Dave Matthews Band
Midland Arena, Buffalo, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Corey Harris & the 5 by 5
Rhyme & Reason
What Would You Say
LeRoi Solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Two Step
Long Black Veil
Recently (Some People Do)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Jimi Thing
Say Goodbye
Don't Drink the Water
Seek Up
Drive In Drive Out

This show was awhile ago, but it was my first Dave show, and still my favorite performance I've seen them give, so it's stuck in my head since then. If I recall correctly, this was the last tour the band did without any extra musicians (i.e., Butch Taylor, the Lovely Ladies, etc.), and it was certainly proof that there's more than enough musical fireworks in just the five of them. Roi was on that night, hitting notes I didn't think a saxophone could make, and Carter was hammering the drums. The solo to start Say Goodbye was jaw-dropping--it went on for close to five minutes.

I had no reason to expect either of them, but I called Recently and Seek Up that night right before they played both of them, and the latter is why this show's a keeper. Went on for a good 20 minutes, longer than I'd ever heard it, before or since. Also the only time I've ever seen it in an encore.

Dave was in a chatty mood that night, and told a great story about going to watch the Buffalo Bisons (our minor league ball club) the day before, and having the team management give the band "lotsa chicken, lotsa ribs, lotsa hot dogs, lotsa...BEER!" Good Davespeak that night, too. To this day, I have no idea what the hell he was talking about, but for no reason in particular, he announces "Umm...there's a yellow Datsun blocking the entrance to the arena's McDonald's, so if you have a yellow Datsun, please move it." Too funny.

Great setlist, great jams, great crowd. They've come close to matching this one since, but it's still at the top of my shows.
Michael T.
The 1999 Summer DMB tour is underway folks, witha stop here at my current post of Buffalo, New York. Last evening was a long show, had a what I thought was an odd set, and featured some "way cool" reworked versions of "2-Step" and "JIMI". This show was kinda like a time bomb, starting out a tad slow with "Rhyme" and "Stay", it picked up steam and left you driving home realizing once again how great it is to catch these guys in their act. This band loves performing, a trait that all the great ones seem to have. And this fact was ever so apparent during a stirring version of "Seek", played, most notably, as the first encore. Other big digs included a cover of the Johnny Cash ditty, "Long Black Veil", the ever pleasant "#41", and after 15 shows my first "What Would You Say". As the show progressed it felt as if the night was becoming a highlight film for Carter Beauford. He has amazed me many a times before, but the intro on "Say Goodbye" and outro on "2-Step" and "Drive" were, for lack of a better word, outstanding. I could never rate a DMB show like I would rate my favorite vegetable, car or slush puppie (Which are respectively, carrots, Volkswagon Jettas and Watermelon). I can only think of a DMB show like I would about another helping of turkey on Thanksgiving... smile and say "more please".
Dan H.
An exceptional show from start to finish. Opening artist Corey Harris was spectacular, only I wish he had played longer. Dave seemed to be as energetic as ever especially when he performed a searing version of Two Step. It was great to hear songs like Recently and WWYS. A nice mix of short and long jams that rolled so smoothly, it felt like the night was over in about ten minutes. Oh yeah, and seek up was an unexpected treat too.
Ankeet U.
Wow! #41(Reggae Feel, nice) represented the whole night, with the jam and awesome sound the band was makin. Once again the CB Drum intro into Say Goodbye was phat. Highlights include...Crush(jam), Two Step(Beginning->End), Rhyme(as an opener?), Jimi-jam(new Dave-guitar intro?), What Would You Say(Boyd-goin-nuts-jam!) Also, an awesome Heartbeat intro, with a funk feel! Long Black Veil was really good. I can't wait to hear it develop and hear it later in Summer '99. Your in for a treat if you haven't heard it yet. I really was hopin for some Julio, Maker, #36. Maybe we'll see them later in the tour. Go out and check the band out...they are fresh and their sound is kickin'! Thanks to the crowd for just being all-out COOL(hookups)!
Ryan D.
This show was filled with excitement, the lighting was great, Moor was really into it last night, Dave had a comment on Steffan's bass being too much and to turn that down or "we'll kick your asses" with a little grin and grunt! Boyd was topless and seemed to be pacing alot but as always setting the strings on fire. Carter was phenominal as usual last night sporting his Buffalo Sabres jersey (#9) Dave was his usual excited and peppy self. Great set was played, great new song Long black veil, seems to be something of a personal matter to dave, very mellow song but very good. Recently was opened with a long jam.... very cool, Jimi Thing went on for a good 10 to 11 min with the afterword jam... this by far is the best I have hear in a while. and Seek Up... I could not say anything more, this was the highlight of the night I think... had to be close to 15 mins with the jam and all. This was a great show overall. It certainly did look high up looking from the floor, made me di zzy, nice venue overall, great crowd.
Justin M.
The boys seemed to be a tad overwhelmed by the size and setup of the venue (the people in the third level look like they are people sitting way up in the sky). I know that they play a lot of much larger venues but this one is just set up a bit odd. There are a couple of highlights to this show that I would like to talk about. Rhyme & Reason was a great opener. The end of Two Step was a lot of fun. The boys slowed it right down and jammed it out. Very cool. Next came Long Black Veil. The majority of the kids stood there and tried to figure out what he was playing, but I was eating it up. I love that cover! Once again the setlist became a bit drab, but I was excited to see Seek Up in the encore. Overall the show was fun, as usual, but the setlist would have benefited from Granny, Wynona, Halloween or Me and Julio. Got to go backstage afterwards, and got to meet Boyd. What a wonderful human being! Boyd was so personable and more than happy to take pictures with us, sign anything and stayed to talk to us all. He even remembered me from when I had emailed him. Dave was not there, nor were any of the other guys. I don't think that they had what they felt was a good show, but I know that everybody in the arena enjoyed it. Thanks for a great night, and Boyd you are the King!!!
Dennis G.
It was long - about 3 hrs. The one disappointment - Stay/Crush/Rapunzel (not played together). I like each of these songs, but the album's been out a year already, there are classics or covers that would impact more. LONG BLACK VEIL is a great Dave song. I'm glad I had the chance to hear it, I hope many of you do too. A very good 41, an awesome Two Step and Say Goodbye (yeah, it WAS awesome), and an UNHEARDOF Seek Up. Best I've ever heard. All three were due to LeRoi. I think they made this his night. He really cut it up, where before it was Boyd making an impact, tonight the show was Roi's. Funny though, at least where I was sitting (Low in the 100's near the stage), there were a lot of people sitting during Seek Up (THE FRIGGIN 1st Encore). All the better for me to see. Great show, very long jams. Top 3 for me.
Todd S.
leroi was amazing on the sax's tonite. best ever, he was 'in the zone', he soloed in about every song, it was amazing... dave had 2 solos! never happens, tim must be rubbing off... stefan's bass sound was different than normal, adding a new dimension to the music, much crisper... they just looked like they were having a great time together, jamming alot... most of the songs were around the 10 minute mark and up, something very unusual for dmb.. and a nearly 3 hour show culminating with a 20 minute seek up! amazing...
John M.
Dave "crazy legs" Matthew danced, played, and sang his way into the hearts of a sold out marine midland arena. The setlist was unpredictable which added to the success of the show. Many if not all the songs were more than eight minutes long. Dave played stronger than in any other show ive heard, this is not to say that the others didn't play well. The jams blew my mind and it seemed as if Dave didn't want to end the song.Two Step was the best ever, Dave's solo at the end was the highlight of the show in my opinion. Stay was done very well, even if in some peoples minds it is overplayed. Dave interacted with the crowd very well making cracks at the expense of Bison fans, and the driver of a mysterious yellow Datsun. Carter put on a drumming display in his solo intro to Say Goodbye and Boyd brought the few who weren't already standing to their feet during his violent solo in Jimi Thing. Stephan used a slide in Don't Drink The Water. Dave even played more of a lead guitar then he has done before. Giving it more of an diverse rythm and lead guitar combination. It seems the band is reaching a new level with all the members stepping up and playing roles that they have never done before. It seems that they will never stop growing in their idividual talents, leading the fans to more memorial songs, jams, and concerts.
Dave B.
I wasn't gonna post but I'll say a few words... 1. Warehouse gave me awesome seats. I did instant ticketing and was 3 rows above the floor on LeRoi's side, probably 75 feet from Dave. It was cool. 2. Two Step has a new jam, and it's phenomenal. 3. I was almost thinking they wouldn't play DDTW. Then they closed with it, and what a rotten set-ender it was... I don't like the song but even if I did it was inappropriate- it didn't come to the exciting end that a closer should. 4. Seek Up would have been a terrible encore if it was by itself, but they added DIDO which made it a very long encore. No complaints here about either song. 5. Stay is way too drawn out. 6. There is no number 6. 7. Long Black Veil is beautiful. I heard one person way behind me who knew what it was. I sang the whole thing. Everybody else sat down. :) 8. Recently was short and abrupt. Weird. 9. I liked when LeRoi played "oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam" after Dave talked about the baseball game... 10. Sound was surprsingly good for a hockey rink. 11. I thought the set was very mediocre, song-wise (playing was fine, crisp and excellent as usual). No surprises whatsoever. Nothing at all rare, unplayed this tour (except Seek Up) , or surprising. Very predictable, although the order was somewhat different. Rhyme did make a good opener though. DDTW and Seek seemed out of place though. 12. Carter's heartbeat drum solo while LeRoi jammed (before PNP->Rap) was cool. Built anticipation and sounded good, all while remaining simple.
Eric N.
Very disappointing set, save for a few small highlights: The R&R opener was a real surprise, Long Black Veil was very cool, good jams on Rapuzel and 2Step, and the encore was fantastic--again, another big surprise. The rest of the set was far too predictable, full of radio songs and would-be radio songs. Inros/outros were almost non-existent. By far the worst show I've seen.
What can I say about this show? Well the drive to Buffalo from Toronto was definitely worth it. There was no hassles at the border, plus I got to listen to some great DMB shows on the way up. The scene around Marine Midland was one of exitement. The crowd seemed really excited to get in and see Dave. There was a DMB cover band playing outside the venue which I think was both good and bad but whatever. Now on to the show. Openining band was cool, I feel bad for them though. I really liked their stuff but was way to excited to see the boys play that I couldn't pay attention to the band. Finally on came DMB and here's the play by play: Rhyme & Reason: Very different. Personally I was not expecting this. It's too dark for an opener. None the less I still got dancing. Stay: This got me up and out of my seat. When listening to it on shows I think the ending really caries on. But when I'm actually there it just makes me wanna dance! #41: You gotta love it! The jamming at the end was very well done and Leroi was on FIRE! What Would You Say: I'd say wicked. 6th DMB show first time for me! It was rockin. Again, Leroi decided to tear up the stage during the "popper" part. Another great dancin tune. PNP>Rapunzel: I thought "I'm never gonna stop moving" Leroi again was on the money during the intro and the song really got the crowd insane! Crush: One word...Boyd. He'd been silent until now, but from this point on he was definitely noticeable. Two Step: Greatest version I've ever heard (I've heard over 100 different ones). I like how on this tour they are creating more room for improvisation. Being a fan of plain out improvisation this was money in the bank for me. The jam got soft then Stefan decided lets build it up! Strong finishing off by Carter. Long Black Vail: My first time hearing it. Soft and sweet. The crowd was surprisingly respectful which is a change. I liked it though. Recently: The Do or don't segment was fun. But I don't know what went wrong. Really short, I think the band didn't know what to do during the end. Crash: I knew it had to come. What can I do. At least they threw in Dixie Chicken which actually excited me. Jimi Thing: Jamming again. Boyd again. Why is he so good. I love how the boys were out there having fun. You could tell, even Leroi smiled a couple times. Say Goodbye: Carter WOW! Lead intro great! Dave sings with so much emotion it hurts me. I thought this was it until I heard Carter Bass Drum..... Don't Drink The Water: Song is actually growing on me. I've heard it the last 4 shows I've been at. PLus basically the whole '98 tour on tape. But It closed the set strong. They weren't even close to finished: ENCORE: Seek UP: Who would've though. 20 min. I think. Never ending but that's fine with me. Wicked.! Drive In Drive Out: Hoping for Watchtower but this was fine. Topped off with a drunk guy running on stage. Closed the show with even more dancing. Closing Thoughts: Great shows. The boys were having fun. I was having fun. Overall a lot of fun!
Erik H.
All in All....AMAZING CONCERT. Yea about half the crowd was either stoned or drunk..but that made the crowd really get into it!! BOYD was ON TONIGHT..great part in crush!! sold out usual. Dave's "happy feet" were here tonight too!! Corey Harris..well....all i can say is that it wasn't exatly the type of music I was planning on having for the opening band. Basically a sing-a-long when the radio songs came: Stay, Crush, Crash, and What Would You Say. Surprisingly good version of Drive in Drive out, Two Step, and Seek Up. I expected the cd version with maybe an added break, but i was DEFINITELY surprised!! AMAZING concert NOT to miss!!!
Tom F.
Rhyme & Reason: Good opener, never seen it live before. Stay: Absolutely hate this song. #41: one of my favorites, you could tell they were on fire tonight. What would you say: Again, never seen it before so it was cool. PNP>Rapunzel:Awesome, seemed like he had different lyrics at some points. Crush: I have an absolute new resspect for this song after hearing it tonight. two step: My new favorite song. Boyd is the man. Long Black Veil: Very cool song. Recentley: Yet another first for me. It was awesome. Crash: This song would have been awesome if the 12 year old girls behind me weren't screaming right in my ear. Jimi thing: I could hear this at every show and not get sick of it. Say Goodbye: Teased for either #36 or ants but this was cool. DDTW: I really like this song live. Seek up: very unexpected for the encore but incredible. DIDO: Noone seems to like this song but I think its kind of cool. This was my fav out of the three shows I have seen. Boyd, again you are the man.
Mike B.
The band put together a mixture of oddly placed tunes and a great level of fun between themselves, performing a powerful show. First of all this was Carter's show. Everyone was on tonight but Carter and Dave were nuts. Rhyme & Reason as a opener was a pleasent suprise. Stay.....ok. #41 was awesome and this is when the band just started to flow. WWYS, great spot for it..crowd is now jumping, though averaging 14 years old...ugh. PNP--Rapunzel was the best I've seen out of 6. Crush....becoming a Crash/Satellite. Personal Fav. Two-Step was next and kicked serious ass for 15-20minutes! Now, I saw Long Black Veil on the Johnny Cash Tribute but, the whole band made it unreal...carter's drums, Leroi with the flute....I was in a trance. Some people like to smoke a bowl, some don't...Recently...i was so happy to hear this tune, good 15 minutes. Crash, should never be played again.....but man I still like it and Dave&Boyd hugged after the song??? Standard Jimi Thing. Carter went silly on his drums, the guy is unreal! Then right into a terrific Say Goodbye. Again great placement for DDTW, I wanted something powerful and man they threw at me. ENCORE: Seek Up was a suprise and about 20 minutes long, pisses me off when the kids are chatting during beautiful solos, etc.. Then...Bang, Drive In Drive Out "I'm leaving, drive in drive out I'm gone..." I was happy, the band was happy....and though the crowd was immature and disrespectful as usual, I think they were happy too...chow
Conor R.
The concert itself was a rarity, but was all around a really, really awesome show. On the ninth anniversery of DMB's first gig, Matthews and crew really went all out to give a great performance for the fans. A lot of people did'nt like the encore, quoting my friend "They really could've rocked the encore, but they did'nt". Bull. Seek Up is a great song and it rarely gets the respect it deserves. Every song was performed with a great style and dignity. The songs were very diversed and resembled a musical timeline for DMB. I've never heard Rhyme as an opener, and it was a very awesome change. A mind blowing show!