Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Iguanas
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Two Step
Christmas Song Tease
Drive In Drive Out
Help Myself
Typical Situation
Tripping Billies
Angel From Montgomery
One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
Proudest Monkey -->
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Warehouse (cut) -->
Ants Marching

This was the first show in I-Can't-Remember-How-Long that I didn't write down the setlist or take any notes. Kind of strange. I took my little sister to her second DMB show, and she was dancing her little booty off -- I wasn't that ecstatic about our 8th row center seats, but she was in heaven, so it made it all worthwhile. This is not to say that the seats weren't *good*, mind you, just that I am a little worn-out with DMB shows. Instead of screaming wildly every time Dave looked our way, I preferred to actually *watch* the band play their instruments, which maddened the guy behind me to no end. (Over the course of the evening, he informed me that it was his first DMB show. And at a certain point, he grabbed my arm, pointed it towards Dave, and shouted, "Dave Matthews is RIGHT there! You should be excited! Dance!!" and then he waved my hand at Dave. I tried to explain that I WAS happy, but that after so many shows, I get a little tired of the hootin' and hollerin'.) I've been trying to teach myself guitar, so I figured that it would be a great opportunity to see how Dave places his hand on the frets. Of course, this would just teach me poor technique, but I did it anyway. =) So onto the show review: As a whole, the show was good. Not great, not bad, just good. I enjoyed it through Satellite, which has never been a favorite song of mine. The band looked like they were having a great time, and the crowd was INSANE. I was disappointed in the (lack of?) back drop, and as always, you can't see the lights that well until later in the night (when it gets dark, duh) -- but those lights were fantastic. They've got this one (?) that looks like, don't laugh -- Minnie Mouse's skirt. You know -- red with white polka dots. That's the light. There are two of them, now that I think about it. And they swirl (the polka dots move within the red circle.) For some reason, they made me extraordinarily happy. THE IGUANAS: I was pissed the Midwest didn't get Jimmy Cliff, but it turns out that I had nothing to worry about. I loved them! Never heard them before tonight, and I am so in love with them, now. I didn't have time to buy a CD, so I wandered over to their website later to pick one up. I was upset to find out that the CD with "Para Donde Vas" is out of print, as this was such a god damned catchy song, and had been in my head ever since. In some way, they sort of reminded me of Little Feat. PANTALA -> RAPUNZEL: Long, long, long intro to Pantala. Starts off very slowly, builds to a Roi jam, and then hits the actual verse for Pantala. Very nice. One problem with our seats (and this is a problem anytime you are close) is that it's much harder to hear the sax and the violin -- the drums drown almost everything out. So, when Roi was jamming/soloing (and Carter was quiet(er)), you could hear him well, but when the whole band was playing, it became much more difficult. Keep in mind that I'm not complaining, here -- it's just a fact of sitting near the front of any venue (bar or amphitheater), that's all. TWO STEP: This was one of four songs I wanted to hear. And even though I was so ecstatic to hear it, I totally forgot it when I sent out the mailing list the next morning. Oops. The intro was superb. Stefan does such a great slide bass jam, and the "verse" that Dave improvs was awesome. The last lines were something like, "find the devil who's inside us all ..." This song never disappoints -- I thought it was a very tight version. DRIVE: While they were tightening a few screws in Carter's kit, Dave moseyed around the stage and strummed the beginning of Christmas Song. As for Drive In Drive Out -- I've never really liked this one. Not that I think it's *bad*, it's just not one of my favorites. However, this version was incredibly full of energy. And how can you not like a song that talks about a tea party with a/the/some god(s)? I have to say, that for a few lines that started off in the live setting, those are some of the best he's ever come up with. CRUSH: The first appearance of the lighter brigade, though it was still really too early for them to make an impact (too much light in the sky). How much does the crowd love this song? This was also the first appearance of the 25,000 person back-up choir. I hate to say it, but I really miss the keys on this song. This was a fairly impressive version, nonetheless. Dave makes some great facial expressions during this song. At one point, he lifted his eyebrow in the direction of a young lady in the front row, which caused much screaming among her and her friends. What a guy. HELP: I swear I hear this song at almost every show I'm at. I must have a "Help Myself Vibe" or something (which can't be good, now that I think about it). The guy I was standing next to was encouraged to buy the Scream 2 soundtrack after hearing this. I'm not sure whether *that's* a good thing, either. Great version of this one, with Dave sneering in all the right places. TYPICAL: This was another one of the four songs I wanted to hear tonight. (The third was Seek Up, which I was denied, but I got over it.) I love this song so much, though I still don't really like that damned Marimba Jam crap they play at the end. I just think it's too happy for the song. It's a great jam, just not there. But that's just my opinion, and as I'm not in the band, I guess I'll just have to deal with it. =) BILLIES: Another of my non-favorite songs, but this was a very tight version, as well. The crowd went positively mental upon hearing this one. At one point, I turned around and looked toward the back of the venue -- if you've never been to Alpine, the lawn there is *great* -- it's incredibly steep (if I could find another superlative to do the lawn justice, I'd use it, suffice it to say, it's *really* freaking steep), which is AWESOME if you are sitting on the lawn, but such a pain in the ass if you are walking up or down it. At any rate, every person in the place was on their feet for this song, and when I turned around and checked it out, it was just this mass of writhing bodies. It looked like a mountain of people. Very surreal. Even though this has never been a fave of mine, this was one of those hair-raising moments, where you just sort of feel everything a little more -- you get the chills, and you're just caught up. ANGEL: Hooray! I was hoping for this! The guy next to me, who was going to get the Scream 2 soundtrack -- well, he was also going to pick up some John Prine after this, too. It's fun when Boyd gets to sing. (As a side note -- what the hell is up with his hat?! Eek. Sometimes, I wonder if the guy owns anything that's NOT leather! =) ) OSW: This was the last of the four songs I wanted to hear. Beautiful, long intro jam. Everyone was so on tonight. Phenomenal. Lights were very sweet on this song, as well. MONKEY -> SATELLITE: The dynamic duo, of sorts. I haven't heard Monkey live in a long time, so that was really great. It was nice to slow it down and catch a breath, too. Perfect timing in the set. Satellite is my bathroom song, generally, but I stayed for this one, and I wasn't really disappointed with it. I like when Dave doesn't take the "winter's cold," part high (even if he's doing it because he can't hit the notes). However, even though this was basically the end of the show, this is where the setlist turned for me. Though I'm not as big a fan of Drive In Drive Out and Billies, the energy onstage was so amazing that the whole show was incredible. But by Satellite, it seemed like we were all getting a little tired ... SMTS -> TM: I don't really like either of these songs separately, but together, with that bridge, they're unbelievable. Stefan really got the opportunity to shine on the bridge -- he was so phenomenal on the intro of Two Step, and consistently on fire the rest of the show (though much more in the background). He *really* shines in that spotlight. WAREHOUSE -> ANTS: Stefan came out videotaping the crowd, which everyone loved. I really wish they'd start finishing this song again. I think that the transition is a little choppy, but maybe that's because I'm expecting to sing the next verse or something. In my opinion, Ants is hands-down their best closer, and this version certainly didn't disappoint in the least. The lights were amazing. During the stop time portion of the songs, Stefan and Carter were pumping their fists in the air, and it *looked* like Stefan was saying, "hey!" He'd hit his bass, and then just follow that through, up into the air. Very 80s hair-band video -- all he needed was to be standing on a grate with smoke pouring up out of it. It was hilarious. Everyone else joined in, eventually, and Dave played it up very well. All in all, definitely a solid show. Not the best I've seen by far, but it's in the top half, for sure. Alpine really is a great place to see this band (or any band), if you plan on spending AT LEAST the length of the show in the parking lot afterwards. Say what you will about the World in Tinley Park, but at least their parking is organized, and they've got people out there making sure you move. I think I spotted a total of FOUR workers "directing" traffic. At the exit. But that's got nothing to do with the actual show, so I shouldn't complain.
Laura D.
The show was great, but not as great as 6/26. The show had it's merits such as Help Myself and Angel from Montgomery (for the second night in a row) -- two rare finds. The crowd really was not into these two because I believe most of them were newbies and had no clue what the songs were. Tripping Bilies and Typical Situation had nice jams, and Boyd really put on a great show, as usual. Ants is a classic way to end a concert, but almost too classic. The crowd of almost 45,000 was really into it, but again, many were newbies. I was excited about So Much To Say because I had never heard it in concert, but that is just me. I was hoping for Recently, but maybe tomorrow.
Tony E.
Show started off kinda quiet until Dave went into one of his dances during the last part of Rapunzel, and the crowd went nuts. I could have sworn I heard a little bit of Christmas Song teasing going on before Drive In, Drive Out. Crush was awesome, Boyd went absolutely wild. Typical seemed to play forever, the moon came out right over the stage and every other fan had a lighter raised over their head. It was a sight! Angel was a treat that I didn't expect since he Encored with it the night before. Most of the crowd didn't realize what was coming during the OSW intro, but it kicked off a stretch of my favs. Proudest Monkey-->Satellite was sweet, I swear that the entire venue had their arm around someone. So Much To Say started and I turned to my friend and remarked that it would be nice to hear it go right into Too Much. I figured that I wouldn't hear it since it wasn't encore time yet, but Anyone Seen The Bridge provided a loud cheer from my section. The Encore was a! wesome. Warehouse right into Ants. I was hoping for Lover, but there is no better way to end a show than with Ants. Over all it was the best setlist I have had the pleasure to see. Most of the fans around me were alright, no obnoxious people screaming "I love you Dave" over and over.
Steve C.
Well, night number two of taping...we got there late, so I didn't have as much time to make my wonderful Garlic & Basil Grilled cheese sandwiches on the grill, but we made quesadillas on the grill instead....mmmmmm!!! Tonight I was in the reserved section instead of grass...much nicer atmosphere in the reserved, as a whole. Not as many people passed out drunk, people just dance for the most part. Thanks SO MUCH to the kynd phellows who traded seats with me so I could patch into some sweet mics, I got perfect tapes of this show...So where to start? The vibe today was so much more mellow, laid back, awesome than yesterday's show...very cool. I called a Proudest Monkey, it just felt right. Well, got in, security was pretty lax again, nice...traded seats, set up my equipment. Rapunzel opener, not too shabby. I like the Roi jam of this song, but after hearing it at about every show, I'm glad that they didn't do it last night. Decent opener, definitely better than DDTW. 2 Step was next, what a jam...what a jam. I'm moving for a new title to the ending Carter drumbeat, I am going to call it "Knockin' on the Door outro"...very nice, they had the outro started, then they stopped completely and Dave started Strumming lightly again, then Carter came back in...nice. OK, after this, Dave started Strumming X-mas song. THEY TEASED X-MAS SONG. I am positive. Just for the record, I just went back and listened to it, Dave plays the opening line 3 times and then stops and plays DIDO. COOL AS HELL! Drive In, standard. Carter was real nice on the drums, but he got a little too drum-happy and was off from the rest of the guys, but got back to where he was supposed to be eventually. Nice to hear though. Crush was decent too, nice jam at the end. Help Myself was very welcome, really can't get enough of that one. Typical---I just love this one. My bud Joe is moving for a title to that jam, called "Little Bones Jam". I think it suits it very well. Good jamming here, about 11 mins. and change. Billies came next, everyone went bonkers. I just can't really get into this one anymore, it's just too too blatant with energy. I like to get pumped by a song through my own means, not hear a song that is SUPPOSED to pump you up...i dunno, I'm weird like that. Anywho, the only repeat of the night came next, Angel...and I welcomed this repeat with open arms. Since I couldn't see anything last night, (I was behind the canopy on the soundboard) it was cool to see Boyd take the mic. Awesome. One Sweet World came next, I love this song and will never get tired of it...very nice version but short, only about 8 mins. But I'm not complaining. Still very sweet, tight. Proudest Monkey--called it! My highlight. Finally got one. Awesome jamming, and the inevitable Satellite followed. In my opinion, From Satellite on, the show died. Satellite, So Much, Too Much, just so standard and predictable. I liked Bridge, but hell, I'd be happy if they played a whole show, only Bridge. I love that jam...very intense and collaberative. Encore was decent, Warehouse-->Ants was very predicatble once Warehouse started though. Oh well, I got my W'Tower last night. All in all, another solid setlist with the exception of Satellite and Too Much, I don't mind So Much...one more to go. Have a good one...
Casey M.
I don't know which show was better; the first night or the second. Last night, the setlist was unbeatable with three covers, and a complete #40. However, tonight's show was played with an enthusiasm that I've never seen from the band. I thought Dave would have tired out from dancing around during Rapunzel, the first song of the night, but he kept it going throughout the entire night until the great Ants Marching encore. A sidenote: Dave and Stefan had a sweet jam to the beginning of Ants, it was almost as if it were dueling banjos (with guitar and bass of course). The entire band was 100 percent into the show tonight and the crowd sensed it. Highlights of the night included Billies, which had the crowd pumped, Angel From Montgomery, TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! I loved it. And Carter Beauford. He was a madman tonight. That's all from me for tonight, I'll be back to complete my DMB hat trick after the Summerfest show.
Kevin T.
This Dave show was great.Angel from Montgomerry was a great addition.To hear boydd sing was a treat for me atleast and those which were around me.Boydd also did great on the violin as always.The atmosphere, music, beer, lights, and people there all made this show great.As always.....no dissapointments.
Brad G.
This show was absolutely spectacular. The balance of old songs versus new songs, made for an outstanding night. Dave and Boyd sang a beautiful duet together which most of the crowd loved; however, some fans thought it necessary to scream at Boyd that singing is not the best choice for his career. DMB did the Warehouse tease at the end once again. Immediately after the first snare drum shot, the crowd went nuts. People were jumping, lighters were burning, and the band played out of this world one of the best live versions of Ants Marching. Alpine Valley will be tough to top.
Mark H.
If I could have the beginning of tonight's show and the ending of last night's, it would be nearly the perfect performance. The band played with an energy I had seldom before seen. Boyd was amazingly active, taking solos in several different places during Crush. The highlight of the evening by far was the block that stretched from Typical Situation to Angel from Montgomery (the only repeat from last night's show). Tripping Billies was the most intense performance of that song I have ever heard. Dave danced like a madman, and it was obvious he was having fun throughout the night. He seemed particularly amused during the stop-time section of Warehouse, when, thanks to Stefan's prodding, the crowd screamed "YEAH!" after each series of 16th notes. As far as the setlist goes, it started strong and then faded. While tuning for a song last night (R&R, I think) Dave teased Sweet Home Alabama ; I was hoping he would finish it tonight. Alas! All in all, while shows from both nights were spectacular, the energy from tonight was far greater then last nights. Dave remarked that he loves playing Alpine (during the vocal improv in Granny last night, he sang "Got the Vibe! Got the Vibe!"), and I hope he continues to do so for tours to come.
Brad N.
Dave was awsome! He seemed confident, yet he seemed like he was getting tired. He only played 15 songs! And with the horrible sound at Alpine, it didn't go to well, but it was a great concert. The highlights of the night were Tripping Billies, and Ants. The crowd didn't really care for Warehouse as the encore, so they ended it early with only one Chorus to lead in to Ants. The crowd loved it! But the 3 songs Help Myself, Typical Situation, and Angel From Montgomery were crowd quiters. I was hoping he would play a louder song, like Billies ,and he did, and then he went back down to the quiter songs. The Sound Sucked, and you could barly see Dave, but it was still good, and damnit DAVE WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PLAY DANCING NANCIES, my fav song! I give the concert a C+.
Allison H.
Both nights at Alpine are pretty equal to me, however the first night was SUPRISE night, dishing out #40 and Angel from Montgomery. However, the second night seemed a little bit more energetic. Typical Situation was my highlight for the evening, a great song for Alpine, "Everybody's Happy, Everybody's free" could not have sounded sweeter anywhere else. I was REALLY suprised to see Angel get dished out again, more people seemed to know it the second night. Second time hearing Help Myself, which gained a LOT of applause at the end, perhaps we'll see it on the next album. Loudest song of the night was definitly TRIPPING BILLIES, the place was going nuts and I don't think I've seen the guys look like they were having more fun then on that song. The encore brought Stefan out with his camcorder recording the audience just like the second night of the world. He even gave a Sammy Sosa type of sign to the audience, pounding on his heart and then pointing to the audience. They played half of warehouse and with the STOP GO time intro, Stefan pointed to the audience and we all went WOO. As it built up louder even Dave was signaling us to WOO. During Ants, a kid rushed the stage, I think he got carried out by a shoe lace and his hair, it looked pretty painful. Carter had an awesome ending jam, for Ants. As they walked off the stage, Dave gave a huge handshake/hug to Carter and they smiled at each other as they stepped off the stage. Alpine was a bitter sweet weekend, and I've never seen the band smile more during those two shows, then all my 13 concerts combined! What a weekend!
Scott S.
Okay, one show down, one to go. I told my friend coming into tonight that this show really had potential to be an EPIC show and to top my best show to date (8/9/98). Rapunzel - I called this one after hearing a couple chords of that mellow "jam thing" they do sometimes before this song...great version with some awesome jamming going on at the end. Doesn't beat the 8/9/98 version, but came close! Two Step - I couldn't believe that I had been to 5 shows w/o hearing Two Step. The 6th one was a charm and it did not disappoint. The ending on this is different from last year's version...I really loved this song! Drive In, Drive Out - Great energy still going...I enjoyed this one more than I did the other times I had heard it (6/20/99 & 6/24/99). Crush - Great version (doesn't beat the 11/21/98 version, but hey that was w/Tim & Bela)...crowd loved this one! Help Myself - Another "first-timer" for me. Although I've never really cared for it on CD, I really liked this song live. Typical Situation - The best version I've heard live of this song. DMB was really tight all night and I thought they nailed this song! Tripping Billies - WOW, WOW, WOW! I saw one reviewer say this was a "standard version," all I can say to that is "where you really there?" No, seriously, this song was "electrifying"!!! I absolutely cannot believe how much energy was put into this song (the lighting was nothing short of phenomenal either). This was one of the best song performances I've ever seen/heard live (out of the 90+ songs). My friend and I were going crazy (as were the thousands of other fans). We were high-fiving each other and dancing like mothers...man this song was awesome! Experiencing songs like this one underscore the fact that CDRs or tapes (or even videos) of shows do not do the songs justice...you have to EXPERIENCE them in to really appreciate them they way they were intended (but don't get me wrong...I love hearing/seeing shows on CDRs and videos). Performances like this song was the reason I (and many others) paid $400+ in tickets this summer and another $250+ traveling to see the band! Angel From Montgomery - WHAT? First repeat of the night and it's this one??!?!?! Who would've guessed it? They must've really enjoyed playing this one last night. It was great to hear and the crowd really was into it! OSW - Nice "swim naked" intro again, always nice to hear live. Proudest Monkey - A really mellow song...I think DMB needed a mellow song at this point and SO DID I, so I was glad to hear it, but I enjoyed the 6/24/99 version better. Satellite - I knew it had to be played tonight and I really do always enjoy this song live...better than "Crash." SMTS - As soon as I saw LeRoi pick up his big horn I said, "Too Much," because they haven't played it yet and you know they will. I was wrong...kind of, but I was glad to get SMTS w/ASTB into Too Much. This really got the crowd going again. I think Too Much is A LOT better when it comes out of SMTS and Anyone Seen the Bridge! Anyone Seen the Bridge - Stefan was getting some playing tonight...this song included! I was really happy for him, because he seems to be the "unsung" hero at times and doesn't get the recognition that he deserves. I love ASTB into... Too Much - Awesome energy...again...great closer! Warehouse - What? Huh? I'm still having trouble hearing! The crowd was going absolutely bananas after Too Much and then they came back and Stefan had his camera videotaping the crowd...he must've thought this was great too! This was absolutely incredible! Then they started into Warehouse and the lighting and crowd was outstanding! True, they didn't play the whole song, but it was even better because after the first verse (or maybe it was the second) and chorus they went back into the stop time intro and then right into Ans...it was unbelievably great (I'm running out of adjectives)!!! Ants Marching - This was the song my friend REALLY wanted to hear and I told him not to worry, because he'd definitely get it within the 2 days. As soon as I heard Warehouse I knew it was coming and I was ecstatic for him...and me. Ants is such an awesome live song it's not even funny! We were high-fiving again (as well as screaming like crazy and dancing like "nancies"). Well, I NEVER thought I'd say this without a "Nancies" or "Watchtower," but this was THE best show I've ever been to (true it's only my 6th..the other 5 were: 8/9/98, 11/21/98, 6/20/99, 6/24/99, and 6/26/99). The energy of this show was incredible. Yeah, there were a lot of "radio songs" during the show, but I don't care this show ROCKED majorly! I'm amazed by how much energy those 5 guys can create in a place like Alpine Valley. MAJOR props to Dave, Boyd, LeRoi, Carter, and Stefan...thank you guys for giving me an incredible weekend...it's one I'll never forget! Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Eric M.
Alpine day 2, I was praying for a great show because i had front row seats and man let me tell you. GREAT SHOW!!! The highlight of the show was the encore Warehouse has got to be the best song live and when they went right in to Ants I was going crazy. Boyd's solo in Ants was awesome and he was right in front of me. It was nuts. Help Myself was a nice suprise, was not expecting it at all. Everybody was in fine form once again. On to Summerfest for hopefully another great show!
Nick U.
So last night they played nearly every song I'd been hoping to hear, so what could be left for tonight? Can you say "ENERGY?" Nearly the whole show was on the move and I danced myself sick. PNP was a perfect opener "Come and relax now..." A Christmas song tease before DIDO. Help Myself--great in concert, even if the crowd didn't know it. Ah, yes, it is One Sweet World! SMTS--> bridge-->Too Much...Super energy like crazy! Great encore--I love Warehouse, of course the crowd went nuts for Ants. Impossible for more excitement to be packed into a show!
My 10th Dave show turned out to be one of the best. 8th row tickets dead center probably helped but the boys had a ton of energy this evening as did the crowd. The whole band looked like they were enjoying themselves and got it going with a great Rapunzel followed by the best version of Two Step I have ever heard with a long intro and great outro with Carter rockin' on the drums. MY night having been made with Two Step, they continued to keep it going with an incredible Tripping Billies. Only disappointments of the night were the shortened Warehouse (you've got to finish that Dave!!!) and the parking which was horrid. 6 shows left for me for the summer and this was a good start. See you at Shoreline on July 10th.
Peter D.
The Wisconsin weather held off for the 2nd night in a row and it was a beautiful night. The show was not as good as the night before, but Saturday was a hard act to follow. The boys opened w/ cool solo from Mr. Moore and then they ripped into Rapunzel and the show was off to a good start. 2-step, cool as always w/ one of Dave's unique intros. I was very happy that they played Help Myself as well as Angel and both versions were very well-done. Everyone around me was commenting and asking what that cool song was (Angel). OSW was sweet as always with the nice intro. The crowd went nuts for SMTS that transitioned into Too Much. Then it was time for the encore, they opened it back up w/ Warehouse and went right into Ants which was different but still nice to see. Ants kicked ass and Boyd went nuts at the end w/ his solo. I thiought he was going to stage dive, cause he was so damn close to the audience. All in all it was a good show with great enthusiasm shown by the band.
Matt W.
This was my 6th show, Jeremy's 5th, Jim's 4th, and JJ's 1st. We got to the venue and got in line for lawn seats. After waiting for 2 hours we were let in. I ran down the hill and got a surpurb spot. For the next 2 hours we sat there and chilled out. After returning from meeting up with a friend, I came back to some drunk guy laying on my blanket that he had puked on. That set me off and I let him and his buddy know that. Dave tok the stage and played one hell of a show. Highlights were---Help Myself-a first time for all of us, Angel was awesome, Proudest-I have not heard it since VA Beach in 1996, SMTS->ASTB->Too Much--WOW. Stefan had his groove thing going on. Encore was Stop Time intro to Warehouse, they went back to Stop Time during the song then BANG they pulled out the song of songs, ANTS. We all went nuts. All in all it was a good show but it did not compare to last years Alpine.