Dave Matthews Band
Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

1, 2, 3, 4
O Le Le
Dos Cosas Ciertes
Justin Jam
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Burn One Down
Glory & Consequence
Burn To Shine
Will To Live
Show Me a Little Shame
Manic Depression

The Stone
The Best of What's Around +

onstage 8:52 PM
One Sweet World (instrumental intro) *
#41 *
What Would You Say *
Rhyme & Reason *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
The Best of What's Around *+
True Reflections *+
Too Much *
Grey Street *
JTR *+
Say Goodbye *
Bartender *
Lie In Our Graves *
Sweet Up & Down *
Long Black Veil *+
Stay *+
offstage 11:11 PM
onstage 11:14 PM
Grace Is Gone *
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage 11:31 PM

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals

Chris H.
This was my first show of the 2000 tour, and I was happy to see many new things going on during the show. The lights and video were fantastic--images of the "Crash Into Me" video were shown during the song, making it bearable for those of us who have heard it too much! Hearing the new songs (Sweet Up & Down, Grey Street, JTR, Bartender, and Grace is Gone) was a blast--the new album will be one of their best. The jamming on JTR was incredible, as well as Lie In Our Graves. Boyd started out with a great solo, and then handed it over to Butch, who really played nicely. The two of them gave each other high fives after the song--it was really awesome. The "lovely ladies" sang on "Best of What's Around," but I don't think they should, but anyway... During "Say Goodbye," two people up in the 700 level were caught having sex by a security guard, who radioed all of his fellow security guards and got them all to shine their flash lights on them--it was helarious! I guess there isn't much else to do up there but have sex when you're behind the stage and so far up you're about to fall out of the Vet, but it's all good! "One Sweet World" was a great opener and was a great way to start things off. My section (A5) was pretty good--nobody really sat down and didn't know the songs. One big fat chick wouldn't stop screaming at Dave, and that was a little annoying, but you'll have that these days... It was a great show--18 songs, and "Watchtower" was incredible. Can't wait to catch them again in Hershey--see ya'll there!!!
Erik O.
Hey Not a bad show. For me it had its highlights and lowlights but all in all not to bad. The crowd was pretty good. The weather luckily held out for the show. The parking lot was a bit too rowdy, but thats not always a horrible thing. Something I noticed was the setlists didnt really change from what its been the last few days. I mean I know its a differnt venue and everything, but I think the setlist could have used a nicer mix, maybe add something that wasnt played the last 3 days, even a digging a dich or 40 would have been kinda cool. It was the last for this series of shows for me. It wasnt a bad show, I just wish he would have done something other then watchtower for an encore, he played it the last 2 shows and the 12th was also the encore. But not bad, just maybe a nicer mix would have made it better. Good show all in all.
Well before I start with my DMB review, I must say I was suprised with Ozomalti, who put on a nice little set right on the field. They got the small crowd at the time going. Ben Harper was also great to see for the first time. Now for Dave and the boys. The sound was much improved from last year's Philly concert. The lighting was incredible though! OSW was a nice opener. I was glad to hear #41 as always and leroi went off on this one and WWYS. Rhyme and Reason got the whole crowd jumping, even myself, though i have not been fond of that song in the past. Crash was expected in the set but i can't help but enjoy that song, especially with the Dixie Chicken outro. then..... Best of What's Around!!!!!!!(Anthony, they came through with this one) I love this song but wasn't sure if I'd get the chance to hear it, which made it so much nicer. Grey Street was awesome!! I've played that song over and over again on the computer and it doesn't get old for me. Can't wait to hear it tomorrow night. JTR is a nice song but I thought it was Busted Stuff since I saw the lovely ladies but it was another solid new song. At this point in the night, Dave was finally waking from his slumber and when he pulled out the fatty 12-stringer, i knew Bartender was coming. I liked the song before, but with the whole band it adds a more full sound. LIOG was one hell of a jam and everybody, even butch got their solos. SUAD is a great new jam that has dave doing some scat singing, but it works well with the song. LBV was a little draged out. Stay was the suprise of the night. EVERYONE, and i can't stress that enough, knew Stay was coming next, and groaned as they should have. But the jam at the end of that song had EVERYBODY up and dancing, even my white ass got down a little. Grace is Gone is a soft song that I really liked, but as an encore it made some people get up and leave, especially since no one knew the words. Watchtower brought down the Vet though. All six guys on the stage showed how great they are as musicians during watchtower. it was a great ending to a nice show. Can't wait for tomorrow night!! catch you on the flip side...
Louis D.
More or less, this night seemed more of a run of the mill show. It was definitely a surprise to hear 'Best of What's Around' again, and 'True Reflections' is always a good touch, but I really felt that the rest of the night was rather mediocre. While a good portion of the fans might argue that they felt fulfilled after hearing 'Crash,' 'Too Much,' and 'Stay,' I personally wanted to hear some of the other songs that they have been sporting this tour, including (but not limited to) 'Two Step,' #40, or 'Dancing Nancies.' And what's with BTCS material all but disappearing from the setlists? I desperately hope that one day I can see a show including 'The Last Stop' and 'Pig.' Other than that, I was pleased with the show, and 'Sweet Up & Down' is definitely one of my new favorites. I also really thought that 'John the Revelator' was rather good, even though it seems the song was changed since last tour (missing chorus?). It was also good to see LeRoi take off his glasses again.
James M.
Probably the second best concert i have ever heard, and definately the best i have ever attended. The band was in a terrific mood, especially Dave. Great opening songs, with an awesome jam on #41 and on What Would You Say. Rhyme and Reason was standard. Crash was one I could have done without, but it was either that or Satellite. Best of Whats Around was great, and the ladies were a surprisiingly nice touch, True Reflections was all Boyd. Too Much was well jammed, and Dave was really into it. It was my first time hearing Grey Street, and i was thoroughly impressed. Very nice beat and lots of energy. John the Revelator was a surprise, and not many people knew what it was, including me at first. Say Goodbye was all Carter, and it was difficult to sing along because Dave changed most of the words. Bartender was excellent, and Dave showed alot of emotion. Lie In Our Graves was the highlight of the show. An incredible jam by Boyd, and very nice jam from Butch. Sweet Up and Down, another nice new song. Good ryhthm. Long Black Veil was a nice quiet toon. I knew he was goin to finish with either Stay or Granny. When i heard the first chords of Stay i sat down for the first time all night. A disappointment. Grace is Gone was simple but sweet. An awesome Watchtower to end it. All in all it was a fantastic show. Better than last year on the first night in Philadelphia.
Nick M.
Well, first off, Ozomotli and Ben Harper were great. The rain held off till midway through Ben Harper's set and lasted for about an hour. Around 8:50 the house lights went down and the stage lights went up. The stage was pretty nice this year and had large stretched fabrics on the outside of it. The two large video screens helped us people in the higher sections see the band. WELL WHAT A NIGHT WITH DMB!!! The opening jam was short compared to Listener Supported, and it had a great rhythym. One Sweet World was a good opener to a rather large sell out at the Vet. The crowd was pleased to hear a lot of older tunes. #41 was excellent and the outro jam was great. Boyd and Leroi both had solos similar to LS. What Would You Say? was a surprise that got the crowd going. Rhyme and Reason was a regular performance, with great lighting. After the finished R&R, there was a long pause, and I called it to be Crash. It was the same as LS, but it was always good to hear Dixie Chicken. Dave introduced the lovely ladies, and a surprise for me, Best of What's Around, which I wanted to hear live since I bought Red Rocks. True Reflections was a regular performance, and Boyd had a great solo. Too Much was a good tune to get the crowd back into the mood. And like the rest of the shows on this tour, he switched the lyrics from "suck it up..." to "f*ck it up." Dave introduced the new song Grey Street and I almost lost my voice. All the reviews were right, it is a REALLY good song, the new album oughta be fantastic. JTR, I had never heard the song before, and I didn't know what I was listening to until I found the setlist. It was really good, I am hoping it will be on the new album too. After a long pause, Carter was on the screens, and I couldn't decide on 36 or Say Goodbye till midway through the long drum intro. The lyrics were different throughout the song, and the crowd was singing the studio version..sounded a bit off. When Dave came to talk to the microphone, he said something like "You always look for more at the bottom of the bottle" And I called Bartender. Great song, and the band adds a lot to it, more than what I've heard from VH1's storytellers. After Bartender, there was another long pause, then Lie In Our Graves started up...DAMN!!! What a song! It was one of the highlights of the night, and Boyd had a HUGE solo. He and Dave changed spots on stage and Boyd was getting really into the jam. After Boyd's solo, Butch had long solo on the keyboards, and then the music just stopped after that. Dave walked around the stage and stopped to talk to Carter. Then he came back to the mic and did the last verse, it was so great. I clocked it at almost 15 minutes long. Dave intoduced SUAD and it is a good song for the first single, and it came to a sudden stop which was pretty cool. After another long pause, LBV started, and it was a regular performance, only that the outro with the lovely ladies was much better. I was really hoping to hear Warehouse or Jimi Thing tonight, but what're you gonna do? The band finished the set with Stay, and I am kinda tired of seein it, but wow, tonight was an exception. Dave and the boys got really into the song, and Dave was dancin all over the place. The lights were great during Stay, and then they went off. After a few minutes of screaming my head off, the band came back for the encore. Another first was Grace is Gone. It was a pretty good song, but I was kinda hoping to hear Two Step. They finished Grace is Gone, then Dave and Stefan started the intro to Watchtower. Boyd had a great solo, lasted a decent amount of time. The lighting at the end was great, and the concert ended with me losing my voice. All in all, it was a great concert, had a blast, thanx DMB!
Captain M.
Ok so after the 3 giants shows i get around to doing the review for once..cut me some slack. Anyway i go in wiht the taping gear and im told "to keep the stand at head level" so i head over to simeon who has his stand up 83 feet with a umbrealla ontop first row right infront of the right stack. YAY so i clamp on and waterproof all my stuffz becuase of the rain. Show starts... OSW opener ok..kidna got me excited. then 41, i was into it..then WWYS..the raido songs beggin....need i say more? fast foward to True Reflections where i realize how much thoe "lovely ladies" really butcher that song. it used to be so great. Too Much, me and simeon pull up chairs and go to sleep... Grey Street..cool, new song, glad to hear it for the FOURTH ngiht in a row...(hear hte sarcasam?), JTR...they shoulda did this one when it was raining, Say Bye...ok....whatever... Bartender, gotta love the bridge..i love this song. LIOG, i fell asleep. SUAD i woke up. LBV, sounding tighter then ever. new outro too. Stay, went back to sleep. Grace is Gone..i was the only person who knew the words =), Watchtower i started to pack up my gear all in all it was an ok show..6 out of 10...never did make it back to my 9th row center seat..... up for tommorw night i guess...if i can stay awake...
From start to finish it was a excellent show. I saw the first night at Giants and this was much better.OSW was a great opener. The new songs are all great. Bartender and Grace is gone are fantastic. I do think it is time to get rid of the lovely ladies. They don't really add much and with them there you know what your gonna get. Butch Taylor on the Keys completes the show. He tore it up during LIOG. Great show with a good crowd and watchtower as the close. See you at RFK
Bill L.
Wow, what a show. Dave opened with a great version of One Sweet World, which was also the opener for his May 22,'99 show in Philly, so I knew we were in for another great show. I was kind of surprised to hear as much of he earlier stuff as I did, but I was pleasantly surprised. Great to finally hear some new stuff, I'm not too sure of the names of the new stuff, but the one he opened up the encore with was great. Only one word can describe Lie In Our Graves "WOW". The one thing I noticed was how much fun they were all having on stage, it just seemed to show even more than other times I've seen them. The other thing I noticed was that Dave surronds himself with great muscians. Everyone was given a solo and they each delivered. Butch's solo during Lie in our Graves was outstanding as usual, Boys was right on as usual and Carter, well what can you say about Carter. I'll be right back there again tonight ready for another great show. See ya all there.
Brian B.
This was my first Dave Matthews Band show and it was all I was expecting and more. OSW was a great opener, a lot of people did not recognize the inst. intro and did not believe me when I said it was OSW, but then the familiar chords kicked in and everyone started groovin'... #41 had a great jam, then into WWYS a bit of a surprise..Crash was pretty standard, but its what a lot of people came to hear...GREY STREET!!!! this is by far my favorite of the new songs and after getting a preview on mp3 I could't wait to hear it live, but it seems like I was one of the few people who actually got into the song..most people sat down or went to get a beer, THEIR LOSS because Dave was fantastic singing on this song, a lot of emotion. Say Goodbye was good, Carter's drum solo rocked!!! He was definately a crowd favorite after coming out to start the show in a Phillies jersey and he just lit up the stage with his INCREDIBLE drumming skills all night!!....LIOG!!! just two words BOYD TINSLEY!!!!!!!!!!! He went absolutly ballistic and carried the song into the stratosphere then Butch Taylor had a great solo....all in all about 17 or so mins. of the best LIOG I have EVER heard. SUAD is a close second to Grey Street for my favorite new song and this version rocked, but again people just did not get into it...Stay was a SPECTACULAR closer everyone was dancing and really getting into it including Dave who was going crazy dancing all over the stage...then the cheering and the lighters and the encore...Grace is Gone is going to be the new "slow song" replacing Crash as the song where everyone starts making out (just like the 2 people in front of me did the entire show)...WATCHTOWER this absolutly set the crowd on fire!!!!! a great closer and probably my favorite of the night the entire stadium was screaming and dancing and cheering...it was mind-blowing. I am hooked on live Dave now, because I got the sense that although this was incredible, that the band was not at their best for the whole night and I thought the crowd was pretty bad for the most part...I was really hoping to hear "Two Step" but it did not happen...oh well, there are plenty of other show that I am sure I will be going to after last night's experience!!!!!!
Tonight was my third time at a DMB show and was by far the worst. They came out and opened right out of Listener Supported with One Sweet World. This was a good start to the show, followed by #41, which was played pretty well, but dragged on a little. I started to get the feel it was going to be a night where they played their popular radio stuff, and that's exactly what they did. The show dragged on for 2 and a half hours, and there was almost nothing entertaining. The only highlights were LIOG which was played well, and Grace is Gone. All of the new songs sounded great, but they were placed very poorly in the setlist. Lets say that I'm hoping for a much better show tonight.
Buck T.
My 14th show was a good one I guess, but I'm pretty tired of Too Much, and True Reflections. I was waiting for sattelite after the first few songs. WWYS is a personal fav of mine, probably because it doesn't get much airplay anymore. Rhyme & Reason was great. I dig the new stuff a lot. I can tell that he is maturing as a song writer and I love it. On another note, I don't know if the "Lovely Ladies" are going to join the band or something, but I think a tape recording of their voices for Stay and LBV would be sufficient. Butch Taylor is a good musician, but he just doesn't fit. Grace is Gone was put in a great spot and it blew me away. Dave became a crazy dancin' fool for Stay which was a nice touch. The new stuff (esp. Sweet Up and Down) made it all worthwhile...but, I hope this isn't my last show of the summer.
Matthew S.
Despite the constant threat of rain, my 6th show turned out to be very solid, not spectacular, but a worthy effort of the boys we all know and love. While not getting a rarity on the order of 5.25.99 Nancies or even 8.8.00 #36, the 18 (18!) songs played had their share of tight jamming and solid musicianship. Some of the new stuff seemed fairly well-received, especially Grey Street, and less so Bartender and Grace. SUAD didn't get its hoped-for response, and JTR was pretty much ignored. I don't know about anyone else, but does it feel like they took John the Revelator, and sliced out the good part, replacing it with a few random drum hits? It's got something missing. BOWA with the ladies was great, and LIOG was the best I've ever seen (4 of 6). Boyd did his stuff for a good 6 or 7 minutes before handing it over to Butch for another 4. Around the beginning, the OSW-R+R stretch, I remember thinking that Butch was kinda invisible, especially on #41, where he could shine, but he made up for it with both LIOG and True. The only thing that grated on me were the number of missed cues that I noticed. Roi missed on the opening of #41, on Say Bye, the full band came in instead of just the flute, and one of the ladies oopsed right at the end of the first verse of Stay (which was just a waste of time....). To close the show, my first Watchtower was an intense jam, with furious lighting (props to Fenton), and the crowd psyched. And one last didja notice..... the setlist being shown on camera behind Butch during True? From the new stuff played, the new album sounds very promising... too bad we have to wait 4 more months. Enjoy the rest of the tour!
Matt L.
Overall, i have to say that this was an amazing show. SItting 7th row center helped out too. Great setlist, could have done without Crash, but it sounded nice. LIOG was AMAZING! Boyd and Butch were unbelievable. At first, i was dissapointed with Stay as the closer, but the band did a crazy jam at the end which turned out to be awesome. Not a big fan of the ladies, could have done without them on Best of Whats Around and JTR, but sounded good on the other songs. The 12 string, i have to say, sounds awesome, and would be cool if Dave brought the Chet Atkins back out. Overall, i was pleased with the show, and a little jealous of my buddy Nick who met the band after the show. Hopefully the setlists start to change, maybe play older songs such as Minarets.
Overall the concert started out great, # 41 was excellent. But then I got a little disapointed when they didnt play crush, two step, or rapunzal, those songs would of made it a perfect concert. Though I absolutely loved lie in our graves, it was great! I was dancing like crazy, everyone in my section sat down in the middle, if they really knew dave they would know that he starts singing again at the end. Say Good Bye was also magnificent.
Dave E.
Okay...I was a Dave fan before the concert...not a huge one...just a fan. Now...after this cocert I became a junkie. I have been to alot of concerts, and this was by far the best. I am a muscian, and what got me was the incredible level of muscianship these guys keep even when out of the studio. I thought that the songs were incredible, especially the solos. The concert wasn't flashy with alot of effects...it was just incredible music. If you can...this tour is definitely a must-see!
Nicole S.
Tonight was amazing! Firts time seeing him since last Mat and it was just magical. One Sweet World was the perfect opener and to go along with that #41 was even better. My seats were inthe 600 level but no matter where you sit its still a perfect night. His new songs were awesome, they just made me want to hear them more and more. My favorite is Grace is Gone it is so sweet. Its good to know that they still got there touch and with songs like that you know there not going anywhere for along time. Plus I was so happy tghat he ended it with Watchtower. When that song came on i don't think there was a single person seating around especially ion my section(629 rules). Well i cant wait until tomorrow it going to be even better i can fell it
Bryan W.
This concert was unexplainable. Dave, as always, had the crowd at the end of his fingertips. The vibe of the crowd was just amazing, everyone was happy, and energenic. "Lie in Our Graves" really rocked, so much that my friend forgot what song it was and I had to remind him. "Stay" was another highlight that had everyone pumped. As usual, "Watchtower" was the best, as the encore, the lights were perfect with the song. I thought this was one of the best shows ever, and the lights were truly amazing.
Jesse T.
My first of 4 shows in a row at Veterans Stadium. The venue was pretty good but the crowd was NOT a DMB crowd. It was full of teeni-bopper "crashers." Regardless, Dave came on and played OSW which was great! Always a classic dave tune and a great way to start a show. Following that, Dave kept it mellow with 41 which was decent. The highlights of the night were BOWA with the ladies (which is surprising because in most cases I hate them but they sounded really good on this one), JTR and Bartender (my favorite new ones) and the great encore. I would rate this as an overall solid concert but doesn't top Vernon 98. Loved the lighting, didn't like that a lot of the jams have been standardized (41, Stay, BOWA) but what can you expect from a stadium show. See y'all tomorrow!
Rich Z.
The show rocked....BOWA was magical, but the "lovely ladies" kinda ruined it. OSW was amazing, getting the crowd revved up. Lots of teen girls whined until they heard Crash, then he finally played it, shutting them up. The new stuff was awesome, namely Bartender and Grey Street. Dave's little story about looking for more at the bottom of the bottle got the already drunk crowd more excited. Overall, great show, incredible lighting, and a classic rock atmosphere.