Dave Matthews Band
Starlake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: (e:)verything
Warehouse (Stop-time intro)
What Would You Say
The Last Stop
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) -->
Too Much
Seek Up
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink the Water
Rhyme & Reason
Drive In Drive Out
#40 Tease (First verse and chorus) -->
Ants Marching

Larry F.
Ok I'm gonna keep this short. This show was nothing in comparison to last nights show. warehouse was a nice opener as "always". WWYS was cool I dig it and I've only heard it once before and I've been to many shows. Crush was a pretty standard version there was the usual jam at the end. I always like The Last Stop and it had a lot of energy. So Much>ASTB>Toomuch was pretty standard also the bridge wasn't that long either. Between songs here Dave was bitchin about somebody throwin peanuts or something at him it was kinda funny. Seek up was definatley the winner of the show. It was almost 20 minutes long including a slow jam by Carter at the end it was cool. Boyd was on fire on this one he had a longer solo than usual. It kinda was jammed into Rapunzel. This version of rapunzel was better than most but also not as good as yesterdays. It had great energy too and Dave was dancin like a madman. This was the low point of the night for me. I heard the tuning a knew right aw ay what was in store for us, Recently. I was so happy I love hearing a great Recently jam but to my dismay I didn't get it it was a short stamdard no jam version. I was quite dissapointed but it was cool none the less. DDTW was standard and I'm kinda sick of this one leave it rest for a while boys. Rhyme and reason was good tonight too its got a litlle bit of difference from last year and it sounds cool, but I wish they would play the oldschool R+R personally I liked that one so much better. DIDO was pretty standard too it had a litle lyric changes but nothing special. As for the encore I was highly disappointed. I was happy to hear the #40 tease thing again. There gettin there it was a little shorter than last nights. Last night I thought we were going to get the whole thing we even got the chorus and everything. I love #40 so sweet and mellow to bad no none had a clue what it was. Then came Ants which I expected but not as the only real encore. For not playing in the Burgh for the rest of the tour we could of got a better encore definatley since last years Granny, Stir it Up, Watchtower encore was awesome. Ants was good as usual but definatley shouldn't of been the end . All in all I was happy but disappointed because of the short and so so show after last nights jamfest. The crowd report says scattered fans with a 100% chance of teenieboppers and assholes in the forecast. I really dug that there was no Crash or Stay either night that made me quite satisfied. Thats it I enjoyed these last 2 days we camped out and had a great time thanks for playing the Burgh boys we hope to see ya again soon.
I had fun at this show but it lacked many things. First off, although I was excited to hear my first WWYS in 8 shows, this show lacked one of the DMB staple boyd-goes-nuts songs. Aside from Ants, Boyd was very laid back. We didn't get Lie or Billies or Jimi... you know, one of those songs Boyd goes crazy on. We take them for granted because we see them so often but we dont realize how much they add to the DMB experience. Also, no one really seemed to be on during the show. Normally at least one band member is REALLY going crazy and this wasn't the case tonight. They also gave NO mention of Stefans birthday!!! What a rip! I really would've liked to see at least him mention the fact that a member of the band was having a birthday. There was some funny Davespeak but Stefan got shafted! Finally, I've been to 4 shows this year and i've seen only 4 songs in all of the encores combined! I am SICK of these one song encores! Sure Ants is fun, but i would've liked to see a Crash before it or something else. This has to be the first 2 night stand in years with no Crash or Billies at either show. Very weird. Adding those two songs tonight somewhere in the set could've turned this below average show into
Matt S.
The ride in to this show was horrible, construction all over the place, but it was worth it. Warehouse is a great opener, especially with the stop-time intro. I was really glad to finally hear WWYS live again, its been a while. Crush was sweet as usual, and Last Stop jammed hard. The SMTS->AStB->Too Much was amazing, Carter and Boyd went crazy. This was definitely Carter's night, he ripped it up the entire show. Seek Up was a highlight, it was a really long version, maybe 25 min. Rapunzel was amazing, but Recently was a let down, no jamming, intro, or outro. Maybe 4 min. long if that. They definitely made up for it with DIDO though, Carter dominated again. DDTW was pretty standard, and Rhyme and Reason was really good this time around. I loved hearing #40 for the first time, it was really cool, and Ants was great for the finally, Boyd went absolutely nuts and jammed so hard. There was some good davespeak too, he was complaining about somebody throwing peanuts, and he told them to just hold their own nuts and he grabbed his crotch. He said the guy throwing them must have the IQ of a wall. All around a great show, lots of jams and Dave's ribs weren't bothering him at all, he danced around all night
Andre R.
Probably one of the best full band shows I've ever seen. There was a really good mix of both old and new songs. I heard a lot of stuff I wasn't expecting to hear, like Recently and Drive In Drive Out, which by the way was awesome. Carter seemed to really be into it, I think it was because he was shooting some hoops behind the stage before the show (we saw someone playing, and then saw him on stage with the same clothes on). #40, what can I say!!! Even though I was in row E, I screamed as loud as I could for him to keep going on it, well, maybe someday he will when I'm there! Basically an all around fast-song show, with pretty standard lyrics, I was kinda disappointed that there were not outros, except for the Bridge between So Much to Say and Too Much. See ya in Columbus Dave!!!
Aaron P.
WOW! The energy of this show was amazing. Some very cool things. Excellent SMTS ASTB Too Much. DAve totaly changed the lyrics on Drive in Drive out. ONly 4 repeats from last night. #40 was excellent, and an awsome ants as a closer. Boyd stole the show. He was outstanding!!! The last stop was great, and had an awsome scene of a crowded street for the backround. Suprisingly no Crash or Tripping Billies. Not dissapointed at all though. All my love to Starlake, that place rocks!!!!!!!!
Dean L.
This show was even better than the one 366 days ago...they played here almost one year to the date ago.... By far an excellent show...the opening with Warehouse was great...didn't really expect it...next came What would you say, which was a little strange without John Popper on the harmonica, but Boyd made up for it....Boyd, of course, came out showing off his body with a spandex shirt on, all the ladies seemed to love it He also had on a hat which came off in Too Much I do believe....the band was really into the entire show....the Last Stop was exceptional....they finished with Drive, and came back with the encore as a tease of #40 (Something that dave is keeping from us) and Ants....Ants lasted for about 15-20 minutes....I thought boyd was going to go NUTS, and he did.... Can't wait to see them again!
DMB was great. Warehouse was a great opener to see with the stop-time intro. I was real excited to hear WWYS, wasn't expecting it. Crush=great song, much like the cd version. Last Stop=amazing, loved it. SMTS->ASTB->Too Much=awesome, it felt electric, the band played with a lot of emotion here. Seek Up=great song, nice long version, almost 15minutes or so. PNP->Rapunzel=whole place was jamming to this song Recently=great version DDTW=good song but would have rather heard others R+R=nice dark version DI/DO=another song i like but would have rather heard something else. 40=nice intro into a great versino of ants...boyd goes absolutely nuts...great version