Dave Matthews Band
Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion, Devore, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Medeski, Martin & Wood
onstage 8:31 PM
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Don't Drink the Water *
What Would You Say *
I'll Back You Up *
Say Goodbye *
Grey Street *
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) * -->
Too Much *
Bartender *
Jimi Thing *
Crush *
All Along the Watchtower *
Digging a Ditch *
Tripping Billies *
Grace Is Gone *
Ants Marching *
offstage 11:06 PM

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Michael A.
Wow Dave was energetic tonight. If you love to watch his foot work, tonight was a good show to attend. After last night's setlist I was very curious to see what the boys would pull out. Not surprisingly after being shut out of Before these Crowded Streets last night they opened with Rapunzel and Don't Drink The Water. I was pleasantly surprised to hear I'll Back You Up followed by a nice version of Say Goodbye. The song of the night in my mind was Jimi Thing. The band was definitely on in this one. A nice long version with the boys jamming away. And Crush seemed to fit in the set perfectly after Jimi. A very nice groove going on during this rendetion. Again, like last night JTR struck me as the most energetic of the new songs. Now if we could just convince the band to play that outro a little longer. Billies was a nice set closer, and Dave had his mouth flapping to the instrumental sounds. Another nice version of Grace is Gone was played. Arguably the best new tune of the bunch. See y'all tomorrow evening in Sacramento!
Patrick R.
Okay, after ripping up on last night's show...I gotta give mad props to the band tonight for among the best of shows I've ever seen them do. This was show #8 for me and ranks in the top three. First of course was Irvine '98 and it's a toss up between last years Chula Vista show and tonight's which get's second place. The setlist was pretty damn good but the performance just was absolutely charged. Dave came out jumping around, engaging with the crowd from the get go and it never stopped at all. I was super stoked to actually experience WWYS and IBYU for my first time ever in the live context. The SMTS-ASTB-Too Much jam was priceless...I've not heard that since '97 in person. And let me just reiterate how much I love the new songs. I will be the first on my block to have that new CD in hand. Thanks boys for not letting $100 worth of tickets be a waste of money. And LeRoi, it was a pleasure meeting you, if only for a few seconds. See you next time around.
Michelle H.
This was a really solid show. Pretty standard versions of Rapunzel and DDTW. WWYS surprised me cos I just never thought I'd hear it live. Then IBYU, I had been chanting "new song, new song" and what does Dave say? "This is an old song..." But I hadn't expected that particular song. Really sweet counter to all the energy of the previous three. Carter tore it up on the Say Goodbye intro. A few lines changed. Then finally a new song, Grey Street. The lyrics didn't flow quite right, but it sounded excellent. I had a lapse or something and didn't recognize SMTS right away. Good version, couple word changes threw off people trying to sing along (I hate that, especially when I'm taping). The bridge and Too Much were just up, lots of energy. Bartender, wow. The jam at the end is, it's simply cool. Jimi Thing. Crush. I had trouble hearing Dave over the crowd. Watchtower was as energetic as it always is. Not too many people knew what to make of DAD. JTR, very nice with the band. Then, what else? Tripping Billies. During the encore a chant of "We want Dave" went up. Finally the band came back out and did Grace Is Gone. I love that song. But then they did Ants Marching. Then it was over. Like I said before, the show was solid. The audience was not. Every year I think the same thing: the hand stamps should be based on IQ, not age. Also, I'd just like to ask, what the hell was with the flying tortillas? And y'all on the lawn, what are pushing? You got there late, ya sit in da back. Don't like it? Go home! Bad seats is better than no seats.
Jared A.
The Devore show was quite amazing! Although, Last night's was 30 times better and probably will go down as one of the best shows of the summer tour or possibly the one of the best shows in thier career. Anyways, this show was my tenth show and the setlist was spectacular especially with I'll Back You Up. At first, I thought Dave was gonna do Little Thing again, but I was in for a real treat. The song was a full band version with Butch doing a masterful job on the keyboards. Dave sang the song passionately and the crowd was in awe. The next song was Say Goodbye and Dave was really into it. At the beggining, Dave was totally into Carter's intro and was dancing to it. The next highlight was Bartender. The Coors show got me hooked onto this song. Anyways, the Jam after Bartender was epic and Dave wailed on tune to the jam. It was beautiful. Every song was great tonight except Digging A Ditch. It wasn't bad but this song definatley needs work. I like the Dave and Tim version better because Dave's emotions come through better than the full band. There was only one drawback to this show. The energy between the band and the crowd didn't match. The band was pumped, but the crowd was mellow. I was kinda hoping Dave would play Lover Lay Down because the crowd was a bit mellow. But I can't complain because the setlist is quite impressive especially with I'll Back You Up. I would love to get a copy of this show and would definately advise others get a copy of this show if possible.
Andy T.
Excellent show! My first experience at a Dave Matthews Band concert was worth the wait! All the Band (including Butch) played to their highest level, and every song was brilliant! Hearing Crush was awesome, as i know they do not play that live as much as people would like them to. Tripping Billies really stood out. Every single person in the audience danced from the beginning to the very end of the song, before over half of the 50,000 in attendance held up their lighters while awaiting the encore. It was great to hear his new stuff, like Grey Street, Rain Down On Me, Digging A Ditch..I just know their new album, "Three Days Down" coming out in November will be an excellent album!
Matt W.
My dave shows have taken me coast to coast and all the way back to 94 in c-ville numbering past thirty. It was great to see the band at a smaller venue than the huge stadiums. Once again great to hear the new stuff, although no one really is into it...yet. Bartender and grace is gone are turning two of my best liked tunes. An early watchtower caught me off guard, but better than the previous night. Ants was pretty standard but well appreciated. A truly good show and will remain high on my list. One part just made me smile...dave dancing during trippin billies... thanks dmb
Ari F.
I was convinced I would never see I'll Back You Up performed live, especially after Dave didn't play it at the acoustic show I was at. Well, he proved me wrong. When he busted out the old intro that he used to play for IBYU, I was the only one who knew what it was, and let's just say I needed to sit down. Not only was there a lot of energy from the band, but I'll Back You Up was a phenomenal twist to the evening. It was too bad that so many people were caught in traffic... Dave mentioned that a few times. I had predicted that the show would be entirely different except for the new songs, and with the welcomed exceptions of Ants and Watchtower, I was right. Dave showed how much he has in him these past few days. Another beautiful new song is Digging a Ditch. It's neat to see how that song evolved from the acoustic tour. Also, the jam on Grey Street was one to remember. Boyd and Leroi each had some great solos... Billies and Watchtower come to mind, but there were more... I can't overstate how important it is to follow DMB around, instead of just going to one show. It may cost a bit, but realizing how many different and equally good types of shows this band can put on... makes it woth every penny.
J.T. .
It is hard to compare tonight's show after such a powerful performance from the night before. But here it goes. Hightlights: PNP->Rapunzel was a crowd favorite. IBYU was an unexpected and pleasant surprise, only the second time being played on the 2000 Tour. Next up a cozy and appropriate version of SG, with improvised lyrics, "It's warm outside, what a lovely night".or something to that effect. Funny how Dave tripped up the crowd sing-a-long by botching the lyrics during the first chorus of WWYS. Fluent and robust version of Grey Street, with more and more evolving lyricism. Also strong transitions between SMTS and TM. An electrified version of AATW, with a mysterious "HaHa"(laughter) during the line "There are many among us, Who feel that life is but a joke." Overall Dave was exceedingly energetic dancing around the stage and offering an array of jocular chatter. Lowlights: Let me quickly say that parking and seating were nothing short of a disaster. It was as if the staff wanted to make you late for the show. The crowd was quite somber and often could not match the energy radiating from the stage. Although I enjoy all of DMB's catalogue I was hoping for a few more rare gems besides IBYU. (I hope I'm not being too picky) There was a sound problem at some point during the show that caused some feedback, which forced Dave to turn sideways holding the guitar away from the mic. Overall, the show on paper seems average. However the night was made electric by Dave, in full character complete with noises and banter, accompanied by the bands unwavering enthusiasm.