Dave Matthews Band
Sandstone Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, Kansas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Gov't Mule
The Last Stop
Two Step
Jimi Thing
The Stone
Say Goodbye
Tripping Billies
Long Black Veil
Don't Drink the Water
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
All Along the Watchtower *
#40 Tease (First verse and chorus) -->
Ants Marching

* with Warren Haynes on guitar

Susan F.
This show was a classic Dave Matthews Band performance, although there was not very much Davespeak. The slower songs were few and far between because the energy from the band and the crowd was immense. I think the biggest highlight in emotion was Watchtower as the ending song and Ants Marching as the final encore, while Dave's famous dancing was proclaimed fabulously in Rapunzel. All in all a fantastic performance by an incredibly down to earth and "for the fun of it all" band!
Elizabeth B.
THis was by far THE BEST concert of my entire life. The weather was so beautiful and the band was in top form. I think the reason that this tour has been so incredible is because the band is not promoting anything this time around-they are simply there to have fun-a true concert for the fans.The evening's highlight was Tripping Billies, the guys played it with an enormous amount of enthusiasm and the jam at the end was UNREAL!Ok everyone, don't get me wrong, I love Boyd, but lately it seems as though Dave's presence is pushed to the side in a effort to highlight Boyd's talent, which is ok, but this time around, Dave got his time to shine too, which was a nice change. All in all, the concert was just THE BEST EVER! I hope everyone had as much fun as we did! (to the people standing in front of us with more pot than I have ever seen before in my life, I was very impressed, you managed to overstuff BOTH cargo pant's pockets with joints and ya'll smoked more weed than humanly possible and you DIDN'T annoy me! Way to go! Rock on!)
Frank T.
WEll after Yesterdays show in St. Louie I could not believe my ears on Sat! I thought from the setlists I have been keeping my eyes on before this trip I though we would see basically the same show but it topped firdays show by far!. I have 14 th row and saw everything. this show lasted a little bit longer than most shows and that was because o fhte heat it was like 96 at showtime. The whole bad seem to click tonight everyone went nuts. each song had a jam in it. THe highlight of this show was for the last song before the encore Dave invited Warren Haynes for government mule to help out with Watchtower! and boy what a song! this is the best version I have heard anywhere! I mena I have over 200 hours of live DAVE and this one topped the charts! I also have a buddy in kansas that taped the show so I cant wait to get my copy tomorrow.! The only dissappointment was the ants encoreI mena I love ants like the resto of everyone but to close with it 2 nights in a row???? I mena tripping billies was killer and just from my standpoint I would have closed with tthat or watchtower!
Nick T.
This concert was completely oversold and made it otherwise impossible to hear unless you were in reserved seating. Dave started early and went into Two Step and Jimi with no hesitation. Then, he would constantly spend 3-5 min. between songs w/o his usual stories. Watchtower was unbelievable and played more like the original version than his usual. The encore was roused up with the crowd favorite, Ants Marching. The 1-2-3 jam of this song really showed the true genius of this band.
John S.
It has been rumored that the band is starting to fall into a rut of repetition and consistency in regard to their setlists and extended jams on concert anthems such as Two Step and Jimi Thing, but after seeing the band for the first time this tour, I was blown away. Little Bonner Springs has the reputation of a bad place for bands to play, thus the shows at Sandstone can lack the "energy" that other venues can generate. The Dave Matthews Band shattered that idea. The highlight of the show was definetly the encore. Some friends and I brought a large supply of #40 flyers to hold up at the show for the band to see in between songs. Our wish was granted and #40 was played as a wonderful encore intro. During Ants, Boyd took control of the stage, dancing in front of every band member, and shocking the crowd with his intense playing from the very edge of the stage.
Jeffrey A.
Great show. Much better than last year's Sandstone show, IMHO. Highlights for me were the climax os Say Goodbye, all of Tripping Billies, the simple beauty of Long Black Veil, and #40.
Tom B.
Great concert, i was surprised by the amount of poeple who didn't know Pig and LBV. It was a great concert, and one of the best times ever. #40 was amazing, i didn't believe that they actually played it.