Dave Matthews Band
New World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, Illinois
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Gov't Mule
Warehouse (Stop-time intro)
What Would You Say
Two Step
Say Goodbye (Drum intro)
Crush *
Help Myself
Proudest Monkey -->
Tripping Billies
Seek Up -->
LeRoi solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
For the Beauty of Wynona
The Best of What's Around
All Along the Watchtower **
Warehouse tease (30 sec) -->
Ants Marching

* with Warren Haynes on guitar
** with Warren Haynes on guitar and vocals

Wow. Although I think they were more energetic at Sandstone last saturday, nothing but good things can come out of a setlist that looks like this. Simply amazing. WAREHOUSE opened the show, with a little stop time intro. As usual, the strobe lights were cool, but considering it was still daylight when the show started, they didn't have the same effect they do in dark arenas. WWYS popped up next, short but sweet. TWO STEP appeared, again with Dave's solo piece in the middle. Dave's solo seemed a little slower tonight, and in a little different style. SAY GOODBYE with Carter's drum solo and Roi with the flute, a nice tune, but I'm not a big fan of this song for some reason. Dave played his air drum set along with Carter again tonite. CRUSH featured Warren Haynes, filling in for Timmy's parts really well. HELP MYSELF...Every once in a while....my girlfriend and I went crazy when we heard the opening notes. I thought it had only come to life for the early May shows, th! en died. What a great time to revive it. I really think this would be a really popular tune if it had been put on an album. People seemed to really get into it, especially during Carter's drum solo. PROUDEST MONKEY --> SATELLITE didn't have anything different, although Proudest was nice to hear with the full band. That song changes dramatically when Carter adds in near the end, going from a slow tune to a funky groove. BILLIES is always a crowd pleaser, thanks to Boyd. SEEK UP...could this show get any better? An 18 min Seek Up, which I was surprised how many people sang along with. It's kinda funny how when a song disappears from the setlists how happy you are to hear it. PNP --> RAPUNZEL was pretty standard...although fun as usual. WYNONA!!! Dave got out the electric for this one and when he was tuning for it I thought I heard it, but I figured he was just messing around. But nope...this was it. What an amazing song. I though after Help Myself we wouldn't be so lucky to get any more rarities, and boy was I wrong. If I'm not mistaken, this was the first time it was played by the full band since last November. I won't say I was the only one who knew this tune, but it was much quiter than during Help Myself. Wynona was the first words out of most of the mouths of people I talked to after the show. BOWA was nice to hear, a semi-rare tune that is always there to greet you on UTTAD. WATCHTOWER closed the set, and I knew something strange was going on when they taped a piece of paper to the floor in front of Boyd's mic. Apparently, it was for Warren Haynes for something (does he not know the words?), although I didn't notice him look at it when he sang a few lines near the end of the song. He did an awesome solo in it, much better than both Sandstone and last night. It was kind of funny because when he sang the first line, the vocal levels were so low you could hardly hear him. When they adjusted it, the second line was really loud, although they had it fixed by the third. It appears the crew are humans too. For the encore, Stefan came out with a video camera and walked across the stage smiling. They shined a light on the audience, as everyone near the front tried to get on his video. WAREHOUSE TEASE --> ANTS: I guessed Ants, and was happy to see they played two nights at one venue without repeating one tune. That's right folks, no don't drink the water tonight. Amazingly enough, the band is still alive too after going an entire show without playing don't drink. When they started the Warehouse tease, I thought they had forgotten that they started the show with Warehouse and were going to play it again, but this one sounded a little different. I'm not sure how many times they have done this tease intro to Ants (I know they did it on SNL a while back), but I personally haven't heard it on a tape before. Ants was really well done, with Dave doing one or two of the "twangs" he did a bunch of in Sandstone during Boyd's solo. At this point the crowd was going wild. Although it's not a personal favorite tune, I have to admit it's a great song to close the show with. After a really short show Monday night, Tuesday's 2:35 show made up for it and then some.
Brad H.
This show was far better than the first night! The insanity started when they opened w/ Warehouse and it did not stop until the house lights came back on! Two Step was awesome as usual. Say Goodbye was amazing; I had been waiting so long to hear this song live, it brought a tear to me eye. Crush w/ Warren rocked. Then the obscure tunes started. Help Myself was a great treat. Proudest Monkey, even though I hate the song, was great to hear live. Seek Up was incredible as always and lasted about 19 minutes. Then came Wynona. this was totally unexpected! I didn't expect the ywould play it two nights in a row, but they played Watchtower w/ Warren again. Even better than last night's! And they ended the show with the standard Ants Marching. All in all, the best DMB show I've been to yet!
Michael R.
Bar None, best show out of the 16 I have seen. Lots of surprises. And tons of energy. Carter had a Bulls jersey on, which made me smile. When they came out for the encore Stefan came back with a camcorder and was video taping the crowd. What a show. WOW!
Jason F.
Wow, What a show!! I knew it would be great after starting the night out with Warehouse. You could tell that the band was really loving it up there. They played forever. Even though I had third row seats last night, I think tonight's show was much better. It was good to finally hear the songs I'd been looking for in St. Louis and last night, like Two Step, Warehouse, Tripping Billies, and Satellite. There were people in front holding a huge sign for #36, and after Carter went wild at the end of Two Step, he started banging out the solo for # 36. A few minutes into it, Leroi started playing what sounded like his solo to #36. Unfortunately, when Dave started up, he detoured into Say Goodbye. Oh well, it was great too. Warren Haynes was awesome at lead guitar! His performance on Crush and Watchtower topped even last night's amazing performance. (Dave broke a string towards the end of the song). I was also happy to see that Dave got away from the standards like Crash, Don't Drink the Water and The Long Black Veil, at least for one night. They had a different intro to Rapunzel, and the song sort of came out of nowhere. Beauty of Winnona was a beautiful song that not to many people recognized. Hopefully he'll play Granny and all of #40 on the 26th! (Dave played live on the radio this afternoon too, and Bartneder was a nice treat). Whoever was at this show was pretty lucky, because we got a great show, and a lot of songs Dave and company haven't played much lately.
Tony K.
Hey all. I'm sure they're going to be a lot of reviews, so I'll try to keep it short. My second show in a week, and this one was completely different from Riverport. Highlights were Warehouse as opener--- gets the crowd goin' mad crazy. What Would You Say again for me, but I still think it's a great tune. I like the Two Step of this tour--- the Dave/Carter Jam is cool. After Crush, it seemed like the boys decided to take a detour Help Myself is always nice and dark, and fairly rare this tour. Then Dave decided to bust out the Monkey for the first time this summer---a great tune. Knew the seque into Satellite was coming, but what can you do? Seek Up was in an interesting spot, and again something not heard that much this tour. PNP--Rapunzel was standard, but the crowd really seemed to get into this one. Then, out of nowhere, Beauty of Wynona and BOWA!?!?!?! Are you kidding me? It was completey nuts. Then, a great Watchtower with Warren from Gov't Mule.... the crowd went crazy, again. The encore, which I'm sure many will comment about was cool, because everyone was wondering why they were playing Warehouse again, and then right into Ants--- I don't remember every reading a post about where they did that, and it faked everyone around me out. Finally, this was the first show of the tour that DDTW didn't happen, which makes me wonder if the setlist got changed in the middle. Overall, great night that was two and a half hours easy, the crowd was happy, and the setlist was radically different to make anyone happy.
Jordan G.
This show made the 14th show look like a joke. After last night I had a blanket of disappointment over me, but the band more then made up for it tonight. Dave and the boys were totally into the entire show. A total of 15 songs, 3 more thsn last night, and a half hour longer. I think we got the first Beauty of the tour, and Help Myself was incredible. Dave had a nice little solo during Two Step. Watchtower and Crush were great with Warren. I'm pretty sure Warren sang to give Dave a rest since it seemed his voice was hurting him. The boys really pulled out all the stops, with the Warehouse into Ants teaser. The most amazing thing... only one song was repeated from last night...Watchtower. The only BTCS songs were Rapunzel and Crush. This show was an easy 10, and the best of all my 16 shows. You guys need to get this one.
Brian S.
Well I came to this concert hoping it would be much better and longer than the previous nights shortened two hours set, but the rumor was the Dave had a sore throat or something like that -- now to the concert. WOW everytime I think I heard the best concert from Dave, he comes out with a better one, I couldn't believe that he started with Warehouse which basically set the mood for the evening which was that Dave was going to rock the World Theater down -- from then on he cranked out song after song mainly from Under the Table and Crash, best songs came with a very surprising Help Myself and For the Beauty of Wynona, and I was thrilled again when he played Watchtower to end the concert -- This was a 1000 times better than the Monday night concert and by far the best setlist I have seen with the band and the best concert -- Dave definitely knows how to leave Chicago with style!!!!
Christine H.
Before monday's show, myself and other 'fan' were conversing about Dave and the current tour and setlists. He pridicted that monday's TP show would be a 'radio' show while tuesday's show woulld be for the fans....you are correct! After Warehouse and What Would You Say, I could have left my Warehouse 19th row center seats completely satisfied. Fortunately for me Dave and the boys came to play and proceeded to put on the BEST show I've ever seen them do live. You had to be there to understand how amazing this show was(the setlist says it all)...
Allison H.
My god! What can I not say about the second world show! The audience was the match that lit the bands fire! I knew the show was going to be better by the vibe of the crowd, most had gone last night and left satisfied with their radio setlist, but tonight was for the diehards and any music lover. Thanks to the warehouse I had 12th row seats, on the left hand side. As a joke, knowing how many others this tour did it, we held up a little paper sign that said, 40. I was waving at Dave while he prepared to introduce Gov't Mule, and he gave a head nod. Then when he came out, we stood up and just pointed to the sign and gave him a thumbs up, he pointed back to us, and gave us a thumbs up. I thought... Yes! We'll at least get the intro... but what proceeded that communication with THE MAN was "Your going to have some fun tonight" I wanna make this review quick because I know plenty others have more to say. Help Myself, that's exactly what i couldn't do, I couldn't help making a fool of myself by freaking out when this came on. Then a few songs later pops in For the Beauty of Wynonna, that's where Dave had me in a huge puddle in the ground, he had found my weak spot, the unreleased songs. Out of the 6 shows I'm going to this tour, I wanted to hear Seep Up and Best of because I have yet to hear it, what comes in, the two songs. The crowd was great, singin', dancin', the whole bit. It was an Alpine 98 moment, and the band was feeling it to. As the came back out for the encore, Stefan videotaped the audience with a hand held camcorder, capturing one sweet audience, something the world has lacked in years past. This was a fantastic show, the setlist is awe inspiring, and the best I've ever had the pleasure to witness.
Sara A.
I walked into the concert sobbing because our bus had arrived late and I had missed the first couple minutes of Warehouse, but as soon as he finshed and began playing What Would You Say, I became totally cheerful again, and ended up having the best time of my life. All of the songs were great. My friend and i were hoping for #36 when Carter was playing his solo, but were just as pleased when they played Say Goodbye, one of my fav's. Another highlight was definately Help Myself. This song is not featured on any of their studio cd's, but i am fortunate enough to own the Scream 2 soundtrack, where the song is featured. I know i along with a few other people felt very superior to the rest of the crowd because we knew all the words and no one else did! I think by far the best part of this show was the encore. The band started out playing Warehouse again for about 30 seconds, which completely baffled the crowd, and left people thinking, "Maybe I'm smoking something weird, but I think he already played this." But as soon as they broke out with Ants, the entire crowd was ecstatic. All in all, it was an awesome concert, one of the best i've ever been to. And it sounded awesome too, with Dave's sore throat and hoarseness in his voice. Only one letdown: Timmy Reynolds was not there.......that kept me wondering all night.
Joel B.
HOLY CRAP! This was an amazing show. I saw the 5/29/98 show at the New World last year and this blew that one away!! Forst off, Gov't Mule kickes ass. You gotta love "Cortez the Killer" (the last song they played for those who were there and aren't familiar with the Mule). Ok, now on to highlights of the DMB set. "Say Goodbye" was incredible. Carter played the drums intro, but extended it so that he soloed and then played the intro which was awesome! Then right after that, Dave brings Warren Haynes out and I start freaking out!!! The song they played was "Crush" which I thought was an intresting choice to have an amazing guitarist sit in on. This song was awesome. The band and Warren strayed from the norman jam and made this song awesome. The next song was "Help Myself" which I'd never heard done full band before so this was cool for me. "Seek Up" was amazing. This was clearly the best version I've ever heard. I've never heard "For the Beauty of Wynona" before and I really liked it. When Dave asked Warren to come out again and I figured it was going to be WATCHTOWER!!!!!! This was definately the best song of the night. The crowd was belting out this one and Warren's solo was amazing!!!! For the encore, it was one of the best "Ants Marching"s I'd ever heard. This was an amazing show as a whole.
Greg S.
Definitely the best setlist I have ever heard. Great opener with Warehouse. I knew that once I heard this, that it would be a great show. Totally surprised to hear What Would You Say. Awesome version. Two Step was also outstanding. Dave was going nuts with the "happy feet" during the whole song. Say Goodbye was a great version. The drum intro by Carter was outstanding. When the guy from Gov't Mule walked out on stage, I thought I was going to hear Watchtower, but it turned out to be Crush. Stefan had a great intro with his bass riff. A great version. I had no idea that he would play Help Myself. I think that I was the only person in the place singing the entire song. Proudest Monkey was quite a surprise, but once he started it, I knew Satellite was coming next. Both were great, although there were four 12 year olds in front of me going nuts during Satellite. Once I heard Dave's guitar going, I knew Billies was next. Boyd went crazy during this, walking all over the stage. Seek Up was next. This was about a 20 minute version. Dave and the boys were jamming away during this. LeRoi had a solo after it. Pantala --> Rapunzel was your standard version, but it was still really good. When he busted out Wynona, I thought it was The Maker at first, but then I listened to it and I was like, it's Wynona. Totally shocked to hear it. When Carter started the drums for Best Of What's Around, I went absolutely crazy. Definitely one of the highlights. Then, when the guy from Gov't Mule walked back out, I knew it could mean only one thing, Watchtower closing the set. Double Watchtower, insane!!! During the time between the set and the encore, the entire place was going crazy. Everyone was pounding on their chairs, chanting "We want Dave", yelling, and clapping. Also, it seemed everyone had their lighters going during this part. When they came back out for the encore and started playing Warehouse, I turned to my friends and said "Didn't he already play this," but I didn't have to wait long. Ants Marching was a great encore. The whole place was going nuts during the entire song. Tonight was definitely better than last night by far. This has to be the best setlist of the year so far. Hope to see everyone at Alpine next week.
Ryan L.
Incredible!!! That show blew my mind away. I've heard over 150 DMB shows and this is by far the best show he's ever put on. Everyone was on tonight, and there was energy flowing from every oriphus of the band. Highlights of the show were the Warehouse tease straight into Ants. I was like, "Wait a sec! He already played this!" Then I got bummed out for like 25 seconds and then the snare part of Ants came in and I lost my mind. I was weak to my knees during Crush, Say Goodbye, and BOWA. They were awesome. It seemed like a completely different band tonight than last night. Who ever accuses DMB of selling out need to listen to this show. DMB was at their peak last night. I love you boys!
Andy J.
A Midsummer Nights Carter Co-starring: Dave Matthews, Boyd Tinsley, and Warren Haynes That's what this show was. Carter being absolutely amazing, backed by slightly less amazing (just ever so slightly) performances by Boyd, Dave, and Warren Haynes of Govt' Mule. I won't go song by song, but just look at the setlist! Help Myself and Wynona? There has not been this good a show in at least a year. Try and find one that can beat last night's setlist and energy. What's that? you've looked? And I'm right? I knew I was. This was a beautiful show, with great energy from the boys. Oh, and when they came out for an encore, Stephan had a video camera. Perhaps this was the DMB tour video show? One last comment. Boyd was wearing a cool hat, at least until Tripping Billies. At the start it was on his head, until he went berzerk and it went flying off. The crowd went nuts, and I kept taking pictures. You guys really should add a section to fan photos. Well, I don't think it gets better than last night. See yall at Deer Creek and Alpine Valley!
SEth K.
What a show!!! After going to the show the night before I was hoping the selist would be different and it did not dissappoint. The only song they played the same was Watchtower. Warehouse was a good opener, I was suprised to hear it. Nothing special but a good start. Higlights were Say Goodbye a great intro from Carter, Help Myself, my first Beauty of Wynona, Seek Up, RApunzel, and BOWA. Hell the whole show was a highlight. They got much better as the night went on. Seek Up went on for about 20 minutes and just kept going. It was the first time I had heard Rapunzel and BOWA in a while and they were great with real emotion. Warren Hayes was amazing on Watchtower, I would have to say he does it the best of anyone I have heard. The band had so much more energy than the night before. I got backstage on Mon and only Boyd was there what a cool guy down to earth and nice. the security guard said Dave's voice was really bad and he was resting. Well tuesday they kicked ass.
Jeffrey N.
All I can say is that this was the single most amazing show with the most amazing setlist. It seemed like the night before they played all the hits, crowd pleasers and new songs and tonight they were just gonna have fun. I saw Dave at a radio concert that afternoon and he seemed to be in a good playing mood. I new I was in for an excellent show and I was not dissapointed at all. Now, onto the setlist Warehouse- As soon as they opened with this, I knew it was going to be a crazy show. The Stop-time intro was awesome and the version was pretty standard after that but quite ejoyable if you ask me. What Would You Say- I knew this was due at some point in the show, but I didn't expect it this early because they had been closing or doing it for an encore a lot on this tour. It was a great version. Two Step- I called this one. I loved the intro with Boyd plucking away at his guitar like a mandolin. The jam at the end was intense. It was the first time I ever heard Dave due a real guitar solo. I mean he wasn't just hitting weird chords and stuff like he sometimes does, he was really tearing it up. Then Carter took over, soloing over the beat with his crazy, odd time quick stick amazement. I was in awe. Say Goodbye- I saw LeRoi go for his flute and heard Carter messing around so I knew this was up. The drum solo was out of this world and the flute was in it for a bit, but then he realized that Carter was tearing it up so he backed out until the song started. The rest was poetry, and it rocked. Crush- They brought Warren Haynes out for this one. He pulled off a very cool, Allman Brothers style solo that was great. I love this song. It was the only big crowd pleaser that they didn't play last night, and I was glad they played it tonight. Carter did this thing at the end where he basically played against the rest of the group time wise and it was awesome. Help Myself- I never saw this coming. I love this song, too, and not many people knew it. It was still nice to hear. Proudest Monkey- This was sweet and pretty chilled and even though people knew it, they took a seat for this one and just enjoyed the sweet sound of Dave. Satellite- This suprisingly got everyone on their feets and dancing. It was a great rendition and everybody sang along. Tripping Billies- I heard a couple chords of Nature and was suprised cause I thought they might close with this. It was fun to hear it in the middle of the set. Boyd and Carter tore it up. Seek Up- I didn't expect this one. It was long and nice and there was a good jam which lead into that LeRoi jam that I've heard a million times and still doesn't have a name. I could only guess what was coming next, but I guessed right. Pantal Naga Pampa--->Rapunzel- This was fun I didn't really expect it, but it was good and jammy. For The Beauty Of Wynona- I would have never guessed this one in a million years. No one seemed to know it, but everyone liked it. This guy next to me was like "What the hell is this?" and I was like "Just shut up and listen." It was so cool. The Best of Whats Around- I thought this would be their last song, but when heard this, I knew it wouldn't be. this was a real treat to hear at the end of the setlist. All Along The Watchtower- It was the only repeat from last night, but I guessed he would close with it because Warren Haynes was their. They did an awesome version with a kick ass guitar solo and then Warren sang the last verse, and oh does he have a sweet verse. Dave loved it. He was dancing around and then when he finshed out the song he shouted louder the ever. Encore: Warehouse tease- I heard this and was like "What the hell?! They already played this!" But then I looked to my friends, who were really confused and said "Its probably just a tease." and a tease it was, because then they went into. . . Ants Marching- It was just like how they did it on Saturday Night Live. They crowd went nuts the second that Carter started hitting that Snare Drum. The version was long and jammy with the 1-2-3 jam at the end. What a way to finish out the greatest concer on the tour and the greatest Dave show I'd ever seen and the Greatest Concert of my life!
Emily T.
Holy crap. This show was awesome. Stop time intro into warehouse was great for an opener (this may seem lame to some people, but I have never heard warehouse at a show and it was great!). I was talking to somebody before the show about how I wanted to hear WWYS in concert, even though I usually skip over it on the CD, I hear that they really jam in concert, and well... they did!! It ruled. Two Step is still awesome, Say goodbye and Crush were good as usual and I was surprised at how many people didn't know help myself. It was awesome though, I was surprised he put it in there though because the concert seemed to be a real "media show", but it was still awesome. Proudest Monkey?? Where did this come from?? It was still awesome, dave goes into his ooo-ooo-ooo-aaah-aaah-aaahs... that's great. Satellite...eeeh... it was good, but I was, and am still dying to hear some other stuff. Seek Up... WOW!!! That song gave me chills. PNP->Rapunzel was great... high energy great dave dancing. For the Beauty of Wynona?! Whoa! I hadn't heard this song in a while, and nobody recognized it at first because of the lyric changes but shortly after people started picking up on it. Almost everybody thought it was just a dave solo. BOWA- It was high energy and everybody was jammin' including dave. Watchtower: Warren Haynes sang the last verse, pretty cool (but there was no bluesy-like dave howl at the end ) Encore: when they came back out, and Stefan had a camcorder, everybody went nuts! Warehouse tease, and I knew it was going into ants because Roi busted out the soprano sax and they just started jamming. Boyd was at one point 2 frickin' feet from me! Boyd just went off right in front of us and finally the security guards let us rush the barracade and we were jammin with him. And to top it all off.. carter threw me his drumstick!!!! It was absolutely awesome, I'm still stunned.
It was a good show, but not one of the best I've seen. Dave and the boys didn't seem as lively and as into it as other shows. But, some highlights were...Warehouse opener, seek up came at a perfect time, there was no Crash Into Me or SMTS->ASTB->TooMuch, BOWA was great, I've never heard that live, and Warren Hayes on guitar/VOCALS!!! on watchtower was chill. The crowd was your typical abercrombie/non bud smoker crowd, but what can ya do?!
Jeffrey B.
What can't you say about this show. From the fourteenth row you could see the guys giving hugs to each other before the encore. It was the most engulfing and energetic shows I've seen them play in quite some time. Two Step was played out as far as it could have, Seek Up left everyone craving before they packed even more tunes in before the encore finally arrived. It was nice to see a long show that the Midwest deserved. Stefan even came out onto the stage to take pictures of the crowd before they made their way into Warehouse again--and into Ants. Great setlist, Boyd knocked his hat off-literally-during a jam and the guys hit it off. Warren Haynes swaggered two great southern rock solos into the show(Crush and Watchtower) that added to the buzz of Tinley Park. Great crowd, both nights,and one hell of a good time.
Tom F.
I went to both World shows and this was the better of the two. Warehouse would have started things off nicely if this venue had any accoustic quality whatsoever. Nevertheless, it was a good start and an indication of betther things to come. A nice suprise was the appearance of Warren Haynes on Crush and Watchtower. He played slide on Crush during the end jam and sang the last refrain on Watchtower. The guy can flat out play. FTBW was an added bonus, I haven't heard it in quite awhile. The band really came together on ferocious versions of Ants and Trippin Billies. My favorite moment was the Warehouse tease on the encore that had the crowd saying huh? before Carter started the intro for Ants.
David G.
Was I theonly one who thought "Crush" was WAY TOO SLOW? I usually like a moderate pace for a lovely tune like that, but NOT THAT SLOW! Dave and Co. generously played for about 2 and 1/2 hours but I missed some of my favorite songs--Lover, Pig, Dreaming, and Water. They did play Two Step and Seek up (two more of my favs) and pretty well, I might add--well, I guess I just did. I'm sorry that I have another criticism: Watchtower needs revamping. However, when Warren Haynes came in on vocals in this song, he provided an unprecedented intensity in the DMB sound; you can ride his voice like a wave--steady, strong, and pretty damn smooth. Dave hit it big during Seek Up. Michael Stype has an incredible voice, Billy Corgan tells it like it is, but there's no one who lays out his heart and soul like dear Dave. And the formula has something to do with not giving a damn about anything besides his love of music. Not only is the emotion he plays with pure and unabashed, but it runs as deep as the deepest part of him; and that is artistry. Oh yeah, Leroi kicked ass too.