Dave Matthews Band
Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

1, 2, 3, 4
O Le Le
Que Bien
Cumbia De Los Muertos
Como Ves
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Glory & Consequence
Burn to Shine
The Woman In You
Burn One Down
Sexual Healing
Manic Depression
Steal My Kisses
Seek Up
instrumental jam
Raven (instrumental)
onstage 8:32 PM
Seek Up *
The Song That Jane Likes *
What Would You Say *
Rhyme & Reason *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Bartender *
Grey Street *
Jimi Thing *
Digging a Ditch *
#41 *
JTR +*
Long Black Veil +*
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Too Much *
True Reflections +*
Stay +*
offstage 10:54 PM
onstage 10:56 PM
#40 *
Grace Is Gone *
Ants Marching *
offstage 11:10 PM

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals

Corey W.
Absolutely dazzling. There is no other way to describe the music of tonight. It wasn't the thrilling spectacles of 95-96 or the big sound shows of 98-99, but for a mindboggling mellow mix of sax, guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin, and harmonies, tonight was the night. Dave began mellow with a 20min. Seek Up, and the subsequent Song that Jane Likes was much slower than usual. What Would You Say and Rhyme & Reason involved the unusually large (and young) crowd. Grey Street was slower than the bootlegs I've heard, but didn't disappoint. Nor did Bartender just before it. Jimi Thing was much like LS, and went for a solid 15. Diggin a Ditch was absolutely beautiful. Standard 14minute #41. In fact, this show clocked in at an impressive 2 hours and 42 minutes, not too shabby, with 18 nsongs as well. Anyways, JTR was nice, I too miss the John The Revelator chorus like my fellow fans in the midwest. Long Black Veil was the evening's highlight. Slower and far more emotional than on LS. The crowd realy warmed to this unfamiliar tune and this was when the night truly heated up. Too Much got everyone going and True Reflections was classic pop-cheese. Finally an incredibly-lit Stay. I was thrilled and the prepubescent girls loved hearing Crash early in the show. Finally, #40 and Grace is Gone kicked off the brief encore. Gotta say Grace is Gone is tied with Grey Street for best new song. And Ants Marching tore the roof (not that there really is one) off this homefield for the Patriots. I can't wait for tomorrow night; Watchtower, Tripping, Dancing, Lie In Our Graves, 2 Step, Sweet Up & Down, Warehouse...but till then I'll just lay down and reminisce on tonight, one of the best of the 16 DMB shows I've seen.....
David M.
At these far too big stadium shows, being in the 3rd row makes all the difference. This was an excellent show: opening up with SEEK UP gives the show a whole lot of hope from the beginning, esepeciall when it lasts for 18 minutes. whee!!! After 4 songs, the show seemed near perfect. Then of course came the inevitable CRASH. Fortunately, beyond an early CRASH, and a late STAY, I have few complaints. Except what is up with JTR minus the refrain?? oh well. A powerful True Reflections gave way to the closing STAY. A sweet little #40, pretty short but we got a whole verse, opened up the encore. Grace is Gone is a welcome addition to the DMB repetoire. Sounds very folky, and when hearing it for the first time I wasn't sure if it was a cover, but its a great acoustic tune. Finally they closed with a traditional ANTS MARCHING, and I parted feeling quite complete. Can't wait to see if tomorrow tops this!!
Matt K.
I absolutely have to say this was the best DMB show I've ever been to!!! The crowd was for the most part great and the boys were having fun jamming up on stage. The result was an incredible amount of energy, and an unbelievable show. Seek Up- hell yeah!! First one of tour too. I called it before they came out- everyone was kinda impressed. Good version of it too- over 15 minutes long. When Dave said, "I have a sister named Jane..." I went nuts. Never heard it live before- much longer than the R2T one- a good Boyd solo at the begginnig. WWWYS- another awesome surprise. 1st time hearing it live as well- awesome, although John Popper does make it fuller. Rhyme- pretty standard, but it got the crowd rockin. Wasnt thrilled to hear Crash- it def. got the radio crowd goin though. A great Bartender followed- what powerful lyrics! Grey Street -I was suprised to see so many people standing up and dancing for this one b/c no one really knows it yet- great complete band jamat the end. Jimi Thing was good- Dave's solo impressed me a lot- it was much better than the one on LS. An awesome Diggin a Ditch, which I also called. People began to sit down at this point, which made me a little mad b/c this is a great song if you actually listen to it. Whatever- I enjoyed it. #41 got em up though- and did Roi rock on this. He played longer than I've ever heard before on this jam and stole the song. Then the ladies. I was kinda dreading this, but they werent bad at all. JTR and LBV were good. The crowd liked JTR, especially the jam which keeps getting better and better. A shot of the beautiful half moon came on the screen during LBV and the crowd went nuts- good timing. ASTB-->Too Much- ASTB sounds very different- much more solid. Thought Too Much would be the closer and I was screaming the words and dancing like a fool. Then the ladies came out and closed w/ a LS-style True Reflections followed by Stay. Dave used a different guitar on Stay than usual- awesome sound and the band just played it home. Wanted to hear less from the ladies on this and more from Roi, but oh well. Then the encore- I called the whole thing! A sweet abbreviated #40 followed by Grace. No one knew Grace around me except myself- I love this song though "Excuse me please, one more drink..." Awesome lyrics, as w/ all the new ones. And then came the best part of the whole night. Everyone around was slapping me high fives when Carter started in on Ants- Carter was laughing on stage- everybody was having a good time. I was a dancing fool during this one. Great intro as usual and then the 1-2-3 jam was so tight and full of energy. Finaly, it was approapriate that Roi took it home w/ the sax b/c he was the star of the night- I've never seen him play w/ so much energy. Anyway- awesome show. The lighting added to the effect as well- it was fantastic and well-timed, made the songs seem even cooler. Dont want to wait unitl the Meadows in August to see the band again. Cant wait- see yall there.
Mike B.
First off - the show was wicked good. I was looking forward to hearing a lot of the new stuff, and i wasn't disappointed - though I'll have to go back tomorrow to catch the Sweet Up & Down. I'm kind of angry at myself for missing Ben Harper's opening few songs, because the man is amazing. I came in just in time to hear him launch into Sexual Healing before going off into Manic Depression. Crazy. But anyways, Dave came out a little after half past eight, and started with SEEK UP, which really is one of the most underappreciated songs out there. It was a great opener if you were a real fan, for everyone else it may have been somewhat of a letdown. STJL was a pleasant surprise, though it, WWYS, Rhyme & Reason, and Crash were all pretty typical. Bartender - amazing. Grey Street - just as good. i can see why Dave's been playing this one EVERY night. And then JIMI. Folks, this is why we go to DMB concerts. Leroi's solo was incredible, and they even broke down into that little circus ditty in the middle. DIGGIN' A DITCH was good, even if it didn't really hold most of the audience's attention. And the came 41, which was...how do i put this...orgasmic. JTR was good, though i still haven't made up my mind if i really want to see it on the new album. i liked it a little bit better last year in Foxboro when he played it with Santana. Long Black Veil was pretty grabbing, and lasted forever - though in a pleasant sort of way. Anyone Seen the Bridge into Too Much came next, followed by True Reflections. Boyd looked like something out of 70s porn, what with the white bellbottoms and all. Stay finished off the regular show, though i think everyone could see it coming. The encore kicked ass - what with #40 flowing into Grace is Gone. Let me just say this - do whatever you can to get a hold of this song, because it really is beautiful. And closing with Ants, well, the man's just giving the people what they love. All in all, a great show, and excellent tailgating. i apologize to everyone we accidentally hit while tossing excess hotdogs around the parking lot, but i'm looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow...
Timothy Z.
The evening hasn't truly settled in my mind yet, but this first show at Foxboro was without a doubt incredible. The band was all smiles as they began with Seek Up, the first time I believe it's been played thus far this tour. About twenty minutes in length, they were playing with a great amount of energy, and the crowd responded. Throughout the night, as a matter of fact, the crowd was well behaved and deep into the positive vibe. In recent reviews I've read of ignorant, somewhat aggravating audiences.. but as DMB opened up on the east coast the Foxboro crowd new most of the new stuff (which I'll get to) and generally stayed interested and active. Soon following was The Song That Jane Likes with its usual intro, and then a superb version of What Would You Say. They continued on this early DMB route with Rhyme & Reason, a very Listener Supported-ish version. The lighters came out for Crash, Dixie Chicken verse and all, and on the big screens they showed clips of the fairy ladies from the Crash video, although these clips weren't included in the video. It was pretty interesting. Next Dave reached for the 12-string, mumbled an explanation of the song, and the band played an absolutely splendid Bartender, followed by Grey Street. Again the crowd stayed into it, and roared for Jimi Thing. Much like Listener Supported, with the only deviation being a more elongated complex Dave solo towards the end. Digging A Ditch mellowed the mood somewhat, but it's a fantastic song. They then broke out into #41, a solid rendition, although Butch Taylor wreaking a significant amount of havoc on the keyboard during the jam in the song's last few minutes. The lovely ladies then made their way stageward and the jam during John the Revelator brought a surge of energy to the stadium. As a solid Long Black Veil followed, they put the crescent moon on the large sceens, as it had been accompanying us brightly throughout the night. ASTB into Too Much was exceptional, and I expected that to be the end of the set. However, Boyd stepped up to the microphone and they played a somewhat abbreviated True Reflections (no Butch solo, which put more emphasis on Boyd's violin genius). The set then ended with Stay, a pumped up version, which has almost become customary at Foxboro. For the encore Dave ran through about 45 seconds of #40, then played Grace Is Gone. The lyrics to this song are some of the best and most sincere Dave's probably ever composed, in my opinion. Many were asking about the song after the show; it left a substantial impact. And then, in a Saturday evening surprise, the evening closed with Ants. I expected Two Step or Drive In, Drive Out, thinking they'd leave MA on Sunday riding on Ants' coattails. But after such an extraordinary night with a plethora of vibrant moments, Ants seemed only fitting. They'll have a difficult time surpassing this show tomorrow night, but I look forward to seeing them attempt it. A fantastic night at Foxboro.
Jamie L.
Well a long awaited day finally came and this was the first concert of the tour for me and the first in a series of 5 shows in 6 days, and what a way to start things off. It was a beautiful day in Foxboro and i got to the lot around 5 when i wanted to get up at about 3 or 4 to try to hear the soundcheck. Ohh well, i have plenty of shows to hear one. I didn't end up going in till about 7:30 and Ozomatli was just finishing up, they actually weren't that bad. Well now on to dave. Right after dave came out a kid jumped up on stage and got as far as dave an patted him on the bag before 3 guys grabbed him. Anyways... (8:41-9:01) Seek Up-HELL YA!!!!!! First time this tour (just like last year foxboro) and THANK GOD!!! This is one of my favorite dave songs and an incredible opener. After hearing this i knew i was in for a great night. They had some gool greenish lights and a lot of smoke. Leroi took his usual beginning solo which of course was awesome. He puts soo much energy into his sax. The lights then turned to a cool turqouish/aqua color. Then came boyd's very slow fiddling, which was awesome and finally built up to the beginning of the song where dave was singing "ashes to ashes dust to dust" every so slowly and soothingly. Boyd then took a little solo and then gave it back over to dave to lull us w/ his awesome voice. They finally ended it w/ a boyd solo and then a leroi solo. Even Butch got a little solo at the end of this song, they never seem to want to end it. This song just kicks all ass!!!!! (9:01-9:05) Song That Jane Likes-"I got a little sister whose name is Jane, this is the song that jane likes" Hell ya!! This song is so short and sweet, they really put a lot of energy into it and the crowd responded very well to it. Cool blue and purple lights on this song. (9:06-9:12) What Would You Say- Now if someone asked me if i wanted to listen to this song, i would probably say no. But this song kicks ass, especially in concert. It was very cool to hear since it was my first time hearing it in concert. They put soo much energy into this and it was really very jammy. AWESOME!!!(9:14-9:20) Rhyme & Reason- When this came on, there were some very cool red and white mixed lights swirlling around, very cool. This is another short but sweet song, got the crowd going very well. (9:20-9:27) Crash- Now if this song was never released, everyone would love it, it is just that it has been sooo overplayed and that people get pissed b/c like all the 12 year olds love it. This soo is sooo awesome, don't get me wrong would have rather heard a Lover or Pay for, but u got deal, what dave wants to play is what dave will play. He puts sooo much energy into his lyrics especially at the end when he screams "Crash into Me!!" w/ the dixie chicken outro. At this point dave started talking some jibberish about drinking w/ god and about how u wished u were buzzed and stuff like that, i thought it was going to be grace is gone, but...(9:29-9:37) Bartender- I sort of ruled this one out since they hadn't played it in awhile, but was sooo glad to hear it, one of my favorite new songs. This song kicks ass. Boyd had a cool little solo into it. Leroi finally took off his shades for this one. I love the part when he scream "I am on bended knee" "MAMA PLEASE" dave was singing some words at this point which weren't clear or loud enough for me to hear, but still awesome. Dave throws his voice around soo well on this song. Leroi had a nice ending solo at the end, very ! jammy!!!! (9:40-9:47) Grey Street- Now i sware he had a little 40 tease at the beginning of this one. But anyways, this i think is my fav of the new songs, but that might change very easily. This song has soo much energy and is just such an awesome tune. Dave's voice is sooo awesome, and again he throws it around sooo well in this song. Very jammy song and leroi had a nice long solo. (9:48-10:03) Jimi Thing- Very different Jimi then i have previously heard but an awesome one. Boyd had a nice beginning solo. "smoke my mind to make me feel high for a time" dave added some new lyrics to parts of this song, which was cool. Boyd again and then turns it over to dave for a little chops action. Then leroi took over w/ stefan adding the chops in the background, nice long leroi solo, slow at first but speeds it up soo well. Then Dave and stefan did their little chops thing together, and finally boyd takes it home ever soo gently with his violin calling out slowly. (10:04-10:09) Digging a Ditch-Again I thought this might be grace is gone, but a nice call from a kid behind me realized i was wrong. This is a very nice slow song, i like it a lot. (10:10-10:20) #41-HELL FUCKIN YEAH-this is my favorite song and it rocks sooooo much, the crowd was really into this song and my crying calls for 41 where answered. Usual beginning and boyd of course took the first solo, to Leroi's flute to the sax and finally dave brings it home. This song is always a pleasure to hear and i almost shit my pants when he played it. I know they really love this song too b/c everyone on stage had such a huge grin on their faces. (10:21-10:27) JTR- i liked this better as john the revelator and w/ santana, this was one of the only real dissapointments for me, wasn't as good as i thought it would be. A very jammy song though and they brought out the ladies for it. (10:28-10:37)- Long Black Veil- Now this is one awesome song!!! It is sooo mellow and it just kicks ass. The ladies go nuts on this song, maybe a little too much. I get the point that nobody know but them. (10:38-10:44) Too Much-one of the other disapointments, not a big fan of this song even though it does get the crowd going, "suck it up, fuck it up" (10:45-10:52) True Reflections-Ladies come out again, and i guess boyd just felt like showing everyone how and why he can bring down a stadium. He does everything on this song. He sings ever so well and then rips the shit out of his violin. AWESOME!!! I love hearing this song live. I love the "find some inspiration" "inspiration" part. Leroi had a nice closing solo too. Well the ladies still stayed on so i knew what was next (10:53-10:59) Stay- Now since BTCS came out, i have been to 8 shows and i have heard stay at all 8, WHAT THE FUCK!!! STOP PLAYING IT!!!!!!! I know the crowd loves it, but it is really getting on my nerves. At least it had a lot of energy and the crowd seemed to love it. I always get the shaft w/ closers. Well it didn't take dave long to come back out either for the encore, maybe 2 minutes. (11:03-11:04) #40-eventhough it was only a minute long, it was awesome!!!! (11:04-11:09) Grace Is Gone- OHHHH WOW!!! This is such an awesome song, i can't wait for the cd!!!!!! Boyd has such an awesome slow violin part which compliments dave's soft slow vocals sooo well. Can't wait to hear this one again live!! (11:09-11:17) Ants Marching-What else would they close such an awesome show at foxboro w/. I wouldn't have minded a two step, but that would have been the best concert and they have to leave some goodies for tomarrow too. This was just its usual kick ass self and it blew the crowd away, what an awesome closer, they jammed it out very well!!! Overall a great start to a series of 5 concerts. I just can't believe they are here. The crowd around me in sec a3 was awesome and i was very surprised that they all stayed standing throughout most of the show, maybe b/c they are all warehouse member, but who knows, maybe not. I just can't wait b/c in 11 hours i will be leaving for the next foxboro show and that is going to kick ass!!! Thank you dave i was very pleased and am very satisfied. Thanks to all who read and see everyone either at foxboro or giants stadium, goodnight.
Dave P.
Tonight was awesome. Then again, any night is awesome when you spend it with DMB. Seek up was a smoking opener, and as the show went on the band seemed to get tighter and tighter. The new material was UNREAL, especially JTR and Grace is Gone. Long Black Veil was beautifully done, and #41 was perfect as usual. To all those who complain about DMB playing too standard a setlist, take a piece of advice from me. Instead of whining that they played Don't Drink the Water or Crash, how about being glad that you were there to hear it? Take every song you are given and savor it. You'll enjoy yourself so much more! Next stop, Giants Stadium...
This was one hell of a show! Starting with Seep Up was just super. Dave had not done that one yet and as a opener it was the best. STJL was another good one i have not seen that one live yet and it was good to hear. The new songs were also very good. Alot of people say that Sweet Up and Down but i think that #40 into Grace is Gone is even better. Back to the middle of the show the ladies came out and did ok. LBV was a long one and very good at that. It was one of the first times i have heard a jam in that. Dave did a long set and when we was about to end to go to the encor he ran back out into ASTB--> Too Much and True was just another goodey. I love the encore with grace is gone and ants to end it! Over all it was one of the best shows i have seen. Dave ws all smiles and having a good time. For the Guy sitting next to me if u read this email me murban4636@excite.com. I was sitting B2 Row 12 seats 21, 22
Jed M.
It was my first show since pbs and it was a great way to get back into the touring! It was the first time for Seek Up this tour and it was very exciting! Leroi added a little more sax at the end and butch going at it at just sounds great as well. I have a little sister...what can i say its a great song and I always like to hear it. WWYS seemed to be played a little slower than normal, it was excellent as usual. Rhyme and Reason and Crash were both standard. Bartender was very enjoyable as well as grey street. Grey street just blew me away, very intense and a very good display of how good the band is (not that every other song isn't). Jimi Thing has a different rhythym from last years tour during the jam...back to the old way...excellent. Digging a Ditch has come such a long way from D&T performances...very good! #41 was good as always. JTR is disappointing without "who's that writing...JTR" but the jam, which has a latin sound (maybe b/c it was originally w/ Santana :) is just amazing! Long Black Veil was standard. The band played ASTB and then Too Much w/ no SMTS before it...i have never heard that it was a good change. I was very happy to hear true reflections b/c when i saw the ladies come out i thought it was just gonna be stay and that was it. They played both instead! The encore words can't describe. #40 is always beautiful...but then grace is gone!! It is a Daniel Lanois type of song! It is amazing to say the least...dave finger picks the song and his voice is just unbelievable as usual. I kinda figured what was next...ants did not disappoint, it is fun to see everyone singing and jammin at the end of the show! I just hope they dont play stay again tonight!! A few notes...the crowd seemed to be good where I was, no yelling or any obnoxious stuff. Dave plays a taylor guitar now...i was suprised to see that. Also Dave and Carter were playing around on stage a lot which was fun! Finally the sound was excellent where I was, I hope it is that good throughout the stadium for everyone! Finally, as much as I dislike the ladies they get better the more they sing. As long as i don't hear stay and LBV 5 times in the 5 shows I'll be happy! See Ya Tonight!!!
Colin T.
One of the best shows I've seen. The band was dancing all around and smiling the entire show- they put a ton of effort into this one: Seek Up- First of the tour, and a great, mellow, 20 minute version. Butch had a new solo at the end. STJL- A standard version but still gets the crowd moving. WWYS- I hadn't seen this in 4 previous shows, and boy was I missing out! Leroi had a great solo and the crowd went nuts for this one. Rhyme and Reason- Another standard version, but it kept the energy up after WWYS. Crash- Everyone was into this, especially the Dixie Chicken lines. Bartender- This is so much better than the D&T version, it's come such a long way from the first time I heard it in Syracuse. The verses are a little down and slow but the chorus and the jam at the end are just great. The band seems to be doing less soloing and more actual jamming, which is evident on both the new and old songs. Grey St.- The words have changed considerably, but they still tell the same story. The crowd wasn't too into the new songs, but they gave them a fair listen and were respectful at least. Jimi Thing- A nice tight version, not dragged out at all as the 99 Jimi Things had been. Dave has a great solo featuring some distortion, he must have been taking lessons from Timmy. Again, more actual jamming and less soloing on this one. Digging A Ditch- More upbeat than the D&T version, with some new words, but most in the crowd took a break on this one after dancing so much to Jimi Thing. #41- Seemed like a shorter version than usual. Butch wasn't as prominent on this as he is on Listener Supported. JTR- The mp3 of this song doesnt do it justice. The ladies are a nice touch, and the lighting that goes on for this one is so good it even brought a smile to Carter's face. It feels like it's missing something (the chorus), but the awesome outro more than makes up for it. Long Black Veil- I was expecting an awful song from the reviews I've read, but this was a pleasant surprise. Besides Crash, this was one of the biggest sing-alongs of the night. (Which surprised me, because it's on the same album as True Reflections, and most people STILL didn't even know what that was.) The ladies didn't drag it on nearly as much as they do on Listener Supported. ASTB->Too Much- I've never heard this without So Much To Say. When Carter started drumming it sounded like a new song, but then Dave started his solo, and Leroi soloed, and then they went into a funky, funky Too Much. Butch adds so much to this. ALL of the "suck it up" lines have been changed to "fuck it up" now. ASTB was a little short and didn't have any Stefan solo. True Reflections- Boyd and Leroi shared solo duties on this one. I liked Butch's solo from last year better, but this was still a good version. Nobody knew this STILL. Stay- Very energetic, a great closer. Could've done without the 25 "Stay"s at the end. ENCORE: #40- Was hoping for a full version, but this verse by Dave and Carter was still sweet. Still a mystery if this will be on the new album or not. Grace Is Gone- I hated the mp3, but after seeing it I can't get it out of my head. The crowd went crazy for the drinking lines in the song. The lyrics are kind of countryish as Boyd had said, but the music is pure DMB. Ants- Are you kidding?!? On the first night? The crowd went nuts, everyone was dancing all around. Even though Dave didn't let us sing the "people in every direction" part, we overpowered him and pretty much drowned him out anyway! What a great way to end a great show, I hope they can beat it tonight, but they'll be hard-pressed to do it!
Well after getting there at one oclock I was happy when the boys finally walked on stage. Very mellow/chill evening but you could tell the boys were enjoying it. Ozomatli was ok, better than ben harper. Ben harper just sucked, plain and simple. But before Dave introduced ben harper,(I was holding a "rapunzel" sign) he pointed at me, and said that he would play it tomorrow night. That was definitely the highlight of my evening, now to the setlist Seek up- 24 minutes long and an excellent version. Quiet song but it gets you in the mood. STJL-Yes!!! I love this song, first time hearing it live. Had a longer intro than usual, excellent version WWYS- Haven't heard this one either, but an standard version. This got the crowd into to it. R & R- Heard this one last year. They have good light effects with song which make it fun to watch Crash- This was ok, the evening was starting to get bad at this point but I still love dixie chicken. Bartender- Hell Yeah! I love this song so much. The bands version is beautiful. Dave talked about drinking for a little before this. This song along with the new ones have come a long way since the beginning of the tour. Grey Street- Awsome song. Hardly anybody new what this was, but this still kicked butt. The evening was starting to pick up after this. Jimi Thing- WOW!!!! WOW!!! Incredible. Best version I have ever heard. Close to 20 minutes. Leroi had a beautiful solo, then boyd, then dave, bottom line: This song rules!!! Diggin a Ditch- Probably my favorite of the new ones. All I can say is that this song is so cool. This sounds like a standard version. #41- Wow!!! I heard this last year w/ bela and the tones. This version might have been better. Very close to 20 minutes as well as jimi. Leroi had a beautiful solo. The show was awsome at this point. (Leroi also had his glasses off and on throughout the show) JTR- I love this song. Best outro ever. I am surprised the lovely ladies even sing on this one. The outro sounds much different from the mp3 from polaris that I have. Long Black Veil- I originally don't like this song to much, but the lovely ladies added a lot to the end, and I now love it. They sing so beautifully at the end, forever. They added some new chorus lines as well. Excellent version. Anyone seen the bridgetoo much- Awsome. I love ASTB so much. I could sware this was going to end the set, but no. Standard versions True Ref- Standard Version, nothing special Stay- I counted and there were 23 "make you wanna stays." Some people care, but I don't. I enjoy watching them play this song. Encore: #40- Holy Sheeeit!!! I never new how much I loved this song until they played it. Best version I have ever heard Grace is Gone- I love the lyrics to this song so much. Standard Version Ants Marching- Wow!! This was unexpected. I was shocked. Standard Version
Red C.
This certainly wasn't a show for the radio fan--which made is very very good in my book. But it leaves me with the knowledge that tonight will just blow it out of the water. But it was still a really good set with a few flaws. SEEK UP was an excellent way to open. I was tellin everyone I knew that 41 would open--but I DID put the idea in Mike and Josh after I noticed that Dave played it in the soundcheck from Detroit. So I wasn't as surprised as I could have been. It was a great jam with some great Carter action as usual--Butch was great as well on it. I was hoping they would play it right into Rapunzel for my buddy Mike but that just wasn't happening--They just must be REALLY sick of BTCS--only one song tonight! JANE was really good--I always look forward to it. WWYS was a great jam for the crowd--tons of fun. RHYME was really intense which I appreciated. BARTENDER was absolutely amazing. I mean this has to be one of the band's best tunes--I will go that far. It is soooooo good. The 'On Bended Knee' section is so dramatic and intense and the jam is excellent as well. GREY ST. is another great great new one. They really seemed into it--unlike the crowd at this point pretty much. I thought they would go a little more uptempo to bring the crowd back into it at this point but JIMI THING was chosen. And it didn't disappoint. It was one of the best jams I've heard Roi do on this song and then Carter went crazy as only he can--my lord and savior, Carter Beauford. Anyway--DIGGIN A DITCH doesn't really do much for me but it is still good. FINALLY next I get my 41! A good place for it and the jam was excellent--Roi had a great night. The lovely friggin ladies come next so I was hoping for 36 or...JTR. I am ALL about JTR. I was a huge fan of the 'Revelator' but I guess Dave and John didn't get along or something. The jam was awesome at the end--they teased it a little more then earlier in the tour(6/20) and it was nuts at the end with Carter on the double bass. LBV is overplayed in my opinion but this one was the best I have heard--instead of just ending it mellow they brought the ladies back up and started jammin again--it was cool. ASTB-->TOO MUCH was great fun--I know all the BS about radio songs sucking a crap but Too Much has come to be a really really funky jam that I love. TRUE was one of my all time favs until they played it at five shows that I was at last year--that is overkill. But I enjoyed it cause they gave the solo back to ROI at the end--thank God it was more like an old school True--I don't like Butch's solos on it. 40!! Finally I get a 40!! It was short but sweet and we loved it. GRACE IS GONE is sooooooo good. Boyd makes it sound so melancohly and sad with the fiddle and it is great effect. I love the lyric. ANTS was a great great closer--I will never forget leading the back of section A1 in the 1-2-3 jam on the top of my huge friend Jeff--it was memorable. Overall a great show but tonight's show really be better--Two Step, Watchtower, Billies and hopefully a Stone Drive 36 Typical Warehouse and some surprises. See you guys there!
Tim B.
Great concert. Seek up was 30 minutes long. Song that Jane likes was a surprise. What would you say was a crowd favorite. Rhyme and Reason was amsome, dave got into it. Crash was predictable. Bartender and Grey Street were excellant, can't wait to hear them on the new album. Jimi Thing got the crowd really into it but then they would come down fast with Digging a Ditch. #41 got them all back, everyone was signing and dancing around. JTR was not that bad, not the same without santana. LBV was ok, never really a big Johnny Cash fan. Too Much was excellent, crowd got into it fast. Then, True Reflections. Boyd can really sing. Stay was predictable, they had to play it with the lovely ladies but still, a pretty good song. 40 tease was awsome. Grace is gone was a surprise, hadn't heard it before. Was ok, calmed the crowd down. Ants Marching was excellant, whole crowd into it. Then it was on my way home.
Mike H.
The word of the night is surprises. Opening up with Seek Up was amazing. First time they've done that in a while and it carried all of the greatness that you would have expected. OK definitely wasn't expecting an opener off of Remember Two Things, but the first two songs? Well Dave's got a little sister and her name is Jane... Yeah you know the rest. This is a great song. Short, fun and great to listen to. I also didn't expect What Would You Say? I love this song and it was great to see the crowd really get into it after the two relatively unknown openers of Seek Up and STJL. I don't really remember the exact setlist order but at some point Dave did a little #40 tease and got a big response from myself and those around me in section A1. They then launched into Grey Street. Good song, couldn't really get a good feel for it though. Bartender with the whole band was excellent although I wish Dave would leave the lyrics as "...with the wine you gave Jesus that rose him up after three days down." Instead of "3 days in the ground." the first just fits the rythm so much better. Rhyme and Reason was ok but I coulda lived without it. Crash was by far the best version I have ever heard live. He's really been working on getting up to those high notes. JTR and Digging A Ditch are great songs and have improved greatly. I can't wait to hear them on the album. Anyone Seen the Bridge into Too Much was awesome...just gotta love that Jam and the lyrics change...fuck it up, fuck it up! True Reflections caught me off guard too. I saw the ladies come out and then I figured it was Stay time. But not quite yet. True reflections keeps growing on my and boyd really laced into the solo. Stay was very powerful and driven and ended the set well. When they came back out Dave came right up to the microphone and began to play the notes to #40 and my section again went nuts, drawing a look from Dave (see also The Man). He pressed on and finally I got to here this song live...well the first verse and half of the chorus anyway. I love this song and would kill to hear it in its entirety again. Grace is Gone is by far my favorite new song so far. This is going to be a big one for them. It's got drinking song written all over it. I can totally imagine sitting around the pub with my buds and hollaring out the words to this tragic song of loss while tossing down a few brews. God I love it so. Ants was the perfect closer. Kudos to the band for forgoing Don't Drink The Water and Watchtower and going with the older classic. On a side note Dave looked to be in particularly good spirits tonight and was smiling and doing a good deal of dancing and imparting the crowd with a great deal of Dave speak and Dave mumblings. The latter it seems like it's almost as if he says to Carter "Hey, Look what I can make them do..." goes to teh mike and says "I smejcjgkgadgd. Graben ghosen." And of course the crowd erupts and Dave turns back to Carter and laughs. Anyway thanks for the great show boys see ya at the meadowlands.
Jeff R.
This show could have been the worst in history. I never thought Dave would put on the same shows year after year. My personal view on dave matthews is that he is a, "fucking corn ball". I used to be big fan but all of this has changed. The back up singers suck pretty bad. Especially for four songs. I felt like I was at LS for the most part. Or at church. I had four girls next to me screaming bloody murder. Hey girls, "get a god damn grip, he doesn't hear you". I am already sick of the new songs. Dave is really talented because he can play out his songs before they are released. I also think the band had a few too many oreo cookies while on break. How fat did they get? If it wasn't for Carter the band would be in bad shape. He is holding the band together by himself. They should change their name to the "Carter Beuford Band". The only thing worth noting is when Dave turned to the security guard on stage and grabbed his balls. What the hell was that? Hey Dave, "maybe you should try not to sell out so much and thing of your true long term fans whwn you play".
Dan ".
This was my third DMB show, and my first on this tour. Probably my 2nd favorite show....Dave was talking a bunch tonight (more than I've seen at least) and he really seemed to have fun with the crowd. I missed Ozomatli's performance, but I caught all of Ben Harper's. I haven't really heard anything of his before, except for Steal My Kisses and his great version of Sexual Healing, which he just so happened to play last night! So I was pretty happy with that. Dave opened with a great version of SEEK UP, which is exactly what he opened up with at Foxboro last year, not to mention Red Rocks. (This was a foreshadow of the incredible Red Rocks-style Ants that they closed with.) Even though SEEK UP was pretty high energy tonight, the guys only got more and more into it. "I've got a little sister," said Dave.....STJL was a really nice surprise, I am glad they've been playing some of the older stuff. WWYS sounded real funky tonight, maybe they could have jammed it out a little longer, but it really got the crowd excited and singing along. RHYME & REASON was the usual, but had an excellent finish I thought. CRASH, I've heard this three times now, but I enjoyed it nonetheless (its nice to hear when you are at the concert with your beautiful girlfriend, HI LILY!)...I LOVE dixie chicken, and almost everyone around me knew it too and was singing along (great crowd tonight) Some more highlights: BARTENDER was F***ing amazing, the ending had some crazy energy and great "soaring" vocals by Dave. GREY STREET, this one is growing on me, and I already really like it. JIMI THING was nice and slow and funky, and Leroi had a GREAT solo.(No sunglasses!!) DIGGIN A DITCH was a great song to put right after Jimi, because it was really quiet and Dave put a lot of feeling into it tonight it seemed. I hadn't heard #41 live yet, and it is my favorite on Listener Supported, so when it came on I nearly s*** myself out of excitement....really long jam with a WICKED GOOD solo by Leroi. That song is incredible live, DMB at their best. JTR was great with the 12-string, and on LBV the Lovely Ladies did some intricate stuff with their "Nobody knows..." thing at the end. Really nice Doo-wop type stuff... I have seen TOO MUCH, too much..haha (all three times now)......but I have never enjoyed it as much as I did last night. It had SOOO much energy and Dave was quite liberally singing "f*** it up"...the crowd was more excited than I have ever seen......TRUE REFLECTIONS..holy s*** BOYD! He went pretty crazy on the solo..not my favorite song (also heard it three times), but pretty nice tonight. STAY-best version I've heard live...my friend really wanted this one badly, so he was pretty happy when it came on. The encore was the best part of the show (as it should be), and #40 sounded beautiful..more like it used to sound, and at least as good as it is on Listener Supported. GRACE IS GONE- Yet another song about drinking...but a Garth Brooks cover? (no offense to GB fans) lets just pretend Dave wrote it, because it was fantastic....I knew we'd get Ants, and before the concert started I predicted it would be the closer, and it was..and it was GREAT!! Sounded like Red Rocks, but slower and it had a cool little jammy thing at the end that really made it spectacular. Overall, an okay setlist, not all that interesting, but they made up for it by giving the songs a great energy or something..really great feeling, they all seemed pretty happy to be there up on stage...and the encore was incredible. Have fun fellow Dave fans, and thanks to Stefan, Dave, Leroi, Carter, Boyd, Butch, the Lovely Ladies, Fenton, drunk girl screaming behind me, nice couple from Florida to my left....adios.
This was the first concert I have ever been to, and I couldnt have picked a better choice than this one! I was looking forward to hear Grey Street and Bartender. The new songs are great! Jimi Thing had a great jam, of course. It was pretty cool when everyone held up there lighters during Crash Into Me. The audience really got into the songs! It was awsome to hear like 50,000 people all singing the same song together! The 2 best things from the concert was the lighting, and how Dave was dancing around the stage at some points. The whole band seemd to be enjoying themselfs. If you havn't been to a DMB concert before, then what are you waiting for?! And you call yourself a DMB fan! Go out there, if you can find a ticket, and see a show! :)
OK, first show of the tour for me....i thought the show was awesome, but definitely could have done W/O a couple of songs (crash, stay). Very nice nite out, perfect timing for the first Seek Up of the tour - amazing opener. "I got a little sister.."--Great Jane!! WWYS, rhyme, crash relatively typical. Bartender sounded great with the whole band, Grey Street is an amazing song, nice outro too. Jimi thing--best one I've ever heard live--solo order had Roi last..they all jammed on that one. #41--always a pleasure to hear JTR was a very nice surprise, the lovely ladies had a finominal finish to long black veil...Too Much had a different intro, sounded good..True was pretty good, and Stay was good too, they finished that song with 37 "Stay's) I was pretty impressed with the crowd, they were quiet during songs like #40, and the people around me knew their shit, but they were mostly WH's. 40 was a short lil ditty, like usual, but such a sweet song...Grace is gone--good song, but it will keep growing, maybe another verse...and a great Ants Marching to close out with. Lil bit of davespeak, like before bartender, but not too much lil bit of dancing too, nuttin crazy--no jersey for carter, maybe not a Pats or bosox fan =Þ would have loved to hear maybe 2 step, Lie, say bye, granny, but it was still a Great Show..Till Giants Stadium..take care -newman-
Doug G.
onstage 8:37 Seek Up 8:40-9:00 a good version, not really expected Song That Jane Likes 9:00-9:05 very nice to hear it again, well done WWYS 9:06-9:12 one of the best songs of the night, great energy from all around Rhyme 9:14-9:20 done well, but I could've done without it tonight Crash 9:21-9:27 well, it's Crash, we've all heard it, so you deal with it. the crowd liked it Bartender 9:29-9:37 first time hearing it with the band, was pretty cool, if a little muddy sounding Grey Street 9:39-9:47 also my first time hearing it, very cool song, nice riff Jimi 9:48-10:02 really good, but i wish it was longer. butch and roi were essentially soloing at the same time and i would've liked to have been able to really listen to what they were both doing. dave's solo was far and away the best i've heard him do. he was popping strings like on a bass solo in between his octave stuff. excellent Digging a Ditch 10:03-10:08 sounds good, but could use a bit more work, i'd say 41 10:09-10:19 really good....as always, i enjoyed, but not much to say about it JTR 10:20-10:26 hmm...i'll be able to get used to the new chorus, but it's kind of hard to hear the first time. the end jam is a little strange in relation to the rest of the song, but i like it LBV 10:27-10:36 pretty basic until the end when it picked up and ended on an upbeat vibe, which is pretty much opposite of the song content ASTB->Too Much 10:38-10:44first time i've heard them start with ASTB, p;retty cool. crowd really enjoyed it True 10:45-10:51 it seems this song is played at every show i go to, so the rare factor doesn't really come in anymore for me. it was well done, but it's not one of my favorites Stay 10:53-11:00 i figured it was coming...it was pretty good, actually 40 11:02-11:03 well, it was a verse and chorus. you know how it sounds Grace 11:04-11:09 i thought this one was pretty weak. the lyrics were good, but the music needs more ummph Ants 11:09-11:17 i was surprised at this, i figured it would be played tomorrow. very well done. overall a good,good show. not the best i've seen, but definitely cool. crowd was decent, but i pretty much have become immune to them now...i tend to ignore them. i hope the show tonight is as good as last nights.
Brett P.
Very good show, seek up was a great starter, the new songs (Bartender and Gray St are excellent). Wish he played Raven. Butch Taylor played with the band thru whole show and the singing ladies sang only 4 songs (2 encore + 2 others). Big stadium shows like these are tough because the sound quality isn't the best..there can be sound delays and people focus more on the video screens. Great music; great set though. cheers
Brian M.
A great show , had a lot of energy. Highlites were Seek Up being played the first time all year, #41, Grace Is Gone, Bartender, Grey Street, and Ants. A terrific way to start the weekend off.
DMBtrader35@excite.com .
Seek Up-The lights were great on this song. Standard version. Butch had a nice little solo in there. Song That Jane Likes -First time to hear this in concert, it was worth the wait. What Would You Say -Dave did his dance! I joined with him! Rhyme & Reason-Standard version, nice lights Crash -This is when the concert took a mellow turn, I think Dave had the 12 stringer for this Bartender -Good song to hear, but it really does not have to be a "10 minute epic," it could be like a 5 minute song Grey Street -Nice to hear, the crowd enjoyed it too Jimi Thing-"Take a taste of whats mellow", um, ya the last 3 songs have been mellow. This song is too long. Daves attempt at his solo has improved from last years. Diggin a Ditch -I think I was the only person singing to this song. Everyone around me got up and went to the bathroom or sat down. Just pathetic #41-Sweet to hear!! I love this song, standard 41 JTR -Nice song, but no ahh the ladies!! Again I think I was the only one singing to this song Long Black Veil-I could have done without this song Anyone Seen the Bridge-->Too Much -At first I thought it was a new song, and then I heard Dave playing his ASTB riff, and I was going crazy. This should be called "Anyone seen So Much To Say?" Cause normally they do So Much To Say-->Anyone Seen The Bridge--->Too Much. This was sweet. Carter was laughing with Dave during the Bridge jam True Reflections-One word-BOYD! Stay -I am not a fan of this song, but I must admit this is a great way to close the show. ENCORE (#40) -When I noticed Dave was coming out by himself and that Carter and Boyd was no where to be seen, I figured Dave would play 40!! He did, the lyrics were sweet, very short though!! Grace Is Gone-"its 2 am, and I'm still drunk again," that got the crowd going!! Ants Marching-Standard version of Ants, but it was fun to hear What a great night. Ben Harper was on fire. I was in B2 row 4. Overall, I thought the energy was great. I did not like how the songs went into a mellow mood after Crash,but all is good. Hey 3 song encore!!!!! I got the last part of the soundcheck, I heard Stay, instrumental jam, Raven, and a new song I have never heard before, probably Busted Stuff.
TBilly420@aol.com .
I was excited to see Dave, and quite honestly I would've been happy enough to hear "Satellite" played continuously. Lots of energy, some great jams. This was my first concert this tour, and I was a bit disappointed not to hear Two Step, Warehouse, or SUAD, but I got over it. Onstage 8:38pm Seek Up- a nice 20 minute song, great dave wailing, an amazing solo by Boyd, plus LeRoi and Butch had a nice jam. TSTJL- Never heard this live, happy to hear it. Hehe, just like I've always heard it…"I've got a little sister, her name is Jane. This is the Song That Jane Likes." WWYS- Excellent to hear live. Great jams, tons of energy. This one got the crowd dancing and the lighters out. Rhyme & Reason- what can I say, this song's cool, but always the same. Crash Into Me- Dixie Chicken, crowd went nuts,….I was lucky enough to be surrounded by crashheads on 3 sides (and a seated pot circle behind me), so most of this song was overpowered by high-pitched screaming Bartender- finally got to see the 12-string. I love this song, the people near me seemed confused like they didnt know what song it was. It definitely has a DDTW feel, Im wondering if this is the next progression of that song. Nice wailing, very passionate. Grey Street- A great song, I like it more every time I hear it. Nicely done, a lot better sounding than my mp3 version of it. Jimi Thing- Not my favorite song, but a high point of the evening. 15 minutes long, the jams and solos were incredible, really go the crowd going, Boyd, LeRoi and Butch, and even a Dave guitar "solo" Really excellent Digging a Ditch- I finally fell in love with this song. It's seemed too slow and boring before, but tonight it just seemed beautiful, and I finally picked up on the meaning. It was worth coming just to hear this and appreciate it. #41- beautiful as always, a crowd pleaser, too JTR- then the ladies came out, much to my chagrin…..sounded nice in this song at least…..this song has a great jam outro, excellent lights, and a ton of energy. LBV-went on too long, dont like the ladies have 5 minutes of solos and dragging out a 2 minute song to almost 10 ASTBàToo Much,…..took people by surprise w/o SMTS before….got the "Fuck it up" line repeated several times. I love this song, always great. True Reflections-the ladies were back, not in love with this song, but boyd's cool, and so are his violin solos Stay- actually really good, I dont love this song, but I really got into it. I think the band's enthusiasm plus seeing it live made it great. Encore: #40….a verse or two, cool to hear, beautiful slow song, even the crashheads shut up for it Grace Is Gone-what a sad song, it's really beautifu ants-great closer, everyone loves it. Also, LeRoi looks a lot like Marley, just wanted to mention that, I'm sure others have noticed.
Ryan D.
This was my 5th DMB show and it was easy became my favorite of the five. Dave came out in this sweet Red and Black shirt which I saw perfect in my fourth row seats. The band opened with Seek Up and out of the three times I've heard the song live it was the best version I've heard. Song That Jane Likes is a song I like. WWYS was awesome, the first time I've heard it in concert. Rhyme & Reason was performed well and the guy next to me was faking to put a needle in his vain when Dave sang that part. Crash Into Me is one my favs and once again Dave played his favorite song like a pro and I always love the Dixie Chicken part at the end. I loved the new songs Bartender and Grey Street, I've only heard the Dave and Tim Reynolds version of Bartender but with the band its even better, and Grey Street was just awesome. Jimi Thing was awesome like always and JTR was alright, didn't like it when Santana did the song last year and didn't like it that much again this year. #41 will always be my favorite Dave tune. Diggin' A Ditch is a sweet song and I really don't like Long Black Vail. Too Much was a shocker without So Much to Say before it and True Reflections again, I like the song but its about time Boyd get to sing a new song. Closing with Stay wasn't much a surprise with the lovely ladies still out on stage. #40 (Always) the best 30 second DMB tune but Dave didn't sing it like on Listener Supported and Grace is Gone was a good new tune and with Ants closing the set a nice Saturday night ended with a bang. Can't wait to see how Sunday will match up.
Kevin C.
I didn't know what to expect from the band this year - from what I had heard, the new songs were awesome, and the band seemed to be getting really close to what I might dare say is mastering their domain. When I arrived at the stadium, I was pleasantly surprised that Foxboro was more intimate than most stadiums - from the inside it really doesn't seem that big (especially, in retrospect, to Giants Stadium). My seats were in section 111, row 14. Seek Up - I was actually leaning towards Rapunzel or Warehouse opening the show, but was very pleasantly surprised by Seek Up. I saw Dave's hands move up the neck of his guitar and get in position and knew what we had coming. It was by far the most memorable song I've ever seen them perform, because the first notes of DMB I ever heard were from Seek Up on Live at Red Rocks. After Boyd's solo, LeRoi and Butch had a solo, and Dave had his lyrical improv. It was amazing. Song That Jane Likes - At this point, even though it isn't a studio song and definitely not a radio song by any means, the simple, "I have a little sister." is more than enough to make the crowd go wild. He could start by saying, "I have a little sister named Jane," and then say, "and a little brother named Peter," and not even play STJL and everyone would still go crazy. Not to mention the song was awesome. What Would You Say - I believe I speak for almost everyone who was at the concert when I say the Boston reporter who felt this song was hip-hop enough can go take it up the ass. Rhyme & Reason - As a guitarist, I have to appreciate this song. It's just amazing. Dave put a lot of energy into it this night, and everyone was singing along. Crash Into Me - As a crowd pleaser, it was amazing. As a song, it was a standard version. Not even the 12-string change. Bartender - To the left of me was a bunch of girls yelling, "Oh my God, if he plays Bartender I'll be so fucking happy!" and to my right, a bunch of guys moaning, "If he plays something new I'm gonna puke!" What followed was a competition between the two as he played Bartender. By the end of it, the guys were on the girl's side, totally into the song. Grey Street - From the moment he moved his fingers to the seventh fret, I knew it was coming. "'Song called Grey Street." says Dave, and everyone goes crazy, even though most of them have probably never heard it. My first time live - I thought it was amazing. At the end I was actually hoping that they'd repeat it the next day (which they did). Jimi Thing - A crazy crowd pleaser, it was awesome. As a song, it was even better! Dave changed his solo at the end to something completely different, but I hardly remember it at all. Digging a Ditch - Most people in the audience actually took this one as a bathroom break, and it seemed to add to the pained look on Dave's face as he sang the bittersweet lyrics. I loved the song, and thought it was great, and I really felt bad for the band, watching half their audience leaving. #41 - It was amazing tonight, although shorter than usual. Usually midway through the sax solo, the violin cuts in and then dies out again, and then the sax ends a while later. Tonight, after the part where Boyd cut in, LeRoi's solo ended. It was still great, though. JTR - I'm glad the Ladies sang on this song - I actually think it sounds incomplete without them. The outro was great, and Dave sounded superb on the 12-string. Long Black Veil - I was actually kinda upset at first, because I don't love this song. it drags on at the end. However, the band surprised me when the song picked up towards the end, and built up to a nice ending, as opposed to the mellow, seemingly endless "Nobody knows." of the Lovely Ladies. Bravo. Too Much - I expected the set to end with this song, as it has so frequently been doing on this tour. It was a pretty standard version, with emphasis on the "Fuck it up!" line. True Reflections - Once again, not my favorite song, but ever since Listener Supported it has gained popularity with both the band and the audience. This is another one that they have really improved since last year, and I was happy to be hearing it. Stay (Wasting Time) - Definitely wasted no time on this. The lighting, energy, music, and dancing all made this one of the highlights of the night, in terms of fun (not necessarily in terms of music). LeRoi was on fire, and Dave jumped a couple feet in the air at the end of the song before closing it out. #40 - Although it was only a verse, it was beautiful. Not much to say about it. the lyrics change more than the old Drive In Drive Out ones used to. Grace Is Gone - I couldn't pay much attention to this song just because I was paying attention to the whole experience so much, but I'm sure I'll hear it again at Giants Stadium. It sounded great, and like everyone else, the chorus has really stuck with me. Ants Marching - I kind of expected this just because there hadn't been too many radio songs, and I felt it was either Ants or Watchtower. It was definitely a good version, with Boyd going out at the end. Great way to end a beautiful night, both weather wise (not a cloud in the sky all night) and music wise. For my first live DMB experience, this is definitely one to remember. I couldn't have picked out better songs or created greater energy myself - everything was in place for a perfect night.
Paul C.
Wow, this show was awesome. They played some great songs and jammed a good amount. Leroi was really on tonight. Opener of Seek Up was a surprise and it was really nice. It must have been about 20 minutes long! What Would You Say and Rhyme and Reason were cool, especially since I hadn't seen them before after 4 shows. The new songs were AWESOME. Grey Street, JTR and Bartender sound so cool. I think I like the Dave and Tim Bartender a little better, though. I still like JTR even though he doesn't say the "Who's that writing John the Revelator" part in the song. I know some people are heated about it. All right, yay, Stay is overplayed but it still jams in concert and it was cool as a closer. During the encore it was nice to hear just a little bit of #40 because that's all Dave gave us. I think he just played it because a lot of the crowd was screaming for it, so that's really cool of him. Grace is Gone is simply put one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. And then Ants to close was a surprise on the first of two nights at Foxboro but as usual incredible. It was such a great night and I know that the new album is going to be awesome!
Trish R.
This concert at Foxboro was the first DMB concert I've ever been to and it rocked!! I showed up for the end of Ozomatli, and I really liked their sound and when the walked around the stadium playing! I didn't really like Ben Harper too much I heard most of his performance and I was going crazy because he played for a really long time and I wanted to see Dave Matthews Band! Seek Up sounded incredible, it reminded me a lot of the Red Rocks version but its a great song! I like STJL, WWYS, Rhyme and Reason, and of course Crash! I really liked Bartender but Gray Street was an incredible song! Ahh I'd never heard it before but it made me so much more excited to hear the rest of the concert and the new songs! Jimi Thing had the croud going crazy and the outro rocked, its never been one of my more favorite songs but I really enjoyed it at the concert. A lot of people sat down during diggin a ditch but I had heard it before the concert so I was singing and dancing really loud its such a pretty song. #41...what can I say about #41, its my favorite song! I was so afraid they were not going to play it and then I heard the first chord and began to cry. JTR, Too Much great songs. LBV was so emotional and sounded a lot better then LS. True Reflections was a highlight of the night, boyd sounded incredible singing and on violin! Then came stay, and I've always liked this song but the chorus repeated too many times. I was afraid it was the end and they came back to do the little bit of #40 which I enjoyed, and Grace is Gone came on and its my favorite new song I've heard the emotion in that song is great! Ants Marching, I freaked out and I was just dancing like crazy I knew it was the end I was glad they played it as the finish, even though I really wanted to hear Watchtower!