Dave Matthews Band
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

1, 2, 3, 4
Cumbia De Los Muertos
Timido *
Como Ves
Justin Jam

* with Yomo Toro of the Espana All-Stars on Spanish-style guitar
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Oppression (Get Up, Stand Up)
Glory & Consequence
Burn To Shine
Ground On Down
Excuse Me, Mister
Burn One Down
Sexual Healing
Manic Depression
Steal My Kisses

onstage 8:39 PM
Seek Up *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Rhyme & Reason *
Bartender *
Dancing Nancies *
The Best of What's Around *+
Raven *
Crush *
JTR *+
Stay *+
All Along the Watchtower *
Lover Lay Down *
Grey Street *
Sweet Up & Down *
Tripping Billies *
offstage 10:58 PM
onstage 11:01 PM
Grace Is Gone *
Ants Marching *
offstage 11:19 PM

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals

Chad F.
Third night in a row and still a pretty good show. After hearing last night's stellar performance, I was pretty sure this show wouldn't beat it, and while it didn't, it had it's moments. My personal highlight was Dave's pointing and laughing at my Halloween sign when he came out to introduce Ben Harper. As for the show, there weren't any real standouts, just some good songs. A lot was repeated from the last two nights (as is to be expected with a third show). Seek Up was a very nice opener, a 20 minute version no less. Best of What's Around was great, and it was cool to hear Raven for the first time. The encore was pretty standard and predictable, since they haven't played Ants yet up to this point. Overall, a great three nights in East Rutherford. See you all on Saturday (I'm section A2, row 8...stop by and say hey...)
Erik O.
OK Lets just say, this wasnt the best DMB show I have ever seen, definatly the worst of the week for me. It wasnt by any means played bad. Dave and the guys seemed to play very well and have fun on stage. They played a great setlist. Some hightlights for me were Raven,JTR and Grace is gone. Good setlist! The show itself on the other hand was a bad one. The fans were a joke. I have never seen something as weird as this. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY was jamming to this show. I saw people sitting down to just about every new song, the crowd could care less that they played Lover Lay Down, which isnt often, a bunch of idiots were setting off fireworks in the mid level, people were getting kicked out and even pushed out ( some dude got strapped into a chair and pushed outa the place) and here is two things I am having trouble understanding, WHY WAS EVERYONE LEAVING DURING GREY STREET!! AND WHY DID NOONE STAND UP FOR THE ENCORE!!! They didnt want to have fun or something, My frineds even said they saw a guy sleeping!! My frineds and I were the only ones standing in our section, but we were proud. It wasnt right to act the way these people did. I just want to make sure everyone knows it was a great played show, but the atmosphere was all gone. Its kinda sad the people acted this way but I guess you will have that now and then. Anyways, I'm getting ready for Veterans Stadium 7.15.00 and I think the venue change will lead to a better show. I also wanna mention a few people at the show. To the girl in section 127 row 5 seat 4, sorry you didnt get to see the show from your seat, But I guess you can only blame yourself because YOU DIDNT STAND UP THE WHOLE SHOW! The people behind me we're cool to, they didnt know the new stuff but that is understandable. They had a blast singing and dancing what they did know and I am proud to have those few people behind me. ALL IN ALL........ well lets just leave it at this note. SEE YA IN PHILLY!
Joe S.
Seek Up was a very boring opener; it didn't get the crowd going at all. Highlights included: Lover Lay Down (suprised that they played it at a stadium show.) I'm glad they played it instead of Crash. Best of what's Around was great except for the fact that those annoying ladies were singing. Boyd was very laid back and did not have great solos. Tripping billies and Ants Marching were good. Crush was excellent; I'm so happy that LeRoi brought out his flute. I was hoping for 41-->Say Bye. Grey Street was amazing along with Sweet Up and Down and all the other new songs. Crowd was really lame and sat down because they didn't play many radio songs. Stay was soooooo long. People stopped dancing after a while and just waited for the song to end. Watchtower doesn't work well in the middle. I really missed Bela Fleck, and what is up with JTR. The whole song, Dave just says "Rain" over and over again. Great show overall though.
Brett R.
this was my first show, and seths second...lets start off by saying that traffic was a bitch...but while we were sitting in it, we discussed how seek up would be the first song, and we were right, then the concert moved along with some other songs off BTCS, then some new songs, Bartender great Dave really gets into it...then two old songs, dancing nancies and BOWA, absolutely amazing, boyd and leroi great!! then new song raven was solid, same with crush...JTR and Stay had the lovely ladies, this was the best Stay i have heard live...including listener supported...then watchtower awakened the crowd, lover lay down slowed things a bit...then back to some new tunes, grey street and sweet up & down, both great songs, i hope the album version is half as good as they are live...last song of the set was tripping billies, boyd nuts!! encore was short but sweet...grace is gone very nice song, was dedicated to somebody, and then of course ants!! carter hitting the snare and everyone knew what was coming, great show, crowd wasnt huge, but they were loud...dave was great, all of them were...we will see them again, no doubt!
Peter F.
This show was utterly amazing--a wonderful close to the 3 night stay at Giants. Highlights were Nancies, Best of What's Around, and Grace Is Gone. The new songs sounded great, and the crowd seemed like they might even be getting into the new songs. I've never seen so many people smoking weed though--it was insane!!! I don't think I'd be able to pick what my favorite night of all three was--they were all special in their own ways. Can't wait for Hershey (front row baby!!!!)
James D.
Tonights show was so good, It was Ridiculously Good, Words cannot describe the energy and fun of this show. The set list blew my mind. All the new songs are so incredible. The sound at giants stadium was so superb!! Highlights of the night were Defiently DANCING NANCIES!!! Holy crap was this great! Watchtower, Lover, the Best Tripping Billies Ever!! Ants!! a 20 minute Seek Up Opener, I could go on and on. This is a must have for a bootleg. Were there any lowlights? Yes! ONE Lowlight. this is a true statement. People in back of us were actually asking us to SIT DOWN! can u belive that?? Like its church or something. But the show was Incredible! see you all in Philadelphia
Jennifer K.
WOW!... I could not believe this setlist as it developed... opening with seek up was such a treat and lasted about 15 minutes... again wow... even though I'd heard Rapunzel tuesday as the encore it was great hearing it here b/c it got everyone dancing even most of the people in my section who sat down for the rest of the concert and then left halfway through... Rhyme seemed pretty standard but still high energy from dave and the boys... I always think it's gonna be DDTW when i hear the boys tuning for bartender but it was still amazing... and then DANCING NANCIES!!!!... i'd heard this last year at giants but this was incredible... too bad the middle aged people around me had no clue what was going on... i figured now they'd be getting a slower song so everyone could chill out but then BOWA!!!!! which i'd been dying to hear as an opener but had no problem settling for at this point in the setlist... even with the ladies... next Raven... amazing... almost completely new words ("lost myself again again again")... everyone sat down so i had an unobstruted view of the stage which was nice... but then Crush got everyone up and singing again it was great!... JTR.. third time i've heard this and the jam is amazing I still can't get over how cool it is... Stay also third time i've heard this but i still appreciate the fact it gets everyone up... (also that it wouldn't be the closer again) suddenly we hear stefan fiddling on his base and then into a great solo and i knew watchtower was coming... when it did the crowd went nuts! I was up on my chair at this point b/c my section had emptied out and most of the older people had left so i wasn't bothering them too much... I decided to stay there through lover lay down as well... beautiful even with the couples making out in front of me... after this the crowd up in the mezzanine got everyone clapping in unison... and dave started laughing and introduced grey street... dave was dancing like a maniac and again the verses are almost completely different... SUAD... was dying to hear this one as well and it was great.. not as great as some of the earlier shows tho... dave didn't seem to be as into it until the end... i didn't think they'd close w/ SUAD b/c just about everyone was still sitting so then they busted out Billies to get everyone up and dancing... dave and boyd started circling each other which was so cool and then dave just went nuts... great closer... encore... i have to admit i was hoping for captain/crazy... might be the only complaint I have other than the audience... but Grace is gone brings tears to my eyes whenever i hear it... so I'm glad i got to hear it twice! it was beautiful and i think dave said he was playing it for carter... then Ants to close which was phenomenal... everyone in section 12... you guys should be ashamed that you sat throughout this show (the chick in the white tank top who was dancing the entire time just wanted to let you know that) but everyone else knows what i mean when i say this show was AMAZING... had the crowd been better it definitely would be my number 1...
Sean R.
Wow. And I thought Tuesday night's show was pretty good. Last night's setlist and performance surpassed my expectations. Not to be outdone by the first two nights at Giants Stadium, DMB put on a spectacular performance. I knew when they started playing the first few cords for the opener for Seek Up that it would be incredible. Unlike the slow middle of the setlist that existed on Tuesday night, Dancing Nancies and Best of Whats Around kept the crowd on their feet and full of energy for the rest of the night. Seek up as an opener(see 08/01/98) Dancing Nancies, Best of Whats Around and the Ants encore were the definite highlights of the show with unreal jams by members of the entire band. Stefan had more of a major role last night unlike when I saw them on Tuesday night, mostly because of Watchtower probably, but everyone in the band hand their chance to shine: (Stefan-Watchtower, Boyd-Dancing Nancies, Leroi-Lover Lay Down, Carter-All songs, Dave-All songs) Even though I had 3rd row center seats Tues. night and section 131 last night, last night's crowd although smaller was much more respectful and full of energy. Not too many "crashies" and overall an amazing show.
Jed M.
Tonight's show goes up there as one of the best I have ever seen. It was just all so relaxing and calm at the stadium tonight. It wasn't sold out there were less teen crash-lovers and the band seemed layed back. The highlights were; Seek Up is always a highlight in my book, it is an incredible song to just close your eyes and enjoy some fine musicians. Bartender was amazing as it was for the 2 other shows I saw it; The Boyd intro, Dave's singing, basically every band member... but its great. Dancing Nancies...it's been a while and it was just refreshing to hear it...always will be a great song. BOWA...what can I say this was amazing...I have not seen it in a while and they played it wonderfully...even with the ladies chipping in at the end. Raven was next...I think...this song is growing on me, especially since I have heard it live now. You can see why they dont play it much (i think) because a lot of people sat down. Crush was next, it is always good to hear this song especially since anything off BTCS is rare now (well there are some exceptions). JTR...very intense and very good. Watchtower was nice to see mid-set. Lover Lay Down...I was so happy...but hey who wasn't it is a beautiful song that has never gotten overplayed. Grey Street as I have said before is the bands new DDTW but it is 100 times better, maybe 1000. Sweet Up & Down just kicks ass. Especially the begining when Dave is dancing everywhere!! Finally what can you say about Grace Is Gone...it is such a fine piece of work...truly beautiful. Other highlights were that the ladies only played on 3 songs 2 of which are great ones. It seems Dave is understanding the fans frustrations towards hearing the same 5 over and over again! Well it was an amazing three nights in NJ and I can't wait to be in Hartford for three...for now have a great summer everyone and listen to some good music:):)
Brad O.
Easy does it night #3 of DMB/Ben Harper at Giants Stadium. I must confess I missed my favorite opening song "Seek Up", but not for just cause. I got a pass to meet Ben Harper after his set, and he may just be the world's biggest sweetheart. I chatted with Ben for about 10 minutes on topics ranging from the now defunct Horde tour to the time I drove to upstate New York in the snow to see him and Guster play. The man is as real-deal genuine as they come; sincerely appreciative for every compliment thrown his way. Onto the show, I arrive to my floor seat after Seek Up, so the show begins for me Intro-Rapunzel. A solid show through and through. Not as breath-taking setlist-wise as night #2, it reminded me of a mid 90's show with the heavy amount of Under the Table & Dreaming tunes. The new stuff grows on me more and more, as I can sing the chorus to "Grey Street" word for word now after hearing it all three nights. "Bartender" was also a nice treat again after hearing it night #1. I was really surprised to see "Watchtower" sandwiched in at the end of the set since its almost always an encore tune. And I'll go to my grave saying that Tripping Billies is absolutely the most hype song that DMB performs live; the climax where Dave yells over to Boyd juices me every time. Encore was "Grace is Gone", a slow but beautifully written song about a heartbroken man's last drink at a bar for the night (also performed night #1). You had to know Dave couldn't go three nights without playing "Ants Marching", but I'm not knocking it. Its a song that, strangely enough, sounds best in larger arenas. Everybody I've talked to said Night #2 took the cake as the best show, with night #3 a fairly distant second and Night #1 coming in last due to the mellow set-list and bulk of unfamiliar songs (the local reviews have been quite harsh, but whatever.) Three nights of Dave - its over. THE END.
Brad G.
WOW, what a show. This show was 10 times better than last night's. A lot of energy. The boys came on about 10/15 minutes earlier than 7/12, and opened with one of my favorites: SEEK UP: Great way to open a show. The crowd in my section (1) was really into it. Had to be around 20 minutes, good work by Leroi. PNP>RAPUNZEL: Funky as always, standard but good (see LS). R&R: Dave fiddled around on the guitar before this one for a few minutes, I called it. BARTENDER: Pulled out the 12 string. I really wanted to hear this one live. NANCIES: YESSSSS!!!!!! Boyd is the man, he tore this song up. This was the highlight of the show, worth the price of addmission. I was hoping for "...lost somewhere in the Big Apple..." but didn't get it. The band needs to be renamed the Boyd Tinsely Band after this one. BOWA: At this point, I was freaking out, this show was getting better by the minute. Without introduction, the ladies came out after it started, and sang the "hey la, hey la" part. Dave seemed very pleased with the sound, and was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. The ladies were a nice addition actually. RAVEN: Yet another awesome new song. The crowd didn't really know this one. 12 string again. CRUSH: This one got everyone back into it. Boyd was crazy on his solo part, and actually came over to jam with Leroi at the end jam. JTR: Great tune, best jam of the night. STAY: 3 nights in a row. Blah. Only dissapointment of the night. AATW: Much more energy than 7/12. This was amazing. Butch had a nice little solo. I havent heard anyone mention yet that Butch isn't off to the side next to Leroi anymore, but behind Boyd. LLD: Great way to slow things down. The boys should play this more often. GREY STREET: My favorite new song, very cool. I didn't mind that it was repeated from last night. BILLIES: Threw me off guard with no Nature intro, but was a energetic closer. One word-BOYD -------------------- GRACE IS GONE: Dave dedicated this to someone (Connie??). Sweet, country-like song. ANTS: I know this was coming. Crowd went crazy. Only way they could have ended the show. Great show, even better than the all star setlist indicates. Get the tapes if you weren't there.
Dennis D.
The show actually started about fifteen minutes early (5:45 PM) as the opening band Ozomatli paraded through Giants Stadium before making their way to the stage. Unfortunately, most people waited outside during their set, but they still put on a decent performance. Afterwards they paraded off-stage and proceeded to do a brief encore on the floor of Giants Stadium amidst an assembled crowd. Thereafter, Dave Matthews came out briefly to introduce Ben Harper, even thought only 1-2 thousand people were inside. Most attendee's seemed content in missing both opening acts by tailgating outside in the parking lot. Overall Ben Harper put on a good set, but was offstage by approximately 7:40. Nearly an hour later Dave Matthews took the stage, and people hurried to their seats. Unlike the previous 2 shows at Giants Stadium, this show clearly wasn't sold out. Nevertheless, I thought they played extremely well, tossing in Lover Lay Down, which I personally wasn't expecting. Grey Street also sounded particularly good. That being said, the fans made the show a dismal experience. I could have done without the seat hopping, standing in front of the railings on the mezzanine level, intermittent firework explosions, beer bottle tossing and a parking lot which looked like a demilitarized zone.
Dave A.
After attending the three nights at Giants Stadium I have come to the conclusion that The Dave Matthews Band has become comfortable playing 50,000 setas areas. This is both a both a curse and a blessing and Thursday's show was a prime example. The parking lot scene was friendly in some lots and the vibe was pleasant even thought it was the middle of the week. The band was tight and they were having fun jamming out on Crush, Stay and Tripping Billies. These songs work well in a place as huge as Giant's but several of the slower more mellow songs were lost. Lover Lay Down was a nice surprise to hear and it allowed the band to get geared up for Grey Street but you lose something with a huge crowd singing louder than Dave. The one song that stood out most was Grace is Gone. This "new" song is really a sweet little example of Dave's songwriting and his guitar work. The rest of the band destroyed their solos and everyone had a chance to shine on one or two songs. I hope that they continue to play it at the end of shows because it would be underappreciated in the middle of the set. The band's popularity has reached a level that stadiums will be the primary venue in the coming years and hopefully they will return to some smaller theaters...ie the Beacon Theater...to play several nights in a row. All in all...great variety in sets....nice to hear jane and I'll Back You Up...and when the tapes circulate try to grab some.
Red C.
Whew...Well this one ended my 5 show string in 6 days--it was a good experience. Tonight's show was really well played but I think Tuesday night edged it out. SEEK UP was an excellent way to open it up as it always is. I was hoping for Linus and Lucy into Rapunzel but it wasn't meant to be. RAPUNZEL was really good though, better than Tuesday's closer. RHYME was really well played and intense which I appreciate. BARTENDER is one amazing tune. I can't get enough of it. NANCIES was a great treat and Boyd really got into it towards the end--just a great jam. Then came the first surprise of the night--BOWA with the ladies. It was my first BOWA in 18 shows and it was a good one. Let me say this--I hated the ladies as much as anyone before these shows but I have grown to actually like them. And this has nothing to do with my highly publicized love relationship with CINDY of the Lovely Ladies... Anyway, RAVEN was excellent, the lyric different a little from what I heard earlier in the tour I believe. CRUSH was a fan favorite and played really well. Everyone knows me, RED, as a huge JTR fan--so I was psyched to get yet another one tonight. I loved every second of it. WATCHTOWER was a surprise--not that they played it early just that they played it at all. It was great but not as good as Tuesday's. I was kinda hoping they would repeat TWO STEP but oh well. LOVER LAY DOWN was kinda lacking cause Roi didn't do much on it. GREY ST. is a really good song but I heard it at ALL 5 SHOWS! That's a little overkill if you ask me. Sweet Up & Down was great again but I wanted something else at this point--like a STONE or a LAST STOP or PIG. I was disapointed about that but alas. BILLIES was a great way to end the set but predictable--the I'LL BACK YOU UP made me think another LOVE SONG would be played tonight--I guess it's not that season yet...GRACE IS GONE is good but I wanted 40 and you knew for sure that ANTS was soon to follow. But it was surely a solid Ants. All in all a great show, but third best out of the five I went to on this run. I can't decide whether Sunday Foxboro or Tuesday Giants was better--I think Giants was because of 36 and TYPICAL. It was a great run this week and I am looking forward to Hartford and SPAC.
David P.
This show showed so much maturity of the band. No one person tried to stick out sometimes there is that tension between them.... this show it was all about respect. I think it was crush when boyd and leroi who was on the flutes was dointg a question and answer type of thing and it just showed how much closer they got. Dave boyd and leroi can have fun because the foundation of the band is so firm and solid. he can jump around, dance, sing random melodies becuase of the foundation. Bartender showed this well with Dave. He just kept on screaming and singing and it was beauitful int eh backgrounf they respected him and backed up his every move. Dancing nancies was boyd's time to chine and for leroi i think watchtower was it. Carter shines in everything because the foundation he lays will nevre break it is so solid Ans stefan who adds tot he foundatino to give it a taste is the least recognized it hink but he is so awesome. His humbleness and his reserve is somethign to admire. Dave has such good stage prescence. He has such a strong concentration during the times he sings he might fool aorund hwne they jam but when he sings that all he thinks about. I love it. Their skill is so superb and the combined effort of five skilled musicians is so awesome. Dmb rules!!
Chris N.
WOW!!!!!! Now this was a night to remember. First of all, I have been waiting so long to hear Nancies in concert, and it lived up to every expectation I had of it. The guys had more energy then last night and this was just a great concert. Another great tailgate, and handfulls of free shit, which is always a bonus. My friend and I were going around to everyone in the field section giving people high fives. Yall were lovin it.... I was the guy in the tye-dye shirt, so if me or my boy gave you a high five e-mail and let me know. But back to the concert, just amazing, when boyd and leroi were going back and forth trying to "out jam" the other, that just blew me away. Nancies ----- WOW!! is all I can say. I would have loved a "Lost somewhere in Jersey" but I really have nothing to complain about this concert. And ants is such a great closer. The crowd was singing along and just having a great time. I called it to when the guys came back on stage I turned to my friend and said They're going to play a new song, and then ANTS! I was just feeling it, and I heard carter play the taps that lead into ants, and the roof blew off. I give love to the crowd tonight for kickin ass. I got a lot of responses for my review of the first giants show, some bad and alot good. But tonight everything about the evening was perfect. Thats it for me, for now, but I will hopefully be there dancin in NC.................
Benji T.
Okay folks I have read all the reviews for this show while deciding whether or not to submit one and it's come down to this: For the real Dave fans out there (and I don't imagine anybody else reading this) it's time to realize that Dave Matthews Band shows these days aren't the same as in the past. That's just the way it is now. There are too many rich fathers out there with 15 year old daughters that want to see Dave sing Crash and pay top dollar for them to go, leaving real fans with the option of sitting in section 320 barely able to see the band or just opting not to go. It sucks and it's a terrible situation but we have two choices: don't go or suck it up and try to make the Best of What's Around (no pun intended). And unless the band is planning an underground concert for die hards out there (which is a long shot) the only choice we have is to go and deal with it. Yeah I get pissed off when I have to hear drunk 18 year old guys shouting "Let's go Yankees" as if they are cool or something in the middle of a slow song but I just shrug it off. What can you do? The bottom line is the band played an outstanding setlist, one of the best I've ever heard, and whoever thought that they didn't show up is entirely wrong. Quite frankly, Boyd Tinsley is the best damn violinst I know! I mean the guy is like an Apache Indian out there with his Bow. He tears up those strings like it's his job (oh wait, it is)!! After him, Leroi stole the show with lethal sounds of his own on the sax and flute during songs like Crush, Stay, and Lover Lay Down. The fact is until DMB decides what to do about the fan situation, it's going to get worse and I totally understand the disappoitment by the real fans. But don't say that the show wasn't good because it was fantastic. It was excellent. It was one of the best setlist shows I have ever been too. Kudos to DMB for remaining the best band I've ever heard.
Hank F.
This was my 6th DMB experience, because of my various "financial hardships", this was again a once-a-year taste of my favorite band. This would be my 3rd visit with them at Giants Stadium, and by far it was the best. I managed to snag some sweet 2nd row tix off of Ebay... we were off to the left, but as soon as the show started, we were standing so so so close to the center... wow. As I had predicted, they opened with "Seek Up"... an amazing version of it... 10 times the energy of the version on "Live at Red Rocks". The jamming carried on for about 15 minutes, and flowed from the start of 'Red Rocks' to the start of "Listener Supported", with that soft opening jam (I liken it to a heartbeat, with Carter's thump-thump meter) into PNP/Rapunzel. This was somewhat of a surprise, since they closed the first night with it. "Every single thing you do to me, oh god I'm fucked!" Next was "Rhyme and Reason"... most people call this standard, but I'm a huge "UTTAD" fan, and I appreciated it. Next came "Bartender", can't wait to hear this one on the new album. "Dancing Nancies" kicked ass! I called this one. And then "Best of What's Around"... loved it! Huge "Under The Table" night for us... and more to come. The ladies need to stay away from BOWA... they don't belong! "Raven" was pretty cool... first time I had heard it ever... "Crush" was somewhat of a surprise. Very nicely done. It's a shame that they don't play as much BTCS... Stone, Pig, Spoon, Dreaming Tree need to be worked in more often... "JTR" okay, "Stay", pretty standard (played all 3 nights), but real nice. Will they stop here? NO! "Watchtower"!!! I was used to hearing this as a closer... nice to see it mid-set. "Lover Lay Down", no fucking way! I had to beep my baby 143s during this one... she was sitting up in the 200s, hehehe. "Grey Street" love it. That's the new one, people. So enjoy it now, before all the hard-core DMBheads cast it off like they did "Crash", which I still love to this day. "Sweet Up and Down" very cool... scat-a-rific! "Tripping Billies", my night is complete! Encore... "Grace is Gone", slowly becoming a big favorite... I was surprised again, since they played this in the encore on the 1st night. As I predicted, "Ants" was the closer. Powerful as ever, every time I hear this one it just kicks more and more ass all the time. They were jamming so hard, Dave almost forgot the last line in, and barely said "up and die"... and with that the show was over... (a second encore might have made me soil myself. One day, I hope to be treated to this) DMB is much tighter now than ever before. I've seen them as far back as Jones Beach 6/9/96, again at Jones Beach 6/11/97, Giants Stadium 6/7/98, MSG 12/3/98, Giants Stadium 6/26/99, and 7/13/00. This was the best so far... I hope to catch them sometime later this year... hopefully with a better crowd. How do you sit down at a Dave show??? Oiy. Three nights at Giants Stadium this year, and all of them were killer shows. Please please please come to MSG this winter, guys!
Shawn B.
Well, this was the first Dave Matthews Band show than I've ever been to, since I'm from Canada and they don't come around here often (hint hint) Well, I'd say it was well worth making the trip to NYC for though ! The show was amazing. As soon as they came on and played the opening notes to Seek Up it sent chills up and down my spine.. amazing... then they kicked right into Rapunzel, which got everyone pumped and into it. Other highlights were Dancing Nancies (Boyd's incredible !), Grey Street and Grace Is Gone (even though I had never heard them before), Ants Marching (the show wouldn't have been complete without it) and Crush (no one else seems to have taken note of Carter's semi-drum solo at the end, but that , and the rest of the song for that matter, kicked ass !). The whole night was amazing... and yes I did notice that there was a lack of enthusiasm showed during some of the newer or slower song, but I think everyone made up for it during the standards (Ants, Billies, Rapunzel, Stay, etc). Overall the show was amazing ! Hope I get to see em again soon !