Dave Matthews Band
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

1, 2, 3, 4
Dos Cosas Ciertes
Timido *
Como Ves

* with Yomo Toro of the Espana All-Stars on Spanish-style guitar

Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Glory & Consequence
Burn To Shine
The Woman In You
Burn One Down
Manic Depression
Steal My Kisses
Walk Away [Ben solo]


onstage 8:52 PM
Warehouse (stop time intro) *
Granny +*
Don't Drink the Water *
Satellite *
Recently (On Broadway) *
Drive In, Drive Out *
I'll Back You Up [Dave, Carter, Stefan, Butch]
Sweet Up & Down *
Jimi Thing *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
True Reflections +*
Grey Street *
Stay +*
Long Black Veil +*~
Two Step *~
offstage 11:03 PM
onstage 11:07 PM
The Maker *
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage 11:32 PM

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals
~ with Steve Wilson on soprano sax

Chad F.
I thought last night's show was a really good, really energetic performance. Tonight blew it away. The band was so hyped and ready to go from the start tonight that it was destined to be one to remember. It was my 8th show, and certainly it ranks in the upper portion in every aspect. It was great to hear the familiar chords of Warehouse to start the evening. After milling through some calmer songs, the band got back into it with Recently, followed by an awesome Drive In, Drive Out. Then came my highlight of the night - I'll Back You Up. Unreal. I'd heard the band play this as an encore a while back, but this version was so flawless. I loved every minute (except for the idiot 15 year old girls who sat down for it - you guys in section 5 know who I mean I'm sure, as they were on their chairs for the whole rest of the night and we couldn't see!) Sweet Up & Down was a cool new one to hear, as was another Grey Street. The regular show closed with a rendition of Two Step that gave me goosebumps because it was so good. They had a guy named Steve Wilson to guest on that and LBV on Soprano Sax, which added alot of flavor to an already amazing song. The encore was so much better than last nights, as the band came out first to take a photo of them with the whole crowd in the background, which was a very nice touch. The Maker was cool to hear, since I haven't heard it in person, and the Watchtower was among the best I've heard. It was so powerful - second only to the version I heard with Carlos Santana on May 22 in Philly last year. Just a wonderful show in every way. I'll be interested to see what happens tomorrow night, with predictions including BOWA, the Stone, and if we're all very very lucky, Halloween...see ya there...
Jason C.
What a great show. I went to the Saturday show and sat in the front row at Foxboro, but this setlist was so incredible. I was bummed when the band didn't play Warehouse or Watchtower last Saturday, so I was stoked when they opened and closed the show with the 2 of them. A 13 minute Two Step was a great addition to the show. New songs Grey Street, The Maker, and Sweet Up and Down are going to contribute to a great Dave CD to come. I had better seats at Foxboro but this show's songs were so much better, no doubt. Especially Satellite, Recently with a Broadway intro (to the tune of "On Broadway") and an incredible Watchtower light show at the end, all in all, an awesome, packed show.
Erik O.
WOW! What energy this show had. The setlist was weird... I mean how often do you see some of these songs played. I'll back you up!!! (cant beat that at a dmb show), The Maker (had a special meaning to me tonight), Watchtower close, cant beat it, it was filled with more energy and power then any show I have ever been to before! A really cool thing DMB did was took a picture with all of the crowd as their backdrop. Dave came out and told us he needed a picture and he wanted us to be in it, then after the crowd got up and showed their support, dave said "Now we're gonna play a couple of tunes for ya" and went into the encores. MY frineds and I met some really cool people at this show, one of which was a guy by the name of John, who made sure we didnt get off the seats or stop jamming the entire night. He and the rest of the people around me were lots of fun, excpet for one guy who was yelling BIGGY BIGGY and asking for dmb to play the commercial shit during grey street. But I suppose you will have that now and then... So, I'm going to tommorrow nights show (7.13) and we'll see if the guys try to match tonights show. It wont be easy, thats for sure, shows like these dont happen every night!
I have seen the DMB five times, and this was by far the best one I have seen. The setlist was tremendous. I really liked Sweet up and down and grey street, and I saw my aunt and uncle their with my cousins. I'll back you up was awesome, it was a really great version of watchtower and two step. It really was a fun show, and my seats sucked but the show was still the best I have been too!
Bill K.
What a night here at Giants! The band came out late (8:50) but seemed really pumped. Starting off with Warehouse had everyone on their feet and chairs. Granny was a nice follower but DDTW and Satellite did not seem to fit in. Recently was definitely a highlight because of the "Broadway" intro. It was short-no jam- this kind of disappointed me there. They made up for it with an amazing version of Drive In Drive Out. When Dave started playing I'll Back You Up most people sat down-this was my favorite song because it was such a surprise. It was just Dave and Stefan. Jimithing was a great crowd song but I didn't think Crash should have followed because Jimi's ending is so mellow also. Everyone thought Stay was the set ender because the band and the "lovely ladies" were cranking it out. When they didn't leave the stage I was thrilled because the setlist was incredible already. After the boys came back for the encore, they asked the crowd for a picture and told us they loved coming to Giants. Dave kept asking for "the really big ones", meaning lights, to be turned on. This little part of the show really hit home with the crowd because it connected well with the crowd. Moments like this made the stadium feel just a little smaller. For the encore, I thought Dave said, "This first song is my Lyle Lovett". Instead-THE MAKER! I would have bet my life savings that they wouldn't have played this. I was hoping for classic Ants for the second song, but instead it was Watchtower. Strange how they played two covers for the encore, three for the night. It also seemed ironic that they played Granny and True Reflections- they did the same at last year's 5.26.99 show. All in all this show had a lot more energy than the previous. The crowd for the most part was pumped through-out the show. The new songs were awesome and the band seemed like they were having the time of their lives.
First Dave show of 2000. The last one would be Veterans in May of last year. I was hoping to get me into going to shows again but that did not happen. The setlist was really bad (drive in drive out, stay, Crash, ddtw, just a few exapmles). They seriously need to stop playing crash for a while. Anyway, maybe its just the show that i went to, but they really need to change their setlist's and maybe add some new songs and some covers(other than watchtower) should be thrown in. There was really no enery or jamming tonight. The band just went through the "motions" so to speak, sang their songs and went home... The place was sold out and I have heard Louder crowds at Hersheypark Arena (hershey holds 30000 and giants holds close to 70000.) I guess ill give dave one more chance to change my mind this summer, but its gonna have to be a really good show b/c $50 is just too expensive for the show tonight.
John S.
What's up all. Not a bad second show. Dave and the Boys had a little bit more energy but another crappy crowd. People you are paying good money to enjoy the best band on earth. Started with Warehosue nice, good way to start. Followed by granny great song but the ladies kill it. Then they went into DDTW and Satlitee. I almost had to jump. Please two Radio songs in a row. It was awful. However they redemmed themsleves, by playing one of my favs I'll back you up. i was floored. What a great song. Recently was cool. I love the broadway intro and it was the short verse only about five munutes. Sweet up and Down is just a great song. Jimi THing was nice is was not off listern support, during the song dave broke a string and Boyd had to go into a longer jam. It was really cool. Grey agian I can hear this song all day long. Great song. Too bad Iw as the only that enjoyed it. talk about a kick ass encore. dave goes this song is about death. So i think diigin a ditch. Nope The maker. ME the dmb fan in front of me and two toehr in the whole stadsium new the osng. Take a seat teeni boopers. The song is just awesoem live. I was floored. I'll back you up and The MAker in th same night. They made up for the radio songs. Wathctower was a nice way to finuish. To bad I am broke or i would be back tonight to see if the band has more energy. A good setlist. I though tuesdays was better, but some nice supirse. take care john
Erich R.
This was definately an awesome show. Last night had more of a "club" feel- with SMTS-anyone seen the bridge-Too Much, Song that Jane Likes, One Sweet World with the great intro, and LIOG. Today Dave played to the Stadium, a different but also great feel-- more hits, like Satelite, Crash, Don't Drink, and Watchtower. Granny, Long Black Veil, THE MAKER, were all excellent. But the absolute highlight of the show was I'll Back you Up. People around me were embracing each other and holding lighters, it was definately a high moment for everyone. One strange moment was when Dave dropped the tuning and everyone around me was like "YEAH DON'T DRINK" but then the band made these cool jet plane like sounds for two minutes, so some people that were great at calling songs for the whole show started thinking it was a new song. Some people started sitting down, but then the band jumped into a great version of Don't Drink. Lots of energy, very cool.
Brad O.
Behold - the happy medium. A show mingled with enough hits and rare gems to please both pimply faced kids and hardcore fans alike. And ok ok, even I can't resist Crash live. Highlights include a one-two punch opener of Warehouse into Granny. He ends the set with Long Black Veil and Two Step. Doesn't get any better. And every now and then things happen at Dave shows I'll never forget (like the time Dave wore shorts in Raleigh). Dave covering Daniel Lanois's The Maker last night for the encore was one of those moments. Only the second time I've heard it, the first being off a 1993 Trax bootleg. Its a song I've been waiting to hear live ever since then. I had almost given up. Onto night #3 tonight - this on the floor!
Rob B.
Let me first start by saying Ozomatli and Ben Harper ROCK! I got to meet the boys from Ozo, the're definately cool. Anyway, Dave was great. Last night and tonight were the two best stadium performances I have ever seen dave give. I liked last nights set a little better, but tonight the crowd was a bit more hyped, and the band seemed to be as well. Sweet Up and Down is a great live song and so is Grey Street. The Maker was a nice suprise along with IBYU, Where the hell did that come from? Dave gave a relatively long and seemingly sincere thank you to the crowd during Two Step and had us all pose for a picture during the oncore. Everyone in the back of the floor just cleared out a big section and danced all night, it was amazing.
Matt M.
This was my first Dave show, and I was really excited . . . and I was definately satisfied. Warehouse was great, and they played a little intro to Don't Drink The Water. Satelite blew the house off it's seats, but it really got hopping during Jimi Thing (at the end, Dave did a really long guitar solo. It was awesome) and then Crash (which brought the house to it's feet). Closing it off with Long Black Veil and then Two Step was beautiful--I was waiting for Two Step, and the performance was terrific. For a while I thought maybe they wouldn't come out for an encore (how could they not?) but then they did, and played the Maker followed by the best Watchtower I've ever heard. All in all, a great show.
ONE THING THAT I HAVE TO SAY....ILL BACK YOU UP....sooo unbelievable, we all sat there in awe, i dont know the last time he played it, but what an amzing treat, that made the show!!! highlights were obvioulsy back u up, watchtower as the finisher was Ridiculous...granny rocked, Great sweet up and down and grey street, 2 step -awesome, and The Maker!!!! plus, i brought the wrong WH tix, i brought philly's show tix, cuz im a stupid moron, but luckily the tix people there hooked it up, and i ran all around the stadium, and still barely missed a beat one more nite tonite..lata
Sean J.
This was my first DMB concert and only second ever(Matchbox20/Soul Asylum/Semisonic), so this was something i can never forget. First of all, i knew someone who was going so we tried figuring out the setlist, but we only attempted what the opener would be. We both said WAREHOUSE and we were dead on. WAREHOUSE is a great way to open a show, got the whole place on their feet. GRANNY was cool. everyone was singing along, which kinda surprised me. still not a fan of DDTW but it's my first concert, so i'm not complaining. Before SATELLITE started, I said to my sister "I'm goin' with satellite next." i was right, but that was the last time. SATELLITE was awesome with the place singing along. RECENTLY in itself is a good song, but with the On Broadway intro, and being pretty close to NYC made the crowd go nuts, they had a nice video show for that. DIDO is carter's song, nice to see him wearing a Metrostars jersey. I'LL BACK YOU UP!!!!!!!!!! WOW!! NEVER PREDICTED THIS ONE. mostly everyone sat down for this. not me. Some people have been to many concerts waiting for this song. i wasn't gonna take for granted the fact that i got it the first time around. SUAD is catchy, could be the first single, it's radio material. JIMI THING was good. Dave's solo got alot better and longer since LS. CRASH, as much as i don't like it, the place went ballistic. nice to hear dixie chicken too. TR is a great song, my sisters favorite, i love seeing half the band singing along. GREY STREET is tied for 1st for my fav. new song with GIG. People liked it too. STAY, this got me alittle nervous, cuz they ended last night with it, and i didn't want the show to end yet. luckily we still had a couple more. LBV is better than the version on LS. The ladies have newer different BETTER parts. Steve Wilson was a bit nervous but still had a great solo. TWO STEP as an outro is fun. Then DMB came back out, and before they did the encore, dave asked if he could take a picture with us and to "turn those big lights on". pretty cool. Don't know if they do this all the time. maybe it's for the calender? then he played MAKER, first time hearing it. Good song. But the biggest surprise of the night was still to come. Dave and Stefan were playing, just them, i was thinking WATCHTOWER but i know they hadn't done this as an ender all tour so it couldn't have been. but then started signing, and gave the people around me what they wanted. WATCHTOWER!!!!!!! I went nuts. Boyd, Leroi and Butch all took solos. i guess to sum up the night in a word it would have to be WOW. i can't wait to see them again
Dan T.
All I can say is that this concert beats any concert that I have ever been to. This concert was over 3 hours long I literally could not believe it. Drive In, Drive Out was amazing. Dave added lyrics and it was the best version of this song that I've heard live. I'll Back You Up was a suprise but a treat as well. I wanted to hear at least two new songs and I did: Sweet Up and Down and Grey Street. They were both incredible and Grey Street was one of my personal favorites of the whole show. A huge suprise was to hear Jimi Thing. It was the first time played this year, and Dave improved his solo incredibly. Again, one of the best live versions I have ever heard. DMB usually plays Crash after Jimi Thing, so that was no suprise. I did not expect True Reflections and it was one of the best songs that night. I was almost sure that the last song was going to be Stay, but they gave us more then expected. Adding Long Black Veil and Two Step was too much, and I loved every second of it. Two Step was great. The Maker was a shock encore to me but still a good song. But even though Watchtower was played as a closer many times last year I still wanted to hear it, and that was one of the most energetic songs of the night. This was more than a concert. This was an amazing show.
Tommyz420@hotmail.com .
Best setlist I've heard out of 6 shows!! The band had a lot of energy tonite and rocked Giants till 11:30! WAREHOUSE- was hoping for OSW or Seek Up, but still an excellent opener GRANNY- YES!!! finally heard it for the first time live and loved every second of it DDTW- A little played out but still a good tune SATELLITE- good song, slowed it down a bit RECENTLY- great version with On Broadway intro, also a personal fave DRIVE IN, DRIVE OUT- im so glad they are playing this more again, every member's solo was amazing during this one I'LL BACK YOU UP- WOW! sweet song loved it, thank you dave SWEET UP AND DOWN- Sounds much better live than on MP3 JIMI THING- definitely kept me floating for a while! Stefan ripped it up during the Funk Outro CRASH- my 6th row view was blocked by a screaming 14 yr old girl, sounded ok i guess TRUE REFLECTIONS- love this song, even with the ladies GREY STREET- sounds so good live, one of my fave new tunes STAY- very standard version, i ran to grab a beer LONG BLACK VEIL- made it back just in time to hear Dave start strumming this one, best version i've ever heard TWO STEP- this song was completely nuts , the most energetic version i've ever heard in my life, was dancin my azz off ENCORE: THE MAKER- first time i ever heard it live, very good tune WATCHTOWER- Incredible jams by Roi, Butch, Stefan, and Boyd , totally rocked after this song i was totally shot To sum it up, it was one helluva show!!!!
Rachel C.
Last nights show was absolutely amazing. The band played great and Dave as very energetic. I was hoping that he would play Nancies, but all in all the setlist was better than most expected. Although most of the old songs were played very traditionally, Dave played them with soul and "I'll Back You Up" reminded everyone of their first love. The new songs were great, but I was dissapointed that he played DDTW instead of Bartender. For everyone who hasn't heard the new songs, you are in for a pleasent surprise when his new comes out. It was somewhat dissapointing though that Dave didn't speak much at all throughout the concert. He politely thanked his band members, his backup singers and the croud for being there but that was all that he said all night. What's up with this new qieter Dave? I want the old talkative on back!
Nicole A.
Well, well, this show was better by a smidge than the night before. Eventhough I didn't wanna hear Crash, simply because there are other songs that I would have loved to hear live, it was played well. Dissappointed not to hear Seek Up. Oh yeah, the first night I saw security all over that joint and at the second show absolutely not one security guard in sight. That works. Anyways, Recently was real smooth. Dave seemed less into the show than the night before. NOONE in the crowd was up during the new songs, kinda shows why the crowd WAS up for Crash. Long Black Veil was awesome. Overall, great show, I had better seats the second time around but I still can't decide which night was better. Diggity dog I forgot about Warehouse!!!! It defintely made might night. Later days
Twostepnchris@typicalsituations.com .
Wow! Second only to last Sundays Foxboro show. Great set. Warehouse is a great opener. I'll Back You Up- awesome i was so happy cuz thats probably the only time ill ever hear it live.i hate the ladies and they ruined every song they were in. two step was one of the best ive heard, great closer. before the encore dave took a picture with the crowd behind him...i hope im in it... NOBODY NOTICED BUT ME, BUT THERE WAS A #40 TEASE!!!IM PISSED. he played the first riff once or twice and i was so excited, but the maker made up for it...great show all in all
Great show tonight! Warehouse was a cool opener, although I saw them open w/it twice last summer, it still gets me rockin, and i was able to call this one. Granny was great, my 11th time seeing DMB and 1st time i got to hear Granny and i was thrilled, it ruled. The gospel chicks really have to go. DDTW - thought they'd do bartender here, but DDTW was cool, i've actually heard this one at ALL of my 11 shows. Fast forwarding, Recently was a delight, but the cut version kind of bummed me out. Dave messed up the last verse and then stumbled a little bit on DIDO, but it was all made up for when he treated us to a beautiful version of I'll Back You Up, which was so totally unexpected that it hushed the crowd. Finally some new stuff, Sweet Up & Down was good, and Grey Street was too. Neither sound like typical DMB to me, but i am sure they will after a couple listens. This is actually the 4th show in a row i've heard true reflections at, but i try to treasure it each time. Long Black Veil was cool, but the chicks really need to go, they stole this song for like 4 minutes with some gospel solos and i just wasn't feeling it. I can't complain though, because two step tore the house down. encroe: so they come out and ask us to pose for a picture with them, that was so funny i thought, so we all got on our seats, but i doubt i'l be in the picture (maybe? - 14th row). still pretty cool/funny. then we were treated to the maker which was great, and i was actually expecting something really cool for the 1st encore tonight, like maybe one of those new abridged #40's... but the Maker surprised me just enough to make this a must get show. I was delighted to get to hear this, after I thought they stopped playing it, it's been revived quite a bit on this tour. Watchtower was great, I wasn't sure they were gonna do it, but when they did the place went crazy. and you can't argue with a watchtower closer.
Jason D.
Well the setlist has been covered by eveyone else so i leave that part out. This was the econd DMB show i have ever been to. The first was on Sunday in Foxboro. Let me tell you i was NEVER a big Dave fan before to main stream sorta thing kept me away i think. I recognized that they were a godd and but none the less. Anyway this concert as well Sunday was two of the best shows i have ever been to and i have been to around 75 too 100 different shows. These guys play all night and play great. The crows at giants stadium was AMPED as we say here in the garden state...Warehouse was a super opener. I love the song The Maker although nobody else seemed to. Also grey street is tetas. I have only Listener Supported but my Boy CHris Norkus let me borrow his cd's to get more used to the songs about 2 months ago....I would just like o say thanks to all the friendly dave fans out there and tothe band for two awesome nights....most of all to my friend chris for introducing me to a great great band......Thanks and see you next year at any shows near NJ...J-Dogg ps- the Lovely Ladies were in my dreams last night. Are they married??what pipes on dem gals...
Michael C.
Opening with warehouse was only the start to one of the most amazing and well put together shows. The setlist was amazing. There was a new twist to the jimi thing jam which was very cool. however the most amazing part of the night was two step, as the band played awesome together. 122 MMJ
Mike M.
Well after a somewhat disappointing first show here, this show absolutely rocked! Even though it sometimes catered to the radio crowd in attendence with STAY, SATILITE, AND CRASH INTO ME. But sitting through those songs was all worth it to hear THE MAKER!!! I mean, this song is a classic. Looking around my section, I realized i was the only one who knew this one. IT ROCKED! WATCHTOWER was pretty decent, nice sax solos. My other complaint about the night was, the band thought we were across the street again at the Continental Airlines Arena doing LISTNER SUPPORTED, because it was alot of the same material(Don't Drink The Water, Watchtower, Granny, True Reflections, Warehouse, Jimi Thing, Stay,Crash Into Me, Long Black Veil, Two Step), but they were great jams nonetheless. I especially liked TWO STEP. Cater added great local flavour by wearing a MetroStars jersey, even though he didn't realize the Tri-State area knows just as much as he does about them. Another shocker was hearing "I'll Back You Up" which was simply amazing live. It takes alot of courage for dave to still play that song with him knowing who he wrote that for!! The crowd was great tonite, in my opinion one of the best i have seen. Grey Street sounded great again, even with the changing lyrics! Hopefully, the band will realize that nobody likes the "lovely ladies" and send them back to sunday chapel singing in the southern churches. All in all though, a great show. Hopefully i will get to hear Grace is Gone one last time tomorrow night.
Casey L.
Warehouse- great opener really got crowd going Granny-great song first time hearing it very unexpected Don't Drink the Water- standard hasn't been a show that I've been to where I haven't heard it Satellite- same as above I have this song and really wish they did some thing else but it was for the "radio" fans Recently- Finally I have been waiting forever to hear this, the first show I went to my sister made me leave right before it (7.24.98 Camden, NJ) Drive In Drive Out- Great full of energy, I don't like it very much on album ,but very cool live I'll Back You Up- I stood there in awe the whole song I couldn't believe what I was hearing this was the first time in a stadium and hasn't been in a band show since 98. The highlight of the show. I don't think it was originally in the set but, Boyd and LeRoi were having problems with their instruments all night, they did not play on this song, only Dave. Carter, and Setfan. The most amazing song of the show. Sweet Up & Down- Very cool new song, couldn't make out the lyrics cause people were talking during the stuff they did not know and others were still trying to comprehend what had just happened with I'll Back You Up Jimi Thing- Good jam, pretty standard Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)- Great song, love the dixie chicken outro True Reflections- Boyd is THE MAN, this is a great song he has a great voice, he sould have more songs to sing Grey Street- Once again a very cool song but people were still talking not as much however, It has a great beat Stay- Standard good version Long Black Veil- Great jam at the end but the lovly ladies carried it on too long with their outro, but the sax player was really good Two Step- good solid verison encore: #40 tease- I lost my voice screaming for this Dave played the first 4 notes and then started to talk about a Daniel Leouis song enter... The Maker- this was a great song none of my friends knew what it was but i did they all love it i thought it was really good but i was still kind of mad about the #40 thing, but The Maker was great All Along the Watchtower- What can I say about this it was the BEST Watchtower that I ever heard lots of people were screaming for it. They started the intro and I turned to my puzzled friend and told him it was Watchtower, people were still screaming for him to play it until he started singing all and all one of the best DMB shows ever even with broken instruments they made the show amazing
Kevin O.
Awesome!! The Maker and I'll Back You Up in the same show, now I know what the apostles felt like at Trax! Granny was a nice suprise early, I didn't expect the ladies to walk out so early. Recently was good except that I was hoping for Pretty Pretty Girl like Foxboro but they didn't jam it all. Drive in Drive Out was full of a lot of energy and then at the end the crowd erupted when the famous sound of that first chord to I'll Back You Up was struck! I couldn't believe it! In a stadium! I heard in Worcester with Timmy there, but Stefan's solo was beautiful. Some "non-real" fan turned to me when he was playing it and asked me..."is this a new song (with a groan)"...to my delight I replied, "no, it's the first song he ever wrote". Anyways, Jimi Thing's jam rocked...I like the going back to the old jam, but dave's solo went back into the new jam which was very nice. Grey Street was great again, but the ladies would soon crush the high emotions, but dave saved us with a rocking Two Step. The #1 highlight was the encore...THE MAKER!!! AWESOME, just simply AWESOME! This was my 18th show and it ranks up there among the best!
Mike M.
this show kicked ass, i've been to 4 dave concerts and this one simply rocked. Ben harper was awsome with steal my kisses. The highlight of the night was defintly Two Step(my favorite song) they jammed on it for a while, and the whole crowd was singing and i'll back you up. when the hell does dave play that song. the band was really hyped up all night, and the crowd was defintly into it. a gret time was had by all, and i can't wait till see dave again.
Jerry G.
Show started off a little slow. Warehouse and Granny were good, but not especially energetic. I'll stick with the highlights. Dave's guitar solo on Jimi Thing was a nice surprise. The Lovely Ladies backup on Long Black Veil was pretty cool. I'd never heard it with the backup before. I wasn't expecting to hear I'll Back You Up, so that was great. Grey Street is my favorite of the new songs so far. Really liked tonight's version vs. the mp3 I had heard. You gotta like it any time you get to hear the Maker. Love that song. Overall a good show.
Andrew B.
Well, this had to be one of the most interesting setlists that i've had the privelige to hear live. If one were to look at the setlist without going to the actual show, one might think that the show sucked. It definitely didn't. The radio songs were compensated with good oldies. I called Warehouse as the opener and it was good, though not great. It was hardly jammed out by 'Roi, but it's definitely a great way to start a show. Before I continue, let me say another thing: the acoustics at Giants Stadium are pretty bad. The wind can mess up the sound and each instrument is not extremely well defined. Granny was a good surprise so early in the set and was a first for me live. DDTW was standard, as was Satellite. I was extremely disappointed by Recently...NO JAM??!?!?!? I didn't get that. The Broadway intro is nice, but c'mon, we need something...for a second i thought we would hear Water/Wine Jam. DI/DO was good. IBYU was a very nice surprise and was played very nicely. SUAD was also nice with some decent jamming at the end. Jimi Thing was a highlight.....i've never really loved the song, but it was jammed very well tonite. Boyd tore it up pretty well and Dave had a nice reworked bluesy solo that is fairly long. Crash=standard. True Reflections was nice, as was Grey Street and Stay. But, LBV was VERY GOOD. Yes, the lovely ladies actually impressed me a lot. They built up to a very nice climax in the song and had the crowd into it. They each have contrasting voices that blend very well. The song was almost a bit triumphant in how it was played. Also, Steve Wilson contributed a lot to the song with his great solo. I called Two Step as the closer and it was very good. Wilson couldn't wait to solo and dave signaled him to wait for the cue. It was a very, very, very good solo. If you get a chance, get this song. For the encore, dave came out for a picture with the band and he really pumped up the crowd for the encore. The Maker was a concert first for me, and it is very nice to hear live. And, I predicted watchtower would close, and as always it is just a perfect way to close a show. So much energy, a new reworked acoustic intro, and two short, but great solos from boyd and 'roi. All in all a good show for me...maybe 3rd best out of the 5 i've seen. The band really didn't jam that much...only on two step, watchtower, jimi thing, and small parts of LBV and TR. But they showed us how tight musically that they can be and how much they can enjoy playing a show. It will be tough waiting to go to another concert either this summer or in the fall.
Mike D.
Wow! What a show. The setlist was the best of the three nights in my opinion, highlights included I'll Back You Up, Two Step (AMAZING outro and lighting), Granny, The Maker, and Recently. Drive In Drive Out was great, Dave mixed up the lyrics a little bit. The crowd was really into it. In the section where I was sitting, we had a guy going around betting on what the opening song would be. One guy picked Warehouse and won $20. I guess the best part about this show was so many rare songs in the setlist. See ya next year @ Giants Stadium.
Mike E.
First of 3 shows this tour. I was glad the band broke off from last summer's predictable set. All in all, an AWESOME set. The highlight had to be the soothing I'll Back You Up and the Maker. Also, Two Step and Warehouse just cant be beat. My only complaint was the people LEAVING during Long Black Veil. The show wasnt even over!!!! Then more people leaving or sitting down during the Maker (the encore). Come on "fans", this is Dave freakin Matthews and the band. Get up and make some noise for the encore!!! The boys and 3 lovely ladies put on a great show and satisfied the majority of the crowd that was paying attention. Hopefully I'll see more energy in RFK stadium next week.
Justin J.
i just got back from the show at giants and i must say this was my first show back in a year. last time i saw dave was this time last year at the vet in philly.. i was not impressed at all but i met a lot of cool people in the lot before the show... this show was mostly about radio length shows and no jamming...i have seen dave 7 times so far and this ranks at the bottom i still remeber the time i saw dave play with tim and bela in 98 and i was hoping that something like this would occur this time but i didnt, my point being i will not pay $50 to see dave when i can see PHIsh for $26. if u want jamming go see phish i guarentee u wont be dissappointed they are my fav band at this poing b.c u NEVER know what to expect at their show, at dave they play the same stuff all the time its def not worth $50
Erich B.
The show was great, i enjoyed a lot of it, but honestly ive seen them do better. They played all the songs with conviction and energy, but hearing such a long version of Stay and LBV bored the living shit out of me, *and* it was a little too similar to the one i went to last year, but at least we got some wonderful additions. I was beyond happy to hear the Maker and I'll Back You Up, they did those so well. Watchtower made up for the excrutiatingly long version of Stay, the solos were wonderful. Same goes with the great version of Jimi Thing. Last major note, Two Step sounds wonderful with the sax solo in the middle. Well, next time im hoping for #41.
Chris N.
Well lets just say this one was awesome. Great energy by the guys and the crowd. It was an awesome show. The evening just started great from the beginning. My boy J-dogg and I had a great tailgate with some new friends of ours (sorry about the car Christina), and then caught a damn good set by Ben. Was so happy to hear manic depression! But more importantly.... The band was on tonight folks. They came out and just played a great set solid throughout. I'd have to say the highlight for me was hearing the maker. I have heard so much about this song, but had never heard it (even on all the mp3s and bootlegs i have). And I must say that everyone is right, this is a tight song. At first the guy in front of me had to help me out and let me know what it was.... so thanks bro. So tomorrow is it for a couple months, but come september I'll be catchin some more hopefully. So let's make tomorrow a night to remember....
Mike K.
This show was a tremendous one to say the least. The band opened with a great version of warehouse w/ the stop time intro. They proceeded to play all my favorites including recently with the on broadway intro, satellite, crash and a great drive in. They also played some great new material including grey street and sweet up and down which was definitely a crowd pleaser. The biggest suprise of the night was Ill back you up. what a great song and to hear some peple actually singing it was a pleasure. The last song which was two step was unbelievable. Just to hear that live should be everyones goal atleast once. When they encored with watchtower to end the show i had goosebumps cause dave absolutely lost it and was going nuts. Overall it was an amazing show ad dave actually spoke a bit.