Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Iguanas
Don't Drink the Water
The Stone
The Last Stop (reprise outro)
Say Goodbye
Lie In Our Graves
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Jimi Thing
The Song That Jane Likes
Rhyme & Reason
Long Black Veil
What Would You Say
Angel From Montgomery
All Along the Watchtower

Joe P.
This was simply the best damn Dave Matthews show I have ever heard. Whether it be from the tapes I have, or the shows I have been to this is the best. They pulled 2 RARE RARE songs outta nowhere. The crowd was so into it, and people were chanting for #40 so Dave gave it to us. THE whole thing. That alone was great, but to be followed by Angel, was great. And to think 1 more after that, Watchtower, great in person. Party on guys and c ya at the next 2!!!!!!!
Ben J.
Starting off with an energetic opener like DDTW really helped set the mood for the evening. Last show I was at (6.14 at the World), I thought DDTW was kind of lacking, but Dave was throwing the passion into the song tonight. The Stone was pretty good, as it usually is...then the crowd really perked up as we heard the top of #41. Everyone singing along (and no beligerent off-key drunks around me!) and enjoying the sounds - nice solos from Leroi. The Last Stop quite simply rocks - especially once they hit the stop time section - nothing really out of the ordinary as far as solos go, but it was very tight through the starts and stops, and the reprise outro was a nice way to ease off the energy a little. I knew Granny was coming as soon as they brought out a mic for Leroi - it's the second time I've seen Granny performed, and the crowd *really* got into it this time - I think having it on L@LC got the song out into the public - LOVE, BABY! Right about now I'm expecting something like Satellite, so hearing Carter start to go off on the drums into Say Goodbye was a treat (someone had a professionally made "Carter Beauford for President" banner over on the left side - he got a huge kick out of that). Goodbye is probably the most passionate song in DMB's book by far - and to see it up close is an experience no DMB fan should miss out on. Nothing too unusual about LIOG - nice solo work by Boyd and Leroi both - Boyd took a bit of a walk all around the stage, paying a visit to the fans on the other side of the stage. I missed Crash - nature was calling, and I heard it 2 weeks ago. "I've got a sister, her name is Jane" (you all know the rest) - STJL's just one of those fun songs - you can't help being in a good mood with it. I think either Dave or Carter miscommunicated, because they were off on the intro, but they pulled back together, and you wouldn't know it was a mistake if not for Carter laughing and Dave with a sheepish grin as he sang. Rhyme and Reason's been getting a lot of play lately, which I think is good, since it gains a lot in the live setting. Long Black Veil was a nice counterpoint to the harshness of R&R - I can see that song getting more popular - it's got a great mellowed feel to it. Pig - well, like I said for 6.14, Pig's a nice song, but except for the "Love, Love, what more is there?" parts, it really doesn't do anything for me. WWYS is always a crowd favorite - singing, dancing, having a great time. When the band came back for the encore, the hundreds of #40 signs which had been handed out in the pavilion came out. Our reward for the mass request - a real version of #40, which was a special treat, since it was the first time I'd ever heard it. 3 verses is no tease. Then...Angel from Montgomery! Haven't heard that song in a LONG time - nice to have it back with us. Boyd was tearing it up both on the vocals and on his violin on this one. After the song, Stefan started to get into this little solo - he was using some effects on his 4-string to create a really ethereal sound. Eventually Dave joined in, and it started to sound like Watchtower. After seeing them with Warren Haynes 2 weeks back, it was a tough act to follow, but Boyd and Leroi both came through with some mad solos. All in all, an awesome show - I couldn't have asked for anything more - thanks to the guys for a great Saturday night at Alpine.
Paul R.
What can I say about the show other than it is the best one I have seen. Not only did the setlist rock but the way the band interacted with the crowd drove me nuts. I have never seen Stefan get into a show like he did this one ecspecially during Ants Marching. I must say that For the Beauty of Wynonna was by far the best song I saw. I was so happy to see a show that was geared towards older fans rather than the radio crowd. It was funny to see people sit during Granny and Song That Jane likes. Oh well they played Crush to satisfy those likes. Dave seemed really energetic and cracked a joke but I was to busting screaming my lungs out to understand. Definately a show to try to find!!!!
Jordan G.
It's kinda late so all I'm gonna say is ANGEL!!!!!!!!! The first DMB show since '96!! Now all they need is to bring back Me and Julio and #36, and a few other oldies...maybe get Peter Griesar to guest on a show and play People, People.... Just kidding.. See ya all later.
Matthew N.
Dont Drink the Water- got me worried bout tonights show Stone- Still got me worried. Wheres the Wise men say outrow. #41- Very smooth by the guys. Lots of soloing by boyd and LeRoi Last Stop- Heard it before, didnt really care for this one, but still decent to here in concert. Granny- The starting point of the show. Besides #41, the start was very week. They played a very nice granny. Could have been longer, but still was cool. Say Goodbye- Very nice Carter solo. Very studio type, but still managed to send a shiver down my spine. Lie in our Graves- Amazing song. Boyd was goin nuts in the jamming section. Nicely played. Crash- Very decent. Lots of sing-o-longs during this song, but nice to hear once in a while. Jimi Thing- Solos all around. Outstanding song to see in concert. Boyd, LeRoi, and even Dave had some nice solos on this song. Song that Jane Likes- Very studio like song, but still, it was a great song to hear in concert. Rhyme and Reason- Could have done without this song in this setlist, but since its there, its all good. Pretty much the same as the cd. Long Black Veil- Unfortanlly, lots of people sat for this one, but it was very nicely played. Dave started it out, then the band came in a bit later. Pretty nice to hear. Pig- Totally wasn't expected. Very smooth song. They extended the ending for a while which made it very cool. Lights were impressing. What Would You Say- Right when I thought that pig was the last song, they broke into What would you say. It was very cool. Boyd once again took it away when he started walking all across the stage. Encor The signs went up and dave started it out wtih a very nice: #40- Very nicely played. Im glad DMB didn't leave me in suspence anymore and gave us a full #40. Sounded beutiful. Angels From Montgomery- I think it was the first time playing this song in a while. Totally unexpected. Sounded beutiful. Watchtower- Stefan came alive for the funky intro. Very smooth on his behalf. I heard it at madison, but im glad I heard it here too.
Brian G.
This was absolutley the most phenomonal Dave shows I have ever seen or even heard off a tape (for the record). DDTW was pretty standard, but got the show started. The stone was next, and it was ok, but nothing special. The boys took a long time between the first couple songs, possible to decide the setlist as they went along. Anyway, #41 was beautiful. Roi took CONTROL on this one - absolutly amazing. Great, fluid solo by the man. Next was the last stop, and it was ok, but once again nothing really special. Then i heard that first D chord and Dave flew into Granny. This version seemed particularily slow, as did other song tonight. Not bad though - Dave and the guys jammed it out until the end. Then came a huge drum solo by Carter - everyone looked like they were having a ball up on stage. I thought the solo would turn into #36, but instead we got Say Goodbye. I first thought this was coming right after 41 when Roi had out the flute, but oh well, it came later. Al! l 40,000 at Alpine sang this one out - really cool. The girl behind me started crying when this song began; everyone wanted it to be played. Then out of no where came LIOG. This song was also real slow, but i guess it was cool cause that just meant the show would last longer. right in the beginning of Roi's solo his horn blew out or something like that, and Boyd had to quick step in and take the spotlight. And take the spotlight he did. He was all over stage - even walking over to jam with Stefan for a bit. Loved to see it. No "till we dance away" though, but no big deal. Roi came back on after this, so everything was all good. Next came Crash, and it also was very slow. Either i was really messed up, or every song was really slow tonight - it was kinda wierd. Me and my guys (Kas and Choi) sang out Dixie Chicken like no tomorrow, and it seemed lots of others did too. Jimi Thing was next, and that just kicked ass. I dont know how long it was, but it was LONG! Boyd! tore it up, which is just awesome to see. Those dreads and the leather pants are amazing. Everyone took solos on this one, including Dave. He jammed on that tan Chet Atkins for about 3 or 4 minutes, which i had never heard him do before. Next he introduced the Song That Jane Likes. Id never heard this live before, and was really pumped to hear it. Once again, a slowed version was played. Short, but a very sweet song. R&R was next, and it was ok, but i could have done without it. Dave then seagued into Long Black Veil, and i SCREAMED the lyrics out. the general response abourd we was "What the hell is this?" but everyone thought it was cool. i really like this song, and Roi played some sweet sax on the end of this one. He really controlled the stage tonight, which is something he's not really known for. Then came Pig, and its a cool song to hear live. I sat for most of it though, cause my legs were just burning. Anyway, it sounded great. The lights were cool on the end of this one as well. To wrap thing up, Dave brought out the song that got him known. It was really interesting to hear it without John Popper on the harp, but Boyd filled the spot very nicely. I love the jam on the end of this one - Dave was really into it, dancing his heart's content up there. The guys walked off stage to a thunderous applause, and would return in about 10 minutes. i dont get why they take that long. they know we want them to come back on, but they make us sit there and scream like 3 year olds. but nevertheless they returned, and played #40. not just a verse, or a tease, but the whole damn song. i had tears in my eyes. strictly beautiful. there were different words to this song though, so i couldnt really sing along. Just awesome though - i had prayed for it the night before, and big Dave came though for me (Thank you). Next came Angel from Montgomery, and i went nuts! i love this song, and damn can Boyd sing. he went crazy on his solo during this one, which was well deserved. Once again he walked around the entire stage. After they finished it AND DIDNT WALK OFF THE STAGE, i knew the last song was gonna kick some ass. it had to be either Ants, Billies, Watchtower, or Warehouse. I really wanted Watchtower with the Stefan into, but that didnt happen. Instead i got an intro by dave that was on the top 2, maybe 3 strings - really cool. he played the a-G-F transition beautifully as Stefan did some funky ass shit to jam along. this was better than i had ever expected. Boyd and Roi really went nuts on this one, and i jammed out in the grass right along with them. "No reason to be excited!" and boom, they were done. The perfect encore for a nearly perfect concert. If ANYONE has a copy of this show CONTACT ME PLEASE!!! this show is definitly a must for any trader. Ill see y'all at Summerfest!
Casey J.
I could not have asked for anything better than tonight's show at the greatest venue in the U.S. I went into the show with three wishes. 1) The Long Black Veil, as I had not heard it with the entire band. Done. 2) Pig. Done. 3) Entire #40. Done, done, and done. Not only did they play all of the songs, but they played them with the greatest of enthusiasm. Dave was bouncing around the majority of the time, and I couldn't keep track of Boyd running from one side of the stage to the other during his solos. Alpine Valley brings out the best in the band in my opinion. Apparently it was "Cover Night" for the band as they covered three songs, all beautifully played. The first one was the aforementioned Long Black Veil. The surprising encore started with all of #40, then Angel From Montgomery, a John Prine cover. And the final cover, Watchtower, with Stefan's solo intro which has become a great treat. The boys played their asses off and I, for one, had the greatest concert experience of my life. Sidenote: Dave showed his his humbleness (lack of a more appropriate word) after the show by taking an intricate portrait of dave drawn by a fan in the front row. What he did with the painting is unknown, but he made that artist's night for sure.
Steve C.
Well, this review should be interesting because it's from a totally different perspective than I'm usually used to. I taped for the first time in my life for the first Alpine show...I was set up halfway up the lawn and they didn't unroll the canopy on the soundboard, so I only saw Carter for the entire show. I didn't so much as catch a glimpse of Dave, Roi, Stefan, Boyd, nobody but Carter. The lights were decent though. So anyways, this review may be cock-eyed, but it'll be interesting to see how much I really missed. They opened with DDTW, and frankly, I despise this song so on one hand, I wasn't happy to hear it, especially as an opener, but at least they got it out of the way. Stone is always welcome in my book, it was a pretty standard version but you just gotta love Carter...and since he was the only one I could see, I ate it up. #41 is another one that's always welcome in my opinion, and there was some decent jamming going on there...nice, a little stretched out! A jam??? Wow! 41 was pretty cool. Nice Roi jam, etc. Acoustics to Alpine sounded pretty good tonight, my bud Joe noted that it sounded better than last year. Last Stop came next. Once Dave did his little devilish voiced-thingie, I knew it was Last Stop, I really really like this song. Nice to hear. Joe came and visited me by the mics and said, "Not impressed with the setlist at all". And I thought, "compared to Deer Creek, neither am I." But then he left, and the funny thing was that from that point on, they ripped it up. Granny was decent, standard. A lot more people seem to know it now since it was released on D+T..so with more people singing along, it's OK. Drum intro-->Say Goodbye. I knew it was either Bye or 36, GOD was I praying for a 36...but in the back of my mind, I knew that there was no way they'd bust out 36...maybe tonight or Monday. The flute came in, Roi was very in touch with the flute segment...real nice. I was happy with that version. Lie In Our Graves---I was so psyched when they started it, but really, the jam was average at best. Granted, it was a good jam, but after you hear an 18 minute LIOG with Bela Fleck, you get spoiled...this one was about 11 mins...I was still ecstatic to hear it, I just put Bela in the jam in my mind...good jamming Bela. Crash-Bleck. Hate this song. Jimi Thing was nice. At first they started the typical jam that they go into, and then on a dime, they totally changed it up. Carter and Boyd really just changed the tempo, and Dave actually had a SOLO!!! It was about 1-2 mins, very cool!!! Then they segued back into the Jimi Jam. 14 and change, pretty nice. Jane--WOO HOO!!! That's all I'm gonna say...thanks. R+R--not too much improv in this song, I'll take it over Stay though. Long Black Veil---I LOVE THIS SONG! I patched into someone else's mics and he was very psyched to hear this one too...Nobody knew it, but I loved this one. Pig was cool too, IMO, it's one of the better! tunes off of BTCS. WWYS was a nice way to end the set, much better than Billies or Too Much, again, IMO. Encore---I told the other taper, Jerry, "Looks like a good set so far..." He said, "So far...we'll see." Well, we saw. Actually, we, the tapers, heard, did not see. That's OK though. 40---everyone sat down, I wanted to yell so loud but I couldn't cuz of the mics. MAN! How sweet...it's not the best song to see live, but if DMB wants to play this one, I'll take it any day of the week. This was sweet. I was thinking, OK, 40, Warehouse-->Ants or something...boy was I wrong. Angel---Sweet sweet version. Boyd was real nice on this one, and Roi complemented him well too. I actually was wishing that they'd go into True Reflections (joe later told me he thought the same thing) but hell, I'll take a watchtower...my first, FINALLY!!! Cool, cool intro from Stefan, it really reminded me of a "Space" by the Dead...so so spacey. Very tight, so nice. The beginning to Watchtower was very obscure, but obviously with the intro, it was. A nice (but short) version...about 7-8 mins. Lights were spectacular for this one, and nice solos all around. There were pretty nice lights during Last Stop too...all in all, I give the show an A-. Slow start, and even though I couldn't see the guys, it didn't seem like Dave was dancing around or jumping up and down. (I know, his ribs,...) but last year, he was so psyched, kept on saying how the vibe was great, just wasn't there tonight. But a good show nonetheless. Even though I didn't see much, it was all worth it when we listened to it on the way home and in the parking lot!!!! And a note---if you're walking through the lawn or seats and see a mic stand, PLEASE PLEASE don't grab onto it for support!!! Thank you. If you're going to more like myself, have a great show.
Gus A.
over all the setlist was pretty good. Dave needs to stop playing "dont drink the water" every show. it gets kinda old and too predictalbe.Things like stone and pig should be played a lot as well as last stop but what is up with him playing Long black veil at every show since like april. It's an all right song but not one of my favorites or anyone eles'.
Frank T.
Ok well here it is! MY Most favorite song is ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY! So my buddy and I brought a huge 4 foot by 20 foot Floresent banner and heald it up when DAVE announced the opening band! he seen it and nodded and pointed to us! at this point I did not really think we were going to get it played for us! WELL THANKS A MILLION DAVE! YOUR THE BEST! HE PLAYED IT FOR US IN THE ENCORE AND I FREEKED OUT! If anyone else seen the banner I would like to hear from ya! I have been to 6 shows this year and this one was by far the best not only because of my favorite song but they rocked! this show was definately better then sunday & mondays shows! I also have copies of both sat & sundays show to trade if your interested! I AM STILL IN AWE THAT HE PLAYED THAT SONG FOR THE 2 OF US! FIRST TIEM SINCE 96 WHAT A TREAT!
Nick U.
First of all, Iguanas are awesome---best opening band I've seen! DDTW suprised me as an opener, but was in the groove. Granny--oh my goodness--how sweet it is!! Jimi and its jams--what I'd prayed for and BOY did they lay it on. "I've got a sister Jane...." Long Black Veil is beautiful, had waited a month and a half to experience it. Pig--with DMB, I'm not burning the day away, baby! Encore--holy smokers! Three songs. We got the whole scoop of #40, then a great extened Angel, capped by a great Warehouse. Boyd was wild all night long, a couple high solos, all over stage. Concert seemed like it would never end, and man was it a blessing!
I was a little upset that I missed the Iguanas opening..."para donde vas??!!!"Anyway, this review is almost impossible for me to do as I do not remember most of the show. DDTW opener, no good...stone was good, it didn't really matter...I guess my higjhlight were the things i remember so here they are...granny, and STJL, both unexpected but excellent, and the encore ROCKED!!! #40, all of it, ANGEL FROM MONT!!!!! and then watchtower....watchtower sometimes gets old but it seemed very fitting for last night....angel was unreal, i couldn't believe they played that!!! The crowd was very good although it was next to impossible for me to find more bud, but i finally did. The people in the parking lot were Very chill, I love you all in the Yellow parking lot....chris, what's up?! Peace.
Amy H.
Completely amazing concert, energetic, wonderful crowd, and as Dave said, we "got the vibe" . . . Don't Drink the Water was an expected opener, but great none the less. The selection was amazing, with only THREE radio songs :) However, what was really surprising, and caused many debates later, was the "ghost" playing of Tripping Billies. There is much confusing centered around whether or not Dave in fact played the intro to Lie in our Graves, a verse of Tripping Billies, and then The Lie in our Graves jam to ending. Four out of the six people we were with distinctly remember singing along to that first verse of Billies, and the other two believe that we are insane. Perhaps it was a fit of Dave euphoria (definitly NOT drug enduced), but we all distincly remember being extreemly confused when we recognized the Graves jam after just having sung "eat drink and be merry". We were not tripping, but we are completely sure that we were all Tripping Billies. In any case, the encore was more than we could ever have expected, and the concert as a whole was mesmorizing. Boyd was an "angel" which was a really treat :)
Allison H.
Alpine Valley has always held the best of shows for any performer. I spoke to many out of staters on Saturday who told me, they'd never seen such a great venue with such superior sound, and THE BEST AND CRAZIEST FANS!!! Tailgating till the sun comes up, and groovin' till the sun goes down! Dave introduced the iguanas wearing... get this THE PAJAMA PANTS!!! AND A HAT!! The vibe at Alpine was sweet. This guy in the second row had a painting of Dave (from BTCS) and held it up to the lawn, the crowd went nuts. There were some other great signs for #40, that were decorated really well, Dave must of gotten the point. There was even a sign that said VOTE FOR BEAUFORD FOR PRESIDENT! It wasn't a cheap ass poster, but like an official one. The band was smiling throughout the show, the crowd was singin' and dancin' like no other. The guys truley looked like they were having a good ol' time. Dave wasn't dancin' too much, must be those ribs. After the show, I kept thinking, WHAT DID THEY TALK ABOUT BACKSTAGE TO COME UP WITH THAT ENCORE!!! I nearly shattered glass when I heard the cords to #40, which has totally different lyrics then the yoshi's copy I'm used to. Then I hear a couple cords from Angel from Montgomery, I was thinking "he's just noodeling around with his guitar" but then, Boyd steps up, and I again belted out a gut wretching scream. I knew Watchtower would end it, but I wanted to hear this one, because I knew the crowd would rock with it. An overall AMAZING encore virtually left many speechless. NOTE: Dave still seems to be having problems with high notes. On crash, he was screaming "CRASH INTO MEEEEEEE" none of that sweet high notes were use to. I actually liked it a lot because it brought the radio song some twisted new sound. CAN'T WAIT FOR TONIGHT!!
Scott S.
Okay, I'm somewhat rested up after the awesome weekend in East Troy, Wisconsin for the 2 Alpine Valley shows. First off let me say that traveling to Alpine from near Dayton, Ohio was definitely worth it!!! Alpine Valley is an AWESOME venue w/a great crowd! I think Deer Creek is nicer, but nothing beats Alpine's atmosphere! On to the Saturday show (I was sitting 24th row center for this show)... DDTW - Good opener, but I wouldn't have cried if they didn't play it at all. Stone - My friend (who came down from Minneapolis) called this one...It surprised me that it would come this early...mellow--I always enjoy this song! #41 - Nice version...#41 is such a solid song for everyone to showcase their talents on! Last Stop - I love this song...especially live! I called this one after seeing Boyd pick up the other violin (Zetta?) Though it doesn't beat the 11/21/98 version (w/Bela & Tim) I saw, it still was really good! Granny - Glad to get this one again (I've been lucky enough to get this song 3 times in my 6 shows). I think the 6/24/99 Deer Creek version was better (best I've EVER heard...live or tape/cd), but Granny never is bad! I was amazed by how many fans actually knew this song...it seemed as if all of Alpine Valley was singing along on this one...awesome! Say Goodbye - Long drum intro, but I was somewhat disappointed in this one (definitely doesn't beat the only other Say Goodbye I've heard-8/9/98). LIOG - Boyd was on fire for this one, but I think he had more energy during the 6/20/99 version...still an awesome song! Crash - "Dixie Chicken" is always nice! Jimi Thing - Great energy for this one! I love the lighting on this song! STJL - I thought this would be the only "rare" song we'd get, but you all know by now that I was definitely wrong about that! R&R - I'm still not into this song (cd or live)! LBV - I really think DMB does an amazing job with this song...I thoroughly enjoy it! Pig - Great song live, but I think Carter went off more on the 6/20/99 show in Riverbend. WWYS - My first "first-timer" live for me for the evening and I loved it (little did I know that I would get 3 more in the encore)!!!! Great jam on this one! #40 - I saw a bunch of signs for this thing before the show and everybody who had one held them up as soon as the boys came back for the encore. Dave acknowledged the signs and said something to Carter and then to Stefan...then he went into it and it was incredible! I was ecstatic, but I really couldn't make out many of the words (they REALLY have changed a lot since 5/10/95 and the other versions around that same time). Angel From Montgomery - Oh my! WOW was this unexpected...first time since '96 and it was incredible! Boyd was awesome on lyrics and on the violin. You could tell they were all enjoying the song, but I never dreamed they'd play it 2 nights in a row (and it was the ONLY repeat)! Watchtower - The song I wanted to hear the most out of my 4 shows this year. The first time I ever heard it and I was getting chills all over. The lighting was amazing and the energy was just as spectacular! I was jumping up and down and cheering like a mad dog...man this was awesome! A great close to a great show! Overall it was an amazing show. I thought the energy was lacking during nearly the first half of the show and there were a lot of mellow songs, but the encore was possible the best encore EVER and made up for any short-comings early on!!!! I was so pumped up and ready for tomorrow night's show...also, Alpine Valley is incredible, but their parking lot SUCKS!!!! One good thing about it though, is the fact you can just hang out with people and watch girls urinate w/o a care in the world as to who is watching them until the cars clear out. Tailgating there is non-stop...one incredible DMB party!!!
Steve K.
what a show! great energy all night from the boys, great sound, little disappointed with no screen,great setlist here is my song review..... ddtw-really great opener hoping for warehouse or two step,but im a sucker for when they cut out everything but the drums but good energy right away the stone-really love this song like daves guitar part really jammed at the end #41-one of my favorites tonight leroi had great solos and was making birdcalls which was really cool really cool though the last stop-I was hoping id here this one but it was just like the studio version except the outro was badass(everything will be all right)i went nuts when i heard it granny-never heard it in concert before so fucking good though made wanna dance and im not the dancing type really good vocals one of my favorites all night Say goodbye-carter was sweet on the drums really cool though badass lighting liog-really cool boyd was going all around the stage again lots of energy really long loved it crash-even threw all the little girl screams still a really good one i enjoy hearing dixie chicken too jimi thing-one of my favorites all night dave was justing playing around with his guitar parts jammed on it so long my personal favorite all night fucking badass vocals too stjl-really good one alot better then the studio way more energy r&r-really cool heard it two concerts in arow but still had a smile on my face long black veil-really a badass song if you ever heard the cash version daves version blows it out the water always a good one pig-this one made me wanna cry a fuckin great one much better then the world one wwys-great enegy really funky the whole crowd was really into this one encore: #40- holy shit i knew he brought it back but never did i think he would play it my concert really good though was in awe the whole time unbeliavable afm-badass enjoy it alot i really like everything about the song the lyrics was just relaxing to it after #40 aatw-amazing not as good as world but was still satisfied but was pumped when i left great show got some in california.
[Name R.
This show was the best I've ever seen!!!!! Oh my, oh my, oh my, the band was feeling good tonight. My sixth row seats also added some to the experience. The band came on at around 8:15, and played one of my least favorites, Don't Drink the Water. I don't know, I've heard this song at every show I've been to, and I'm starting to like it a little less. The Stone followed after that, and that was a nice treat. Next was #41, I was beginning to think this was going to be a repeat of last Monday's Tinley show. But after that things got interesting, Th Last Stop really got things going, but after that things just got intense. GRANNY!!!! My favorite song, I can't believe they played it! After that was Say Goodbye, I've been to 4 shows, and this is my first Carter solo, he's a madman! After that was a decent version of LIOG, and then Crash and Jimi thing. Song that Jane Likes was a real treat, it rocked. I was also pumped to hear Rhyme and Reason andLong Black Veil, I really enjoy those songs. I had the next song called, Pig, what a great tune. What Would You Say rocked the house!!! Everyone was dancing around and the band seemed to be enjoying every part of the song. The encore was the best part of the whole show - #40!!! There were people next to me had giant #40 signs and their prayers were answered. Angel from Montgomery was next, I think we got the first of the tour, I was pumped to hear it. Then came a really energetic Watchtower, w/ a kick ass Boyd solo. Overall this show kicked ass, and it was the best I've seen. Peace y'all!
Dave V.
Well, I bet you guys are all getting tired of me saying this, but this was the best show I have ever been to!!! Look at that setlist. Incredible! The band had so much energy tonight and played for over two and a half hours. It was my first time at Alpine and it was well worth the 5 hour drive from Indy. DON'T DRINK THE WATER - Pretty standard. Dave got some goo yelling in "there's blood in the water." Got the crowd going. THE STONE - Very good song. I just leave this. Not much to say about it, same old Stone. Really want to hear "Can't Help Falling In Love" with the whole band. #41 - How can you not like this song? Great jam. The band really got into it. THE LAST STOP (REPRISE OUTRO) - I love the opening chants. Gets the crowd excited. I love this song and the lighting is great. Nice to hear the reprise outro again. One of their best songs live. GRANNY - Now this was a bit of a surprise. I had just heard it at Deer Creek so I figured it wouldn't be played for a few shows. Crowd is beginning to like this song, even though most of us have loved it for years! SAY GOODBYE - Carter really lit it up on the opening drums. Nice solo and then LeRoi's flute was excellent. Great song. I still can't wait to hear those drums go into #36!! LIE ON OUR GRAVES - Wow! The band is really jamming tonight. This song is just incredible live. I can't really say much. Just beautiful. Boyd's brought the jam a long way, although it would be nice to hear LeRoi take it for once (Red Rocks '95). CRASH (DIXIE CHICKEN) - I am tired of hearing everyone bitch about them playing this song. It was nice to hear. I admit it is overplayed at times, but none the less, a great song. JIMI THING - Right now I am in awe as I am watching the setlist come together. This is definitely a jam night. LeRoi rocks the jam!! THE SONG THAT JANE LIKES - Also heard this 3rd night of Deer Creek. Great song. Crowd loves it!! RHYME AND REASON - The band must really love this song. There is so much energy every time I hear it. I love those opening chords. LONG BLACK VEIL - I knew we were going to get it one of these nights. Dave's voice fits this song great and LeRoi on the sax at the end is great. PIG - Pretty standard version. I love this song, but I would love to hear a new jam somewhere in there. Great song. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY - Wow! Already 14 songs. I was preparing myself for a one song encore. Perhaps Watchtower. Anyway, WWYS was great. I love Dave's jam during the song. #40 - Yes!! My second time hearing it. I love it. I thought it would be a tease into Ants or something, but they played the whole thing. I really hope they don't start playing it regularly though. It's better as a rare song. ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY - Speaking of rare songs!!! First time this summer!! Wow, I was in shock. Such a great song. I love Boyd's voice. Then Dave sings the second part and the song rocks towards the end. You gotta love Boyd!! ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER - Stefan had a little different intro into this song. I love the bass. Sounded different then normal Stefan intros. Very good. Good Watchtower. Sent the crowd and me home happy. Excellent show. The best I have ever seen. The band never ceases to amaze me. They are really changing up the setlists this year. Only two shows left for me :(