Dave Matthews Band
GTE Virginia Beach Amphitheatre, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: (e:)verything
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink the Water
Two Step
Lover Lay Down
Rhyme & Reason
Crash Into Me
Jimi Thing
The Last Stop
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) -->
Too Much
Tripping Billies

Jarod M.
Man I loved this show, it was great. They really had a great mix of songs tonight, and really jammed newly on some older songs. PNP>Rapunzel- Greast opener kind of sets the perfect mood for a summer concert, dave was dancing really cool. #41- Best #41 I've ever heard, it was faster and Leroi really put in some great solos, and Carter was in the groove. It was like hearing a different song almost. Don't drink the Water- Well I was hoping for say goodbye, but ddtw was good, dave really put in some vocals here really screaming. Two Step- Good version, usually it's leroi or Boyd who solos, but Stefan and carter owned it tonight, carter had a solo in the middle that was just amazing. Lover Lay down- Nice relaxing, this is what I meant by good mix, this song just forces you too relax, no Boyd here but Leroi had some beautiful soprano sax going. Pig-Hadn't heard since Greensboro, but was glad to hear it tonight, DAVE really just let it go at the end just screaming it was awesome. Rhyme and Reason- I really love this song, so I was glad to hear it. Crash- Good song, heard it a lot but tonight was probably the most memorable with Dave singing really good at the end. Jimi Thing- AWesome everyone jammed and Boyd really came alive on this one, he was all over the place it was awesome, and Dave really sang well on this one. Last Stop- The highlight of the night for me, I was meandering on wheter this would be Minarets or Last Stop with Dave doing the Indian voice at the beginning. I had nevr heard this one before, but man I want to hear it again. This was just jamming, like I said my favorite of the whole night. Crush- Great song and Boyd really tore it up. SMTS>ASTB>Too Much- this triplet capped off a great and long setlist with dave dasncing everywhere, great way to end. encore: #40- I was kinda of sure they would do it and it was awesome, different but awesome, dave in the middle stopped and said " oops". Triiping Billies- A great way to close an awesome concert Boyd and Dave were dueling and dancing back and forth an awesome sight and a an awesome show. This was my fifth concert and like all the previous concerts it is now my favorite.
Kyle A.
Being the first Virginia stop on the tour, I anticipated DMB hooking us with a great setlist. I wasn't let down. It was a well-balanced show. The band showed a lot of emotion. Carter went absolutely nuts on Two Step, which would have been the highlight of the night if not for Jimi Thing. Jimi Thing seemed to last forever, and every band member left their mark. Boyd was awesome to watch and to hear. His energy on Too Much and Tripping Billies (a nice finisher) captured the crowd. I really have nothing bad to say about the concert... except that I couldn't stand the old people behind me. Those deadbeats had no excuse to be at such an upbeat concert.
G M.
where does one begin but with dissappointment.......i have been a dave fan since the beginning and this was the first time i have ever been let down by a dave show. true, there were some highlights from the night, last stop, #41, two step, R&R, but dave was not himself, maybe it was some cracked ribs or something. i can't believe they played too much, what is that about. you would think being in va they would play a set that would be known to va fans..........all in all i would have enjoyed a show that i could hear well. va beach ampitheater was not loud enough. when you attend a concert, you want to hear it. well, hopefully the show at nissan pavillion will consist of a set list that is known to true va fans. even though there the show was not to my standards, dmb is still my band.
Jon A.
I ll make this short but sweet. Awesome setlist, awesome venue, and tight jamming. PNP>> Rapunzel is a great openenr for them...this one seemed a little slow, but coolnone theless. Roi jam was cool as always. Hearing #41 as the second song was the first hint that this would be a special show. Boyds violin solo was awesome, as were roi's flute and sax solos...this song didnt seem as long as usual, but it was by far the tightest one ive seen in 5 shows. DDTW and Two Step were full of emotion, and during the jams of both, dave was doing some really cool ryhtm parts/soloing. Two step was cool, of course, but it was done in a very similar fashion to the studio (ie nothing special) UNTIL carter saved the song by exploding into a crazy drum solo, which turned it into an amazing part of the night. after a slight lull between LLD and Crash, dave came in with the opening to jimi thing. Jimi thing rocked. 2 incredible boyd solos and then a 6 minute roi solo at the end made this song the highlight of the night. breathtaking. TLS was intense, although it was hard to def ine the jam at the end...basically it was just loud. Crush was incredible, despite missing the timmy solo and fills. it was pretty standard until the jam at the end, when boyd and leroi jammed off eachother for a good 6 minutes (violin and flute) ive never seen leroi play so much on the flute, it was real cool. SMTS and Too Much were cool, but standard. Tripping as an encore was a great way to end the show....Boyd did an extra long jam at the end and it is such an intense song. anyone who thinks its too much of a radio song is an idiot. all in all, a great concert
Chris M.
It's taken me forever to give my two cents about this show, but I'm at work and extremely bored, so I thought I'd write a little something. This was my third show, and it was great....I was not disappointed in the music. The fans were a bit annoying....the light-stick throwing and "wave" attempts were ridiculous and had no place at the show. Back to the music: Carter Beauford's drumming abilities make me mess my pants...that man can play, and no one but my redneck uncle can fiddle like Boyd Tinsley. I went to the show with a short list of must-sees...At my first show in '96, I heard #41 and it was AWESOME, so I wanted to hear it and it was great yet again...I had never heard Jimi Thing live, and I got to this time, probably 15 minutes long, and it was fantastic....I had to hear Crush, and I was not let down, so beautiful!.....I cannot stand hearing Crash Into Me in concert b/c that's the only song that EVERYONE knows, and it's annoying, "oh but it's a sweet song".....And I'm really surprised that DMB or anyone for that matter has not seen or found "the bridge" yet, because they seem to look for it at every fricken concert, which gets old......Rhyme and Reason is not one of my favorites to begin with, and the band didn't do anything out of the ordinary to win me over with it......Everything else though was pretty much outstanding, and as I said before, Boyd is a madman on that violin. Both Boyd and Dave appeared to have a lot of energy, as they both jumped and danced all around stage and dueled several times.....#40 was quite a treat too....I approve.....Great Show!!!