Dave Matthews Band
Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

Como Ves
1, 2, 3, 4
Justin Jam
Cumbia De Los Muertos
Superbowl Sunday
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Ground On Down
Glory & Consequence
Burn To Shine
Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave (Concrete Jungle)
Sexual Healing
Will To Live
Steal My Kisses

Ants Marching *
Satellite *
Drive In, Drive Out *
Granny *+
Grey Street *
Crush *
Warehouse (stop time intro) *
So Much To Say *
Lover Lay Down *
Jimi Thing *
#36 *+
JTR *+
The Best of What's Around *+
Two Step *
Tripping Billies *
Digging a Ditch *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES!!!! After Dave and the Boys put together a nice but rather unemotional show last night, they went NUTS tonight!!!!! I can't say it enough that this could be one of their best concerts ever. ANTS MARCHING TO START THE SHOW OFF!!!!! No one in the whole place would have predicted that one. Great start to the show that just got better as the night went on. Satelitte was short and sweet. Granny kicked ass and got everyone moving and grooving. DIDO was great to hear live for the first time. Cater really showed his skills on this one!! Grey Street was amazing again tonight. Crush was unexpected but was a nice mellow jam to slow things down a bit. Warehouse was another energetic song. SMTS was a nice suprise but i would have loved to hear anyone seen the bridge into Too Much but you can't have everything. Lover Lay Down was an interesting addition to the setlist and everyone chilled out again. Jimi Thing kept the mellow feeling going. #36 was nice but I need to hear carter do the intro like he did on Red Rocks. JTR!!!!! what a powerful outro. all the boys were kicking ass on this one. Then...... BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND..... AGAIN!!!! No way did I ever imagine that I'd hear BOWA two nights in a row, but Dave seemed to know that was my favorite song. Then I almost sauced my pants when immediatly aftre hearing my fav song, Dave goes and does my next fav with Two Step. This was one long jam that was so freakin amazing. 20 minutes later, everyone was still enjoying it. Finishing with Trippin Billies was great cause boyd and Carter wowed the crowd with their energetic solos. Digging A Ditch was a new one that i hadn't heard before but it worked well as an beginning encore. The when I heard the way the band was doing an intramental jam, I knew rapunzel was coming up, and it didn't disapoint the 60,000 fans. The highlights were the fans that didn't wuss out like other shows I've been to. They were all loving every minute of tonight's show. Then there was the lighting. This is the best part of the stadium shows. the lights give every song more emotion. Finally, I must thank Dave, Carter, Leroi, Boyd, Stefan, and Butch for coming out tonight with a ton of energy that made this show so damn good. I recommend everyone get a copy of this show. I can't say it enough people, Great great show!! untill next time, catch you on the flip side...
David W.
The Show was even better than the night before. Starting off with Ants just blew the crowd away and then everyone could calm down with Satelite. I was very happy to see that Dave is returning to his roots and playing the concert songs that made him famous such as Warehouse, Jimi Thing, Two Step, and the fan favorite Granny. Putting a little emotion in there with Lover and Crush also helped those of us with lovely ladies by our sides. Ending the show with Tripping Billies is the way I think he should end all shows. The Encore left something to be desire. I do not think that Rapunzel is the best song to close with and the previous nights Watchtower was the best. All in all an excellent show one of my favorites.
Scott M.
Well, after returning home from the first night at the vet I was planning on a show that I liked tonight. That's exactly what I got. The boys were ready to play tonight. They opened with Ants and I knew that it was going to be a good night. Dave spent the entire night dancing around the stage. He and the rest of the guys seemed really happy to be on the stage. They played every song to perfection. This wasn't a spectacular set list, but every song was played well. The best example of this was Jimi Thing, They played forever, and Dave even soloed. I never thought I'd hear that. They mixed in the new songs better tonight. They also didn't play crash or stay, what more could you ask for. Rapunzel seemed like a strange choice for a closer, but as the rest of the show went, they played it so solidly that everyone was into it. When they finished Dave came to the front of the stage and was waving to everyone, and still yelling. Then Carter walked up and threw his drum sticks into the crowd. It was a great end to a great show.
James J.
Compared to the 15th, this was a much better night. On every side of me at the end of the show, I heard, "he didn't play crash". I was happy. Radio Songs were pretty much not there. You could tell true fans from wannabes. Hearing Pantala Naga Pampa at the end of the show was a new thing for me, and it's just isn't expected. To replace the long 15 min jam of LIOG from the 15th, they came in with great version of Two Step (Mad props to Butch on the keyboards. The lovely ladies really gotta go. I was greatly surprised to hear Warehouse (yeah!) and now to say, my new favorite is Grey Street, I'll be drooling until the new album comes out.
Chad F.
Well, after three great Giants Stadium shows, I was looking forward to a stellar two nights in Philadelphia as well. Unfortunately, the first night was probably the worst show I've seen so far, the only highlight having been meeting Boyd that morning. However, having faith, I made the trip to the Vet for the second night in a row, and after cowering from the downpour we were all treated to, finally went in, expecting redemption for the previous night's horrid performance. What I got was one of the most energetic, fun shows I've ever seen. The Ants opening was quite a surprise, one that I was pretty pleased with. Drive was great as well, even better than 2nd night Giants, and the new lyrics Dave has been toying with are always fun. Every song was great, with Two Step being the standout song of the night for me. The encore wasn't bad (we were chanting Halloween, and Butch was dancing to it, but we didn't get it) and it was a good way to end a quality, solid show. I have a month or so break now, and then onto Hershey...Hope you all had a good few days in the "tri-state area".
If Saturday night had more laid-back songs, tonight was full of upbeat ones. With the opening chords of Ants, they had everyone out of their seats and jammin the whole night. The setlist was amazing. Lacking its normal drum intro, ANTS still got everyone psyched for the night to come. Next, and I knew it was coming, was SATELLITE. Unusual that he started off with two radio hits, but good nonetheless. Then came DIDO, not one of my favs, but a good version. I was surprised by GRANNY which was next, cause he hasn't been playing it that often, but it's a great song. This is one song where the girls belong. GREY STREET has a great beat. It was the second time I heard it, and it's starting to grow on me. Then, after a rather long pause between songs, came CRUSH. Similar to the studio version, but it got people up and dancing again. So far the night had been good, but not great. But then WAREHOUSE. This song rocks live, and he added so much flavor to it, chiming in with the woooos during the stop-time intro, and dancing like crazy on this song too. SMTS is always good to hear, and was perfect coming off of Warehouse cause everyone was pumped. He then did LLD, which was one of the only two slow songs of the night. People began to sit down during this, yet all the couples were making out. There was this one couple in front of me, and the guy kept running his hands through his girlfriend's hair. It looked like he was checking her for lice. I called JIMI THING next. The jam at the end was identical to LS, but good. Despite the ladies, I was hoping for #36 next. Let me say, that the older version when he was alone was amazing. I don't like this new mellow one as much, but it still rocks. JTR was alright. Nothing great. I was hoping that they'd play BOWA, yet my expectations were low b.c they played it last night. But they did, and it was sweet. TWO STEP came at the perfect time. This song gets everyone nuts, and it was a great version. The opening was good too. I was hoping they'd play one more song before they left, and they did - TB. A great closer, and got everyone craving for more. For the encore he did DAD. It was the first time I heard it. It was a good song. Then he did RAPUNZEL. It was awesome, but he ended w. that at Giants on Tueday when I was there, so I was hoping for something else, but still good. I recommend getting a bootleg of this - it was intense. I'm out.
Jimi M.
Wow.. this was one for the record books. I've been to alot of Dave shows and this one tripped me up the most from song 1. Ants Marching was an incredible opener.. I know the song is sorta played out, but just the fact that it was the opener had everyones jaws on the floor. Good choice! The rest of the show was sweet as could be. The new stuff like Grey Street was incredible, and the band seemed very together. Some of the highlights for me were CRUSH, 2 step, and JTR. All in all the night was packed with alot of well known, sort of played out stuff, BUT .. It was all made up for with ENERGY.. the band looked so psyched and rocked and funked harder then i've ever seen. Finally, the encore was smoking.. Digging a Ditch was nice and chilled the crowd out...then into INTRO which led into Pantala.. and then they did the absolute best version of Rapunzle i've ever heard.. Funky as could be...and Dave seriously looked like he was in Heaven. Philly was rocking with Dave..and i was rocking hardest.. Peace and Smiles to all. A+ SHow... Great !
Lenny C.
First of all, I was more impressed w/ Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals than I was w/ the Dave Matthews Band. This was my 12th DMB show and it was a great one (don't get me wrong). This was just my first time ever seeing Ben Harper and he really impressed me. Now on to the show... Ants - I never in a million years would have called this as an opener. I thought it was such a great song to start w/ too. During the beginning of the song Dave was walking around like a monkey w/ his arms hung low and swinging them. I found it kinda funny and a little odd. Satellite - After no Satellite in the set last night I figured it would be in tonight. Not too bad, standard version. DI, DO - Very, very good. This is only the second time I have ever heard it live and I really enjoyed it both time. This song is starting to have a Say Goodbye feel to it simply b/c the words are different near every time it is played. Granny - I knew that they would most likely play this b/c again, it was not in the set last night. I enjoy this song, but it was standard. Grey St. - I was happy to hear this new song. I think it is really good. Not my fav., but it was be a nice addition to concerts for a long time to come. Crush - Standard, but good. Haven't heard it live in a good little while. Warehouse - I have been reading about this from other shows and it is definatly pretty cool. During the stop-time intro, when the music stops everyone yells "hey" and even the band members do it. Warehouse was just standard, but stop-time was fun. So Much to Say - This was nice to hear w/o Anyone Seen the Bridge --> Too Much. Lover Lay Down - I thought this song was beautiful. In 11 previous concerts I has not heard it and this was just great to me. Jimi - Solid song, I actually thought Dave had a really good solo during his part. I was suprised and I guess he must be working more and more on his guitar skills. 36 - The first time I saw this in Hartford '99 it was a real suprise and exciting. There was a first verse and 2 scat verses. The second time I was this was for the Listener Supported show. There was 1 verse, 1 scat verse, and another song verse. This time, there was 1 verse, 1 scat verse, and where there would be the third verse was a Butch solo. It was pretty cool. I really don't think the Lovely Ladies ruin this song. JTR - Same as John the Revelator, but they never once sing "Jonh the Revelator". It is a solid song and the outro to this song is intense. BOWA - I hate hearing people bitch about how the Lovely Ladies ruin songs. I think there role in this song is minimal and does not change the song at all from its non-LL form. Two Step - Always a good song. The jam at the end has been changed around a little bit from the last time I heard it. It was fun. Billies - No Nature intro, but solid and fun all the same. I think this song is an ideal way to close any set. (e) Ditch - Awesome! I think this is my favorite song of all the new ones. I really loved it and Dave sang clear enough to understand all the words. (e) Rapunzel - Suprisingly, a very good way to close the night. I thought alot of energy was given off and they really stretched it out from most other live versions. All in all a great night. Not my favorite show of all time, but a very good one. Ants as an opener, Lover, and Diggin a Ditch were my personal highlights of the night. The lack of new songs was a little disappointing.
L.B. R.
Well, since I missed doing a review for the 7-15-00 show, I will briefly hit some good and bad points. The show was average. OSW was a great opener as always. #41 amazing, could play it every show and I would not care. Crash Into Me, PLEASE bury it already. BOWA, NO NEED for the ladies. True Reflections, ALL Stefan, great bass work. Say Goodbye one of the best drum intros I've heard. All the new songs were great as usual, but Sweet Up and Down seemed slower than usual. LIOG was the BEST I have ever heard. Grace is Gone my fav new song, LOVE it. Watchtower, I like it better earlier in the set. Now on to 7-16-00. This show was GREAT. Of the 24 I've seen, this is definetely in the top 5. Ants-- AS AN OPENER!!! I could not believe it. My bud who I hit all the shows w/ and I were talking about Ants as an opener. I never thought it would happen though. I don't think it has since 95'. Got the crowd MAJORLY into it. LOVED it. Satellite-- Could have done w/out it, but I was still on a high from the Ants opener. DIDO-- One of my fav songs always great to hear. Granny--I actually like the ladies on this one, and as usual it was very well done. Grey Street-- Love that song, pretty much the same as the other times I've heard it, but still love it. Crush-- Glad to see some BTCS stuff, good groove as usual. Warehouse-- Dave was encouraging the "Whoo" in between the stop times, which was humorous to see. Pretty standard, but great all the same. So Much to Say--Standard, I was hoping for a Bridge after it, no such luck. Lover-- Very relaxing, good to hear it. Jimi Thing-- As usual great, really got the crowd into it, Roi was tearing it up. #36-- Pretty standard w/ the ladies. JTR-- what can I say? I love the outro for it. BOWA-- I was kinda upset that this was repeated. I love the song, but not w/ the ladies. It seemed slower as well. Two Step-- One of the best versions I have ever heard. Longer Dave intro than usual. Tripping Billies-- Great set closer, Boyd was on fire. encore: Digging a Ditch-- Nice to heard it again, seems its play has decreased. Pantala > Rapunzel-- GREAT to hear it again, A LOT longer than usual. this show was great. I have never seen Dave dance this much at a show. I have said in past reviwes that Stefan was emerging a lot. Well these 2 nights at the Vet, it was ALL boyd. Peace, keep well.
Diana C.
This was my first concert ever. I don't think I will ever get to see anything that will compare to this wonderful band. I wasn't too familiar with DMB before yesterday. I will keep track of these guys from now on. I was up on the six hundred level so I didn't have great seats but the sound was terrfic. I danced the entire 2 1/2 hours. DMB Rocks!!!
Chris S.
This was my first Dave show. Let me start by saying that he is an excelent performer and puts on a wonderful show. His song selection was well put together and the sound was on the money as well as Dave and his surrounding musicians. This was probably the 120 something concert that I have attended. I have seen all kinds of bands. With that I have seen all sorts of crowds. From Korn and Limp Bizkit to Metallica and Jimmy Buffett. Unfortunately for Dave and many loyal and responsible fans, I have to say that this was one of the rudist, irresponsible and arrogant crowds I have ever seen at a concert! Sorry to all of you fans who are loyal and well mannered. And also sorry to Dave himself because I am sure that this is not a reputation that he wants. The music was wonderful but it was hard to enjoy with so many arrogant people in the crowd. I was expecting a nice laid back evening with Dave. Instead I had to put up with people climbing over me knocking, people standing on their chairs and screaming as if the Backstreet Boys just walked onstage and to top it all off a row in front of me who decided to fold up their chars and make the rows more cluttered and uncomfortable. I am sorry to inform anyone of this but I think people should be aware, that if they are behaving this way, they are infringing on the good times of other people who also payed good money to see a wonderful show and not be interupted by the irresposibilities of other.
Bryan W.
This concert was just perfect. I could not of imagined a better setlist or crowd excitement. I also attended the show the night before, and I don't think it could stand up to this one. DMB opened up with "Ants Marching", which was amazing. I'd have to say "Crush" along with "Lover Lay Down" were great moments in the concert. The crowd was well involved and very into the show. But the biggest highlight of the show would have to be "Two Step". The lights were right on, and not one person in the stadium was sitting. I just stood there, danced all concert, and tried to soak in one of the best concerts ever. As with the rest of this tour, the lights definately demanded a gold star.
Langden U.
This show was awesome. Although the setlist wasn't nearly as good as the night before, DMB put on a great show. Dave seemed to be in a very good mood, better than the night before. I also noticed he soloed on a lot of songs which is usually Tim's department.
Nick M.
I've seen the past three shows and think this one is not only the best in the last three nights, but the best I've ever seen. Turned out to be a great night after early t-storms. Ants as an opener shocked much of the stadium and set the tone they were going to leave Philly on a good note. Early highlights were DIDO, Crush, and of course Warehouse. The crowd quickly catches on to Dave who almosts "bahs" like a lamb during the stop time. Jimi Thing, after a sweet LLD, was highlighted by Dave really jaming hard. The final three, before the encore, rocked. BOWA, 2 Step, and TB. Awesome ending. I thought for the most part of the night Dave was taking the lead alot during the jams, with occasional songs boyd can go off on (i.e. Jimi and Crush). Boyd's energy was well preserved for 2 Step and TB, and he went off. Fans on the floor actually moved to the back so they could dance better. For the encore I was thinking I may get Ants, TB, and Watchtower in one show again (like NJ), but a two time Watchtower closing in Philly would've been dissapointing. I think Rapunzel has improved alot in the last year or so (much like Stay) and believe that they can really rock the place with this song. With seven songs off "Under The Table..", tonight's show was great way to end their time at the Vet.
Kevin M.
Wow this was a great show. The parking lot was nice and rowdy before the show and that put me in a great mood for the show. Ive been to 6 and this was the best, he most of the classics i wanted to hear and his new stuff was awesome. Opening with ants got everyone going and he kept the crowd up most of the show. JTR is definatly a good song and i cant wait for a new cd. Two step and tripping billies were great. TBOWA was also really good and he kept the lovely ladies out on stage for it. Warehouse is always good in concert, especially because last year at the vet the sound was all F-ed up when he was playin it. Granny is also a great song that was great to hear again. All in all a great time, see u in hershey.
Nick M.
This is the first show I have been to this tour but based on other shows, this setlist was very unique. ANTS MARCHING as an opener was a great surprise and fueled the crowd. SATELLITE was a song I yerned to hear but it sapped the energy of Ants. Never cared much for DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT but GRANNY blew the stadium away. I don't think anyone expected that to be played. I knew they would play GREY STREET and it didn't dissapoint. I was going nuts when they opened CRUSH and WAREHOUSE as usual was an expected favorite. SMTS is a song I really don't like but I have to say it was the highlight for me, I just felt it more than the other songs. LLD is my all time favorite so I went nuts and JIMI THING jammed and kept the crowd pumped. However #36 was really in over its head and was played to much overkill. I loved JTR but was like the only one in my section standing. BOWA was just awesome as always. TWO STEP and TRIPPING BILLIES took us into the encore with an enormous amount of energy. I was hoping to hear DAD and it gave me goosebumps as it always does on my computer and Rapunzel took everyone home happy and pumped. All in all a great show with a different setlist. A song would pump you up and the next would bring you down. A true rollercoster concert. People from the Saturday show were very envious. See you all in Hershey.
Biff L.
This was my tenth DMB show and what a show it was. The boys tore the roof off the place tonight. I was at both shows in Philly and Saturday (7/15) was a more mellow show, so we knew he'd come out Sunday and explode. And explode they did. Starting off with Ants Marching (!?!?), we didn't hear it on Saturday so I knew it was coming, just not so soon, a great opener with everyone singing along. Note: Our section Sunday was much better than on Saturday. Everyone was up and dancing rather than complaining when people stood in front of them. And there was such a sweet smell in the air all night. :-) But I digress. Ants, then Satellite, again didn't play it Sat. so that was a given. Well done, standard. DIDO was next and this is when the energy started to really flow, this song rocks and they carried it to new places tonight. Then Granny - My fiance said that day she wanted to hear this song so we were psyched, it was amazing (could do without the Lovely Ladies however), then Grey Street, repeat from Sat. but one i'll deal with, this could be one of his best new songs, into Crush - got the crowd singing again, very smooth, well done - then one of the hilights of the night - Warehouse, stop time intro with the lights is amazing, they jammed out this song and is was great, little pause to confer with the band - SMTS - I called it after one note when Dave was tuning up! Very phyched, great to hear, the Lover Lay Down!!!!! I love this song and it was so nice to hear them play it. Besides Back You Up, this is probably the prettiest song they have ever done, great to hear it for the first time!, Jimi Thing - let's get the energy back up and they did, very smooth and had everyone dancing again, into #36 - another rare one! Come and Dance with Me!, JTR - another repeat, but this song is great to hear, fantastic with the band too, but I still want to sing the end, they should bring that back (Who's that writing, John the Revelator!), but the song rocked nonetheless, BOWA! another repeat, but always great to hear, into 2Step!!!, crowd going crazy again, the jam on this song was so amazing, I thought they would be done, but no, they start into Tripping Billies, another popular song that had everyone jamming, I thought the jam on 2Step couldn't be touched, but the jam on this was amazing. Get the tapes of this show for 2Step and Tripping Billies especially. They had exhausted the popular songs between both nights and I really didn't know what they'd encore with, they came out and played Diggin' a Ditch, Dave really nailed this and it's a beautiful song, then they went into a great jam (I don't know if it's named) into PNP, Rapunzel! A guy 2 rows behind be called it, I was suprised, but they jammed it out and the encore was great. That's it for me and the summer tour. 2 nights is enough for me, being in the real world working and all. Have a blast on the 2nd half of the tour and i'll see y'all in the Fall/Winter!!! -bl (Celebrate we will, 'Cause life is short but sweet for certain!!!)
Pete D.
What a night. Of the many DMB concerts I've seen, this was by far the best. Opening with "Ants" was just suprising and excellent. The band knew it would take everybody off guard and they just blew the place open. The new songs were good. Everyone was jamming to "Grey Street", but the encore "Digging a Ditch" sort of let people down, maybe? and most everybody sat for that one. The highlight of the night was clearly Two Step. An amazing version, complete with a jam from Butch Taylor. Tripping Billies was also a highlight. Closing it with Rapunzel was suspect but the ending was one to remember. Looking back, everyone was on fire and the guys looked like they were having a great time. The Vet sucks, but DMB sure didnt.
Josh C.
Hey, I saw there were no reviews so i think there should be one for such a great show! Ants opener was a rare thing and it gave the show a lot of energy to start, which was cooled off by satellite, next couple of songs kept me really into it, dave and the band were enjoying themselves you could tell.. 3 songs ina row with the lovely ladies was a little much for me and the poeople around me, who all were muttering filth about them. This was my first show of 2000 and I saw they had been closing with rapunzel.. At first I wasn't sure it would sound good.. anyways the lead-in Leroi jam was a little like.. get on with it, but rapunzel lit up the stadium and was a great way to leave the crowd wanting more.. I am going again tonight 7/19 and i'm hoping to see a show anywhere near this good! PS- highlight of the show was JTR, no question.. the jams at the end were a true spectacle.. there were many mic rigs up so there will be plenty copies of this show.. get one!
Jeff D.
AWESOME! I'm not going to go into specifics because, frankly, I was so blown away. I've been to both shows at polaris, all three at deer creek, both at chicago, and now both shows in philly and this was the best. Wow! I have to find this for my collection. Hopefully, someone else will review this show song by song with exact details! Sorry I couldn't be the one. See ya'll at alpine.
This was my first dave show in two years, and I have to admit it wasn't as electrifying as the others. Maybe it's because it was the first show I had seen in a stadium setting, but it just didn't have the same energy. I heard alot about Dave's new songs coming into the concert and I was not disappointed, with Digging a Ditch being my favorite. I also got to hear a kick-ass version of Warehouse with some chilled-out jamming by Butch. The lovely ladies added some sweet vocals on BOWA, but I don't know if I'm down with them being on #36, it just doesn't have the same vibe. I was actually really impressed with the Rapunzel closer, especially since I'm not a huge fan of Before These Crowded Streets. All in all a wothwhile show, although it was kinda water-down.
Jesse T.
Second night of Veterans was amazing! The energy definitely filled up the huge venue and you could tell the guys loved playing there. Ben Harper is a really cool guy. The crowd didn't respect him as much as he deserves to be. Dave opened with Ants Marching! When was the last time that happened? This started the high energy show right away. The whole show was very solid and energetic but the last half was incredible! JTR, BOWA, Two Step, Tripping Billies all in a row, and all some of the best versions i've heard. Two step was unreal as usual and tripping billies is one of my favorite closers. Low spots in the set for me were Satellite (hoping not to hear it), Granny (never done much for me), and #36. This is my second time hearing 36 live and the first time I LOVED it, back in the days of the drum solo intro and no backup singers. Since then this song has gone downhill and it has gone from one of my favorites to one I dread hearing those opening chords too. The encore was pretty good, lots of energy in the Rapunzel jam to end it. All in all I had a great time, I'd have to put it ahead of night #1. I'll see y'all in DC for show #3 on my tour!
David L.
" He wakes up in the morning, does his teeth , bite to eat and he's " off toVeterans Stadium!!! With Ants Marching as the opener there was no doubt to the fact that this was to be the best Dave show ever. The energy of this God-like man created hope and security in the hearts of those in attendance. When Dave opened with quite possibly the greatest rock song ever written, the stadium was taken to a state of euphoria and ecstasy. As the show continued I became more erect to the sights and sounds around me. There were only a few more wishes that I needed to be granted for this to be the greatest night I will ever experience. The first one was granted when Dave played JTR. This could take over as Dave's best song ever. And finally what I had prayed for weeks in advance came true... Digging a Ditch and Rapunzel back to back as the encore. This even made my handicaped brother rise to his feet putting his muscular difficulties behind him and Dave is responsible for this miracle. Dave is the second coming, he is the modern day Jesus. The encore was something my ears have never experienced it was the best musical closer I have ever seen. From this Dave to you Dave I thank you.