Dave Matthews Band
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Roots, Santana
Warehouse (Stop-time intro)
Don't Drink the Water *
#41 (Sojourn of Arjuna) *
Too Much
Rhyme & Reason
Dancing Nancies
Proudest Monkey (tease) -->
Lie In Our Graves *
John The Revelator **
Love Of My Life **
Stay ^
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Two Step
Long Black Veil ^
Tripping Billies

* with Bela Fleck
** with all of Santana, Bela Fleck, Tawatha Agee, Cindy Myzell, and Brenda White King
^ with Tawatha Agee, Cindy Myzell, and Brenda White King
entire show with Butch Taylor

Dan K.
Whoever claims that the Dave Matthews Band has lost focus of the music or has "sold out" is dead wrong. I may have agreed somewhat about a year ago, but after having seen DMB for the 12th time last night at Giants Stadium, there is no question that the band is back. Looking at the setlist, you may not be entirely impressed. But believe me, this was the first time that DMB has actually improvised on stage in years. And who would have thought it'd come in one of their biggest shows ever at Giants Stadium. They showed guts tonight. I never would have expected them to play three long, jammed-out songs that hardly anybody in the audience would know. Tonight DMB said "fuck it all, let's play some music!" Even the standard songs, like Stay, Tripping Billies, and Two Step had a special twist tonight. And these weren't the pre-planned out jams that we're so accustomed to with DMB. These were made up on the spot. You could see that everyone was trying to keep up with the next member. During Billies, for instance, Carter kept changing the tempo in the middle of the verse, almost challenging everyone else to keep up. They actually put some extra effort into this show, which is why it is, in my opinion, one of the best (if not *the best*) DMB shows to date. Only very few bands today could captivate an audience as large as that of Giants Stadium the way DMB did last night.
Peter C.
This concert was possibly the best DMB show that I have ever seen. The whole band was on tonight, and they jammed everything out so well. I was at Giants last year, and there is no comparison between that show and this one. For the past few shows that I've seen the boys have seemed like they were just goin' through the motions, but tonight there was more energy on that stage than I have ever seen before. I think that the setlist could have been better, but you could tell that they were all so into all of the tunes that they played. The higlights of the show for me were Warehouse (what a great opener), John the Revelator and Love of my Life with Santana, and Long Black Veil. Also, I'm note sure on which one, but Boyd went INSANE during either LIOG or Nancies and he started running all over the stage, and on the left side of the stage, he walked in front of the giant, big screen TV. It was awesome. All in all, the show was fantastic. However, there were a few songs that I wanted to hear that I didn't (True Reflections, Granny, BOWA, and ANTS!), but maybe i'll see them on August 7th at Hartford! This was really a fantastic show, and everyone should get I copy of it. My friend and I taped it on MiniDisc, but I'm not sure how well it came out, 'cause we were yelling and singing for almost the entire show.
Joe F.
Hey all, For all of who dont know what stadium concert is like...let me tell you..there are way too many non dave fans and people sleeping (passed out) and vomiting everywhere. Anyway, the acoustiscs arent as good as the areas and nor is the ligthing. Nevertheless, i sat Section 3 Row 15 so i was happy Opener: was so good Highlights: Dancing Nancies was very good. Boyd was all over this along with LIOG where he was walking all abouts the opposite ends of the stage. Love of my life was so good when Santana came out to play with Dave. Long Black Veil was a great encore. Too Much was also phenomenal. A lot of great jamming tonite, especially Bela. Low Points: sucked with the singers. Singing the Dixie Chicken Outro by myself cuz no one knew it. All the people vomiting and sleeping Overall the show was pretty good....great starts, decent end. See ya'll tomorrow
Trevor K.
What a great concert... first off, santana was great as an opener, Carlos is an amazing musician. The setlist was incredible with warehouse as an opener. Hilights of the show were Too Much, Dancing Nancies, #41, and lie in our graves. Boyd was amazing!!! He adds such electricity and fire to the show. his dancing was great and the whole band got into it... you could really see that dave, bela, and boyd were in to the tunes tonight. I was suprised to hear the new santana songs "john the revelator" and "love of my life". to bad many people sat down during these tunes cuz they didnt recognize them. santana was great and dave looked like he was thrilled to play with them. Tripping billies was a great encore to top it off. All in all, boyd, the guests, and santana made tonight an unforgetable concert. the dave matthews band is a great band because of nights like these...they are such great entertainers because they enjoy every minute of what they do. peace
Boyd was on fire tonight. He really tore it up. Especially during #41 and Lie In Our Graves. He got the whole band going. I think that it was his enthusiasm, not to mention his musical ability, that made the show so enjoyable. The setlist may have not been one of the best but the jams were unbelievable. Crash and Long Black Veil were great. Also #41 was the best I have heard in along time. The encore was awesome. Going from Long Black Veil to Tripping Billies really left a good taste in my mouth. By the way Joe Ferrara wasn't the only one singing Dixie Chicken.
Lily G.
This show, viewed from third row center by myself, was I have to say the most amazing Dave Matthews concert I have ever been to. My favorites were Lie In Our Graves (the jam solos were amazing--like 20 minutes long) and Warehouse, because they put so much energy into it and you could tell they were all really into the crowd. it was a very good crowd, but one thing....they didn't play All Along The Watchtower?!?! That was one thing I missed...otherwise, perfection.
Andrew B.
The concert last night was incredible. I heard some really fresh jams and what was so amazing was that it was so unexpected. The jam in Two Step was awesome. Even Dave was doing a great solo there. I was a little angry that people sat down during the Santana tunes. With him and Dave on stage, the energy and music was awesome. Here's a short song by song review Warehouse: great opener, with stop time intro Don't Drink: not that bad...jammed it out a little bit #41- I called it. Amazing solos by all. I loved how Bela went into Sojourn of Arjuna Too Much- actually jammed it a version i've ever heard Rhyme and Reason- great Carter opening just with cymbal beats Satellite- sat down Nancies: amazing...just amazing. I'm not sure if it was this one when Boyd walked in front of the jumbo screen. Jamming was so fresh LIOG- called it...Bela, Bela Bela 2 Santana songs- surprised to hear them but loved them Stay- jammed it a bit. Roi got some action here Two Step- highlight of show. Completely new jams here at the end. DMB were communicating on stage so well and it showed Black Veil- knew it and loved it (although Dave's voice seemed tired here because he had trouble hitting the high notes in the chorus) Billies- called either Billies or Ants- Carter was amazing here...jammed it all the way through. All in all, a great night. This concert was way different than the other two i've seen. Crowd seemed disconnected during jams but I don't care.
Dave S.
Let me just say this was the best concert I've been to ever. Everything about it kicked serious ass. First of all, the setlist was really good, although they didn't play ants marching which upset me. There was so much energy in Giants Stadium last night also, both from the crowd and the band. The band was jamming on everything, except, of course, satellite, crash into me, and too much. #41, LIOG, Dancing Nancies, and Two Step were fuckin awesome. They must've jammed on them for at least 15 minutes each. Everybody took solos, including Santana, who was exceptional by the way. Boyd was unbelievable the entire night. He walked across the stage on every solo he had. I didn't have the luck of going on the 26th, but i don't think it will top last night.
Corey W.
First of all, my first stadium show of the tour, and much better setup than last year; more lights, better sound (still not loud enough though), and most importantly, instead of one centered screen above the stage, two tremendous ones on both sides. To the show itself: HIGHLIGHT: -Boyd and Dave were both on absolute fire. -Boyd dominated LIOG like never before, showboating everywhere. The song was jammed intensely and best ever for me(11th show) -Santana's joining for "John the Revelator" and "Love of my Life". The song's had a drum-led bluesy feel, something always appreciated as a change of pace. -Rhyme; a rarity in the past they are now attacking. UUGGHHS: -Crash and Satellite same show? Ouch... -Still only 2hrs. 15min, 15 songs. Standard for this tour, but compared to 95-97? C'mon Dave, the prices are even higher now. -Leroi..where were you, even on LIOG and Stay?
Jason C.
Great show overall, including the opening acts. Regarding Dave, First four songs were tremendous, although I've heard better jams on 41. I always thought that the live Too Much had a lot more energy than the original anyway, and so i loved hearing it. On the other hand, Rhyme and Reason sounds almost exactly like it does on UTTAD, and thus was a little flat. Would have been nice to see carlos play on Dnacing Nancies, but it was a fine jam anyway. LIOG was the highlight of the night, with Boyd and Bela each taking a solo, and the song probably reaching the 15 minute mark. Santana, Chester Thompson, the bassist and the four drummers came on stage to play John The Revelator and Love of My Life with Dave,Bela, and Carter, as well as the back up singers(do not add to the show at all, by the way, except on stay, which i think sounds better with them). Love of my Life was pretty good, while John' sounds too much like every other Santana song. I love Crash, so it was good to h ear it, and Dave's singing was absolutly gorgeous. I have a tape of the Two Step from December 98 at the Garden that was incredible, but this two step was definitly the secong best ive ever heard. Veil was cool, and Tripping was a great way to end the show, by showcasing the two musicians who had been on fire all night: Boyd and Carter. Roi wasn't that much of a factor, although he does look like he lost weight. All in all, a simply great night.
Alex L.
This was my 12th time seeing Dave and co. and the first in a venue this big. To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. It probably hepled that I had 21st row seats. It probably would have sucked if I was in the far sections. Anyway, like I said, the show was really good. Not he best I've ever seen, but up there. Highlights: Two Step - one of my favorite songs and this was an amazing version. The whole band did a killer jam towards the end led by Carter. Long Black Veil: Great song. LIOG: Boyd kicked ass on this song. Rarely have I seen him move so much during a song. The two songs with Santana were great too. It's too bad no one was paying attention. Also, Bela Fleck is a god. I have always been a huge fan of his and he never dissapoints. If anyone has the chance, he's playing in October in NYC at the Bluegrass Sessions, which I know will be amazing. Back to Dave, the energy was good and I liked the screens showing the band members. I wis h they would have varied it a little more. I like Dave and all, but I think they should have shown more of Carter's playing.
Tim W.
ok let me get my two cents in. Tonight was incredible. I was on the floor and loved everything about the show. I went to the giants show last year and have been to a few others, i thought this was much better then last year. What i really want to talk about is crash into me. I'm not crazy about how much the song is played night after night, but last night i realized how much i think the song means to Dave. This song is very special to him. He sings it with such passion, that never again will i complain about hearing it. If dave wants to play a song, let him play the song. I thought the show was unreal and Dave and the boys looked like they were having a great time up there (as always)You should have seen the smile he had on his face during billies. Something i will never ever forget, as with the rest of the show.
Dusty R.
I figured it would be a good show weh the last song that was played over the PA before dave came on was the "Theme from Shaft" and then when Warehouse opened i realized that Dave was back in full force as even those people around me who were too inebriated to stand on their chairs got into the groove. #41 was great as always, with bela teasing the Sojourn of Arjuna from his latest flecktones cd (it's also on Victor Lemonte Wooten's cd). Bela was a great addition as usual. Rhyme and Reason is a classic and should always be played, but that's just me. When Santana and company came out for John the Revelator and Love of My Life, most of the crowd died around me leaving me a better view from atop my chair, but the music played on, and it was at the same time classic dave and classic santana with boyd and carlos trading and dueling. Two Step was an excellent last song to the actual set, it was a decent length jam that left the crowd wanting more. as for the encore, long black veil was great, even though it left a good number of the crowd in the dark. but the real kicker was the energy that the band put into tripping billies- they were moving, lively and smiling- it was an excellent closer to an overall great concert. The only thing i could have really asked for was to have Santana play on a version of Watchtower for the encore... But wandering out of the stadium to the sounds of the Grateful Dead's "Saint Stephen" being played over the PA made it all alright.
Brian M.
I thought this was the best dave show i have ever heard. They started right of the bat with a groovy WAREHOUSE, which got things going. A usual DDTW was next. #41 was the start of something great. Bela came out and they jammed it up. Too Much and Ryhme and Reason were both good. DANCING NANCIES was in credible, i was waiting for this one(first time all tour). Could I have been lost in NYC??? Lie in Our Graves was definitly the high point. Boyd was on fire and Bela added a very nice jam. I was so pumped when Santana came out and then they went into John the Revelator. I was the only one in my whole section it seemed that knew what it was. Then Love of My LIfe which again i was basically the only one who knew it and i song along and grooved to it. Stay was a nice touch, haven't heard that one life. Could have done with out crash. Two Step was an amzing closer, who would have thought?? I predicted the encore. Long Black Veil was beautiful and everybody around thought it was a new song but i told them it was a cover. Tripping Billies was a perfect closer for a perfect evening. No low points the whole concert an absolutly incredible show!!
This is my fourth show and it was the best one yet. The band was ON tonight...setlist was good(though filled with radio songs), but Rhyme and Reason, Warehouse, #41, Nancies(Lost in New York City...), and Long Black Veil helped to counter that somewhat. The two songs with Santana were great, though I'd never heard them before...I assume that they are cover tunes. As for the performances...The Roots were ok, the human sound machine dude they had was really cool, Santana was great and they had the lead singer from Matchbox 20 come out and sing a song with them. The Bassist from Santana was really good too. During the opening performance when he was soloing he busted into a little Rage Against the Machine(Bulls On Parade) which was cool and unexpected. Dave and Co. were in the zone tonight. Every song was intense...Roi sounded great on the sax in Warehouse, Dave a cool new little solo at the end of Two Step, Carter is just amazing in general and Stefan as well. BUT BOYD!!! !! WOW!!! Someone had their Weaties! He was incredible! He had the best solos for Nancies and Lie in Our Graves that I have EVER heard, tapes and other concerts included. When he was soloing for LIOG he walked everywhere on the stage and walked over towards my side(left side facing stage) and played right infront of the big Jumbotron they had going. REALLY COOL EFFECT!!! Moving on, Sattelite was good, but I wish it was preceeded by Proudest Monkey, he teased the Hell out of me when he started playing. Stay was...well Stay but the singers were a lot better live than on the album. Crash...good don't play it for another year or two. Two step was great Dave had the singing intro going on while Stefan was fixing his bass. Later Dave busted his guitar (strings I think) and had to switch in mid song and missed a few lyrics. All technical dificulties aside it was great. In closing a BIG thanks to the Warehouse for the best seats I've ever had (5th row), and to S ecurity who were throwing the beach balls back into the crowd, even though they kept flying over the barrier and often times smacking the security guys in the face! Later Ya'll.
Kevin O.
Very dissapointing show. The only thing holding it together was the fact that I haven't seen the band since December. The crowd was full of "non-real" dave fans and they did not appreciate parts of the show (The two Santana covers and Long Black Veil). There was even a girl sleeping during Bela's jam on LIOG. The lack of new songs was very dissapointing, only DDTW and Stay were played and they really don't count for new songs considering they are radio songs and he has played DDTW every show since it was realeased. Hopefully the second show will be more creative and he will throw some curve balls at us. That was my tenth Dave show and it was by far the worst I've seen.
This was one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen. I have never seen Dave having so much fun on stage. An incredible version of Rhyme and Reason. Carter started out with the percussion, and only a few people in the crowd recognized the song, and Dave waited a while before coming in with the guitar part. It was a great tease. Bela had an incredible jam on Lie In Our Graves. He just closed his eyes and played for about 10 minutes. The people who sat down or left during the three new songs missed out, because they are great. Love of My Life and Long Black Veil (which sounds like a different version of The Maker) are nice. Overall, a great show. The band had incredible energy and they seemed to be loving it.
Richard W.
What an awesome show! This being my 5th show, I can say it's been the best yet. The light show was awesome. The setlist was great as well. Could have done without both of those Santana songs (one would have been better), and the ever-corny cheesy backup singers. But the show as a whole was intense. Boyd was all over the place during what seemed to be a 45 minute long LIOG. The other highlights included Dancing Nancies, and Tripping Billies as a closer. Can only hope tommorow is as good, although it will be tough to top.
Rina M.
Last night's show was amazing. I was beyond thrilled to hear John the Revelator and Love of my Life. Dmb in addition to Santana was so great. I thought Boyd kicked ass on LIOG and Leroi was awesome on #41. The jams were great, especially on Two Step. I thought that Too Mch and Stay were sub-par, but since it is DMb, they were great anyways. I would have appreciated less people puking and generally acting like morons, but I don't think anything would have been deterrent to a show that good. Let's hope tonight will be just as good.
Tom A.
What a great show. I didn't like the Roots much, but Santana was good. Show started out with Warehouse and I knew it would be a good one. DDTW next, decent version, but then #41 was beautiful, I heard Bela play a little Sojuirn of Ariana in their, only about ten minutes though. Too Much was nice, Rhyme and Reason was a surprise, but Dancing Nancies was unbelievable. Satellite was quick and had a Proudest Monkey tease into it, and then LIOG was the best song of the night. Boyd had an unbelievable 3 or 4 minute solo and then Bela had one for another 4 minutes. Best version I've ever heard even better then MSG last December. John the Revelater was sweet, but Love of My life had the phatest guitar playing at the end by Santana. Stay was next, then Crash, and Dave seemed into that one. Two Step was different then other versions, but I thought it was a little week. Encore was Long Black Veil and Trippin Billies. Both very sweet although Ants would have ended it a lit tle nicer. I hope tonights show hits a bunch of the songs they left out tonight like OSW and Jimi Thing. I don't know if tonight can be beat though. We'll have to wait and see. Oh yeah the sound was really good tonight, although i was right in front of a speaker.
Erich R.
The show WAS indeed amazing, and as I agree with the first post I will not repeat what was said- it is all true. There were two highlights of the show that I thought were phenominal. First, In LIOG Boyd walked onto a ledge beneath one of the two big projection screens and danced under is own image. This was amazing, I think Boyd had the most energy at the show. Does anyone know how long LIOG was? I believe the jam exceeded 10 minutes, but there was not a dull moment because after Boyd finished his solo Bela Fleck responded with a great solo. The second thing I would like to point out is Two Step. This was also incredible but there where two oddities in the song- first, Bela Fleck did not play, and secondly Dave switched guitars during a song and sung an extra verse during the switch. I wasn't close enough to see why he need to switch but I assume he broke a string. Anyone know? Overall great show.
Alex C.
it was more towards the commercial-for-the-masses, but it was a stadium show, they had to make it popular with the radio crowd. it still had some good parts. highlights were two-step end-jam and the two songs with santana [john & love]. side note, i loved the roots. the roots, erykah badu, & lauryn hill, are leading a little revolution in hip-hop, taking it away from the sampled loops to raw real instruments jamming it out. i was impressed that they pulled off "you got me" without erykah badu. drummer & bassist were amazing; keyboardist's style was too weird for me, but still cool. a lot of people are surprised that a hip-hop/rap group like the roots opened for dave [pop-funk-jazz-whatever], but their style of improv'ing on real instruments is what they've got in common. [i think dave should get Black Thought and Rahzel to come out and rap over some stuff sometime. that would be interesting. heh.] WAREHOUSE for guitarists, he does more than just a stop-time intro now. he actually plays the riff down a whole step [in Am] after playing it in Bm for a few bars. and the band modulates with him. pretty cool. very powerful opener, nice to hear a semi-oldie-non-radio opener. DDTW i don't care what most hardcore fans think about this song. i adore it. standard album version, no solo-dave vocals outtro. i actually miss alanis's backing vocals at the end on this one. #41 i feel like crying everytime i hear/play this song. but compared to other 30-minute sojourn-of-arjuna flecktones-jams, this #41 was over in a second. but it was nice, it was more laid back, less intense. bela threw in his "sojourn of arjuna" riff for a little bit, but they didn't jam to it. bela's a very meditative soloer--eyes closed, feeling the melodies. TOO MUCH sounded just like the crash-version. but i still love the song. i think this song shows off the band's ability to play as an ensemble and not just a group of soloists. that's what i love about this song. i look forward to the part where the mean-violin riff "interrupts" the opening riff. but i'd like to hear them do something NEW with this song though. RHYME & REASON uttad version, nothing really different. no major solo breaks like with tim reynolds on the redrocks album. "i see heaven." [by the way, carter was chewing gum the whole night while he was playing. so was santana. that takes coordination. heh.] DANCING NANCIES "could i have been lost in new york city?" like the redrocks version, boyd, boyd. SATELLITE wow, a uttad night. i'm pretty sure he said "peeping tom for the mother stadium" [cause we're in a stadium, get it?] LIE IN boyd, boyd, boyd. it really was a boyd night tonight, leroi was very very laid back. boyd took over the solo in the middle jam, and then bela took the last few bars. boyd was going insane. JOHN THE REVELATOR yes! this just made the night for me. full santana band came out, a few dave members left. i loved the sound of the two latin-style precussionists with carter on set. i really like this song, especially the "rain rain down on me" part. [also for those of you that don't know, the song is mostly about the writer of the book of Revelation, last book of the Bible, who was the disciple John. wrote the book of the seven seals ...] this song really works well with full band. LOVE OF MY LIFE i heard it acoustic at the 03.14 show. the full band version is similar, but actually with a contemporary-non-spanish almost hip-hop beat added to it. i've also heard the recording which dave sings on on santana's upcoming release "supernatural." the supernatural recording is more similar to the full band version, and less like the spanish-dave-and-tim style one. anyways. they really jammed this one out at the end, got intense. very tight ending. great song. we go dancing in the moonlight ... STAY great song, just like the album. cool. CRASH i don't care if all the teeny-bopper girls go to concerts just to hear this song, i love it. one of the greatest songs written. dave went off on a lyric-tangent at the end, but the words really hard to understand in the echoey stadium tonight. TWO STEP yes! the end jam was a super-highlight for me. it was so tight at the end. carter took it away from the country-hick-pattern as they faded out on the minor chords and turned it into a semi-solo. big bang ending, it was just great. carter dominated the end of this song. ENCORE #1 : LONG BLACK VEIL i heard the song already on the johnny cash tribute. i like the lyrics a LOT but i'm not crazy about the song in general. ENCORE #2 : TRIPPING BILLIES very intense way to end the night. boyd again. it was really a boyd night. he's very good live at entertaining the crowd. like the redrocks version. the end-jam to two-step & john & love were the highlights of the night for me. too many album versions of songs. they could have messed around with stuff more, but still, dmb is just too talented to ever sound bad. so the night was very cool for me, i know a lot of people were pissed off at the song choices, but still. dmb rocks, whether playing their radio songs or jamming to 30-minute #41's.
Dan T.
Wow! Boyd was so on it was amazing. It was great to see him taking charge of the jams and getting everybody else into it. He started walking around the stage, all the way out into the wings, and going back and forth with everyone onstage. Warehouse was a great opener. John the Revelator with Santana was amazing, but I think I was the only person standing for it. Nice jammed-out two step and billies. awesome #41 with Sojourn of Arjuna tease. They had to play DDTW and Stay for the radio fans, but at least they played dixie en with Crash. LIOG was nice, especially with Bela. I was really hoping for True Reflections, but oh well. It would have been amazing with Boyd in top form like he was. All in all, amazing show, the band really was having fun up there, and it showed.
Ben W.
Absolutely incredible...I was expecting much worse acoustics from up where I was (section 229) but the sound wasn't really that bad. Wasn't really expecting Warehouse as opener however was excellent anyway, DDTW was rather standard, #41 was amazing as usual, Too Much was great, god I'm using adjectives over and over again. Rhyme and Reason was cool, but it led into the highlight of the night...a near 30min. LIOG. Unreal. Bela was going crazy on the banjo the entire time and everyone was dancing in the aisles for that one, throughout the song. Boyd also was a maniac, as it seemed like he almost was dueling with Dave, violin vs. guitar. He got a huge response when he walked over to the video screen, and was playing in front of this enormous picture of him. Very cool. From there, Santana joined them and played John the Revelator and Love of My Life, two of their songs which almost no one knew, and it served to purpose for everyone to sit down for a few minutes. (BTW, th ere were a few fans in my section who came here to see Santana, they were great as the opener, however the sound was awful.) Everyone rose again when they played the first notes of Stay, which everyone knew, and the stadium was very loud. From there, they moved onto Crash, which was expecting them to play just to make the teenybopper fans feel as if they got their money's worth. Not my favorite song, but at least they didn't play it in the encore like last year, IMHO. No one, and I mean really no one, knew the outtro, which was Dixie Chicken? 2 Step ended it in style, as usual. In the encore they played Long Black Veil, which I personally like a whole lot but was not a great encore song, IMHO, because not a whole lot of people knew it, and took the opportunity to sit down (that's not what the encore's for!), and then Billies was absolutely amazing. My section was yelling for Watchtower, however when we heard the first few notes, we stopped yelling and just went crazy. The interesting thing about this concert was that one song never directly led into another one, which signaled to me that the boys were improvising a lot up there, which was good after almost having to keep with a repertoire of BTCS last year. You may look at the setlist and think that this concert was a subpar effort, but being in the "big motherf***er", as Dave put it last year, with 65000 other DMB fans was an absolutely surreal experience which I'm not sure I'd trade for any other show at this point. If the rest of the tour goes like this, those "sellout" cries will be silenced *really* quickly. I'm sure that this show restored many people's faith in DMB once again.
tonight's show was a great disappointment for me... the setlist felt like listening to the radio, and the jams seemed forced... while any matthews show is better than most any other band out there, this one was, compared to the average dmb show, lacking energy and creativity. The lone highlights were long black veil, john the revalator, and a stop time warehouse opener. Every other song has (at least last night) become so standard, even with Bela on stage. Besides the three covers, the recent setlists are becoming more and more alike... i hope (and expect!!!) the greatest band in the world will make up for it wednesday
Warehouse - I thought they'd open w/ BOWA or Seek Up...I was really surprised to hear the opening three notes of this one, but I went wild. First time I'd ever seen the band play, so I was pretty nuts through this one. DDTW - Bela came out for this one, and I was very impressed by him. I've heard people complain about them playing this at every show, but it's really powerful and it got the energy level up BIG TIME. #41 - When the hi-hats came in, I went wild. This is one of my faves. Bela played a mad solo in here (his best of the night, I think). I was a bit disappointed when it didn't go into Say Goodbye. Too Much - Never one of my favorites, but it was a lot of fun. The group I was with loved this, and we all got into it. Rhyme and Reason - Carter started with a funky drum intro to this one, so I didn't pick up on it right away, but it was really cool when I finally recognized it. Dave's face really was priceless during the chorus (someone mentioned this at an earlier show). Problem was, some girl standing behind me vomited at this point, so I was kind of concerned with getting my stuff off the floor and onto my seat. Dancing Nancies - Heard the opening and hoped for a bit of davespeak along the lines of Red Rocks ("Did you ever wonder...?"). Alas, it was not to be, but Boyd and Dave jammed for a few minutes on this one and just stared each other down during the whole thing. One of the highlights of the evening for me. Satellite - Ho-hum. The crowd sang along, yada-yada. Not too thrilling. Lie in Our Graves - OH MY GOD! Boyd RIPPED UP THE STAGE on this one. I cannot put into words the quality of his solo on this song. Bela soloed too, but it paled in comparison to Boyd's. John The Revelator - I had NO IDEA what this song was, but I was one of the few people in my section that remained standing and dancing. Love of My Life - I still don't know what this song was, but I enjoyed it. See above. Stay - Eh. Started out a lot of fun, but sort of dragged once the gospel ladies started doing their "makes me wanna makes me wanna" part. It just went on too long if you ask me. Crash into Me - Wow. I was impressed with Dave on this one and the audience reaction, I sang along of course, just because it has to be done. I was also the only one in my immediate vicinity who sang along with Dixie Chicken. That made my night. Two Step - WHOOHOO! As soon as Crash ended, I called this. Then Dave started with a funky intro (I'm still not sure what it was) and I thought I might be wrong, but I was RIGHT! Too cool. Dave popped a string in the middle and needed a new guitar. I love the jam they do (slow it down, slowly back up to tempo, funky bari sax lead-in). Long Black Veil - This was inevitable. I knew it was next, because I really thought they'd play it tonight and they had to do the slow song FIRST in the encore. I'd never heard it before, but I think it's one of my new favorites. Tripping Billies - After LBV, I thought that Ants would be the perfect way to end the show. When they lauched into the opening chords of Tripping Billies, however, all that melted away. Boyd rocked the house again, and I went home from my first DMB experience HAPPY!