Dave Matthews Band
Mile High Stadium, Denver, Colorado
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

1, 2, 3, 4
Cumbia De Los Muertos
Superbowl Sunday
Como Ves -->
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Burn One Down
Don't Take That Attitude to Your Grave (Concrete Jungle)
The Will to Live
One Road to Freedom
The Woman In You
Steal My Kisses
Exodus *+ -->
Unknown Song
The Best of What's Around *+
Drive In, Drive Out *
onstage 8:45 PM
Seek Up * -->
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Ants Marching *
Granny *+
The Best of What's Around *+
Grey Street *
Rhyme & Reason *
Satellite *
Sweet Up & Down *
Say Goodbye *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Bartender *
Stay *+
Long Black Veil *+
Drive In, Drive Out *@
offstage 11:02 PM
onstage 11:05 PM
Grace Is Gone *
All Along the Watchtower *@~
offstage 11:21 PM

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals
@ with David Leach of the Innocent Criminals
~ with Ben Harper on vocals and Weissenborn guitar

Ash H.
I had been looking forward to this show for a long time but overall it did not quite live up to what I was expecting , last years show was much better , there were high's but some big lows as well . Anyways on to the songs - SEEK UP - I was not expecting this at all , what a great way to start the show , Boyd and Leroi were all over this one , lasted about 17 minutes , this led into the Listner supported jam which was awesome , then into - RAPUNZAL - this was very tight , great jam , great energy - ANTS MARCHING -this had the whole crowd smiling and on it's feet , everybody was really into the show at this point - GRANNY - Crowd liked it , ladies sounded terrible on it , bad version - BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND - again , ladies ruined it - GREY STREET - This track sounds amazing , will be big - RHYME AND REASON - standard version - SATELLITE - I reallu enjoyed this one , 50,000 lighters on for this was cool , Dave really liked it to - SWEET UP AND DOWN - another new song , very funky , sounded awesome , crowd liked it -SAY GOODBYE - Crowd liked it , standard - CRASH INTO ME - This was a nice moment , enjoyed this one - BARTENDER - This song had a real cool intro by Boyd ,very powerfull track , STAY - Knew it was coming , standard - LONG BLACK VEIL - sounded real nice , ladies sang well on this one - DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT - Was not expecting this one , my friend went nuts , sounded tight , encore break - GRACE IS GONE - Very nice mellow track , best of the new songs - WATCHTOWER - Ben Harper came out and jammed on this one , amazing version , best song of the night without a doubt , overall a decent set although sitting at the back did not help , crowd was terrible to many people talking and not paying attention , again - fun show but not as fun as last years
Jack A.
This show was unreal, the best Dave Matthews Band show that I have been to. And any DMB show that starts with Seek Up and ends with Watchtower is going to be a great one. The mix of old, newer and newest song was fantastic, it moved along well and had a very filling sensation. The absolute best songs were Say Goodbye and Watchtower. It was also very nice to hear Satellite and Crash into Me at the same show. It was very cool to hear all of the UTTAD songs that I had not heard performed in a very long. The only thing that would have made the show better was if there was a second show here in Denver.
Jamie P.
I am sad to say that I was honestly disappointed with tonights show. Although the band was strong and so powerful, the setlist was not what I expected it to be. Ben Harper was pretty good, "Burn One Down" was a very good way to get the crowd into his set. Then, Dave came on, and the crowd jumped onto their feet. I know that most people were looking forward to hearing "Two Step", "Dancing Nancies", "Typical Situation" and others. Instead, he focused on songs that the crowd wasn't too interested in. After the show, most people were complaining that that was the worst Dave show they've ever been to. One great thing was "Watchtower" with Dave and Ben...it was absolutely amazing. I am going to see them in Kansas on their last show of the tour, and I just hope that the set-list is better, because me and a lot of other fans were pretty disappointed.
Drew P.
9th DMB concert, although better than last year, this one wasn't all that great. The crowd was ok, but no one got into the new songs, especially the encore "Grace Is Gone". Nice renditions of Drive In,Drive Out, and an Amazing Watchtower, never seen it played so well, Ben Harper added some nice Vocals. Sweet Up and Down was great, I like the "I believe in Love, but I believe that it's love that makes the world go around" better than early shows (polaris) where it was "believe that it's love that keeps beating me down" Would have liked to seen more new songs JTR, DAD, Busted Stuff, missed Raven. Over all it was ok, probably 4th in the 9 I've been too. See you in Bonner Springs
Julie B.
I have to say that Dave Matthews absolutley rocks!!!!! He put all of his heart and soul into last night's performance. I would've liked to have heard his older songs, but nomatter what Dave sings, it's beautiful. It was the lovely ladie's last night on the tour and they were great. Ben Harper was okay. But, Dave was amazing. I think everyone was anticipating that though. I'm so excited for the next C.D. to come out. "Grace is Gone" was a beautiful song. Dave and Ben with "Watchtower" was indescribable. I was sad to see the lights come up at the stadium, but overall...DMB was amazing and I can't wait to see them again.
David F.
As many of you know, last year's Mile High Show was a terrible dissapointment to everybody involved. I was one of the few who had the guts (or the stupidity) to come out and say so. But Tuesday night was a reason for us to forget that dreadful night in 1999. Because DMB made their return to Mile High Stadium - the last concert ever at the big block of concrete. And after perhaps the best Watchtower ever, you wondered why the stadium demolition team didn't come in and add to the damage already sustained by the band. Simply put - the band blew the place apart. Ah, but we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Really, the show didn't seem like it would ever reach such a feverish tone. This is what happens when the band opens a show with "Seek Up." A smooth transition to the intro on "Listener Supported" followed by Rapunzel made for the coolest start of a show I have witnessed in nine DMB outings. Many in the crowd were quiet... waiting patiently for an explosion. It came afterwards with "Ants Marching." The rest of the set was equally delicious. The 50 thousand people strong sang "Love" and "Baby" louder than the lovely ladies during Granny; Best of What's Around had an interesting twist. But those are all classic DMB grooves... what about the new stuff? They were there as well. "Grey Street", "Bartender", "Sweet Up and Down". And the best of the night - Grace is Gone. The crowd was always respectful during the new jams. However, next year at about this time, when DMB drops by to play CU's field in Boulder, you can bet "Grey Street", or more likely "Grace is Gone", will be the new "Crash into Me." And everybody will yell and scream for it when the first chords get played. No problem really, because DMB will have nw material to work on by then... and the vicious cycle will always continue. Look at me, running out of space and I haven't even mentioned Ben Harper. Ben's set was very good, but his highlight came during Watchtower. His slide guitar/vocals on the song carried the song to a place it hadn't been since Farm Aid with Neil Young - and I say that just because Neil Young is a legend. A show with no lows and very many highs, the final concert ever at Mile High Stadium added to some of the best Broncos moments ever. The out-dated, non-corprate sponsered venue will be remember for more than just John Elway now. It's the place DMB helped bring down.
Eric P.
Well, to put it mildly, The Dave Matthews Band Rocks. The First Four songs just set the energy level for the whole night through the Roof. Highlights: Ants- Boyd cook all the way through the best Ants I've ever heard, and his solo was much longer than usual. Satellite- It's not my favorite song, but the amount of lighters that were held in the air during it made it really cool. Grace Is Gone- Ahhh, my fav of the new songs. It could make you cry. Watchtower- Two Words: GO BEN! Low Points- Long Black Veil. I Didn't like this one too much only because i really, really, really wanted to hear JTR. And my closing statistic: Dave brought more people to Migh High than N'Sync or Metallica.
Melisa M.
My husband and I drove nearly 12 hours each way from more than mile high Flagstaff, AZ to Denver to see Dave and friends play. What made us make this trip that takes five hours longer than the puny seven it takes to get to Chula Vista, CA, you ask? Ben Harper, that's who! I missed him when he played Phoenix and was going to be damned if I missed my last chance to see him this season and let me say that we were 'higher' in Denver than we have ever been in Flag because Ben and Dave R-O-C-K-E-D the house. After a simply amazing opening that was a lot tougher from Ben's end and much more mellow from Dave's than I anticipated (this was our first time seeing either perform live) the band went into some phenom renditions of some of my favorite songs including Say Goodbye (talk about some super improv!) and ending with possibly the most moving cover of Watchtower that I have EVER heard in my entire life, Ben plays nearly as well as Jimi and Dave's vocals were simply heart-wrenching! As far as the rest of the show, the lighting was awesome, talk about intensifying emotion! Kudos to the light man. While the big screens are necessary for people back in the fourth (like me) to be able to see the performance, I think they detracted from the show a little bit. It felt like watching a really intense music video rather than partaking in a live concert with thousands of other fans. I was also a bit disappointed by some of the radio-play songs, but then again I was there to hear the live, jam-session versions of everything while others were simply there to hear the greatest hits and I suppose all must be accomodated. The new music was absolutely choice and I immediately fell in love with all of it, but especially Bartender and Grace be Gone (I think that's the title). I eagerly await the next album because DMB gives phenomenal teasers for upcoming projects. I am sure we won't be disappointed. (Afterword: A lot of people griped that the show was at Mile High and not at Red Rocks, but after the stellar show that Ozomatli, BH&IC, and DMB put on, I'm glad that Sting played there and that we sent Mile High out in style. Nothing could have been a better send off than last night's concert.)
Travis B.
Hey guys, this was my first chance to see Dave and Ben Harper. So it was a very magical night. Ben Harper rocked the place, i mean his set rocked pouring out all his emotion when he was playing "Will to Live' (he threw his guitar), and then onto Dave to played the best Seek Up i have ever heard, (about 40 concerts on cd) , i mean it rocked.. very long and jammy. The first 4 songs rocked, could have done without Granny and BOWA, Sweet Up and Down , and Grey Street i loved. There were nice and jammy. The encore was absolutly amazing, I loved Grace is Gone, and what can you say about Watchtower with Ben? It was the best Watchtower i have ever heard. This was AMAZING, it just rocked out. Ben owend this song. Overall not a bad show for my first one, wished for a couple more songs, but you cant get them all. A little to much radio songs for me, but cant complain at all. Great show.
Joshua P.
This was a fantastic show. It was my 1st stadium show, so I was little weary that the sound would not be very good, but to my suprise it was very good. I was in section 417, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this special show. The band took stage and opened with SEEK UP! I was hoping that they would open with this song. I'm glad they did because it seemed like hardly no one new the song (can you believe that?), so the crowd was pretty quiet. I was so pumped with Seek Up, then I heard the intro to PNP. I was going nuts. Can you believe a concert with Seek UP > PNP > Rapunzel to open a show? Only show I've seen with that is 11.21.98. I clocked those songs at over 30 minutes of NON-STOP playing to open a show, Unbelievable! It was pleasant to see that the band wasted no time between songs. They went right into Ants! I know a lot of people don't like to hear Ants, but in the middle of set? You can't lose! The "lovely ladies" came out and I was holding my breath that they would not play True Reflections. To my suprise they did Granny and BOWA. I am not a fan of the ladies, but I enjoyed both songs with their vocals. This was my 3rd show this year, and I got to hear Sweet Up & Down, Grey Street, and Bartender at all of them! I love 'em. The lowlight of the night was Crash and Satellite. Of the 5 shows I've been to I've heard them at 3. It seems as if they play one, they play the other. However, Roi and Boyd were VERY much together on Satellite, much better than they were on L@RR. The ladies came out a did a pretty standard, but very energetic Stay. Then they did LBV. This had to have been the longest LBV I've ever heard. I started wondering if it was ever going to end (although I never got tired of it). Then David Leach came out for Drive In, Drive Out. I love this song, and with the congos, it was FANTASTIC. It was a very short break between the set and encore. I was them bring out Ben Harper's chair, so I knew they were going to do Watchtower, I was just hoping to hear one more song before that (perhaps Busted Stuff or Grace Is Gone). Grace Is Gone was a pleasant suprise. I love the changes in that chorus, so pretty! And then, the other highlight of the evening (the first being Seek Up > PNP > Rapunzel) Watchtower w/ Ben Harper. I was this on the setlist at RFK, and KNEW they were going to play it at Mile High. It was the best version of Watchtower I think I've ever heard. Harper is AWESOME on that slide guitar. And on top of that, add David Leach on congos. I rank this show as my 2nd or 3rd best (out of 5). It was WELL worth the 10 hour drive from Kansas City, but I did learn one thing...I now know why they are tearing down Mile High...whew!, its pretty bad! I've got 3 more shows this year (st. louis and kc) and I'm SO pumped for them! Hope to see you guys there!
Michael W.
Great show, especially the begining. They played for like 25 minutes without stopping and then busted Ants out. My only complaint was Stay. It really isn't that bad until the end but I counted and they sang "Makes me wanna, makes me wanna Stay" 37 times before they ended the song. That is just completely overboard. It lasted like 3 minutes. They could have eliminated 2 minutes of that and instead played #40 and the night would have been perfect.
Casey C.
This show was the most unbelievable event I have ever seen. This was my 4th Dave show and definitely the best. Of Course Warehouse did hook me up with 9th row dead center tickets. Many of us fans have really been dissapointed about Dave not coming to Red Rocks the last 2 years and we had reason to be considering last years poor Mile High show. But I knew this year would be special because it was the last stadium show and the last show with Harper and Ozomatli. First off Ozomatli rocks and can get a crowd singing along to anything(even if they don't know it). Harper was amazing like always. I knew he would close with the overplayed Steal My Kisses but I have to admit that it really got the crowd into it. But now to the DMB part of the evening. A friend and I had been hoping and praying for a Seek Up opener and a Watchtower(w/ Ben Harper) closing for weeks and it happened. Opening with Seek Up was definitely the best way to start the evening. Dave even treated us with the Listener Supported Jam after. The next highlight was Granny which got 47,000 people chanting LOVE. I really could have gone without Satellite and Crash but they got the radio crowd into it. Grey Street, Sweet Up and Down, and Bartender were probably the highlights of the evening for me(Besides the opener and closer of course). My friend and I were the only ones singing the whole time. Bartender was also the only song Dave played the 12 string on. Ending with the longest Long Black Veil I've ever heard and the sweetest rendition of Drive in Drive Out with David Leach on the Bongos was simply amazing. Grace is Gone is such an emotional song an you can see it in Dave's face. Once again my friend and I were the only ones singing and since it was such a quiet song we were loud as hell(Sorry taper behind me). As for Watchtower it was the best one I have ever heard. I've heard almost every version and it even blows the Trey/John Popper version away. Did anyone notice that Ben Harper tried to copy Hendrix's guitar licks exactly and he even sang like him! I've never felt so much energy from one song in my life! The only dissapointment of the evening was the radio crowd. No one knew the new material and people were even lost in such classics as Drive in Drive Out. If your going to sit in the first 15 rows at least know your stuff. I'll even admit that I really enjoyed the lovely ladies. They were not overly used and it was kind of special knowing this was their last show of the tour. Tuesday night was a night I'll never forget.
Jordan B.
What an amazing show! Dave is on the list with Janis, Jimmi, Grateful Dead, and many others. While after the show show, I heard sighs of disappointment, I thought there was nothing to be disappointed about. Although DMB didn't play exactly what everybody wantedwould to hear, they were amazing. The show has progressed with each year. Ben Harper, please play your old stuff, it's better. It would have been nice to hear Power of the Gospel, but ok. Remember, before complaining about what you didn't hear, remember that DAVE put 110% into the concert! You rock Dave!
Andrew R.
I never thought that any concert could be as bad as last year's at Mile high but this came pretty damn close. By opening up with seek up, pnp then rapunzel we would have a great concert. Thats when the stupid radio songs started Before the concert I told all my friends that I did not want to hear crash, satellite and especially stay. What do they do, they play every single one. It was the last of the stadium shows and he did not do anything special This was definitly a radio song show, for people who own no dave cds. When I pay 50$ a ticket I want to hear good music that isn't played on the radio. Where the hell have pig and the last stop been? Dave needs to pull his head out of his ass and play some different music. The only highlight was the encore and drive in drive out. I'm debating whether to go next year because I don't want to pay that kind of money when I can just sit in front of my radio and listen to the radio and her the same damn songs. A pretty crappy way to end the stadium shows.