Dave Matthews Band
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Iguanas
One Sweet World
Jimi Thing
The Best of What's Around
Proudest Monkey
For the Beauty of Wynona
Dancing Nancies
The Song That Jane Likes
Too Much
Warehouse (stop time intro)
Ants Marching
Typical Situation
Drive In Drive Out

Larry H.
Wow, laid back!!!!!! I think that this show was my favorite of all three nights. Other people say they liked last night better. I will agree that they jammed more last night and most people are there to see that. Now, they jammed tonight but it was laid back jamming. The setlist made it for me tonight. It was a lot more stuff that you don't hear very often. Nancies was the high point of the laid back portion of the show. STJL was a good follow to it. Dave just came forward and said "I have a sister named Jane," turned around and the started playing. After that, the energy increased a lot with Too Much. Granny rocked!!! Best performance of it I think I have ever heard. Ants was a little better on Tuesday amazingly. Typical Situation was great to hear. My favorite concert of the three night set. Not the most jamming or energy but a great well rounded performance.
Chris C.
I just got back from an old show. Only one BTCS song and no DDTW! This was a show for the long time fans and they delivered. Dave wasn't really energetic but he was getting into each song ans was surely having a good time. Since I was taping (along with the 11 others in the pavillion with mics!) I was hoping for a great setlist and that's what I got. Aside from crush, this soncert could have been given many years ago. This was the first time for wynonna live, and my third Granny. All in all, I'd have to say that this was a great show- one of the best I have seen. Boyd was on fire during Dancing Nancies (Carter shook his hand after the solo) and DIDO was a great finisher for Carter to show his skills off. Great show. Great setlist and great music.
Mike H.
This was my ninth DMB show. It was also the second time in three nights that I got to sit in the front row. The setlist was almost perfect. One Sweet World was a nice opener, leading into a Jimi Thing. Boyd had the crowd going nuts by the end of the song. The real surprise of the night came after Satellite when they played Beauty of Wynona. The Song That Jane Likes was kind of another surprise, unfortunately, it came at the "last call", and I was getting my final refill. A very strong ending to the first set, the crowd was really into the entire show. The encore could have been better. I was hoping that they would play Watchtower two nights in a row. They played two outstanding encores the nights before, so this one was a bit of a let down. Overall, I give this show a 9 out of 10. In my opinion, the best show of the three at Deer Creek, and the best show that I've seen this tour.
Chris K.
I went to all three at deer creek and i have to say that the crowd at this last one was ridiculous. if it wasn't a radio song the crowd decided to talk and ignore the whole reason that we go to these shows. I thought that the set was very interesting it was nice to here the song that jane likes. DAve blew the roof off with ants he also did a freat typical. Jimi thing was great but hopefully a better crowd in Alpine Valley tommorrow........
Erika S.
Ok, any tool who went to all three and can not say that this was THE BEST SHOW, needs to smoke more pot. This was such a classic show...I had been waiting all three shows, and finally i got the OSW opener-phat. BOWA, Proudest were good, but i was getting worried because of how badly we needed to perserve what we had...hmm...ANYWAY....i don't remember satellite, beauty, or crush because i was on a journey for free water....Nancies was dope, but then.....STJL!!!!!!!!! I could not believe when he said the ole opener..."i got a sister...." then i was so glad to finally hear too much by itself w/o any of the SMTS->ASTB shit. then from there, the other highlights were GRANNY!!!! and typical. It was an excellent show, the best of those three days, not the best that i've seen...hopefully there will be lots more chill people at Alpine although it was a better crowd than expected!!!
Scott S.
One Sweet World - No "swim naked" intro, but still great...I had forgotten how awesome Deer Creek was (I didn't have time to look at it in awe before the show) until now.......Jimi Thing - As soon as this started I told my wife that "this is going to be an AWESOME show!" They lit JT on fire again!.......The Best of What's Around - My first time live...great song...Dave Vetter (fellow NG'er) called this one (along w/most of the other songs) BEFORE the show...good job Dave!.......Proudest Monkey - Another first for me (only 4 shows so far)...mellowed the crowd (a bunch hit the bathroom)........Satellite - Crowd was loving this one...Dave & I (he sat just 4 seats away...awesome coincidence) made our video for cdr trade during this one!............For the Beauty of Wynona - AWESOME! I think me, Dave, and the guy who was sitting by him were the only 3 who knew this song...it was incredible live!!.......Crush - The crowd ate this one up...as did Boyd and LeRoi (especially in their "duel" at the end)!...........Dancing Nancies - As soon as I heard that first guitar note I went crazy! YESSSS!!!! This was THE song I had been hoping to hear again (ala 8/9/98)...and it did not disappoint!!!! Boyd was FLAMING! At the end of this song Carter got up and leaned over to shake Boyd's hand! Boyd was facing the crowd at times, then he was facing Carter w/his butt to the crowd...the crowd went nuts!!! Right after the song ended I told my wife that it would be VERY hard to top that song!.........The Song That Jane Likes - Another song I hadn't heard live...great tune...I really liked it, but I was still cooling down after Nancies!.......Too Much - Another one for the mainstream crowd, but I always enjoy this song live!!!.........Granny - This was the best "Granny" I've EVER heard (granted I've only heard about 10 or so versions...including only one other live one..8/9/98)! Dave was REALLY into this song (as he was almost all of them all night)...his vocals were dead on all night!!........Warehouse (stop time intro) - I LOVED this song live! The lighting is incredible at worst! I was hoping for this one out of Nancies earlier and since they didn't play it then, I thought we wouldn't get it, but I was gladly wrong!...........Ants Marching - This is such an awesome live song and even better as a closer!.......encore: Typical Situation - I called this one when I heard Dave warming up and was glad to see this one live again!.....Drive In Drive Out - WOW...I was really surprised (and somewhat disappointed)at this one for a closer. I would've been much happier to trade this w/Ants (trade places), or Billies, Two Step, or Watchtower (which is what Dave & I both thought was coming after Dave started playing before DIDO began)......With that being said, I thought it was a great show! Lots of rarer songs played that many people don't get a chance to hear live (Monkey, Wynonna, Granny, NANCIES, STJL). I thought the whole band was having a great time all night. They REALLY looked into the show and it really was reflected to the audience by their performance. Dave was feeding off of the crowd all night(and vice versa)! Out of the 4 shows I've been to (8/9/98, 11/21/98, 6/20/99,and last night's) I rank this one 2nd behind 8/9/98. Dave Vetter said the first Deer Creek show was the best and I believe him (and kick myself for selling my tickets...but I couldn't afford 6 shows and had to decide), but I really enjoyed last night's show and look forward to the 2 Alpine shows coming up this weekend (I dread the trip though)!!! Thanks for reading my review...cya in Alpine Valley (I'll be in: 202, row x, 124/125 for the first night....202, row NN for night 2) Thanks again!
Paul M.
This show was awesome! What can I say, the rain just happened to stop at the perfect moment. The rain stopped right before the opening band and the ground was still wet. DMB was stupendous as usual. The die hard group I was with found out(from Dave) that Jane from "The Song that Jane Likes" is Dave's sis. DMB also played "For the Beauty of Wynona" which I've never heard before, but is a gritty tune. Any insights into the origin of this song would be welcome(mstknjmakn@aol.com). Proudest Monkey took front and center over Satellite as the song to get the most lighted vigil. And it was a well deserved one at that, Dave made some great monkey noises at the end that capped off a wonderful rendition of PM.
Tara M.
Wow!!! After seeing Dave and the boys over twenty something times, these three shows blew us away. Each night the energy and the performance just got better (so did our seats)! We were really impressed with how the band only duplicated a few songs over the three nights. The last two nights they really played some old school DMB-it was awesome. The boys really jammed out to Watchtower and Long Black Veil on Wednesday, it was nice to finally hear Long Black Veil. As for Thursday's show, OSW was an awesome opener, TSTJL, BOWA, and Granny were nice surprises. But the biggest shock of all was hearing For the Beauty of Wynona. We've heard some complaints about the energy level lately, but we didn't see any signs of this during these shows. Boyd and Stephan were jammin' and Boyd really knows how to get the crowd into it. Dave showed no signs of having two broken ribs because he was dancing around all three nights. ONLY complaint......they're not playing long enough. The setlist defintely seem shorter and they're off stage about fifteen minutes earlier (not very cool when the prices are going up). **To the carload of people who stopped and helped the two stranded girls broke down on the side of the interstate--THANKS!!!!!!!!
Paul R.
What can I say about the show other than it is the best one I have seen. Not only did the setlist rock but the way the band interacted with the crowd drove me nuts. I have never seen Stefan get into a show like he did this one ecspecially during Ants Marching. I must say that For the Beauty of Wynonna was by far the best song I saw. I was so happy to see a show that was geared towards older fans rather than the radio crowd. It was funny to see people sit during Granny and Song That Jane likes. Oh well they played Crush to satisfy those likes. Dave seemed really energetic and cracked a joke but I was to busting screaming my lungs out to understand. Definately a show to try to find!!!!