Dave Matthews Band
Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Gov't Mule
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Don't Drink the Water
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Jimi Thing
The Last Stop
Lie In Our Graves
Rhyme & Reason
Drive In Drive Out
Too Much
Long Black Veil
Tripping Billies

Mike H.
Sounded great tonight, altough I couldn't actually see the band. Lots of extended solos, more than in years past. The best version of jimmy thing that i've ever heard. Long Black Vail is great!! Hope to see that on an album.
Eric C.
WOW! What a great show! The band was really feeling it tonight. Satellite, what a surprise.Sounded quiet but it was a good opener.One sweet World, nobody around me knew it from the intro. We were yelling out "One Sweet World" to spoil the surprise:) They played this song decent. #41, predicted this one. Very cool, the band started to get into to now. Dont Drink The Water,Dave was going crazy (broken rib and all).Stone, surprised me. Very good song though.Crash, they played this average. I sang along to the Dixie Chicken outro and people looking at me wondering how i know. Pig, this was very good. I was surprised to hear it because they already played Stone and those are similar songs. Jimi Thing, Boyd now took over the show. He was into this one. One of the best Jimi Thing's i have heard. I was really hoping to get to hear too.Last Stop, I really didnt the song, but it got me pumped up with all the yelling.Lie In Our Graves, WOW!!! They played this so good. I really dont like this song that much, but they played it with so much energy. Boyd and Carter were going crazy. Boyd was really close to dropping his violin and Carter was laughing at him while keeping a beat.Rhyme & Reason, I knew they were going to play this. I could feel it. Very cool song.Drive In, Drive Out, this song went very well with Rhyme and Reason. Too Much, I havent heard this in a while without hearing Anyone Seen The Bridge. That showed some originallity in this show. This and Satellite opening. For the encore I knew Long Black Veil was coming up. They play it every show. I also predicted Tripping Billies to end the show. I was hoping Ants Marching, but Tripping Billies is cool. Boyd was really into it. What a show.
Ryan W.
Alright, i just got home from a four hour drive so i will keep this mildly short. Of course i will just start off by saying the concert was fantastic as usual, adn the loudest one i have ever been to! Gotta Love that! Unfortunately, i can honestly say i won't be going to Riverbend again unless i have pavillion, they have the rudest people there, and i just had lawn for St. Louis and my friend had lawn for chicago and didnt have these problems, but i will go on with th actual review. Satellite was an interesting opener, but a great one, nothing different about it. Higlights of the evening were probably, belive it or not, Don't Drink The Water. I have heard this at every show since 98, but this just rocked harder than any other DDTW i have hear, i think it had to be Carter, simpply amazing! The Last Stop was unbelievable as well, i have wanted this since my first show and he teased it for the longest time doing the groaning that you hear in the song without music before beginning it, it had an extra long jam by the way. Andfinally, since it was gov't mule's last ight with the band i figured they would end it with watchtower, in fact i was positive, but when i heard the nature intro to Tripping Billies i was definitely not displeased.
Chris C.
This was a pretty good show- my 12th. I got to the parking lot (the pay-to-park place) and grilled out with some people- played guitar and drank beer. Too much damn beer. I forgot my pen, so I didn't get the setlist written down, but I'll talk about the highlights. Dave came out and played the wood finished guitar (the Natural Chet SST for all you guitar people) Satellite was a strange opener, but it got everyone happy. Then, it got really mellow with OSW and #41. 41 Is one of my favorites, and I've heard it at the last 6 shows I've been to. DDTW was the best one I've ever heard. Maybe it was because I was so hammered, but I thought it really jammed. Here's where it gets hazy. The Stone- holy shit watch that guy's hands when he plas that song! Pig was studio quality sounding- and Dave got it right this time (see my Charleston WV review from earlier this year) Jimi thing was nice and jammed out, but there were no real other highlights that stand out about this show. Actually, I enjoied DIDO and TLS quite a bit. The encores were very solid. I love Long Black Veil with the band, and Tripping Billies was a rocking conclusion to the evening. It was one of the best TB I have ever heard. Boyd went offDave didn't talk to the crowd much at all throughout the evening but he was obviously having a good time. Nevertheless, the guys were really into it and played flawlessly. I don't care how popular they are now. They are one of the best live acts around and sure don't show any signs of "selling out." Until thursday...
Brian R.
The show was a decent show compared to the shows he has played recently. All in all it was a great concert. The first half of the concert was nothing special, just the band playing the songs. It picked up when they played Lie in Our Graves, the crowd got really into it. When he came back out for the encore the place was going nuts. He played the unreleased Long Black Veil which went over really well with the crowd. Personally I really liked this song. Then he played Tripping Billies which was the highlight of the show. It was an incredible conclusion to the concert.
The concert was lots of fun. I thought it was a pretty good setlist till I saw the columbus shows...sigh. Anyway Gov't Mule was playing when I walked in and lo and behold Leroi and Boyd are jamming with them. I was sort of dissapointed I hadn't arrived in time to see the whole opening act cause what I heard sounded really good. Everything was great about the music except that it wasn't very loud on the lawn, although that could have been because many of the people were being totally irreverant to Dave, although they shut up for Crash...surprise surprise. Satellite was a cool opener cause it doesn't really fit anywhere else and its a good song. What's with the Rhyme and Reason kick? I liked it and it was surprise to hear it again, Dave did a nice little single note intro using the scale used for the song (G I think). Stone would have been cool had I been able to hear the Wise Men Say part. Dave played a short riff a few times before breaking into the Nature intro to Tripping Billies. Great closer. Long Black Veil was great I love that song. The annoying screaming 12 yr. olds behind (who screamed pretty much just because they found it so hard to believe they were ACTUALLY AT A DAVE CONCERT!!! GASP!!!) thought it was the greatest moment of their lives because Dave was playing a "new song." So I turned around and told them that it WASN'T a new song, but that Johnny Cash wrote it and its a cover song. The were heartbroken. Revenge is sweet! Cya at the Meadows for 3 DAYS OF NON-STOP DAVE!
Scott S.
Okay…I just got back from the awesome 6/20/99 Riverbend show (15 songs...YES) and here are my thoughts: 3rd row, flippin center...all I can say is WOW (and thank you again Warehouse)! It was sooo incredibly amazing to see all of the DMB's facial expressions throughout the entire show. Boyd & LeRoi guesting on Gvt. Mule's last song was cool too (Boyd looked at me and smiled during that song...I'm SURE OF IT)!!!!!! This was my 3rd show (8/9/98 & 11/21/98 were my first two) and the 1st of my 4 show week coming up (6/24, 6/26, & 6/27). Anyway, here we go... Satellite - Surprised me as the opener (I was hoping for Warehouse), but I enjoyed it...first time seeing/hearing it live for me. One Sweet World - 2nd straight year @ Riverbend...beautiful intro and the ending was great (gave me chills)! Daves facial expressions were incredible all night long and he was REALLY dancing it up! #41 - Some guy kept yelling for it through the first 2 songs and then after OSW I saw Carter look up at Dave (as if to ask him) and held up the # 4 with his fingers and then #1...so I knew it was coming, but I was shocked to see the apparent spontanaity (sp?...don't care---too tired) of the group. Don't Drink the Water - I was really hoping NOT to get this one, but really I'm glad I did not. This song is a really good live song...Dave's face is amazing during this one! The Stone - A lot of people hit the bathroom on this one...I still love this song! The ending is always cool Crash - I love the Dixie Chicken ending, but I was kind of surprised that the lighters didn't come out on this one (they did before the encore though)! Pig - First time live for me and I wasn't too psyched about seeing/hearing it...but wow...CARTER TEARS THIS SONG UP!!!! Man he rocked on this song…actually he rocked all night (that dude got a workout…he's absolutely amazing to watch)! Jimi Thing - Here's where the show started to take a turn toward pure energy! This song kicked some major butt tonight! Riverbend was shaking! Another one I hadn't heard live yet, but really wanted too...and it did not disappoint...I said no way they'll top this tonight...but I was wrong (read on for more details on that)! The Last Stop - Before the song began I saw Boyd pick up a "Zetta" or whatever the heck that thing's called (my brother-in-law filled me in on this after watching the 6/21/98 Germany video) and I told my wife "LAST STOP" ---YEAH!! I then told the guy next to me and he said, no I think it's "Warehouse," but then Dave started his 3rd World chant (during that a moth flew on his face and he had to stop at one point and flick it off of his face...he smiled and continued on---cool) and he leaned to me and said, "good call man!" Not to brag, but before the shows I predicted the setlist (14 songs-which I shared w/my wife and the 2 other people that went w/us) based on this year's setlists (Nancies.org) and the fact it was just a one night show. They played 11 of the 14 I predicted (in case you're wondering which 3 I missed, they were: Cry Freedom, Watchtower, and Rapunzel)! Anyway...back to the show (sorry for getting off track)...Carter was on fire again at the end of this song!!! This is the best song on BTCS (imo)! The ending of this songs is amazingly energetic! Lie In Our Graves - Oh my fart! This was AWESOME! Boyd was like inches away from me (I was snapping pictures like crazy)! Boyd was lighting the stage up...back and forth...left to right...he was all over the place...then jammed w/LeRoi and Dave...the crowd REALLY ate this song up and I thought it was the highlight of the night (being 3rd row probably played a big part in that though)! Rhyme & Reason - My bladder had been screaming at me since "The Stone," and seeing Boyd so close made it even worse!!! So I decided to fight my way through my row and bail on R&R (not one of my favorites...live or album) for the Port-O-Potty! Drive In, Drive Out - Carter was the star again here! Dave's singing on this was hard to make out (not sure if they were words or not during the verses---just like L@RR)! Too Much - Great energy AGAIN! Man DMB was on fired for about an hour! I figured this had to be it (before the encore)! Long Black Veil - I was impressed with this song live. I had been dreading it, but it really is nice (quiets the crowd BIG TIME)! I'm amazed how well Dave's voice goes from low to high on this one so smoothly! Tripping Billies - YES! Even though it had been played the past 2 shows I was thinking Watchtower all of the way (since it was Gov't Mule's last night w/DMB-thus the last chance for Warren Hayes to join them) and was really hoping to get it, but Tripping Billies rocked the house! Boyd and Dave jammed the crap out of this one and it sent everyone (okay, most people) home happy! In closing, I just want to thank you for reading my long review and sum it all up by saying it was a great show to attend! Before "Pig," I thought it'd just be an average show, but it really did turn into a high energy/great fun-for-everyone show (ironically-or maybe not-the energy started to pick up as the sky became dark)! Oh, one other thing about sitting 3rd row center...the sound isn't that great-kind of distorted since it's so close I guess (at least @ Riverbend), but it was an absolute incredible experience! Another thing that wasn't too great was being 5 foot 6 and trying to see over people who are 6 foot+ ! Being short sucks sometimes!!! Seriously though, I'm not really complaining, because it was a BLAST! Amazingly, I still have more to say, but I'm pooped! Thanks again for reading,