Dave Matthews Band
Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Roots, Santana
Warehouse (Stop-time intro)
Jimi Thing
Two Step *
Tripping Billies
Granny ^
Say Goodbye
True Reflections ^
Carter and Futureman jam -->
#41 (Sojurn of Arjuna) ** -->
Don't Drink the Water *
Stay * ^
Long Black Veil ^
Ants Marching *

* with Bela Fleck
^ with Tawatha Agee, Cindy Myzell, and Brenda White King
** with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
most of the show with Butch Taylor

Doug G.
Ah, a good show, not a great one, but after last night's snoozer it seemed great. First show since summer of 95 with no Crash, so that right there makes the show memorable for me. Here's the song by song rundown from the front row, with times (for the other anal folk out there): Onstage: 8:40 -Warehouse (8:41-8:49)- Nice opener, I had called it, so my g/f was impressed. A nice version, I could tell Roi was into it tonight by the end of his solo. -Satellite (8:50-8:55)- Ehh....SURPRISE! I really liked this tonight, it had the best possible spot in the setlist and they played it well. -Jimi (8:57-9:10)- I was expecting this here, very well played, got the crowd going. Roi had a sweet solo in the jam, He really was into it for this show. Dave's solo I could have done without tonight, he was trying to be Mr. Lead Guitarist and he just can't do it. I love when he plays chords in his solos, but tonight he was trying to be a little too fancy. The backing of the jam started off with the new arrangement from last fall and ended with the traditional backing of old. -Two Step (9:11-9:25)- Bela came up as I expected. The crowd loved this. Bela solo at the end was a bit ho-hum for a bit, but it really picked up towards the end. Nice version. -Billies (9:26-9:33)- Before this we got some rare full-band show Davespeak, about how some woman was throwing grapes in his mouth and when one was thrown a little too high he got up and fell backwards into his guitar case, busting his ass and that it still hurt. A good version of Billies, too, extra long solo from Boyd, who really woke up from last night. He seemed to be more concerned with actually playing a good solo than showing off to the crowd which was great to see. -Granny (9:34-9:39)- The gospel singers came out for this one. Pretty good version, most Granny's are pretty much the same anyway, but still a treat to hear. My g/f really wanted to hear this one, so she was thrilled to bits. I thought the singers made this one pretty interesting. -Say Goodbye (9:41-9:50)- Carter had a nice solo before this one. The crowd went crazy when they heard Roi's flute because they knew what it was at that point. I'm not too crazy about this song, but my g/f plays flute, so she was thrilled to hear some from Roi. Pretty basic once they got into the actual song; a crowd pleaser. -True Reflections (9:51-10:00)- First repeat from last night, but I guess Boyd wanted to redeem himself. He did, he seemed much more energized singing it tonight. During his solo his violin konked out so he had to get a new one; he still managed to get out a nice solo, not as much sawing-the-log as last night. The crowd really seemed to like this one. -Carter/ Futch duet (10:03-10:05)- Dave introduced the Flecktones, so I was expecting #41 right away, but instead Carter and Future Man played off of each other for a couple of minutes. Knowing they had already played Say Goodbye they had me wondering if they were going to break out #36. There was no way they were going to do that 2 years in a row at Foxboro, especially after 2 other unreleased songs had been plyed, so it ended and they went into... -#41 (10:05-10:21)- I love #41 anyway, so getting to see the Flecktones jam on it was a real treat. Roi prevented himself from being upstaged by Jeff Coffin with an amazing tenor sax solo, much longer than I have heard from him on this song before. After his solo Bela and Victor did a little duel and eventually moved into Sojourn of Arjuna. This song kept popping up during the jam, but was never really the dominant part of it, which was interesting. Jeff had a nice solo, nothing all that special if you are familiar with his playing and the song ended up a few minutes later. Not a very long version of this one compared to other Flecktones-enhanced #41's, but damn great nonetheless. -DDTW (10:23-10:30)- Blar. I don't care how many people flame me, this song needs a rest. Period. Even with Bela out there it was nothing really special. The most noteworthy thing was that Carter hit an offbeat intentionally to try and throw off the other guys. It got the attention of Bela, but none of the others seemed to notice or care. -Stay (10:32-10:38)- "I hope you've all had a pleasant evening". What? An 11 song set. Capped off with this. A good show, but come on, much too short. The performance of this was decent, the highlight being the extra few seconds of soloing Roi got. ENCORE People were handing out signs saying #40 before the encore, but Dave either didn't notice them or most likely ignored them. Good try though. -Long Black Veil (10:42-10:50)- A good version of this one, I only heard it for the first time last night, so I didn't mind this one being repeated. Nice Roi solo at the end. -Ants (10:51-10:58)- I haven't heard this since last year's Foxboro show, so I was ready to hear it again. Excellent version of this one, Roi was insane during the first couple minutes, even Dave was visibly impressed. The Bela/Boyd duel was fantastic. Great way to finish the show. -Again a VERY short show, maybe the band should take a break from the road for a while, I can only imagine how short the shows will be in July. Apart from the potential killing last 2 songs of the set it was an exceptional show. They all seemed into it, the lack of Santana coming up wasn't even missed,really. The people around me were cool, so shout-outs to them. I was surprised by the lack of Crush at both shows, not to mention the Giants shows. I wonder why it was left out. Interesting. Well, flame me if you must, but that's the way I saw the show.
Granny, True Reflections, #41, and Say Goodbye?!!! What an incredible show. I saw three shows this week, and I dont know how they did it, but each one was better than the one before. The whole band was smiling and jammed like I've never seen or heard before. In the middle of one of the jams Dave had to walk over to his mic to look at the setlist because they were so into it, I think he forgot what song they were in the middle of... Highlights: True Reflections 2 nights in a row, Granny with the backup singers, Dave dancing around like crazy, and giving a big smile and a wave as he walked off after Ants. Now I have to wait two months to see him again in Hartford. See you there.
Ben S.
I've got to say that after Saturday night's show, which lacked the energy and fun that is common at DMB shows, I wasn't expecting much for Sunday night. Fortunately, it appears that the band learned from their experience on Saturday night; they played the best concert I have ever been to. The energy was back in full swing, with smiling band members, surprising special guests, and a setlist to die for. Here are the high points: 1) Each of the four songs that they played on Saturday's concert was improved on Sunday night. They were all played with more "oomph", and were more enjoyable. 2) Oh man, what a setlist! I think that the band realized that Saturday's show wasn't really up to par, so they just pulled out all of the stops. When Warehouse started, it just felt like an Ants night :) 3) When they did slow it down, it wasn't with throwaway songs like Crash Into Me. Granny was a great treat, and #41 was groovy as hell with all of the Flecktones on stage. 4) Ants ('nuf f said). It was really an incredible show that restored my faith in the band, and in their ability to play stadium shows.
Jed M.
Yet again Santana did a great job opening, he even played Exodus which was great! The band was good tonight but the show was slightly disappointing! The only reason it was disappointing was because it was very similar to the giants shows. 41 with all the Flecktones is absoloutly amazing, I knew they were in town so I figured all would show up and when they did I knew it was coming. 41 with all the flecktones is the most amazing song I've ever seen. Vic was amazing on bass and Jeff Coffin is just the best sax player. True and Granny was great to see and the Jimi Thing jam is just great, Dave has definitly been working on his solo. The disappointing part was closing with DDTW and Stay I am so sick of those two songs, especially since they were the only two off the new album! Ants was good, because it is amazing to see everyone sing along and think that about six years ago the band was playing in frat houses! Well hopefully the rest of the tour gets a little more creative, see you in Hartford.
Karen G.
This was my third time seeing the band here @ Foxboro and it was the best show ever. My seats were darn good and it was nice to be sitting near enthusiastic fans as well, Real Fans!!!!!! Talking with a few people before the set and discussing tunes that were desired in the end felt as though we esp'ed the band because most songs mentioned were played, including Ants as the encore. I hadn't heard that song live in years and have been to a good # of the shows on the east coast. va Beach here I come!!!!!
Ryan B.
What a great show! Much better than Saturday's show, even if I did have 16th row Saturday night. Got to hear everything that I had wanted to hear last night. Warehouse, Granny,Two Step and #41 were the highlights of my night. Dave's intro to Tripping Billies was great too, some story about trying to catch grapes in his mouth. "Then she threw one way above my head, and I figured, ah, I'll go for it. Then I fell over my guitar case and busted my ass, and it still hurts!" The guys just seemed more into it tonight, and I think the songs they played reflected that. Given that Saturday's show was all right, but Sunday they played some hot damn badass tunes. I wasn't even disappointed that they only played two songs off of btcs. I could've done without Stay anyway. Gotta give props to Boyd for ripping it up on every song. Thanks guys, last night was deserving of my $45, even if it did take us an hour and a half to get out of the parking lot.
Noah A.
OK, so I have read a few of the reviews from both Foxboro shows, which I was at both of. It was obvious that the second show was the better of the two by a lot, but both were great. The highlights that were the best for me were Granny (my favorite DMB song and the first time I have heard it live in 13 attempts), True Reflections (another favorite), and #41. All 3 of these were excellently done, not to mention the great Warehouse opener and Ants closer. Granted, they may not have played a lot of songs, but they played such great songs, and played them all very well. One thing that I loved in both shows is the increased role of Boyd. I think he is just an incredible musician, and adds a ton to every song he is part of. His crazy solo in LIOG the first night, and last night's rendition of True Reflections were unparalleled. I also notice that people have been complaining about the slowed pace of many of the songs. I can definitely hear it happening, but I like it. I thin k that it gives the songs more emotion and clarity. It also enables the jams by Boyd, Roi, and whatever celebrity guest is there to be more detailed. I just had to put in that tonights' show was incredible, and I was just glad to be there...
Mark L.
WOW!!! This show was phenominal! Definately the best show I have seen. It was worth the 5 hour trip. My seats weren't too hot (there was a giant speaker blocking the view of the middle of the stage) but they did some pretty good work with the videography and the lights. And let me just say that Boyd Tinsley is THE MAN!!! Warehouse- a solid opener with the stop time intro as expected. Really got things off to a good start. Satellite (Proudest Monkey Tease) - As Dave was playing the first chords, my friends and I looked at each other and said "Proudest Monkey," but then he started playing Satellite. Always good to hear this one, though. Jimi Thing was about 12 min. with some awesome Boyd action. In the middle of the song Dave took a little solo. Dave then brought out Bela Fleck (as we predicted he would sometime) and they played an approx. 13 min Two Step. After that we were quite surprised when Dave treated us to some Davespeak. I didn't make out everything he said, but my friend did and she wrote it down. It went something like this: "There was this pretty woman and she was throwing grapes at me and I was cathing them in my mouth...then she threw one a little bit over my head and I figured 'What the hell? I'll go for it.' So I leaned back, eyes glazed, and I stumbled back and came to my guitar case, tripped and busted my ass! And I'm still hurt. "Right after that, Dave went into Tripping Billies (tripped over his guitar -> Tripping Billies) That was a really great Billies. Boyd was amazing. I can never get enough! We were really rocking after that, then the backup singers took the stage. We were thinking Veil or Stay, but then Dave started playing the chords for Granny. that did it. My friends and I were going nuts!! Everyone around us sat down (guess they were sad it wasn't Crash) We were singing to the whole song (the only ones who knew the words). This was definately a highlight. It wasn't too bad with the backup singers (I wasn't sure what to expect) Basically, all they really sung were "Love" and "Baby!" Very good though. Then Carter started playing a solo and we thought "Say Goodbye." This was simply amazing. I had goosebumps. This is such a beautiful song. After that, the backup singers returned. I was praying for True Reflections, but we weren't quite sure. Then Dave starts playing and Boyd takes the mic and I was just flipping out! Definately one of my fav's and my first time seeing it live. Again my friends and I were the only ones singing along to this one and everyone was looking at us like we were crazy. Amazing song. Boyd started playing his first solo and then he stopped. I think he broke a string, but within seconds he was back with a new violin (i love that violin!) and he recovered nicely. Butch had a cool solo on this one, too. Definately another highlight. Then Dave introduces the Flecktones and we were hoping for some #41. Futureman starts playing this drum solo and Carter was laughing the whole time. Then all 11 of them break into #41. They really jammed this one out and it was about 19 min with the solo. Flecktones' Sax man had a sweet solo, too. The Granny, Say Goodbye, Reflections, 41 sequence just blew my mind. My favorite part of the show. Bela stayed on stage after and they did DDTW, the first song from Streets. Pretty standard. Then they closed it up after about 2 hours with Stay. Not bad. LeRoi was good. After they left, the whole stadium was all lit up with lighters while cheering. That was a cool sight. They came back for the encore (we were hoping for a 2 song encore after just 11 songs) and played Long Black Veil w/backup singers. That was a sweet song. Once again everyone sat down around us and were like 'what the hell is this?' I loved it. Then I was thinking an Ants finale was probable and sure enough, Bela came out and they did Ants. Solid jam as usuall. The whole stadium was rocking. It was probably the best stadium show this year. I had the best time. Thanks for everything, Sabrina! You're the best!
Nick L.
This was my first stadium show like this and I have to say that it is quite an experience, but it helps when you're on the floor and have a huge wlkway right in front of you for comfort room. Overall the show was a classic, maybe one step below what I've been hearing about the 2nd night at Giants Staidum. Me and my friends were hoping for a BOWA or maybe a One Sweet World opener but Warehouse is one of my favs and think they did a good job of it. I have to comment on how fast and intense the guys came out of the blocks tonight. Warhouse was wild, even Satelitte was energetic - then a real long Jimi Thing, 2 Step (It's true what people are saying about the new jam on 2 Step - it's legendary) and Tripping Billies. At this point, I knew they were gonna have to slow things down or Dave's head might've exploded on stage. That's when the rare Granny was busted out and Carter busted out his whooping stick leading into say Goodbye. It should be noted that Bela Fleck and his boys came out to the show after having a set in Boston earlier in the day and it was much appreciated. Bela was awesome on 2 Step, and that wouldv'e been the song of the night until the Flecktones came out for #41 with the guys. All I can say is, "Smargglefinim!" I was blown away! Solos were abound, everyone was on fire and at the end when Dave was winding it down, he had this look on his face while looking around at everyone like, "Guys, what the hell was that?!" After this one I checked my watch - 9 songs in 1:40 minutes; so you can see these guys were jamming early tonight! A couple other notes worth mentioning was an impressive DDTW (The only time this song is done justice is live when Dave is particualry growly) and that the show was a little short. I was hoping for Watchtower after Stay with Santana, but no dice. So the minueses were no Watchtower, only 13 songs and the shortness but the plusses were worth it in KILLER versions of 2 Step and #41, Bela and his gang making it, ANTS to close (ANTS baby!), GRANNY, only 1 of the 3 newer songs Dave's been displaying this tour and our crazy good seats. See ya in Canandaigua
Jake S.
Ok. so heres the deal: last night lacked in a few areas while it was still an excellent show. however, the second night at foxboro, the last of the stadium run, was absolutely perfect. they started it off with an excellent Warehouse and Satellite. At this point, i was hoping that they would stay playing the good old classics and that is what they did. they did a huge jimi thing jam followed by Two Step w/ bela fleck! after Tripping, i told my friend that they would do Granny and that is what they did. it was amazing. i have not heard granny live for a long time! Futureman and Carter started off an amazing Say Goodbye, followed by a Jampacked True Reflections and a perfect #41, in which the Flecktones took it away with Sojourn to Arjuna during the Jam, and then the showstopping DDTW & Stay. Long Black Veil was superb. the version from the 2nd night was even better than the 1st! and as my friend predicted, they busted right into Ants to end the night just right! This was by far the greatest show i have ever been to.
Brendan P.
All I can say is that reguardless of where people's seats were, this show kicked last night's ass. Warehouse had the crowd going much more than Seek Up did as an opener, and Satelite was better than I've ever heard even though Dave's voice had been hoarse the night before. True Reflections, and Granny were the only songs that the crowd wasn't singing along to, and thank god for that. I came to hear Dave, not 30,000 screaming lunatics. Even though Dave was a little mellower than last night, we got some rare Davespeak, and both Boyd and Roi stepped it up tonight. Bela and The Fleckstones were great on #41, and no one missed Santana much. Long Black Veil was the only cover repeated from the previous night, and this was a wise decision. The only dissapointments were a second night of DDTW without any This Land is Your Land, as well as a short set. The choices were good, but a little over two hours isn't cutting it. Maybe Dave needs a break from the road. Overall though, i t was a really fun show.
Paul C.
Unbelievable. I've been to many concerts and this was the best one I've ever seen. Opener of Warehouse rocked and it seemed like it was a little slower than on the album, which was cool. Satellite was a nice surprise and Jimi Thing was GREAT-Boyd was jammin' and stayed in great form for the entire show. One of my favorite songs, Tripping Billies, was so good because Boyd took a wonderful extended solo. Granny was another surprise and although it sounded much like the version on the acoustic album, the Stay women were a cool addition to the song. Carter jam on Say Goodbye was great and the Flecktones jam on #41 was probably the highlight of the night. Then, although I don't really like the song, Don't Drink the Water was cool because there were some cool images on the big screen of waterfalls and Bela was up there too. Stay was pretty cool as a set closer and then Ants as the final encore number was as usual, unbelievable. I've now seen DMB three times and this show totally blo ws the other two away.
Ryan D.
Tonight blew Saturday night away. I brought my little brother and he doesn't even like DMB and now he does. Opening with Warehouse was awesome and continuing w/ Satellite, Two Step, Tripping Billies, Say Goodbye, Granny, and #41 was great. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones were a major surprise guest after I read they weren't doing the Foxboro shows cause there on tour. Them showing up was a highlight also was when Dave told a story about how he got hurt chasing after a grape a lady threw over his head a couple of night ago. DDTW, True Reflections, and Stay were played ten times better than last night but Long Black Veil not the way to start an encore. CRUSH would of been better. Ants was a surprise as well cause they didn't do the intro drum beat like always played they got right into it. THIS WAS AND I QUOTE THE BEST DMB SHOW OUT OF THE FOUR I'VE BEEN TOO.
Red C.
Out of 10 wonderful DMB shows this is easily NUMBER 1. Awesome setlist, amazing jams-this one had everything. WAREHOUSE - a perfect way to start it. I've got it three out of my last four shows and I feel lucky. JIMI-called it and loved it. Dave kinda mellowed it out in the middle with a little solo.Cool. TWO STEP W/Bela-INTENSE! -still which Timmy was there for a little one on one.Oh well. BILLIES-had it nailed before the Grape story-which got the people around me excited-Boyd had a crazy solo which brought him all the way over to Butch-the perfect place in the set for this one. And then...GRANNY!! Love...Baby! My first, I must've been jumping 10 feet in the air for about the first couple minutes. This made my night. SAY GOODBYE-thought for a second it could be #36-hey we can all dream...TRUE REFLECTIONS-2 IN A ROW!! My favorite song in the world and I get it twice at a Stadium?-This made my night all over again. Boyd's violin got busted,and he was pissed, but he used his anger on the next violin for his best solo on the song yet!!! #41(Sojourn of Arjuna)-My second favorite song in the world...and my third favorite song in the world!! Knowing that this thing was going to be the greatest concert song I will ever hear, even before they started, I shed a tear...that's the kinda night this one was. Coffin RIPPED on his solo and Bela and Co. were in grand style-they teased Arjuna for a couple of minutes then finally jumped into it-A better 41 than Irvine or Crown, trust me I have both of them and they pale in comparsion. The next two songs were inevitable-they had to play SOMETHING from BTCS-they were the only two. For the encore I was praying for Black Veil--->Ants and it was just all clicking for me. They drew out LBV long and beautiful for the ladies since it was their last performance with the boys and Ants was incredible as only Ants could be. One of the best nights of my life. You have to get this show. HAVE TO.
First off, i just wanted to say.. out of the 7 DMB shows i have seen spanning from 1995-the present this was either the best or close to it. Fist off, the weather was perfect and after comming off of 2 weeks of shows that were burdened by rain.. i think the band really liked it. Now onto teh amazing setlist. Here are the majore highlights Warehouse (Stop-time intro): This was a hell of a way to start off the show, this set the pace very well Jimi Thing Two Step * Tripping Billies Granny ^ Say Goodbye True Reflections ^ Carter and Futureman jam --> #41 (Sojurn of Arjuna) ALL THOSE WERE PLAYED IN ORDER!!! thats 7 incredible songs in a row.. ESPECIALLY #41. Ive heard this song hundreds of time on different bootlegs, but this version was close to 20 minutes long!!! Davespeak: dave was quite talkative.. As sort of intro tripping billies dave said "I got a little story to share with y'all. The other night on the bus this girl who i was checkin out started to throw grapes at me. So i figured id just catch em in my mouth. Then she started throwing them higher, one was going over my head so i backed up and TRIPPED over my guitar case" then he went into TRIPPING BILLIES. overall 10 out of 10. It was AWESOME
I attended both shows this weekend and I must say that the entire band, especially Boyd and Dave, had much more energy than on Saturday. Opening with Warehouse was a good move because it let a lot of the real fans hear a good opener. It just seemed to me that Saturday's show was aimed at the 15 year old girls in the audience. Sunday's setlist was much deeper than Saturday's.Songs like True Reflections,Say Goodbye,#41,and a kickass version of Ants Marching put this show over Saturday's. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones were fantastic and I will be watching them in the future. I was hoping to see Santana jam with Dave again but you can't ask too much. The only disappointment that I had was that they did not play Dancing Nancies at either show. I will have to wait longer to see it live I guess.