Dave Matthews Band
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Iguanas
Don't Drink the Water
The Stone
Rhyme & Reason
Say Goodbye
Lie In Our Graves
What Would You Say
Cry Freedom
The Last Stop
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Warehouse (Stop Time Intro)
Ants Marching

Scott K.
Tonight's show was above average, but leaves a lot to hope for tomorrow's and Thursday's Deer Creek shows. The setlist was pretty mixed-up, starting out with Satellite (a first for this reviewer) and including Pig, WWYS, and Cry Freedom (other firsts). Pig, LIOG, WWYS, The Last Stop and of course Ants Marching were all-out jams. The encore was awesome- it was sweet to hear about 3 minutes of #40. The band fooled and pleased a lot of fans by not ending with Warehouse, and going into Ants. The crowd was great, and deserves to hear Dancing Nancies. Hopefully Thursday, when I'll be in row G!
Dave V.
Oh my god! Incredible show. I still cannot believe this still. This has to be one of the best setlists in a long time. Anyone, here is the show: Dave and the boys came out at about 8:16. SATELLITE- Didn't really care for it as an opener. Good to hear though. DON'T DRINK THE WATER- Pretty standard version. Dave's yelling at the end got the crowd into it. THE STONE- This song is incredible live. No Can't Help Falling In Love. PIG- Seems to be played more these days. Standard version. RHYME AND REASON- Excellent. Dave really got into the show after this. SAY GOODBYE- My friends were hoping for #36, but you could tell it was Say Goodbye. Great song. LIE IN OUR GRAVES- What can you say? Incredible song. Boyd really tore it up. This song gets better every time. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY- Hadn't heard this in a while! Nice to hear Dave jam a little. CRY FREEDOM- Beautiful. I saw it returned to the setlists. Knew we would get it atleast one of the nights. THE LAST STOP- There was a long break before The Last Stop. I believe something was wrong with Dave's guitar. He took it off and walked around until he was brought a new one. Opening chants were great. I love this song. One of the best live. SO MUCH TO SAY-->ASTB?-->TOO MUCH- Pretty standard version of each song. Dave had the scat going during ASTB?. Also mixed up fuck it up and suck it up during Too Much. KNEW IT HAD TO BE ATLEAST A TWO SONG ENCORE. ONLY 12 SONGS SO FAR. HOPED FOR A #40 TEASE, BUT THEN DAVE AND THE WHOLE BADN COME OUT. #40-!!!!!!!!!Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! The first FULL 40 in 3 and a half years. This song was so beautiful. No one knew what it was which was fine with me. You should've seen the smile on my face. WAREHOUSE-->ANTS MARCHING- Warehouse was awesome, I loved the stop time intro. Was very happy with the night and was ready to go home. Wait!!! Three song encore! Now way. They went right into the opening drums for Ants. I was amazed. By far the best setlist. Ants was complete with the one-two-three jam. The band was really into it. Best show of the tour so far, at least setlist wise. See you all tommorrow night.
Ryan W.
Ok, i'm back and happier than ever. Thiswas the best damn concert i have seen to date. Deer Creek is the est place to se a concert: i.e. nice people, clean venue, amazing seats, pretty much the opposite of cincinnati, sorry but please. Wl, the highlights of the show:Say Goodbye, carter beauford, i'll leave it at that, it was alsonice hearig cry freedom for the first time live, although I wanted long black veil again--not complaining. So much into too much is always aesome cause i know it' coming and hardle anybody else does, The last stop, wow, this kicks my ass around, everybody got into this one. #40 was so great to hear again, owever, thebastardbehindme kept screaming as loud as he could, "PLAY THE WHOLE SONG DAVE," what a cack, sorry cack was he word we use a lot ondave trips, anyway, i told him to shut up and his friend agreed with me end of story. Alright, the most amazing thing i have seem yet at a dmb concert was then encore with Warehouse into Ants Marching, holy shit! I hurt myself i went so crazy. And to finish the night off, we found these extremely nice scalpers who hooked us up with awesome seats for the third show for a nice price, THANK YOU! Anyway, i am looking forward to the next two nights, i'll be back tommorrow! lata
Resin R.
Once again, Dave and his band managed to pump out a great show. It was by far not the most energetic Dave show I've ever seen, both from the crowd and from the band. Certain songs lacked energy and momentum from the boys, while the crowd seemed to get lost during more obscure jams like Cry Freedom and #40. It was great to hear these songs live, though, including Rhyme and Pig. This was my 5th show, and it was my first time hearing them performed. The setlist also included great dancing songs, like LIOG, WWYS, So Much>ASTB>Too Much. Finally, a setlist that was both crowd pleasing, yet contained enough old, obscure songs to please the hard-core Dave fans.
Erika S.
Satellite opener-what the fuck was that all about. I have to say I was incredibly upset at this, but I let it slip by. Hmmm...highlights- stone, pig, cry freedom, #40, and that's about it. The words to #40 were not the ones that are typical, so it was weird. During LIOG dave was acting crazy and making funny faces, i was able to see this from my 10th row seats, but trust i am a true fan as i often ventured to the lawn, cuz that's where the GRASS is....after we left i was glad that there were still 2 more to make up for this one
Nate R.
Overall, I thought it was a good concert. The highlight of the evening was definetely Lie in our Graves. Boyd had a rocking solo that seemed to last forever. He was moving all around and he even lost his hat. Then they brought it down really soft (as usual) but rather than bringing it back up with the chorus they just stopped. Dave walked around and gave Boyd his hat back and talked to Carter, and then out of nowhere they brought it back. I thought that was cool. In general, I didn't think the crowd was into it as much as the last concert I went to, but it was still a really good show. My only wish would have been for more improv solos.
Good show, great seats thanks to the Warehouse. Highlights were LIOG, Pig, and Ants. Boyd seemed really reserved on Tuesday and on Wednesday, but on his songs (i.e. LIOG, Billies, Ants) he was amazing. Broke a string during the LIOG solo. Dave was really having a good time on Tuesday, tonight there was a little less energy. Dave satsified the first 5 rows who were holding up the eternal #40 requests with a first verse/chorus tease. For some odd reason, I'm not a big fan of 40. Call me a radio fan, it doesn't do anything for me. Ants was sweet with the 1-2-3 Jam, but Watchtower on Wed. night was good, good stuff. Thanks to DMB, the crew, and the staff for putting on two smooth shows in a row. Very impressed with Deer Creek, although the one lane roads that lead into it should definitely be widened. Allow plenty of time to get there and out if you're going. Take care, have fun.
Mike H.
Tonight's show was my 7th show (front row from the Warehouse). The crowd didn't seem to be in it as much as Deer Creek usually is. Setlist could have been better. What can you say about the encore! About twenty of us up front had signs for #40, and sure enough, as soon as they got back on stage, they went right into it. A rare treat, unfortunately, not many could recognize the song. On a scale between 1-10, a give show 1 of 3 at Deer Creek a 7.5.
Larry H.
They didn't Jam!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. The set started out slow and I don't think that band showed up till R&R. It was great as well as Say Goodbye and Lie in Our Graves. Those three songs were the highlight of the show. I couldn't believe that they played WWYS. I haven't heard it live since my first show in '95 when I payed $15 to get in. The show ended well with both the closing and the encore. Ants was great and the SMTS->ASTB->Too Much tryptych was great. Hopefully the next two nights will be better. #40 was a treat to hear. Until Later.