Dave Matthews Band
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

1, 2, 3, 4
Mi Alma
Cumbia De Los Muertos
Como Ves

Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Ground On Down
Gold to Me -->
Fight for Your Mind
Burn One Down
The Woman In You
Steal My Kisses

The Best of What's Around
True Reflections

onstage 8:43 PM
#41 *
The Song That Jane Likes *
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) * -->
Too Much *
One Sweet World (instrumental intro, Swim Naked outro) *
Busted Stuff +*
#36 +*
Lie In Our Graves *
Bartender * -->
Say Goodbye *
Grey Street *
JTR +*
Typical Situation *
What Would You Say *
Stay +*
offstage 10:57 PM
onstage 11:01 PM
Grace Is Gone * -->
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
offstage 11:19 PM

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals

Chad F.
Tonight was my first show in 10 months, my first of 5 over the next 6 nights, and my 7th overall. It was definitely a nice way to get back into the swing of things. I got to hear soundcheck from the back of the stadium, and enjoyed 2 new songs, one very Last Stop-esque. Ozomatli put on an interesting performance, and Ben Harper was just amazing. Now, onto DMB...I got to sit 7th row (thanks Warehouse) so for once I was able to see everything first hand that was going on on stage. #41 was a very cool opener - pretty standard, but still a solid song. I was pleased to hear Anyone Seen the Bridge back with SMTS and Too Much, as it's been pretty mixed up at other shows of late. Say Goodbye was also very cool, with a nice Carter-intro with some human beat boxing. I think my personal highlight of the night had to be hearing Typical Situation for the first time in person. It was so powerful. Hearing some of the newer stuff was also a nice treat. Grey Street seems to be coming along nicely. The only downer about the show was the encore. Grace is Gone went on a few minutes longer than it should have, and Rapunzel was just too standard. Overall, a high energy, well played show. On to night #2...
Chris N.
The best way to describe this show would have to be...... Eh. It was just.... OK. After coming back from an awesome show up in Foxboro, I was all hyped up for an even better show. That didn't happen. I guess it didn't help that I was there alone (got the wrong directions to my cousin's work.... Sorry Gerard, I owe yah). But about the show.... the crowd was weak, I mean come on guys.... this is DAVE MATTHEWS. If you don't give a shit about the concert, then why are you there anyway. But I've got more to say about the crowd in a minute. They opened with a pretty jammed #41, and then TSTJL which is one of my favorite songs. So I was so psyched for an awesome evening. Then SMTS->ASTB->Too Much.... YES! this is gonna be great.... Then the boys just lost me, and it seemed like everyone else too. Nobody around me was gettin into it, they were just sittin down smokin their reefers. I still loved the new songs though. Grace is Gone might top Grey Street as my new favorite. They closed with stay. Ok, not my fav but the crowd enjoyed it. So now I'm expecting a sweet encore. So they come out play Grace is Gone, and then go into PNP->Rapunzel. I heard it the other night at Foxboro to close the set. Why tonight to close the show? Definately a good song but.... WHY? But a cool part of the song was the last line in the last verse where Dave said "Every single thing you do to me Makes me Fucked up". That was pretty cool. So the lights go on everybody starts walking out, and it's over.... or is it, then the lights went out in the stadium and the stage. I ran to the nearest seat i could find hoping they were gonna come back on. Then lights on again, oh well. That could have made the show great if they came out there and did another encore cause some assholes were throwing punches.... And that brings me to my biggest gripe of the night. During the cool slow jam on Grace, I noticed everyone in front of me turning around and looking up in the middle tier behind us. I didn't think anything of it because I was jammin to the music.... Then I heard that same section chanting "ASSHOLE, ASSHOLE", so now I had to look back there. There was some fight, and about a dozen security guards rushed the scene and escorted somebody out. GIVE ME A FUCKIN BREAK!!!! I thought WWF RAW was on monday nights not tuesdays. Some people are just born assholes I guess. I'm really not a complainer, if you read my review of the previous night. I just don't appreciate some of the wannabe fans that come to these shows just to smoke pot and sing the words to crash and satelite. But I'm done with this one, hopefully tomorrow night will make up for it.......
Peter F.
Well, I just got back from my very first DMB concert and I must say it's everything I expected and more. I was hoping for a Best of What's Around opener, but we got #41--it was a great opener. A very popular song that everyone knows... it got everyone dancing--seriously, everyone around me was WAY into it--it was so great! The Song that Jane Likes was perfect as usual. So Much To Say--the energy was kept high continuing with SMTS. Too Much--the band went right into Too Much -- no break in between songs.... they flowed together nicely. Another very upbeat song to keep the crowd dancin. There were a few new and a few slow songs that got the crowd out of the mood (which were amazing, by the way), but they came right back with "What Would You Say" and "Stay"--encore--Grace is Gone is my favorite new song--it was amazing. And Rapunzel was a wonderful closer... all in all, a wonderful show--can't wait for the next two!!
Erik O.
Hey, Just came home from Giants. This is the first of all three Giants shows for me and 2 Veterans Stadium shows.I'm not gonna explain each song but I will say this. How about the old dmb tonight! Every song rocked but my favorite was Typical Situation. Now, How about the new dmb tonight! Busted stuff, Bartender, Grey Street, JTR and Grace Is Gone!!!! All played awesome. Dave seemed to have fun tonight too, he was talking to the crowd a lot and danced the night away. All in all, not the best show I may see this week, but definatly the best show I have seen so far! I'll check back after each other show of the Giants run. So far, amazing!!!
Jennifer K.
The show was amazing but I guess I'll keep it to highlights and lowlights... lowlights first... low energy during the songs people didn't know... especially OSW, Busted Stuff and #36... also the idiots chanting asshole in the section next to me during leroi's solo before PNP... they were in the back section of the first tier so hopefully it won't interfere too much w/ any recordings... also such a tease when we didn't see the ladies out right away during busted stuff... but i got over it... stay wouldn't have been the same w/o them... now highlights... definitely Typical situation... the jam in the middle was the most amazing thing i've ever heard... if anyone gets a recording listen to this i don't think i've heard anything like it before, really funky... also dave was dancing around like a maniac during OSW like he was a toy soldier or a puppet or something... the crowd loved it... also i have to say you could really tell they were having a good time carter was smiling the entire show and stefan had the biggest grin on his face during JTR... you could tell they were just having fun which made the show even better for everyone there... i was glad the setlist had a lot of older stuff mixed w/ some radio songs that everyone could sing... even if i was the only one in my section who was dancing like a freak throughout the show... if anyone gets a recording please let me know I'd love to do a B+P on this one or any other giants show.... see ya'll thursday!!!!
Michael J.
Well, after being in traffic on the Cross Bronx for two hours, I must admit it was worth it. Highlights were LIOG, Typical Situation, SG and OSW. He should lay off the "Crash" stuff for a little while...some of us may want to hear something like "Pig," "Last Stop" or "The Stone." Stay even had a great amount of energy also. Of the new songs, I enjoyed JTR and Busted Stuff the most. I really didn't enjoy Grace is Gone too much. I wanted a lively encore, with something like Two Step, but we get PNP-Rapunzel, which if you ask me should be at the beginning of a set. Still, a good night. Crowd in the front was a little dead. Had 9th row center, we went to the back for the encore, and it seemed people were much more alive. I think the problem is that the people in the front are in groups of twos, therefore, people aren't as energized.
John S.
What a set list. For Giant Stadium Dave and the boys did not paly any Radio songs untill stay (if that is a raiod song. This is the first show that I seen with such a great setlist at Giant Staium. The bad thing is the band seemed to lack energy. Overall a great show. What a way to start with 41 and BUSTED STUFF was awesome until the lovely ladies came on. Lie in our Graves was different Butch Taylor even had a solo in it it was a great version. TYPICAL SITUATIOn and WHAT WOULD YOU SAY was cool to heat in the same setlist. JTR what the hell happend here no more John the Revaltor, GReat outro but the song has lost something. GREY STREET might just be the next best song this band has. THe band did woinder with BArtender anotehr great song. One sweet world was great with the intrsumental opening and finshing with swim naked was great. I was one of two people who new the verse. Could of doen without saty but it is a fun song. THe enocre stunk though. Grace is gone is a great song, but to close out a great setlist with Rapunzel was poor. Would of like Grey Street here or Raven. Well hope tonight is jsut ass good. BEing back three rows was great tyhanks warehouse. Take care John
Douglas T.
Awesome night. Outdoor stadium, perfect night (clear, mid 70's). Ozmati and Ben Harper were very good. Dave and company were excellent. I've been to many shows at Giants stadium, and hate it - the sound normally is horrible. The sound for Dave Matthews was incredible. Now it may very well have been because I was center stage, about 25 rows back on the floor - but it sounded awesome. The band was very tight. Dave pulled out a couple of new/rare songs that were pretty good - though the crowd seemed to choose those songs to sit and relax. But for the rest of his "known" songs the crowd was up and dancing. "Stay" was the highlight, the crowd erupted with that song and was one big 50,000 person dance floor. Great, great show. Can't wait until the next one.
Daniel M.
highlights of this show were the #41 opener. he really made this a spectacular opener with the lights and the jam by the end of the song. another of my favorites from this night was the SMTS-->Anyone Seen the Bridge-->Too Much. how often does one get to hear this. by the end of SMTS, i looked over to my friend and i called that we would get an ASTB. what a treat! im not really a fan of the women that much, so i wasnt really happy with the #36 or Stay. the new songs are so amazing. i loved grey street! such a great song amazing jamming. LIOG was such a treat. 14 minutes of pure BOYD! hes so awsome on thath violin!!JTR was a nice suprise since he debut it here last year with santana. all in all it was such a great show and i cant wait for the new album to come out!
Damian C.
Okay. I've seen my share of dave shows but this one took the cake. The LIOG was quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. Boyd jamed and soloed and jamed again for about 12 mins strait. And just when you thought it was over, butchie steped it up and played the most beautiful keys in the world. That song makes me float. And I love that the jam is in the middle of the song. On a scale of 1-10 last nights show 15
Sean R.
Wow, last nights show was incredible. Out of the 6 shows I have been to, this one definitely ranks either first or second with 08/01/98 Hartford Meadows Show. From start to finish the show rocked although the crowd was a little quiet and tired during the middle section of the setlist (Busted Stuff, #36). I was able to snag incredible seats that were 3rd row dead center so I was very grateful to finally have a chance to see the band up close. #41 was an incredible way to start the show and then entire band looked energized and ready to take on Giants Stadium. Highlights of the night have to be Lie in Our Graves on which Boyd went absolutely nuts. I didn't get the time for that songs, but it must have been close to 15 minutes if not more. I wasn't dissapointed not to see Watchtower as they have played it at every other show, but I am still waiting for Dave to play Seek up this tour. I think that song makes an incredible opener. To cap things off he finished with Grace is Gone, a new mellow jam, and then Rapunzel. A lot of fans were noticable dissapointed not to hear Ants, 2Step, or Watchtower to end the night, but I thought they did an awesome job on Rapunzel. I will be going to tomorrow nights closing show at Giants, but I'll be sitting around the 50 yard line in section 111. Sitting in row 3 was an unforgettable experience except for the kid next to me who puked during half the show when he wasn't passed out. Ya know, whats the point of driving the distance, paying a good amount of money, snagging 3rd row seats, and then drinking so much you puke? See Ya'll tomorrow night!
Dave S.
This was my 12th DMB show, and I thought it was incredible. The beginning seemed sort of mellow, however, but the band was able to energize the entire crowd with an amazing Lie In Our Graves. Busted Stuff was nice to hear. Highlights of the show include Song that Jane Likes, One Sweet World, LIOG, Grey Street, JTR, Typical Situation, and a new version of Say Goodbye. Bartender flowed into Say Goodbye with the drums, but Carter completely tore up the room with an unbelievable solo. After the show was even better. I got to meet Butch Taylor, Boyd, and Dave himself. They were all really nice. Dave and Boyd signed my shirt. Dave was asking me if I liked Busted Stuff, and of course I told him that it's awesome. He also said he's still working on lyrics for Grey Street and that Grace is Gone is dedicated to "all those dead people out there". I'll see you all Wednesday and Thursday. Peace.
Rob B.
First of all Ozomatli and Ben Harper rocked the house, if you haven't already, check these bands out! As far as stadium shows go, this was the best I have seen. The setlist was great! I was so happy to hear OSW, TSTJL, Typical Situations and Say Goodbye. Not to mention all the new stuff! I had bootlegs of all of it (and I got funny looks from people because I new the lyrics), but nothing can compare to hearing them live! The jam on lie in our graves was incredible. Sometimes I feel the jam goes nowhere and can be a little dull--but not this time! Boyd was absolutely amazing on it. I'm begginning to like #41 as an opener more and more, its I nice groove to start the show. The crowd was pretty good. Every other show I have been to at Giant Stadium the crowd has been terrible. Though many sat down during the new stuff and some of the less popular songs, they were respectful and just listened and didn't talk--I HATE when they talk! Rapunzel as a closer was a suprise, although the band played the most intense version of it I have ever heard. I hope the second show can live up to the intensity of the first!
Mike M.
Well, I must admit, the concert was not was it was supposed to be. The crowd was horrible, I mean absolutely horrible. They were quiet and dull, with the exception of radio songs, such as STAY. Apparently nobody has Napster in the tri state area either, because the place was silent on the new songs. Dave changed the lyrics to a few songs, such as Say Goodbye(as he's known to do on that song) and Grey Street. I was thrilled to hear Typical Situation, with the band. It was played very upbeat, similar to the way they used to play it back in the old days. Song that Jane Likes and OSW were great too Hopefully, they will stop teasing us by only playing Crazy during the soundchecks. Rapunzel should be kept as an opener, and please, someone cut the brakes on the lovely ladies tour bus. And if you are only going to the shows just to smoke and sit in your seat, stay at home tonite, please stay home and listen to Crash Into Me!
Mike V.
Dave Def. gave the NY/NJ crowd a good show, everyone was stoked for this one... Highlights: 1. #41 as the opener- very impressive, everyone was expecting One Sweet World or Warehouse, so we were all surprised to see this one. 2. Song that Jane likes was a huge surprise, but always appreciated. 3. Bartender--->Say Goodbye- AMAZING- ALL YOU CAN SAY- sooo good....everyone was stoked 4. The real big crowd pleaser of the night, however, was Grace is Gone, a few people had heard it, and everyone was kinda moved by the lyrics. All and all, a great show...
Brad O.
I've often said over the last couple of years that I can gauge my own enjoyment of a Dave show by the uneasiness and restlessness of the high school kids around me. For example, the more older songs he plays off albums such as R2T or the random favorites like #36, or even better, brand new songs entirely; all of these contribute to the ancy-ness of the masses waiting for Satellite, Crash,Ants Marching or any of the other hit singles while at the same time elevating me to a higher appreciation of the show. It sort of shrinks the crowd of 50,000 to the few thousand who are like "Okay. I get it." Never as much was this theory proven correct than night #1 of my three night stint of DMB/Ben Harper at Giants Stadium. The setlist has plenty of new tunes on there, as well as a couple tasty treats off R2T. This was my second or third time hearing "Bartender", and I love it more and more each time I hear it. The lyrics are so biblical (Where can I find the lyrics to read???). Really powerful stuff. Also a fan of "Grey Street" and "Grace is Gone", which I heard for the first time. I'm hoping he plays a couple of these again over the next couple of nights so I can get a better feel for them. As far as playing Rapunzel as the last song, I was a little surprised. Dave played the first two chords of Watchtower just goofing around so I thought the inevitable was about to happen, but since I was with two people who had never been to see DMB before, I chose not to pout about having to hear Watchtower again as thecloser for the 15th billion time. But then he went into the intro-Rapunzel thing, which rocked. It sort of reminds me of when he used to encore with "Drive-In Drive Out" years ago, but now I'm showing my age and boring you all. I will make one quick sidenote about Ben Harper. I swear to God if these kids would shut the fuck up and listen to the lyrics of "Burn One Down" they would fucking love it! But oh well, such is puberty.
Eric L.
I had been looking forward to this show for months now, and the band did not disappoint. The set they played showed variety and threw in some unexpected twists. As I had been looking over many of the previous setlists, it came as no shock to me that the band opened with #41, although it was captivating none the less. After SJL, the band moved to what I felt was the highlight of tonight's show. SMTS was fairly standard, but because it is one of the best known songs, even the casual fan in attendance seemed to be stirred, and the crown came very much alive. The band played "he Anyone seen the bridge?" outro, and went directly into TOO MUCH. Dave sang with amazing intensity and the crowd echoed his every word. The band then mellowed the crowd out with the next three songs, topping it off with a relaxing version of #36. LIOG came next, and was highlighted by Boyd taking center stage for a 10 minute jam. After this, the crowd seemed to become a little ansy, as Dave played 3 out of the next five new songs. It seemed the crowd lost interest a little bit during this juncture, which bothered me becuase all I've heard from people lately is how Dave needs to come out with some new stuff, now he does and half the people weren't interested. Anyway, he brought everyone back with two standard but intense versions of WWYS and STAY to end the set. The encore featured some unusual choices, which I personally enjoyed a lot. Grace is Gone, a new song, was amazing. It's a slow song about a lost love and I would surprised if it is not one of the most popular songs when the new album comes out in November. They then wrapped up the show with a version of Rapunzel that was similar to the one on Listener Supported. I wasn't expecting WATCHTOWER or ANTS the first night, but I won't lie and say I wasn't hoping for TWO STEP or TRIPPING BILLIES. No matter, RAPUNZEL was high energy and a good way to end the show. I left happy and extremely excited to go back Thursday for what should be a SICK closing night.
Frank L.
tonight was the first of my 5 shows and i really didnt know what to expect. one word that i remember through out the night is Amazing!! The boys are back and they want to jam. i believe this is the closest you can get to an old show. the way they used to jam before they played at stadiums. they started with #41 and never stopped playing after that, only when it was over. i looked around and i saw a few people down cause they didnt recognize a lot of songs but you know what it was great. half of those people are just there bc of the radio songs and dmb stayed away from them so that was very good. again like i said before it was the closest to the way they used to jam. about the lovely ladies, they didnt mess it up. For Stay, they didnt bore me with 100 stays.. they kept it to a minimun. overall this was a good concert and an excellent way to start my week. y'all take care.
Matthew S.
Last nights rendition of Lie in Our Graves had to be the most exilerating song of the evening. The fiddle solo felt like it lasted for an hour, I can't get it out of my head. DMB was awsome as always, but I wish they didn't play as many "new" songs from his next album as he did. This is also the second year in a row where I've gone to the first show at Giant Stadium and he they once again didn't play "Watchtower". I really wish that the encore had been a whole lot more up beat so the hour long logjam in the parking lot would not have been so bad. Also "The Song That Jane Likes" was superve. I wish more people had got in to Carter Bufords drum solo, it seemed like everybody didn't care. Props to Todd Pratt of the New York Met's who was sitting in my row!!!
Nicole A.
As I must say, what a bad scene and a great show. The first three songs, most dominantly The Song that Jane Likes, were stimulating and incredible; really got the crowd moving after Ben Harper, who was amazing. I was surprised not to see more Harper fans though. The one downer was the scene. In the lots people were playing Dave and talking about what he was going to play, and in my opinion that isn't where the true fans prevail. Those fans seemed surreal, and for the real fans, thats a downer. The highlight had to be LIOG and Typical Situation cause it was perfect. It was an amazing night and Dave seemed happy. I would like to see him play Seek Up or Cry Freedom, but hopefully tonight he'll do that like a good lad. In conclusion, good show, a good time was had by all, even the puker next to me, and Rapunzel rocked.
Mike H.
Sweet sweet show. Picture it. 60,000 plus people screaming the words to Too Much or What Would You Say? Impressive to say the least. I'd never been a fan of stadium shows before last year when I actually attended one. I thought they would be too impersonal. But the Band does an incredible job of maintaining their intimate homely feeling inspite of the massive audience before them. Hell I congratulate them for not wetting themselves. The Setlist was great. Much more consistent energy tonight than the last show I went too (first night at Foxboro). Great openers again and I like the placement of the SMTS--->ASTB--->Too Much combo early in the set. Definitely gets the crowd going. One Sweet World was a surprise, even to the band. Dave switched guitars then thanked ozomatli and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals (who were great) and then switched back to his six-string saying that he needed to switch guitars to make those thank you announcements. The highlights of the night were definitely the 20 minute Lie in Our Graves (with a very serene but powerful Boyd solo and a moving accompanyment and later solo by Butch T. on Keys), and Say Goodbye (with another jaw dropping Carter drum solo...I heard somewhere that he was kinda good or something.) The show definitely displayed some bias, however. They didn't play a single song of Under the Table until Typical Situation very late in the set. And they only played Stay of Before these Crowded Streets. (The streak continues...9 consecutive shows I've heard this one now...at totally diferent venues, hartford, NYC, Cinncinnatti, Foxboro...please please please just one time don't play it!) I was perfectly fine with it since I hadn't heard the songs they played in quite a while. The new songs definitely have promise but after listening to them for a second time I think a few could use some fine tuning. Bartender needs some work on the lyrical rhythm. "Three days in the ground," just doesn't fit. Busted Stuff didn't really do much for me. It just didn't go anywhere, but it's a solid foundation as is Bartender. JTR is perfect. That and Grace is Gone are perfect the way they are, and Grey Street is a solid track too. All in all tonight was yet another sterling performance by the boys and the lovely ladies. I've had my DMB fix for now and can now be held over till they come up to the Meadows. Maybe they'll alter their set even more by then and add I'll Back You Up or Spoon instead of Stay. But maybe I'm asking too much...no pun intended. Peace all.
Top J.
This was my 2nd time seeing DMB. It was much better than the Giants show last year. I knew when they opened with #41, it was going to be a special evening. The weather was perfect, the stars were out in the sky and the lights were a very pretty color to open the show. The set was mixed with older stuff and some new songs that came off pretty well live. Carter's solo before "Say Goodbye" was out of this world. That was probably the highlight of the evening for me. The sound was much better this year and the Warehouse tix were not too shabby. My date had a little problem seeing over the frat clowns in front of us, but it did not ruin the show for her. I have never seen so many 17 year old girls spitting up excess on themselves in the parking lot. Maybe some of the younger fans will learn how amazing of a live band these guys are and not take it for granted next time. No complaints with the lovely ladies. Thought they sounded great. "Stay" was a little long, but Dave was getting into it and the crowd responded. "Rapunzel" was an odd choice for an encore, but one of my faves of BTCS. All in all, it was a great evening.
Jonathan W.
We got to the concert late @ 7:25...it took us over 3 hours to get from Long Island to New Jersey. Throughout the concert I was in complete admiration for this band at my first concert of theirs. Nonetheless we saw a little of Ben Harper and all of DMB who rocked the house!!! Ben Harper (from 7:25) : Fight For Your Mind Burn One Down The Woman In You Steal My Kisses w/ Human Beatbox The last two were awesome & jam-packed...the beatbox was really cool too. DMB Onstage : 8:45 All songs with Butch Taylor 1. #41 - I thought it was either going to be Warehouse or this, and I'm glad it was #41. Boyd rocked the house on this one. But everyone in the stadium became quiet for Roi's solo. There was a longer, different Roi jam this time, longer than I've heard. 2. Song That Jane Likes - "I have a sister Jane. This is the Song That Jane Likes." Not many people knew the words to this one. It was very good, however. Much longer than the usual version. They jammed out the ending alot it sounded very good. 3. So Much To Say -> Anyone Seen The Bridge? -> 4. Too Much - ASTB was very funky, but the usual. Butch was very funky on Too Much. The lights stood out on Too Much. 5. Jam - did anyone know what this was? There were a lot of people sitting. But I seemed to like it...it was instrumental. Roi really stood out on this - cool sax part. 6. One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro) - usual version. very good though. they've been playing this won alot lately. --Dave Dance interlude-- Dave started doin all these crazy dances between songs. Really funny. 7. Busted Stuff - It sounded pretty good. Lovely Ladies joined the band on this one. Butch sounded good especially on this song. It's a nice slow lovey dove new song for all of you that haven't heard it yet. 8. #36 - I was sort of disappointed with this one because the Lovely Ladies made it worse and less rare. But it was a fun song, nonetheless. There was a sweet Butch keyboard jam. 9. Lie In Our Graves - Chris' personal favorite. Boyd was amazing, like some of y'all have been saying lately - he's almost classical during his solo in this song. When Boyd took centerstage it was sincere greatness. Also, Butch had a beautiful solo, which proves that DMB does jam alot when there are guests around. 10. Bartender - I thought this one was Don't Drink the Water, especially with the DAVESPEAK!!!! Dave talked for over 30 seconds about drinking. "Some people go out to drink. Some people go out to get drunk. etc..." There was an awesome slow Boyd/Roi intro. This is a great powerful balled, with a Kick Ass Jam. 11. Say Goodbye - Carter went CRAZY!!!!! His jam was like 5 minutes long - simply amazing!!! He pounded on every single thing on his set. "Turn this good thing all the way up to the best" - how could this concert get any better? 12. Grey Street - Chris and I were yelling for this the whole entire night. Right after Say Goodbye we yelled Grey Street - next thing we know Dave goes "This one's called Grey Street" We freaked out, everyone else sat down. This one is definitely a favorite. 13. JTR - Lovely ladies came out again, I thought it would be Stay. This song is a high quality fun filled faster jam. Dave soloing with the 12 string rocks. 14. Typical Situation - nice opening jam. It has a great new jam at the end. This song was the "Giants Stadium Singalong" especially the countdown part (10 fingers...9 planets, etc.). Roi brought new admiration to the flute during his solo at the end. 15. What Would You Say? - Chris freaked for this one. First of the 5 he wanted. It was very energetic - everyone was on their feet for this. 16. Stay (Wasting Time) - Chris wanted this the whole evening. Every time the Lovely Ladies came out he was like "Stay, please Stay". Very good song, even with the lovely ladies, who looked very old and a bit chunky, compared to last year. Offstage 10:57 After this it was like Lighter Heaven everywhere. Onstage: 11:01 Encore 17. Grace Is Gone - Slow but beautiful. Nice but long and endless jam at the end. Dave & Boyd set the tone for the song in the beginning. Butch fits in very well with the rest of the band. 18. Pantala Naga Pampa -> Rapunzel - Rapunzel tore the house down. Everyone in the band went absolutely crazy for this one. Great ending to a great evening.
Let me start out by saying this is my 1st review but I've been listening to the boys for as long as I can remember. This was my 5th show and I have over 50+ hours of tape and this one is by far the best I have ever heard. #41: Standard, but nice, got everybody into a mellow groove for what was going to be a jazzy evening STJL: I love this tune by now I knew this was gonna be a great one SM-->ASTB-->TM-->Fairly standard, but got a pretty weak crowd up on their feet OSW: Every dude in my section was going "what the hell is this?", I just danced my ass off, the intro is beyond words.. Busted Stuff: Nice new tune a little slow so alot of people completely ignored it. The crowd really sucked at this point .This tune was the beginning of a jazzy groove. #36: Now I don't know too many people who love the ladies but this show was way too good for me to care. Boyd,Roi and Butch all took sweet solos.. meanwhile everybody else just seemed to take their seats LIOG-Not as good as 5/25/99 but still awesome Bartender:This couldn't be true, this show couldn't be real, absolutely chilling song; some of Dave's most mature writing to date--> SG-Awesome "It's beautiful outside.." Carter beat last years epic solo. Grey Street- It seemed to me the vocals were drowned out on this one, but I still enjoyed it. JTR- I miss the John line but the new outro reminds me of early R&R's from 93 , very sweet and groovy. To idiots in my section started fighting...peace and love- a dead concert it ain't TS-I was stunned, I just turned to my friend and we realized that this was once in a lifetime. The crowd was getting pissed at this point, alot of "where's satellite and crash." WWYS- It truely hit me during Roi's solo when some guy in back goes "why are they all so damn long, they're ruining perfectly good songs." I just laughed and grooved. Stay- Not a fave, but I sure wanted to stay Encore-the best encore I ever head Grace-Beautiful, probably the best song D has ever written. Jam-->PNP-->Rapunzel- Folks welcome back the DMB they've been missing since about 95. This came out of nowhere, they mixed it up, my cynicism for this band officially vanished and finally the jazzy groove wrapped itself up so nicely welcome back guys...welcome back.... what an awesome surprise.
Austin B.
WOOOWWWW!!!! One of the best shows i've seen...TO begin...if you are a audience member, and sitting on the floor, and SITTING DOWN, either get the hell up and dance, or go into the 300's. I find it impossible that 10 people around me were sitting for most of the show...but the girls in the back of section 2 rose the energy level, they might have been as fanatic about DMB as myself,(i was the one with the drumstick if one of you reads this)...that was my only complaint. Opening Acts = PHENOMONAL, OZO put on a great show and Ben Harper was amazing, and his bassist was great. OZO's walk out into the back of the building through the aisles was soooo cool, it really brought the fans who were there close together. Now dave waS just unbelievable...LIOG was insane and so was typical situation but everything else was too...his dance during stay was great, and butch taylor was magical on keyboards...i've never seen three bands have so much together on stage in one night. This is a show i will never forget!!!
Mike D.
This show was my 19th overall and first of four for the Summer 2000 tour. As a whole, I'd give the show a B+. The band looked like they were having fun, more so towards the end of the set. But what's the deal with Butch Taylor? He dressed a little too casual in his 1984 white Reebok's and red sweatpants. Now I realize this is a concert and not a cocktail party...I just thought he looked more like Mr. Furley (from Three's Company) than a professional keyboard player. Anyway, enough of that stupid crap. Had 8th row center seats so I was able to view pretty much everything (our section was too close to hear all those idiots chant "asshole"). OSW and TS were wonderful old school surprises. First time hearing Grey Street, She My Bitch (busted stuff) and Bartender...deep sound to all three, I'm gonna like the next album. Busted Stuff had probably the best guitar riffs and overall sound. The show gets only a B+ because it took the band a while to really get groovin' and 41 seemed a bit weak to start off tonight(didn't they open Woodstock with that?). And, contrary to other submissions, I actually thought the encore was the best part of the show. Grace is gone started it off in a melodic groove which was followed by the best PNP and Rapunzel versions I've ever heard, lots of energy! Obviously, it was worth the experience. Until later....
Brian M.
I thought this show was great. They played so much old stuff and I am so glad I didn;t get to hear Crash or DDTW, that made my night. The only big dissapointment was that they closed with Stay, which they practically do every show. Typical Situation was definitly the highlight of the show. I love the jam on this song, I never get sick of it. Grey Street was incredible, but the crowd wasn't feeling it at all. Bartender was nice and it went right into Carter's drum solo for Say Goodbye and the crowd just loved this one. Song That Jane Likes and One Sweet World were both real treats. They mixed up the setlist with many old school tunes and a couple of new ones. I don't know why people were complaining about the encore. How many times have we heard Rapunzel in the encore. Personally I would rather here this than Two Step, Ants or Watchtower cause they play those every night. And Grace Is Gone was great and it went right into Leroi's solo which lasted a while. I was definitly pleased with the show, the boys are finally starting to mix up the setlist's and this is one of the best i've seen so far.
Lauren N.
well, this was only dave concert number three for me, so i have much less experience than most of the people who posted here, but i was kinda dissapointed. the crowd obviously wasn't into it -- but what do you expect? all 55,000 fans were not going to be hardcore dave fans, and they definitely needed some radio stuff to get them even remotely into the concert. and that was not delivered, so everyone sat down. even in the 21st row on the floor, almost everyone was sitting down during the new stuff. he should save that stuff for smaller venues. highlights: the song that jane likes was incredible. bartender and grey street were a nice surprise. and the instumental in liog was great, especially how they made everyone wait for the end. lowlights: opening with 41. bad choice. ending with rapunzel. very, very bad choice. in a place like giants stadium, how could you end with rapunzel? the crowd, obviously was another lowlight. and hey, what about those every few, very crowded and very dirty portajohns that were the only facilities available to those of us on the floor? we were the ones who paid the most for our tickets, we should have at least gotten some toilet paper. all in all, i am damn glad that i am going to see dave next week in rfk, or else i would have been more upest than i already am.
Kevin O.
Very Good Show. The Giant's shows are always some of the best for the stadiums and it was definitley proven tonight. The band was full of a lot of energy and put together a good set. Highights were opening with #41, Bartender into Say Goodbye, Grey Street, JTR (Great New Outro) TYPICAL SITUATION!!!, and Grace is Gone. The lowlights were definitely the ladies, #36 is slowly becoming tainted due to their presence. Whatever happened to the amazing drum intro by Carter?? All in all, a good show.
Chris C.
Call me the casual fan of DMB...this was my first DMB concert. The concert kinda got me back in the DaveMathews groove again. I mean...I have two older sisters in college, and a friend who just wrote a long-ass, comprehensive review on a concert he just saw. We did come to the concert late (due to the wonderful traffic of the NJ Turnpike) and made it in time for some of Ben Harper which I thought was very good. I especially liked "Steal My Kisses" w/ Human Beatbox. Very coolass. DMB, came out late (as I was told by Jon). When they finally came out though at 8:45, and everyone got on their feet. Dave started and went into #41 (new stuff informed to me by Jon). It was very good. "Lie In Our Graves" was an exceptional song that night with Boyd going into a long solo part, which was very kick ass (since I play the violin and all). Also, all night Jon and I were calling for the new song "Grey Street." It finally came on, we went nuts, and everyone else just sat down and drank their RC Cola. They ended with "Stay" which I wanted the whole night cause its a wholesome, coolass song. The encore was ok. Other concerts I goto, the encore usually is fast beated and gets everyone on their feet. DMB took the road less traveled and started with a slow number, but then picked it up with a fast beat in the song "Rapunzel." Very good ending to a good show. Gripes? Some. First the sound quality wasn't too great. Unless your the FANatic (like Jon) and know all the lyrics to every song, you were trying to understand the hard to hear Dave. I really think that is it, oh yeah...damn punk college kids. We had these two loud guys the whole time (but they weren't that bad cause they were trying to get everyone into the music) next to us on one side, and on the other, kids smoking many cigars (which smelled like poopies). I kinda didn't mind it in the beginning cause I have gone to two Phish shows, enclosed with the smokers. Other than that the night was great, I had a great time.
Michael D.
Some of you are out of your mind. This is the best Dave show I've ever been to, and quite possibly one of the best concert I've evn heard at all. First of all #41 was a great opener, it was a surprise and it was done extremely well. The entire band was on tonight, together, and far superior in talent from the last time they toured which is a great feat. Boyds hardcore jamming was amazing during LIOG, it was the best LIOG ever. The newer songs, I haven't heard beore tonight, but I instantly was a fan of Grey Street and Grace is Gone. Throughout the show, the band was full of energy but laid back which provided an excellent jamming experience. Anyone who was chanting A-hole before PNP isn't a true fan and shouldn't be allowed in public.
Jamie L.
Well after seeing 2 shows at Foxboro and never seeing Dave 3 days in a row, i was pretty psyched!!!! After driving for like 4 hours we arrived at Giants Stadium and started grillin!!! So anyways on to Dave. We caught a the end of Ben Harper and this being the 3rd time i have heard him, he is kindof growing on me, they are pretty good. Dave, sorry... (8:46-8:55) #41-HELL YA!!! I know its going to be a good one when they open w/ my favorite, I guessed PNP/Rapunzel for the opener, glad i was wrong. Leroi had a nice solo on this one. This song just has soo much energy and the crowd was really into it. AWESOME!! (8:56-9:00) Song That Jane Likes- "I've got a sister, her name is Jane, this is the song that jane likes" Short and Sweet, this song kicks ass!! Nice way to follow 41 up with. (9:00-9:05) So Much To Say- standard version, not one of my favorites, but alright b/c i like the segue into... (9:07-9:11) Too Much- Shorter version of 2 much but i didn't care. Suck it up/Fuck it up lines, crowd loved it. (9:14-9:22) One Sweet World- I was pissed i didn't hear it at Foxboro, great song. Leroi does a nice job on the 2 little intro's he has. Dave did a nice little scat outro instead of the swim naked stuff. (9:24-9:30) Busted Stuff- Bring out the ladies, a great new song busted stuff is, just like the rest of the songs, I love this song so much. BRING OUT THE CD!!! (9:31-9:40) #36- I love this song, even though it wasn't the best version of it i love to hear this song and i have been blessed to hear it a lot, kept the ladies out for this one. Butch had a nice solo on this one. (9:42-9:54) Lie In Our Graves- HOLY SHIT!!! Boyd kicks sooo much ass on this song, i love the new solo he does, he just goes nuts on the violin for like 6 minutes, fast and slow. This was one of the highlights of the night, he makes the crowd go nuts, especially when he comes to the edge of the stage and gets down on one knee going nuts. HELL YA!!!! (9:57-10:06) Bartender- WOW!!! This song is awesome, soo good. Its like a mix of DDTW and Stone sort of. Can't wait for the cd, i can't say that enough. Talking about getting buzzed, having a taste, getting drunk, before the song. I love how they end this song. Then carter brought this song home into... (10:06-10:17) Say Goodbye- Incredible Carter intro, was broken in two by a little flute/drum thing in the middle. Dave puts so much energy in his singing at the end of this one. Great Version. (10:18-10:25) Grey Street- 3rd time hearing it this tour and i seem to love it more and more every time. Sooooooo good this song is, wow!!!! Leroi had a nice ending solo on this one. Enter Ladies (10:26-10:32) JTR- I still liked it better w/ santana but wasn't a bad version of it tonight, just reminds me of 2 much, 2 much, heehee. Ladies leave (10:33-10:45) Typical Situation- WOW!! Always a pleasure to hear this song in concert. Leroi had some nice solo's. Wasn't the best version, but the song is just so awesome anyway. (10:46-10:51) What Would You Say- This is such a fun song to hear in concert. 2nd time hearing it in concert so i was psyched to hear it again. Ladies come on and of course... (10:52-10:58) Stay-WHAT THE FUCK!! How many times am i going to hear this song in a row. Now its 10 times in 10 concerts since BTCS has come out. They don't play it like all tour, but they play it 3 shows in a row. I just can't stand it anymore, eventhough the crowd does love it. AHHH!! I did manage to pass out during this song and i would like to thank everyone who helped me out. Thank you, i am glad DMB attracts great people. (11:03-11:08) Grace Is Gone-OHHHH WOW!!! This song is soooooo beautiful. Dave sings his heart out to us and it is serenaded by Boyd's crying violin, ohh yeah!!! Dave sure knows how to write those ballads!!! Again, NEW CD=HELL YA!!!! (11:08-11:21) Leroi solo/PNP/Rapunzel- Good closer that is always full of energy. This is another song that is very fun to hear in concert. Overall another great nite, i look forward to 2 more days of waking up, going shopping and then grillin in the parking lot, Great night, THANK YOU DAVE!!!