Dave Matthews Band
RFK Stadium, Washington DC
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

1, 2, 3, 4
Justin Jam
Dos Cosas Ciertes
Superbowl Sunday *
Como Ves

* with Juan Nelson of the Innocent Criminals on guitar
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Glory & Consequence
The Woman In You
Burn To Shine
By My Side
Burn One Down
Will To Live
Steal My Kisses
Help Myself
Grey Street
True Reflections

onstage 8:51 PM
JTR *+
True Reflections *+
Too Much *
#41 *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Drive In, Drive Out *
Grey Street *
Lie In Our Graves *
The Best of What's Around *+
Long Black Veil *+
Stay *+
Bartender *
Two Step *
Ants Marching *
Grace Is Gone *
All Along the Watchtower *~

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals
~ with Ben Harper on vocals and Weissenborn guitar

Kevin F.
Hey, just got back from RFK, and all that I can say is that the show was standard but enjoyable. It makes me glad that I am only seeing one show this tour, because nothing experiemental or rare was played. On with the review though: JTR- This definately was a highlight, killer outro. True Reflections- Nice, good to hear, specially early on. Too Much- At least it was funky, pumped all the boring people up (everyone there seemed dead at times, it was such a bad crowd) #41- Excellent stuff, i liked it a ton. Drive In, Drive Out- Actually a fav, good outro. Grey Street- Nice, but needs to be longer. LIOG- Good, but sounded the same (but in a way worse) as every other time. BOWA- This was great, a surprise to hear. LBV- I liked it, it had the vocal jam. Stay- standard. Bartender- Good stuff, sounded like ddtw at first, and I am glad that it wasen't. Two Step- Goosebumps, wonderful. Ants- I liked, and i didnt think that i'd hear it since i was played last show. ENCORE--Grace is Gone: Could have done without, least fav of the new stuff. Watchtower w/ Ben Harper- only in a dream, this sounded so tight, its too bad that watchtower is played so much, because it leaves less awe space for truely great ones like this. ::Final Thoughts--Well done show, not for the long time fans, not many jams, and somgs that did jam were standard (less Watchtower). No Recently, Typical, Nancies, severe disappoint.
Kyle A.
This was my second Dave concert, and it blew away the first one I went to. It was electric, the crowd was great, really into it -- and being that we were in a downpour, that's really saying a lot. I guess when Dave got up there the crowd just forgot that it was raining at all. Dave made sure we didn't stand outside in the rain for nothing... the setlist was UNBELIEVABLE... I personally don't think I could have came up with a better one... Ok, yeah I probably could, but I don't think setlists get much better than this one. Dave opened with JTR, and it was the beginning of a theme... the entire night, whenever he could, Dave would tweak the lyrics to a song and mention rain, or storms, or anything remotely wet... It was great, really original, kept us guessing... Cool stuff. Now to some of the songs... True Reflections was awesome live, as was Drive In, Drive Out. Listening to that just on CD doesn't do it much justice. #41 and Crash, the early love songs, were mixed in perfectly... Gray Street is in my opinion, the best of DMB's new stuff... Boyd went crazy on LIOG, and I was excited to hear Best Of What's Around -- that song's been pretty dormant for a while now... Two Step was probably the highlight of the night, RFK just about collapsed when people were dancing and jumping in the seats... Ants and Watchtower, c'mon, need I say more?? Side Note: I thought RFK's acoustics would blow, but the sound was great. Great place to have a concert! And call me crazy, but I think it's more fun to go to a concert in the rain... Oh yeah, Dave is good.
Pallavi G.
The flood-like conditions were a constant theme for the night; all three groups thanked the crowd for coming out in the unending shower. Ozomatli began promptly and played with admirable enthusiasm for a sparsely filled stadium. They ended their set with the plea "Rain, rain, go away," on which they were joined by the audience. As they drummed their way offstage, across the field and through the seats, a few fans followed like children from Hamelin. Dave Matthews briefly came onstage to introduce Ben Harper, who with the Innocent Criminals began rather quietly with "Glory & Consequence," "Faded," and "The Woman in You," then picked up the pace with "Burn to Shine." "Forgiven" was another slow tune, while "By My Side" had couples rocking together and humming along. The Jimi Thing lovin' crowd of Tripping Billies cheered for "Burn One Down" approvingly. Prefacing his explanation with the disclaimer that he rarely involved himself in politics, Harper dedicated "The Will to Live" to a prisoner (FYI http://www.freepeltier.org), asking literally on his knees that someone in the crowd tell Bill Clinton that Leonard Peltier is an innocent man. Of course, Harper closed with the radio hit "Steal My Kisses," on which we all sang with him, though the line "I love to feel that warm southern rain" was received with some wry comments. There was a long pause before DMB came on, during which people milled around and opened and closed umbrellas and made beer toasts and the final adjustments to their bootlegging equipment. The crew set up quickly, but there appeared to be problems with the huge oval video screens on each side of the stage. At about 9 pm, the lights went off and the stage lit up with the presence of Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, LeRoi Moore, Boyd Tinsley and Dave Matthews, the last of whom remarked "It rains down on me, again and again" referring to the downpour on Sunday night at Veteran's Stadium in Philadelphia, and also foreshadowing "JTR", which was adapted from "John the Revelator." How good was this opener? Let's just say that Tinsley had already snapped a bowstring halfway through it. Matthews introduced the three female vocalists as the Lovely Ladies, then Tinsley tore up "True Reflections." Excellent, excellent song (and good clothing choice of sleeveless shirt and black leather pants), after which Matthews introduced keyboardist Butch Taylor. There was a series of songs from the *Crash* album: "Too Much" (heard in DC before by those who went to Clinton's second inaugural ball); the lovely "#41"; overplayed but still amazing "Crash Into Me" (which was enlivened by clips from the video); a pounding "Drive In Drive Out," which, though less popular, rocked everyone out of their misty-eyed "Crash Into Me" stupor. Then the new song "Grey Streets," which along with "JTR" and the other new tunes bodes well for the album being released this fall, had some lyrics mentioning rain as well. More *Crash*ing with "Lie in Our Graves," which included a wonderful instrumental duet between Tinsley and Taylor during the long pause between verses. The video screen showed close-ups of Taylor's fingers on the keyboard as Tinsley grinned and played. "Best of What's Around" got everyone pumped up again, then we quieted for the Johnny Cash cover "Long Black Veil." I first heard it when Matthews sang it with Emmylou Harris, and subsequent versions always made me miss her, but the Lovely Ladies filled in ably, each with a small, unique solo on the lines "Nobody knows, nobody sees, nobody knows, but me," then harmonizing to bring us back up to dance like lunatics on the joyous "Stay." The video clip was a bit ironic for the "Later on, the sun began to fade; well the clouds rolled over our heads, and it began to rain," as it depicted a blue sky with white clouds speeding over it, but we were all "dancing, mouths open." Matthews remarked on the imbibing doubtlessly going on, and explained "This is a song about looking for a little more at the bottom of the glass." He then went into the unreleased "Bartender," which along with the "Christmas Song" makes Matthews one of the few popular artists who makes literate Biblical references. He played the sixth *Crash* song of the night with "Two Step," a great song but one that tends to lead to excessively long instrumentals at the end, as it did this night. But it was interesting to see Tinsley strumming his instrument, and we were revived into screaming and shouting as we heard the violin chords that predict "Ants Marching," which as always ended the set with a bang. As we made ourselves hoarse hollering for the encore, I realized that the rain was slowing. stopping. So it was without water that we heard the gorgeous "Grace Is Gone," which scarcely seems to need studio production to make it any better, though its presence on the new album will certainly be appreciated. The last song, what would it be? "Warehouse," I hoped; "Satellite," a few yelled. Matthews reintroduced his "good friend, Ben Harper," with the aid of the slide guitar, to help jam out the Dylan/Hendrix classic that DMB has made its own, "All Along the Watchtower." Making it a little unusual was Matthews' failing do to his usual "ha ha, ha ha" after "life is but a joke." We even got to hear Harper sing alone for a bit on the repeated last verse, and as they all left the stage, we howled as loudly as any wind. A fine light and smoke show, although those special effects are pretty incidental to the pure furious energy of the band and fans when we all get going. The long armed camera provided great video shots, but it was annoying for those on stage left, frequently obscuring our view of Matthews and rendering Beauford completely invisible. From the field, I saw a great crowd: everyone standing up for the entire set and mostly on their best concert-going behavior, cheering and singing and being reasonably quiet for the instrumental parts (special thanks to the guy in A4 row 11 who stopped standing on his chair when politely asked to do so). When Matthews asked his usual, "How's everyone doing tonight?" I think I spoke for thousands: "Cold, wet, and totally happy."
Bill C.
It rained from about 6:00 to about 10:45, but it didn't matter. Great show, and everybody stopped noticing the rain after a while...other than the fact that we were cold and soaked, lol. JTR -- pretty sure they rearranged the setlist so they could sing "rain...rain...rain down on me" at the start. The outro makes this my favorite new song. True Reflections -- Again, this was probably only up there because the LL's were on-stage so early, but that's okay. Anybody who predicted a JTR/TR opening to the set...I owe you some money. Too Much -- Knew this was coming because they almost always play this the first time the LL's leave the stage. Songs like this, I just sit back and watch the crowd. Makes it very enjoyable. #41 -- Well thank god. I've seen Spoon twice, Cry Freedom twice, and Dreaming Tree once, but I still had yet to see #41. No longer. And Leroi made it totally worth the wait. One of the better solos I've heard from him. Crash -- Another crowd-watching song. The applause was deafening during the "dixie chicken" part. Good stuff. Drive In Drive Out -- It was at this point that we said 'screw it' and took our hoods off and enjoyed the rain. Not one of my favorites, but it was the first time Carter was able to somewhat take the spotlight. Grey Street -- I think SU&D is the most likely first single out of the ones they've played so far, but this would suffice on the radio as well. Love Dave's singing here. LIOG -- Seen this at every show I've been to. I thought it dragged a little too long on Butch's solo--only Seek Up should last past about 15-17 minutes (and the occasional epic #41), but Boyd did tear it up here. Surprise, surprise. BOWA -- Barely heard the ladies at all, and I was really pleased to see this for the first time by the band. Had seen it at D&T before. Very happy song, especially the "hey la" parts at the end. LBV -- Say what you will about the LL's, but wow. Very impressed with their solos at the end. Almost turned into a gospel song (from Johnny Cash to gospel... interesting...), but the looks of awe on Dave and Carter's faces were very cool to see. Stay -- "The clouds rolled over our heads, and it began to rain..." Loved that part. One of the highlights. And of course the crowd was nuts. Bartender -- Definitely the most passionate of the new songs. A bunch of the audience took a break after 'Stay', but that's okay. Gave me more space. Two Step -- "Hey Carter, go be a badass for a while." Loved the close-up on Boyd's hands when he was plucking. Possibly my favorite live song, except for... ANTS! -- Didn't figure we'd get this tonight...was expecting Billies...but hell yeah. Nothing new to say on this song, it's just a classic. encore...Grace Is Gone -- was hoping for a #40 tease, but I got over that soon enough. Sad, sad song, but very clear and melodic. Good stuff. Watchtower -- Dave: "We've got a friend that we want to invite out on stage..." Me: "HOLY SHIT!!!!" You could tell Ben was EXTREMELY excited to be up there with him. He was going around shaking hands with everybody, then realized they were waiting on him and ran over to get to his seat. Badass solo and vocals on his part, and I would expect no less. And they kept the cameras on him afterward, showing him shaking hands with Dave, and he was extremely pumped and happy. Perfect ending to a VERY solid show. My three wishes were to finally see #41, to get Ben Harper on stage, and to see Captain's debut. I'll take two out of three anyday. I don't want it to rain at another show for a while, but it definitely added to the memory of this show.
Captain M.
and then it rained. and the rain wouldnt stop, and the people wouldn't stop either. out of my 6 shows so far this year, this has to be my favorite one. so we got from jersey to rfk in 3 hours, so we hung and tailgated til like 7 then headed in. caught soundchecks...help myself, grey street and true reflections...then the show starts, i callled JTR as the opener in the lot and everyone was like "hell no" but i was right. all thruout the night dave was chanign the lyrics in every song to make it have some sort of reference to rain. So after JTR we get TR..it's like..who woulda thunk it? Made a food run during crash and DIDO b/c those songs always are the same and im tired of them. Made it back for my 6th grey street in a row :). then LIOG was actully sweet for once, boyd and butch did a little duel thing, not just the "lets play totally different parts and see how it sounds" thing. BOWA w/ the ladies wasn't that bad..i think i might like it more now. LBV was weird...the lights went down, dave starts, the ladies go off...he plays the guiatr intro for a good 2-3 mins while roadies cover up all the lower lights. then as soon as they get off stage, a crapload of water comes off the roof of the stage. then after that dave starts, screws up, and starts all over again. Stay... i was actully into it for some reason, must have benn the "and it began to rain" line. Two Step was a nice treat too, intro was about 50 thousand people standing in the rain for no apparent reason, wonder what he was referring to... =) We all thought TS was the closer but they come back out for ANTS! I dunno, it's like hte only radio song besides crush that i absolutely love. Encore Grace was a nice treat, my fav new song.. then "a good good freind of ours, Mr. Ben Harper.." and we wnet crazy..it was insane, only the tapes will tell....
Will K.
WOW...what an amazing show. The JTR opener really took everyone by surprise. Raining down on me is exactly what was happening. True Reflections was expected because they sound checked it twice. It was solid, like always. Grey Street was tight, Dave ad libed on a few verses. 41...thats all that needs to be said. Crash, pretty standard. DIDO, havent heard it live since 12/3 at MSG, Carter took over and held this tune till the end. LIOG good piano jam with Butch and Boyd dueling. BOWA with the ladies was awesome. Stay, "It began to rain" and the crowd went nuts, very appropriate. LBV, I thought Dave was just teasing at first, but then the ladies came out and it turned into a great song. Bartender was amazing. Two Step was really good, great vocal intro. ANTS...Holy God...after Two Step they were about to walk off and then Dave stopped and they did ANTS. Tons of energy. Grace is Gone was a great encore. Watchtower with Ben Harper, hasnt been done since 96, but it happened tonight. Great slide intro and vocals. Overall it was an amazing show. Def. 1 for the memories.
David O.
Rain or shine, Dave Matthews always puts on a great show. It rained for most of the show, but that didn't take anything away from the energy and intensity. We reached the RFK parking lot (Lot 8) around 2:45. The rain started around 4:30 and DMB did their sound check. I heard Grey Street and True Reflections but that's it. After partying in the parking lot with my good friends, we went inside for Ben Harper. On the way in, I stopped by the warehouse tent to thank them for my tickets. Harper put on a great show (Burn One Down and Steel My Kisses rocked). Dave came on stage around 8:50 and thanked everyone for coming out and staying in the rain. My seats were in Section A4 Row 15 so I had an ok view of the stage. JTR was an ok opener, not what I expected, and it lacked some of the power and energy I was hoping for. TRUE REFLECTIONS was well done, and it's always cool to see Boyd singing and jammin. #41 was great and CRASH followed perfectly. My girlfriend traded seats (from stadium to my floor seats) with my brother just in time for CRASH (Great timing DMB!!). Did anyone else see LeRoi take his shades off!!!! DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT was ok but GREY STREET was simply amazing. I love that song and cannot wait for to hear it on the new CD. LIE IN OUR GRAVES was also solid and had a nice long jam. Butch Taylor had a nice solo. BEST OF WHATS AROUND was done well. It's nice to hear DMB play some of the older songs along with the new. STAY, ANTS, and TWO STEP were awesome. Lots of energy and excitement! They did a nice job rotating the solos and the crowd really got into it. The whole sections was singing and dancing. I think that was the best version of TWO STEP I have ever heard live. My brother and I did agree that part of the show started to sound a lot like LISTENER SUPPORTED. The encore was one of the best I have heard. Grace is Gone is a wonderful slow song. Then, Dave said "I'd like to bring a good friend of ours out for this next song." and Ben Harper jumped out on stage! He played his slide guitar for WATCHTOWER. It was an awesome finish to the show. Overall, a great show in the rain, but would have liked to hear WAREHOUSE or #40. Can't wait for Virginia Beach!!!
Adam H.
"Rain, rain, rain down on me again." That it did...sometimes it takes the fierest conditions to bring out the best in the boys. I alway said that the Listen Supported Meadowlands show was the best I had ever seen, but the RFK concert blows it away. I have never heard a more complete setlist or Dave and the boys play any tighter. They appreciated how we suffered through 5 hours of rain, and played their asses off for us...and had some fun, too. On more than one occaision (DIDO, Two Step, LBV), he modified lyrics to include the saturated fans. Ants to close the set harkened back to the classic days of '95, and Watchtower could not have been any better. My only gripe with the evening is the little attention anyone payed Ben Harper when he and his Criminals ripped through an amazing set. Just because he doesn't play "Crash Into Me" doesn't mean he's not one of the best live acts going right. We Dave Matthews fans are supposed to be an open-minded bunch, so why don't we show it?
Brian B.
Well, the rains came down all night long, but Dave and the boys played on!! A spectacular show..Dave was improving lyrics all night long, culminating with a special intro verse for Two Step saluting all of the fans who braved the weather to come out and see the show. The highlight of the night was definately Watchtower...Dave brought Ben Harper out to play with them and he just lit the place on fire with his sti-down electric slide guitar soloing and his Hendrix-esque singing. Opening with JTR was a bit of a surprise, but with the "rain down on me" in the chorus was an obvious choice given the weather. The setlist, with the exception of DIDO, Two Step and Ants was the same as the first night in Philly, which was a little disappointing since I just saw that show a few days ago. However, I could listen to Grey Street, Bartender, and Grace is Gone all night long...Grey Street just gets tighter and tighter and Bartender was absolutly captivating, Dave put a lot of emotion in his singing and it really made things all the more special. Carter (as usual) just blows my mind away...his soloing in Two Step was phenomonal. Ants was a good closer and Dave did a lot of improve guitar jamming which kept the song interesting for those of us who have heard it a million times. All in all another great show with a much better crowd than I saw in Philly...can't wait for more!!!!
Dan T.
This was probably the best DMB show I've seen (but very close with Giants - 7/12/00). They opened with JTR and that was suprising. But I realized why he opened with that song when he said, "Rain or shine...". Dave changed a lot of the lyrics just so it could fit the situation we were in (the rain and all), and I thought the rain made the concert better. Drive in Drive out was a great song. Grey Street was awesome, and Dave changed the lyrics but another time, but I still enjoyed the song. LIOG was incredible. They jammed for about 15 minutes and Dave walked off stage and stuff. Stay, Bartender, and Two Step were explosive, and I thought Two Step would the closer, but then came Ants. I was totally shocked, and it was a great song too. Grace is Gone was great, and Watchtower was a great version. Ben Harper came on and played the slide guitar during this song and sang the last verse. All in all, it was a great show.
Donald C.
first let us start at the beginning. if you do not have david gray's new album, "white latter" we should give you a good lashing. i sat down in a wet seat about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, to the sounds of this album, and from then on the night just got better and better. much worth the last minute decision, to drive from richmond to dc, with hopes that there might be one more ticket once i arrived. as for the show, it was well played. i had never seen them in such a large venue and to be honest i was worried about it. i grew up watching them play at the flood zone in richmond, every wednesday. a stadium is very different. with many refrences to the rain, by mr. matthews, me and 50,000 other fans danced the night away. other than the new songs, which i thought were the true highlights of the night, the show was simply well played by great muscians and freinds. and thats what really makes these shows so great, is the fact that you can see each member of the band loving to death what the rest of the band is doing, listening to one another. as a fellow muscian, this means the most. thank you to the other fans who traversed the weath, but mostly to the dave matthews band, who after almost 10 years of watching them play, can still awe me.
Steve M.
When they opened with a new song (JTR... a nice touch because it was raining) and an unreleased one (True Reflections... thank you, Boyd!!), I knew we were in store for a good one. They always seem to bring out something extra special when they come back "home." Leroi was absolutely going off on #41 (might be my favorite Dave tune I'll ever hear, since they won't ever play Spotlight for me). Butch was certainly banging the keys during LIOG. Freakin' amazing! Two Step was bad ass as always, as was Watchtower with Ben Harper. The crowd was great, at least around me, as everyone was really into it (of course, we were under the mezzanine and out of the rain so it was a little easier...). Even the newbies appreciated the songs they'd never heard on the radio. One thing's for sure... I got my boogie on! Great setlist, great jams, great people, great time!
Matt C.
that was the best show i've seen in years. A personal highlight for me was meeting the pat mcgee band before dmb came on. The was great, dave was on point, boyd's solos were excellent, the whole band was on point. The new songs sounded great, although i was really looking foward to hear busted stuff aka she's my bitch. OH MY!! BEN HARPER ON SLIDE GUITAR DURING WATCHTOWER!!!! By far the best watchtower i have ever heard. all in all, rfk was probably the best show i've been too.
Ryan W.
Normally a concert in the pooring down rain would be viewed as a bust, however this show featured The Dave Matthews Band which made all worth it. Although the weather was awful the stage, lighting, and band were just awesome. Dave mixed the show up with a good bit of new songs from the up and coming CD with a good bit of the classics everyone loves to hear. One of the more popular new songs that the fans seemed to eat up was Grace Is Gone which was just an all around great song. I wouldn't be surprised if this is one of his first singles (remember you heard it here first). He also wrapped up the show with Ben Harper coming on stage to join in on just a kick*ss version of All Along The Watchtower. From one fan to another this show was just awesome and the only thing I regret is not getting more tickets to more shows. I hope everyone has good weather and a great show!
Henry C.
Incredible concert. The encore with Ben Harper was great. "Lie in Our Graves" had a great piano solo and kicked back into the vocal part after about 8 minutes of separate soloing. "Grey Street" was a great new song to hear.
Catherine F.
What a night. In order to enjoy the show, one had to completely subject to the rain. Soaked clothes, hair and bags .... who cares, right? Anyway, on to the show. I'd prefer not to comment on each of the songs individual songs, rather, I'd like to point out the memorable and more wonderful parts of my 13th DMB show. * JTR - Really a crowd pleaser simply for the "rain down on me" part. It seemed rather unexpected, actually. I talked to a crew member after the show and he said the band "didn't really follow the setlist." *Too Much and DIDO - I have to comment on these because there just seemed to be so much energy, despite the rain. The crowds spirits were never 'dampened', however. *LIOG - Wow. It was perfect. It really was. There's just this feeling you get when Butch and Boyd are going at it during the slower jam part. Almost brings you to tears. Come on, you *all* know that feeling. *BOWA - The "LL's" came out for this one, which was a total surprise for me. They didn't seem to add too much to the song, just a little backup vocals. *LBV - Ahhh, here's where it gets interesting. Right when Dave began his guitar part, a technician (or whoever) began climbing the scaffolding of the stage to release some water that was in the areas above the stage. Dave looked up at him, and all of a sudden the guy released a waterfall that almost splashed the people in the first few rows (me). Dave continuted the riff while the guy climbed over the top of the stage and to the other side. He started the "10 years ago..." but then stopped, playing the riff for about 5 more minutes. So, all in all, the beginning riff was played for about 10 minutes while the water poured before Dave began the verse. He also added a nice little "let it rain" in there. Turned out to be a great version, too. *Stay - Dave broke a string in this song. The reason why I point this out is because he stopped playing, missed a verse and turned around with his arms up in the air in a cute, sorta-frustrated way. He got his new guitar and continued. *Two Step - Man oh man. Dave changed the intro to this song (where he usually says something relating to Noah's Ark) to a little ditty about 50,000 people drenched in rain but enjoying themselves none the less. This was the highlight of the show for me, as I thought it was awesome that Dave would say something about the crowd like that : ) Great jamming tonight, and as usual Butch kicked arse. At one point when Butch was playing, Dave stepped to the side of the stage for awhile, making sure Butch was in full view and getting the recognition he deserved. *Grace is Gone - the crowd was wonderful for this song. I find this song to be extrememly beautiful, and I was really happy that not too many people were sitting down. *WATCHTOWER - Is this the first time Ben has joined the band on stage this tour? He was great, and his slide guitar added a great touch. He sang the last verse, which I think was *awesome*, and afterwards there were hugs all around. A perfect ending to a perfect show. Dave also mentioned something about liquor and alcohol before Bartender, saying something like "I dont know if any of you have had anything to drink tonight..." The crowd response was overwhelming! Many of Dave's comments inbetween songs had to do with us sticking it out in the rain, which I thought was cool. There's something about the rain; something that makes Dave smile when he looks out at the crowd, sees the pouring rain, but also sees the crowd not caring and enjoying themselves just as much. dmband.com commented: "Although the weather continues to plague us there is something to be said for the rain and the effect it has on you, the fans. Tonight's show was definitely a special one. " Nice, huh? Hope everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did :o)
JFglkpr1@aol.com .
The whole band was simply on fire tonight. The setlist was absolutly amazing. IT had rained most of the afternoon but did not discourage the band at all, nor the crowd. Dave came out and was talking about it being so nice since they were playing near home and then started right into JTR. It was a great opening song and the crowd loved it. TRUE REFLECTIONS was next and it was the first time I had heard it live, and it was great live too. TOO MUCH was basically the same including the F*ck it up outro. CRASH was good esp. b/c of dixie chicken at the end. Throught he whole first few songs the band were smiling and laughing the whole time it was great to see then having fun. As the the rain pured harder then fans and the music just kept getting louder. DRIVE IN, DRIVE OUT out had a whole new set of lyrics, alot about the rain coming down like Oceans which puped the crowd. GREY STREET was great, its one of my favs from the new ones played. LIE IN OUR GRAVES had to be the best song of the Concert. in the middle of the song where it mellows down Boyd had about a 8 minute solo that was unexpected and amazing,he was on fire. BEST OF WHATS AROUND was great as usual. LONG BLACK WEIL was delayed b/c the stage crew was getting water of the top of stage cover. It looked like waterfalls coming off of it at times. dave just kinda played the first few notes of the song over and over for about 5 minutes. STAY was great, the lovely ladies did a solo each. BARTENDER was great live and the band jamed for about 8 min for this one. TWO STEP was unreal. In the begging where dave came in he talked again about the rain, as it was coming down harder, and how it "fell before all these 50,000, like oceans pouring down". ANTS was great as always but because it was back to back w/ two step it was even greater. GRACE IS GONE is a great love tune,I cant wait for the album! WATCHTOWER was done w/Ben harper who opened for Dave. He sang the last verse and it was an awesome end to a unbeliveable show.
Scott M.
For various reasons, I have been trying to see the Dave Matthews Band in concert for almost five years. For various reasons (such as high school), I never could. I finally went tonight with all the expectations I built up, and the concert still blew me away. After an appropriate JTR (Rain...), the band kicked into True Reflections with Boyd looking slick on the mic. After Too Much, the show really started to heat up. #41 was well done, with a smoking solo by LeRoi. The crowd went wild afterwards, then beserk when Crash started. The thing that surprised me most about those two songs was that they weren't rushed, as many bands will do live. The band then played a passionate Drive In, Drive Out. The next highlight came with Lie in Our Graves, possibly the best rendition of any song I've ever heard live. LeRoi once again pulled through with a good solo, but Butch Taylor stole the song. His playing was incredibly good and tastefully done. I would vote him in as a permanent member of the band based on that solo alone. After Graves, everything else was good, but not as good as that. The vocal interplay during Best was superb, but they probably could have done more musically. During Two Step, virtually everyone in the stadium started stomping the ground, making a thunderous beat. It was kind of cool, but got obnoxious after a while. Finally, the closing Watchtower was charged. Ben Harper came out on lap steel and vocals, and rocked on both. I didn't think until then that it was possible to smoke on a lap steel, but he did. The show was excellent, and I look forward to seeing Dave many, many times in the future.
Jesse T.
Stop #3 on my tour at RFK was as usual, a great time. It rained the whole concert which not only made viewing conditions bad but the rain absorbed a lot of the sound so you could only hear it in waves which was annoying. Once again, Ben Harper put on a great performance closing his set with "Steal My Kisses." The crowd appreciated Harper a lot more in DC than in Philly. Dave came on and I called the opener in "JTR." Kind of bizarre opener but fit the mood perfectly because of the "Rain, Rain, Rain down on me" chorus. Then dave pulled out another unreleased song with True Reflections. This was decent but nothing special. Once again the "lovely ladies" made their appearance but at least they were done early. High points of this show were BOWA (that's 3 nights in a row and keeps sounding better with the ladies!), a great Lie in our graves jam where Boyd and Butch shared a solo by feeding off of each other after Boyd's extended solo, a great Bartender as usual, the two step intro where Dave changed up the lyrics to fit the night by saying something about "a crowded room of 50,000" and something about staying through the rain (throughout this point in the show, water would come pouring off of the top of the stage onto where dave was and he would look up and laugh), Grace is Gone (an amazing song), and how could you go wrong with an Ants closer! Once again, Dave pulled out crash and all of the couples in the audience stood up and made out... the tackiness of the whole thing gets to me. Standard versions of 41, 2 much, DiDo and Stay. I think Dave should reconsider doing a 10 minute version of LBV so often. Although I like the new outro, he TOTALLY lost the crowd on this one. By far the highlight of the night and of my first 3 dave shows in a row was the watchtower where he brought out Ben Harper! Harper played a short solo during the intro, an extended solo in the middle, and then he sang the chorus after the jam! Harper is the coolest and he did a great job in this one! All in all a decent show with it's high points and low's, I still have to put the second night of veterans ahead of this one because of the poor sound quality and lack of the energy he showed that night. Check out the bootleg to this one, definitely a show that will stand out in the tour. Well I'm back home tomorrow and then to Buffalo for my last show of my short tour! I'll be sure to write in for that one because I heard 100,000 people will be there! Peace y'all and thanks for reading again!
Justin L.
The set for last nights show was unbelievable. a great mix of old and new, not to mention dave only played one song from BTCS, which i think everyone has listened too since the CD came out and since Listener Supported was released. Drive in Drive out either had new lyrics or Dave sang alternative lyrics i have never heard, but it was great and so was the jam at the end. Lie In Our Graves was unbelievable and must have lasted 15 min with Boyd's 5 min solo. Two Step was full of energy and a new intro about the pouring rain outside that created a huge response from the soaked crowd. and two step back to back with ants marching is more than i could have asked for. watchtower was great with harper playing and singing. grace is gone is definately a new favortie..."excuse me please, one more drink, could u make it strong so i dont have to think"
Mark ".
All I can say is, if any of u guys were sitting in the seats around the stadium, then you could have felt the energy under the feet when they pulled off "Ants Marching"....I mean, RKF was trembling like a minor earthquake was arriving. Really nice setlist...nice variety between brand new and classics. Always got to appreciate the Lovely Ladies. I had to eat 100 bucks in tickets that I couldn't sell before the show...and I still had a blast! Can't wait till VA Beach and even better....Hartford, CT!!!!
Brian K.
RAIN DOWN ON ME AGAIN!!!!! What an incredible "Experience". That is what I would call it. Not just a show, but an experience. The rain added a lot to the show. Amazing Set. The new stuff was definitely worth waiting for, I can't wait for the new album. The references to the rain throughout the night were an added bonus. All I can say is Watchtower with Ben shook the stadium. Can't wait for the tapes. Great Show!!!