Right after that, Drive In Drive Out pumped out and everyone went nuts. The lights goign with the music at all times was phat and everyone loved it. Recently was a very long version, Pretty Girl, Take Me to the River was part of it. Long solos given to every musician and then Don't Drink the Water blew up. They just played away and everyone in the crown was jammin and going crazy. New songs like Busted Stuff and Sweet Up & Down were enjoyed very much so by the fans. True Reflections was a great little touch to his setlist and then he jammed out with Trippin Billies. Everyone loves when they can sing along and thats exactly what they were doing. Then one of the best songs of the night...or so I thought, All Along the Watchtower lit up the show and everyones eyes. Amazing version, long, containing good solo parts by Stefan and Boyd. Then Sweet Up & Down and then he slowed things down with and amazing verion of Say Goodbye. Long intro, but very familiar stuff. Crown went crazy and Dave quietly played Say Goodbye with enery and emotion. Lie in Our Graves...great piece, wonderful guitar sections. Dave brings out the lovely ladies and they sing an energetic version of Stay, Long Black Veil and PNP-->Rapunzel. Encore was phenomenal with Grey Street...one of the best songs on his new album. Everyone loved it...then he ended with one of the best versions of Two Step I've ever heard. Long jammin sessions and great energy. The best Dave concert ever! Wonderful music and the lights and camera work were amazing!!
Kevin O.
Pretty Good show. The rain wasn't too bad but Dave threw in a nice line in Drive in Drive Out with "we could have a soaked party of our own". Recently was absoultely awesome with the Pretty Girl outro and take me to the river. I have never seen that outro before so I was psyched to hear it! Other highlights were Busted Stuff and Lie In Our Graves. The jam on LIOG was dominated by Boyd's amazing jam but Butch added a sweet soft jam towards the end which was really nice. Lowlights were the ladies in general, I thought they were going to end the set with LBV, but to my surprise Dave saved us with Rapunzel. I was surprised to hear this one becuase he had yet to play it all tour. The encore was awesome with Grey Street and 2step. Grey Street rocked and 2step was full of a ton of energy. This was definitley a pretty good show but not a great show by any means.
Paul C.
Well, I didn't think last night could be topped but tonight came pretty close. They jammed their brains out tonight for no less than 3 hours. It was incredible. I think I liked the songs a little better last night but Dave and the boys showed their skills tonight. It was really Boyd's night, though. He was amazing on a beautiful Lie in our Graves and Tripping Billies, which got the biggest crowd reaction of the night. I didn't want his solos in either one to end. I love Warehouse as an opener so that was cool. They played a couple different new songs tonight. Sweet up and Down is definitely my favorite of the new songs. It sounds so cool live. I think my favorite song of the night was Recently. I've been longing to hear that song for so long, finally at my sixth Dave show, they played it and the jam in the middle was nuts. Dave's "Pretty Pretty Girl" thing is a cool addition to the song too. The surprise of the night was Rapunzel as a closer because they hadn't played it once on the tour before. Leroi got to take over and the jam at the end was awesome. It was nice to hear Grey Street again in the encore because that's another one of my favorite new songs. And then everyone was yelling and yelling for Two Step the whole night and finally they played it to finish the encore. Of course it was incredible. What a great two shows at Foxboro. Almost 6 hours of Dave, and a whole bunch of new and old songs. I'm looking forward to the new album!