Dave Matthews Band
Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Corey Harris & the 5 by 5
onstage 8:21 pm

Warehouse (Stop Time Intro)
Tripping Billies
One Sweet World (Instrumental intro)
Too Much
Lover Lay Down
Lie In Our Graves
Help Myself
Don't Drink the Water
Long Black Veil
Jimi Thing
Ants Marching
Two Step

offstage 10:41

Brian S.
So I drove up from Cincinnati to Toledo to meet my buddy Frank for the show. After lunch at Tony Packo's, we headed 'cross state to Cleveland. Traffic was terrible, as there was an Indians game that night, too. We made it with just about 20 minutes to spare--Go us. The Corey Harris opening set was good. A very pleasant mix of blues and reggae that got Frank and I grooving in our chairs. It was hard to understand what Harris was singing, but so what? It had a good groove and we dug it. Got to look at CDNOW for some CDs of theirs... DMB hit the stage a little later than I thought they would...about 8:20 or so. Frank and I had talked all the way from Toledo about opening songs, stuff we'd like to hear, stuff we'd probably hear instead and the like. Neither one of us were expecting Warehouse, so it was a MAJOR delight for us! As the show progressed, with Dave playing just an absolute ton of older tunes (Satellite, Tripping Billies, Too Much, Lie In Our Graves, etc.), Frank and I kept getting more and more excited. All old songs, and still nothing to be seen of any BTCS stuff? This was heaven for us! Billies had us rocking and singing about tequila, and had Boyd dancing all over the stage during his solo, followed by more or the same in Lie In Our Graves. The band was ON tonight! During the tune-up for Help Myself, Frank called the song from a few straggling notes in the middle of a lot of noise (good ear, Frank!). Very impressive to finally hear that one live. In fact, with out in-time-with-the-music foot-stomping, we frightened away the young guy next to us, hereafter known as Skippy. Help Myself led into Crush, which was great and definitely appealed to the newer fans who really liked BTCS and were expecting to hear stuff from it. Finally, MOST of the arena was singing along. Don't Drink the Water was the same as always, but better. It seemed to have a lot of energy, as if Dave was playing it for the very first time. Long Black Veil was LOVELY! I don't think most of the audience appreciated the Cash cover, nor even understood why the band was playing it, but it kept Frank and I riveted to one spot, letting the music wash over us. Jimi Thing was great for of my favorites. But to get to hear Ants marching live, again, after two years was astounding! THAT, above all, got the audience moving. And, Two Step as an encore still gives me chills, especially when they drop into this bass-and-drums funk section in the middle of the jam section. Yeah! Our only complaints about the whole show were that it just didn't go long enough. Dave left stage at 10:41, with 19 minutes of playing time unused. I thought this would have been a great show for an outdoors show, with people dancing on the lawn in the sun and then the moon--it really does change your perception of the music when you're able to do that. But, the biggest complaint was that the majority of the people at Gund just didn't seem to be into it. Skippy was more interested in pinching his girlfriend's ass than enjoying the music. He sat for most of the show, or stood with his arms crossed. The girls on Frank's side NEVER got out of their chairs. In fact, most of the section we sat in was really subdued for the whole's hard to enjoy a good show when no one around you seems to be.
Warehouse was a great opener. The crwod was ready to go after they opened with that. Tripping Billies was pleasant to hear that early in the show. One Sweet World is always a nice addition. Too Much as always got the crowd excited. Lover Lay Down slowed it down but was a good chill song. The Lie In Our Graves that followed is the best one I heard in 16 shows I have been to. Boyd went absolutely nuts. Satellite, Help Myself were fine. Crush was fantastic. Dont Drink the Water was okay. Long Balck Veils (the Cash song) is a fine addition to the band's set. Jimi Thing was fine and I thought that was the end of the show but then came Ants. Fantastic. Can't say enough how that song just seems to get the entire crowd going. When they were done with that song, they were even louder than an MSG crowd. Two Step was the lone encore song and as always it didn't disappoint.
Mary O.
Wow. That was an awesome show. Lots of preppy (and drunk) high school and college kids. Quite possibly the largest concentration of us since Dave was here in July. They played an excellent setlist and a great mix of old and new, known (radio songs) and unknown. Warehouse was a good opener, although it definitely wasn't expected. During One Sweet World, people seemed to forget that there was a band playing in front of them. (In other words, too much talking.) Things picked up again with Lie In Our Graves. Crush, Don't Drink the Water, Long Black Veil, Jimi Thing and Ants Marching kicked some major ass. This was the most amazing set of songs I've ever seen them play. They ended with Two Step, which was truly amazing. This has gotta be the best concert I've been to. (Hey- to the hotshot who spilled his beer on me, I will eventually find and kill you. It was even the gross kind, so if you have to spill it on people, at least be drinking the expensive stuff!) : )
John M.
Tonight was another great concert!!! Dave "crazy legs" Matthews was on fire along with the rest of the band. The band was in their own world up on the stage, similing, laughing, enjoying what they were doing. This enjoyment showed through in the whole concert. They all played with a passion that drew in the whole crowd. The set list was very unusual, playing many of his encore numbers throughout the actual concert. During Billies Boyd took control of the spot light and and had a great solo, just touching on what was to come later. His solo was turely one to be there for, he jammed on one side of the stage, then walked to the other, playing it up for the crowd. He even let the crowd in back of the stage have a little show. In Lie in our Graves, everone took part in their own little jams. When the Boyds solo in this song was over and dave was waiting to refrain back into the song, we waited and gave a salute to Boyd for the solo which he had just done. All in all it w as a great show, the whole band is still doing things different every show, and continuly incorperating new things. It was a very passionate and strong show, showing the soul and the power that are in the songs and especially this set list.
All I have to say as that this was one great concert, one of the best I've seen. The only problem was some retard kid next to me thought that corey harris was bela fleck, and he cheered and screamed his name, pronouncing it wrong..."bala fleek, go bala fleek!" Then he looked over to me and said that "I just love bala fleek and the fleektones" He also thought he was dave matthews and took it upon himself to take up about 5 seats jumping around and pretending to play guitar and sing. Then of course there was the girl that decided to spill beer everywhere, oh what fun. Also, everyone left during help myself, what's with that? Other than that the concert rocked, i had decent seats, about 25 rows on the floor, and i got to hear long black veil, man was that a good song. I saw many tapers so this show wont be too hard to grab, and i suggest picking it up. :)
Pretty good show, definitely amazing setlist. Nice to see them shaking things up a bit. I was in the 10th row absolute center. Amazing seats: thanks Warehouse. Heard 2 Much during soundcheck so i knew it was coming. Dave was VERY VERY into it and smiling like crazy the whole show. Carter was havin a good old time blowin gum bubbles and Stefan seemed to be having fun as well. Roi was kind of laid back but Boyd was absolutely crazy- twice going all the way PAST Roi on the other side of the stage. Here are some reactions the show: Warehouse: Have wanted to see this as an opener for years and FINALLY got it, unreal. LIOG: Extra long, Boyd ventured way way over past Roi and Dave was cracking up at him. Help Myself: WOW! Very cool. Kind of a short version but nice to hear at all. Crush: This one has come SO far since last year and has REALLY gotten amazing. Roi really went nuts. Long Black Veil: A big highlight... absolutely beautiful. Even more beautiful then the version from the Cash Benefit... this one has SO much potential. Absolutely loved it. Jimi Thing: Weird Dave guitar jam not in the normal spot. Very interesting. About 14 min long. Ants: WE MISSED YOU ANTS! Glad to see you back... amazing as ever. Boyd once again went all the way over past Roi. The crowd was going crazy. This made the night for me!!!!! Two Step: Kinda dissapointed with the 1 song encore but it was pretty good. The longest 2 step i've seen in recent years. Jam got very dark and quiet and built up at the end. Overall its not the BEST DMB show i've seen but the setlist itself puts it up there. LBV is absolutely incredible and its amazing to see Ants back. Very good show and seeing that Dave was having a good time also made it much more enjoyable. Cant wait for the Palace shows...
Frank L.
Well, it's almost a week after the show and no comments posted yet, so I feel it's falls to be my duty. What a great show for anybody who has been a fan as long as I have, I intially didn't even want to go, I figured that all we would here was a bunch of new tunes and I'd probably have some little girl behind me scream "Crush!!!!" the whole night. But as fate would have it, I had the chance to go and I did, although I didn't expect much. What I got was a unbelivable performance. The first opening note of Warehouse caught me way off guard. And Dave really seemed to be into it. Dancing and jiving his way around the stage. Billies sounded a bit odd, but I chalked that up to the fact that it was played as the secong song. OSW, was awsome with the extended intro, and some great team effort work on the whole bands part. It was at this point I expected to hear something new, but didn't. Too Much was powerful as always, and Lover Lay Down was sweet and nice. Boyd was absent and from where we were standing we saw him sitting down on the side of the stage. This was my 5th show in as many years and that's the first time I'd seen that. But then it was explained in the next song..LIOG. Oh my lord, did he go off. We thing it was like a 6 or 7 minuet solo where he danced across the stage and played to the crowd. Unreal. Then Satellite, which I think is one of DMB's worst songs...I didn't mind hearing it one bit! Now it's at this point where I was sure we'd hear something new. I was blown away by the fact that almost halfway into the show he hadn't played one single tune from the newest CD. The people around us were all like "What the hell is this?" An attitude that carried into the next tune, Help Myself. Never heard it live before, and I can die peacefully now that I have. The string was broken when they played Crush next followed by Don't Drink the Water. I have to say that I think DDTW would have scared the bejesus out of me if I never heard it my energy put into it by Dave. Then came the Long Black Veil. Which once again had people around me shaking thier heads. I head awhile back on one of the newsgroups that it was time for a new cover other than Watchtower.. this song is that new cover. Wonderful. I called the next song Jimi Thing and just had to relax and light up a's just that kind of a song. Real long jam and mellow. Finishing with Ants wa s great, good to hear it after a two year absence, but the band seemed a bit rusty on it, if you can belive that.The encore was Two Step which is a perfect closer. Exciting to the last note. Dave seemed pumped and almost fell over twice while dancing. Boyd was, well, Boyd and Roy seemed a bit shaky at times. Carter and Stephen, solid as always. To all those out there who didn't know the songs that they were playing, find out before you go to your next show, it makes it so much more enjoyable...oh, and also, NEVER SIT DOWN AT A CONCERT!!!!!!!!
Doug C.
I really appreciated the old school version of One Sweet World. I haven't ever heard that version in person. Help Myself was good. I was expecting to hear Long Black Veil and it was played after DDTW. It was a little disappointing when everyone sat down for it. The highlights of the night were Jimi Thing and Two Step. Each of them were about 12 minutes long. Real nice. Overall, it seemed like the band was a little tired out or something. They weren't playing up to their standards. The show was a little over 2 hours total. A little too short for my blood. Although I wasn't really impressed with the show, I was still happy to be there.
Tim C.
I Was Amazed to see Dave open w/ Warehouse and Billies ( Two Known Closers). They were both amazing. OSW was next and I thought I was the only one in the arena who knew what is was when dave played the intro, some dude next to me was like is this an Ozzy Ozborne tune, and I said " Man Its One Sweet World." Dave was lively the whole time, and really smoothed the whole evening out with Long Black Veil. It was so much better than on the Johnny Cash tribute. Jimi Thing was the best jam session I've ever seen. During what had to be close to 15 mins, boyd was running around the stage goin crazy on the Violin. During Antz about 20 people started dancing on the tables in front of me. I was a bit dissapointed that he only played one encore, bot what could be better than the greatest version of Two Step Ive ever heard. Cons: the lighting wasn't up to par. But who the hell cares when Dave is dancin like a mad man every song.