Dave Matthews Band
Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Medeski, Martin & Wood
Grey Street *
Unkown Song
#41 *
The Song That Jane Likes *
Satellite *
Little Thing [first verse & chorus] -->
Ants Marching *
One Sweet World (instrumental intro) *
Rhyme & Reason *
Grey Street *
Warehouse (stop time intro) *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Seek Up *
Lie In Our Graves *
Bartender *
Drive In, Drive Out *
Two Step *
Grace Is Gone *
All Along the Watchtower *

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Mike S.
Being the first dmb concert i have been to, it couldnt have been any better. The setlist was unbeatable. He could have played crush instead of rhyme and reason, but overall an outstanding show. Very impresive. Boyd ofetn stole the show with many solos. His lie in our graves solo was sooo mellow and awesome. Crash live was everything i expected and more. Also, the new songs were great. But it is 3 a.m. and i have to go get sleep for tonights dmb concert!! SWEET!!! alright, take it easy. later
Patrick A.
Simply an amazing show. Though musically and energetically it may be one of the greats, this show may stand out for something else: After the jam of Lie In Our Graves, before the last part, Dave walked up to the mic and said "BUTCH TAYLOR, NUMBER SIX, BUTCH TAYLOR, NUMBER SIX." Could this mean that Butch is now the sixth member of the band?? Besides LIOG, highlights for me were STJL, Warehouse, 41 as an opener, getting the chance to hear a verse of Little Thing, and the Watchtower closer. See y'all tonight in Devore!
Tyler S.
My eigth Dave show. Hands down the best I have ever seen or heard the band sound. Better than the famous Irvine 98 show. Where do I start. Could not have asked for a better opening than #41. The band was pumped to be back in the smaller venues. They rocked. Leroi was on fire from the get go. STJL was a great suprise, could have done without satellite and crash, but they were nice. Ants was incredible, Boyd rocked the house. OSW was great, Rhyme and Reason was dark and dave was really into it. The new songs were awsome, Grey Street and Bartender particularly. Dave busted out on the twelve string for those. Seek Up was great, I love that song, Lie In OUr Graves is definetly a highlight with boyds solo going into butch taylor on the keyboards. Amazing, then Dave introduced Butch as #6 in the band, what a suprise. Drive in Drive out with some new lyrics was cool, and Two Step to close was incredible. You thought they were done and then Carter got a smirk on his face and they were right back into it. Could not have asked for a better encore. #40, the whole song into the Grace is Gone and then another great version of watchtower. This night was electric. The band was captivating, dave was dancing boyd was crusing the stage stephan was pumped and played outstanding, he is really getting good, cater as always was in rare form leroi was without his glasses sounding beautiful. Awsome night cant wait till tonight at blockbuster.
Ari F.
Anyone who complains when DMB doesn't play a couple of their favorites is not seeing the bigger picture. This was by far and away the best setlist I have seen DMB perform, and yet there is still a whole list of songs that I would have liked to hear. So, that's why I am headed up to the next show as well, to see some different, but just as great songs. If anyone really wants to haed specific song or two, then follow DMB around for awhile, and if you still don't hear it, well, that's the way it goes. But remember that a concert as a whole cannot be bad or dissapointing just because you yourself didn't hear one song.. anyways, on with the review....... #41 to start was perfect. A lot of energy in the vocals and the sax... Jane was a wonderful surprise, and the violin jam in the beginning was even better than normal... Satellite had a cool intro, where dave teased the crowd for awhile before playing it.... when dmb played little thing you knew this was going to be a special night. totally unexpected and totally awesome... ants is always a crowd pleaser and everyone was singing along very loudly... i am so glad that DMB is playing the long intro to OSW again. I have heard it on some unreleased shows from the early 90s but i had not heard it since. It is nothing short or spectacular... Grey Street has a sweet melody, I am glad they play it at every show because I get to hear it again tonight!!!.... Warehouse was another blast from the past which surpised everyone, but as it is one of his best live songs, it made my knees buckle. at this point, the only thing that could have made the evening better would have been #40.... The combination of Seek UP and LIOG was epic. It was about 25 minutes of genious. Seek Up was a good 15 minutes, and it beat the pants of the RR95 version. The jam before the song was gripping, and the jam after the song led directly into LIOG. All I have to say about LIOG is that Butch Taylor is the man. His keyboard solo in the middle made my night. I didn't need #40 anymore.... Bartender's outro is one to remember....DIDO and JTR were well placed into the setlist because it gave us a chance to calm down a bit before he ended with a bang... Two Step to finish leaves you wanting more, especially with the jam at the end... And so, the encore, at this point, had to be amazing. DMB had to know this was a special concert, because he broke out with #40. I could barely handle it... Grace is Gone is equally beautiful, and then with the crowd reeling from the last two songs.... the signature ending with Watchtower. I don't know if any show will ever beat this one.
Chris M.
This was my fourth Dave show and I must say it was by far the very best! The entire night Dave and the boys were jamming and they were laughing and smiling all night. At times the crowd was a little quiet, but I think it was only due to hearing a new song and not actually knowing what it was and the lyrics to it. Other than that, the crowd was great and everybody seemed to be having a great time. Some of the highlights of the show: Boyd's continuous jamming throughout many of the songs, close-to 20 minute Seek Up, the new songs (especially Grey Street), awesome Two-Step-it was a great way to end before coming back for the encore. I was at the show with my girlfriend and I was able to call the encore songs. Dave came back out to a screaming crowd and did a great first verse to #40 which is beautiful whenever you have a chance to hear it. He then busted out is 12-string and did an amazing Grace is Gone. I think the main highlight of the show was the energy on Watchtower. Stefan didn't do a huge intro but they started out and the song just ripped. The lights definitely added to the effect of the energy from the band and when I left the show I was so amped, it was amazing. The band put on an unforgetable show last night and I can't wait to hear the new album.
Sheila S.
I have to say that last night was pretty magical. The beauty of the night and the lights on stage made everything seem surreal. When DMB got on stage it just felt like some kind of dream. Highlights of the show: Opening up with #41 (my favorite), Jane was awesome to hear finally in concert!, Little Thing tease into ANTS!!! What can I say? Wanted to hear LIOG next and got it!!! Couldn't have asked for anything more. Warehouse was awesome as always, basic stop-time and yelling in between (yes that made it to San Diego). Grey Street is really one of my favorite new songs and Bartender was great although I think Dave shows more emotion with the Dave and Tim versions. An awesome Two Step closer with great soloing by Butch and even Dave did some solo work, of course Carter tore it up at the end of this one. For the encore, Dave did a little #40, not as long as last year's 3 minute version that he gave us. Then they started into Grace is Gone (very pretty) and then Watchtower (no Stephan solo in the beginning which kinda threw some of us off). Overall, it was a great show and I still can't believe I was there again. I would like to give a shout out to the two friends we made, Rick and Mandy, you guys were so cool!! Rick it was pretty unreal calling almost all the songs before they were played with you. Juliana, thanks for sharing in my joy. Our section rocked! What a lovely time.
Bill H.
I will go in this way.....#41 was a nice opener, despite the fact that the sound was a little jumbled for the first couple of minutes. Ants early on got the crowd going. After a few standards, Dave intoduced Grey St. I would have loved to hear it, but my bladder had other ideas. We made it back just in time for the final jam. It was one of the highlights of the show. The boys had so much energy for the new songs, it was refreshing. Warehouse got it going again, R&R was inspired. After a nice One Sweet World they busted out Lie, just the song I was waiting for. I could finally hear Butch in the mix and he led them through keyboard inspired jam before the break. They paused, Dave introduced Butch and walked away for what seemed like 50-60 seconds. (well maybe it was the kb, but it was a long break before they brought it back) The rest was an afterthought for me. It was great to hear a top-notch Drive In and everyone loved 2 Step. For the encore, Grace was ok, I could see it on the radio some day. They brought it all together with Watchtower. It might not have been the hottest show ever, but it was all I was hoping for and more! Thank you...
Jared A.
This show beat last year's show at Coors Ampitheater hands down. I've been to 9 shows so far and this one was damn good. I would definately recommend getting a copy of this show. Well, the fun (for me at least) started before the show began. We were really early and decided to eat at a local mexican resturant. While we were eating there, I got to meet the opening band, MMW, who was also enjoying there lunch there. After we, finnished eating, we headed to Coors Ampitheater. We hung out there and got to see LeRoi more ride around the venue on a bike. Funny thing was nobody even noticed it. With all that happening, I had a feeling that it was gonna be a good show. I was right. Anyways, on to the highlights of the show. The first highlight didn't come until Dave's solo of Little Thing. I was blown away. I really enjoyed the One Sweet World instrumental intro. It was sweet. However, the best wasn't to come yet until Seek Up. It really took off from there! The jam afterward was awesome! Dave was surrounded by bubbles! Butch played beautifuly and did so at each jam during each song after Seek Up. During the jam in Lie In Our Graves, Dave the band stoped playing and introduced Butch Taylor as the sixth memeber of the Band!?! Anyways, I wasn't a big fan of Bartender because I liked the Dave and Tim version better. However, it all changed with that version tonight! Also, Dave really mixed up the lyrics in Drive In, Drive Out! I really enjoyed Two Step as well! However, I was blown away with a three song encore! Woo hoo! It was a beautiful way to end the show. Especially when Stefan came and the end and said "You Rock!" To sum up, the band had lots of energy and things really flowed. See ya all tommarrow at Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavillion!
Candice L.
I drove from Phoenix, AZ to see this show because they werent coming to AZ this summer. It was my third show and the best yet. The setlist was so awesome. I never expected to hear Jane but its one of my favorites so I was excited. every song was awesome. and the new song Grace is Gone was just beautiful. The only thing that wasnt perfect was the crowd around me was quiet and a little negative. Didnt spoil it for me though. A great show and great encore!
Michael A.
Must be something special about Chula. After still kicking myself last year for missing the 7.7.99 show I made it out for the first of three nights. I came into this tour hoping for some rarities and amazingly almost all were fulfilled in one night. Not a big fan of 41 as an opener, but you can't go wrong with this song. One of the biggest surprises was getting Jane in my first 00' show. Nice version, although too short of a tune. Definitely enjoyed the Warehouse stop-time intro. Dave seemed to be encouraging the crowd with a mini-pump fisting during the stop-time chants from the crowd. Although it wasn't opened with I was very pleased to hear Seek Up live. I enjoyed the new stuff and would definitely make a claim for JTR as the most energy-driven new song. Of course hearing Little Thing live was probaby the biggest surprise of the show. Sounded like just a tease of the song but still sweet nonetheless. It seemed the highlight of the evening was Two Step ending the set. The energy from the band was high and Butch actually had a reason for being with the band. I really think he should be summoned out for a couple songs during shows if he wants to actually be heard. Other then periodically looking up and seeing Butch at the keys I wouldn't have realized he was there. I really didn't expect to see a three song encore. I think the band played roughly for 2 hours and 45 minutes. I'd rank this show second of the four I've been to. See y'all in Devore.
Patrick R.
I hate to be a stick in the mud but I personally don't think this show was as good as the hype it's gotten in the reviews already posted (and dude, this was so not even close to as good as Irvine '98). The setlist was okay. With the exception of the new tunes, there's not a song on the setlist that wasn't played last year here or at Irvine. Some of the more overplayed ones at that. I mean, they're good songs but Dave, please man, you gotta give Ants, Crash, Sattellite, and (dare I say it) Watchtower a rest. Where's the Minarets or something? However, I must say there was a definite turn around in the show. When they first came out the first 5 or 6 songs lacked so much energy and it felt like the crowd wasn't into it that much either. I mean, I love #41 but tonight's performance of it was pretty weak and same with OSW - last year was better on both tunes. And on Warehouse, all I'm gonna say is that Dave and Boyd need to practice their timing with each other on this. Boyd got way too ahead of Dave at one point. The look that Dave gave Boyd was priceless. I was so glad when they started playing the new stuff because at that point is when the show picked up for me. I so can not wait to get the new album. For those of you who haven't heard it yet, Grace is Gone is such a pretty song. And let me just say that Two Step was absolutely, by far, without a doubt, the best version I've ever heard. And this for a closer...Butch is #6. Rockandroll!
J.T. .
After a good rest between shows the boys were ready to play. They came out with an energy that carried them along through a 19 song setlist and one of the tour's longest performances (well over 3 hours). Little Things was an early treat for a SD crowd that could appreciate older material. More Warehouse "woo's" from the crowd. A pretty standard version of Crash. The award for longest improv jam definitely went to Seek Up which last more than 20 minutes. LIOG and Two Step also extended the 15 minute mark. After a little encouragement from Dave, Butch stepped up for a solo on LIOG that had a small section of the famous "Wizard of OZ" jam (listen closely). Two Step also included some great improvised lyrics and a guitar solo from Dave. More great crowd pleasing lyrics for DIDO including "everything is cool, until the voices in your head start, f*cking with you...".
Thebluewaterbaboonfarm@yahoo.com .
Medeski Martin and Wood were ok. They were talented but nothing I could really get into. More like background music. And I wasnt crazy about the keyboard player. Then when they went off it seemed like forever before DMB took the stage. Then they opened with #41... a very mellow opener kind of like last years OSW... but they pulled it off very good. They went into a nice STJL, a song I have never seen before, next was satellite which I totally called. I was just feeling it. A lot of the die hards dont like to hear this but I think it sounds great live. I should have stopped trying to predict songs cuz that was the last one I was right on. But what happened next I dont think anyone predicted. Dave came out and did a verse of Little thing which went straight into a rare "middle of the set" ants Marching. The energy was just unbelievable in that song. I remembered why it is my favorite. After that was the closest thing to a lull in the concert. They played One Sweet World with the instrumental intro and was when I decided to make the inevitable restroom run (The negative effects to beer and concerts). Next was Rhyme and Reason. Nothing special but energetic nonetheless. Next was Grey Street, a song I have never heard before so didnt know what to comapre it to. All I can say is this song is awesome. Cant wait for that new album. Next they played a not particularly special version of warehouse. Wasnt feeling it too much during that song. And then Crash which I wasnt really feeling until the climactic ending. The rest was just amazing... an incredibly jammed out seek up. Leroi even threw in a solo at the end of this one which I havent before... great. Then Lie In Our Graves in which we finally got to hear Butch... sounded beautiful. And Boyds solo sounded very nice as well. Unlike any one Ive heard before. Then Bartender which I was thrilled to hear. I love this song with the whole band. And next a very hauanting version of Drive In Drive Out which I wasnt thrilled to hear at first but sounded really cool. Had a lot of stops and starts kind of like the next one... JTR, Which I was also thrilled to hear Live. Then they busted out with a very energetic version of 2 step where we got to hear Butch again. Very jammed out. Once I thought it was over they came back and exploded at the end amazing. Once the suspense was built they came back and played #40. Not quite as long as last years 3 minute version but nice to hear again. Then they kept the mellow vibe going with Grace Is Gone. Again a song I have never heard so cannot compare it to. But I really Liked the song. Could really relate to the lyrics. (Doesnt it seem Dave is writing about drinking a lot in his songs lately). Then they ended with Watchtower which I didnt even recognize at first. The riff sounded different but it was very jammed out as usual. And that was the show. A whopping 3 hours. Simply amazing. Possibly the best show I have seen out of my 5. Thats saying a lot since I attended the "epic" Irvine 98 show.