Dave Matthews Band
Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, Alabama
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Cracker
onstage 8:10

One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
Two Step
Rhyme & Reason
Don't Drink the Water
Pay For What You Get (Norweigan Wood)
What Would You Say
Long Black Veil
Too Much
Help Myself
Lie In Our Graves
So Much To Say
Drive In Drive Out
Tripping Billies
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Ants Marching

offstage 10:35

Paul C.
One Sweet World - Long intro, longer than usual, and noticeably slower than usual, very sweet, the after the intro there was a 2-3 second pause, then they kicked into a standard OSW, very opener though Two Step - stefan slide bass intro, dave little semi-talking thing, then into full gear, Dave was very into it, seriously, very obviously more into it than any of the shows i saw last summer, then where the part usually comes in before Dave does the cringed-face wailing, they kicked into a NEW jam, i assure you, check my list, i have a very good amount of shows, i have never heard this on any of them, it was mostly Dave solo on guitar, i guess you can call it a Dave solo, it very much resembled the Dave jam during Jimi Thing, it was very cool, this two step was long as hell, 12:48, i timed it with my watch, that may not be as long as those Bela and Tim jammed two steps, but for the band alone, that's a jammfest Rhyme and Reason - ok, this is another NEW thing, again, i have tons of shows, i have never heard it, there was about a two minute intro, with Carter hitting the drumbeat that usually kicks R&R into full speed, carter hit it over and over again while Dave had a little groove thing going hitting mutted chords and stuff, then kicked into a very growling R&R - - BTW, when i say new, i guess they played them this way at Tampa and Orlando too, but not before that DDTW - standard Pay For What You Get - (Boyd offstage, came back after the song with his jacket removed) - this was pretty standard and great to hear, plus we got the "full" tease of Norweigan Wood What Would You Say? - standard, maybe even substandard, everyone's heard this with the incredible guests (maceo, popper, lots of others), i loved it just the same, but you could almost say that it sounded lacking Long Black Veil - this song is extremely cool, slow, but just upbeat enough to really get into, Dave does some sweet semi-wailing on the "...long black veil" line, the crowd was surprisingly respectful during this, (more on crowd later) Too Much- standard, but dave was dancing up a storm Help Myself - highlight of the show for sure, the band was buckwild for this one, going at it as hard as i have ever seen, they went through the whole song, w/o dave messing up a single lyric, the song got to what is normally the end, then they kicked back into the "1-800-help-Myself" verse again, then ended it, Carter was going nuts, stefan was getting crazy, it was Badass. - after the song stefan ran over to Carter and gave him a nice handslap Lie In Our Graves - nice to hear, boyd went off, but basically standard LIOG, but there was a long pause before the last verse, i think dave walked over to ever person on stage and told them something, i thouhgt the audience was going to go home ;) So Much To Say - standard, except something to note, how long has it been since SMTS was Too Much? Drive In, Drive Out- also great to hear, the slow parts when dave does the grumbling stuff were cool, dave was totally making them up, something about "twisting up one.." but mostly davemumble Tripping Billies - standard, but great closer, after Carter goes nucking futs at the end, it doesn't seem like it would work to follow it with another song, although i am sure i could have lived with it.. Encore: Crash - oh well, i was positive that it was either Crash or Satellite, considering the rest of the show, i don't have a problem with this song showing up here, but it's kinda hard not to get kinda bummed out...sorry maybe it's just me Ants Marching - standard, but it was GREAT! - this song is great to hear, even better now that it was almost a rareity so, great show! the crowd was not that bad, but, not good either, it's just there is no type of scene or vibe or anything among anyone, which doesn't really bother me, it's just that it would be great if it was different, i not going to refer to any other bands here, but, while may absolute favorite shows and music are still DMB, the concert *experience*(as i think of it) is lost as far as last night went
Scott M.
Was a very pleasant show, though I was surprised they only played ONE song from BTCS and it wasn't "Crush." The setlist was not my ideal choice of songs (my two least favorite UTTAD songs) but was glad they played "Help Myself" and loved that they played Johnny Cash's "Long Black Veil." Dave seemed to indicate he was having throat problems but they still rocked out on "Drive In" and "Two Step." (Carter Beauford is god!) Several songs were performed at slower tempos than the studio versions were. "WWYS" didn't work as well slow, while the slower version of "One Sweet World" had a cool groove to it. As always, the show closer "Ants" totally smoked.