Dave Matthews Band
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Iguanas
Seek Up
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Drive In Drive Out
Crash Into Me
Two Step
Pay For What You Get
Don't Drink The Water
Help Myself
Lie In Our Graves
All Along the Watchtower
Long Black Veil
Tripping Billies

Scott K.
Tonight's show put last night's to shame. It was on par with last year's second Deer Creek show. And there's still another night! No dull spots at all. People stayed standing even during Pay for What You Get and Help Myself. The Seek Up PNP Rapunzel combo was a good motivator, as usual, to start up the show, and 41 was better than I can remember it. Two Step ended differently than it used to, with less drumming and a longer guitar section. I was a little disappointed though with Recently, because they cut it off at what to me is halfway, before the "yeah yeah" reprise and the long jam at the end. Lie in Our Graves was even better than last night (only the second repeating song so far!), and Watchtower blew me away. They changed this one too, replacing Boyd's plucking part with a jammin solo and Roi had a sweet ender too. The song had no mellow (if you can call it that) part like it used to. The encore was great- a beautiful Long Black Veil and ripping Tripping Billies. Only one thing will allow tomorrow's show to be better than tonight's: Dancing Nancies.
Jeff H.
Well this made my week, this is now four shows in one week, louis, columbus, cincy, and now indy and what a week it has been. First, I ran into a girl I know and she said they had a ticket left, so my buddy and I jumped on. Left UD at 6:30 and made it just in time for Dave. One thing though, no tickets for either of us b/c another girl jumped on. Thank you nice guy from INDY for the at cost seats, it added to the what could be my second best show. If you read my review from Saturday you'll see it was my best ever, beating good old October of '96, well this beat that and almost Saturday. Way to be Dave, you only add to the fact that real fans can see you over and over, no doubt! Seek Up--Kinda funny, on the way in, i said i hadnt heard that this week and it would be a great opening, well thank you and welcome to INDY! Rapuzel--Always good, nice vocal and got the crowd jumping. #41--Well, i got it right this time, sorry about the Columbus screw up, always good, i wish they would quit teasing with Say Goodbye and play it! Drive In/Drive Out--I had never heard this live until last wed in louis, but since then every night, great live song. Crash--Well, the radio had to come on some time, and it did, i really dont enjoy this song, couples dancing everywhere and what not, anyways, no dixie chicken either, oh well. Two Step--Always good, go Boyd and i love this one anyway. Recently--Only my third time and good as usual. Pay For What You Get--Dave said we are going to play something quite, adn they did, very enjoyable. Dont Drink The Water--AWSOME, i love this one, so uplifting and really necessay after the last two!! Help Myself--Never heard live, great tune, vocals kinda sucked. LIOG-OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Boyd, you are awesome, if this song wasnt played every show i have been too (8), i dont think i would enjoy the show. The chills that were going through my back were amazing, thank you BOYD! He almost fell over at one point and also the best LIOG i have ever seen! Watchower--Need I say more, oh my god, i have been spolied this week, that was my third WT, and it was a lot better without Haynes, sorry Warren. But, with Boyd and LeRoi adding their solos, i about fell over and was nuts! Encore: Long Black Veil--Awesome tune, they played it well, vocals again a bit too low! Tripping Billies--The patented last song, and it was a bit slower then usual, but again good!! Deer Creek is awesome, great place for a show and the lights were great, however, i feel that the vocals can always be better!!
Larry H.
The Boys are back!!!!!! Everything was great tonight. Only two repeats from last night and they were both BETTER. I was amazed that the highlight of last night's show (Lie in Our Graves) was even better tonight. Tonight's show was so good I don't know if I could pick a highlight. Two Step was great with a solo from Stefan in the beginning. I love Seek Up as an opener even though I know many people who submit reviews here do not. Help Myself was great with a solo from Carter in the middle. I had not heard Long Black Veil yet but it is a pretty good mellow song. A great show in all. This is what the shows are all about. Hopefully tomorrow night is just as good.
John J.
First, I should say that my wife and I arrived at the show at about 8:15. a few minutes after the band took the stage (so if there was an opening band, we missed it). The band was exceptionally "groovy" tonight: you could tell there was a lot going on onstage, but couldn't be heard because the audience was noisier than necessary. On quite a few songs I could've sworn the band played the tempo WAY DOWN, but they were still very, very tight. One thing I like about the band (which I don't hear many others discussing) is the rather long amount of time that Dave takes to count off with the band before the tune even begins. It's as if two minutes spent getting the groove JUST RIGHT is always two mintes well-spent. Energy level was pretty high, but wasn't reflected on the speed of the tunes. We were seated about three rows from the rear of the pavillion, and I'm SURE we would've gotten more out of the show had we better seats. Band played one encore (two tunes), possible because of the city curfew in effect -- band left stage before 10:30. Overall, a B- show.
Kyle B.
Just got back to Wisconsin after having a blast a Deer Creek! The two shows I saw were amazing, but Wednesday's shows definitly was the better of the two. Everyone seemed like they showed up to play and jam hard. Seek Up, as always, was a great opener. Since the night before Dave played a lot of newer songs I was anticipated an older setlist and it was. Enjoyed #41 and Rupunzel. Crash didn't have Dixie Chicken but my favorite song was around the corner with Two Step. I didn't catch all the words but I loved the intro. It is a good way to add to an already great song. Halfway through Recently Boyd, for some reason, left the stage so they didn't jam on the end of it. Glad I got to finally hear Help Myself. Most of the crowd didn't know the words but it was cool. The last four songs our what MADE this show. LIOG's jam was just oout of control. Dave and Boyd stood face to face and jammed hard, with Dave having this huge smile just to kind of say show me what you got. Watchtower brought the house down. The crowd was almost deafening! The closer were great. LBV is such a smooth song. After that Dave played the intro to Love of My Life, my buddy Sean and I went crazy, but it turned in to Trippin that put the cherry on a already great night. The 5 hour drive was definitly worth it. Hi to all the friends we made at Deadcreek campground. I think i finally have sobered up! Can' wait until Alpine.
Erika S.
DAMN. This show totally rocked....last year i was at the second deer creek show, and at this one, they did the same opening 3 songs...it was so dope!!! Seek up, i had been waiting for that, pnp->rapunzel was like whatever, #41 was great although I was "getting blazed" with new found friends...PFWYG was chill, Recently seemed really short, maybe it was just me....I wanted to hear Long black veil again....help myself- more people should have known it....1 more night, JAH