Dave Matthews Band
Starlake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: (e:)verything
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Rhyme & Reason
Jimi Thing
Don't Drink the Water
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
#40 Tease -->
Say Goodbye
The Stone
Too Much
Lie In Our Graves
#40 Tease (First Verse) -->
Long Black Veil
Two Step

Jon C.
DAMN! A very energetic show to say the least! R&R had a new intro, only carter on drums, with the cymbals, Dave was looking real happy. Jimi thingboyd and stefan had a little duel and leroi's solo kicked big time, as did dave's. dddtw had some awesome lighting and also showcased dave dancing for carter, or so it seemed. there was a litle leroi jam and the pnp started, giving way to rapunzel. here, boyd lost a violin and/or bowstring, it was shredded to peices. after that, dave was laughing up on stage about something. then came an awesome carter drum break, but not before a #40 tease by dave. boyd's plucking on his violin sounded exceptional, as usual. then came fairly standard pig and satellite, and then #41, with a HUGE grin on daves face. it was a real nice version, jammed out nicely. THen stone, with the falling in love with you outro....then back into stone ending. too much exhibited the bands enormous amount of energy dave was dancing all over the place. ne xt was LIOG, and an awesome version at that. Boyd was ALL OVER the stage, playing to all sides of the audience and dueling with everyone except leroi. also came some nice work by stefan...then the encore: dave teased #40 in a huge way...he even sang a verse and the chorus....but not the whole thing.. right before it, he saw all the signs and just said "Someday...someday." then he went into LBV, which seemed pretty nicewith stefan jamming along nicely with boyd picking away. Two step..just awesome started out with dave and boyd dueling and it just got better from there till the end.... all in all, one hel of an awesome show.
Scott S.
Drove an hour and a half from cleveland and was it ever worth it, amazing show and MAAAD honey's in the parking lot!! but onto the reveiw, One Sweet World-with the intstrumental opening it was real nice to get everyone going. Say Goodbye-carter is just a bad bad man, his drum solo into this song was simply mindblowing. Pig-this was sooo nice to finally hear live, the ending was amazing, they extended the ending and let everyone jam a little, i didn't think they were going to end. #41-it's a number song what else can i say? you can never complain about a number song. Stone- one of my favorites off of BTCS, they really drew out the ending, i just love that part of the song, it's so mellow and so chill. The backdrop was amazing during this it was this awesome picture of a city with cars and stuff hard to explain, just hope you can see it in person. Lie in our graves- amazing version, the best non-bela version i have ever heard. Boyd went crazy, he lost his hat and everything, even dave was laughing, boyd worked his way all over the stage. But by far and a way the best part of this LIOG was when boyd was done dave went to the mic during what usually is an all instrumental part and started singing with the beat "oh i've got to go, i've got to go" he added in more words it was such an amazing improvision i love when he does that. (you can do it) #40- during e:, #40 signs were passed out and man did it work!! dave played and sang for probably 2 minutes. the words were hard to make out but the most amazing thing about this tease was he even got to the refrain of "alllllwaaayyys" it was pure beauty to my ears. two step- hell of a closer, the ending with carter going crazy and everyone trying to keep up is something you just have see in person. With the jams and the #40 stuff and some unusual BTCS songs i am going to be REAL interested to see what they can do for tomorrow's show, but tonites was something that i'm sure will be very difficult to top.