Dave Matthews Band
Polaris Amphitheatre, Columbus, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Gov't Mule
Lie In Our Graves
Rhyme & Reason
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) -->
Too Much
Lover Lay Down
Two Step
Crush *
Drive In Drive Out
Cry Freedom
Long Black Veil
Jimi Thing
Warehouse (Stop-time intro) -->
Ants Marching
All Along the Watchtower *

* with Warren Haynes

John V.
This show buried last nights into the ground. It was my 6th DMB show, and I'd say the best one I've been to. Reason being, the band was energetic the WHOLE time, not just on a few tunes like they were last night. We knew right from the start that this was going to be a great show. Graves was incredible and Boyd went off while Dave was dancing around. Overall, the band just seemed to be a lot more into this show then they were on friday night. Some other highlights of this spectacular show included Two Step, Crush with Warren Haynes, Jimi Thing and the Watchtower. Damn did they jam on that one and the lights were amazing as well. Overall a great show and I'll see ya'll at Deer Creek!
Chris N.
Once again, DMB did it! Wow what an amazing show! Tonight Dave and Boyd were so full of energy. Dave just didn't dance, but he was actually jumping around on stage. He did his big jump at the end of Too Much...very cool. Lie in Our Graves was a suprise as an opener, they played for a good 15 minutes. Ryhme and Reason keep the pace going. Then So Much to Say was fast and full of energy. The Lil' Baby jam between the two songs was so cool. Then Too Much was just as good as last night. WOW Lover Lay Down...such a sweet song, and Dave was full of emotion on this one. Two Step followed. Great long jam session with an improv intro. I've heard it before, but I don't know what to call it. The crowd got into Crush...of course. Drive In, Drive Out was pretty standard version. Nothing too exciting about this one. Cry Freedom another suprise, this song is awesome live! Long Black Veil lost the crowd, I think my friends and I were the only one singing the lyrics around us. Great Johnny Cash song. Jimi Thing was great and a long jam song. Warehouse, he finally played the entire song, we got the tease last night and the whole thing tonight and they tied it right into Ants once again. The encore was amazing, Watchtower! Love this song. With the guitarist from Gov't Mule playing in, it was a great sound, tons of emotion and energy from Dave and the guys. All around, another great night!
Jeff H.
If i could only write the words that really describe how good this show was! Unbelievable is all I can say. Finally, the radio was only on for four songs, and four good ones in deed, no Crash, no Satellite, excellent, excellent, excellent! LIOG was an interesting opening and I could feel it on the way in, I knew it would be crazy. #41 was good as always, SM, ASTB, and Tm were great together, I had never heard that in five shows. Lover Lay Down was my first, TS was good, Crush with Haynes was great. The rest was the best and make this show my number one out of six. I though St. Louis, October 96 would never be beat, but this do it! Drive In, Drive Out, my first was awesome, Cry Freedom live, what can I say? Long Black Veil, cover from Johnny Cash was great. Jimi Thing, oh Jimi Thing, awesome, solos from everyone, excellent! Warehouse the second time this week, and into ANTS, oh my GOD, I couldn't believe it, that did it for me! Then encore with Watchtower, this show was awesome! And really what did it in for me, was on the way out some "RADIO" fan said he played all his no name songs and he played like s-i-, I was so happy to hear that, thank you Dave. Finally, the radio was off and you guys were feeling it. On to Cincy right now for my third in a week, yesterdays beat Wednesday, can tonight's beat last nights, we'll find out. By the way, Polaris kind of sucks, the vocals were crappy, and the setup is weird, but Riverbend is'nt all that better, but I am in seats again, so that is good. Take care and see you in Cincy!
Casey P.
It was the greatest DMB show Ive ever been to and Ive been to quite a few. The Whole band was so energetic thoughout the entire concert. Started off with an awesome version of "Lie in Our Graves". The best Jimi Thing and Ants Marching I ever heard. I hope they release this concert like they did Red Rocks and Luther College.!
Mike D.
Show was good, not the best DMB show I've been too, but this one was better than the first night's show. Crowd was more lively, but again tons of people sitting down. Biggest surprise was "Cry Freedom," great song. The "Warehouse Tease" into "Ants Marching" was cool. All Along the Watchtower was great with Warren Haynes. The whole band was really into it for both Polaris shows.
Elise A.
the boys were looking great and dave sounded and looked really good! dave was dancing all around during the show it was so cool! he was like dancing, jumping, and hopping around, it looked really funny, but it just added more great energy to the show. the whole show really had a lot of energy. it was an awesome show. i totally called the opener. it was really cool, i was sitting there saying, ya know it would be really awesome if they opened w/liog. then like literally a second later dave started playing it! i was so happy! i love that song! they had a good jam going, and when it goes back in at the end (like at the beginning) it was really awesome! then they went into ryhme and reason which was also really good. it had a lot of energy and it was a lot of fun! then they played so much to say which is an awesome song! it was so good! then they went in to too much> which really got the place going. a lot of cool jams. boyd and dave were really having a good time. boyd was awesome all night, granted, but it was really cool. he was dancing all over the place and jumping around and stuff. then they slowed things down a bit and went into lover lay down. it was really good, and they actually had decent lighting. leroi was awesome of course. then they went in to two step which was amazing. it was so good! it had a lot of energy, and they really made it into a long jam, and went back to the beginning into another jam. it was just really cool. then they brought out the opening band and played crush. it was pretty cool, i love that song. then they played drive in drive out which was really awesome! there was so much energy and everything. the lights were going crazy, dave was jumping all around, the crowd was jumping all around. it was really cool. then the slowed it down again and played cry freedom. i really didn't expect that. but i was really glad they played it, because it was REALLY good. everybody had out their lighters. it looked awesome. then they played long black veil. i was SO happy!!! i had never heard it before but it was sooooooo good! it sounded so perfect. dave sounded so awesome on it! then they went into jimi thing which got things going again. it was really good. then they went into warehouse which was amazing of course. it had so much energy, it was really cool! everybody was jumping around, especially the band, and the lights were all over the place, it was one of the best last night. then they went into ants marching. it was soooo much fun! it had more energy than like anything else they played last night. it really got everybody going,including dave. it was so awesome, and i love how he lets people sing 'people in every direction,' and 'no words exchanged no time to exchange them.' that just makes it more energetic and even more awesome. it was so much fun! then we screamed our head off for ten minutes waiting for dave and the boys to come back out. then the place went crazy as they went into watchtower. i was so glad they played it!!! it was so awesome! they had the opening band back out of course for the electric guitar solo and stuff. but it was sooooooo awesome!!! the whole concert was soooooooooooooo amazing! lots of energy!!!
Steve R.
Oh my god. What a night! This was the best DMB show that I have ever been to. I called Lie In Our Graves for the opener. It was incredible. Boyd was already going nuts after the first song. I love how he goes out to the front of the stage on his solo! Next was Rhyme and Reason. I liked the new intro with just the drums. I knew that it was Rhyme and Reason, but a few people areound me didn't quite understeand until the actual song started. Next was So Much To Say --> ASTB--> Too Much. Out of all the shows that I have ever been to, I have never seen Dave go this nuts and dance as crazy as he did here. Also, during Carter's solo at the beginning of ASTB, Dave was screaming that jiborish stuff into the mic. It was great. Next was Lover Lay Down. Kind of surprised to hear this. I enjoyed it though. After that was Two Step. The whole band payed awesome on this. I have never been so pumped. Crush was next. Warren Haynes came out and jammed on it. Once he did that, I knew that Watchtower was coming up. But Crush was so awesome. The crowd screamed when he said "feeling high" and "we get drunk". It was so incredible. Drive In Drive out was next. I was pumped to hear this, because I had never heard it at a show before. My freind had to ruin it though, because all he said during it was,"I hate this song," and it made me mad. But Cry Freedom was next. Very disapointing. I have never liked this song. He made up for it next by playing Long Black Veil. I love this new Johnny C. song. I went totally nuts when they played my absolute favorite song net. JIMI THING!!!!!! He started it off with a little guitar intro that I had never heard so it was a shocker to hear Jimi Thing right after this. Warehouse was next. I thought that they were going to go off stage after this but they played a funky outro into Ants Marching. I thought that I was dreaming. I had heard that outro before on one of my traded tapes, but it didn't click until after it started. Ants was an awesome finale. But I knew that Watchtower was coming up for the encore. And it did! Warren Haynes was awesome and he sang a verse too. It could not have been any better!