Dave Matthews Band
Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

1, 2, 3, 4
Dos Cosas Ciertes
Justin Jam -->
Cumbia De Los Muertos
Como Ves -->
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Don't Take That Attitude to Your Grave (Concrete Jungle)
One Road to Freedom
Ground On Down
The Woman In You
Burn One Down
Steal My Kisses
onstage 8:37 PM
Ants Marching *
Granny *+
One Sweet World (instrumental intro, scat outro) *
Sweet Up & Down *
What Would You Say *
True Reflections *+
Stay *+
Lie In Our Graves *
Bartender *
Grey Street *
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) * -->
Too Much *
The Best of What's Around *+
JTR *+
Long Black Veil *+
Two Step *
offstage 10:58 PM
onstage 11:00 PM
Grace Is Gone *
Drive In, Drive Out *
offstage 11:12 PM

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals

Jeff M.
Wow! If you haven't checked out DMB so far this tour, I encourage you to do so, because of the 16 shows I've been to (including Listener Supported), this was the best....The band had so much energy tonight in Buffalo, especially Dave who took a huge leap into the air before launching into the opening song....ANTS MARCHING -incredible opening song, glad to see it back at the top. GRANNY - surprised by this one, crowd really enjoyed it. OSW - The intro was awesome, and the rest of the song was just as great. SWEET UP AND DOWN - Sounds a lot better live than on MP3, the band really jams this song out, and Dave's scats are great. WWYS - really got the crowd up and dancing after two slower songs and a new one. TRUE REFLECTIONS - Sick jam with Boyd and Dave during the middle of this one. STAY - Holy shit they jammed the hell out it, longest and most intense ending jam I've heard. LIOG - Boyd ripped it up while Dave was waiting for his guitar to get fixed, Butch was amazing on this one. BARTENDER - surreal with the rain coming down hard and Dave's enchanting vocals filling the air. One of the highlights! GREY STREET - my favorite new song, it has an incredible sound and awesome lyrics by Dave...SMTS>ASTB>TOO MUCH - Good to hear this combo again, Dave was having so much fun during ASTB....BOWA - haven't heard this in a while, lovely ladies sounded awesome on it..JTR - I actually like the new chorus better than the old one (Rain, Rain...), and the outtro is intense...LBV - had an awesome new jam at the end, crowd was pretty quiet for this one, as they should have been...TWO STEP - always like to hear my favorite song, incredible version with a long drawn out jam at the end. 16 minutes long, and Carter really showed why he is the best!! ENCORE: GRACE IS GONE - here comes the Crash of the new album, beautiful ballad by DMB, the crowd really loved it. DIDO - Not the greatest closer, but really jammed out and a loud finish. Only wish Carter didn't break one of his drums during the song... Anyway, the band really was clicking tonight, and having a blast performing for a very attentive crowd here in Buffalo...Can't wait to check the band out again this summer..Peace out
Michael C.
this show was great, one of the best I have seen, I truly enjoyed the energy and the crowd as well as the venue, the rain in the middle was very very welcomed, I don't think anyone minded it, it kept everyone cool when it was so hot in the crowd, as for the show, I know that the guys were fired up for this show, I don't know why, but there has always been something about shows in New York that just have so much energy, well the new stuff was awesome, I loved hearing it all, favorite new song of the night had to be Grace is Gone, one more drink hell yeah, True Reflections was great song as well, I think that should be on the new album the way it was in concert last night, Boyd and the lovely ladies, Boyd had a lot of jams as well as Dave, Carter was awesome as always, Stefan and LeRoi were right there with all of the guys playing their hearts out, one side note before I end this review, Butch Taylor is awesome on the keys, I think he should join the band, he brings such a different level to the Band, it makes it sound better in many ways and it gives Boyd another person to jam with Hope to see them coming around here soon again, like Saratoga in August
Timothy V.
I feel that this show is one of the best that I have seen in a while. A lot of new songs so that was cool. The whole band version of Bartender was amazing. Ants and Granny were awesome as usual. They also played my favorite...Best of..incredible with the lovely ladies. I feel that the highlight of the show was Two step, they jammed this for damn close to twenty minutes. Butch was amazing. All I can say is get your ass out and see these guys as many times as you can. Can't wait for the new albulm...see you soon. Peace........
Mike S.
Hey Everyone~ this is the 3rd Dave show i've seen lately and i must say this was the most energetic i've seen them. they started it off with ants marching. an amazing rendition of a great tune. i must say they really balanced the show with old favorites as well as new songs everyones gonna love when the new record comes out. Bartender, Grey Street and JTR had so much great guitar and violin. and LeRoi stole the show with great solo's. Lie in our Graves showed the best diversity with a near 10 minute piano solo by Butch Taylor. when they break normally in that song Dave gave him a "thats Butch Taylor yall." he got a standing "O" and they went on. NICE!! best of whats around was good with the girl singers! and two step was aT its best ever. no lie! i was a little confused at the encore... dave chose grace is gone(soft mellow jam) which was good but drive in drive out. i wish it was watchtower, warehouse or tripping billies! but all in all... great show!
Jesse T.
My last stop of 4 shows in a row in Buffalo. Hoping maybe he'd pull out The Last Stop for me but no such luck. Oh well... Ozomatli was the best in Buffalo out of the 4 times seeing them. Ben Harper once again put on an excellent performance again, not quite as strong as the two Philly shows. The crowd was horrible tonight. Why do 50,000 people waste $50 on a ticket if they are just going to get way too drunk and not remember anything anyways? Plus, they ruin it for the rest of us. The sound quality was decent tonight but I still think it could be improved. The treble comes in waves a lot of the time. On to Dave's show... Ants as an opener again. I really like the new placement, because it gets the energy flowing right off the bat. I'm so glad he pulled out OSW because I LOVE hearing that song live and every time I hear it, it is better. One of the highlights of the night! He played a lot of the new stuff (JTR, SU&D, Grey, Grace is Gone, Bartender). Bartender was the best I've ever heard it. Grace is Gone is an incredible song. During Grey Street Dave changed the lyrics to "the Rain falls down," because once again, it poured. JTR was the weakest version I've heard yet. But the song is great, definitely a keeper. SU&D was ok, not one of my favorite new ones. Other high points in the show were Anybody Seen the Bridge(finally he played it!), a great outro to Long Black Veil(I thought they may have actally ended with this), and the most AMAZING two step ever! They went on forever with this one with great solos by Butch, Dave, and Carter. After the Lie in Our Graves jam the crowd went totally nuts for Butch's solo and they showed him on the big screen smiling. Butch did a great job tonight on Lie in, Two Step, and LBV. WWYS is a great song live and it got everyone groovin. The low points of the show were Boyd's solos on Lie in our graves and Ants Marching. He needs to learn to keep better time on Ants during the stop time. Carter is always almost a beat behind him with the high hat clicks. His Lie in solo wasn't nearly as good as I've heard. True Reflections.. Why is this being played so much? I'm not a big fan and it's the third time in the last 4 shows that i've heard it. Never cared much for Granny or Stay either. Wasn't big on ending with DiDo but it wasn't that bad. This show was decent. It definitely had it's moments but the guys seemed a little worn out. still waiting for captain, maker, spotlight(someday..) and the return of some BTCS stuff(last stop, pig, stone, etc.) Of the four shows i've seen my order goes 1)night 2 of the vet 2)RFK 3)Ralph Wilson 4)night 1 of the vet. It's been a fun week and I'll miss seeing dave so often. Have fun all you West coasters, dave's doing a great job with the tour!
Coleman D.
Let me start by saying Buffalo is one hell of a town. It was nice to see some real tailgating going on, and the venue was set up much better than Pittsburgh. And just about everyone I ran into was cool and polite. I made in up from Pittsburgh in time to see Ben Harper, and as always his set was rocking. I had front row for this show, so I was hoping that this would be a special show, and the band obliged by opening with Ants. Very upbeat and got the crowd involved right away. It was nice to hear Granny next, and not a bad 'ladies' song to get out of the way early. The Ladies exited and they broke into One Sweet World which kind of suprised me. I guess I wasn't expecting it at that point in the setlist, but a very pleasant suprise. Sweet Up and Down is coming along real nice, and seems to be becoming a fan favorite. I got to hear my first True Reflections, which was very nice. And again, not a bad 'ladies' song to have in the setlist. LIOG is one of my absolute favorite live songs, and I was blessed with it again tonight. They did a lot of different things on this one too, with Butch taking a solo after Boyd did his thing. And Boyd really seems to changing up his solos. I think that critic in Deer Creek inspired him. Grey Street is becoming one of my favorite songs, and again Dave changed up the lyrics totally. He improved a lot of lyrics about the rain as it started to pour right about that time. I had my fingers crossed during SMTS hoping for ASTB, and I went nuts when they played it. They closed with a nice version of Two Step, and again did some different things at the end. They really brought it down slow, and added a solo for Butch, then brought it back up with that signature Carter drum solo. I was hoping for a Ben Harper Watchtower as the Encore, but they closed with DIDO which was kind of a dissapointment. But this show was overall a fantastic show. The Ladies and Butch added a lot, and didn't take over the show. In Pittsburgh I thought there was too much of a focus on them, but they were much better in the role where they were complimenting the music like last night. Lots of dancing from Dave last night, and quite a bit of Davespeak. Once the tapes get out, get a copy of this one, it's going to be a keeper.
Ants-Good opener... kinda upset... just opened last night. Good way to start the show though. A lot of high energy. Granny-Nothing great. Just Granny. OSW-Really cool to hear. Instrumental intro was nice. I was happy with this song. It also had the Scat Outro. Sweet Up & Down-Very good. Awesome lights. I was very impressed with this tune. WWYS?-First time I heard it. Very good. Boyd went crazy. True Reflections-Very nice to hear again. I really like this one. Stay-Great! Dave danced around like a fool. I was impressed with that. LIOG-Very cool. Boyd's solo was nothing new but Butch was cool. He played If I had a Brain in his piano solo. Bartender-Really sweet. Pretty long. The rain picked up as that song did and that was pretty cool. Grey St.-It was alright. I like it. SMTS-->ASTB--->Too Much-Pretty sweet. I called ASTB. The SMTS intro is kick ass. Long Anyone Seen the Bridge. I liked it all. BOWA-Very cool. Lovely ladies really had no part in it but they didn't ruin it. I was impressed. JTR-"This song is about the rain"-DM. I liked John the Revelator a bit more but what can you do? It was good. Said, "Rain," more than usual. LBV-Really kick ass. The ending was very good. The ladies were really cool on this tune. Two Step-Carter took this song to a new extreme. New jam is sweet and the intro was cool to hear. Stefan's sliding intro was sweet. Encore:Grace is Gone- Good song but empty... lacking something. Needs some work. DI,DO-Nice. Carter broke his drum and Dave looked over and lost his place in the song so he sang, "I am just wasting some time... Don't know what I am singing." Carter fixed the drum and the song picked up again. Dave also sang a verse about the huge balloon flying around in the croud in one of the verses. And again... he sang a different verse about the rain.
Gavin W.
first time seeing dave and the band live. Overall was very impressed. Played a great variety of stuff, old, new, rare, and popular. highlights of the night was Stay, bartender, two step, and long black veil. Even though it rained, did not dampen the amazing spirit of the show. if anyone has a good copy of the show please let me no....thanks Dave, hope to see you again soon!!!
Ted M.
Wow, hey guys, this is my first show review, so please bear with me. Ralph Wilson Stadium was definitely the place to be. I have never, in person, seen the band play with so much intensity and emotion. The guys just rocked up there and had so much fun doing it. Opening up with Ants Marching was a pleasant surprise and got the crowd fired up. Granny, One Sweet World, Sweet Up and Down, and Stay rounded out a kick ass intro. Bartender was as emotional as a song can get during a brief downpour. Since I was close to the stage, you could see Dave turn it on when the rain drops were falling. Grey Street is my new favorite song. What a jam!!! Best of What's Around and True Reflections were a nice change of pace too. JTR was a little lacking today. Lie in Our Graves was highlighted by Boyd's seemingly endless rant across the stage as Dave got his two guitars fixed. The set's two closing songs kicked ass as well. The best version of Long Black Veil that I have heard and a sick version of Two Step (with every band member, especially Butch Taylor, getting a jam session)highlighted the end of DMB's set. The encore, again in the midst of a little rain, was very chill with a great version of the new "chick" song Grace is Gone. Drive In, Drive Out ended things off with Dave poking fun at the beach balls and Carter putting his stick through his drum. But, you had to be at the show to appreciate the intensity of the band. The seemed rested and enthusiastic. It was my favorite show of the 12 I've been too. See everyone in West Palm Beach. peace
Josh K.
Well, this show certainly didn't disappoint. It was one of those epic performances enhanced by many, many factors. First off, the crowd (at least from what I could tell) was so incredibly psyched for this concert, it was totally high energy. Ants Marching was a predictable opening number, based on the previous show. Definite show highlights included an energetic True Reflections; a downpour of rain which began moments before Bartender and continued through the rain-theme of Grey Street. Grey Street rocks sooo much. So Much To Say into Too Much was so phat, it totally rocked the crowd. I can't think of one song that I found to be weak at this show.. When Dave played Long Black Veil, I was almost sure the show had ended, but the crowd went nuts when we heard the opening notes of Two Step. This Two Step did NOT disappoint, and included a sick Butch jam. By the time of the encore, i had pushed my way into the front of the stadium, and had a nice clear view of an emotional Grace is Gone and a very powerful DIDO. I'm not a major fan of this song, but it's 10 x better performed live.. dave even improv'd some humorous lyrics about our show. For many audience members, this was the first show of the tour that was easy to catch, and i think Dave pumped it w/energy due to the fact that it was a one night stand sort of thing. To me, i felt this concert was a really good representation of the new directions in which the band is going, their new "Caribbean" fusion and all that. A definite must for any bootleg collector.
Michael A.
Well let me just start off by saying, he opened with freakin Ants Marching!!! Awesome, what a treat. Never seen Dave so energetic, never seen the whole band so engergetic. And when Dave broke a string during LIOG, Butch and Boyd covered VERY nicely on the 10 minute jam. Don't care to much for the LL's on BOWA, I hope that don't get butchered like #36 did w/ them. LBV rocked, Bartender, what can u say about that song live?? UNREAL!! SU&D, Grey St, Bartender, JTR, and Grace Is Gone...Only Raven was the only new song missing, Dave gave all of us in Buffalo a treat, and he should've, great crowd, great improv on Drive In Drive Out w/ the beach ball.
Joe S.
Dave definatly got the crowd on its feet early,starting the show w/ ants marching. Throughout the show he mixed his new material w/ his old stuff. He mostly played more of the crash album than anything. The band showed its ability to jam,by strechting songs w/ each member getting their chance to do a solo.It was one of the best concerts i've seen w/ the band in a while.
John R.
A solid show with a good setlist. I was 4th row center section on the floor, and the evening's intermittent rain showers felt rather nice in the mass of humanity up front. The flimsy plastic chairs didn't stand a chance, and they were being passed forward in large numbers before the full band's entrance to Ants. Security gave up minutes later, and the front of the show was functionally "festival" seating (standing). Great "traditional" set of songs to start (Ants-Granny-OSW), and there was some symmetry to the fact that they ended with Ants at their last show in this region (Finger Lakes August '99). Plusses: energy and mood of the band; interesting setlist, exchanging older songs for BTCS songs; no "Crash" :-); Butch Taylor, esp during LIOG and a very extended Two Step. Minusses: Lovely Ladies (sorry, not a fan of them); teenage girls singing along to "Long Black Veil" in shrill voices; inadequate crowd control. Overall, 7 out of 10, about on par with last year's Buffalo show and not as good as the amazing Finger Lakes show of last year. Ben Harper makes a fine opening act
Yo whats up e'erybody! I would just like to say, that I thought that Friday night's show was awesome. The kickoff with Ants was great. This was my first show in a while, and after a tiny bit of falling off with the band, the concert really brought me back into it all. A bit of a spiritual experience I think was had by many as well. During two new songs, packed with intensity and complexity, it began to rain. The clouds seemed to open as the band started rocking, and then rolled off as soon as the songs were over. Dave was even singing about rain at the time, not "the rain song" though (that came later), if it had rained while Dave was playing that, I think there would have been some crazy stuff happening. Not that there wasn't though!! Great stadium venue, Ben Harper held it down with the usual, everybody in DMB really putting it all out the whole show, the lovely ladies, Butch on keys, awesome new live joints, Long Black Vail... thats definately crazy stuff. Anyway, this tour will definately warm a few fans back into Dave frenzy. I can hardly wait for Cleveland, infact I find myself foaming at the mouth at work, its getting hard to hide the drool from my co-workers!
Chris L.
First, let me say that I am now a Lovely Ladies convert. In my opinion, they improved every song tonight. Dave seems to have a lot of fun with them, and they were definitely enjoying themselves. Second, I went to the Nissan show last year (8.1.99) that featured Butch, but I couldn't hear him at all. This year, the band quiets down when Butch plays so that his solos can actually be heard. His part during the LIOG jam was one of the night's best moments...thousands of lighters came out as Butch played a soothing solo. At the end, he took several bows, and LeRoi turned toward Butch and applauded. Other highlights: Two Step is different--the ending jam stops and starts several times before building up to the finale, a la Listener Supported. Carter even throws in a little Rhyme & Reason drumbeat during one of the quieter parts. Long Black Veil is also much longer now, about 11 minutes, and the Ladies have a regular gospel revival going at the end. One more comment: Grace Is Gone has my vote for the best song on the new album. I was glad to hear this one. I've got a lot more I could say about this show, but my review would be way too long. This show didn't feature anything very rare, and none of the songs (other than the ones from the new album) were first-timers for me, but this was just like a big party...a very fun show, and in my top two or three out of the 10 DMB shows I've been to.
Shannon P.
Awesome set! I was very excited to hear the new songs...I've heard them via internet but hearing them live was the best. We didn't exactly have the best seats in the house...but it was still a great concert!
Excellent show all in all. Dave came out on to the stage with a leap which also appeared to be a triple sow cow.the band was really on tonight,great energy. long black veil---> two step was amazing.i love the new jam outro to LBV.Alright-now onto what was the highlight of the night. CAN YOU SAY LIE IN OUR GRAVES?.What a jam.Butch just absolutely tore it up.The crowd was really into this jam.And to all of you who were at the show and paying attention-should have noticed at the end when he stepped to the mic to finish up with" till we dance away" and couldnt because the crowd was going crazy-that brought a defineite smile to the face.Cant wait till hershey and then onto saratoga.
Tom H.
Aside from a few highlights, this show was somewhat of a disappointment. One thing I dreaded was hearing Watchtower again. It's a good song, and they don't do a horrible job covering it, but I think they can concentrate their efforts elsewhere. Also, haven't we had enough of the "Lovely Ladies?" Nothing personal, but they take away from the band. Now for the good. LIOG was amazing, Boyd as always blew me away, and Butch with a jam on the keys was a nice touch. Long Black Veil was excellent as well. As for the New tunes, Grey Street in the rain was great, JTR was pretty good and the second half of Bartender was good as well. As for the rest, I must say it was pretty mediocre.
Matt L.
All i have to say is that i was pretty dissapointed with this show. Opening with Ants Marching??? This show was pretty commericalized with the band playing 5 radio songs, THe highlight of the show came when they jammed a 20 minute Two Step.. Butch Taylor is AMAZING!!! The encores were nice, Grace is Gone is a great song but Drive In Drive Out is an AWESOME song and was a great way to close the show. It will be a few weeks until i see them again in Hershey, so hopefully the setlists switch up a little.